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    Giotto Legend of St Francis, Exorcism of the Demons at Arezzo c.1297-1299     Longtime contributor TAE Summary shows us how simple it is. No
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    Dr. D

    Thank you.

    Listening today on remote viewing 2050. Sounds just like what I see. The country devolves to less use and more states. They don’t go as far but don’t mind so much either. People have a more wholistic mindset that is spiritual, but includes the environment. We have no nuclear war.

    For that, I wish we were there already.


    Is this what acceptance is? Is that really the lat stage? If so, I more hopeful than depressed. It’s where I’m at in my life, and many of my friends. I guess we’ll be ok.

    D Benton Smith

    Just as you suspected, @Kassandra, acceptance is not the last stage. Not by a long shot. In fact, “acceptance” is just a smidgen above the halfway mark on the way to much much better states of being, and there is nothing sad or depressing about it. Acceptance (perhaps of a fact or state-of-affairs that one previously wished was not so) is nothing more nor less than recognition that something simply IS whatever it is. Another word for that is “truth” and another way of defining truth is “awareness of that which which actually exists”.

    It only feels less than joyously wonderful at times because the process of increasing awareness has not yet run the fullness of its course. If one stays that course there will indeed be plenty of joy at the end of the long slog upward, out of an existence of largely self-inflicted ignorance, obliviousness and pain, and into an existence of increasing awareness that this Universe we are privileged to occupy is of such exquisite beauty that learning the beauty is in itself a long and often arduous process of shedding lies misconceptions and irresponsibilities one challenging step at a time.

    The next step above acceptance, for example, is “Assimilation” of the just accepted fact into all of the other parts of one’s world view. In other words, how does this newly accepted truth relate to and interrelate with all of the other things one knows? Then, above Assimilation, is Integration of the freshly accepted and assimilated knowledge into one’s present and future actions.

    And so on up through the graduated stages of awareness on one’s way to whatever top God has in store for us. The scale looks something like the scale I’ve listed below (note the * items are the stages of grief first identified by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler]

    * Acceptance
    * Depression (sadness)
    * Bargaining (thinking)
    * Anger (vengeance)
    * Denial

    The scale of awareness is a work in progress, and I should mention that it seems to have a distinct fractal or hologrammatic aspect to its nature, in that there are steps between each step and that these intermediary steps are themselves a repetition of the entire scale. In other words, to get from depression to acceptance involves going through the entire sequence of obliviousness (about acceptance) on up through each step until reaching awareness (of acceptance.)


    Acceptance means giving up, fuck that. Die on your feet, or live on your knees? Which 1 will it be for every living soul? We’re about to find out, quite soon, are we not?

    Veracious Poet

    5 Stage of America:

    The topics, conditions, anger, fear & other factors you list in the first 4 stages of (derived from 5 stages of grief , which is concerned mostly with emotions, da feelz) are *not* mutually exclusive, with a *lot* of overlap…

    Acceptance: We are going to survive even if things will never be like they used to be.

    We already know that a majority got jabbed, plus other self-inflicted “health” decisions, so I doubt many will survive past 2025-2030, certainly not those immobile when the looters, invaders & protesters roll into town…

    Used to be like what time period? 1900? 1950? 2000? 1776?

    We can no longer consume more than we produce. We have hard work and hard times ahead of us.

    Well, since most live paycheck-to-paycheck the consuming bit is correcting, or will *sharply*, the hard work and hard times will definitely be a real reality check for a *large* portion of Imperial drones, especially those born after 1980…

    We can join with our family and neighbors in creating a better society with less materialism and more personal interaction.

    If that works for you, awesome!

    My experience is that for the last 30-40 years middle size+ towns, cities have become communities of strangers, with family cohesion a relic of past generations…

    Time to join a church, get some chickens, plant a garden and learn to repair small engines.

    I walked away from state-controlled 501C3 churches 25 years ago, found True Spirituality, not the prepackaged stuff off-the-shelf, but hey whatever floats your boat 😉

    Chickens & gardens are great for red state rural locations, but it’s gonna be probably a problem when the Cult of Global Warming makes it near impossible to get any goods beyond a 50-100 mile radius, due to energy/logisitics problemos…

    I’m a mechanical eng’r, retired, among other skills/talents, although I tend to stay close to home these days & have given up trying to help anyone, other than the pups & kitties that my murderously psycho “neighbors” toss into the gutter 😐

    I’ve been rescuing furbabies for 33 years now (registered on Adopt-A-Pet & PetFinder), & I’ve never seen so many beautiful, humanized souls dumped with no thought ~ I use to avg. 1-3 per year, plus volunteer work @ larger orgs, but since 2021 I’ve avg. 1-2 per month.

    Then there are the mental cases cold calling me to dump “family” members they can’t be bothered with any longer 🙄

    Just had some poor soul out of Hollyweird ask if I could take their 8 year old “baby”…

    Maybe it’s because I have an above avg. interaction with the public than Joe Schmo of America, but the general condition of The People I’m encountering inperson, online, on the phone, has *never* been so detached, desperate & selfishly dark in my 62 years of life on this planet.

    Spiritual Sanity is almost gone from gen pop, from my experience ~ Just take a look at TAE’s murderously racist misanthropic rebels without a clue 🙄

    I pray those with shallow to -0- reserves & children still requiring parental assistance…

    If Americans weren’t such a lost cause I would *still* be on the frontlines of helping *humans* in need, but I’m overwhelmed with the innocent furbabies that very, very few even notice the plight of 😐

    God speed & good luck.

    D Benton Smith


    You’re stuck at anger/vengeance, which is a not a good or viable place to be or stay. If you don’t move yourself on up then the only other direction is down, and that is even less good and utterly unviable because in that direction lies true death. If you were looking for Hell and found hatred it would serve just about as well. Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up or abandoning plans and actions for a better future.. It means SEEING that which is already carved in the stone of reality. That fact or situation that “is” might be pretty damn bad, but it’s sure better than not even knowing it, but living in it anyway and with no way out because one can’t even SEE that it simply is what is.
    I suppose it’s alright to blow off a little steam in ranting about a bad actuality, but then it’s time to stop ranting and get on with the business of fixing what’s broke. Thinking and talking is your next step, so you’re sure in the right place for that.


    Patterns- in Nature, Humans, History….

    Suffering exists, as does peaceful calm. Patterns exist in Humans until they are broken or changed….and then they repeat. Change is constant as are the patterns.

    History shows again and again
    How nature points up the folly of Man

    5 Element Theory is an excellent model and reflection of the phases above. From microcosm to macrocosm. The 5 elements mutually support each others growth and control each others getting out of control. Balance. Fluid harmony in motion and change.

    5 primal emotions- 5 phases – 5 spirits – 5 potentials – 5 powers

    Fear – (denial / unacceptance of truth) –Water – kidneys, blue black, Winter North – will, drive – Tortoise

    Anger – Wood – liver, green, Spring East – patience, decisiveness – Dragon

    Joy love (acceptance) Fire – heart, red, Summer South – spirit, honor, clarity – Phoenix

    Worry, anxiety – (bargaining/ drain the swamp) Earth– spleen, yellow, Indian Summer Center – intent, support – Ox

    Grief, sadness – Metal – lungs, white, Fall West – courage, righteousness – Tiger

    Divination – Alchemy – Change – Potential – Patterns

    I Ching, the book of changes. A map of the Universe of potentials.

    Seek and find you own potential, your patterns. Roll with it, surf the Universe of Changes within the patterns.

    Nothing written in Stone is permanent. Let truth be your own guide of potentialities. Smile within, smile with your eyes. Trust the Universe.

    Just Some Randomer

    “Well, since most live paycheck-to-paycheck the consuming bit is correcting, or will *sharply*, the hard work and hard times will definitely be a real reality check for a *large* portion of Imperial drones, especially those born after 1980…

    Since most people in Western economies work ‘Bullshit’ jobs that produce nothing of any real value, I’d say the consuming bit, as you put it, still has a looong way to go before it equalises with production.


    D Benton Smith said


    You’re stuck at anger/vengeance, which is a not a good or viable place to be or stay.

    Seems to me that CelticBiker has reached acceptance whereas you cannot quite get there, so you portray CelticBiker as the one with the problem.

    D Benton Smith


    Interesting opinion. Maybe you should ask CelticBiker if he he feels like he’s moving into more effective levels of understanding or if he’s having trouble getting past his annoyance at the Jews for being the cause of all troubles. He’ll work it out, and my advice to him was (and remains) well intended. As for you, on the other hand, I’m just curious why you keep taking runs at me so often. Have I said something that offends you? See if you can pin down just what it is exactly about what I say that you think is so mistaken. Maybe we’ll both learn something. I certainly intend to.

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