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    Paul Gauguin The wave 1888   From what I’ve read so far, ISIS is about the least likely suspect for the Crocus massacre. If only because the CIA
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    GRU = CIA
    ISIS = CIA

    oh no no it wasn’t the CIA. Maybe it was GRU oh no no, it wasn’t GRU it was ISIS.

    Could you say something that points elsewhere like “Martians came down from space in flying saucers and did it”

    Or maybe use reverse psychology? “It was the CIA!”

    Remember when that pro basketball player got caught trying to smuggle pot on a plane inside a water bottle?: “Congratulations sir. You just got caught smuggling one thing illegal to have on a plane inside another thing, also illegal to have on a plane.”

    We remember:

    —The masses of white brand new Toyota Tacomas,

    —The used truck from a plumbing company in Texas,

    —The coincidental withdrawals that let ISIS overrun arms warehouses and banks in pristine condition,

    —The brand new white high tops for everyone,

    —The giant visible from space stolen oil convoys peacefully operating for years despite NATO forces doing continual airstrikes “against ISIS”

    —The occupation of 1/3 of Syria by US forces

    —…with satellite images of US forces positioned as if in cooperative defense with ISIS as opposed to prepared to defend against or attack ISIS.

    —The strident complaints by the US State Department demanding Russia stop when Russia started bombing the crap out of ISIS and its oil convoys

    —The almost immediate cessation of all ISIS activities in non-US-occupied Syria as soon as a tiny Russian force bombed them after years of NATO “Bombing ISIS”


    *India Today* has some pix / news of the 3 (or 4) Tajiks detained, they pled guilty in court.


    Why not be just the tiniest bit less idiotic and say the Russians did the Moscow bombing?

    Cite the shelling of the Russian occupied nuclear plant and destruction of Nordstream as conclusive proof on how dastardly and sneaky the Russians are, coming up with new ways of punching themselves.

    “It’s known Russian Behavior to… Putin’s One Weird Trick Explained Not What You Think…” C’mon Journalist hacks. They are going to put Chat GPT on this and you’re going to end up working in a call center if you cannot put in some minimal effort.


    Russian Intel captures one on the gunman at Crocus

    Quite graphic, one of the soldiers cuts off part of his ear and forces him to eat it.

    You’re not going to keep a lid on man-in-the -street anger over this massacre.

    Other soldiers kick the shit out of this little cowardly monster. Good on them.

    [video src="" /]


    [video src="" /]


    copy paste the https: address into browser link window

    Dr. D

    A Telegram Channel. Really. Stop right there. You just did what someone on a Telegram Channel told you?

    Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

    Dr. D

    Wtf, you couldn’t even find somebody who’d been beaten by his father to pull this? But has to cry like a baby? “They’re hurting me! They’re hurting me!” You’re still crying, rolling around, looking at people and defending yourself! CLEARLY they have not started hurting you yet.

    It’s like what they say in the hospital: if they’re still complaining, the pain isn’t that bad yet. It’s when they stop that things get serious.


    Recruited anonymously on Telegram?

    That’s like a step away from placing a bunch of high value, extremely dangerous Pokemon in the building and these losers were the ¡Pokemon Go! players that showed up.

    I’ve seen suspicious comments on the intertubes suggesting there could have been a second group of pros involved.

    John Day

    Dima at Military-Summary asserted last night that Russia alerted Turkey to a terrorist training camp near Istanbul. which Turkey immediately raided and captured some folks.
    I can’t find this anywhere else. Keep an eye out for it.
    Also, according to Dima, Russian Zircon missile(s) yesterday hit the SBU/GRU bigwig meeting and took out bigwigs, but not Budanov. He’s alive today. The sirens went off 10 seconds before impact. Ukraine was blind.

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