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Rembrandt van Rijn The deposition 1632-33


Biden’s America Rots from the Head Down (J.B. Shurk)
The Swamp Must Be Drained (Conrad Black)
Elon Musk: There Will Be Blood (CTH)
Robby Mook Testifies Hillary Directed Campaign to Push Russiagate (CTH)
Theories Exist to Be Proven (Jim Kunstler)
Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year (Senger)
Monkeypox Fears May Rescue Endangered Corporations (Whitney Webb)
Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, May 18, 2022 (Saker)
So How Serious Is Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Romance? (Chung)
Yes, The Ukraine War Could Have Been Prevented (Maple)
Russia Will Shut Off Gas To Finland From Saturday (CNBC)
Ruble Hits 7-Year High As Gas Buyers Bow To Putin’s Payment Mandate (ZH)





I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works.
– Oscar Wilde





Vaccine injured



“..a mottled, tattered soul that would turn the stomachs of the devil’s most sulfurous henchmen..”

Biden’s America Rots from the Head Down (J.B. Shurk)

Perhaps no head of state before Joe Biden has so completely personified the maritime proverb that the fish rots from the head down. In both deed and physical decay, he is that putrefying rancidness wafting from where offal is tossed near the dock whose ability to trigger the gag reflexes of unsuspecting travelers seems the perfect metaphor for this nauseating moment in American history. Not only is Joe’s walking corpse a fitting symbol for a country that has never looked more debilitated, but the reality (ignored by the State’s slavishly devoted press corps) that his cognitive acuity is plummeting so fast that terminal velocity was reached long ago drives the point home that the head of our head of state is rotting, too.

When Biden’s handlers sent him to Buffalo, New York, to exploit a mass murder by blaming conservatives, liberty-lovers, Trump Republicans, Fox News, and just about anybody to the right of Karl Marx for a crime whose perpetrator didn’t even merit the faux-president’s direct condemnation, angry, spiteful Joe Biden showed just what a miserable, acidic, revolting excuse for a human being he’s always been. A real president would have mourned the dead, comforted the survivors, consoled the grieving, and united Americans through the common bonds of their humanity. But Joe Biden is no real president, so he both dishonored the solemnity of the occasion and betrayed his sacred duty to elevate the nation’s welfare over the interests of his party’s political power. With an outstretched, bony finger good for nothing now but casting blame, he tarnished the tragedy with petty partisanship, rebuffed the nation’s need for grace, befouled what should have been dignified, and withered further the civic sinews barely binding Americans together as one nation. Biden’s moment in Buffalo was disgraceful.

I know Republicans such as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham love to tell stories about how charming and friendly the Great Mental Void from Delaware has always been, but you can’t spew such filthy, spiteful rhetoric as Biden did in Buffalo without having a dark and rotten soul. This is who Joe Biden has been all his wretched life. When he wasn’t stealing other people’s words for his own use or orchestrating Justice Thomas’s “high-tech lynching,” he was running around the country telling black Americans that Republicans wanted to “put y’all back in chains,” scaring elderly Americans that Obamacare opponents wanted to destroy their Medicare, or straight-up lying about the authenticity of his son’s “laptop from hell.” You don’t have to watch that old lecherous canker fondle children or impose on women’s personal space to know that Joe Biden has a mottled, tattered soul that would turn the stomachs of the devil’s most sulfurous henchmen.

Eagle is wandering

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The Swamp Must Be Drained (Conrad Black)

The Democrats are increasingly desperate as the return of Donald Trump becomes more likely each week. They are muddling the sequence of events that got us to the present impasse: Trump ran against the corrupt back-scratching, log-rolling society of the OBushintons—the Clinton pay-to-play schemes, the Biden sales of influence and access, the semi-disguised socialist racism elitism of the Obamas, and the flabby sameness and ineffectuality of the Bush–McCain–Romney–McConnell–Ryan Republicans. Trump sensed the people were dissatisfied with the bipartisan Swamp, and he ran as strenuously against the Bushes and McCain and Romney in 2016 as he did against the Clintons and Obamas.

The anti-Trumpers of both parties, in the most legally questionable presidential election in U.S. history, eased Trump out in 2020 with the aid of 4.8 million harvested ballots, 95 percent of the national political media, and 70 percent of the campaign money, to bring in (unintentionally, one assumes, although there was plenty of warning) the most incompetent regime in the country’s history. In 2020, the Washington establishment demonstrated the accuracy of Trump’s claims of how corrupt and unscrupulous it was, and Biden has demonstrated that it’s even more incompetent at government than Trump alleged. The Swamp must be drained, and distasteful though he might be in some ways, probably no one less formidable in his egocentricity and demagogic talents than Trump could drain the Swamp.

The Republicans between Reagan and Trump were all inducted into it themselves, and the Republican “Never-Trumpers” are as fierce in their animosity toward the former president as toward the Democrats, and as the Democrats are toward Trump. Only Trump can finish the job. This is why the latest anti-Trump wheeze is to send Biden and Trump out to pasture together, as if it were an even trade: The Democrats get rid of their two biggest problems, and the Republicans return to being doormats, awarded the White House and the speaker’s chair at times as long as they don’t interrupt the majestic slide into the Democratic socialist paradise (with a permanent free tax-lunch for their rich friends in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood). Biden is irrelevant and Trump has the stamina of a 40-year-old; the call for joint retirement is bunk on all counts.

[..] The Democrats hid their innocuous candidate in 2020 in his basement on grounds of COVID-19, while using the same justification for drastic changes in key states of voting and vote-counting rules, changes that were often effected illegally, and the judiciary abdicated and refused to judge any of the serious complaints on their merits. It was the most dangerously illegal assault on the integrity of the election process and on the constitutional balance of powers in the country’s history. The problem is not that both 2020 candidates are now too elderly. The problem is that 2020 and the run-up to it demonstrated that the Swamp is as venal and self-interested and corrupt as Trump said in 2016, and they are back.

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“..swinging the social control pendulum away from the government..”

Elon Musk: There Will Be Blood (CTH)

In a series of tweets today, Elon Musk, the Tesla/SpaceX CEO, world’s richest man and tech billionaire who recently announced he is voting republican, announced his intent to set up what he calls a “hardcore litigation department” filled with “hardcore streetfighters” because “there will be blood”:

This announcement is bookended by Elon Musk’s deal to purchase the Twitter social media platform, a resistant internal company ideological adversary, and a warning from the political left with Business Insider publishing an alleged sexual misconduct story. Indeed, it does appear that Elon Musk is preparing for a war that will likely include the Fourth Branch of Government as an adversary. Additionally, Elon Musk is drawing attention to the corruption in the 2016 election by spotlighting the trial of Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann. Mr. Musk notes in his remarks that discovering the Trump-Russia collusion story was a hoax put together by the Clinton campaign, media and allies in government, “makes you wonder what else is fake.”

For CTH readers, and those who followed the series of events since 2016, the trial of Sussmann is not revealing anything we didn’t already know. However, for people who did not follow the deeply corrupt construct, the Sussmann trial is creating a new awakening. Musk notes he found out about it a month ago “and was blown away”. We must remember the vast majority of people in the U.S. have no idea the scale of corruption that took place within the Trump-Russia and Spygate operations. This trial is becoming a vending machine for red pill distribution. Also, perhaps keep in mind where you were a few years ago. Imagine, as an example, all of these newly awakened people finally discovering and accepting the FBI are the bad guys.

It likely took many CTH readers multiple years and dozens of examples before that acceptance was grounded. These are bitter pill acceptances, that eventually do lead to major changes in the social fabric and cohesion of a nation; but it’s a painful journey. Final thoughts… Do not dismiss the importance of what Elon Musk is doing. In addition to introducing millions of Americans to something they are newly experiencing, this shift in cultural opinion is akin to Musk playing the role of John Galt and swinging the social control pendulum away from the government.

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He sold her out. She will have to be questioned, under oath.

Wonder what he’s so afraid of.

Robby Mook Testifies Hillary Directed Campaign to Push Russiagate (CTH)

Former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook was called as a prosecution witness in the trial against Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann today. During his appearance Mook was questioned about the fraudulent Alfa-Bank story that lies at the center of the prosecution against Sussmann. Robby Mook testified he had no idea who Sussmann was or what he was doing. However, Mook also stated he learned of the Alfa-Bank research during a meeting in 2016 and took it to Hillary Clinton, who then told him to share it with media.

MSM – “Hillary Clinton personally approved leaking to the media information alleging a connection between Donald Trump and a Russian bank in 2016, which the campaign itself had not fully confirmed, according to testimony Friday by Clinton’s campaign manager. Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign chief, said in federal court that as the campaign against Trump heated up in the late summer and early fall of 2016, Marc Elias, who was then a lawyer with the Perkins Coie law firm and served as the campaign’s top legal adviser, told Mook that “people with expertise” in cyber activity had briefed the campaign on data alleging links between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, a Russian financial institution with ties to the Kremlin.

Mook’s testimony for the first time puts Clinton in the middle of a leak to the news media that ultimately blew up in the campaign’s face. The FBI quickly determined that the purported connection between the Russian bank and the Trump Organization was implausible and Michael Sussmann, Elias’s then law partner who brought the claims to the FBI, has since been indicted by Justice Department special counsel John Durham on charges he lied to the bureau’s general counsel to hide his connection to the Clinton campaign.”

Aside from the fact this revelation might be the biggest duh in modern political history, if my memory is correct Donald Trump has an outstanding lawsuit against Clinton and the campaign. This testimony could be useful.

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“..schlubby lawyer..”

Theories Exist to Be Proven (Jim Kunstler)

Time, they say, is nature’s way of making sure that everything doesn’t happen at once. Then why does everything seem to be happening at once? These must be unnaturally strange times. Here comes Ukraine… there goes Ukraine… our money is worthless… no water for Las Vegas… buh-bye Roe v Wade…financial markets wobbling… vaccine injuries everywhere… diesel prices killing truckers… food shortages… UFOs… World War Three… white supremacists… no baby formula… whoa… duck-and-cover, here comes monkeypox! So it goes with criticality in hyper-complex systems, the passing of thresholds into breakdown, all at the same time, failures mutually ramifying other failures seemingly unconnected, and weird things popping up in the dust and rubble like monsters in a bad dream.

I know it’s disconcerting to see the world fly apart. Forgive me then, while you fret about the future of your loved ones and your retirement account, if I focus in on just one thing for the moment: the doings of federal attorney John Durham, the special counsel looking into matters pertaining to RussiaGate, the first step in America’s attempted suicide. Mr. Durham is currently prosecuting a small fish, a sardine among the Lawfare sharks and killer whales of K Street, Michael Sussmann, for telling one measly lie to the FBI. Mr. Durham has been at this task for two years plus. That’s a long time to spend on a simple crime based on a few easy-to-get bits of evidence: a cell phone text, some emails, the testimony of one principal witness — and a pretext that no one ever took seriously in the first place: the punk-ass Alfa Bank conduit-to-Russia story.

So, in 2016, schlubby lawyer Michael Sussmann from Perkins Coie, the DC law firm representing the Hillary Clinton Campaign, asks for a meeting with his old DOJ colleague, Jim Baker, now General Counsel (top lawyer) for the FBI. He has some sensitive information that the Bureau might find interesting. He says he does not represent any particular client in the matter, he’s just stepping forward as a patriotic citizen. He emphasizes this point more than once, including a text, recorded in the digital cloud (uh-oh), the night before the meeting. He comes in out of the swampy Potomac heat to Mr. Baker’s air-conditioned lair at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue and spins a tale about a Russian-owned outfit called Alfa-Bank with computer servers located in the vicinity of Trump Tower in New York City, which, he alleges, are being used by candidate Donald Trump to communicate with bad guys in Russia.

The story goes nowhere fast. The FBI discounts it. Turns out that Mr. Sussmann billed the hours spent on this folderol to Hillary for America, which, prima facie, indicates he was working for her campaign at the time. Six years later, he’s indicted. Anyway, perhaps unbeknownst to Mr. Sussman, the FBI, in July 2016, had already ramped up an investigation into the Trump campaign with the sexy name “Crossfire Hurricane” — a lyric bit from the ancient Rolling Stones’ hit “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” — so anointed by FBI sexy super-agent Peter Strozk, who was at the time jumpin’ in-and-out of bed with colleague Lisa Page, legal counsel to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

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“Take these guys to Vegas!”

Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year (Senger)

Elite media outlets around the world are on red alert over the world’s first-ever global outbreak of Monkeypox in mid-May 2022—just one year after an international biosecurity conference in Munich held a simulation of a “global pandemic involving an unusual strain of Monkeypox” beginning in mid-May 2022. Monkeypox was first identified in 1958, but there’s never been a global Monkeypox outbreak outside of Africa until now—in the exact week of the exact month predicted by the biosecurity folks in their pandemic simulation. Take these guys to Vegas! Ed Yong, who’s penned dozens of hysterical articles on Covid for The Atlantic including such gems as COVID-19 Long-Haulers Are Fighting for Their Future, Even Health-Care Workers With Long COVID Are Being Dismissed, How Did This Many Deaths Become Normal? and The Final Pandemic Betrayal, is hot on the scene of the new Monkeypox outbreak.

Eric Feigl-Ding is also all over this. Epidemiologists Jennifer Nuzzo and Bill Hanage are on the scene—but still no word from them as to whether they see anything strange about the first-ever global Monkeypox outbreak occurring in mid-May 2022, a year after they acted as advisers on an international biosecurity simulation of a global Monkeypox outbreak occurring in mid-May 2022. The US Government is hot on the scene with an order of 13 million Monkeypox vaccine doses from Bavarian Nordic. The WHO is on the scene. The global Monkeypox outbreak—occurring on the exact timeline predicted by a biosecurity simulation of a global Monkeypox outbreak a year prior—bears a striking resemblance to the outbreak of COVID-19 just months after Event 201, a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic almost exactly like COVID-19.

Event 201 was hosted in October 2019—just two months before the coronavirus was first revealed in Wuhan—by the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg, and Johns Hopkins. As with the Event 201, the participants at the Monkeypox simulation have thus far been stone silent as to their having participated in a pandemic simulation the facts of which happened to come true in real life just months later. One person who was present at both Event 201 and the Monkeypox simulation is George Fu Gao, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control. At event 201, Gao specifically raised the point of countering “misinformation” during a “hypothetical” coronavirus pandemic.

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“That billionaire, “corporate raider” Ron Perelman, has deep and controversial ties to the Clinton family and the Democratic party as well as troubling ties to Jeffery Epstein.”

Monkeypox Fears May Rescue Endangered Corporations (Whitney Webb)

In recent days, concern over a global outbreak of monkeypox, a mild disease related to smallpox and chickenpox, has been hyped in the media and health ministries around the world, even prompting an emergency meeting at the World Health Organization (WHO). For some, fears have centered around monkeypox being the potential “next pandemic” after Covid-19. For others, the fear is that monkeypox will be used as the latest excuse to further advance draconian biosecurity policies and global power grabs. Regardless of how the monkeypox situation plays out, two companies are already cashing in. As concern over monkeypox has risen, so too have the shares of Emergent Biosolutions and SIGA Technologies.

Both companies essentially have monopolies in the US market, and other markets as well, on smallpox vaccines and treatments. Their main smallpox-focused products are, conveniently, also used to protect against or treat monkeypox as well. As a result, the shares of Emergent Biosolutions climbed 12% on Thursday, while those of SIGA soared 17.1%. For these companies, the monkeypox fears are a godsend, specifically for SIGA, which produces a smallpox treatment, known by its brand name TPOXX. It is SIGA’s only product. While some outlets have noted that the rise in the valuation of SIGA Technologies has coincided with recent concerns about monkeypox, essentially no attention has been given to the fact that the company is apparently the only piece of a powerful billionaire’s empire that isn’t currently crumbling.

That billionaire, “corporate raider” Ron Perelman, has deep and controversial ties to the Clinton family and the Democratic party as well as troubling ties to Jeffery Epstein. Aside from his controlling stake in SIGA, Perelman has recently made headlines for rapidly liquidating many of his assets in a desperate bid for cash. Similarly, Emergent Biosolutions has also been in hot water. The company, which has troubling ties to the 2001 Anthrax attacks, came under fire just under two weeks ago for engaging in a “cover up” over quality control issues relating to their production of Covid-19 vaccines. A Congressional investigation found that quality control concerns at an Emergent-run facility led to more than 400 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines being discarded. The Emergent factory in question had been shut down by the FDA in April 2021. They were allowed to reopen last August before the government terminated the contract.


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“It was Russia that urged the UN to look into this situation and persuade the Kiev regime to let people walk out.”

Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, May 18, 2022 (Saker)

The special military operation continues in Ukraine. As Russian leaders have said more than once, it is going according to plan, and new territories are being freed from the Nazis every day. The Ukrainian military personnel and militants in Azov nationalist units that entrenched themselves in the underground bunkers of the Azovstal Plant, began to surrender in Mariupol this week. According to the Russian Defence Ministry, 959 Ukrainian nationalists, including 51 with severe wounds, have laid down their arms over two days. They receive medical aid at the Novoazovsk hospital in the DPR, and the rest were sent to a pretrial detention centre in Yelenovka in the suburbs of Donetsk. Indicatively, on May 17, this centre was shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with multiple launch rocket systems (MLRSs).

The Kiev regime has always treated its citizens like this, and this case was no exception. Russian leaders had repeatedly stated that resistance was senseless and announced the opening of humanitarian corridors for militants and Ukrainian military personnel to leave the Azovstal Plant after laying down their arms. They were urged to stop the hostilities. In the meantime, the Kiev regime was doing all it could to prevent civilians, military personnel and militants from leaving the plant. Why? They were brainwashing the public. It was Russia that urged the UN to look into this situation and persuade the Kiev regime to let people walk out. Later, Russia organised humanitarian corridors in cooperation with the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross. I would like to emphasise that the initiative on announcing and opening these corridors was ours.

The wounded troops are provided with professional medical help. This fact is being turned upside down and misrepresented in the Ukrainian and international media. Remember the footage showing how the militants and the Armed Forces of Ukraine treat POWs in Ukraine? Everyone saw it. It horrified many, others pretended not to have seen it. Russian POWs were shot to death by militants from the nationalist units that became part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Russia has adopted a different approach. You see footage showing professional help being provided to the wounded [Ukrainian troops]. It is not being provided “for show.” It is provided to real individuals regardless of their background. Humanitarian law is not just something we abide by; it is of fundamental importance for us. No one should have any doubt about this.

According to Ukrainian POWs, the military leadership of Ukraine forbids the troops to retreat or surrender. Their key goal is to destroy as much civilian infrastructure as possible in order to leave behind uninhabitable ruins and make it hard to restore peaceful life. This is not our messaging, but the testimony received from the Ukrainian side over the past weeks.

There Is No “Open Corridor” Through West and Central Ukraine

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“Not irrelevant in all of this is the fact that Freeland’s grandfather was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper during WWII in Galicia and that she is indeed aware of this and apparently unapologetic.”

So How Serious Is Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Romance? (Chung)

I suggest we do a little exercise together. Let us dare to discern the “facts” for ourselves. Only then, will we cease being mere cheerleaders for a team; only then, can we qualify ourselves to ask in all honest sincerity, “whose side are we truly on?” Are Nazis Now the New “Good Guys”? There is a bit of mixed messaging that has been going on, especially in the last few weeks. Are there significant numbers of Nazis in Ukraine and are these “bad” or “good” Nazis in the context that they are fighting the Russian “invaders”? In one breath we hear the counter, how can there be Nazis in Ukraine when there is a Jewish President calling the shots? In another breath we hear Facebook is now allowing users to praise the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion while they are fighting Russians.

In yet another breath we hear, well its complicated, Ukrainian Nationalism should be considered at the forefront of any debate, even if it overlaps with Nazi ideology. On Feb. 27, 2022, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland held a scarf bearing the slogan “Slava Ukraini,” meaning “Glory to Ukraine,” with the “Blood and Soil” colors of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) (who collaborated with the Nazis during WWII and massacred thousands of Jews and Poles). She then proceeded to post this picture onto her Twitter account (replacing it hours later with a picture of her without the “Blood and Soil” scarf) and accused her detractors of “reeking of Russian disinformation”. This controversial picture of Freeland was reported by Canada’s National Post.

According to Freeland’s press secretary, this was just another case of a “classic KGB disinformation smear… accusing Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Canadians of being far right extremists or fascists or Nazis,” which is a confusing statement on multiple levels. It is not clear how this is a case of “Russian disinformation,” since the picture is indeed authentic, Freeland does not deny this. And she is indeed holding a “Blood and Soil” emblem, which originated with the Nazis, clear for everyone to see. Lastly, it is confusing as to why the Canadian government seems to be unaware that the KGB no longer exists. Are they also under the impression that the Soviet Union still exists? Not irrelevant in all of this is the fact that Freeland’s grandfather was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper during WWII in Galicia and that she is indeed aware of this and apparently unapologetic.

Whenever she is questioned about this, she does not deny anything, but simply blames such a focus of inquiry on Russian disinformation with the intent to “destabilize Western democracies.” That is, it is not a question of what is one’s historical or ideological background, but a question of “whose side are you on?” Interestingly, it was the Canadian newspaper “The Globe and Mail” who reported this story, titled “Freeland knew her grandfather was editor of Nazi newspaper,” thus, not a Russian publication last time I checked. And upon whom did they base such information? None other than Freeland’s own uncle, John-Paul Himka, who is now professor emeritus at the University of Alberta.

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More from Canada.

Yes, The Ukraine War Could Have Been Prevented (Maple)

Foreign policy experts are pushing back against the Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine’s recent claim that nothing could have prevented Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. In an interview with CBC News’ Rosemary Barton last Sunday, Larisa Galadza, who returned to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv this month after the Canadian embassy was evacuated ahead of the invasion in February, said: “I don’t think there was anyone who could stop Putin doing what Putin did, given the frame of mind that we all expect him to be in. He wasn’t believing history. He wasn’t logical. He wasn’t rational. He isn’t rational, so I don’t know how one prevents that.” Barton did not press Galadza on those claims, and instead asked about how the ambassador felt when the Canadian flag was raised again over the embassy in Kyiv last week.

Ivan Katchanovski, a political science professor with expertise on Ukraine and Russia at the University of Ottawa, told The Maple that Galadza’s claims are not supported by evidence or scholarship. “[The war] could have been avoided and prevented,” Katchanovski explained. Specifically, an agreement in which Ukraine promised to remain a neutral country and the fulfilment of the Minsk accords could have stopped Putin’s invasion, he said. The Minsk accords were two agreements, the first signed in 2014 and the second in 2015, that were established in an effort to end fighting in the Donbas region between Ukrainian forces and Russian separatists. The agreements granted self-governing rights to areas of the Donbas region that were held by the separatists, among other pledges.

The 2014 agreement broke down and failed to stop the fighting. The updated agreement in 2015 was never properly implemented, and ceasefire violations from both sides continued. According to data from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which monitors the conflict, there were more than 93,000 ceasefire violations on both sides and 16 civilian deaths caused by the fighting in the Donbas region in 2021. Heavy concentrations of explosions caused by shells fired by multi-launch rocket systems, artillery, mortars and tanks landed in areas held by separatists, where ethnic Russians constitute the largest minority group. According to the UN Human Rights Commissioner, 81 per cent of the 381 civilian casualties caused by the fighting from 2018 to 2021 were in separatist-held areas.

Western countries have been criticized for not pressuring Ukraine to uphold its side of the Minsk agreement. Katchanovski suggested that before Putin’s invasion, a successful peace agreement could have allowed for Ukraine to eventually join the European Union (EU) in exchange for neutrality. EU integration was a key demand of the Western-backed 2014 uprising that overthrew Kyiv’s pro-Russia government. The violent uprising and its fallout prompted Russia’s annexation of Crimea the same year. However, seeking a peace deal with Russia, “was not a policy of the United States, which has a very strong influence on Ukrainian politics and on [Ukrainian President Volodymr] Zelenskyy in particular,” Katchanovski explained. He said Ukraine is a “U.S. client state.”

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Russia Will Shut Off Gas To Finland From Saturday (CNBC)

Russia may have just made its first retaliatory move against Finland after lawmakers in Helsinki officially applied to join the NATO military alliance. Gasum, Finland’s state-owned gas wholesaler, said in a statement Friday morning that imports from Russia will be halted on Saturday. “On the afternoon of Friday May 20, Gazprom Export informed Gasum that natural gas supplies to Finland under Gasum’s supply contract will be cut on Saturday May 21, 2022 at 07.00,” it said in a statement. Gasum’s CEO, Mika Wiljanen, added that the company had been preparing for such a situation “and provided that there will be no disruptions in the gas transmission network, we will be able to supply all our customers with gas in the coming months.”

“Gasum will supply natural gas to its customers from other sources through the Balticconnector pipeline. Gasum’s gas filling stations in the gas network area will continue in normal operation,” he said. It comes after Russia’s state-run gas giant Gazprom in April told Poland and Bulgaria that it would halt flows after both countries refused Moscow’s demand to pay for gas supplies in rubles. Gasum gave no reason for the move, but Finland has also reportedly refused to pay for Russian gas in rubles. It also comes just two days after Finland formally applied to join NATO. Russia had warned of retaliation if the traditionally neutral nation became a member of the Western military alliance. After Finland’s application, alongside fellow Nordic nation Sweden, Moscow wasted no time in making its feelings known, with Russian President Vladimir Putin saying Monday that the expansion of NATO “is a problem.”

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More rubles.

Ruble Hits 7-Year High As Gas Buyers Bow To Putin’s Payment Mandate (ZH)

On Friday the ruble surged to the highest level in seven years against the euro, thanks in large part to the Putin-ordered mandatory conversion of foreign currency by export-focused companies, also as China and India (and much of Europe) are still buying Russia’s energy and agricultural products… despite the loud the threats coming from Washington, which have lately included a potential move to block Russian sovereign debt payments. At this point the Russian currency is about 20% stronger than pre-invasion, as the war grinds on into its fourth month. Jumping as much as 9% against the Euro, the ruble last hit this level in June 2015… Aiding the surge, there’s further been weak demand for dollars and euros given restrictions on cross-border transactions, and as an increasingly isolated Russia sees slowed imports.

While it’s unclear which companies or countries are consenting to the Putin-ordered ruble payment mechanism, it’s clear the Russian leader’s gambit is working, as Bloomberg reviews: Under the new mechanism, importers of Russian pipeline gas must open two accounts at Gazprombank to handle payments for the fuel. Around half of Gazprom’s more than 50 foreign clients have already opened such accounts, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said earlier this week. Finland has become the latest alongside Poland and Bulgaria last month being cut off from Russian gas supplies (Finland confirmed its taps will be cut Saturday, though much less reliant on gas among its diverse resources). Novak further confirmed that a number of “major clients” have either already paid using the mechanism are are willing to pay on time to avoid cutoff.

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    V. Arnold

    Rembrandt van Rijn The deposition 1632-33

    …I wonder…

    V. Arnold

    the rest is chaos…best served cold…


    “Germany’s upper house of parliament approved the move on Friday, following on from the Bundestag on Thursday. The scheme will cost the government €2.5 bn as it is due to pay back to transport companies the shortfall in income as well as the cost of administering the sale, including giving back to commuters who already have season tickets, the amount they are effectively out of pocket.”

    What does the government create for sale to earn that money to pay back the transport companies? Oh right ideology. Except they don’t sell “it”. They gaslight the ideas and charge you taxes to implement them across the board one size firs almost all! Just not those who come up with the notions.


    The impact of severe drought was evident in western and central parts of the state, but some participants were surprised at how far east they had to go before seeing a noticeable improvement in the crop.

    ……and this:


    It’s the loophole they built in after realizing that Europe couldn’t find enough fuel to replace what they said they could do without. Ship to ship transfer in a third country and the Greece shipping industry, arguably the biggest in the western world, would be only to happy to do that work!

    “In April, shipments of Russian fuel oil with Greece as a destination reached nearly 0.9 million tonnes, about double March levels and could reach new records in May, according to Refinitiv data.

    The bulk of this was shipped from Russian ports to Greece’s Kalamata port, the data showed.

    The Greek energy ministry declined to comment on what it said was private companies’ business.”

    Greece emerging as new hub for Russian ship-to-ship fuel oil exports, data shows

    Dr. D

    It’s May 21, how’s that “Transitory” Inflation going? The Fed’s only mandate from Congress: “Stable Prices” and “Full Employment.”

    …Don’t worry, that’s “the law” and we don’t follow those.

    “Cotton, Gabbard Warn that Government ‘Ministry of Truth’ Is Only on Pause: “Congress needs to act in the weeks ahead to ensure that it – and nothing like it – can ever be created again in the future”

    Yeah, it’s so important we should pass an Amendment, we should move it up to Amendment 1. We could pass it like this: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;” Right?

    And then for good measure, add: “or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Would somebody get arrested then? A: N O P E.

    RaboBank that I weary of criticizing notes an article in The Economist saying “There will be famine” and “100 million will die.” Since these “Economist” fellows are the guys who did nothing, let it develop, caused the war, shut off the railroads, and even now take no measures to avoid it, that’s a little ominous. RaboBanks says:

    “Russia has now offered to reduce these food problems by removing its naval blockade of Black Sea ports to allow Ukrainian grain to flow if sanctions on it are removed. In other words, using food as a weapon, and blackmailing the West into reducing its support for Ukraine. How anyone can condone that is unclear”

    Um…because 100 million dead? They would live instead? They could condone life, an entire major nation being saved? But then you, safe at a trading desk in London making 7 figures, wouldn’t be able to make your point on the backs of those dead children. In Africa. I mean, wow, when you thought we’d all found a new low.

    “There is talk of a food Marshall Plan” Wow! Great! By the guys who run Davos and The Economist? “…but it’s all just that: talk.” They are doing nothing, therefore approving and insuring the deaths of 100 million. Good job Brownie. I’m sure we’ll vote you back in tomorrow.

    Rabo has the brains to figure out this is the intentional, planned, approved, enforced Irish potato Famine, where mothers ate their children, but not which side he is on: “As the Dublin Review of Books noted in 2020, “It was politics that turned a disease of potatoes and tomatoes into famine, and it was politics which ensured its disastrous aftereffects would disfigure numerous future generations.”

    “Mr. Jones’ on Netflix …tells the powerful true tale of the Welsh journalist who traveled to the USSR in 1933 and exposed Stalin’s deliberate starvation of millions of Ukrainians to pay for industrialization by exporting all their grain. The US overlooked this to re-open relations with Moscow so US businesses could gain new markets, aided by Pulitzer-prize winning New York Times journalist Walter Duranty, who lied about what was happening due to his pro-Communist views. Spoiler: Jones was shot by the Soviets in Inner Mongolia in 1935, while Duranty lived on comfortably in retirement in Florida for decades, got to keep his Pulitzer, and still keeps it today

    …As have all the RussiaRussiaRussia, “We should have the media of North Korea”, “Let’s shut down free speech” journalists and editors there today. There is no POSSIBLE wrong article you could write that could get you discredited. If it’s a lie, it’s true! And “All the Lies that Are Fit to Print.”

    “we are in an undeclared global economic war.” –Rabo

    Really? Who is fighting whom? If the war that will kill these millions is economic, which side is placing embargoes, which are an act of war, and therefore the aggressors prosecuting this “war”? Which side is NOT embargoing but selling lifegiving food, fertilizer, and oil, seeming to their own enemies?

    This will not end well. That’s not me. The Economist and their Multi-billionaire backers just promised.

    Learned something though: India did NOT halt wheat exports. Because they reported it, it’s a lie. What India did was stop the EXCHANGE, so Chicago CME and London couldn’t just RIG PRICES like they do every day of the year for the last 40 years and cause another Bengal/Irish “Free Market” famine. They recently sent grain the Egypt, government-to-government, sans Anglo Rig.

    Also in the News, a hallmark like “Economist” issues, is the new cover of “Time”. Cooing over Hitler? Stalin? “The Committee to Save the World?” “Why We Love Our Houses?” Nope: Zelensky. So that’s well and truly the end for him I guess. Like the Grammys, no one survives that.

    No doubt they’ll just keep printing $40B and keep sending weapons anyway. Here’s a 10 minute mash-up of the literal, actual news, presented to you by every defense contractor CEO and proxy, using only the word “More Weapons”.

    “Bombshell! Walls are closing in!” 10 minutes straight. No sweat. No wonder the people are confused and flying the Ukrainian flag upside-down.

    Pentagon Clears Itself of Blame in Syria Strike that Killed ‘Piles’ Of Women & Children”

    Translation: We owned the bomb. We targeted the bomb. We shot the bomb. We blew up nothing but women and children. Even being in the country was totally illegal at 5 levels. But we are not responsible and totally innocent. It was the tiny bomb fairies with their tiny bomb-fairy wands wot dun it. I investigated myself, and this was my conclusion: I’m innocent. Rest Easy, America. We’re here for you. The Good Guys™. Patent Pending.

    War? Having no remaining army, “Ukraine Vows ‘We Won’t Cede Territory’” That is, they are still claiming Crimea as well as the Donbass they were ethnically cleansing with UN approval. Aw, poor Ukraine! They say, “I don’t know any borders except the borders of 1991.” It’s just too hard! I’m too weak and stupid to imagine anything but what I learned in 4th grade. I don’t like change, so the world has to change for me. Speaking of 4th grade, did this Ukrainian General READ the 1991 treaty that says Russia creates the Ukraine from its body and border on the condition they don’t create a security hazard, don’t join NATO, and don’t get nukes? The only thing he can understand is genocide. The elimination of Slavs on planet earth, starting with his own countrymen. Kidding? The Azovs stood in the back, and if 60-year old conscripts didn’t charge the front lines, shot their own countrymen in the back. AFTER hiding in bunkers behind Maripol’s women and children. Stunning and Brave. Heroes.

    Argentina: A single decade of government incompetence led to generations of decline…”

    No, it was not a “Decline”; it was a direct “Transfer.” FROM the poor, TO the rich. This theft was committed BY the government, by raw violent force. Now the poor, who do all the work, don’t have the capital and leverage to get things done, to say nothing of getting their stolen property back. It may be too late for us as well. But I’m sure if you give all your power to government, which is controlled by the rich, they won’t do it again.

    Elon probably shouldn’t say “he’s out for blood”. He should say truth matters, and his reputation, that is what we’re fighting for together, not simply to be punitive because “my side.”

    Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation only Last Year (Senger)”

    So it wasn’t Billy-boi himself, but he got his amazing psychic abilities from Simulation 202. Oh, so EVERYONE is psychic now?

    “We just keep having these war games, and every time we have one, a war breaks out in the location and style we just planned.” The People: “Stop having War Games.” I know that seems stupid and superstitious of them, but are they wrong? Also we’re coming down to ask you a bunch of uncomfortable questions about how you won the local lottery twice in two years when you’re in charge of the little rotating cage that pulls the numbers.

    Practically, it’s a really good idea. Smallpox is just too dangerous and might hurt “The Important People™”, and if you kill some billionaire’s brother he might make it his life mission to whack you and everyone involved. Since you’ll survive monkeypox, you can get this worldwide, but it only sinks those with immune systems already crippled. For: reasons. Reasons you can pay to avoid or pay to overcome if you’re rich and in the know. “Voluntary” for those who aren’t. And it’s REALLY hard to transmit, so can you explain to me? What did I say about a new pandemic where masks WOULD work, and timed with the elections? I’m psychic too!!!!!! JHC.

    “So How Serious Is Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Romance? (Chung)”

    I am down with the Azovs, their slogans and badges being just historical, like the Flying Tigers or something. Sure, it’s possible and I wouldn’t mind. I mean, did they rename every division in Germany? However, that is categorically NOT what is happening there.

    “Gasum will supply natural gas to its [Finland] customers from other sources through the Balticconnector pipeline”

    Um, doesn’t that gas in the multi-pipeline ALSO come from Russia? I don’t care about the pipe or storage, I care about the well. Did Poland learn this yet, or are they waiting for winter?

    Well, when they kill half the people with Monkeypox, or 1/3 as Nenner says, the food shortage should clear up. What can I do? MAKE them?

    Mister Roboto


    Jen Psaki

    The only job more demeaning than being an outright whore is her job.

    Which is pushing turds back up the ass of the Great Mental Void from Delaware.

    Have we ever seen Zucker Fucker and her in the same room?


    John Day

    WES asked: “Heard anything more from Texas’s medical mafia?”

    It’s the American Board of Family Medicine that is evaluating my decertification for dissing COVID vaccines on my blog, and to patients (previously “informed consent”).
    They notified me of my status in February, and have said nothing since then.
    I took my every-10-years board recertification exam a month ago, after cramming everything I had studied in those 10 years over the week before.
    I’ll be given the result next week.
    I suspect that the board is delaying to see how the political winds will blow.
    Last summer when Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics medical boards announced that they would de-certify members who discouraged COVID-vaccination it was safe and easy virtue-signaling…
    They are predictably cowardly and unprincipled… sigh.


    Odd. We know shingles as a vaccine adverse event, but what goes on here? Doctors’ comments welcome


    I can confirm knowing many people either down with “covid” or mystery illnesses, all are vaccinated.

    I had a weird experience lately. I was sick with textbook omicron in February. My doctor is all in on the i-mask protocol, etc (tells me “good” when I say I did not get vaccinated). I literally had to start paying for the local, very religious, direct primary physician medical group in town to find these doctors. Anyway, I was sick, tested covid positive, assumed I had it. So for giggles I got an antibody test, came back zero, never had covid. So what to think about that?

    I seriously don’t know what is real anymore, does anyone? At this point I’m just trying to stay as healthy as possible, enjoy every day as much as I can, and thank God I’m relatively safe in this small town in the middle of nowhere.

    Mr. House

    None of this will end until the people running western society and the corporations they control are shattered into a thousand pieces and scattered in the wind.

    Maxwell Quest

    Covid anecdotal:

    Discovered that both my parents were sick when I called last Sunday morning. My step-mom got sick first, then my dad a couple days later. My father kept saying that it was just the flu, so I replied “That’s what Covid is, how much you want to bet you both have Covid?” “Nah, it’s just the flu”, he said. Meanwhile, my step-mom was reading the directions that came with a home Covid self-test kit. “I’m hanging up now so you can each take the test”, I said, “If it turns out positive, I want you to start on the Ivermectin immediately.” Thirty minutes later I get a text that both tests were positive and they wanted to know what dosage to take.

    It’s been a little over a week and they both seem to be doing better, although still dealing with bad coughs. My dad’s oxygen saturation was getting low so I sent her some info on methylprednisolone, and told her to locate some just in case. She wrote back later saying they were feeling better and sent pictures of my dad eating corn-on-the-cob. He’s 93 yrs old. They’re both at that 10-day milestone where things can suddenly turn south, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and checking on them daily.


    My sister in NY told me recently that she has been having strange tingling in her feet and hands. The neuropathy in her feet even caused her to fall in the garage a couple weeks ago. When I asked about the onset, she wasn’t sure, but said that it was pretty recent, definitely within the last year or six months. Her husband, on the other hand, has been stricken with back pain the past couple of weeks for the first time in his life. I have no idea if his trouble is related to their Covid vaccines, but I’m very suspicious about my sister’s neuropathy.

    I texted her a link to the full video, “A Letter to my MP”, whose trailer TAE posted above. I’m not sure if she’ll watch it, but I thought it was a good overview, was a gentle introduction to the issue, and touched on some important points. I noted that the 3rd person in the video had symptoms appear in his feet and hands similar to hers.


    Bumped into a neighbor down the block this week, who confided that she was recently diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. She now must take large doses of steroids to keep the pain and tremors under control. I politely mentioned that I’ve seen reports that the Covid vaccines have caused neurological problems in some people, and left it at that. I’ve found it’s a difficult subject to broach, so I do it quickly and calmly, then move on. In my own experience I’ve found that I have to be exposed to something from at least three different sources before I’ll take the hint.


    Mild, insignificant in nos, limited outbreaks of monkey pox have been noted in the past, USA.

    > last outbreak, 2003

    ‘Multi state outbreak of monkey pox’ in several US states, 2003. Includes table of cases and speculation about origin(s), transmission. See also the other links.

    John Day

    @Kassandra: You had COVID Sx and a positive test. You had Omicron in February.
    I think the antibody tests are the same ones as ever, not modified for the new strains. That was how Delta and Omicron could be distinguished last December. Delta showed 3 antigens (+) and Omicron showed 2:3 antigens (+).
    You had the bug. No more useless tests for you unless you feel sick.

    John Day

    @Maxwell Quest:
    You will only be a pariah until the rest of the believers pass away…



    Today’s post highlights the intentional splitting apart of the American people in order that government can continue to not protect or serve the public. It is called divide and conquer. “Liberal” or “Conservative” are false political descriptions. Today the structure of the West is quite simple. It is profiteers on top who are free to exploit the chumps (the hoi polloi) on the bottom and not go to jail. War, plague and famine make money until they don’t anymore. The Ukraine proxy World War III, Baby Formula shortages, Omicron variants new surge, and Tesla stock plunging now that Elon Musk is trying to spend $44 billion so Donald Trump can tweet, are all writings on the wall. This describes “end times” pretty well. The only way out is a reformation that makes western governments work once again for the people not corporations.

    John Day

    I have been told, a rumor that originated fairly high up, that Russians are taking the Ukrainian grain from the silos. Who isn’t? Wheat is now a strategic commodity in the famine-war.
    Maksim Oreshkin asserts that the United States’ attempt to takeover Ukraine’s grain reserves is going to lead to a humanitarian disaster.
    “It is important that in the conditions, for example, of a global famine that will occur closer to autumn, by the end of this year all over the world, Russia should not suffer, but be fully provided with food,” Oreshkin said.

    Oreshkin blamed inflation caused by the Federal Reserve overprinting the dollar since 2020 as one of the causes, but also zeroed in on the Biden’s administration’s more recent actions in Ukraine.

    “In fact, what America is trying to do with Ukraine now is to take out the grain reserves that Ukraine currently has in its possession – just another action that dooms Ukraine to serious humanitarian problems, but also dooms the global community to having big problems with hunger,” he warned.


    Dr. Robert Malone had an excellent post on Monkey Pox this morning that should put some of the fear-mongering to rest:


    Event 201

    September 2019

    – Barcelona finds COVID in sewage water samples taken in this month
    – Two prestigious universities from the UK and US did independent studies tracing COVID from Wuhan to cases in southern China occuring in September 2019
    – In the US many elderly people died with strange symptoms in September 2019, which in retrospect could be explained if they died from COVID

    October 2019

    – Italian researchers examined blood samples taken in October 2019 from elderly male cancer patients and 8% tested positive for COVID
    – Event 201

    December 2019

    – In South America COVID was found in a sewage sample taken in December 2019

    It seems reasonable to say that COVID was established globally at least a month before Event 201. Also it targeted ACE2 receptors and the Chinese [and Japanese] have the highest number of these with Europeans having the least. As a bioweapon it seems to be aimed at the Chinese.

    Now we have monkeypox. It coincides with the push for countries to cede sovereignty to the WHO. It is also of concern that Bill Gates has given huge amounts on money to the WHO.

    There are currently less than a hundred cases globally and it is an extremely mild version which is rarely fatal, but not sure how it will be for those with VAIDS or a damaged immune system.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    John Day

    Thanks Willem for the monkeypox perspective piece from Robert Malone MD.

    Good timeline Anticlimactic!


    Gasum may be selling biogas to Finland:

    “Gasum Oy is a Finnish state-owned energy company located in Espoo, Finland which imports and sells the nation’s natural gas. Gasum owns 17 biogas refineries in Finland and Sweden, and is the largest processor of biodegradable waste in the Nordic countries.[3] In addition, Gasum sells wind power and provides various energy market services. It is in the process of building a gas filling station network that will also serve heavy-duty vehicles.”

    It makes biogas, imports and sells natural gas.


    Oh my god!
    You won’t believe what I just saw!
    I saw a monkey!
    Run for your life!

    Actually I saw 3 monkeys!
    A WEF monkey!
    A WHO monkey!
    And the most evil of all monkeys, a smiling Bill Gates monkey!

    The 3 monkeys weren’t carrying a banana in their hand!
    They were carrying keys in their hands!
    The better to lock you up with!
    And take away your freedom!

    Veracious Poet

    Show of hands: How many here have read the U$ Empire LLP Social contract?

    To those with hands in the air, are you sure?

    Because everyday, for the past 25+ years, I read comments, reports & blogs where the CLUELESS still think & act as if the Social contract, laid down by the Sons of Liberty March 4, 1789, is still in effect.

    IT IS NOT.

    The US Constitution ended LEGALLY March 9, 1933:

    Senate Report 93-549 ~ EMERGENCY POWERS STATUTES:



    Money shot:

    Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency.

    In fact, there are now in effect four presidentially-proclaimed states of national emergency:

    In addition to the national emergency declared by President Roosevelt in 1933, there are also the national emergency proclaimed by President Truman on December 16, 1950, during the Korean conflict, and the states of national emergency declared by President Nixon on March 23, 1970, and August 15, 1971.

    These proclamations give force to 470 provisions of Federal law. These hundreds of statutes delegate to the President extraordinary powers, ordinarily exercised by the Congress, which affect the lives of American citizens in a host of all-encompassing manners. This vast range of powers, taken together, confer enough authority to rule the country without reference to normal Constitutional processes.

    Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the President may:

    Seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens.

    And this is how the murderous progeny of corporations (rapacious banksters, MIC et al.) & government (imperial apparachtiks, bureaucrats et al.) LEGALLY evolved into the parasitic fascist kleptocracy, now pathocracy, the MAJORITY tribal CULTS worship & submit to…

    Keep voting for Change You Can Believe In, fka A Chicken In Every Pot, maybe they’ll give you two bits if you’re an “good citizen” 😕

    To point, as long as the “White Hats” tilt at windmills of false premises nothing, NOTHING will change.

    Although I must admit, 90 years forward since the New Deal,along with MASSIVE approval of “We The People”, I don’t see path where this monstrosity ends without unimaginable pain & destruction…

    I’ve posited this REAL REALITY innumerable times, in public + online, perhaps it will reach another 1 or 2 brainwashed members of humanity lost 😕


    Veracious Poet



    where would we be without you?


    Event 201 was hosted in October 2019—just two months before the coronavirus was first revealed in Wuhan—by the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg, and Johns Hopkins.

    You forgot Dr Evil’s white cat.

    Dr. D

    Yeah, well Adams tried the same thing in his Presidency. There is no “legal” in a sense.

    Their law was always unconstitutional, so they can “Claim” all the power in the universe, and do.

    What is really legal is what “We the People” tolerate and put up with. Make Me.

    “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do” – Robert Heinlein

    Just ignore every law and do what you want. Everybody else does.


    @WES #108323

    “And the most evil of all monkeys, a smiling Bill Gates monkey!”

    A reminder, this monkey spelled out his plans for us last November.
    “There’s naturally-caused epidemics and bioterrorism-caused epidemics that could even be way worse than what we experienced today”

    But who are the real bio-terrorists?


    What Russians are being told (60 minutes tv program in Russia)

    What Janet Yellen said,

    those darned kids

    A dead creature seems to weigh so much more than a live one, and Rembrandt captures it here: Jesus was DEAD. You can feel it with your eyes.

    You do not have to “choose” between Lira and Ritter.

    Back when I fished, I sometimes caught the same fish twice. In an opportunity to play god, I threw it back again.
    It’s not just humans who take the bait again.

    TAE Summary

    May 21, 2024

    The deposition of the Christ is sad
    2000 mules delivered one big ass
    Now monkeypox arrives and oh, it’s bad
    The Finns soon won’t get any Russian gas

    The fighting in Ukraine might not have been
    The Ruble hits a 7 year rebound
    Mark Zuckerberg is Psaki’s evil twin
    Or maybe it’s the other way around

    If Trump returns the swamp will lose its mind
    And Elon Musk declares there will be blood
    In Kyiv abuse of pow’r is all you’ll find
    Our foreign aid is anti-Robin Hood

    So write your MP now, he just might care
    Forgiveness is divine, but human’s err

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