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    Apr. 27, 2023 424.60 ppm
    Apr. 27, 2022 419.56 ppm
    1 Year Change 5.04 ppm (1.20%)

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    Why keep linking the lies of a professional liar on TEA?

    Everyone with a brain knows the overheating we are witnessing has nothing to do with changes in solar activity but has everything to do with the massive surge (+50%) in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere!

    All that repeated linking of professional lairs lying does is to discredit TAE and drive people away.

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    If you are in need of a some bizarre, rather sick, Orwellian entertainment, try this reversal-of-truth offering from Sky ‘News’ that the gullible masses are being fed. .

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    The insane, deceitful fascists who control the US are rushing to provoke the next major war.

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    I sure hope that Russia does not relent in the project Eradicate the Fascists because if it does, the local fascists will be emboldened to markedly increase the severity of their assaults on us.

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    It is fascinating to observe that so much of what passes for commentary and discussion amounts to arguments about the colour and size of the ticks that are sucking blood from a dead animal, arguments about the colour and size of ticks which will starve, die, and drop off once the blood can no longer be sucked out.

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    The UNIPCC has no credibility. It has had no credibility for over 20 years. Its purpose was, and still is, to promote fake ‘solutions’ based on chemical and physical fantasies to the very real predicament or Planetary Meltdown, and to allow corporations to make short-term profits from that meltdown.

    The international, multinational banksters own everything and everyone in all ‘official’ systems and decide what will be discussed and by whom.

    GDP: Globalised Deceit Paradigm, Grand Deception Programme, Gross Deceit Procedure.

    Note that there is NEVER any discussion about The Genuine Progress Index, which assigns negative values to negative outcomes, whereas GDP assigns positive values to negative outcomes. The banksters see to that!

    ‘Money makes the world go round.’

    Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money…

    And the international-multinational banksters will sacrifice everything in order to maintain their Ponzi Schemes a little longer.

    Of course, we know that it is angular momentum that makes the world go round and that without energy nothing happens.

    No official plan ever mentions energy, other than in the context of looting of The Commons or in the promotion of scams.

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    At the moment the peasants are expressing their disapproval by marching in the streets, carrying banners, chanting and waving flags.

    The banksters and their agents find such tactics very easy to ignore.

    Only when the banksters have stolen even more of the commons, have had their agents clobber a few thousand more protesters over the head and have had a few thousand more ordinary folk arrested and held in custody on trumped-up charges will the revolt move to the next phase, of Molatov Cocktails, ‘security’ vehicles set on fire by the thousand, and high-end commercial premises utterly trashed

    And then the banksters will move to the next phase of repression and tyranny.

    Orwell postulated that an abused slave of the system will eventually come to love Big Brother.

    Huxley postulated that people in the indoctrinated societies of the modern world will come to accept, even clamour for, servitude.

    I managed to purchase a couple of doors very suitable for the current energy utilisation project for $10 today.

    There is still a lot of useful stuff -hidden amongst the mountains of garbage- to be acquired.

    In a recent episode of Redacted, Clayton emphasised that he had not been jabbed with any clot-shots.

    There will be rather a lot of ‘dissidents’ that the fake governments of Oceania-NATOstan will have to murder if they wish to proceed further with their evil agendas.

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    The Empire of Lies has no god except Mammon, which is worshiped as the One and Only True God.

    I agree entirely.

    And it is the banksters who made is so because much of their Ponzi Scheme is predicated on people being selfish and greedy and buying crap they do not need and doing things that cause them harm.

    We should note that the Oceania-NATOstan sector of the Mammon-worshipping concentration camp is now suffering collapse as a direct consequence of diminishing energy supplies, environmental degradation and unravelling of Ponzi finance and Ponzi economics.

    Under such circumstances, the banksters have to have a war. Or several wars at once.

    As Gerald Celente has said many times recently: “When all else fails, they take us to war.”

    I believe the banksters ‘cannot afford’ peace, which is why they have been promoting war for such a long time.

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    People tend to forget that the whole Oceania/NATOstan circus is run by the banksters and that their prime concerns are to keep their Ponzi Scheme running a little longer and to maintain the flow of fiat money towards the banksters and their agencies a little longer, whatever the costs or consequences.

    The fact that all the financial systems of ‘the West’ are all phony and are derivatives of the real world, entirely supported by the conversion of fossil fuels into carbon dioxide to release stored chemical energy, is almost universally overlooked or misunderstood.

    There is now no escape from The Progress Trap.

    All efforts to either turn back time or escape from The Progress Trap -especially those promoted by NATOstan governments- are futile and are counter-productive.

    The fact that attempts to prop up dysfunctional arrangements are both futile and counter-productive has yet to sink into the collective consciousness because the masses are subjected to a continuous onslaught of carefully constructed propaganda and the vast majority are scientifically and financially illiterate anyway.

    More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

    Woody Allen.

    Until we reach the point of ‘despair and utter hopelessness’ that is an important marker on the path to self-annihilation imposed on us by the banksters and their agents, officialdom will continue to make everything that matters worse because they are rewarded for doing so., i.e. contrary to what Woody Allen said, there is only one path.

    Food prices on Airstrip Five -once described as the ‘a food bowl for the world’- rose at the highest rate in many decades in the last quarter, whilst at the same time average home values plummeted.

    The peasants have not yet revolted, so the bankster circus, run by the criminals and clowns that constitute the government, continues.

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    The world is divided into three broad camps.

    1. Those who think that Industrial Civilisation is beneficial, sustainable and can solve all predicaments that confront it.

    2. Those who know that Industrial Civilisation is at the heart of the multifaceted predicament we are engulfed in, that nothing in the complex systems of I.C. is sustainable in the long-run (many are now seen to be unsustainable in the short-run), and that I.C. is rapidly approaching the point of collapse, whilst continuing to make everything that matters worse.

    3. Those who are largely or completely clueless and/or do not have the knowledge or mental capacity to have credible opinions about anything of significance.

    Governments -especially those of NATOstan nations- consist of persons selected from Group 1 and Group 3.

    Governments of NATOstan nations maintain their positions of power via fraud, continuous lying and acts of violence against citizens in NATOstan nations and other nations.

    Governments of non-NATOstan nations remain in power by promoting the myths held as beliefs by Group 1.

    All this has been known for many decades.

    In the meantime, that which will destroy most current living arrangements over the next decade or two continues to rise at a spectacular, unprecedented rate, not despite the frauds, deceits and fantasies promoted by governments around the world, but because of them.

    Daily CO2

    Apr. 14, 2023 = 422.97 ppm

    Apr. 14, 2022 = 420.43 ppm

    We are very close to the point of those in Group 2 being proven correct all along.

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    It is extremely poor composition of the daily update when you insert an unreferenced graph of supposed Earth temperature hundreds of millions of years ago that fails to identify who generated it, or identify what proxies were used to generate it; you also link a bought-and-paid for lair as an expert whilst totally ignoring what real experts on the matter.

    ‘The downward linear trend for Arctic sea ice extent in March over the 45-year satellite record is 38,900 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) per year, or 2.5 percent per decade relative to the 1981 to 2010 average. Based on the linear trend, since 1979, March has lost 2.28 million square kilometers (880,000 square miles). This is roughly eight and a half times the size of Colorado or six and a half times the size of Germany.’

    Meanwhile, ice continues to melt, sea level continues to rise and overheating catastrophes increase by the month, if not by the day.

    Damaging cyclones and tornadoes were very rare in New Zealand. In the first three months of 2023 there have been two major cyclone events -both catastrophically damaging, and a plethora of tornadoes that have cause significant damage in Auckland, Nelson, Kapiti Coast and now Bay off Plenty. Unprecedented!

    We note that there is no reporting of current geochemical or geophysical data on TAE and assume this is because such data does not fit the false narrative the TAE team wants to promote.

    In the last round of idiotic ranting by the deniers of reality, I pointed out that ocean heat content -the best measure of Planetary Overheating- is at a record high, and is increasing by the day.

    I also pointed out that the full effects of desequesting previously sequestered carbon do not manifest immediately and that there is a considerable time lag between emissions and the dire effects of those emissions because it takes a while for the earth to stabilise after a major disturbance to its chemical stability.

    I have repeatedly pointed out that the current rate of disturbance to chemical stability is occurring at a rate more than one thousand times that of any previous Mass Extinction Event, the most notable being the Permian Mass Extinction Event, i.e. atmospheric CO2 is up by approximately 140 ppm from the pre-industrial level of 280 ppm. A few weeks from now (end of May) it will stand at a new record high in terms of the existence of the human species of 422 ppm.

    Next year it will be 425 ppm.

    Whilst the consequences of use of fossil fuels are already extraordinarily bad -oceans littered with plastics and more microplastic than plankton in a lot of regions; beaches littered with plastics; microplastics detected in human bodies; major disruption to Jet Stream stability; increasing loss of land to sea level rise; droughts and inundations of an unprecedented nature [within the time frame of existence of our species] it is our children and grandchildren who will suffer the utterly catastrophic effects of the fossil fuel insanity and the completely fake, entirely false narratives of governments on the matter. Asd with everything else, government polices make matters worse faster.

    Nobody cares.

    And what a pity that rather than being noted as a source of good information, TAE has become noted as a source of false narratives and can no longer be recommended.

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    It amusing how those fuckwits who defend the fake narratives surrounding Planetary Meltdown which have been generated by oil companies, coal companies and banksters always talk about atmospheric CO2 levels being a lot higher the past without ever mentioning that sea/ocean levels were 10s or metres or even 100s of metres higher than at present and that there is considerable lag between excess CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere and the full effect of that CO2.

    Nor do these fuckwits and liars ever discuss ocean acidification, whereby the capacity of organisms at the base of the ocean food chain to form shell is firstly inhibited and then completely wrecked by excess CO pumped into the atmosphere which largely ends up in the oceans.

    These fuckwits and liars never mention the fact that significant changes in atmospheric CO2 in past geological ages took place over time periods of tens of thousands of years or hundreds of thousands of years, versus the enormous change of plus 190 ppm (plus 50%, depending on the baseline used) in just a matter of a couple of just aa hundred years, as a direct consequence of industrial humans de-sequestering trillions of tonnes of previously sequestered carbon.

    Paraphrasing Eistein: “I think the universe is infinite but I am not absolutely certain; on the other hand I am absolutely certain that human stupidity is infinite.”

    Here is yet another example of the fuckwitism, fraud and deceit that characterise anything official

    He said that work is to ensure those living in the Hutt Valley are protected in the case of an event like Cyclone Gabrielle hitting.

    “At the moment the return period in the Hutt Valley is 1 in 85 years and we’re about to start, in two month time a programme to move 110 houses and rebuild the stop bank to a 440-year return period.”
    When AM host Melissa Chan-Green asked Ponter if 25 hectares of planting 67,000 natives was crucial, and instead could be held to ease rising rates, Ponter said “that all relates to climate change”.

    “Not only are we planting 60-odd thousand trees but we’re also buying electric buses and all of those are already in the mix.”

    In case anyone has forgotten, electric buses are far worse for the environment than internal combustion devices. But they suit the purposes of the deceivers because the ground level pollution is shifted somewhere else, even of the overal global pollutiion level is incresed markedly.

    And of course, Airstrip Five has been importing dirty Indonesian brown coal to generate electrricity.

    As I have said many times before, this planet is infested with fuckwits and liars. Indeed, ignorant fools make up the bulk of the populace of industrial nations, which is why the fuckwits and liars in bureaucracies are able to keep generating and promulgating lies in the short term and not be held to account.

    Geochemistry tumps all ideologies in the long run.

    And the longrun is almost over.

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    We have an expression in NZ: Pushing shit uphill with a pointed stick.

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    The Chinese know exactly how to treat the van der Crazy thing from Brussels -as an unelected nobody who needs to be dispatched via the tourist exit!

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    Thew same old worn-out, tedious, thoroughly discredited arguments from the fuckwit brigade.

    And indirect ad hominem attacks, with zero supporting evidence, as usual.

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    The slippery slime ball Macron will say and do anything to keep his snout in the public feeding trough. What’s new? They -the psychopaths at the top- are all tarred with the same brush.

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    Wild swings in temperature (due to destabilisation of the Jet Streams) are not entirely irrelevant, since they cause major damage to crops and can kill trees, and can cause major damage to infrastructure.

    Airstrip Five experienced the worst ever tornado events recently. This follows on from the worst ever cyclone events of a few months ago.

    We can be certain that The Controllers will continue to make everything that matters worse faster, whilst at the same time operating financial scams described as climate change mitigation etc. that do no mitigation whatsoever but do allow Ponzi Schemes to be perpetuated a little longer.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 10 2023 #133179

    Wild temperature swings on land masses are irrelevant when evaluating the rate of Planetary Meltdown. Indeed, the more Planetary Meltdown proceeds, the greater the swings in temperature of land masses is expected to be.

    What matters is the heat content of the oceans and the amount of ice left to be melted.

    Every year that passes, the heat content of the oceans increases, and the amount of ice left to be melted decreases.

    Changes in ocean heat content have far-reaching consequences for the planet’s marine and terrestrial ecosystems; including multiple impacts to coastal ecosystems and communities. Direct effects include variations in sea level and sea ice, shifts in intensity of the water cycle, and the migration and extinction of marine life.[10][11]

    In 2022, the world’s oceans, as given by OHC, were again the hottest in the historical record and exceeded the previous 2021 record maximum.[12]’

    Those who wish to deny that Planetary Meltdown is occurring focus attention on the irrelevant.

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    ‘The world economy is facing its weakest period of growth since the 1990s

    That’s excellent news, since growth is the problem!

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    Not to be missed, as the collective West goes fully Clown World!

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    A reminder: no one regretted not getting the illness-and-death-inducing jabs.

    I guess about half a billion victims of the scam jabs do regret getting the jabs.

    It’s a terribly sad thing to say, but babies that die within a few days of birth (or don’t even manage to emerge alive) are arguably the lucky ones. The less lucky are those that will have to endure the dire effects of the evil machinations of the WEF death cult and the dire effects of the dysfunctional, counterproductive policies imposed on the populaces of ‘Oceania’ by Big Brother and The Party.

    Another day; another step down the staircase into the ‘hell’ that the fake governments of ‘the West’ have orchestrated for everyone, including themselves -deceitful morons that they all are.

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    Red wrote:Why did the German government blow up its own currency? Well, simple. The German government took on too much debt in order to pay for a pointless war. Yes, a pointless war did that and if that sounds familiar, it’s because exactly what we have done repeatedly for decades.

    Missing from that statement is the fact that the French government demanded that Germany pay for all the damage done in France, which the impoverished German economy was incapable of doing, not having recovered from the destruction the Allies had caused.

    Also, the French had huge loans from the American banksters, who were demanding that ‘blood money’ be paid promptly, ‘or else’.

    Additionally, the French had the resource-rich coal and iron regions transferred from Germany to France, further reducing Germany’s capacity to pay reparations.

    It was for those reasons that Hitler forced the beaten French to face humiliation in the very same railway carriage the French had used two decades earlier to humiliate Germany..

    And as many of us know, the American banksters and corporations backed both sides throughout WW2, and used WW2 to bring down Britain, allowing America to superficially become ‘top dog’ for a few decades.

    What is rarely talked about is the fact that prior to WW1 Germany was in the process of constructing a railway from Berlin to Baghdad. with the intention of transporting Basra oil to Germany and also supplying the Middle East with German-made goods.

    Britain had to put a stop to that before it went too far, having lost much of its manufacturing edge over the period 1870 to 1910 -the Germans having excelled in the manufacture of steel, dyestuffs and other industrial chemicals etc.

    We see why NATO is so desperate to gain control over the resource-rich Donbas region, which is now legally part of Russia, having been part of Russia for centuries, despite the efforts of the banksters…the Crimean War, the invasions of the early 1920s etc. and all that.

    ‘Onward rode the six hundred, into the valley of death’, as in cannon fodder.

    History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme.

    Of course, one of the most absurd statements ever made by an American fascist was that history had ended! not long after the American fascists had managed to deceive Gorbachev.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 8 2023 #133077

    Excellent, detailed analysis from Brian:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 8 2023 #133072

    Many truth bombs:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 8 2023 #133070

    The real story with respect to light bulbs.

    All substance radiate light when heated to a high enough temperature but some substances release energy in the form of light before they melt.

    To carry a current the substance has to be a conductor. Tungsten was the best of those commercially available when the object was to manufacture bulbs that did not burn out after a few minutes.

    By the 1920s that goal had been achieved.

    Then manufacturers recognised that light bulbs that lasted just long enough to retain the confidence of the user but burnt out after a suitable time would increase sale and profits. So they formed a cartel and ‘fined’ any company that manufactured bulbs that lasted too long.

    In the communist world, the game was not to maximise corporate profits but to produce goods that lasted as long as possible. Hence, East Germany held the record for the best, most long-lasting light bulbs.

    When the USSR fell, the West ensured that all light bulbs complied with the rules, as per the ‘rules based’ system.

    Pasing a relatively high current through a thin piece of wire (tungsten or not) is a very inefficient way of generating light, with up to 90% of the electrical energy being converted into the wrong form, i.e. heat.

    Persuading electron to jump up and down in crystal lattices is far more efficient.. even if most electricity grid systems are only around 35% efficient in converting the potential energy of the primary source into useable energy in the home.

    Three years ago I purchased a hat with a couple of LEDs incorporated. I have used the LEDs occasionally, as the need arose, over the past three years. Original LEDs and battery still working. Fantastic.

    Despite what I have written on many occasions about the generally negative effects of ‘progress’, there have been a few exceptions.

    It will get tough when Chinese-made batteries (more properly cells) become prohibitively expensive or unobtainable: The Controllers are working on bringing forward that state of affairs, firstly via devaluation of fiat currencies, secondly via trade wars, and thirdly via provoking hot wars.

    Get your tinder and logs ready.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 7 2023 #133008

    Interesting: ‘NATO document’ states Russian manpower losses at 17,500.

    Whether true or not, the Russian meatgrinder continues to grind UkoNazi and NATOstan meat.

    With the Russians having taken the tallest buildings near the fight zone, they now command the western portion of Artemovsk and can eliminate the UkoNazi-NATOstan forces trapped in the cauldron over the next few days using low-cost systems.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 7 2023 #133004

    In case you missed it yesterday, a superb interview here:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 7 2023 #133002

    Great comment from Dr D well worth repeating.

    We don’t know what’s IN the shots. First problem. Different batches tested differently. It’s openly admitted that “quality control” was nonexistent for some reason, as given by the fired QC person quoted yesterday. And several companies all of which have no requirement to provide ANY ingredients as well as no QC. You can see that on the “kill list” as you can download yourself, vax by batch number where many batches have 10x the death rate, which is inconceivable in a normal environment. They also have similar numbers, like 101”A”, 305″A” which is also statistically impossible without intent.

    So we have lipid nanoparticles, which are bad. They don’t keep the vax near the injection zone, which is bad. They are intracellular, which is bad. We have graphene, which is deadly. There appear to be some other things, metals, magnets, or even parasites, which goes without saying is bad. We know this from 6’ clots, which are bad.

    And THEN we can discuss the mRNA. This was rumored to back-edit the DNA, which is bad. That’s been proven to be common, which is really bad. The mRNA creates spike proteins, which are bad. They could have chosen any unique feature of the virus, but they chose the one part that attacks and tears apart the body instead of an innocuous, inactive part, which is really bad. This causes a de-facto Covid attack, which is bad. It builds up in tissues and can’t be expelled, which is bad. The build up leads to sterility, which is bad. As it leaves the zone, it encourages all cells in the body to make this toxin, which is bad. This consumes the entire immune system, rendering it unable to function, which is bad. This mRNA production of open toxins appears not to shut off over time, but continues, which is very very bad.

    And yet there’s more! But this is a short run down of the few best-known, most provable effects!

    Sinovac and Russia’s vax use the N O R M A L vaccine process: dead viruses. They neither have, nor create spike proteins, and neither need, nor have adjudivents that create additional problems. That’s why they’re outlawed and not considered “vaccinated” here, although those are the “normal” vaccines and the mRNA are the still-experimental, untested, unproven ones, who are being sued widely in class-action, in multiple cases, in multiple countries, with multiple manufacturers, yet still required and advised as “safe and effective.

    There is also the matter of how the fake vaccines were stored and used. If we can believe what officialdom told us, the fake vaccines had to be kept very cold, otherwise they would degenerate.

    So the fact that there are a lot of people who were jabbed have not keeled over may be attributable to the clot shots having coagulated or degenerated in some other manner prior to injection.

    I hate sentences with could or may but sometimes have to use such sentence constructions, e.g. Joe Biden may still have some cognitive capacity left. However, all the evidence indicates he has been a nasty, self-serving, opportunistic liar since he first emerged on the American political scene. And it is very obvious the controllers didn’t need to bring him out of the closet until after they had rigged the so-called election.

    Just as on ‘Airstrip Five’, on ‘Airstrip Two’ you have to be a nasty, self-serving, opportunistic liar to be fully accepted into The Club, the one we are not in. And being of relatively low intelligence and having no morals are definitely attributes highly favoured by the selection committee of The Club.

    That’s why we have a Chipmunk Schoolboy supposedly in charge at the moment. And also, it is why this ‘Airstrip’ -can’t call it Aotearoa nor New Zealand- is circling the drain at an ever-faster rate.

    The only reason these clown-criminals are able to remain in power is because they (or rather their predecessors) have managed -over a period of many decades- to completely dumb-down the bulk of the populace and convince them that if it’s on television it must be true.

    Apart from the total fakeness of everything -financial, economic, energetic, political, environmental- this dumbing-down is why there is no hope for the vast majority.


    What is the adjective for health that describes the collective state of health of a group of people?


    For a while New Plymouth Deceit and Crime plastered every bit of Orwellian garbage they generated with ‘vibrant’ and ‘vibrancy’…’promotes vibrancy’ blah, blah, blah. Box ticked; move on.

    ‘Sustainable’. Box ticked; move on.

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    This collapse will be far worse than 1929.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2023 #132933

    “Work till you die or leave the country to retire.:

    Some very interesting thoughts here, as it all turns to crap (as expected).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2023 #132928

    A different face commenting on collapse (with appropriate charts).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2023 #132914

    stoking devaluation of money

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2023 #132913

    Celente and Napolitano on top-down oppression and tyranny by the government (including Covid oppression, toking devaluation of money and undeclared wars).

    “You decide what goes into your own body. The Congress doesn’t decide. And the President doesn’t decide.”

    People were not allowed to say goodbye close relatives dying. This is what the government did to us! And most of the people behaved like sheep!

    “Freedom and democracy at the point of a gun, George W Bush.”

    No real freedom in the fascist police states of the West, of course.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2023 #132911

    This is huge. Russian warships invited into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. And moves underway to bring Syria back into the fold.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2023 #132910

    It seems likely that there will be a lot of blown-up NATOstan tanks in the battle zone soon.

    “Before the beginning on May we are going to see something very big.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2023 #132908

    You may not think that turds can speak, but Airstrip Five has a turd as a minister of government.

    This particular turd smelt so bad it could not get itself elected in the city if grew up in, so it took the alternative route and managed to get its hands on the levers of power via The Party list. Big Brother’s Party, that is.

    Being a turd, this thing was a complete failure at every appointment given to it…Minister of ‘Justice’, Minister of ‘Health’, Minister of Blah, Blah Blah…

    Yes, the turd does have a name: Littleman. Little in intelligence and even littler in moral fibre, despised in its home city (New Plymouth) and practically despised wherever it turns up.

    We’d like someone to scoop up this turd and fling it to a sewage processing facility where it could be shredded into small pieces and processed into compost. But this turd is so well protected by Big Brother it continues to float around the political scene, stinking out and contaminating every sector it is assigned to.

    ‘Pretty serious’: Defence Force personnel leaving in droves

    Andrew Little has walked straight into his first battle as Defence Minister – keeping personnel.

    Nearly 3000 regular force and civilian staff have resigned in the past 18 months from the Defence Force.

    The Beehive is in a battle of its own – stopping the flow of personnel leaving the Defence Force.

    New Defence Minister Andrew Little said retaining personnel “is my number one priority.”

    Briefings to the new Minister highlight the “unsustainable” problem of attrition.

    More than 2000 regular force personnel and nearly 700 civilian staff have left over the past year and a half.


    I had personal dealings with Andrew Little over a period of time before he managed to get his snout into the public feeding trough and found him to be unreliable, cowardly, deceitful and dishonest: all the prerequisites to become a politician in New Zealand and make it to the top.


    in reply to: Zelensky Goes To Poland #132906

    You’d think that the Poles would have had enough of dying by the million for other people’s causes. But apparently not. I guess they want to have their bit of the planet converted into a depopulated wasteland.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2023 #132866

    With regard to some of the other stuff going on, especially the theatrical performances relating to Trump, it’s a pity those who comment do not know the difference between fascism and communism.

    Airstrip Five enters the fake Easter festivities a few hours before most countries. What was once a period for quiet contemplation has been morphed by the managers of the corporation into yet another opportunity for ostentatious consumption and the purchasing of goods and services that no one actually needs using fake money that derives its notional value from a general confidence in fake money which is completely unjustified.

    I’d better be careful what I say, now that the ‘hate speech’ witch is slated to be setting up camp less than an hour’s drive from here.

    Actually everyone I associate with hates the bitch, and this morning I witnessed a friend rip the front page off a ‘newspaper’ and screw it up because there was a photo of The Scorpion on the front page. If the thing left the North Island because it is so despised there but thought it would be welcome in the South Island it had better think again because it is even more despised around here than up there. And is even more demented than we thought.

    Okay, so it had a nervous breakdown in January and had to quit before having to face Waitangi. Are we supposed to feel sorry for it when it has caused such enormous damage during its reign of terror?

    The Chipmunk Schoolboy thing that currently pretends to be leader clearly isn’t up to the job and may well crack soon. It got flummoxed when asked to define what a woman is. But now it has a collapsing economy to explain away. Pretty hard when all credibility is gone and it has no answers.

    Soon comes the winter of our discontent.

    I guess the MSM will soon delete the blue-and-yellow icons that have been plastered over everything for the past year. Yet another epic fail.

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    So much for the UkoNazis vowing to not give up Bakhmut. Now that the Russians have taken the railway station and are about to cross the rail line, there are not many places left for the UkoNazis to hide.

    Progress is slow because there are anti-personnel mines and boobytraps everywhere which need to be deactivated, to minimise casualties.

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