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    Sam Birch


    I am on MCM’s site and I posted the links that you shared. Thank you for your efforts to assist in this grim undertaking. Mark has been posting worldly obituaries weekly and it makes for sobering reading.

    Seeing a comprehensive list of healthy young athletes that have died over the year since the shots were rolled out adds a certain amount of undeniable gravity to the tragedy we are currently in.

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    Sam Birch

    Prickles and Goo

    “In the history of philosophy and poetry and art, we always find the interchange of two personality types, which I call prickles and goo.

    The prickly people are advocates of intellectual porcupinism. They want rigour, they want precise statistics, and they have a certain clipped attitude in their voices—and you know this very well in academic circles! They accuse other people of being disgustingly vague and miasmic and mystical.

    But the vague, miasmic and mystical people accuse the prickly people of being mere skeletons with no flesh on their bones. They say [to them] ‘You just rattle! You’re not really a human being. You know the words but you don’t know the music.’

    And so therefore, if you belong to the prickly type, you hope that the ultimate constituent of matter is particles. If you belong to the gooey type, you hope it’s waves.

    If you’re prickly, you’re a Classicist. And if you’re gooey, you’re a Romanticist. And going back into Medieval philosophy, if you’re prickly, you’re a Nominalist—if you’re gooey, you’re a Realist.

    And so it goes. But we know very well that this natural universe is neither prickles nor goo exclusively.

    It’s gooey prickles and prickly goo.”

    —Alan Watts

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    Sam Birch

    Armenio Pereira you make good points.

    You are correct in that the Everlasting Dissatisfaction will continue (hence its name)  All Sacred Cows exist for the purpose of being exhalted by their worshippers. I merely play my role in defending them.

    People take their rightful place in the universe according to their role in the Cosmic Play. Some play a villain, some play a saint, others the hero, another the victim. We often play multiple roles. No offence is intended to those in real pain, who do not see this as “a game”.

    We are all wheels and cogs in the machine. I would also argue that the same pattern would play out regardless of civilisation or century.

    May peace be upon you as we continue to exist in the cosmos in the Eternal Dissatisfaction.

    “One of our greatest fears is to be ourselves, to accept ourselves as we are. You have to be honest, and not set up high standards, as this can be a form of arrogance. To be yourself is to be alone with what you are, looking at it and at your own reactions to yourself, free from beliefs and objectives. If you say ‘It is terrible to be like me. I cannot be like that’ you are attempting to escape what is. Reality is not something mysterious and inaccessible – it is what it is.”

    “When each one of us looks after ourselves the world will take care of itself; we do not need to change the world. The world will change if the world of individuals is changed, but without changing individuals there is no hope for change in the world. We try to change the world by building up new ideas; but that it not real change.

    So if we would like to have radical change we must look into ourselves, into all the conditions connected with us. In that way, we have to criticise ourselves and we have to be in constant revolt against ourselves. You may say you do not like to do that, but life is war and peace at the same time, and by being in revolt against oneself,  one knows where one is going. One is wrong, not because of conventions or traditions, not because of religious teachings, but because we do not see clearly. When there is such seeing you don’t make war against yourself, but you make peace with yourself. You have more peace when your see where you are wrong and why. Without seeing where you are wrong you can never come to the right. If you try hard to conform to the right action, to the right ideas, you have more and more resistance without seeing where you are wrong.

    Life is not so difficult, but it is not easy either. It is wonderful to have life and we have both the negative and positive things in living. We become rich because of going through, but we become very poor if we build a small room to live in, a small room protected by four walls. We may think we are free living in this small room and that the strong walls protect us. But someone else may say that we are living in a prison and ask how we think we are free. And they may say “Break the walls and come out and see how wonderful life is!”

    Dhiravamsa – The Middle Path of Life

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