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    Peter Paul Rubens Daniel in the lions’ den c1615   Zero Hedge ran an article about omissions from the Mueller report and/or investigation. It’s i
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    V. Arnold

    Peter Paul Rubens Daniel in the lions’ den c1615

    Wow, that Daniel; he’s some guy, yes… 😉


    I understand that according to the bible, Daniel was 80 years old when this happened, but Abraham lived to 800, he must have looked pretty young at 80 too?!

    V. Arnold

    Slow but sure reading Picture This ; it’s actually pretty funny at times.
    Heller is masterful in his juxtaposing so many characters across history; Aristotle insinuates quite often…
    I love the book.


    Basing a post from something on Zerohedge is like basing it on content from the Onion at this point. They ceased to be credible back in 12 It’s weird to me how hard you’ve picked up on the Russia didn’t do it narrative.

    Maxwell Quest

    Not everyone was thrown off the scent by the fake Mueller investigation… “If it looks like a coverup, swims like a coverup, and quacks like a coverup…”

    As for the claim that the Russians interfered in our 2016 election, common sense (not to mention the total lack of evidence) argues strongly against it. The quality of Russian leadership is heads above anything we have to offer. If you disagree, spend a few hours watching YouTube videos of Putin, Sergey Lavrov, or even Maria Zakharova, and you will see the startling contrast in skill, intelligence, and grasp of history. Each of whom is smart enough to understand that you “Never interfere with an enemy while he is in the process of destroying himself.”


    barnaby33, so talk to me, I’ve simply not seen anything that proves the Russians did do it. but if you have that evidence, I’m here


    Abraham lived 175 years not 800. Genesis 25:8


    All nation states conduct espionage. It is in their best interest to know what other states are planning. I have no doubt that they also conduct influence campaigns to their benefit. The USA acknowledged meddling in Russia in the 1996 to get Boris Yeltsin elected President. Nowadays the US conducts hybrid regime change campaigns. After success in Ukraine and Libya, failures in Syria and Venezuela, so far. The only source of the Russian collusion claim is the discredited Steele dodgy Dossier. The only claim that the DNC was hacked is CrowdStrike an anti-Russian cyber-protection company. The basic premise for the appointment of a special prosecutor was never verified. The Muller Report is vaporware. This is total incompetence. The apparatchik have to believe their own propaganda. The divorce from reality never ends well. The Empire is stomping around blind, risking everything to remain a hegemon, when they have already lost. This is now a multi-polar world that is on the brink of a civilization ending catastrophe.

    Da Booby

    And still no investigation into whether the US tampered in Ukraine’s elections.

    Still no one has been held accountable in the US for funding and arming ISIS – deliberately or otherwise.

    No one in the US has been held accountable for creating a failed state in Libya.

    And yet half the country is still clinging to this bogus Russian collusion hoax.

    The world has indeed gone mad.


    Raul, i need to agree with Barnaby at this point. You seem almost religious in your belief that the Russians did nothing.

    You could be 100% correct, and I have been reading you and Nicole since the early days of the Oil Drum, but you now come across as incredibly one sided anymore on the Russian topic.


    You seem almost religious in your belief that the Russians did nothing.

    The way I look at it is I’m religious in questioning a manufactured narrative. And I also think many more people should ask questions. But it’s not about “the Russians did nothing”. It’s that they didn’t do what the media and intelligence say they did. They’re trying to sell us a pregurgitated story and we should not buy into that. If it’s one-sided to keep on asking questions about topics that nobody provides any evidence for, I’m one-sided, no doubt there.

    But sure, tell me why you think Mueller hasn’t talked to Assange or Bill Binney.


    Or look at this.

    Dr. D

    Jimmy Dore has said the same thing: “I’ll be happy to believe and report that Russia interfered in the elections when they provide any evidence that they did so.

    He feels after the 50 years since Vietnam, and the 20 years since the Iraq war, as a journalist you should just assume everything the government says is a lie unless proven otherwise. Is this somehow wrongheaded and we should ALWAYS believe the government whenever possible? Because that’s not a very left attitude. That’s not very anti-war.

    And they say, “Jimmy, after two years of harping on this, looking like you’re defending Trump, what will you do when it’s finally proven that Russia DID interfere?”

    Answer: “I’ll report it.” Of course. If you’re not partisan to begin with, it’s illogical to delay or be ashamed or some nonsense. Allegations require evidence. Very serious, WWIII-starting allegations require very serious standards of evidence. But instead we have no evidence. Nothing. None. Bupkis. Instead it turns out for two years we haven’t even asked any questions.

    So WHEN is the FBI planning on looking at the DNC servers? Still waiting. If they are right, and this is most serious election meddling in history, rivalling Pearl Harbor, by golly we should probably look at the crime scene, right? Like in the first 12 hours? I mean, if a dead body was found on my floor, you wouldn’t let ME hire the private investigator, then let MY guy hand the police inspector a report, then refuse entry to my house ever again, while publically claiming my innocence. Clearly that would be a frame-up, total nonsense.

    At the same time, we have a witness who claims they saw everything through my front window, publishes it in the paper, then the police arrest HIM, then put him in solitary to keep him from speaking, and the Inspector STILL won’t talk to him?

    And this is somehow expected to be on the up-and-up. Right. Not only isn’t this honest, it’s the worst frame-up/cover-up operation ever, which doesn’t even look plausible. INVESTIGATORS ASK QUESTIONS. Yet CNN has brains in such a mush it doesn’t register. Maybe it never will.

    So when the only live witness goes missing and gets a shiv in Belmarsh by the Prison guard’s brother-in-law, will that not be suspicious too? Not if CNN and the government report they were honest ‘injun. Then everyone will believe everything.


    What I perceive as one-sidedness is the continuous 3-year stream of anti-Trump “news” coming from the MSM. That is what got me interested in the topic in the first place. And as I’ve said many times, that one-sided bashing is what makes it impossible for me (and Jim Kunstler said he feels the same) to write about Trump’s many faults. That part of the story has been monopolized. All I can do is point out they’re making it up as they go along because it’s their new business model. It’s why I wrote an article a while ago entitled Trump Sells Better Than Sex.

    But for anyone feeling I’m one-sided because I don’t believe the “The Russians meddled and hacked” stories, do provide evidence. Robert Mueller did not.


    barnaby33: “Russia didn’t do it narrative”

    Russia didn’t do WHAT?


    Frankly, I don’t believe the Steele dossier is Kremlin disinformation. To me it’s just the latest case of the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” intelligence reports. You get people who are desperate to find evidence for something, who are willing to pay any price for any confirmation of what they are so eager to find, who will not be skeptical in the least about what they collect. Then you will find a sordid bag of rumours, lies, fabrications and tall tales.


    Frankly, I don’t believe the Steele dossier is Kremlin disinformation.

    I don’t either, tabernac. Looking at Steele’s past, it’s much more likely it’s MI6 disinformation. These people were not overly worried about having evidence, they knew they’d never be questioned on it. Even now, going forward, with Bill Barr investigating, that probe too will stop at Russia’s -and Assange’s-doorstep. Being able to blame people who you know can’t and won’t fight back is the biggest asset there is. Bill Barr is going to fold like a pretzel to -rightly- blame FBI, CIA and MSM, but he’s going to call it a day when Russia comes up.


    Law enforcement tends to be conservative, leaning Republican. The deep state characters concerned about candidate Trump were card-carrying Republicans, so what is the deal? Prior to the election many Republicans advocated crossing the party line to vote against Trump, not for Clinton.

    He was disparaging all mainstream Republicans who weren’t that different from the Democrats. Then, the dog caught the car, winning the election, a threat to the war is conservative deep state. Unlike other politicians, he had his own newspaper thanks to Twitter. The underdog, slumdog billionaire had to be tortured by the authorities to find out how he got the answers.

    The wealthy have done well with President Trump and working people who were taken by the free expression of anger are still onboard, even though the government will be doing less for them and more to them. Power is so appealing that Republicans and Evangelical Christians are following their alpha male without discernment of the empty path they are on.

    That “the ends justify the means” was the 1950s criticism of the Communists I learned and the reason their system was wrong. They were Godless, had no Higher Authority to answer to in the next life. We needed politicians who had the fear of God so that in private, in the dark smokey room, faced by a deal from demons or the Devil in person, they would choose for the people, not themselves.

    Today, that’s just business, and politics an extension of business, since money is free speech and anyone can get rich, so what is your problem with this game?

    Early in life, the boy and girl scouts of the world are taught a religious inspired community motive to tell the truth, not steal or covet, and certainly not kill. These values in many forms produce law-abiding citizens, the greatest resource any society can have. Yet, the bad boys get the girls, seeking to save them with love. Drama ensues.

    Trump has taken the world with his game. Enablers for and against pile on, all raising his profile, which really has nothing so do with the need for long term governance and perpetuation of human civilization into a resource depleted environment with chaotic weather that will cause more food shortages and migration necessities.

    Conservative cultures operate from surplus. They live within their means, investing wisely, knowing error and loss can not be completely avoided. All such situations should be reviewed to gain lessons, learning where emotion and logic didn’t get it right.

    The 24/7 news cycle is a casino of behavioral economics. Emotions high, logic low, so what the hell, make the bet, put it on the plastic. This hell could be a deeper hell. No concern for others. The Me Generation redux.

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