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Revealed: Hillary Clinton’s Role In The Alfa Bank Scandal (Turley)
Hillary Clinton’s Trump/Russia Media Strategy Revealed (Techno Fog)
Biden Keeping Up Employment At The Gaffe Factory (Howie Carr)
Russia Rewrites the Art of Hybrid War (Escobar)
Is US Drawing Up Plans To Sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet? (Antiwar)
A Thread on “Azov” (RWA)
Gen. Milley Warns West Point Graduates Of ‘Increasing’ Risk Of Global War (Fox)
mRNA Vaccines Hurt Long-term Immunity To Covid (Berenson)
Once A Liberal Democracy, Canada Is Now An Authoritarian State (Arora)
American Farmer Warns Of Impending Food Shortages (ZH)
Labor Win Presents ‘Great Opportunity’ In Fight To Free Julian Assange (LE)





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Still waiting to see why Mook did what he did. After all, he knows all about the revenge of the Clintons.

Revealed: Hillary Clinton’s Role In The Alfa Bank Scandal (Turley)

The trial of former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann crossed a critical threshold Friday when a key witness uttered the name “Hillary Clinton” in conjunction with a plan to spread the false Alfa Bank Russian collusion claim before the 2016 presidential election. For Democrats and many in the media, Hillary Clinton has long held a Voldemort-like status as “She who must not be named” in scandals. Yet, there was her former campaign manager, Robby Mook, telling a jury that Clinton personally approved a plan to spread the claim of covert communications between the Trump organization and the Russian bank. It was one of the most successful disinformation campaigns in American politics, and Mook implicated Clinton as green-lighting the gas-lighting of the electorate.

The mere mention of Clinton’s name sent shockwaves through Washington. In past scandals, the Clintons have always evaded direct responsibility as aides were investigated or convicted, from the Whitewater land dealings to cattle futures. Even when long-sought documents in Whitewater were discovered outside of the family quarters and bearing Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints, Washington quickly moved on. Clinton was not supposed to be the object of the Sussmann trial, because Judge Christopher Cooper, an Obama appointee, issued a series of orders limiting the scope of the trial and its evidence. The orders were viewed as “spar[ing] the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee … potential embarrassment.”

Yet, even after winning such limiting orders, it was the defense that called Mook to the stand — out of order, in the midst of the prosecution’s case, because he was scheduled to leave on vacation — and he proceeded to confirm that Clinton herself approved of the tactic. It was Washington’s worst-kept but least-acknowledged secret. On July 28, 2016, then-CIA Director John Brennan briefed President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s alleged plan to tie Donald Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.” Obama reportedly was told how Clinton allegedly approved “a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.”

Thus, Mook testified that Clinton did precisely what Brennan warned Obama was being planned. The date of Brennan’s warning is important: It was three days before the FBI’s collusion investigation began. It also was a couple of months before Sussmann contacted then-FBI general counsel Jim Baker while claiming he was not representing any client. (He was counsel to the Clinton campaign and, according to prosecutors, billed the meeting time to the campaign.) There is a strikingly familiar pattern in both the Steele dossier — which became the basis for the Russia collusion investigation — and the Alfa Bank tale. Campaign associates developed both claims while actively seeking to conceal their connections from the public and the government, including reportedly denying the funding of the Steele dossier and concealing that funding as legal costs.

Information laundering

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“We authorized a staff member of the campaign to provide it to the media.”

Hillary Clinton’s Trump/Russia Media Strategy Revealed (Techno Fog)

Robert Mook, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, also testified before the jury Friday. In his testimony, he stated that Hillary Clinton personally approved a plan to spread the lie that Trump was colluding with Russia via secret servers to the media. He also admitted to being briefed on the conspiracy.

Q: Okay. In connection with the general focus on Mr. Trump and Russia, did there come a time when you learned of potential links between the Trump organization, Mr. Trump’s business, and a Russian bank called Alfa-bank?
A: I did. Yes, I was briefed on that.
Q: Approximately when were you first briefed on that, if you remember?
A: I honestly can’t recall.
Q: Who participated in the briefing, if you remember?
A: Myself, Marc Elias, Jen Palmieri, Jake Sullivan, John Podesta. There might have been others, but those are the ones I definitely recall being there.

Mook also admitted that the Clinton campaign was focused on Trump’s relationship with Russia before Summer of 2016.
Q: In the Summer of 2016, was Mr. Trump’s relationship with Russia something that the campaign focused on?
A: Yes. I mean, it was frankly something we were focused on before that time. But absolutely.

Mook however did deny that the Clinton campaign directed Sussman to go to the FBI, despite admitting that Clinton approved the Trump-Russia allegations to be shared with the media.
Q: Were you aware that Mr. Sussman went to the FBI in September of 2016 to give them a heads-up about a New York Times story about Trump and Alfa-Bank?
A: No.
Q: Do you have any recollection of anyone talking to you about going to the FBI on behalf of the campaign on the Trump/Alfa-Bank issue?
A: No.
Q: Did you direct Mr. Sussman to go to the FBI on behalf of the campaign?
A: Absolutely not.
Q: Did you authorize Mr. Sussman to go to the FBI on behalf of the campaign?
A: No.
Q: Did anyone else from the campaign, to your knowledge, direct or authorize Mr. Sussman to go to the FBI on behalf of the campaign?
A: To my knowledge, no.

Mook also said the decision to push the debunked Russia conspiracy to the media was made by him, Sussman, John Podesta, and Palmeri, and that Hillary Clinton agreed with the decision.
Q: And once you learned about it [the Trump-Russia allegations], you started discussing with the campaign whether the campaign should affirmatively push it in the media, right?
A: Correct.
Q: And you had that discussion with Mr. Sullivan?
A: Correct.
Q: With Mr. Podesta?
A: Just to be clear. This is what – I recall those people, correct.
Q: Okay. You had a discussion with Mr. Sullivan?
A: Yes, I recall, yes.
Q: Whether to push it in the media right?
A: Correct.
Q: With Ms. Palmieri?
A: Correct.
Q: With Mr. Podesta?
A: Correct.
Q: But in any event, the decision to provide this to the media was authorized by the campaign, correct?
A: We authorized a staff member of the campaign to provide it to the media.

Regarding Hillary Clinton, Mook said:
Q: Mr. Mook, before the break you had testified that there was a conversation in which you told Ms. Clinton about the proposed plan to provide the Alfa-Bank allegations to the media; is that correct?
A: Correct.
Q: And what was her response?
A: All I remember is that she agreed with the decision.

Some final thoughts: while this trial is about Sussmann’s false statements to the FBI, it’s also more than that. This is Special Counsel John Durham telling the public the story of the Clinton opposition research machine, and how the campaign, through their lawyers and contractors (Fusion GPS), developed and spread lies to the media to influence the election. It’s the story of Clinton Campaign lawyers to using the FBI to further that strategy of deception. With that in mind, do not forget the Igor Danchenko case. Is it the case that Charles Dolan, a Hillary Clinton friend and supporter, was coincidentally feeding false information to Christopher Steele’s primary sub source? And on that thread, what are the odds that another Clinton ally – Alexander Downer – took his “info” to the FBI?

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“That’s how it works when leaders derive their powers from the consent of the government from from the consent of the governed.”

Biden Keeping Up Employment At The Gaffe Factory (Howie Carr)

It’s Weekend at Biden’s again, and Dementia Joe Biden has been pondering the dysfunction that plagues these fruited plains. Specifically, Brandon frets about mentally impaired people wandering America’s streets: “(People) who are just deranged, who are, who are susceptible, who are, who are just lost and and don’t know what to do, and they’re easily taken, they’re easily sucked in, and it’s gotta stop, we have to admit it, I don’t know why we don’t admit what the hell’s goin’ on. Anyway …” Got a mirror, Mr. President? As always, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim. Now Biden is in Asia visiting, among other places, South Korea and “President Moon Yoon” (his name is Yoon Seok-Youl). But before Brandon departed the assisted-living facility at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he warmly welcomed some visitors to the White House:

“I thank all of you for being here, and I want you to enjoy the rest of the recession.” Technically, Mr. President, the recession hasn’t even started yet. You said you’d have to be a “mind reader” to have seen the baby-formula shortage coming. But apparently you are able to foresee what economic calamities your policies are causing in the weeks ahead. FDR said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Now Brandon says, “I want you to enjoy the rest of the recession.” At the White House or on the road, Dementia Joe must sometimes introduce other people. It’s not getting any easier for him to remember who anybody is, or what they do. Just ask “President Harris.” Or the president of “Fine Finland,” whom he called “Nisto.” His name is “Niinisto.” He said Sen. Rick Scott of Florida represents Wisconsin. He called Raytheon “Ray Raython.”

[..] On the teleprompter, he misreads wages as rages, reflect as refect, eligibility as elibility. Wholly becomes holly, only comes out as swonly. The teleprompter says changes, he reads it as charges. Dementia Joe dares to ask questions no one else will: “How many police officers have multiple times and put a lion and had to do things that they’d have to think they’d have to do?” Good question, Brandon! Other than telling everyone to enjoy the recession, Dementia Joe had one other Freudian slip recently. He was discussing how well a system of checks and balances has served the American people, until … Democrats. “That’s how it works when leaders derive their powers from the consent of the government from from the consent of the governed.”


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“Fully exposing the whole maze, from the start, was one of Putin’s stated objectives.”

Russia Rewrites the Art of Hybrid War (Escobar)

The ironclad fictional “narrative” imposed all across NATOstan is that Ukraine is “winning”. So why would weapons peddler retrofitted as Pentagon head Lloyd “Raytheon” Austin literally beg since late February to have his phone calls answered by Russian Defense Minister Shoigu, only to have his wish finally granted? It’s now confirmed by one of my top intel sources. The call was a direct consequence of panic. The United States Government (USG) by all means wants to scotch the detailed Russian investigation – and accumulation of evidence – on the US bioweapon labs in Ukraine, as I outlined in a previous column. This phone call happened exactly after an official Russian statement to the UN Security Council on May 13: we will use articles 5 and 6 of the Convention on the Prohibition of Bioweapons to investigate the Pentagon’s biological “experiments” in Ukraine.

That was reiterated by Under Secretary-General of the UN in charge of disarmament, Thomas Markram, even as all ambassadors of NATO member countries predictably denied the collected evidence as “Russian disinformation”. Shoigu cold see the call coming eons away. Reuters, merely quoting the proverbial “Pentagon official”, spun that the allegedly one-hour-long call led to nothing. Nonsense. Austin, according to the Americans, demanded a “ceasefire” – which must have originated a Siberian cat smirk on Shoigu’s face. Shoigu knows exactly which way the wind is blowing on the ground – for Ukrainian Armed Forces and UkroNazis alike. It’s not only the Azovstal debacle – and Kiev’s all-around army breakdown. After the fall of Popasnaya – the crucial, most fortified Ukrainian stronghold in Donbass – the Russians and Donetsk/Luhansk forces have breached defenses along four different vectors to north, northwest, west and south.

What’s left of the Ukrainian front is crumbling – fast, with a massive cauldron subdivided in a maze of mini-cauldrons: a military disaster the USG cannot possibly spin. Now, in parallel, we can also expect full exposure – on overdrive – of the Pentagon bioweapons racket. The only “offer you can’t refuse” left to the USG would be to present something tangible to the Russians to avoid a full investigation. That’s not gonna happen. Moscow is fully aware that going public with illegal work on banned biological weapons is an existential threat to the US Deep State. Especially when documents seized by the Russians show that Big Pharma – via Pfizer, Moderna, Merck and Gilead – was involved in several “experiments”. Fully exposing the whole maze, from the start, was one of Putin’s stated objectives.

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Whether it’s true or not, why would this guy expose it?

Is US Drawing Up Plans To Sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet? (Antiwar)

Shortly after Reuters published an exclusive story that the White House was looking to move advanced anti-ship missiles to Ukraine, an official in Kiev said that the US is making a plan to sink Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs adviser Anton Gerashchenko tweeted, “The US is preparing a plan to destroy the [Russian] Black Sea Fleet. The effective work of the Ukrainians on [Russian] warships convinced [the US] to prepare a plan to unblock the [Ukrainian] ports. Deliveries of powerful anti-ship weapons are being discussed.” Gerashchenko cited the Reuters report on Washington’s effort to ship Harpoon and Naval Strike Missiles to Ukraine. The missiles have a range of up to 300 km and cost $1.5 million each.

Three US officials and two Congressional sources told the outlet the White House was still working out the details for sending the advanced weapons to Ukraine. Logistical issues and the possibility the US would have to remove a launcher from one of its ships to send to Ukraine are current obstacles to completing the transfer. Responding to a question from Newsweek, the State Department did not deny it was working on a plan to take out the Russian fleet. “As the conflict is changing, so too is our military assistance to deliver the critical capabilities Ukraine needs for today’s fight as Russia’s forces engage in a renewed offensive in eastern Ukraine,” a spokesperson said.

However, the Department of Defense issued a sharp denial of the claims made by the Ukrainians official. “I can tell you definitively that that’s not true,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters Thursday afternoon. The Pentagon denial applied only to the Ukrainian official’s assertion the US was helping sink the Black Sea fleet, and did not refer to the proposed anti-ship weapons transfer. Gerashchenko said the attack would help to open up Ukraine’s ports. Russia currently controls the Black Sea and maintains a blockade. The UN has called for an easing of restrictions in the sea to allow food exports from Ukraine to help alleviate global food shortages.

Moscow has offered a diplomatic solution to the Black Sea standoff. On Thursday, the Kremlin proposed lifting the blockage in exchange for sanctions relief. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the problem goes beyond the blockade and includes Western sanctions restricting fertilizer exports. “You have to not only appeal to the Russian Federation but also look deeply at the whole complex of reasons that caused the current food crisis. [Sanctions] interfere with normal free trade, encompassing food products including wheat, fertilizers and others,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko said.

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Thread by Russians With Attitude.

A Thread on “Azov” (RWA)

The roots of “Azov” can be found in the Neonazi soccer hooligan scene of Kharkov. Andrei Biletsky was the central figure of the nascent movement for the longest time. A Kharkov native, he joined numerous nationalist organizations, e.g. the Lvov-based “Tryzub”. He also actively supported the Kharkov cell of the “Social-National Party of Ukraine” (nowadays “Svoboda”). In 2006, Biletsky founded “Patriot of Ukraine”, a nationalist organization that engaged in street violence & even terrorism. Biletsky’s patron during this period was Arsen Avakov, Armenian-Ukrainian “entrepreneur” & politician. In 2005-2010, Avakov was the governor of Kharkov oblast. During this period, “Patriot of Ukraine” was unofficially deputized by Kharkov police. Biletsky’s gang helped the police patrol the streets for illegal immigrants, & also to combat illegal businesses.

Aside from their political activities, they serves as enforcers for Avakov’s “business ventures”. That’s how they reached a significant level of political protection. Avakov, of course, also became Minister of the Interior after the Euromaidan coup d’etat; their fruitful relationship continued. Russian Neonazi Sergei Korotkikh aka “Botsman” is a personal friend of Avakov’s son. Botsman also leads a separate Azov unit, the “Botsman Boys”. In 2011, Biletsky and several of his comrades were arrested for organized robbery; in early 2014, Avakov became Minister of the Interior & had them released from prison. Even before that, Biletsky’s “Patriot of Ukraine” had joined the Euromaidan protests & the “Right Sector”. Biletsky’s men took part in the civil strife that followed the Euromaidan coup d’etat.

Then known as “Little black men from Kharkov”, they published threatening video messages to the Russian population; they rode around the country & engaged in political violence. They came to Odessa & participated in the May 2nd massacre; they attacked Anti-Maidan protests in Kharkov or straight up had pro-Russian acvitists “disappeared” with the help of Ukrainian security services. This is a long introduction, but it’s important. Soon after, the civil strife turned into civil war. The Euromaidan government in Kiev realized that Ukraine doesn’t have an army. Its elite military units were getting humiliated by coal miner militias in Donbass. That’s when, under the patronage of Avakov, the “Volunteer Battalions” were created. Azov, Aidar, Donbas, Tornado, Dnipro — these & many other Ministry of the Interior formations are infamous for their horrifying reign of terror in Eastern Ukraine.

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To infinity and beyond with Milley Mouse.

Gen. Milley Warns West Point Graduates Of ‘Increasing’ Risk Of Global War (Fox)

Gen. Mark Milley told cadets graduating from U.S. Military Academy West Point Saturday to be prepared for increasing risk of global conflict and a host of new weapons technologies in their careers. “The world you are being commissioned into has the potential for a significant international conflict between great powers. And that potential is increasing, not decreasing,” Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the cadets at the 2022 commencement ceremony in West Point, New York. “And right now, at this very moment, a fundamental change is happening in the very character of war. We are facing right now two global powers, China and Russia, each with significant military capabilities, and both who fully intend to change the current rules based order,” Milley said.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is teaching the world that “aggression left unanswered only emboldens the aggressor,” Milley said. “Let us never forget the massacre that we have just witnessed in Bucha nor the slaughter that occurred in Mariupol. And the best way to honor their sacrifice is to support their fight for freedom and to stand against tyranny,” Milley said. The urban character of the war in Ukraine is something Milley sees as a characteristic of future battlefields, which will be “highly complex and almost certainly decisive in urban areas against elusive, ambiguous enemies that combine terrorism and warfare alongside conventional capabilities — all embedded within large civilian populations.” Weapons technology will also change dramatically in future decades, Milley said, and the shift will be as radical as the change from musket to the rifle, the rifle to the machine gun or from sailing to steam ships.

And the technological edge is no longer automatically in America’s favor. “You’ll be fighting with robotic tanks and ships and airplanes,” Milley said. “We’ve witnessed a revolution in lethality and precision munitions. What was once the exclusive province of the United States military is now available to most nation states with the money will to acquire them.” Artificial intelligence is “resulting in that profound change, the most profound change ever in human history,” Milley said. “Whatever overmatch we the United States enjoyed militarily for the last 70 years is closing quickly. And the United States will be, in fact, we already are challenged in every domain of warfare in space and cyber, maritime air and, of course, land.”

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Want to get Covid? Take a vaccine. Might work for monkeypox too.

mRNA Vaccines Hurt Long-term Immunity To Covid (Berenson)

Unvaccinated people are much more likely to develop broad antibody immunity after Covid infections than people who have received mRNA shots, a new study shows. The gap remains large whether people had mild, moderate, or severe Covid infections, the study showed – undercutting a crucial argument that vaccine advocates have made to defend the shots. The research draws on data from Moderna’s 30,000-person clinical trial for its mRNA shots. It may help explain why so many Americans now suffer multiple Covid infections, sometimes within months. Researchers already knew that many vaccinated people do not gain antibodies to the entire coronavirus after they are infected with Covid.

Unvaccinated people nearly always gain antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein, which covers the virus’s core of RNA, as well as its spike protein, which allows the virus to attack our cells. Vaccinated people often lack those anti-nucleocapsid antibodies and only have spike protein antibodies. Vaccine advocates claim the lack of nucleocapsid antibodies may occur because the mRNA shots prime people to fight off the Covid infections more quickly and have lower viral loads. In this view, the narrow immune response is a feature, not a bug – vaccinated people are less seriously infected and so do not need to generate anti-nucleocapsid antibodies. This study essentially demolishes that theory.

Scientists from the National Institutes of Health and Moderna quietly posted the paper a month ago as a pre-print, but it has received little attention despite its import. The researchers examined the development of anti-nucleocapsid antibodies in people who had been part of Moderna’s clinical trial and were infected with Covid. As they expected, the scientists found that the vaccinated people were far less likely to develop the anti-nucleocapsid antibodies. Only 40 percent of people who received the shots had antibodies, compared to 93 percent of those who did not. But they then went a step further. Because the infected people had been in the trial, their viral loads had been precisely measured when they were found to have Covid.

So the researchers were able to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated people who had the same amounts of virus in their blood. Once again, they found that unvaccinated people were far more likely to develop anti-nucleocapsid antibodies than the jabbed. An unvaccinated person with a mild infection had a 71 percent chance of mounting an immune response that included those antibodies. A vaccinated person had about a 15 percent chance.

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Few countries have fared as poorly as Canada.

Once A Liberal Democracy, Canada Is Now An Authoritarian State (Arora)

Two decades ago, when I was 4 years old, my parents immigrated to Canada from India in search of greater freedoms, autonomy and economic opportunities. They’re core Canadian values — enshrined in our national anthem, which gloriously heralds “The True North strong and free.” However, the past two years have seen a near complete erosion of the foundational liberal values that have attracted millions of immigrants like myself to this country. Under the once-righteous guise of COVID safety and online protections, the Canadian government has taken its power to extreme levels once only imaginable — let alone permissible — in a dissent-stifling authoritarian state. The control has extended to nearly every element of Canadian society, but nowhere more so than in our everyday personal lives.

Take my own case contending with Canada’s COVID bureaucracy a few months back. I was returning to Canada from the US when multiple Air Canada employees refused to let me on the plane. Although I had a negative COVID test, the government was suddenly requiring even returning citizens to be vaccinated (unvaccinated foreigners were already barred from entering). Since the most documented adverse effect associated with COVID vaccination — heart inflammation — is concentrated in young men ages 15 – 25, I chose not to get vaccinated. I am 21 years old, have already recovered from COVID and have no co-morbidities. I’m at low risk from serious COVID illness, which is why I remain unvaccinated. But this can make air travel difficult — especially in Canada. Minutes before my boarding gate was closed, a sympathetic Air Canada staffer “begged” his manager to let me board the plane.

“I just gave you a massive favor. No one else would do this,” he said as I finally made my way down the jetway. In the Canada of Justin Trudeau’s making, you must now go to extreme measures simply to be allowed to return to your own nation. And for what? COVID is just the beginning of the Canadian madness. The internationally recognized trucker protests earlier this year were the most flagrant display of political control ever witnessed within the ranks of the Canadian government. After trying to dismiss the truckers as a “fringe minority” of “swastika wavers,” Trudeau manufactured a National Emergency in order to justify truly outrageous tactics. Not only did he suspend the insurance of the truckers’ vehicles, he regulated the cryptocurrency transfers and froze the bank accounts of folks simply donating to the trucker cause.

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“We only have a short window of opportunity to give farmers funding.”

American Farmer Warns Of Impending Food Shortages (ZH)

NewsNation’s Leland Vittert asked one American farmer: “How close are we to the next food crisis?” The answer: “We are in a crisis right now as far as the food chain goes with the farmer in this country,” John Boyd Jr., the President of the National Black Farmers Association, said. Boyd points out some farmers are unable to plant because of adverse weather conditions. He said farmers in the Northern Plains haven’t been able to get tractors in the fields because of soggy conditions, and the war in Ukraine has knocked out an entire region of food production. He warned, “We’re going to see a lot of empty shelves and a lot more high food prices.” In his forty-year career as a farmer, Boyd said he never imagined he would be “paying $5.63 for a gallon of diesel fuel, $900 a ton for fertilizer, and all-time high prices for soybean seeds.”

All of the prices he mentioned are at record highs, pressuring farmers’ margins. He said the American people need to wake up to the crisis in the farming industry, adding, “farming isn’t Republican or Democratic, it’s food, the land is neutral … this is the time the American people need to support the American farmer and put pressure on the Biden administration to put things in place to help farmers.” He mentioned that banks need to provide emergency funding to farmers to get their crops in the ground. Out-of-control inflation has left some farmers unable to plant because of soaring costs. Boyd said, “We only have a short window of opportunity to give farmers funding.” He stated the worst-case scenario is “a lot of shortages” of food that could materialize later this year.

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New PM Anthony Albanese looks as inept as his predecessor, but he might have one advantage.

Labor Win Presents ‘Great Opportunity’ In Fight To Free Julian Assange (LE)

The father of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said the election of a Labor government is a “great opportunity” for the movement to free the WikiLeaks founder from imprisonment. Speaking at a Sydney Q&A screening of documentary Ithaka, which documents his efforts to free Assange, John Shipton said a groundswell of parliamentarian support was growing for his son’s plight and he was buoyed up by the prospect of an incoming Labor government. “Of course things would change [if Labor were elected] … this is a great opportunity for us,” he said. “A fresh parliament has a lot of room to move … I speak to many of them. They don’t want this hanging around their neck like an albatross.”

Shipton said he had had several lunches with Anthony Albanese, and had been assured the opposition leader would do “whatever he can” to free his son and “enough’s enough”. The 76-year-old said when he began advocating for Assange in 2019, two parliamentarians supported him – independent MP Andrew Wilkie and Greens senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson. “Now there are 29 and peripherally, there are other supporters,” he said. “The deputy prime minister while in the US … said publicly … that Julian ought to be charged if he’s done anything in the UK … other than that, send him home. “There’s a core in the Labor party, there’s a core in the National party, the Greens are all supporting [Julian] … it’s a popular concern and parliamentarians recognise that.”

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Rebel Davos





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  21 Responses to “Debt Rattle May 22 2022”

  1. so much garbage; so little time…

  2. Psaki starts her new job at MSNBC. Has she told the Africans to shut up, sit down, and stay in the back of the bus yet? ‘Cause that’s what I was getting from her press conference. …Sorry, I’m taking that somewhat personally.

    It is just SO. OFFENSIVE. That makes her boss, visiting sites and claiming to be racially woke also SO. OFFENSIVE. Beyond his ‘94 Crime Bill. The ability of these jokers to kill and discriminate against minorities just seems limitless at this point. Would putting them in cages? …Nope, did that. Would tracking successful black men and Federal Justices down at their houses and endorsing violence against them? …Nope, did that. If they re-opened whole wars against black nations, illegally, without any premise or declaration? …Nope, did that. If they said prominent black figures were white supremacists? …Nope, did that too.

    I’m out of ideas as to how they could increase their racial offensiveness. But there’s always the news tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll think of something.

    Right now they are rabidly, hebephrenically attacking the richest, most successful African-American who ever lived. How they got the memo to do this, what makes it “our side”, no one can guess. But fabricating fraudulent sex scandals for African-American men is what they do. Lock up yer daughters! Reefer Madness! Jazz!

    So. Offensive.

    An article in The Economist notes: “We’re not going to convince Europeans and Americans to go out in big numbers and start eating insects… The trick might be to slip them into the food chain on the quiet.”

    The Guardian tells us eating bugs can assuage your climate sins and that “if we want to save the planet, the future of food is insects.”
    Here’s Bloomberg: “Faux-Meat Burgers made from Maggots” [Mmm-mmm.]
    The elite have been informed that meat is becoming too expensive for the average person. Their answer: “Let them eat bugs.”

    See? The Economist, and Davos DID have a solution to killing 100 million: “Eat the Bugs, or else die.” “Do what you’re told or I’ll kill you.” Do NOT buy the wheat from Russia and eat croissants. Noooooo. That would be “unconscionable”.

    Other solutions? “’Imagine the Compliance’: Pfizer CEO Pitches Davos Elites on WiFi Microchip Pills”

    Pfizer didn’t get the memo that this is an unhinged conspiracy theory. I do have to admit the difference between this news and conspiracy was 24 months, not 6.

    Azov up to 2,500 surrenders. Oops, I mean the “evacuation” and “reassignment” of those “Austere scholars” and all-around great guys.

    “Feds Halt Sales of Homemade Guns before August Rule Is Implemented”

    Just stop, breathe, and think about that headline. Which makes no sense whatsoever. The Fed is in my house? They stop rules before there are rules? Because: rules? (Spoiler, JSD is a FACTORY and a retailer. They sell parts. This impulse was the same as described before: that all components to create a gun, like aluminum or steel, are themselves a gun: The 0% completed plan.) This way madness lies. Oh and all guns are legal and unregulated as well. Until you pass an actual amendment. That is at many State level constitutions as well.

    Why have a law? The law is whatever we act like, whatever we tolerate. They frequently arrest people for not breaking the law, and prosecute them for being innocent, as well as vice-versa.

    “one of the most successful disinformation campaigns in American politics,”

    That’s a strange statement for a guy who got elected. Then everyone knew it was false all along but pretended. Because everyone pretended the false was true, it tied up the administration from accomplishing a lot of things. Is that success? I mean in the sense that you could also have done that honestly, but I think a honest word would burn their mouths.

    So, totally not successful: Trump was elected anyway, and no one believed them. Even now, what is it, +60% of the country thinks Biden was cheated in? That means some sizable minority of Democrats think so too.

    The description below was accurate and is the famous quote by Pelosi on using the “Wrap-up Smear.” You release something, then report that “something has been released.” They then comment on the release, which leads to another story. Amusing, but THIS IS WHY WE USED TO HAVE JOURNALISTS. Every Dick wants to release that, I dunno, Pepsi is made of ground-up kittens to sell more Coke. There is nothing BUT these people calling you with personal vendettas. That’s why any time they are published they have to be “Credible” if not outright “true.” A paper can’t just publish “The Pope eats raw babies dusted in meth” because some homeless guy by the river alleges it. Because when you quote that guy, YOU said it. YOU the paper, NY Time, WaPo, Atlantic, etc. YOU are liable for libel.

    But that would be the law and we don’t follow that. Nor the truth, as being a known, proven liar your circulation and credibility should fall. They would rather burn down the country and cut off their own heads with a saw than tell the truth or let it be spoken by anyone else. It’s their weird religion.

    Anyway, amongst the problems created is that people SHOULD not like to be butt-f’d by an American Political Party, be mad about it, and have them be discredited and cease to exist for being evil, conniving, felonious, rapacious, divisive, un-American liars. However, American now approve of all that and such behavior increases their popularity. The more felonies and lies, the more they like it.

    “ Russia Rewrites the Art of Hybrid War (Escobar)”

    This was similar to the interview by Kunstler and Larry Johnson. Russia had an entire column of tanks “out of gas” a slingshot from the Capital? And Kiev then…did absolutely nothing about it? Ever? That’s supposed to show their strength and Russia’s weakness? No, what it shows is that Day 2 Ukraine already didn’t have an army, and the Javelins didn’t work/couldn’t be fielded, and Russia could sit around the Samovar and drink tea all day with impunity on President Ze’s back porch. For the rest of the month. Ukraine not fighting at all shows they were “Winning”, at least to the 8-year old pew-pews in America. Or rather in Harvard and The New Yorker in America. The other 90% of counties have played paintball and shot .22s.

    So even now Russia has been there 90 days, basically walking around doing whatever they want, there have been no major battles where the Ukrainian army met them in a field, or relieved any of the cauldron sieges they sat on since day 4. Hate to say it but in modern war terms, it’s a skirmish, a rout, or as Russia has stated, “A police action”, only like Brazil where the police take tanks into a highly-fortified part of the barrio owned and armed by the local cartel.

    On the “Hybrid” side, in just 90 days U.S. stocks have longest decline in 99 years. Inflation is higher than 1978, perhaps highest in our 223-year history as we’ll find next month. The Fed is not under control but 20% behind the control, while the ‘Bernank says “neutral rates are 3%”

    Sorry it had to be this way but lacking the full +80% of the people’s support thanks to Facebook lying – again – and paying to issue disinformation that is secretly paid press releases to influence Congress on regulation, we could have made the best of a bad situation as a country with the fallout: self-sufficient in oil, secure borders, industry and jobs at home, what little we can. Instead to avoid the Civil War that was their goal, they handed the lit cartoon bomb back to ol’ Joe to sit on like Elmer Fudd, blowing the entire Democratic Party to kingdom come for the next 40 years. So I don’t mind. You can’t tell people nothin’. They have to see for themselves. Live through it, feel it, experience it firsthand.

    I know because I’ve tried for my entire life to say things like “where does your food come from?” “Is this stable?” “Are these people lying to you?” and they’ve been saying the same thing since McCarthy telling you there are Communists influencing Disney on gender issues in 1950, Ike on national TV telling you about Raytheon stealing baby formula out of your mouths in 1961, then JFK telling you about the Dulles brothers and the CIA undermining the replacing the government, including in the media, in 1963. And every day since then. They won’t listen. Presidents don’t know nothin’. Trump who had the combined skill of every doctor and scientific expert in the Army and national government at his disposal didn’t know nothin’ about no Covid. Chad, Buzzfeed’s expert on Twitter did. He’s your doctor now.

    They have to learn for themselves, and the Right finally got around to letting them and stop ‘saving’ them all the time as their co-dependent. Let your crazy ex hang herself. If you try to stop her she’ll only have you arrested and take the kids.

    “ Is US Drawing up Plans to Sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet? (Antiwar)”

    I mean, yes? And it’s worth reporting? But Armies always have plans, for everything. It’s what they do. The number of written, created plans that are acted on is nearly zero. But I think the intent of this plan and article is real and worth a warning.

    ““I can tell you definitively that that’s not true,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters”

    Which, because he said it, is obviously a lie. They should be court-martialed if they DON’T have a standing plan to sink enemy navies. See how this works?

    Media: Lie
    Pentagon: Lie
    People: Lie.

    “Gen. Milley Warns West Point Graduates of ‘Increasing’ Risk of Global War (Fox)”

    There’s a risk of global war when practically everything but the U.S. Army ground divisions are fighting in Ukraine? Genius! No wonder this man is a General-shaped object. He even has a hat!

    “ Once A Liberal Democracy, Canada Is Now An Authoritarian State (Arora)”

    Yes, and they canceled “Canada Day”. Because “Canada”. And no citizens are allowed near Parliament, nor in Ottawa itself, I guess. That’s “Democracy”. They are following Ukraine, where all other parties are outlawed and all opposition arrested as their beacon of Freedom.

    “Boyd said, “We only have a short window of opportunity to give farmers funding.”

    Yes, and no one appreciates that crops are not widgets, you don’t turn them on or off whenever you like. You miss the two weeks in spring (for example) and you lost the whole year. 100%. It’s like Germany printing $2B to pay for the Russian oil embargo – you know, the one Germany put on themselves? Okay, that’s a fraction of the $40 Billion the U.S. just gave, but also, WTF good is $2 Billion? Can I eat it? We need the oil. $2B cannot be put in my tank, it does not run my company. MONEY IS NOT THE GOODS, YOU MORONS.

    So giving the farmers “Money” is completely worthless* when THE FERTILIZER TRAINS AREN’T RUNNING because of chronic, appalling worker abuse and nationwide Great Resignations. Plus self-embargoes and no domestic fertilizer plants. (*Sort of. It might keep knowledgeable people from losing the farm, and/or coming up with a less-good alternative.)

    Anyway, we saw yesterday Davos and The Economist promised us food shortages and 100M dead. This is right in line with that plan, so I expect full support of everyone to make it happen. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

    Comment formatting is not working again.

  3. Message just sent to tech Danny: “Comment section has regressed to “basic” mode again for today’s Rattle, and I have no idea why or how to fix it. In this mode, comments are not counted, and just disappear after.”

  4. So with close to two thousand Azov nazis, how gentle do you think the Russian’s will interrogate this collection of sub-human filth?

    Bamboo under the finger nails?

    Electrodes to the genitals?

    I kinda think the Russian’s are even more clever than that, same way they re-invented modern hybrid war, they have re-invented modern interrogation.

    The Azov filth I believe held out so long so they could destroy evidence of medical experiments and child trafficking. In fact the medical bio-weapons labs might have used abducted children to test on.

    How about that for satanic nazi medical experimentation.

    Oh wait, didn’t the world already do that back in WWII?

  5. “Context” blog post is up, with picture of the upstairs long room finally finished

    Michael Hudson did another interview 5/19/22, and I’m picking out some high points.
    ..The current war is dividing the world into two parts. There’s going to be a US dollar area of the US, Europe and its satellites. And there’ll be a multipolarity; there’ll be a group of Russia, China together and basically they will be making their proposal of a different way of organising the world economic affairs to Africa, Latin America and other Asian countries. And other Asian countries, Latin America and the global south will see that it can get a better deal with Russia and China than it can get with the United States…
    ..This integration of Europe into the United States sphere is like the new Berlin Wall. It’s isolated the US from the whole rest of the world. So instead of a victory for the United States it’s self-isolated itself because US strategists have realised that they’re losing the economic war with China, Russia and the whole group of emerging nations. All they can try to do is hold on to Europe as their one source of income to exploit from Europe what it can no longer get from any other country…
    ..The important thing about Russian oil being sold to India is that they’re sold in roubles, they’re no longer in dollars. The entire oil trade is now de-dollarised. It will be in roubles, in Chinese Yuan and in other currencies. But the dollar will be left out.
    Everyone thought it would take 10 years for Russia, China and other countries to break away. Yet the United States itself has broken away from the other countries by grabbing the foreign exchange reserves of Afghanistan, Venezuela and now Russia. Nobody is going to trust to transact oil, trade and invest in dollars anymore…
    ..Well, the crisis is going to come this summer. Now that you have oil and food prices and shipping rates go way up, you’re going to have Latin America, Africa and much of Asia have tremendous balance-of-payment deficit. These balance-of-trade deficits for oil, food and shipping are going to go hand-in-hand with huge foreign debts denominated in dollars for foreign bond holders and foreign banks.
    At this point, Russia, China and their allies can say, “We can create parallel institutions in the world. We can create our International Monetary Fund to give you credit. We can create our own World Bank to promote actual, positive developments and not dependency on the United States exporters. So the US policy has driven other countries into the Eurasian orbit of China, Russia, Iran will be joining, India will be along, Indonesia. All these countries now will have something that they never had before; they have their own critical mass. They can deal with each other and be self-sufficient. They don’t need the dollar anymore…
    ..You’re going to find the rest of the world rushing away from the dollar area, leaving only Europe as part of the United States economy at great sacrifice of its own living standards…
    ..Western unity is a one way unity. Western unity is the United States telling other countries, “Do what we tell you to.” If other countries don’t do what America tells it to, they’re treated like the enemy. Like Hungary has been treated as an enemy. There’s talk of how to punish Hungary. The Americans have no idea how to offer something to attract other countries to it…
    ​..​Q:Looking to a time after the war. What do you think the relationship between the US and Russia, or the EU and Russia look like?
    MH: Permanently hostile for 20 years until Europe collapses and until the United States goes into a long depression. There is no rapprochement. There will be no settlement because the United States industrial economy can only make military arms.​ (I’m personally hopeful for Western financial-​c​apitalist-regime-change.)​ …
    ​..​Not anything to raise the living standards. The people who are in charge of US policy think that way, they’ve been thinking that way for 20 years.
    I’ve worked with these people before and they really are willing to blow up the world if they can’t turn the other world into dependencies.

    ​Five Warning Signs ​ The End of Dollar Hegemony is Near, Here’s what happens next… (excerpted)
    ​..​Today it’s clear why China and Russia have had an insatiable demand for gold.
    They’ve been waiting for the right moment to pull the rug from beneath the US dollar. And now is that moment…
    This is a big problem for the US government, which reaps an unfathomable amount of power because the US dollar is the world’s premier reserve currency.​..
    ​1) Russian President Putin said the US had defaulted on its obligations and that the dollar is no longer a reliable currency.
    The incident has eroded trust in the US dollar as the global reserve currency and catalyzed significant countries to use alternatives in trade and their reserves.
    China, India, Iran, and Turkey, among other countries, announced, or already are, doing business with Russia in their local currencies instead of the US dollar. These countries represent a market of over three billion people that no longer need to use the US dollar to trade with one another.​..
    2)​ Rubles , Gold and Bitcoin for Gas, Oil and Commodities: Russia is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas, lumber, wheat, fertilizer, and palladium (a crucial component in cars).​ ​It is the second-largest exporter of oil and aluminum and the third-largest exporter of nickel and coal.
    ​​Russia is a major producer and processor of uranium for nuclear power plants.​.. The head of the Russian Parliament recently called the US dollar a “candy wrapper” but not the candy itself. In other words, the dollar has the outward appearance of money but is not real money.​..​ This is a big reason why the ruble has recovered all of the value it lost in the initial days of the Ukraine invasion and then made further gains.​..US dollars are no longer needed (or wanted) to buy Russian commodities.
    ​3) The Petrodollar system flirts with collapse…Oil is by far the largest and most strategic commodity market.
    For the last 50 years, virtually anyone who wanted to import oil needed US dollars to pay for it.
    That’s because, in the early ’70s, the US made an agreement to protect Saudi Arabia in exchange for ensuring, among other things, all OPEC producers only accept US dollars for their oil…
    For nearly 50 years, the Saudis had always insisted anyone wanting their oil would need to pay with US dollars, upholding their end of the petrodollar system.
    But that could all change soon…
    Remember, China is already the world’s largest oil importer. Moreover, the amount of oil it imports continues to grow as it fuels an economy of over 1.4 billion people (more than 4x larger than the US).
    China is Saudi Arabia’s top customer. Beijing buys over 25% of Saudi oil exports and wants to buy more.
    The Chinese would rather not have to use the US dollar, the currency of their adversary, to buy an essential commodity…
    ​ ​Saudi Arabia—the linchpin of the petrodollar system—is flirting in the open with China about selling its oil in yuan. One way or another—and probably soon—the Chinese will find a way to compel the Saudis to accept the yuan…
    ​..​Sometime soon, there will be a lot of extra dollars floating around suddenly looking for a home now that they are not needed to purchase oil.
    4​) Out of Control Money Printing and Record Price Increases: .. In March of 2020, the chair of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, exercised unfathomable power…
    At the time, it was the height of the stock market crash amid the COVID hysteria. People were panicking as they watched the market plummet, and they turned to the Fed to do something.
    In a matter of days, the Fed created more dollars out of thin air than it had for the US’s nearly 250-year existence…
    ​..​At the push of a button, the Fed was creating more dollars out of thin air than the economic output of the entire country.
    The Fed’s actions during the Covid hysteria—which are ongoing—amounted to the biggest monetary explosion that has ever occurred in the US.​..​​
    The truth is that inflation is out of control, and nothing can stop it.​..
    5) Fed Chair admits Dollar Supremacy is Dead​: “It’s possible to have more than one reserve currency.”
    These are the recent words of Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

  6. Ukraine War Update from The Saker blog includes this. (And “The Grind” continues.)
    ​ ​The size of the Russian Aid to liberated areas is massive. The Donbass Aid Train arrived in Ilovaisk. It was formed on the initiative of the All-Russian People’s Front and Russian Railways. It departed from Moscow, consisted of 68 wagons, of which 27 were intended for the LPR, and 41 for the liberated territories of the DPR. This is more than 2,400 tons of humanitarian cargo: food, personal hygiene products, medicines, flour, stationery, building materials and equipment, generators.

    ​Moon of Alabama (German): ..​In total the social-economic situation for Ukraine is catastrophic. The military situation is even worse.
    Mariupol has fallen and Russian troops working there will soon be able to go elsewhere. The Propasna bulge is threatening to envelope the whole northern frontline together with the core of the Ukrainian army.
    There is no more talk of the Ukrainian army ‘winning’ like in Kiev or Karkov where the Russian troops retreated in good order after finishing their task of holding Ukrainian forces in place.
    The Ukrainian command has sent several territorial brigades to the front lines. These units were supposed to defend their home towns.
    They consist of middle age men drafted into service…
    ​..​That the Ukrainian army is now using such units as cannon fodder shows that it has only few reserves left.​..

    ​ ​A top aide to Vladimir Putin has predicted a “global famine” that will occur before the end of the year as a result of worldwide grain shortages caused by the war in Ukraine…
    ​ ​“It is important that in the conditions, for example, of a global famine that will occur closer to autumn, by the end of this year all over the world, Russia should not suffer, but be fully provided with food,” Oreshkin said.​..​ [I have had a rumor reported to me that Russian troops are taking grain from silos in Ukraine. If true, where is it going? What is the Russian plan for the grain?​ Is it going to Donetsk and Luhansk? Crimea? Russia?​]
    ​ ​“In fact, what America is trying to do with Ukraine now is to take out the grain reserves that Ukraine currently has in its possession – just another action that dooms Ukraine to serious humanitarian problems, but also dooms the global community to having big problems with hunger,” he warned.
    ..​Italian League party leader Matteo Salvini has warned that if the war in Ukraine is not brought to a conclusion by the end of this month, chronic food shortages will cause an immigration wave that will lead to 20 million African migrants trying to enter Europe.

  7. Not again…
    ..Elite media outlets around the world are on red alert over the world’s first-ever global outbreak of Monkeypox in mid-May 2022—just one year after an international biosecurity conference in Munich held a simulation of a “global pandemic involving an unusual strain of Monkeypox” beginning in mid-May 2022…
    ..Epidemiologists Jennifer Nuzzo and Bill Hanage are on the scene—but still no word from them as to whether they see anything strange about the first-ever global Monkeypox outbreak occurring in mid-May 2022, a year after they acted as advisers on an international biosecurity simulation of a global Monkeypox outbreak occurring in mid-May 2022.​..
    ​The US Government is hot on the scene with an order of 13 million Monkeypox vaccine doses from Bavarian Nordic.
    The WHO is on the scene… ​
    ​ ​The global Monkeypox outbreak—occurring on the exact timeline predicted by a biosecurity simulation of a global Monkeypox outbreak a year prior—bears a striking resemblance to the outbreak of COVID-19 just months after Event 201, a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic almost exactly like COVID-19.
    ​ ​Event 201 was hosted in October 2019—just two months before the coronavirus was first revealed in Wuhan—by the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg, and Johns Hopkins. As with the Event 201, the participants at the Monkeypox simulation have thus far been stone silent as to their having participated in a pandemic simulation the facts of which happened to come true in real life just months later.
    ​ ​One person who was present at both Event 201 and the Monkeypox simulation is George Fu Gao, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control. At event 201, Gao specifically raised the point of countering “misinformation” during a “hypothetical” coronavirus pandemic.

    ​36 page summary of that March 2021 NTI & Munich biosecurity conference is here:(Some inspiration from the introduction)
    Although national and global leaders are appropriately focused on the immediate demands of the COVID-19 response, the international community cannot postpone implementing the steps necessary to protect against future biological threats. This must include the recognition that while naturally emerging pandemics continue to pose a significant threat, the next global catastrophe could be caused by the deliberate misuse of the tools of modern biology or by a laboratory accident. Fundamentally, strengthening the preparedness of every nation to meet these challenges is a humanitarian imperative in the collective self-interest of the international community.

    Robert Malone MD has some context. This is the mild strain of monkeypox virus, which kills 1% of infected people reported in Africa, where not much gets reported, It’s not the worse 10% case-fatality strain from Congo, where, again,milder infections go unreported. It does not spread easily, mainly to people butchering infected animals for meat, and men who have sex with infected men. (And Smallpox vaccines made of variola virus cause lots of cases of milder smallpox and many other significant vaccine side effects, which he details well.) Thanks Willem.
    ​ ​”In my opinion, based on currently available information, Monkeypox is a virus and disease which is endemic in Africa, emerges sporadically after transmission into humans from animal hosts, and is typically spread by close human contact. It is readily controlled by classical public health measures. It does not have a high mortality rate. Unless there has been some genetic alteration, either through evolution or intentional genetic manipulation, it is not a significant biothreat, and has never been considered a high threat pathogen in the past.​”

    ​On the brighter side…​Monkeypox Fears May Rescue Endangered Corporations
    Regardless of how the monkeypox situation plays out, two companies are already cashing in. As concern over monkeypox has risen, so too have the shares of Emergent Biosolutions and SIGA Technologies. Both companies essentially have monopolies in the US market, and other markets as well, on smallpox vaccines and treatments. Their main smallpox-focused products are, conveniently, also used to protect against or treat monkeypox as well. As a result, the shares of Emergent Biosolutions climbed 12% on Thursday, while those of SIGA soared 17.1%.
    For these companies, the monkeypox fears are a godsend, specifically for SIGA, which produces a smallpox treatment, known by its brand name TPOXX. It is SIGA’s only product.

    This is the same story we keep seeing. The immune system responds specifically to the first form of a virus or vaccine that it sees, then repeats the learned response the next time it sees a closely related virus. If the immune system only sees COVID spike-protein from January 2020, which has now mutated to other forms, it will not respond effectively to new strains of COVID. Those who caught any form of COVID, and have immune-response to the whole virus, still have effective immune responses against new strains, because most of the virus remains the same.
    The most powerful evidence yet that mRNA vaccines hurt long-term immunity to Covid after infection

  8. A Midwestern Doctor uses the baby formula shortage to discuss the benefits of breast-feeding for baby, mother and society, and the cynical commercial attacks upon this perfect-formula-solution by profit-driven manufacturers. This is well detailed. (I was, and our children were breastfed and fed healthful food.) Thnks TDK.
    ​ ​“Mendelsohn told me that during his appointment as Medical Director of Project Head Start’s Medical Consultation Service in 1968, he was horrified by the discussions held privately in the White House with his medical colleagues. They were openly discussing how they could control the population of the poor by promoting infant formula, vaccinations, sadistic hospital birthing practices, deficient government schools, and neighborhood abortion clinics. This was just too much of an assault on his strong Jewish faith and his Hippocratic oath.”​ …
    ​ “The Nestle milk scandal is an excellent example of a sick and twisted PR campaign that injured and harmed millions. Briefly, Nestle did everything they could to convince mothers in the third world eager to adopt a more “civilized“ form of Western life to abandon breast-feeding and switch to (trendy) infant formula. This included paying off each nation’s medical establishment, conducting aggressive door-to-door sales with free samples to get the mother’s hooked, having sales reps impersonate nurses, convincing mothers the formula was essential for their well-being, creating a nocebo effect against breast-feeding, intentionally withholding necessary information about formula products from others, and failing to disclose the costs of formula (which often greatly exceeded what mothers could afford).​”​

  9. On “Biden’s America rots from the head down” from prev. post.

    The ‘selection’ of Biden – as a doddering out-of-it, also a nasty person, is typical of dying systems, both on a small scale (a corporation, an association, a small tribe) and super-mega ones. An incompetent figure is pushed into a role at the top or near it in a hierachical structure, to maintain that structure and ensure the positions of others in it.

    …. Mind you, Andropov had more of a working brain than the Bids, Joe, wife Jill, son Hunter etc. combined…

    As in the US direct hiring of actors to posture in such roles (see Zelensky) doesn’t (yet) exist, a controllable idiot had to be pushed forward. There were no candidates who had any kind of fame, attractiveness, eagerness to function, as far as I could see, no doubt thru well calculated self-preservation on the part of the vaguely ambitious. (Harris is of course just as horrible or perhaps even worse, image-wise.)

    The US (in the sense of the very rich, the PTB, those at critical decision points..) would have been better off letting Trump be re-elected and curbing / controlling him, much as was done during his term.

    As the US Pol. structure is nothing but a power-sharing scheme, run via mafia-type moves, plots, alliances, deals, scams, where national interest plays NO role at all, this wasn’t possible.

    In a gang war, one gang has to win – or the whole scenario breaks down, dissolves, dies, into the scrubby country side, dark alleys between buildings, ppl giving up, moving away… The USA system endures because of tension between the opposing forces, and the need to align, take sides, sucking in hundreds, or millions of ppl, so … it has to be perpetuated.

    What the US pol / corporate (MIC, etc.) class chose to ignore, as they had to, was that the whole ROW (rest of the world) soon saw Biden as a puppet, incapable of making a speech, walking about, etc. The already shaky image of the Amrikis, the Amerloques (slang for Americans, USA) proudly possessing any kind of ‘democracy’, any kind of ‘reps’, and being any promoter of ‘good’ in the world, or even having the power to control, command, demand, impose, anything at all, was destroyed…

    Eurotrash pols. are finding it increasigly difficult to justify their allegiance to the glorious USA.

    Literally, many billions of ppl worldwide now openly mock, laugh at, are cynical about the USA – because of Joe Biden.

  10. “Is escalating this complex Ukrainian conflict into World War III and/ or global thermonuclear war really the best way to demonstrate care for others?

    Let’s all just sit and meditate on that last question.

    How insane are we if we even have to ask that last question?

    Is “caring for others” one of the most effective Psy-Ops of all time?”

  11. I like Rebel News a great deal. But people’s biases always tend to get in the way (including my own.)


    “Antifa’s Switzerland representative told Yemini she was not against globalist solutions, for issues like poverty and climate change, however, she didn’t approve of who was making the decisions and would exclude China and Russia from the process.”

    (Before reading on, let’s review some semantics. In the US, “Antifa” is seen as an ultra-left wing organization that commits violence for its cause. These Swiss Antifascists are not the same as the American Antifa. First off, by looking at the signage, the correct translation would clearly be the full word: “antifascists” (i.e. opposed to fascism) and not the “Antifa” abbreviation used in the US. Secondarily, a look at the individuals collected under this banner, their age, signage, demeanor, etc., they were clearly not a group of violent young hot-heads. There was nothing about the group suggesting violence. If we consider that “fascism” is subset of authoritarian government that incorporates business leaders, and the WEF is an organization that is merging global business and political leaders, it is wholly appropriate that an antifascist group would protest….)

    Listening to the full interview (and not the cobbled together teaser) it is possible to realize how slanted that statement is.

    Antifa’s Swiss representative said that “climate change is real” and since it is caused globally, the solutions should come globally, but those solutions must be (1) democratic and (2) cooperative.

    Yemeni prompted her to consider the UN (suggesting that it fit the bill of “democratic”) — she hedged, clearly not satisfied by the UN, and conceded that the UN had some helpful parts.

    Then Yemeni asked her about China and Russia, and she pointed out that these countries don’t fit the criteria of being democratic.

    Throughout the interview it was clear that she felt the interview was important but was very pressed for time, as she had responsibilities to fill. Also, although she could speak English clearly and understood the questions without an interpreter, I’d say that she was not quite fluent in English, clearly translating in her mind everything she said from a more familiar language. For this reason, it must be understood that would be very easy for her words to be twisted by subtle meanings lost in her translation process.

    I find myself wondering…
    Why did Yemeni want to portray her and her group as “just like the globalists, but dissatisfied with those pulling the strings of the globalist movement?” when that was not the case?

    It seems to me that when it comes to fighting the Davos/WEF crowd that we are wise not to get overly hung up on individual ideologies if our strategies and enemies align. Who cares whether or not the Swiss Antifascists believe whether or not the planet is warming? — they are clearly protesting the Davos meeting and the lack of the democratic process in the WEF and its policies. The WEF is an authoritarian, top-down global structure. It is antithetical to democracy. The WEF is cooperative only in the sense that it seeks the cooperation of major world players, but doesn’t shy away from coercion to get what it wants from major world players. The WEF has made it clear that it has no qualms about using coercion on the rest of the world’s population. The woman speaking for the Swiss Antifascists spoke of democracy and cooperation. (Cooperation, by itself, is not coercive, but is an action that can be undertaken by sovereign individuals.) I don’t see any reason not to take her at face value. In order to face and stop the threat of the WEF the rest of us need to come together cooperatively and democratically, in ways that respect the sovereignty of both nations and individuals.

  12. I hate to spoil the party, but as a long term cancer survivor who has researched much, I urge you all breast milk fans to see Living Downstream:

    In particular there is a very unhappy scene where she passes a bottle of breast milk around the farmers of the community she grew up in and points out that human breast milk in the US is now more toxic than cow’s milk.


  13. Noirette, I have been looking for words to describe the US political structure. I like your characterization.

    “[It’s] a power-sharing scheme, run via mafia-type moves, plots, alliances, deals, scams, where national interest plays NO role at all,”

    This is opposed to Russia, where Putin heads up a clan of oligarchs (his choosing) and the national interest plays a dominant role, thus he enjoys a very high approval with the general population. This level of approval does not seem to be organic due to the level of control over the media.

    Propaganda is a tool in both systems, but given the contrast, Putin would have lost power long ago had Russia become more like the West. As a result, Putin has been playing defense against West for decades, with very few chances to play offense.

    Then Biden, Harris, Blinken, Austin and Milley take the court. Afghan withdrawal is a disaster. The ball bounces right into Putin’s hands. It’s an uncontested breakaway lay-up. He makes his way down the court only to wedge it between the rim and the backboard.

  14. The biggest question confronting us is not

    “Is the life after death?”

    But whether,

    “Is there life before death?”

  15. Dr D;

    What Psaki thing are you talking about? I can see it really offends you, but I don’t see a link to any current Psaki story.

    Just curious.

  16. Noirette:

    Sadly not enough people are making fun of joe biden to create the ground swell for change.
    If enough people start making fun of joe biden, some of it will start sticking to the Deep State.
    The US Deep State is the party, by coup, that put joe biden into the white house.
    The Deep State arrogantly believes only they are capable of running the US, not the people.
    Things in the US need to get much, much worst for Americans before they will blame the Deep State for all of their problems.
    Maybe by creating WW3, the US Deep State will finally be removed from running the US.
    This is the first time Americans are starting to suffer in a proxy-war, the way it’s enemies have suffered at the hands of the US Deep State in the past.
    Yellin said Americans need to suffer a reduced standard of living to defeat Russia.
    Only very rapidly falling US living standards “might”push the US Deep State back into serving the US.
    Joe biden is doing his best to cripple the US economy in every manner possible.
    Since we aren’t allowed to make fun of the US Deep State, we will have to make fun of Brandon instead.
    (Puppet joe biden is so disoriented now that he needs the secret service’s help to walk from his helicopter to the white house without getting lost!)

  17. “The father of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said the election of a Labor government is a “great opportunity” for the movement to free the WikiLeaks founder from imprisonment. ”
    Well I for one would be immensely relieved if there was a possibility that Also would take on the US deep state on Assange’s behalf. However Albo is a life long politician and they know you can say lots of things with impunity when you are in opposition , that all changes when you get the gong for the top job. No doubt Albo will be the US’s deputy sheriff as all Australian leaders are, I don’t think we will see him at the Whitehouse with hat in hand saying , ” Please sir , release our Julian”.
    “The ironclad fictional “narrative” imposed all across NATOstan is that Ukraine is “winning”.
    I don’t bother to read in detail what Pepe says anymore. I know what he is going to say , nothing much has changed with Pepe’s writing over the last ten years or so , same old same old. In my opinion he is a one hundred percent fully bought Chinese shill .IF he really does have intel sources there is no doubt in my mind they are in the Chinese embassy in Bangkok. Recently he was claiming to know the exact percentages of Russian armed forces and weapons that were not being deployed by Russia in Ukraine , maybe he has a deep throat inside the Russian military high command but I doubt it.I cannot recall one negative word he has written about China , China is gods heaven on earth according to Pepe.

  18. There have been reports of unusual blood clotting and long fibrils associated with covid. Swedish researchers have now uncovered a possible mechanism. The spike can be fragmented by neutrophils. Some fragments have the potential to misfold into 3d shapes which can form amyloid. This can combine with spike protein to produce clots as unusual fibrin. Once the wound to the blood vessel lining is healed, this plaque is normally dissolved by plasmin, but this fails. This could result in various negative consequences for various tissues, including brain heart etc. So the undertakers’ reports were not ill-informed.
    “Amyloidogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein” by Sofie Nyström and Per Hammarström, 17 May 2022, Journal of the American Chemical Society.
    DOI: 10.1021/jacs.2c03925

  19. This comes to mind given our apparent downward spiral;

    The world is not a prison-house but a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with the wrong blocks.
    — Edwin Arlington Robinson…

  20. Is Ebola next?
    Surely more pathogens will escape from these bio-labs scattered across the planet…
    Science has been politicised to a large degree and with that comes arrogance, hubris, and hyperbole from those seeking power within the discipline…

  21. WES, yes. chooch thx.

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