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Georgia O’Keeffe Autumn leaves, Lake George 1924


Lancet Study Finds COVID Shots Do Not Prevent Transmission (LC)
Number Needed To Vaccinate To Prevent 1 Covid Fatality In Kids 5 To 11 (Rogers)
TN Legislature Bans Vaccine Passports, Protects Doctors Who Speak Out (Blaze)
Identification of Coronavirus Isolated from a Patient in Korea with COVID-19 (NIH)
Peter Navarro Exposes The Dangerous Dr. Fauci (Devine)
Supply Chain Constrictor – On Your Nuts (Denninger)
Dr. Martin Kulldorff Joins Brownstone Institute as Senior Scientific Director (BI)
One Brave ICU Physician Reporting Vaccine Injuries Leads to a Dozen More (SIri)
Brits Who Post “False Info” About Vaccines Could be Jailed For 2 Years (SN)
Madonna: “No One’s Allowed To Speak Their Mind Right Now” (NME)
Chilling Bigly (Kunstler)





“There is no such thing as freedom of choice unless there is freedom to refuse.”
– David Hume



The press asking questions disrupts the press conference.



Pfizer AE



The end of the vaccine passport. In a world ruled by logic, and science.

Lancet Study Finds COVID Shots Do Not Prevent Transmission (LC)

A recently released yearlong study by the Lancet Infectious Diseases medical journal comparing the efficacy of COVID injections has shown that people who have received the COVID shots can be equally as infectious and are just as likely to spread the Delta variant of the virus to contacts in their household as those who have not received the shots. In the study of 621 people in the U.K. with mild COVID-19 between Sept 13, 2020, and Sept 15, 2021, scientists found that their peak viral load was similar regardless of vaccination status. The analysis also found that 25 percent of vaccinated household contacts still contracted the virus, while 38 percent of those who had not taken the shots became infected.

In fact, the researchers noted, “Fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.” The researchers performed PCR tests on swab samples provided daily by each participant for 14-20 days. Changes over time in viral load — the amount of virus in a person’s nose and throat — were estimated by modeling PCR data. The study found that the viral load declined more rapidly among vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant compared with unvaccinated people with Delta, Alpha, or pre-Alpha. However, the authors note that vaccinated people did not record a lower peak viral load than unvaccinated people, which may explain why the Delta variant can still spread despite vaccination as people are most infectious during the peak viral load phase. In addition, the statistics regarding the harm from these injections is staggering. The VAERS data shows 837,593 reported adverse events, including 17,619 deaths as of October 22, 2021.

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Steve Kirsch: “Toby Rogers spends his entire life doing risk-benefit analyses.

We will kill over 100 kids for every kid we save from COVID.”

Number Needed To Vaccinate To Prevent 1 Covid Fatality In Kids 5 To 11 (Rogers)

In Pfizer’s 6 month clinical trial in adults — there was 1 covid death our of 22,000 in the vaccine (“treatment”) group and 2 Covid deaths out of 22,000 in the placebo group (see Table s4). So NNTV = 22,000. The catch is there were 5 heart attack deaths in the vaccine group and only 1 in placebo group. So for every 1 life saved from Covid, the Pfizer vaccine kills 4 from heart attacks. All cause mortality in the 6 month study was 20 in vaccine group and 14 in placebo group. So a 42% all cause mortality increase among the vaccinated. The vaccine loses practically all efficacy after 6 months so they had to curtail the study. They unblinded and offered the vaccine to the placebo group. At that point the rising harm line had long ago intersected the sinking efficacy line.

Former NY Times investigative reporter Alex Berenson also wrote about the bad outcomes for the vaccinated in the Pfizer clinical trial in adults (here). Berenson received a lifetime ban from Twitter for posting Pfizer’s own clinical trial data. Pfizer learned their lesson with the adult trial and so when they conducted a trial of their mRNA vaccine in children ages 5 to 11 they intentionally made it too small (only 2,300 participants) and too short (only followed up for 2 months) in order to hide harms. All of the NNTV estimates above are based on data from adults. In kids the NNTV will be even higher (the lower the risk, the higher the NNTV to prevent a single bad outcome). Children ages 5 to 11 are at extremely low risk of death from coronavirus.

In a meta-analysis combining data from 5 studies, Stanford researchers Cathrine Axfors and John Ioannidis found a median infection fatality rate (IFR) of 0.0027% in children ages 0-19. In children ages 5 to 11 the IFR is even lower. Depending on the study one looks at, COVID-19 is slightly less dangerous or roughly equivalent to the flu in children. So how many children would need to be injected with Pharma’s mRNA shot in order to prevent a single hospitalization, ICU admission, or death? Let’s examine Pfizer’s EUA application and the FDA’s risk-benefit analysis. By Pfizer’s own admission, there were zero hospitalization, ICU admissions, or deaths, in the treatment or control group in their study of 2,300 children ages 5 to 11.

So the Number Needed to Vaccinate in order to prevent a single hospitalization, ICU admission, or death, according to Pfizer’s own data, is infinity. ∞. Not the good kind of infinity as in God or love or time or the universe. This is the bad kind of infinity as in you could vaccinate every child age 5 to 11 in the U.S. and not prevent a single hospitalization, ICU admission, or death from coronavirus according to Pfizer’s own clinical trial data as submitted to the FDA. Of course Pfizer likes this kind of infinity because it means infinite profits. [Technically speaking the result is “undefined” because mathematically one cannot divide by zero, but you get my point.]

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Good on them.

TN Legislature Bans Vaccine Passports, Protects Doctors Who Speak Out (Blaze)

Well, it took 19 months, and it’s only one state so far, but we finally have a red state that is living up to its reputation. Over the weekend, the Tennessee legislature passed an omnibus COVID freedom bill that places the state on a completely different path to dealing with this virus from the rest of the country – one rooted in science, compassion, liberty, and health care freedom. The more the vaccines fail and other treatments rise, the more our federal government and most states continue to mandate the shots and clamp down on safe alternative treatments. The Tennessee legislature has passed a catch-all bill that will do just the opposite. While no bill is perfect, HB 9077/SB9014 will include many of the provisions we need to right the ship on COVID, and certainly much more than any other state has done so far. It is the first state to pass these provisions through a legislative body. The bill now awaits the signature of Governor Bill Lee.

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There are often questions about the virus ever having been isolated. This from Feb 2020 appears to have done that. Detailed.

Identification of Coronavirus Isolated from a Patient in Korea with COVID-19 (NIH)

Objectives Following reports of patients with unexplained pneumonia at the end of December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the causative agent was identified as coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), and the 2019 novel coronavirus disease was named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization. Putative patients with COVID-19 have been identified in South Korea, and attempts have been made to isolate the pathogen from these patients.

Methods Upper and lower respiratory tract secretion samples from putative patients with COVID-19 were inoculated onto cells to isolate the virus. Full genome sequencing and electron microscopy were used to identify the virus.

Results The virus replicated in Vero cells and cytopathic effects were observed. Full genome sequencing showed that the virus genome exhibited sequence homology of more than 99.9% with SARS-CoV-2 which was isolated from patients from other countries, for instance China. Sequence homology of SARS-CoV-2 with SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV was 77.5% and 50%, respectively. Coronavirus-specific morphology was observed by electron microscopy in virus-infected Vero cells.

Conclusion SARS-CoV-2 was isolated from putative patients with unexplained pneumonia and intermittent coughing and fever. The isolated virus was named BetaCoV/Korea/KCDC03/2020.

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I smell a movie.

Peter Navarro Exposes The Dangerous Dr. Fauci (Devine)

Dr. Anthony Fauci is in for a shellacking Tuesday when a bombshell new book by former Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro lands. “In Trump Time, A Journal of America’s Plague Year” is a rollicking personal diary studded with insider confidences, and it sets its sights squarely on the chief medical adviser to the president. Navarro writes that Fauci did “more damage to this nation, President Trump and the world than anyone else this side of the Bat Lady of Wuhan.” He holds Fauci accountable for “everything from the Wuhan lab gain-of-function catastrophe and suppression of low-cost therapeutics such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to the political, partisan and deadly delay in delivering the Trump vaccines to the American people.”

Fauci’s sins included not telling President Donald Trump or the coronavirus task force that he knew the Wuhan lab was conducting risky gain-of- function research on bat coronaviruses, or that he had helped fund it. It was Fauci who “went behind the back of the Trump White House in 2017 to lift the ban on dangerous ‘gain-of-function’ experiments. It was Fauci’s agency … that helped fund and orchestrate such … experiments at a bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China, where the pandemic almost certainly originated. And it was Fauci who, as we now know from a trove of [his] emails, was being told as early as January 31, 2020, that the virus was likely engineered.” Navarro recounts the day Trump assigned him a task “he believed was essential to saving hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of American lives.”

Trump told him, “I’m taking down all flights coming into the US from China. It’ll rattle the markets, and Biden and the left will hit me hard. But the virus looks like it might be bad, and we need to do it. So, get that task force behind me.” Navarro first saw Fauci in the Situation Room on Jan. 27, 2020: “When I looked into his eyes, he promptly averted [his] gaze.” Soon, they were in a heated argument over whether to ban travel to China. Days earlier, Fauci had told WABC radio’s John Catsimatidis that the Wuhan virus was “a very, very low risk.” In the Situation Room, he “echoed that sentiment.” “I’ve studied travel restrictions many, many times and [they] don’t work,” said Fauci.

Navarro: “You mean to tell me if China is sending us over 20,000 passengers a day … some of whom may have escaped from the Ground Zero of Wuhan, that there is no risk that some of these passengers will seed and spread the virus?” Fauci: “In my experience, travel restrictions don’t work.” And on they went. In the end, Navarro prevailed. Trump imposed the travel ban on Jan. 31, and Australia and New Zealand followed suit. Lives were doubtless saved by that action.

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“In the civilian world of ordinary employees we called millions of people “essential” and exploited them for a year.”

Supply Chain Constrictor – On Your Nuts (Denninger)

=As the USSR discovered (along with plenty before them) you can’t make someone work to their full potential. It’s not possible. Threats don’t obtain 100% performance; if they are legitimate threats that the person you aim them at truly fears then you get minimum performance to avoid the threatened action at best. If they’re not taken to be threats at all they’re ignored or challenged and you either buckle under or fire the person in question and now you get zero performance.

What’s worse is that by issuing the threat you permanently destroy employee morale and productivity. If the employee sticks up the finger and you don’t fire them you just permanently destroyed any hint of loyalty they may have had. The US Government may not care but they damn well should considering some percentage of those who they threatened have security clearances and, it is presumed, knowledge of serious risk to the United States should they decide to abuse it. Yes, the threat of prosecution is always there but remember that someone who truly has something of use can, if they get out of the US with it, request political asylum and will usually get it, exactly as we routinely do for those who commit a similar act against some other nation. Never mind that merely quitting, if the employee holds a clearance, screws the contractor and the government since they can’t be replaced for a year or more assuming you can find another person with their particular skillset who can pass the clearance process at all.

In the civilian world of ordinary employees we called millions of people “essential” and exploited them for a year. They had to get up at 0400 and go to work to stock grocery shelves, drive trucks, be nurses, patrol the streets, put out fires and carted your choking fat ass to the hospital when you got Covid and called 911 while you were coughing all over them. They ran the water, sewer and power plants so your lights were on, your toilet flushed and your heat worked while their neighbor was still smoking bong hits and drinking beer from last night’s orgy-fest paid for with their $600/wk “fun-employment” because they were not deemed “essential.”

Most if not all of these deemed-essential people worked for over a year under these conditions; it was demanded they take the risk of severe disease or even death or lose their job and since that’s a firing for cause, no $600/wk. Equally-insulting to those “essential workers” were those who were told for decades they had to make a commute into work and put up with all the bull**** and cost that entails, paid out of their own pocket, suddenly could sit at home in the PJs behind a computer in the living room and incur neither the hassle or expense — but still got a full wage while taking none of the “essential person’s” risk.

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Get press coverage.

Dr. Martin Kulldorff Joins Brownstone Institute as Senior Scientific Director (BI)

The Brownstone Institute is pleased to announce that Dr. Martin Kulldorff is joining our institute as Senior Scientific Director. Having served as a professor at Harvard Medical School for the past ten years, he will guide the scientific activities of the Institute, particularly as it relates to the pandemic and the needed public health recovery and reform so that no country will repeat the terrible errors of 2020-21. Professor Kulldorff’s position at Brownstone begins on November 1, 2021. “We cannot overstate the excitement we feel about Kulldorff’s deep involvement with our work,” says Brownstone Institute founder and president Jeffrey Tucker. “He brings rigor, focus, and true brilliance, and his position portends great things for us as an institution.”

The Brownstone Institute was founded in 2021 to respond to this crisis with research, publishing, education, and other programs intended as a guiding light out of the crisis. “Brownstone is being called to serve as a safe haven for genuine science, humane principles, and intellectual integrity during particularly brutal times,” Tucker says. “The hiring of such a great scholar is but one example of the work we will continue to do. His guidance will make an invaluable contribution to the restoration of public health and our ability to recover from the damage caused by Covid restrictions and mandates.” About his new role, Kulldorff says that “governments, universities and scientific leaders have failed us during this pandemic, resulting in the biggest public health fiasco in history.

The questioning of natural immunity after Covid infection is just one example among many. With the censoring of long-established public health principles, we need new organizations to safeguard public health for the future. As part of Brownstone, I am excited to work with other scientists and the public to foster open, rigorous, and intellectual scientific debate. We cannot allow 400 years of enlightenment to end.” Kulldorff is an internationally well-known biostatistician and epidemiologist. During his career, he has developed new statistical and epidemiological methods for disease surveillance, including the early detection and monitoring of infectious disease outbreaks and the post-market drug and vaccine safety monitoring. His methods are widely used by public health agencies around the world, as are his free disease surveillance software: SaTScan, TreeScan and RSequential. He has served on scientific advisory committees to the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control.

Kulldorff came to public attention in 2020 for his role in authoring the Great Barrington Declaration, alongside Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University. Based on basic principles of public health, the Declaration argues for better focused protection of older high-risk people while letting low-risk children and young adults live near normal lives to minimize the collateral public health damage on education, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, physical fitness and mental health, just to name a few. The Declaration quickly gained over 800,000 signatures including over 10,000 scientists and 40,000 medical practitioners. It also stirred controversy by proponents of the general lockdowns that we now know did not protect the vulnerable.

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Now get snowballing.

One Brave ICU Physician Reporting Vaccine Injuries Leads to a Dozen More (SIri)

One act of bravery begins to snowball. Dr. Patricia Lee “risked it all” to step forward, after being ignored by public health officials, to reveal the serious series of harms she witnessed from Covid-19 vaccines in her intensive care unit. With that one act, my firm has now been contacted by more than a dozen other physicians. Attached are 11 declarations from physicians across the country attesting to serious harms from Covid-19 vaccines. These physicians, like Dr. Lee, reached out to public health authorities at the CDC, FDA, and NIH for over ten months only to have their concerns dismissed or ignored. These agencies typically respond by saying that VAERS is not showing a safety signal so there is nothing to worry about.

If you don’t already know, VAERS is the system that the CDC and FDA say cannot show that a vaccine causes an injury, but yet can show a vaccine is safe. Meaning, heads they win, tails you lose. Worse, many of these physicians were injured by a Covid-19 vaccine themselves and despite being physicians, the physicians from whom these injured physicians sought treatment also typically dismissed their injuries. And they are physicians seeking help from fellow physicians! The story most of these physicians tell is like that of Maddie de Garay who, despite being in a wheelchair and needing a feeding tube through her nose, was told it was psychological. These physicians were, incredibly, almost all initially told the same. Only after seeking treatment from physicians that they knew from work or medical school, were many of them believed.

If physicians are dismissed as “making it up,” imagine what the average individual without medical knowledge and access must deal with after a Covid-19 vaccine injury. Public health authorities tell us to trust doctors. If individuals have concerns about the vaccine, they say: “speak with your doctor.” These very doctors are now telling health authorities there is a serious problem. They have been telling these health authorities for months in myriad correspondences. And the 11 declarations attached are likely a small sampling – after all, Dr. Patricia Lee’s letter was only released on this Substack when only had a few hundred subscribers. It nonetheless started a snowball of physicians reaching out with similar stories which is growing by the day.

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That includes most of the media.

Brits Who Post “False Info” About Vaccines Could be Jailed For 2 Years (SN)

People in the UK who post “false information” about vaccines online could face two years in prison under a new law. Yes, really. The Online Safety Bill, described as “the flagship legislation to combat abuse and hatred on the internet” has faced fierce criticism from civil liberties groups for its broad overreach. The law would create a “knowingly false communication” offence which, according to the Times, “will criminalise those who send or post a message they know to be false with the intention to cause “emotional, psychological, or physical harm to the likely audience”. Government sources gave the example of antivaxers spreading false information that they know to be untrue.”

Given that authorities have deemed all kinds of information about the pandemic and vaccines “false” that later turned out to be true, this is a chilling prospect. For example, claims that vaccines are not fully effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 would have once been deemed “false,” but that position is now a proven fact. The bill would also change the current stricter standard of “indecent” or “grossly offensive” content to the much broader definition of “harmful effect” when deciding if a post or a message is criminal. This is more in line with UK hate speech laws that determine whether an act of hate speech or a “hate incident” has been committed not on the basis of whether or not it actually happened, but on the basis of the supposed victim feeling like they’ve been targeted.

“The new offences will include sol-called “pile-ons” where a number of individuals join others in sending harassing messages to a victim on social media,” reports the Times. And if you think that will stop left-wing mobs who routinely form “pile-ons” against conservatives for expressing dissenting opinions, think again. It will be selectively enforced against people who criticize or make fun of those deemed “oppressed minorities,” despite such groups having the full backing of the state and every cultural institution (the alphabet people). The Online Harms Bill is being amplified with the help of relentless propaganda about black football players being abused online, despite the fact that most of the abuse originates abroad, mainly from Middle Eastern countries.

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Always was a good observer.

“Madonna has said that there’s “no debate or discussion” over vaccines thanks to the fear permeated by “cancel culture”.”

Madonna: “No One’s Allowed To Speak Their Mind Right Now” (NME)

Madonna has said that there’s “no debate or discussion” over vaccines thanks to the fear permeated by “cancel culture”. The singer said in a new interview that the vaccines debate, which includes jabs for COVID, is stilted due to what she believes is fear for being reprimanded by having certain opinions. Asked by playwright Jeremy O Harris for V Magazine where peace exists in a world affected by a pandemic, Madonna replied: “It’s interesting because peace is subjective. The way people think about the pandemic, for instance, that the vaccination is the only answer or the polarisation of thinking you’re either on this side or the other. There’s no debate, there’s no discussion.”

She continued: “No one’s allowed to speak their mind right now. No one’s allowed to say what they really think about things for fear of being cancelled, cancel culture. In cancel culture, disturbing the peace is probably an act of treason.” Harris then said that he believes that cancel culture isn’t as frightening as “some people feel it is”, to which Madonna replied: “The thing is, the quieter you get, the more fearful you get, the more dangerous anything is. We’re giving it power by shutting the fuck up completely.” Madonna added that she is “frightened” by censorship.

[..] Elsewhere, last year Madonna’s Instagram account was flagged for posting a coronavirus vaccine conspiracy. According to the BBC, the ‘Madame X’ pop star claimed in a video upload that a COVID vaccine had already been discovered but was being kept under wraps in order to “let the rich get richer”. The post was subsequently labelled by Instagram for containing “false information” and was deleted from Madonna’s profile, which is followed by over 15 million users.

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“ helpful, be honest, be brave, and be kind to each other. We’ll get through it.”

Chilling Bigly (Kunstler)

If the legislation doesn’t get passed, the USA will perhaps skip the hyperinflationary intermezzo and move straight into a deflationary depression, which is what you get when nobody has any money. When that happens, especially in a system with money actually based on debt-creation, debts do not get paid (mortgages, car payments, credit cards, perhaps even coupons on US Treasury bonds), and when debts are not paid, money disappears. Poof! No money! It’s a vicious cycle. The more money disappears the more money keeps disappearing. None of this bodes well for the winter ahead. Add to that the growing breakdown in global trade operations.

Even many of those goods produced in other lands aren’t making it to the docks, and the reduced flow of goods that happened to already land on the docks can’t get unloaded and delivered to its various destinations because of disruptions in the US trucking sector. To some degree, those disruptions are caused by bonehead government regulations, especially in California, where most of the stuff from Asia lands. The bonehead regulations (like, outlawing trucks more than three years old) can be thought of as typical government “dis-services.” Now add to that the rising cost of oil, natural gas, and coal — the global economy’s primary resources — and disruptions in the industries that produce these vital resources and you’ve got another layer of disorder being introduced into the system (entropy again).

For the moment, government propaganda tries to divert your attention to a possible shortage of Christmas presents as the nation’s main concern. Don’t be fooled. It’s more about total systemic economic breakdown, as in US citizens having no heat and no food. Also, no gasoline and no parts for fixing broken cars (and trucks). Do you suppose the capital markets will keep rising as all this spins out? I would suppose that the capital markets will lose 80 to 90 percent of their value when all is said and done. The fabled “One Percent” will finally feel the pain that was previously distributed among the rest of us. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the One Percent can control the situation. They are mere Wizards of Oz, barfing into their laptops. If working-from-home wasn’t a thing, they’d be jumping out of windows on Wall Street.

It’s a grim outlook, I admit, but you could see it coming over the horizon from a thousand miles away. Where I differ from other observers is that I doubt that any sort of extreme government surveillance state can be imposed on the public under these conditions. The people will be too pissed-off and, anyway, the current regime will be broke and out of mojo — possibly to the degree that it has to be shoved aside. “Let’s Go Brandon” is serious business. It’s the end of something. In the background lurks this virus thing, and the insane vaccination program it prompted. We know that people have been harmed by the vaccinations, but not how many people altogether will be affected moving forward. The possibility, though, is for a nation both broke and sick struggling to get through a dark passage of history. Stay nimble, stay local, stay reality-based, be helpful, be honest, be brave, and be kind to each other. We’ll get through it.

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Covid Costume



Wanted to embed this as a tweet, but was told I couldn’t.

@pfizer Asked The @FDATo Change Their “Approved” #COVID19 Shot For Children Age 5-11 Years Old!
Pfizer Wants To Replace Phosphate-Buffered Saline With #Tromethamine. Tromethamine Is A Blood Acid Reducer Used To Stabilize People Who’ve Had Heart Attacks!



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    Georgia O’Keeffe Autumn leaves, Lake George 1924   • Lancet Study Finds COVID Shots Do Not Prevent Transmission (LC) • Number Needed To Vaccinate
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    Oh, I love Georgia O’Keefe! What a nice way to start the morning. Thanks, Ilargi.


    Take from it what you want.


    Field Able

    When I cant be bothered explaining why I oppose the Brave New World / new normie mandates and forced state vaccination etc I have decided instead to use these exact words from “Dennis Denuto” in the Aussie classic The Castle;

    The Vibe


    Edith Piaf – Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)


    J & J

    “The highest risk was among women aged 30 to 49 years, but the absolute CVST risk was still low in this group (up to 29.5 per 100 000 PY”

    Low? That’s almost 300 strokes per million!


    Fauci’s sins …..
    It wasn’t us ……

    We never said that ……
    PCR tests on swab samples were 100%

    We never said that the vaccine would prevent ….. ??????
    Delta variant
    Delta Variant+

    We never said that the vaccine was 100% effective …..
    breakthrough infections ??????

    We never said that the vaccine would not …..
    transmit infections of ……. ??????

    We never said that the vaccine would give herd immunity against ……
    Delta variant
    Delta Variant+ ……?????

    We never said ……
    why the Delta variant can still spread despite vaccination ????

    We never said what was …..?????
    risk-benefit analyses ….. ?????

    We never said that ……
    The vaccine would protect you forever

    We said …..
    the viral load declined more rapidly among vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant compared with unvaccinated people with ????? Delta, Alpha, or pre-Alpha.

    We never lied by omission …. We told the truth that we knew. We did not know
    Trump aide Peter Navarro exposes the dangerous Dr. Fauci:
    By Miranda Devine
    November 1, 2021
    A whip does not work, (mandate) …..
    you can’t make someone work to their full potential…..
    you get minimum performance ……
    you get breakdown,
    you get, …. “not me,… not my fault”
    Therefore, fire the person in question and now you get zero performance.
    Therefore, now you get total systemic economic breakdown
    Therefore, now you get caravans of illegal immigrants looking for a better life
    The carrot

    Dr. Martin Kulldorff Joins Brownstone Institute as Senior Scientific Director

    The Brownstone Institute for Social and Economic Research is a nonprofit organization founded May 2021 (501c3 applied). Its vision is of a society that places the highest value on the voluntary interaction of individuals and groups while minimizing the use of violence and force including that which is exercised by public authority.
    serious harms from Covid-19 vaccines.
    These physicians, like Dr. Lee, reached out to public health authorities at the CDC, FDA, and NIH for over ten months only to have their concerns dismissed or ignored. These agencies typically respond by saying that VAERS is not showing a safety signal so there is nothing to worry about.

    If physicians are dismissed as “making it up,” imagine what the average individual without medical knowledge and access must deal with after a Covid-19 vaccine injury.


    This ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶ shot don’t work!

    “COVID-19 sweeps through Newmarket men’s hockey league”

    “all double-vaccinated”


    I agree with Hume: if you can’t say “no” you have no free will.


    This ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶ shot don’t work!

    “Dead from Hamburg Airport was fully vaccinated
    A passenger died on the flight from Istanbul to Hamburg last week. The deceased was vaccinated and infected with corona.


    When polled, 71% of 306 healthcare workers in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, declared that Ivermectin was working as pre-exposure prophylaxis.

    Doc Robinson

    Published today in the British Medical Journal BMJ:

    Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial
    Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight.

    For example, they lacked enough employees to swab all trial participants who reported covid-like symptoms, to test for infection. Laboratory confirmed symptomatic covid-19 was the trial’s primary endpoint, the employee noted. (An FDA review memorandum released in August this year states that across the full trial swabs were not taken from 477 people with suspected cases of symptomatic covid-19.)”


    Too many people don’t believe that a tree fell in the forest because “Fauci” did not tell them that a tree fell.


    This Is Not a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

    fully vaccinated individuals can harbour high viral loads, spread SARS-CoV-2 and cause severe and fatal Covid-19, also among other fully vaccinated individuals.”


    Monty Python icon Terry Gilliam has new stage production CANCELLED after staff uproar over ‘transphobic’ views

    If you go through all the times where Python played women, in often not very flattering ways, there’s not much left. And they say satire’s dead. No, it just got born again.

    John Day
    “Unscheduled Creative Opportunity” post includes a hand drawn scale plan for the small house we are attaching to the main house at the homestead, via a short covered walkway. It’s what I have been doing, since I now have unscheduled time in my life. (Going for a bike ride now.)

    Since my last blog post last week I have been working on physical projects in the world, mostly at the homestead. The absence of a regimented work schedule has allowed me to work on the 1957 house, getting a giant 24 HP vacuum cleaner in Austin, Saturday morning, driving it and a mess of six inch corrugated hose to Yoakum, and troubleshooting the mess all day, as we got shocked by the hose as we sucked out the old insulation. Static electricity was like rubbing wool on a glass rod, but more so with 24 HP providing the rub. The worst piece of hose was the big problem. It’s internally-conductive coil of copper wire was exposed by big cracks, allowing the static sparks to jump to human bodies (impressive visuals in the dark attic).
    I did not do much of that work in the attic, but enough to “get a feel” for what was happening. None of us wants to do that again.
    I told the rental place about the piece of tubing I had tagged with steel wire “really hurting people”. They said they would throw it away.
    I would never have had any understanding of this somewhat obscure line of endeavor if I had not taken part in the process.
    So what? Yeah, “so what”… That’s life and learning. That is actually doing things, instead of signing an order. It’s different.

    For years I have been making scale drawings of houses to build, none of which has been built. I have been studying books about building and remodeling for those same years. I have the books, with highlighted passages, and good illustrations. I have been reviewing them again. I have been drawing pictures again, but this time we are setting out to actually build a modest little house, mainly kitchen and living/dining area, with a combined bathroom and laundry room, and some finished-out attic space. It will attach to the main house via a very short covered walkway. That makes it meet code as an “addition”.
    The contractor has been doing much of the maintenance on the existing house, and we got to talk and draw this weekend. My friend, Lester, an Architectural Engineer, is being tremendously helpful with advice as to what works to safely and securely construct our ideas.
    I am including a drawing of the internal space of the first floor, about 25 ft. X 32 ft. internally, with a 13 X 8 ft. screen porch coming off the back/kitchen door.
    This structure will come off the end of the house, which was seen in the background of the last blog post, behind the Mexican avocado trees. Each square represents one square foot of floor space. The sliding glass door looks out to the avocado orchard. (There is a pull-down ladder to the attic, not shown, because I can’t upload the scanned image of the updated drawing.)

    For now, my abstract ideas are being helped by the much greater experience of the building contractor and the Architectural Engineer, helping us all to proceed carefully and avoid errors. We are communicating well. We all intend to “measure twice; cut once”.
    Though this has long been a plan of mine, it is made possible by my firing from the clinic for non-compliance with vaccine-mandate, changed to being fired-for-cause at the last minute, after the Governor issued an executive order against vaccine mandates a few weeks ago. I am cashing out my very modest retirement plan, which will fund a large portion of this build.
    I have wanted to “build my own house” since I was a boy, or at least a youth. I will be completely satisfied to do some of the work and participate in the design of “my own house” at this stage of my life.

    I will post updates of this constructive learning experience as it proceeds.
    You might be entertained some days.
    We’ll see…

    Polder Dweller

    Germ, I watched the Cottrell video and t don’t know what to make of it. I found it basically believable because it explains a lot of what we are seeing happening, yet it doesn’t explain why governments around the world, in the west, but also China and Russia are not embracing ivermectin, fluvoxamine, etc. It doesn’t make much sense if the whole idea is to guess the next mutation while the rest of the immune system gets down-regulated leaving everyone open to other infections, cancers and the rest. The point is made in the video that this makes military sense when considering the soldiers (although I would say that this is true only in the relatively short term), but for the general population it’s a disaster.

    Also missing was what the best thing to do is to protect yourself and your loved ones. Perhaps that’ll be in the next video.

    absolute galore

    Wow. Smelling a little desperate? The NYT must be paying Krugman a premium for vaccine propaganda columns; this is his second in a row. I thought the one from Oct 30 was bad, but here we have the cake.

    I point this guy out because he is part of the high priesthood of the Coastal Elites. Yet his “opinions” are not one tenth the value of the article Dr.D linked yesterday about the trucking problem. Not nearly as well-written, either. I would put economists ahead of footballers as persons from whom not to take medical advice. Krugman is almost as smart as the crust on Albert Einstein’s mustache.

    Incidentally, the fact that breakthrough infections happen — that some people get the virus despite being vaccinated — actually strengthens the case for mandates, because it means that even those who’ve gotten their shots face some danger from those who refuse to follow suit.Vaccination, then, should be considered a public duty, not a personal choice. But there would be a strong argument for public promotion of vaccines even if we were to somehow ignore the harm the unvaccinated impose on others and look only at the personal choice aspect. For this isn’t an area in which individuals can be relied on to choose well.
    Ah yes, The Science! The vaccines don’t work, so get vaccinated to protect the vaccinated.

    Medicine, in case you haven’t noticed, is a complex and difficult subject. As a result, it’s an area where it’s a bad idea to leave people entirely to their own devices. The clamor for unproven treatments like taking hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin reminds us why we require that physicians be licensed and drugs be approved, rather than leaving it up to the public to decide who’s qualified and which medication is safe and effective.

    Right. Let’s let the technocrat big pharma experts determine what we should put in our bodies. Like experimental vaccines. That don’t work.

    He goes on to make the argument that unvaccinated hospitalizations cost the public money. Right. So does paying many billions for vaccines that don’t work. And then there are the apparently increasing number of double vaxxed now being hospitalized.

    He makes the “just like other mandated childhood vaccines”, claiming Covid 19 is equivalent. He must have missed his epidemiology lectures while going to Harvard for economics.

    Hey Paul. You suck as an economist. Please don’t branch out now.

    No, Vaccine Mandates Aren’t an Attack on Freedom
    Nov. 1,
    By Paul Krugman
    Opinion Columnist
    Sign up for the Paul Krugman newsletter, for Times subscribers only. A guide to U.S. politics and the economy — from the mainstream to the wonkish. Get it with a Times subscription.
    The Delta surge in Covid-19 seems to be receding. That’s good news, and not just because fewer people are dying. Fear of infection was one reason the economic recovery hit an air pocket in the third quarter. Resuming normal life will be a huge relief.
    But the U.S. right is, in effect, trying to keep the pandemic going. We talk a lot about misinformation on social media, some of which — surprise! — appears to be the product of Russian disinformation. However, the role of the right-wing establishment has surely been far more important. Fox News serves up anti-vaccine messages almost every day. Republican governors have tried to ban vaccine mandates not just by local governments and school districts but by private businesses. Multiple Republican attorneys general have filed suit to stop federal vaccine mandates.
    The expressed rationale for all this activity is that it’s about protecting freedom. In reality, while there are several reasons for vaccine resistance, politics is a significant driver of the agitation. A successful vaccination campaign could mean a successful Biden administration, and the right is determined to prevent that, no matter how many avoidable deaths result from vaccine sabotage. It’s noteworthy that Fox has a very strict vaccination policy for its own employees.
    Still, the case against vaccine mandates, however disingenuous, needs to be answered on the merits. Yet I at least have rarely seen the case against a right to refuse vaccination fully explained, even though you could hardly come up with a better example than Covid-19 vaccination if you wanted to design a hypothetical situation in which arguments for freedom of choice don’t apply. And I think it’s worth spelling out exactly why.
    First, personal choice is fine — as long as your personal choices don’t hurt other people. I may deplore the quality of your housekeeping, but it’s your own business; on the other hand, freedom doesn’t include the right to dump garbage in the street.
    And going unvaccinated during a pandemic does hurt other people — which is why schools, in particular, have required vaccination against many diseases for generations. The unvaccinated are much more likely to contract the coronavirus, and hence potentially infect others, than those who’ve had their shots; there’s also some evidence that even when vaccinated individuals become infected, they’re less likely to infect others than the unvaccinated.
    Incidentally, the fact that breakthrough infections happen — that some people get the virus despite being vaccinated — actually strengthens the case for mandates, because it means that even those who’ve gotten their shots face some danger from those who refuse to follow suit.
    And the harm done to others by rejecting vaccines goes beyond an increased risk of disease. The unvaccinated are far more likely than the vaccinated to require hospitalization, which means that they place stress on the health care system. They also impose financial costs on the general public, because given the prevalence of insurance both public and private, their hospital bills end up being largely covered by the rest of us.
    Vaccination, then, should be considered a public duty, not a personal choice. But there would be a strong argument for public promotion of vaccines even if we were to somehow ignore the harm the unvaccinated impose on others and look only at the personal choice aspect. For this isn’t an area in which individuals can be relied on to choose well.

    Medicine, in case you haven’t noticed, is a complex and difficult subject. As a result, it’s an area where it’s a bad idea to leave people entirely to their own devices. The clamor for unproven treatments like taking hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin reminds us why we require that physicians be licensed and drugs be approved, rather than leaving it up to the public to decide who’s qualified and which medication is safe and effective.
    So you have to wonder why anyone would consider it a good idea when Florida’s surgeon general urged people to downplay medical advice on vaccines and rely on their “intuition and sensibilities.”
    Finally, the most contentious area in this whole argument involves vaccine and mask requirements for schools. And in this area, opponents of mandates aren’t making decisions for themselves — they’re making decisions for their children, who have rights of their own and aren’t simply their parents’ property.
    Now, U.S. law and tradition give parents a great deal of leeway, especially when religious beliefs are involved, but not absolute power over their children’s lives. Adults can’t choose to deny their children basic education; they can’t turn down lifesaving medical treatment. That’s why we have longstanding vaccine mandates for many childhood diseases. And the same logic applies to Covid-19.
    Again, I don’t know how many people really believe that vaccine requirements are an attack on freedom. But in any case, it’s important to understand that freedom is no reason to block a potential medical miracle.
    More on Covid vaccination.

    The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some tips. And here’s our email:
    Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook, Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram.
    Paul Krugman has been an Opinion columnist since 2000 and is also a Distinguished Professor at the City University of New York Graduate Center. He won the 2008 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his work on international trade and economic geography. @PaulKrugman

    absolute galore

    those who’ve gotten their shots

    This seemingly innocuous phrase is telling for me. It feels loaded with the morality that the Vaccine Insisters inject into the debate. It also implies somehow that “our shots” are out there, waiting for us to claim them like good citizens. To use the popular euphemism for Let’s Go Brandon, Fuck “Joe Biden.”

    absolute galore

    Resuming normal life will be a huge relief.

    Sorry Paul. Not even for you will life be returning to “Normal.”Not ever again.
    But it will be completely gone before the holidays for all the firemen, nurses, cops, sanitation workers that made it possible for your city to get through the pandemic and who now are in the process of losing their livelihoods. And yeah, must have been tough going on his sofa watching Hulu and ordering Uber Eats the last couple years. Somehow I doubt that was much away from “Normal” for him. What a douche.


    John Day- Litchfield’s book “Renovation” was THE book we used as we redid every inch of our house. I’m pretty sure it would be useful for new construction as well. (Bonus: we both got into GREAT shape!)
    Here’s a tip I figured out which I wish we had started earlier: take pictures of your plumbing and wiring inside the walls before you put up the drywall.

    TAE Summary

    Hippocratic Oath

    I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Hygieia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses as my witnesses, that, according to my ability and judgement, I will keep this Oath and this contract:

    To hold him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my parents, to be a partner in life with him, and to fulfill his needs when required; to look upon his offspring as equals to my own siblings, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or contract; and that by the set rules, lectures, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to students bound by this contract and having sworn this Oath to the law of medicine, but to no others.

    I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to them.

    I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.

    In purity and according to divine law will I carry out my life and my art.

    I will not use the knife, even upon those suffering from stones, but I will leave this to those who are trained in this craft.

    Into whatever homes I go, I will enter them for the benefit of the sick, avoiding any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption, including the seduction of women or men, whether they are free men or slaves.

    Whatever I see or hear in the lives of my patients, whether in connection with my professional practice or not, which ought not to be spoken of outside, I will keep secret, as considering all such things to be private.

    So long as I maintain this Oath faithfully and without corruption, may it be granted to me to partake of life fully and the practice of my art, gaining the respect of all men for all time. However, should I transgress this Oath and violate it, may the opposite be my fate.

    Doc Robinson

    @pfizer Asked The @FDATo Change Their “Approved” #COVID19 Shot For Children Age 5-11 Years Old!
    Pfizer Wants To Replace Phosphate-Buffered Saline With #Tromethamine.

    A new Pfizer formulation (with Tromethamine) was also authorized for adults (and 12+) according to the October 29 emergency-authorization letter for children age 5-11.

    The formulation of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine that uses Tris [Tromethamine] buffer is authorized in two presentations:
    1) Multiple dose vials, with gray caps and labels with a gray border, formulated to provide, without need for dilution, doses (each 0.3 mL dose containing 30 µg nucleosidemodified messenger RNA (modRNA)) for individuals 12 years of age and older; and
    2) Multiple dose vials, with orange caps and labels with an orange border, formulated to provide, after dilution, doses (each 0.2 mL dose containing 10 µg modRNA) for individuals 5 through 11 years of age. [page 3]

    Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA LOA reissued October 29 2021

    I found no mention of any clinical testing done on adults with this new formula. So there are now 2 versions of the Pfizer injections for adults (and 12+), plus a lower-dose version for kids 5-11, plus the COMIRNATY brand which is unavailable in the US.


    Unsafe, and no true way to make them safe either. All the data from lots are skewed.

    “Are we done being stupid yet? Statistically all of the adverse events of any sort are in a handful of lots irrespective of the brand. The rest generate a few bad outcomes while a very, very small number of lots generate a huge percentage of the harm. And no, that’s not tied to age bracketing (therefore who got it first either); some of the worst have average age distributions that are less than lots with lower adverse event rates. It is also not tied to when used either since one of the “better” lots has a first-AE report right at the start of January — as do the “bad” lots.

    The only thing all three of these vaccines have in common is that all three of them rely on the human body to produce the spike protein that is then attacked by the immune system and produces antibodies; none of them directly introduce the offending substance into the body. The mechanism of induction is different between the J&J and Pfizer/Moderna formulations but all exhibit the same problem. The differential shown in the data is wildly beyond reasonable explanation related to the cohort dosed and the reported person’s average age for the full set of events (not just deaths) does not correlate with elevated risk in a given lot either so it is clearly not related to the age of the person jabbed (e.g. “certain lots all went to nursing homes since they were first.”) While the highest AE rate lots all have early use dates so do some of the low-AE rate lots so the attempt to explain the data away as “but the highest risk got it first” fails as well.

    In other words the best-fit hypothesis is that causing the body to produce part of a pathogen when that part has pathological capacity (as we know is the case for the spike) cannot be controlled adequately through commercial manufacturing process at-scale. This means that no vector-based, irrespective of how (e.g. viral vector or mRNA), not-directly-infused coronavirus jab will ever have an acceptable safety profile because some lots will be “hot” and harm crazy percentages of those they’re given to with no way to know in advance. The basic premise used here — to have the body produce the agent the immune system identifies rather than directly introduce it where you can control the quantity, is a failure.”

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    ag: To use the popular euphemism for Let’s Go Brandon, Fuck “Joe Biden.”


    those darned kids

    tae summary: thanks. i just took the oath. i think every human should, too. after all, we are all doctors. we are all teachers. we are all scientists.

    the only difference between a professional musician and an amateur is your last paycheque.

    those darned kids

    doc r: so pfizer now has a new coke/old coke dilemma on their hands.

    i hope they rerelease the cherry vanilla flu vaxx this year.


    Anthem for battling the Vax Cult.


    In the next 12 months or so, we will hear lame excuses, in the W.

    All of them BS, such as:

    The vaxxes (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZ..) did protect ppl for a while…that immunity would fade so quickly couldn’t be predicted…

    Pfizer’s study was cursory, we need more controls, our standards have now been uptdated…Moderna’s vax creation was much too rapid…it shouldn’t have been approval-stamped without numbers about /xyz/…

    Everyone wanted to believe the vaxxes were a magic bullet that would halt the pandemic…

    It takes time to analyse all the data and come up with solid *risk / benefit* guidelines…

    The pandemic might have been worse without the vaxxes, all those who gave their lives are heroes…See Mindy, Cindy, Aleesha, and their little kids…Travis the weight-lifter and his son Kyle..

    It takes time to judge which vaxx performed the best, while overall the performance was not optimal, there are lessons to be learnt, for example the Pfizer vaxx prevented more deaths than AstraZ…

    Politicians jumped on the vaxx bandwaggon as saving ppl from dire disease would enhance their status…they didn’t know the secrets of Big Pharma, we need to review FDA rules and functioning…

    Vaxxes were distributed unequally, with less coverage amongst Black/Hispanic (BAME in the UK, etc.) communities, which wreaked havoc on the ground and with the stats, equality must be fought for!

    And so on..adverse effects are more problematic, more difficult to deal with but will also be ‘spun’ …

    This post is actually quite hopeful, as it outlines a ‘normal’ kind of scenario, not too different from several past happenings.


    I ran across this article dated Feb 2, 2021 which mentions that the Moderna vaccine includes Tromethamine. So this is new with Pfizer, but not Moderna.


    Coronavirus Vaccines: Here’s What’s in Them

    Polder Dweller

    Indian Television Exposes How Pfizer Bullies and Blackmails Countries for COVID Shots – “Desperate Countries force to Make Humiliating Concessions”

    “A non-profit organization called Public Citizen obtained a confidential unredacted Pfizer contract of some of its negotiations. The contracts show how Pfizer can stop countries from speaking about its contracts, block vaccine donations, unilaterally change delivery schedules and demand public assets as collateral.”

    Mr. House
    those darned kids

    woohoo! i’ve inked the deal and now pfizer® is sponsoring all my posts here!

    Doc Robinson

    An important peer-reviewed study looked at the CDC’s data on pregnancy losses following the mRNA injections, and found that more than 80% of those who got the injections during the first 5 months of pregnancy ended up with a spontaneous abortion (which is 7- to 8-times higher than the expected baseline of around 11%)

    The study indicates that at least 81.9% (≥104/127) experienced spontaneous abortion following mRNA exposure before 20 weeks, and 92.3% (96/104) of spontaneous abortions occurred before 13 weeks’ gestation (Table 4, footnotes).[4] This is a very high proportion of pregnancy loss observed in those exposed to the mRNA vaccination before 20 weeks’ gestation, ranging from 81.9–91.2% (n = 114–127), which is significantly different to baseline estimates from other studies (11.3%, n = 79,978 [6]; p < 0.001), being 7- to 8-fold higher than expected (p < 0.001).

    Spontaneous Abortions and Policies on COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Use During Pregnancy

    Dr D Rich

    In response to TAE Summary vis a vis The Hippocratic.
    While I provide the reference article from near antiquity, 19 years ago, and agree with most the author’s sentiments, I take exception to his broadly brushed condemnation of military medical officers failure to “refuse” because he never met me. The author also never encountered the silence, isolation and marginalization I experienced after confronting my service’s surgeon general and ASD for Health Affairs David Tornberg’s spokeswoman Col Elspeth Ritchie on this topic.
    Nevertheless, as I posted a while ago, this contest was lost long before Fauci and even before Tornberg. Google Alain Enthoven’s contribution to the System’s reduction in physician autonomy through the devaluation of the physician-patient relationship.

    Here’s the full article.

    Here’s a few choice excerpts:

    “Why, then, were commissioned medical officers not the first to draw military and public attention to torturous acts? Why did they not refuse assignments that violated professional oaths and international covenants?”
    He’s generally right but there were a few of us, very few. Trust me the rewards were myriad and magnificent for toeing the line.

    “Physicians assigned to military intelligence…have no doctor patient relationship with detainees and, in the absence of life threatening emergency, have no obligation to offer medical aide”.15 As professionals whose first concern is patient health and welfare irrespective of political or military allegiance…US military physicians were taken out of the game. “A medical degree,” Tornberg said, “is not a ‘sacramental vow’—it is a certification of skill.”1 Under the Tornberg directive a medical degree becomes a practical diploma carrying no more ethical weight than a plumber’s.”
    I respect all plumbers and some physicians.

    “The result has been “the deprofessionalisation and the transformation of medicine into a vast industry, in which physicians lost their authority as professionals and became dependent on managed care organisations”.
    Most peer physicians surrendered willingly or offered silent tacit approval.

    The ultimate exhortation and principle became a substitute for professional ethics and personal morality.
    “Do what you can within the boundaries set by corporate employers?”

    Btw, the assertion by Ritchie, Tornberg and Rumsfeld that the Hippocratic Oath is not a suicide pact to be followed that places the Nation’s security at risk is insincere hyperbole and overwrought emotionally. These 3 collaborators fashioned a higher ethical calling to Justice in defense of the homeland which they said superseded a physician’s professional obligations under the Hippocratic Oath.
    Their reasoning, however, invoked a non sequitur as Title X US Code does not hold a military medical office to Hippocratic ideals. Rather, Title X demands uniformed medical officers AND chaplains adhere to the Geneva Conventions in the treatment of prisoners, POWs and individuals rendered hors de combat. It follows that Title X is the Constitution and therefore the law of the land no matter a decree put forth by the likes of Ritchie, Rumsfeld, Tornberg and POTUS. However, to stand up to them most assuredly meant your ruination.

    Veracious Poet

    All the world’s a stage.

    Child EGOs that refuse to mature into the Infinite require distractions from their inner spiritual dissonance.

    The Bush/Clinton crime family, the Obamas, Trumps, Bidens et al. are merely bit players working with a pre-existing script to placate + control the sheeple.

    Actors that break character are shunned, or worse, made examples of.

    It’s all part of the show (acting club) ~ Heroes & villainy to titillate the senses!

    Even Xi, Biden, Erdoğan, Da Queen et al. are only to engage in the art of Ad libitum to-a-point, before the child EGO culture they’re playing to lose the “immersion” factor.

    There are also Geo-political constraints, but they’ve been working to merge scripts for decades ~ Kissinger the great playwright is the modern architect.

    Hitler, Stalin, Mao are cult-of-personality examples that broke the mold to achieve maximum power to rewrite the social morays, thus the script.

    Until the Infinite’s Children reject this political theatre of the absurd, the rape, pillage, plunder, torture & murders will continue without end…

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