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Ukraine’s Propaganda War: Int’l PR Firms, DC Lobbyists and CIA Cutouts (MPN)
Biden Team: More Russia Sanctions Will Be Announced This Week (DM)
The Lie of American Innocence (Chris Hedges)
Joe Rogan Exposes How West Has Done A Complete 180 On ‘Corrupt’ Ukraine (SN)
Medical Conspiracy: With Eyes Wide Open, They Killed, Maimed Thousands (TN)
A Simple Way To End Vaccine Misinformation Immediately (Kirsch)
Record Infections In Super-vaxxed UK Seniors (Blaze)
Is Tinnitus A Rare Side Effect Of Covid Vaccines? (NBC)
New Zealand’s Discrimination Against Unvaccinated Is Rampant (Bexte)
Next Inflation Shock Comes From Resource Nationalism (Cerasuolo)
White House Comms Director Blames Harris For Chaos In VP Office (JTN)
SCOTUS Nominee: Lighter Sentences Pedophiles b/c Internet Makes It Easy (ZH)



Have a wonderfully happy wedding day, Julian and Stella.





Zelensky is a puppet



@MaajidNawaz challenges the mainstream narrative on Volodymyr Zelenskyy





K Street in Kyiv. “Agencies have offered up entire teams to support Kyiv in the communications war.”

Ukraine’s Propaganda War: Int’l PR Firms, DC Lobbyists and CIA Cutouts (MPN)

Since the Russian offensive inside Ukraine commenced on February 24, the Ukrainian military has cultivated the image of a plucky little army standing up to the Russian Goliath. To bolster the perception of Ukrainian military mettle, Kiev has churned out a steady stream of sophisticated propaganda aimed at stirring public and official support from Western countries. The campaign includes language guides, key messages, and hundreds of propaganda posters, some of which contain fascist imagery and even praise Neo-Nazi leaders. Behind Ukraine’s public relations effort is an army of foreign political strategists, Washington DC lobbyists, and a network of intelligence-linked media outlets.

Ukraine’s propaganda strategy earned it praise from a NATO commander who told the Washington Post, “They are really excellent in stratcom — media, info ops, and also psy-ops.” The Post ultimately conceded that “Western officials say that while they cannot independently verify much of the information that Kyiv puts out about the evolving battlefield situation, including casualty figures for both sides, it nonetheless represents highly effective stratcom.” Key to the propaganda effort is an international legion of public relations firms working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to wage information warfare. According to the industry news site PRWeek, the initiative was launched by an anonymous figure who allegedly founded a Ukraine-based public relations firm.

“From the first hour of war, we decided to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help them distribute the official sources to show the truth,” the nameless figure told PR Week. “This is a hybrid war: the mix of bloodily struggling fight with a huge disinformation and fake campaign lead by Russia [sic].” According to the anonymous figure, more than 150 public relations firms have joined the propaganda blitz. The international effort is spearheaded by public relations firm PR Network co-founder Nicky Regazzoni and Francis Ingham, a top public relations consultant with close ties to the UK’s government.

Ingham previously worked for Britain’s Conservative Party, sits on the UK Government Communication Service Strategy and Evaluation Council, is Chief Executive of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation, and leads the membership body for UK local government communicators, LG Comms. “We’ve been privileged to help coordinate efforts to support the Ukrainian Government in the last few days, “ Ingham told PRovoke Media. “Agencies have offered up entire teams to support Kyiv in the communications war. Our support for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is unwavering and will continue for as long as needed.”

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As energy and food prices rise in US and EU. America is bankrupt in more than one way.

Biden Team: More Russia Sanctions Will Be Announced This Week (DM)

President Joe Biden will unveil another round of sanctions on Russia and tighten existing ones during his visit to Europe this week, his national security adviser announced on Tuesday. Biden is due to leave the White House tomorrow ahead of a N.A.T.O. summit in Brussels on Thursday. ‘He will have the opportunity to coordinate on the next phase of military assistance to Ukraine,’ said National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. ‘He will join our partners in imposing further sanctions on Russia and tightening the existing sanctions to crack down on evasion and to ensure robust enforcement.’ The president will also unveil additional help for refugees and for civilians inside Ukraine, many of whom are trapped in besieged cities, he added.

‘From Brussels, President Biden will travel to Poland where he will engage with US troops, who are now helping to defend NATO territory, and he will meet with experts involved in the humanitarian response,’ said Sullivan. ‘He will also hold a bilateral meeting with President Duda of Poland.’ The U.S. and allies have already imposed sanctions on Russia, as part of an effort to weaken President Vladimir Putin’s position at home and starve funding from his war machine. Washington has also worked with European and N.A.T.O. governments to deliver billions of dollars of weapons and aid to Ukraine. During the briefing at the White House, Sullivan was also asked about Russia’s potential use of nuclear weapons.

‘We have not changed our nuclear posture today. But we are constantly monitoring for that potential contingency and of course we take it as seriously as one could possibly take it,’ he said. ‘We will be consulting with allies and partners on that potential contingency among a range of others and discussing what our potential responses are.’ Sullivan said Biden will use the trip to work with allies on strengthening N.A.T.O.’s defenses on its eastern flank. ‘He will announce joint action on enhancing European energy security and reducing Europe’s dependence on Russian gas,’ he said.

Peskov nukes

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“Tens of millions of people, who had no connection with the attacks of 9/11, were killed, wounded, lost their homes, and saw their lives and their families destroyed because of our war crimes. Who will cry out for them?”

The Lie of American Innocence (Chris Hedges)

The branding of Vladimir Putin as a war criminal by Joe Biden, who lobbied for the Iraq war and staunchly supported the 20 years of carnage in the Middle East, is one more example of the hypocritical moral posturing sweeping across the United States. It is unclear how anyone would try Putin for war crimes since Russia, like the United States, does not recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. But justice is not the point. Politicians like Biden, who do not accept responsibility for our well-documented war crimes, bolster their moral credentials by demonizing their adversaries. They know the chance of Putin facing justice is zero. And they know their chance of facing justice is the same.

We know who our most recent war criminals are, among others: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, General Ricardo Sanchez, former CIA Director George Tenet, former Asst. Atty. Gen. Jay Bybee, former Dep. Asst. Atty. Gen. John Yoo, who set up the legal framework to authorize torture; the helicopter pilots who gunned down civilians, including two Reuters journalists, in the “Collateral Murder” video released by WikiLeaks. We have evidence of the crimes they committed. But, like Putin’s Russia, those who expose these crimes are silenced and persecuted. Julian Assange, even though he is not a U.S. citizen and his WikiLeaks site is not a U.S.-based publication, is charged under the U.S. Espionage Act for making public numerous U.S. war crimes. Assange, currently housed in a high security prison in London, is fighting a losing battle in the British courts to block his extradition to the United States, where he faces 175 years in prison.

One set of rules for Russia, another set of rules for the United States. Weeping crocodile tears for the Russian media, which is being heavily censored by Putin, while ignoring the plight of the most important publisher of our generation speaks volumes about how much the ruling class cares about press freedom and truth. If we demand justice for Ukrainians, as we should, we must also demand justice for the one million people killed — 400,000 of whom were noncombatants — by our invasions, occupations and aerial assaults in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan. We must demand justice for those who were wounded, became sick or died because we destroyed hospitals and infrastructure.

We must demand justice for the thousands of soldiers and marines who were killed, and many more who were wounded and are living with lifelong disabilities, in wars launched and sustained on lies. We must demand justice for the 38 million people who have been displaced or become refugees in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Libya, and Syria, a number that exceeds the total of all those displaced in all wars since 1900, apart from World War II, according to the Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs at Brown University. Tens of millions of people, who had no connection with the attacks of 9/11, were killed, wounded, lost their homes, and saw their lives and their families destroyed because of our war crimes. Who will cry out for them?

10 wars, 6 millions killed, 1 Nobel Peace Prize, 0 sanction

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“We’re supposed to just veer away from the narrative that was being pushed just a couple years ago..”

Joe Rogan Exposes How West Has Done A Complete 180 On ‘Corrupt’ Ukraine (SN)

Joe Rogan noted on his podcast that the Western narrative on Ukraine has flipped 180 degrees in a few weeks from the country having a horrible corrupt government to being heroic allies against the Russian scourge. “I have this screenshot that someone sent me,” Rogan stated, “about the way the people on the left were talking about the Ukraine situation before the war.” He continued, “This is one of the things that’s so weird is that they were very disparaging of Ukraine, and they were talking about the massive corruption of Ukraine, and how horrible it was over there.” “And now, all of a sudden, they’re looking at it like they’re heroes. The same exact people. This is what’s confusing,” the host added.

Rogan then read out points from the screenshot he referenced wherein Ukraine was labeled “the most corrupt nation in Europe” with an “increasingly corrupt and authoritarian” leader who is seeking to deepen an “alliance with the far right”. “We’re supposed to just veer away from the narrative that was being pushed just a couple years ago,” Rogan asserted. Rogan also went on to point out how insane it is that Facebook and other social media platforms are officially sanctioning violent rhetoric against Russians, exclaiming “What the f*ck is that? What is that?”

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“..about 158,000 different health problems in all..”

Medical Conspiracy: With Eyes Wide Open, They Killed, Maimed Thousands (TN)

> A small batch of documents released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in mid-November 2021 revealed that in the first three months of the COVID jab rollout, Pfizer received 42,086 adverse event reports that included 1,223 deaths. The first really large tranche of Pfizer documents — some 10,000 pages — was released by the FDA March 1, 2022. Included are nine pages of recorded side effects, about 158,000 different health problems in all. An initial review of case report forms (CRFs) reveal significant data collection errors and anomalies. Problems included patients entered into the “healthy population” group who were far from healthy; serious adverse event (SAE) numbers that were left blank; sample barcodes that were missing; at least one death of a patient the day before being listed as being at a medical checkup; and second doses that were administered outside the three-week protocol window.

There also are questions as to whether participants were properly observed for an adequate amount of time; plus adverse events were listed as “not serious” despite extended hospital stay and much more. A majority of the CRFs in this release were from Ventavia-run trial sites. Ventavia is currently facing a lawsuit brought by Brook Jackson, a former Ventavia regional director. Jackson was fired shortly after she brought concerns about potential data falsification and poor laboratory management to the attention of the FDA and higher-ups in the company.

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Autopsies. Embalmers.

A Simple Way To End Vaccine Misinformation Immediately (Kirsch)

If they truly wanted to end vaccine hesitancy, all they have to do is require autopsies if you die within 60 days of vaccination and require the medical examiners to make the required tests to determine vaccine involvement (as doctors Bhakdi and Burkhardt have done) and publish them. Publishing a fraudulent report would be a criminal offense. This would end the debate. Or they could simply require all licensed embalmers to check for the telltale clots and make the numbers public. Again, it would be a crime to falsify reports. Or they could do both. Why don’t they do this? I’ll tell you why they don’t do it: They don’t do it because they know the results would be devastating and would immediately halt the vaccine and discredit the FDA, CDC, the entire medical establishment, virtually all members of Congress, and the mainstream media.

Why doesn’t Florida Governor DeSantis require this in Florida? What is he afraid of? Why doesn’t Governor Newsom require this in California? What does he have to fear? DeSantis would be the most likely of any governor to do this. He could be a world hero if he did this. My suggestion isn’t limited to the US. Any public health official anywhere in the world could order this: local, state, federal. A state or federal legislature could require it. Any member of any legislature could introduce a bill. Why are California Assemblymember Evan Low and state Senator Dr. Richard Pan doing nothing? They have said they want to end medical misinformation. This is a perfect opportunity for them to walk the talk! Why aren’t members of the medical community calling for this? Will any of these people join me in calling for this? Or will they sit on the sidelines and say nothing?

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“Just because Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the new Fauci, it doesn’t mean COVID is over.”

Record Infections In Super-vaxxed UK Seniors (Blaze)

Just because Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the new Fauci, it doesn’t mean COVID is over. In fact, cases are surging in many European countries, and U.K. seniors are now experiencing record numbers. “Covid infections surge to record high for over-70s in UK” was the title of a Financial Times article from Friday. But how can there be record infections precisely after nearly every senior was vaccinated and 90% were boosted, even though many already have had prior infection? Or are the record infections because of the shots, not despite them, and does this mean that they are preventing people from achieving immunity? Ireland is one of the most vaccinated countries in the European Union, yet hospitalizations are rising. There are now more people in Irish hospitals than at any point in 12 months.

Nearly 95% of all adults are fully vaccinated, and nearly 100% of seniors are vaccinated and boosted. The number of COVID cases has nearly tripled in the U.K. since the nadir of the post-winter drop four weeks ago. Moreover, deaths are still hovering around 125 a day, whereas after the 2021 winter wave (with a much lower prior infection rate), deaths were nearly reduced to zero. Furthermore, Scotland, which has the highest vaccination rate of anywhere in the U.K. and is the only region with mask mandates, seems to be worse off than ever before. “Scotland recorded its highest infection rates of the pandemic so far, with one in every 14 people infected with the virus in the week to mid-March, up from one in 18 a week earlier,” reported the Financial Times.

Roughly 90% of all people over age 12 in Scotland have two shots, and 73% have boosters. Among seniors, boosters are nearly universal. Thus, there is nowhere to run or hide from the vaccine failures. The negative efficacy is out of control. What about protection against death? Well, we can’t exactly see where the deaths are coming from because Scotland conveniently stopped providing that data, but the U.K. government will still offer the weekly reports for a few more weeks. According to the latest U.K. health surveillance report, roughly 95% of those over 70 are double-vaccinated and about 90%-93% of the age cohorts over 70 are boosted. Just 1.6% of the senior cases between weeks 7 and 10 of this year were among the unvaccinated, which is below the 5% share of the population pie they compose. The triple-boosted are 90% of the cases.

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NBC tries to obfuscate the issues.

Is Tinnitus A Rare Side Effect Of Covid Vaccines? (NBC)

It was the shock of a loud whistle that almost caused Gregory Poland to veer off the road as he was driving home after getting his second Covid-19 vaccine. “It startled me,” said Poland, who is 66 years old. “I thought it was a dog whistle going off right next to me.” It was not a dog whistle; it was a piercing sound his brain conjured up for an unknown reason. Poland suspects it may have been a side effect of the vaccine. That was one year ago. The noise, he said, has been unrelenting ever since. For the record, neither Poland nor the medical community at large can prove that the mRNA Covid vaccine that he received had anything to do with his sudden onset of tinnitus, a condition that is often described as a ringing, buzzing or hissing noise in one or both ears. It can be constant or intermittent.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and vaccine manufacturers, have investigated anecdotal reports of tinnitus through programs such as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, following Covid vaccination, but have found no evidence of cause and effect. And Poland’s tale might not carry much weight if he weren’t Dr. Gregory Poland — a globally respected physician who has dedicated his career to vaccine study and development as founder and director of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minnesota. What’s more, Poland is a paid scientific adviser for Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Global Services, and acts as a consultant on vaccine development for Moderna, as well as other pharmaceutical companies.

Given Poland’s interests and the uncertainty of a true link between the vaccine and tinnitus — not to mention a strong anti-vaccine movement — why would he publicize his condition and suspicion that a vaccine could be involved? “As a physician who’s taken an oath to first do no harm, I think about these things,” Poland said. His day-to-day focus, he said, is to help patients work through the potential risks and benefits of any treatment, including vaccines. “I refuse to be anything less than transparent,” he said. “I refuse to cherry-pick the information that should be presented to people to make good decisions.” What does the science say? There is no known cause of tinnitus, though it is often associated with “acoustic trauma,” such as what is experienced by active duty military personnel.

There is some evidence that Covid-19 itself may worsen the condition in people who have previously suffered from ringing in their ears. When it comes to potential auditory side effects of vaccination, research is sparse. A study published last month in the medical journal JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, analyzed reports of hearing issues following Covid-19 vaccines. The reports had been submitted to VAERS. Such reports raise the issue of unexpected problems following any vaccine. Scientists are then tasked with reviewing the reports, looking for patterns of unusual side effects.

In a statement to NBC News, Pfizer said the company takes reported adverse events “very seriously.” “Tinnitus cases have been reviewed and no causal association to the Covid-19 vaccine has been established,” the statement read. A statement from Johnson & Johnson said that tinnitus was identified as an adverse event in its phase 3 clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine but also maintained that it was impossible to “establish a causal relationship to vaccine exposure.”

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“..a self-satisfied grin adorning her face…”

New Zealand’s Discrimination Against Unvaccinated Is Rampant (Bexte)

New Zealand remains one of the most flagrantly discriminatory countries in the world due to its treatment of the unvaccinated. While much of the world opens up and ends the two-tiered systems put into place to coerce the unvaccinated to comply with the government’s agenda, New Zealand, under the rule of PM Jacinda Ardern, seems hellbent on dragging the ordeal out as long as possible. According to the government’s website, policies remain for nearly all public sector workers, and the government gives all private businesses the right to continue requiring up to three doses to retain employment. Additionally, during an interview on March 20, Ardern admitted that even if some restrictions are loosened, the vaccine passport will remain in the government’s back pocket just in case.

Perhaps inspired by the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada, New Zealanders took to the streets in early February and have been protesting their government’s restrictions ever since, causing Ardern noticeable concern. Much like other globalists, when finally faced with massive protests not just against mandates but against her as a leader, Ardern claimed that anyone opposed to her authoritarianism is simply being misled by “disinformation.” While Australia was extremely brutal in its crackdown against protesters, what made New Zealand, perhaps, most notable in addressing anyone who dissents, is how smug their PM was when stating the discriminatory policies she planned to implement.

During an interview from October 24, 2021, Ardern unambiguously stated that she was creating an apartheid state to discriminate against the unvaccinated — of course, under the guise of public health. “So, you’ve basically said, you probably don’t see it like this, but two different classes of people. If you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated. You have all these rights if you are vaccinated,” an interviewer asked. “That is what it is. Yep,” Ardern stated, a self-satisfied grin adorning her face.

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Stop calling it inflation. It’s embarrassing.

Next Inflation Shock Comes From Resource Nationalism (Cerasuolo)

First there was supply-chain disruption brought on by the coronavirus, then war in Ukraine further rocked commodity markets. The next bout of inflation via raw material prices will be brought on by resource nationalism. While the cost pressures brought on by the difficulty in moving goods in a world in lockdown are fading, other factors are more enduring. For instance, the post-Cold War spread of e-commerce allowed companies to treat the world as both factory floor and marketplace. Comparative advantage, strategic partnerships and the success of globalization led to growth and prosperity. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine jarred that dynamic and has set in motion a series of quasi-isolationist responses. What started as economic sanctions on Russia has tipped the balance: we are no longer in a uni-polar world.

We have entered into a multi-polar one where traditional economic superpowers can no longer call the shots. Service-driven economies are price takers and have far less leverage over those producing raw materials. The geopolitical landscape has changed and economic incentives along with it. The growing emergency that sanctions on Russia have caused over energy supply security will be inflationary for years to come. Nowhere is this more evident than in Europe, given its direct exposure to Russia energy, with individual countries prioritizing domestic energy security as a first port of call. The European Union entered an era of energy inflation given its commitment to address climate change and fossil fuel dependence by “greening” the economy. Such aims create price pressure, and has led to discussion at the European Central Bank on whether its inflation target should be adjusted.

Russia and Ukraine are two of the globe’s top grain producers. Conflict has triggered panic and price squeezes on everything from fertilizer to cooking oil, and has also led nations to rethink their approach to national stockpiling. Energy security pulls into focus security of other commodities. The list of countries restricting agriculture exports is growing. It includes Indonesia, Hungary, Argentina, and Turkey. China’s begun stockpiling corn and soybeans while sources mention state refiners are considering pausing exports of gasoline and diesel in April. Effectively, every resource a nation produces has the potential to become a bargaining chip. There is a price to meet security of resources. As more economies step away from globalization that cost will get steeper as isolationist tendencies produce greater trade frictions.

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NYT turns on Kamala?

White House Comms Director Blames Harris For Chaos In VP Office (JTN)

Kate Bedingfield, the White House communications director, reportedly pins the blame for disfunction in the vice president’s office squarely on the shoulders of Kamala Harris, according to a new book. “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future,” by New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, was profiled in Politico on Tuesday and reported details about chaos in the vice president’s office were on display. Harris’ office has lost 10 staffers since summer of 2021 and is reportedly a difficult environment in which to exist. Some of Harris’ staffers reportedly blamed the issue primarily on mismanagement of the vice president, to which Bedingfield responded.

Martin and Burns write that “Bedingfield had taken to noting that the vice presidency was not the first time in Harris’s political career that she had fallen short of sky-high expectations.” “Her Senate office had been messy and her [2020] presidential campaign had been a fiasco. Perhaps, she suggested, the problem was not the vice president’s staff,” write the pair. Politico notes that Bedingfield unequivocally denies making such remarks. “The fact that no one working on this book bothered to call to fact check this unattributed claim tells you what you need to know. Vice President Harris is a force in this administration and I have the utmost respect for the work she does every day to move the country forward,” wrote the White House comms director.

The book reports that frustration between the White House and the office of the vice president began to grow last year after Harris’ widely panned trip to Mexico and Guatemala to assess the “root causes” of the migration crisis at thee U.S. southern border. The vice president has since been tasked with leading a number of political missions, most of which have ended in abject failure – most notably, the election reform bill that failed in the senate after months of political back-and-forth.

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It’s already nuts to insist on a black woman, like two wrongs make one right. But this woman herself is nuts too. Lighter sentences for child porn because there is so much of it? The internet has tons of bomb-making instructions too. Now insert that same logic….

SCOTUS Nominee: Lighter Sentences Pedophiles b/c Internet Makes It Easy (ZH)

Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson defended her record of giving pedophiles light sentences, arguing that it’s easier for them to procure large volumes through the internet – vs. the effort required to obtain child porn through the mail. “The guideline was based originally on a statutory scheme and directives, specific directives from Congress at a time in which more serious child pornography offenders were identified based on the volume, based on the number of photographs they received in the mail. And that made total sense before, when you didn’t have the internet.

“When we didn’t have distribution. But the way that the guideline is now structured, based on that set of circumstances, is leading to extreme disparities in the system because it’s so easy for people to get volumes of this material now by computers. So it’s not doing the work of differentiating who is a more serious offender in the way that it used to.” Brown Jackson, who notably served as the judge in the ‘Pizzagate’ shooting, was responding to Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) claim last week that her legal record “endangers our children.” “As a mother and a judge who has had to deal with these cases, I was thinking that nothing could be further from the truth,” Jackson said Tuesday. “These are some of the most difficult cases that a judge has to deal with because we’re talking about pictures of sex abuse of children, we’re talking about graphic descriptions that judges have to read and consider when they decide how to sentence in these cases.”

As Tuesday’s confirmation hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson continued, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) got into heated exchanges with the nominee over several issues – including her views on Critical Race Theory and her record on child predators. When Cruz asked her opinions on CRT, referring to a 2020 speech she gave at the University of Michigan where she mentioned Nikole Hannah-Jones’ revisionist 1619 project, Brown responded: “It doesn’t come up in my work as It’s never something that I have studied or relied on, and it wouldn’t be something that I would rely on if I was on the Supreme Court.” She also says she hasn’t reviewed “any of those books” that are available at Georgetown Day School, where she sits on the board. Cruz also pressed her over her record on pedophiles.

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Europe changes time this weekend.



Why is Ukraine America’s fault? | Nicolai N. Petro





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    The Korean War is forgotten. But it cemented the first Cold War into place until the Reagan/Gorbachev detente. Due Strategic Communications bombardment from all combatants, it is simply impossible to determine the front lines and the flow of battle in these initial stages of WWIII. If Russia seizes Odessa, Ukraine will be a rump state. The West will try to keep a guerrilla war going in Western Ukraine if occupied.

    The underlying problem is that the Western Empire wants to maintain the fiction that it still a hegemon and the dollar the global reserve currency. NATO/Russian Federation, both, are likely to take risks that could blow the conflict up into a nuclear holocaust. Europe is resource depleted. The basic problem for the Russian side is that the Kremlin could not wait to be attacked first by the neo-Nazis but invaded Ukraine on three sides in a war of aggression and lost the high moral ground. The tragedy is that all of the combatant states have been neoliberalized and are dysfunctional. None care how many of their citizens are killed or maimed.

    The only way to stop the slaughter and lower the risk of a nuclear war is to partition Ukraine and make the Dnieper River the DMZ between East and West the same as the 38th parallel is in Korea.


    It came on so sudden! Or no, perhaps worse-
    It’s been building for decades with crimes upon crimes.
    But it’s easy to see, now, we’re under that curse:
    We are living in interesting times.


    The US is fighting the Ukrainian War to the last Ukrainian!

    Meanwhile the Russians have switched to a low casualty approach to fighting the war.
    That does not bode well for the Ukrainian army.
    The Russian army has been in the field for a month now.
    They have worked out any kinks, and are now acclimated to local fighting conditions.
    They are now a well oiled lean and mean fighting machine.
    The same can not be said for the Ukrainian army.
    Their is no longer any central Ukrainian army command structure left.
    There are no Ukrainian army supply chains functioning.
    Individual Ukrainian army units are now left to their own devices.
    All Ukrainian army units are surrounded and cannot move.
    The Ukrainian army has very little night fighting capabilities.
    For the Ukrainian army, simple things like food and fuel are starting to run low.
    The Russians are switching to night fighting operations.
    All Russian air operations are now run at night.
    No surrender now means slaughter.

    Good till the last Ukrainian.


    Veracious Poet wrote, “If I was Putin I’d also make damn sure Russia’s border was overly secure, as not only will espionage agents/assassins be illegally entering, but also migrants from surrounding regions harmed by U$/EU Empire idiocy…”

    A big problem for Russia is its sheer size and long borders, many of which meander over open territory with no easy defences. To monitor and protect these costs a LOT. If China and Mongolia stay on side, that helps. Don’t know what Kazakhstan might do. In the south, the Caspian and Black Seas plus Caucasus Mountains afford good protection. In Europea lot depends on the stance of Romania/Moldava, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Baltics, and Finland.

    Interesting to note Kaliningrad, potentially very useful Russian exclave. This could be a major headache for hostile parties, or it could fold quickly. Depends what’s stored in it…

    TAE Summary

    The Empire As We Know It
    – Electricity: cheap and available 24/7.
    – Gas: cheap and always available.
    – Food: cheap and always available.
    – Making money: Invest in stocks, crypto or NFT’s. manual labor is for losers.
    – Growing your own food: A hobby.
    – Health: Live however you want and get expensive health care when you’re old…knee replacements, dialysis, bypass surgery, etc.
    – Men: optional.
    – Everyone has a cell phone. Everyone goes to college. Everyone eats out. Everyone invests. Everyone goes on cruises. Everyone has new shoes.

    An Empire collapses slowly … then all at once

    Figmund Sreud

    “About a third (35%) of Americans say they would favor military action…even if it risks a nuclear conflict with Russia.”
    –Pew Research

    Public Expresses Mixed Views of U.S. Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

    Public Expresses Mixed Views of U.S. Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

    John Day

    2 days ago Tam Hob wrote (to me and I just saw it):

    “You posted yesterday – how to reduce community vulnerability when no one much is currently interested in growing veggies? This occurred to me too a couple of years ago, I don’t want ours to be the only family looking well fed in a starving neighbourhood. Accordingly I’ve been madly burying kilos of acorns a year from fast maturing oak species. I collect the acorns from trees I’ve id’d in my home town and I use a bit of old pipe attached to a long sharp tipped walking stick to make the hole and drop the acorn in, then close the hole by stepping on it. We don’t have squirrels so most come up. I walk at least an hour nearly every day and I’ve done that pretty much anywhere there is open public ground and I think a tree might survive the mowers. Also as I go, I also identify patches of weeds growing in waste areas against future medicinal needs: St John’s Wort, Briar Rose, Elderberry etc.

    My second idea was to naturalise potatoes on any neglected waste areas I come across, I buy about 35 kg of seed potato a year and dig for tubers in the less visible areas I’ve already planted. As well as digging them in, anyone dumps a load of branches, lawn clippings or leaves in a nature reserve near me and it gets a potato under it. The mowers often mow the plants but they seem to do well enough to spread a few square metres over several years and there are tubers there when I dig. Lots of plant diversity and clover around them so disease build up doesn’t seem to be an issue. Approximately 30% of the ‘grassy’ areas in our local parks are actually edible annual and perennial weed greens (stellaria, plantain, dandelion, sheep sorrel, oxalis, purslane etc) so I’m confident that vitamins and minerals are a lesser issue than calories since a little bit of those go a long way.

    Most recently I’ve started planting the edges of tennis courts and fencelines etc with scarlet runner beans. Big seeds so easy to plant with my stick and pipe, they look so pretty people don’t pull them up and they regrow for seven years, good protein and very productive. It’s not enough by itself of course but I figure it will all help. I’m also internally debating the ethics of naturalising oil olives as well. They are certainly very weedy in my area and the birds will takeover spreading them if I can get some going in the cotoneaster thickets around the place. On the downside they are also very weedy in bush areas.

    We have different climates of course, but I understand sweet potato does well around you?”

    Sweet potatoes would potentially work here. (Taro (aka “elephant ears”) would probably work along Texas waterways, though it is listed as an “invasive species” and spreading it would probably be a felony.
    You are an impressive guerilla-gardener, Tam!

    John Day

    I thought I posted this earlier, but I do not see it: (picture with sprouting banana plant)

    Last night I noticed an email from Google that the blog post “Worst Enemy” from 3/19/22 had been “deleted” due to violation of some condition in the list on their website, to which they thoughtfully sent a link for my edification.
    The post had garnered over 100 views on Blogger, and 380 on Substack, where it remains uncensored

    I started up the Substack blog after the 2/22/22 post “Two New Countries” prompted Google to delete my blog and gmail account.
    It was the same vague “figure out your sin” message.
    We jumped through Google’s hoops and it was all reinstated, including the “Two New Countries” post, which had looked at Russian recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, declared 8 years previously by the republics, under duress of Ukrainian nationalist genocide, following the US-instigated 2014 coup.
    Substack allowed me to send to subscribers, so I did not have to do that via gmail, which was the likely reason our gmail account was “disappeared” at the same time as Johnday’s Blog.
    I had started Johnday’s Blog in spring 2016, when my bcc email news-sends to about 200 friends started getting blocked, no matter what I did to comply. The main anti-narrative work I was doing was documenting the Democratic Primary fraud, which was disenfranchising Sanders voters (like myself). That censorship stopped 3 days after Trump was elected (without my help. I voted for Jill Stein). It happened again leading up to the 2018 and 2020 elections, b ut people could look at the blog if the email did not go through.
    There has been censorship associated with my medical investigations of the COVID pandemic, suppression of early and hospital medical treatments, including ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The American Board of Family Medicine is reviewing my Board Certification status (31 years) for “discouraging patients from vaccination against COVID-19”, also known as “informed consent”. They cited the (factual, linked) information on my blog as damning evidence. They are dragging this process out.

    What is consistent is that information disputing or disproving the current Control-Narrative being promulgated by power-elites is what will be censored.
    The “Worst Enemy” post addressed this specifically, and included multiple narrative-deflating links and excerpts, opening with an essay that explained how “The West Is At War With Itself”, or self-defeating, or “its own worst enemy”. This begs the question of “why that post?”. There was analysis of the Ukraine war from various sometimes-censored Russian and Russia-friendly sites.

    John Day

    Part 2:

    Mish Shedlock may crack that nut open with this article about how the Biden administration is driving oil prices up, while pretending to try to lower them.
    It is not merely the sanctions against Russian oil and gas. There is more.
    I have been aware of predictions that the world would face an oil supply crisis in 2023 since late 2021. It seems to me that the price shock early this year will reduce the demand for oil at these high prices by depressing economies. That “heads it off at the pass”, softening the hard supply-inadequacy shock.
    The control-narrative of war-with-Russia is tried and true, worked well for the “owners” for most of my life, and has now been fully-rehabilitated for the peak-oil crisis.
    Last June Gail Tverberg had this analysis: Where Energy Modeling Goes Wrong
    Summary: The economy is approaching near-term collapse, not peak oil. The result is quite different.
    The modeling that comes closest to being correct is that which underlies the 1972 book, The Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows and others. This modeling was based on physical quantities of resources, with no financial system whatsoever. The base model, shown here, indicates that limits would be reached a few years later than we actually seem to be reaching them. The dotted black line in Figure 1 indicates where I saw the world economy to be in January 2019, based on the limits we already seemed to be reaching at that time.
    (I think that line is drawn at 2010, myself.)

    Where Energy Modeling Goes Wrong


    ​ There is a control-narrative scramble to herd people into a response to the end-of-cheap-energy, as pollution, global warming, and global shortages of critical minerals for batteries, chips and electric motors break the finely tuned global economy and supply chains.
    “We” tried Global-Warming/climate-change, but it was hard to get people motivated to change, and businesses still had to maximize profits and compete, so buying an electric car, solar panels and wind turbines happened, but there was no reduction in mining or burning.​
    Climate change is happening, but it’s less of threat than running short of oil, which is slated to happen first.

    “COVID-Pandemic” control-narrative DID decrease global oil usage, even American oil consumption decreased, but that control-narrative is worn out. It spent its last burst on mandating the deadly mRNA gene-therapy “vaccines”, which make people up to 3 times as likely to catch the latest COVID variant when it comes to town.

    Vaccine Effectiveness Hits as Low as Minus 300% – as UKHSA Announces it Will No Longer Publish the Data

    John Day

    Conclusion(of sorts)

    The WAR-With-Russia control-narrative can be “turned up to eleven”, and evokes the rational fear of nuclear Armageddon. Russia and Europe seem to be cooperating. What could go wrong?
    War could go wrong, of course, but there are a lot of economic and financial details to work out. There is going to be a “new” world financial order, and all of the players want to control it so that it sends them rent payments without fail. I commonly see the threat of the Chinese Yuan/renminbi displacing the dollar as global reserve currency shot down, but it is a straw-man threat.
    What the Chinese, Russians, other Asian countries, Iran and others are looking at is a specific global trade currency, such as John Maynard Keynes described in the 1930s-1940s, but which was not adopted at Bretton Woods. It would be backed by commodities, like gold, oil, wheat, rice and soybeans, and actual industrial output from factories. Saudi Arabia is making it clear that it is happy to consider divorce from the $US, as that “protection” deal looks like it might better be serviced by Russia and China soon.
    What the global banking friends would like to see is global digital currency, and they are willing to give us free-money in a digital account so that we will become reliant upon it. California seeks to be an innovator, but the EU is all over it, too.
    Yes, the currency will hyperinflate this way, but novel “fixes” like eliminating your money will become available to central bankers.

    In general will be a better place to look for my research as we go forward into harsher economic times, and probably harsher censorship of truthful foils to the dominant control-narrative. “WAR!” will be the control narrative for the foreseeable future, and the real problem will be global resource depletion.
    Keep those points in mind, and steer towards food security and lower cost living, especially where you cn grow vegetables and the local people and weather won’t (usually) try to kill you.

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