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The Unbearable Mightiness of Deflation

George N. Barnard Old Dixie’s Down1864 A passel of Yankees in repose at federal picket post near Atlanta, Georgia Stoneleigh: A recent article by Gary North, entitled Pushing on a String, has ignited another round in the inflation/deflation debate. Our readers at The Automatic Earth have repeatedly asked us for comment. The topic still remains a confusing one for many. To shine some light, let’s use Mr North’s words against him, shall we? My first impression on reading “Pushing on

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Renewable power? Not in Your Lifetime

Alfred Palmer American Dream February 1942 Firestone Rubber, Akron, Ohio. Conversion of beverage containers to aviation oxygen cylinders. After shatterproof oxygen cylinders for high altitude flying have passed all tests in the metal division of a large Eastern rubber factory, hot air is blown through the cylinders to remove all trace of moisture. The cylinders are then sealed and stacked for painting Stoneleigh: Since it is the major world conundrum with the shortest timescale, I usually focus on finance here,