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In Court Cases Facts Are Losing Their Relevancy (Paul Craig Roberts)
Maine Shows the Danger of Zealots in our Legal System (Turrley)
Trump Fights 2024 Maine Election Ban (RT)
New York City Council Members Reportedly Weighing Trump Ballot Ban (Sp.)
Karaganov: Russians Are The Real Europeans, The West Has Lost Its Way (RT)
What Will Be Left Out of the EU? (Barton)
Scholz Claims Putin to Blame for Germany’s Economic Woes (Sp.)
Ukraine and Palestine: A Double Threat To US Hegemony (Bhadrakumar)
US Rejects Gaza Ethnic Cleansing Proposal (RT)
2024: The Year Global Government Takes Shape (Kit Knightly)
2024 Is Going To Be ‘Even More Crazy’ – Elon Musk (RT)
Corruption, Chaos, Conflict – Fourth Turning Erupts In 2024 (Quinn)
Dollar’s Dip in 2023 Just the Start as BRICS Strives for Dedollarization (Sp.)
US Debt Hits A Record $34.001 Trillion (ZH)





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“..as They Have in News Reporting, Scholarship, and Science..”

In Court Cases Facts Are Losing Their Relevancy (Paul Craig Roberts)

Informed people understand that the indictments, civil charges, and judicial rulings against Trump all involve what is politely called “a stretch of the law.” But they do not seem to grasp that Trump’s defense against the charges is not based on the falseness of the charges but on whether he has presidential immunity. In other words, the phony charges stand, and the question is whether Trump has presidential immunity. Whether the charges are factual is not considered relevant. The advantage in Trump’s attorneys taking this approach is that if Trump has immunity, all the indictments are dismissed and trials over the disputed charges do not take place, a good thing as the biases of the Democrat prosecutors, judges, and jurors make fair trials for Trump impossible.

The disadvantage is that Trump’s enemies can claim that the charges are true but could not be brought to trial because of immunity. More seriously, it means that the lack of evidentiary basis for the charges will not be established. In other words, the Democrat prosecutors who weaponized law in order to intentionally concoct false indictments are protected from having their crimes revealed. Of course the Democrat juries and judges would validate the Democrat prosecutors cases despite the lack of evidence. In the US judicial system where truth is irrelevant, accusation alone serves as the basis for indictment and conviction. As no defendant or defendant’s lawyer trusts the American judicial system, 97% of all alleged felonies are resolved with plea bargains in which even innocent defendants agree to a lessor charge in order to avoid the risk of a longer sentence imposed by a trial.

Only the idealistically few expect a fair trial. By declining the Justice (sic) Department’s plea to fast-track an immunity decision, the Supreme Court has probably delayed any Trump trial until after the election. If the federal appeals court upholds Democrat district court judge Tanya Chutkan’s biased ruling against Trump, then the appeal goes to the Supreme Court. It lengthens the ordeal that Trump has to endure, but it likely frees him from campaigning with a false conviction hanging around his neck.

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“..pundits who warn that Democrats can no longer rely on the election process, given Trump’s soaring popularity.”

Maine Shows the Danger of Zealots in our Legal System (Turrley)

“You had me at hello.” That line from the movie “Jerry Maguire” came to mind this week after yet another Democratic secretary of state moved to prevent citizens from voting for former president Donald Trump. Maine’s Shenna Bellows issued a “decision” that declared Trump an “insurrectionist” and ineligible to be president. She joined an ignoble list of Democratic officials in states such as Colorado who claim to safeguard democracy by denying its exercise to millions of Americans. Yet the most striking aspect of this poorly crafted decision was not its litany of conclusory findings, but rather Bellow’s implausible suggestion that she struggled over the decision. Bellows was a natural choice for challengers, who have been searching for any officials or courts willing to embrace this dangerous theory under the Fourteenth Amendment that they can unilaterally bar candidates deemed rebellious or insurrectionalist.

Challengers knew that they had Bellows at hello. She was one of the first officials to declare the Jan. 6 riot to be an “insurrection” prompted by Trump’s speech. Bellows previously declared that “the Jan. 6 insurrection was an unlawful attempt to overthrow the results of a free and fair election…The insurrectionists failed, and democracy prevailed.” A year after the riot, Bellows was still denouncing the “violent insurrection.” Of course, in the 1996 movie, Jerry Maguire reminded Dorothy that ” we live in a cynical world — a cynical, cynical world — and we work in a business of tough competitors.” However, he added “you complete me.” In our cynical politics, Bellows and Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, among others, have become wildly popular for seeking to complete the effort to defeat Trump by removing him from the ballot. This cynicism is captured in statements from pundits who warn that Democrats can no longer rely on the election process, given Trump’s soaring popularity.

One columnist wrote that “Democrats may have to act radically to deny Donald Trump the 2024 Republican nomination. We cannot rely on Republicans to do it…Trump must be defeated. No matter what it takes.” Many Democratic jurists and officials have refused to participate in this cynical effort to win the election through the courts. Maine’s Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Golden denounced Bellows decision. California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) warned Democrats against embracing this legal theory. His state’s secretary of state Shirley Weber (D) had refused to do what Bellows just did. Yet Democrats know that they need only to remove Trump from the ballots of a couple of key states to make him constitutionally incapable of becoming president, due to the electoral college. Thus, Trump could be the overwhelming choice of the voters but still be effectively barred from assuming office.

To achieve this end, advocates are willing to adopt the type of ballot-cleansing powers long associated with authoritarian countries such as Iran. That is why this theory of disqualification remains one of the most dangerous to arise in our nation’s history. The U.S. stands as the most successful and stable democratic system in history. In the blind quest to block Trump “at any cost,” these officials have introduced a destabilizing element to our system that could be replicated in tit-for-tat politics for years to come. It has already begun, with Republicans calling to bar President Joe Biden from ballots. The ballot-cleansing effort is only the latest example of what Justice Louis Brandeis identified as the true threat to our democracy — not the threat from other countries, but from within. “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding,” he said.

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Time for the Supreme Court to step in. Or Trump will have 20 of these cases.

Trump Fights 2024 Maine Election Ban (RT)

Former US President Donald Trump has begun a court fight to get himself back on this year’s election ballot in Maine, arguing in a legal filing that a state official had no authority to disqualify him from the race. Trump’s lawyers filed the appeal on Tuesday in Maine Superior Court, challenging last week’s decision by Secretary of State Shenna Bellows to bar the ex-president from the ballot because of his alleged role in the January 2021 US Capitol riot. The case is likely to ultimately be decided by the US Supreme Court, along with Trump’s disqualification from the ballot in Colorado, but Maine has required him to begin his challenge in the state court system.

The ruling making Trump ineligible in Maine “was the product of a process infected by bias and pervasive lack of due process,” Trump’s lawyers said in Tuesday’s filing. They added that Bellows has a documented history of being biased against Trump and gave him no opportunity to defend himself against her allegations. The Maine and Colorado disqualifications were based on interpretations of a constitutional amendment that banned people who engage in an “insurrection or rebellion” from holding public office in the US. The amendment was passed by lawmakers in 1866 to ensure citizenship and constitutional rights for former slaves and to block politicians who had taken part in the Confederate rebellion from returning to power.

Bellows and other Democrats have accused Trump of inciting the Capitol “insurrection,” where demonstrators sought to block the transfer of power after he lost to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. She has made public statements on social media calling Trump an “insurrectionist” and suggesting that he should have been removed from office after being impeached for his alleged role in the riot. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election was rigged, but has denied any role in triggering the riot. Trump is polling as, far and away, the leading candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. However, his candidacy has been jeopardized by state efforts to disqualify him, as well as felony indictments in four separate criminal cases. He has called the legal actions a politically motivated “witch hunt” to block voters from being able to elect him again.

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There we go…

New York City Council Members Reportedly Weighing Trump Ballot Ban (Sp.)

New York City council members are urging the state’s Board of Elections to disqualify former President Donald Trump from the 2024 primary and general election ballots due to his alleged involvement in the events following the 2020 election, the National Review reported on Tuesday. “The Board of Elections must give effect to the Fourteenth Amendment and its safeguards to protect the integrity of New York’s electoral process, maintain the public’s faith in our democratic system, and respect the rule of law,” councilman Shekar Krishnan is quoted in the report as having written in an email this week to other council members.

Though the report cites several council members as having endorsed Krishnan’s letter, Democratic councilor Robert Holden is quoted in the report as saying that he found the idea of removing a candidate from the ballot without legal cause “troubling.” “This trend across the nation, including here in New York, is dangerous. If you are against a candidate, you work hard to beat them at the polls, not prevent them from participating in an election,” Holden is quoted as saying. Other council members are quoted in the report as agreeing with Holden, with some calling the letter a “waste” of the council’s time.

“My colleagues should instead be devoting their energy and efforts towards resolving the ongoing migrant crisis and bringing the budget back under control. New York City is facing some very real problems right now, and Donald Trump being on the ballot here is not one of them,” Council member Jane Ariola is quoted as saying in the report. Last month, both Maine and Colorado disqualified Trump from the 2024 primary ballot, citing the insurrectionist clause in 14th Amendment. Both bans are expected to be swiftly appealed in both the state courts and the US Supreme Court.

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Sergei Karaganov is Russia’s HSE University Dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs. Very much worth a read.

“..without European inoculation, without European culture, we would not have become such a great power. We would not have had Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin or Blok.”

Karaganov: Russians Are The Real Europeans, The West Has Lost Its Way (RT)

The elites of Western Europe – and especially in Germany – are in a state of historical failure. The main basis of their 500-year domination [of the world] was military superiority, on which the economic, political and cultural dominance of the West was built. But this has been knocked out from under them. With the help of this advantage, they manipulated the world’s resources in their favor. First they plundered their colonies, and later they did the same, but with more sophisticated methods. Today’s Western elites are failing to address a range of growing problems in their societies. These include a shrinking middle class and rising inequality. Almost all their initiatives are failing. The European Union, as everyone knows, is slowly but surely sprawling out. That is why its ruling class has been hostile to Russia for about 15 years now.

They need an external enemy; Josep Borrell [the EU’s top foreign affairs official] called the world around the bloc a jungle last year. Indeed, in the past, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the sanctions adopted by the EU [against Russia] were necessary first and foremost to unite the European Union and prevent it from collapsing. The German and Western European elites have an inferiority complex in, what is for them, a now-monstrous situation, where their part of the world is being overtaken by everyone. Not only by the Chinese and the Americans, but also by many other countries. Thanks to Russia’s liberation of the world from the ‘Western yoke’, Western Europe is no longer lording it over the states of the Global South, or as I call them, the countries of the world majority.

The threat Western Europe now presents is that the Old World has lost its fear of armed conflict. And that is very dangerous. At the same time, the West of Europe, let me remind you, has been the source of the worst disasters in human history. Now in Ukraine there is a struggle not only for Russia’s interests, for the interests of its security, but also to prevent a new global confrontation. The threat is growing. This is also due to the West’s desperate attempts at counter-attacks to maintain its dominance. Today’s Western European elites are failing and losing influence in the world to a much greater extent than their American counterparts. Russia is fighting its own battle and fighting it successfully. We are acting confidently enough to sober up these Western elites, lest they unleash another world conflict in despair at their failures. We must not forget that these same people’s predecessors unleashed two world wars within one generation in the last century. Now, the quality of these elites is even lower than it was then.

[..] The West is now closing the Iron Curtain, first of all because we in Russia are the real Europeans. We remain healthy. And they want to exclude these healthy forces. Secondly, the West is closing this curtain, even more tightly than during the Cold War, in order to mobilize its population for hostilities. But we do not need a military confrontation with the West, so we will rely on a policy of containment to prevent the worst. Of course, we will not cancel anything, including our European story. Yes, we have completed our European journey [in terms of integration]. I think it has dragged on a bit, maybe for a century. But without European inoculation, without European culture, we would not have become such a great power. We would not have had Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin or Blok.

So we will keep European culture, which the West of our continent seems to be trying to abandon. But I hope that it will not destroy itself completely, in this regard. Because Western Europe is not only abandoning Russian culture, it is abandoning its own culture. It is cancelling a culture that is largely based on love and Christian values. It is cancelling its history, destroying its monuments. However, we will not reject our European roots. I have always been against looking at the West with mere squeamishness. You should not do that. Then we would be like them. And they are now sliding towards an inevitable march towards fascism. We do not need all the contagions that have been and are growing out of the west of Europe. Including, once again, the growing contagion of fascism.

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“..Europe is currently being prepared to hand its territory over to a new mixed, Islamised Europe..”

What Will Be Left Out of the EU? (Barton)

The first decisive attempt to flood Europe with mostly Muslim migrants took place in 2012. In January that year, the unelected, cosmopolitan EU leadership pushed ahead with its scheduled integration within EUROMED. First a Barcelona seminar under the telling slogan: War and Peace in XXI century. The Arab Spring a year later took place. During the seminar the EU Special Envoy, Bernardino Leon urged the EU to offer a ‘a new relationship’ to Arab countries that underwent the Arab Spring. This new relationship was to be based on equal treatment between the European Union and the Arab partners. In the presence of the former, High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy in Europe, Javier Solana, Leon assured Tunisia of being granted a relationship similar to other European countries outside the EU like Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

This push was further reinforced in February 2012 by a Brussels Press Briefing. This took place to give information and significance to the meeting of the Prime Minister of Tunisia, Hamadi Jebali (the same one who announced to his countrymen that they possibly were in the Sixth Caliphate) and the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso. The latter within his Press Briefing mentioned a number of priorities to be dealt with. Significantly, one of them involved the resumption of the dialogue on mobility and migration. Further developments related to influx of Muslim migrants to Europe are related to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Despite the fact that yet in 2010 she erupted in reference to multi-culti integration calling it an utter failure her decision to accept over a million refugees mainly from the Middle East marked a profound change in her policy.

Watching closely the 2015 migrant crisis billionaire financer George Soros welcomed her decision. The same cosmopolitan George Soros prepared his plan of bringing up to 1 million Muslims to Europe annually. The plan was among other things reported on 22 July 2017, in Tusnadfurdo, Romania, by the prime minister of Hungary, Victor Orban and vehemently opposed by him. A few words on the plan may give some insight into Soros’s thinking and the European Commission readiness to cooperate. The plan comprises of four points and the Soros Empire published it and began recruitment for implementation of it. The second point envisaged that upon arrival every Muslim migrant should be given an amount in euros equivalent to four and a half million forints which the author of the plan would be glad to finance.

The essence of the proposal is the so-called “pull factor” to maintain a continuous influx. After all, the received sum in euros by each migrant upon arrival would be higher than the Hungarian annual average wage. The third point of the plan stated that the migrants arriving in the EU would have to be distributed among the countries of Europe as part of a mandatory and permanent mechanism. And interestingly, the fourth point is about setting up a European immigration agency which would take all the decision-making powers related to migrant affairs away from the nation states and hand them over to Brussels. The opposition to massive migration and Soros-like proposals on part of Orban is loud and firm. His not very widely publicised statements clearly indicate what is at stake. I shall quote just three of them:

Over the next few decades the main question in Europe will be this: will Europe remain the continent of the Europeans? Will Hungary remain the country of the Hungarians? Will Germany remain the country of the Germans? Will France remain the country of the French? Or will Italy remain the country of the Italians? Who will live in Europe?’ Social democratic parties aren’t what they once used to be. They’ve married themselves to global business interests representing neoliberal economic policy, and now they have a single policy area, they’re concentrating on a single area: preservation of their influence over culture. This is the second important element in Europe today. And the third important thing is that Europe is currently being prepared to hand its territory over to a new mixed, Islamised Europe. If you are raped legally, forced to accept something you don’t like, how would you like to have a compromise and agreement? It’s impossible.

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“Spiraling energy costs in the EU have meant that the bloc has had to overpay more than $204 billion on energy over the past 20 months alone..”

Scholz Claims Putin to Blame for Germany’s Economic Woes (Sp.)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz took a page out of President Biden’s playbook in his New Year’s Eve address, blaming Putin, rather than his own government’s short-sighted policies, for unleashing a global security crisis and putting the German economy into a tailspin. “With COVID-19 barely receding, Russia began a merciless conflict in the center of Europe. Soon after that, the Russian president turned off the natural gas tap, and in the fall there was a brutal terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel,” Scholz said. “Our world has become a more unsettled and harsher place. It’s changing at an almost breathtaking speed,” the chancellor added. “The result is that we too are having to change. This is a worrying thing for many of us. For some, it is also causing discontent. I do take that to heart. But I also know this: We in Germany will get through it,” Scholz said.

Assuring that his government has done a good job in tackling inflation, raising wages, fighting unemployment and replenishing the country’s energy supplies since the cutoff of Russian gas, Scholz expressed confidence that Berlin has managed to hold back an “economic downturn” and to save energy collectively as a nation. Stressing that the key to German power lies in the “strength” of the European Union and its 400 million inhabitents, Scholz urged that “it is important for Europe to emerge unified and strengthened from the European elections in the coming year. After all, Russia’s war in the east of our continent is not over. Nor is the armed conflict in the Middle East. The year ahead will also bring presidential elections in the United States, which may have far-reaching consequences – including for us here in Europe.”

The chancellor’s comments blaming Russia for sky-high energy costs in Europe are nothing new, with Scholz, members of his cabinet and Germany’s allies both in Europe and across the Atlantic regularly repeating the mantra that it was Russia which “turned off the taps” of cheap and dependable gas supplies to the continent. Scholz and his colleagues traditionally leave out the fact that it was the United States which (allegedly) destroyed the Nord Stream Baltic Sea gas pipelines, and that Poland and Ukraine, not Russia, cut off gas flows to Europe via their overland pipelines, leaving TurkStream the only fully operational Russian infrastructure pumping gas to Europe. Spiraling energy costs in the EU have meant that the bloc has had to overpay more than $204 billion on energy over the past 20 months alone, with manufacturers flee the region for climes where energy costs are lower and tax breaks more plentiful (first and foremost the United States).

Meanwhile, ordinary Germans have been left facing higher fuel and utility costs and jacked up prices at supermarkets and big box stores. Curiously, Scholz didn’t mention the impact of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better Act on the German economy, even has hundreds of enterprises big and small packed up their bags and left for North America amid the energy crunch to take advantage of the US federal government’s generous subsidies for the production of so-called ‘green’ technologies. As for Vladimir Putin, the Russian president warned the Europeans over a year-and-a-half ago that if they made the short-sighted decision to stop the purchase of Russian energy, the EU’s economic competiveness would be shattered.

[..] Polling conducted last month found that some three quarters of respondents are dissatisfied with Chancellor Scholz’s ‘traffic light coalition’, with Scholz’s Social Democratic Party polling at just 17 percent support, the Greens at 13 percent, and the Free Democrats at 5 percent, for a total of 35 percent. The mainstream conservative Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union bloc and the populist right Alternative for Germany hit 24 and 17 percent support, respectively, while Linke and former Linke lawmaker Sahra Wagenknecht’s new populist left BSW party 2 and 14 percent support, respectively.

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“Russia has been rather explicit that during its 2024 chairmanship of BRICS, it will push for the creation of a currency to challenge the petrodollar..”

Ukraine and Palestine: A Double Threat To US Hegemony (Bhadrakumar)

Washington’s neck-deep involvement in the current phase of the West Asian crisis can turn into a quagmire, since it is also tangled up with domestic politics in a way that the Ukraine war never has been. But then, the outcome of the Ukraine war is already a foregone conclusion, and the US and its allies have realized that Russia cannot be defeated militarily; the endgame narrows down to an agreement to end the conflict on Russia’s terms. To be sure, the outcome of the Ukraine war and the denouement of the Israel-Palestine conflict, which is at the root of the West Asian crisis, will have a profound impact on the new world order, and the two processes reinforce each other. Russia realizes this fully. President Vladimir Putin’s stunning ‘year-enders’ in the run-up to the New Year speak for themselves: daylong visits to Abu Dhabi and Riyadh (watched by a shell-shocked US President Joe Biden), followed by talks with Iran’s president and rounded off with a telephone conversation with the Egyptian president.

In the space of 48 hours or so, Putin touched base with his Emirati, Saudi, Iranian, and Egyptian colleagues who officially entered the portals of the BRICS on 1 January. The evolving US intervention in the West Asian crisis can be understood from a geopolitical perspective only by factoring in Biden’s visceral hostility toward Russia. BRICS is in Washington’s crosshairs. The US understands perfectly well that the extra large presence of West Asian and Arab nations in BRICS — four out of ten member states — is central to Putin’s grand project to re-structure the world order and bury US exceptionalism and hegemony. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Iran are major oil producing countries. Russia has been rather explicit that during its 2024 chairmanship of BRICS, it will push for the creation of a currency to challenge the petrodollar. Without doubt, the BRICS currency will be at the center stage of the grouping’s summit due to be hosted by Putin in Kazan, Russia in October.

In a special address on 1 January, marking the start of Russia’s BRICS Chairmanship, Putin stated his commitment to “enhancing the role of BRICS in the international monetary system, expanding both interbank cooperation and the use of national currencies in mutual trade.” If a BRICS currency is used instead of the dollar, there could be significant impact on several financial sectors of the US economy, such as energy and commodity markets, international trade and investment, capital markets, technology and fintech, consumer goods and retail, travel and tourism, and so on. The banking sector could take the first hit that might eventually spill over to the markets. And if Washington fails to fund its mammoth deficit, prices of all commodities could skyrocket or even reach hyperinflation triggering a crash of the US economy.

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The moral high ground.

US Rejects Gaza Ethnic Cleansing Proposal (RT)

The US State Department condemned Israeli proposals to remove the Palestinian inhabitants of Gaza en masse in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller explicitly rejected recent comments from Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir supporting the mass deportation of Palestinians as “inflammatory and irresponsible.” Noting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other members of his cabinet have denied that it was official government policy to resettle Gaza’s Palestinian inhabitants, Miller demanded the ministers back away from such rhetoric “immediately.” “Gaza is Palestinian land and will remain Palestinian land, with Hamas no longer in control of its future and no terror groups able to threaten Israel,” he continued.

On Monday, Ben Gvir described “encouraging the residents of Gaza to emigrate” outside the enclave as “the right, just, moral, and humane solution,” explaining that it would allow Israelis living in border communities to return home. He doubled down on his comments following Miller’s statement, writing in a post on Telegram, “I greatly appreciate the USA, but with all due respect…we will do what is good for the state of Israel.” Smotrich made similar comments in an interview with Army Radio on Sunday. “What needs to be done in the Gaza Strip is to encourage emigration,” he said. “If there are 100,000 or 200,000 Arabs in Gaza and not 2 million Arabs, the entire discussion on the day after [the war] will be totally different.” While an official with Netanyahu’s office subsequently told the Associated Press that “contrary to false allegations, Israel does not seek to displace the population in Gaza,” instead merely looking to “enable those individuals who wish to leave to do so,” a government document leaked in November called for the mass relocation of all 2.3 million of the territory’s residents to Egypt’s Sinai peninsula – a plan that has alarmed Palestinians and Egyptians alike.

The US State Department has repeatedly called for Gaza to be run by the Palestinian Authority, which currently administers the West Bank and ran Gaza prior to Hamas’ 2007 election victory, as a prelude to full Palestinian statehood. Israel has openly opposed a two-state solution. At least 1.8 million of Gaza’s 2.3 million inhabitants have been displaced since Israel began bombing the territory following Hamas’ October 7 cross-border attack, which left 1,200 Israelis dead. Many residential neighborhoods have been completely flattened, with vital civilian infrastructure such as the hospital system virtually destroyed. Over 21,800 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bombs since the start of the war, according to the enclave’s health ministry, with upwards of 56,000 more seriously injured. Thousands more are reportedly missing beneath the rubble.

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“That’s a lesson they learned from Covid — putting a name and a face on globalism only foments collective resistance to it.”

2024: The Year Global Government Takes Shape (Kit Knightly)

Global government is the endgame. We know that. Total control of every aspect of life for every single person on the planet, that’s the goal. That’s been apparent to anyone paying attention for years, if not decades, and any tiny portion of remaining doubt was removed when Covid was rolled-out and members of the establishment started outright saying it. Covid marked an acceleration of the globalist agenda, a mad dash to the finish line that seems to have lost momentum short of victory, but the race is still going. The goal has not changed, even if the years since may have seen the agenda retreat slightly back into the shadows. We know what they want conceptually, but what does that mean practically? What does a potential “global government” actually look like?

First off, let’s talk about what we’re NOT going to see. 1 – They are not going to declare themselves. No, there will almost certainly never be an official “world government”, at least not for a long time yet. That’s a lesson they learned from Covid — putting a name and a face on globalism only foments collective resistance to it. 2 – They’re not going to abolish nationhood. You can be sure Klaus Schwab (or whoever) isn’t ever going to appear simulcast on every television in the world announcing that we’re all citizens of ze vurld now and that nation states no longer exist. In part because that is likely to focus resistance (see point 1), but mainly because tribalism and nationalism are just too useful to all would-be manipulators of public opinion. And, of course the continuing existence of nation states in no way precludes the existence of a supra-national control system, any more than the existence of Rhode Island, Florida or Texas precludes the existence of the Federal government.

3 – There will never be an overt declaration of a change of system. We will not be told we are united under a new model, instead the illusion of regionality & superficial variance will camouflage a lack of real choice across the political landscape. A thin polysystemic skin stretched tight over a monosystemic skeleton. Capitalism, communism, socialism, democracy, tyranny, monarchy…these words will steadily dilute in meaning, even more than they have already, but they will never be abandoned. What globalism will bring us – I suggest – is a collection of nation-states largely in name only, operating superficially different systems of government all built on the same underpinning assumptions and all answering to an unelected and undeclared higher authority. …and if that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s essentially what we have already.

The only major aspects missing are the mechanisms by which this rough model can be transformed into a flowing network, where all corners are eroded and all genuine sovereign powers become entirely vestigial. That’s where the three main pillars of global rule come in:
1/ Digital Money
2/ Digital ID
3/ “Climate Action”

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“..the pace of AI development, rising mortality among young people after mass vaccination against Covid-19, record-breaking illegal immigration to the US, and anti-white rhetoric from South African presidential hopeful Julius Malema.”

2024 Is Going To Be ‘Even More Crazy’ – Elon Musk (RT)

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has predicted that 2024 will be “even more crazy” than the preceding four years. Musk was responding to a follower wishing for “a normal year.” “Can we just have a normal year in 2024?” an anonymous pundit known as ‘Wall Street Silver’ tweeted on New Year’s Eve. “Don’t we deserve that after four years of crazy?” “2024 is gonna be even more crazy is my prediction,” Musk responded on Monday. Musk did not predict any “crazy” events that may happen, but in a series of follow-up tweets, the billionaire drew attention to the pace of AI development, rising mortality among young people after mass vaccination against Covid-19, record-breaking illegal immigration to the US, and anti-white rhetoric from South African presidential hopeful Julius Malema.

During 2023, Musk repeatedly warned that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could spiral into a nuclear war between Russia and the US. The billionaire had been providing Ukraine with free access to SpaceX’ Starlink internet service, but has refused to enable the service in the vicinity of Crimea, for fear that Kiev would use Starlink to guide drones to Russian warships. This would have made his company “explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation,” he explained in September.

Hundreds of comments under Musk’s post suggested that much of this year’s “craziness” will be centered around the 2024 presidential election in the US. Musk has not backed a candidate in the race, but told an audience in November that he would “not vote for [President Joe] Biden.” Musk, who previously expressed support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and described Vivek Ramaswamy as a “promising candidate,” added that his refusal to support Biden would not automatically translate into a vote for presumptive Republican contender Donald Trump.

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“..the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

Corruption, Chaos, Conflict – Fourth Turning Erupts In 2024 (Quinn)

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” – Thomas Paine – The American Crisis

Thomas Paine wrote these words 247 years ago, in the most historic year in our history – 1776. That was during the first American Fourth Turning. It’s not a coincidence we are now in the midst of our fourth Crisis period in U.S. history, as they arrive like clockwork every 80 years or so, the length of a long human life. Paine’s American Crisis began in 1773, ignited by the Boston Tea Party and the British reaction to this revolutionary act of defiance. Our current Millennial Crisis was triggered by the Federal Reserve/Wall Street/Government created financial disaster in 2008 and subsequent outrageously desperate, totalitarian, un-Constitutional, extreme acts designed to keep the ruling class in power, while impoverishing and enslaving the masses in a surveillance state techno-gulag.

The polarization and fractures have become too deep to repair. The country, and the western world in general, are hurtling towards a darkening abyss of civil conflict, financial collapse, global war, societal chaos, and loss of life on a scale grander than WW2, the Civil War, and the American Revolution combined. Our technological advancements have outstripped our ability to intelligently, thoughtfully, and humanly, use this power for the benefit of future generations. The destructive deficiencies of human nature, such as: greed, desire for power, hatred, arrogance, resentment, and an unlimited supply of self-delusion, continue to plague our world, as only the most power-hungry psychopaths rise to the highest levels of government, business, religion, and finance.

The immense technological power in the hands of egocentric, megalomaniacal, sadistic, billionaires and their highly paid toadies, lackeys, and apparatchiks, inserted throughout the media, government, academia, banking, and corporations, has pushed the world to the brink of Armageddon. We are entering the sixteenth year of this Fourth Turning. Based on history, we can expect a climax of this Crisis in the 2030-to-2032-timeframe. The path to that climax is guaranteed to be violent and unforgiving.

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“The decline of the dollar is a long-term trend and phenomenon and we are only at the early inception phases of this process..”

Dollar’s Dip in 2023 Just the Start as BRICS Strives for Dedollarization (Sp.)

The dollar suffered a 2.7 percent decline against other major global currencies in 2023, battered by anticipation among speculators of a shift in Fed policy to cut interest rates and weaken global interest in dollar-denominated investments and debt as the US economy slows. The drop in the dollar’s value, the biggest of its kind since 2020, when the greenback declined 5.5 percent as Washington pumped trillions of new dollars into the economy, now comes amid the ongoing tectonic transformations in the contours of the global economy as the US attempts to use its currency as a means of economic pressure against geopolitical rivals.

The West’s economic war against Russia, waged via sanctions and trade restrictions, sparked realization even among many of the US’s traditional allies that their economic relationships and financial well-being were inextricably linked to American goodwill which could disappear at any moment. This realization helped motivate half a dozen countries to join the BRICS bloc last year (Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Argentina), and prompted BRICS+ and other countries to accelerate a search for safe alternatives to the de facto global reserve currency. “The decline of the dollar is a long-term trend and phenomenon and we are only at the early inception phases of this process,” Ashraf Patel, a research associate with the Institute for Global Dialogue, a Pretoria, South Africa-based think tank, told Sputnik.

“The expansion of BRICS and the multi-currency order and move towards a ‘BRICS currency’ is certainly one core factor as the world trade [and] economic investment patterns are diversifying,” Patel said, referring to the currency concept discussed extensively ahead of the BRICS summit in South Africa, and floated again ahead of the upcoming summit in Kazan, Russia later this year. Whether through another nation’s currency or in the form of a new BRICS monetary unit, the prospective benefits of a stable alternative to the dollar as the hegemon of world trade for Global South countries cannot be overstated, the researcher says.

Still, “advocates for dedollarization would need to show value such as cheaper trade costs and less volatility,” Patel stressed. “Dedollarization would of course mean less space for the US to use and abuse currencies of nations for political objectives, as has been their standard policy practice for decades,” he added, characterizing the process, which he estimates been underway since the global financial crisis of 2009, as one of “economic common sense” for other countries. “Lessons from when the Gold Standard was ended in the 1970s is instructive and can provide insights on the pace and velocity of such a process, but the gates of dedollarization have now opened and generally a new global financial-economic and trade diversification is the new norm,” Patel said.

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US Debt Hits A Record $34.001 Trillion (ZH)

The US Treasury has a morbid habit of revealing big, round numbers of debt around major calendar milestones, and the new 2024 year was no different because according to the latest Treasury Daily Statement published after the close today and reflecting the US Treasury’s financial statements as of Dec 29, 2023, total US debt as of the end of the year was – drumroll – just over $34 trillion for the first time ever, or $34,001,493,655,565.48 to be precise. Since this is a topic we have covered more or less daily for our 15 year existence, we don’t need to say much suffice to show a chart of total US debt since zerohedge launched in Jan 2009, when total US debt was only $10.6 trillion. We sure have gone a long way since then.

Some context: US debt increased by…
$1 trillion in the past 3 months
$2 trillion in the past 6 months
$4 trillion in the past 2 years
$11 trillion in the past 4 years
… and so on. You get the exponential picture. At this point everyone knows how this ends – certainly the CBO does… but since there is no way to reverse the catastrophic outcome, there is no point in even talking about it. At best, one may only prepare for the inevitable hyperinflationary outcome, which would be good news to what is now over $1 trillion in interest expense: after all, someone has to devalue the currency all that interest is payable in.

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    Six minutes with Johnny Winter

    c’mon you have six minutes to spare

    Dr. D

    “Israel Assassinates Deputy Head of Hamas in Drone Attack on Beirut Suburb

    Israel bombs foreign countries daily “because they were there” “lookin’ at me in that tone of voice” and then plays the victim. Never dun nuffin’

    “Influential Israeli Politician Urges Army Occupation of Southern Lebanon for 50 Years

    I agree. Since you’ve been attacking them, then Syria and Lebanon should occupy all of Northern Israel for 50 years down to Bethlehem, right? I mean if that’s how fair and justice work? No? Don’t F around; don’t find out. Everyone’s a hero when they’re not on the front lines.

    “Shin Bet deployed anti-abduction force hours before the attack — but didn’t warn rave organizers”

    Whoa, what? Deployed to where and why?

    1^1 x 2^2 + 3^3 + 4^4 + 5^5 + 6^6 + 7^7 + 8^8 +9^9 = 2024 Fixed it.

    ““..pundits who warn that Democrats can no longer rely on the election process, given Trump’s soaring popularity.”

    Tim Pool finally brought this up, and a long run on “Civil War”. That is, Trump isn’t a leading candidate, he’s LEADING THE ELECTION among all candidates. Trump even has the youth vote. (And you wonder why I think this is all a put-on, where he’s got essentially actors and blackmailed people like puppets)

    I’ll post it, although long it runs down some essential points about how Civil war operates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYbUwouQthM That is, The Feds won’t police the borders, Texas says they will do it anyway, then the Feds say they will arrest and shoot Texas if they try. Both are governments, both have court orders.

    FIBI/DoJ arrest Trump, do so with no charges, no legal warrants, in a case with immunity, we all know it, run a special prosecutor who hasn’t been approved and has no authority, then goes before a judge who charges his guilt BEFORE the trial, with no evidence. Just did the same with Giuliani. See what I mean?

    THAT’S NOT GOVERNMENT. That’s just being some d—k off the street. “Government” as the White Hats are trying to hammer through our thick skulls, is when you ACT like a government, when you ACT like the police, when you have rules, and order, and warrants, and due process (14th). If you don’t have that, you are not the “legitimate” government. You’re just a bunch of thugs who took over the office when the mayor stepped out and are sitting in the chair. You went down to Spirit Halloween, got a plastic judge’s gown, and now say you’re Ruth Bader Ginsberg. You hauled me into a court, but the court is at the dog pound you got elected to, and the two policemen are thugs hired by Al Capone wearing a pin that says “I voted” and not a badge.

    Now – I – know this. But the rest of the population needs this stupid spell of authority broken for them, and I guess it takes 10,000 immigrants a day and 10,000 fake trials with no Epstein flight list to break it for them. Worth it at twice the price.

    Btw, if you search “Tim Pool” you get all pages of his enemies and zero pages of his 3-5 channels, each with millions of subs. Yeah, I really wanted top result to be his bald head under the beanie, really top, top priority for anyone clicking “search: civil war”, thanks. All hits FROM THREE YEARS AGO. But it ain’t rigged or nothin’, and YouTube is being a totally honest broker and not a disinformation tower, a beacon of steaming s—t.

    Keep digging, morons, keep showing us who you are. He’s the bottom hit under HIS OWN NAME? Sure, that’s legit.

    “New York City Council Members Reportedly Weighing Trump Ballot Ban (Sp.)

    NY City? Really? Why not the dog catcher, as above? Reportedly, like Chicago, NYC already rigs the state as they allow election rigging in 5-metro which then carries the whole state. Very likely other cities do too, as we saw in 2020 where only 5 states and only like 10 cities tipped it. And going way back where 95% of all counties vote one way, the 5% win anyway, then complain about how there’s “No Democracy” and they need to kill everyone in the 95%. Uh-huh.

    “• Karaganov: Russians Are The Real Europeans, The West Has Lost Its Way (RT)

    Wow, but you don’t need him to say it. Every person out there, from Oxford to Harvard, would de-tenure, fire, and jail any Rousseau or Voltaire. Because they are. Every. Day. They would vote FOR intolerant religion instead of reason and debate. Because they do. Every. Day. And so on.

    And we all know it. The real traitors are the traitors to Reason and the Enlightenment, the core “Rights of Man.” Which they are, know it, and say and publish it proudly.

    “Because Western Europe is cancelling a culture that is largely based on love and Christian values. It is cancelling its history, destroying its monuments.”

    He’s obviously not being hyperbolic. He’s being literally accurate, a hurdle I often can’t get over. Like people: I’m not being sarcastic. You HEAR it as me being sarcastic or hyperbolic, but I’m being literal. They are LITERALLY canceling. They are LITERALLY destroying all monuments. They are LITERALLY re-writing past history. They are LITERALLY jailing all opponents and stealing all money. And the method they use is LITERALLY fascism, the merger of corporation and state, where the State controls the means of production for “The greater good”.

    And I am LITERALLY for the principles of Enlightenment that sparked the American Revolution, and I am LITERALLY fighting the same battle as we did then. It’s not some kind of metaphor, some self-aggrandizement. My God let it stop for all that. Go away so I don’t have to. But they are LITERALLY mentally ill and LITERALLY can’t. I am LITERALLY sick of it.

    ““..Europe is currently being prepared to hand its territory over to a new mixed, Islamised Europe..”

    Interesting contrast to the West after 2001 when we were told we were fighting a 100-year crusade against Islam, we were all racists and shouldn’t be prejudiced. (Eyeroll.) No YOU were the racists, you NeoLibs, NeoCons in government. We TOLD you this would happen. So now Europe was handed to Islam? Or else an extended Civil War? Riiiiiiight. And it’s not like that’s a surprise, it’s like we have “Three World Wars” a struggle of all against all to utter exhaustion. …Which puts who in charge? Huh. Funny ol’ world.

    ““Our world has become a more unsettled and harsher place. It’s changing at an almost breathtaking speed,” the chancellor added.”

    Yes it is when you send all your working Leopard tanks to attack Russia. These sort of things suddenly happen when you suddenly do that.

    “We in Germany will get through it,” Scholz said.”

    “Germany” will. Because “Germany” is a PEOPLE, and essentially eternal, whether good or bad, whether large or small. But YOU won’t get through it, Mr. Scholz. But you see he nearly lost his eye and is taking orders. From Al Capone or whoever, in the Dog Catcher’s office.

    “it was Russia which “turned off the taps”

    Many of you are in Europe: does anyone believe this? The man on the street? My thought is: No, that’s too far, but Russia did invade for no reason and we had to “do something”. Is that correct?

    “Ukraine and Palestine: A Double Threat to US Hegemony (Bhadrakumar)

    Except “Biden” did none of that. “Biden” doesn’t know where he is or what day. Therefore “Biden” isn’t feeling anything and isn’t running anything. Who is? Is that not, like, relevant? I would think who’s running one of the world’s largest countries should be of relevance to someone, right? No? Nope, I guess not. I guess nobody cares who has the nuclear codes and is handing out $1T a month.

    “Global government is the endgame. We know that. Total control of every aspect of life for every single person on the planet, that’s the goal.”

    Yes, but as Blinken’s father said a generation ago, THAT’S NOT GOVERNMENT. “Government” (modern) is when you have a say in who’s running things and what direction you go. This is “Corporations” controlling every aspect of your life, which are best demonstrated by the WHO and CDC. They’re both “Government” and “Not-Government”, both legal and illegal. Both authoritative and suggestive, both Public and Private. That is, the method they use is LITERALLY fascism, the merger of corporation and state, where the “State” controls the means of production for “The greater good”. Or Pan-State, as in good #AntiLogos fashion they are both the State and Not-State, whichever is more convenient, minute by minute.

    Corporations: Blame Government! Government: Blame Corporations! Behind the scenes, same men on interlocking boards with a revolving door between public and private, DoD to Defense Contractors, EPA to Monsanto, FDA to Pfizer so fast it’s a blur.

    3 – There will never be an overt declaration of a change of system.”

    Yes. That’s the system we’re under now, and all our lives now. There is no “SHTF”, no “WROL”. THIS is the STHF, WROL where you should dig up your guns. So says everything in history of any place you ever read it’s the same. They just put up “Walking Dead” etc on TV so you’ll act like a moron instead of say, reading FerFal who grew up watching Argentina be taken over into the world’s premier s—thole. “But Chiquito, we only need a bulletproof vest to walk to the grocery store on SOME days. Don’t go: It’s not that bad yet.” AYFKM?

    Look outside: this is LITERALLY happening. Chicago is LITERALLY trying to take over groceries to be run by government, so they will stay open there, which is LITERALLY the first platform of Socialism, or if you like the proto Nazi party (Who were LITERALLY Socialists, thus the word in the name.) Can you get to the store and back without being robbed or going bankrupt? How long?

    “the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” – Thomas Paine

    I’ll have a big plate of “Skip it”, thanks. No glory for me, you take mine.

    “The polarization and fractures have become too deep to repair.”

    Ay contraire. They are ALWAYS repaired. Always. So why don’t we skip the middle part and repair it now?

    “If people sat out under the stars, they’d live differently…”

    Yes. And we’re going there. They’d build houses and not be homeless and stay warm instead. It changes your view.

    “Eclipse” But not just during eclipses, if you look carefully. They are always gravitating to rounds. And often you can see a camera obscura on many walls in many places as a car drives by, but slightly out of focus. It’s right there and your eyes see it, but not your mind, your word-intelligence.

    The same with sound, but that is more intangible.

    Following men and women over sports, or trans sports today is just astounding. Again, I thought men would be like 20% better and maybe one in 100,000 trans people would make purposeful trouble.

    Instead, we have cases where ANY man, who just got up from Cheetos and WoW, can beat any top-ranking woman without trying. Like they’re 200% better or something. Cases one man beats entire woman’s soccer team. 60 YEARS OLD. One man wrestles off two women, just stands up and walks away. Any sparring partner can knock out the woman’s champ. Any man in tennis can serve 40 – Love. Like: there’s a huge difference in men’s power and ability too, but we’re not even talking the topmost men, who make average men look like little girls. We’re talking average, active guys.

    So this has begun to annoy me as if you browse Netflix, Disney, Prime, and HBO, 100% of all soldiers are women. 100% of all assassins are women. 100% of all fighters are women. It’s what they’re really made for, I guess! There’s nothing women like better than fighting, hurting, yelling, killing, right? They’re faster, bigger, stronger, better, more determined. Just better at everything I guess! And one punch knocks a guy right out of his helicopter while the average guy like Jack McBrayer or Napoleon Dynamite hide behind her. OMG so bored. It was a fun novelty in like “Nikita” where nobody saw it coming, and also done properly, but we can expand to no Westerns with men, no super heroes with men, no walks up the Appalachian trail with men, no male climbers, no male fishermen, no male oil riggers…

    This is because in reality, Napoleon Dynamite and Pedo could take on a forest of Austin Powers Fembots, with nunchucks, and destroy them while eating a taco. So the minute I see it now, in the title, or on the cover, swipe left, as I’m just going to roll my eyes, be annoyed, and lose all semblance “Suspension of disbelief” and end up in my living room, bored AF wondering what happened. Why did you do that? Why did you ruin a perfectly good movie AGAIN? “Put a chick in it, make ‘er gay.” –South Park

    Apparently there are no men. Men don’t exist. There are no shows for men, no movies for men, no sports for men, no themes for men, no goals for men and NO PURPOSE FOR MEN. Uh-huh. Every person in all history is gay, black, and female. That’s what I learned from TV!! Everyone in Victorian England was black and gay: 100 Percent. Everyone in WWII was black and gay. Every Colonel, every codebreaker, every scientist, all women, black and gay. Make it Stop!!!

    Okay then, fine: you win. Apparently THEY were on top, the majority, doing and running everything. That’s what YOU TOLD ME: I’m just believing what YOU said. MEN were the victims of their world, having no lives or agency of their own. Right? Therefore they are the designated victims, the underclass. And if you want to know what “Untouchables” look like, as a class, it’s this: if you even COMPLAIN or MENTION it, point at it, everyone loses their minds and piles on to pick on you AGAIN, “How dare you???” And you think this is not insane.

    Here’s one: man on the street interview, asked, “So, you’re against the Patriarchy…in a Matriarchy, what will be the purpose of men?” Sputter, sputter…. No, legit LITERAL question. With a LITERAL answer. ¿Que?

    This movie is not for you. Okay, you win: This movie, none of the movies listed anywhere since 1971 are for me. So I don’t pay for any of your services, and you have 150 million less customers. Right? Who then go out their doors to do REAL things, in the REAL world, with REAL people, while you can’t monitor, sap, or influence them. Right? WHILE giving them a challenge that makes them all infinitely stronger. Right? Okay then: you’re the genius; you win.

    Thelma Unite!

    D-R D=R

    Yup, all united. Against me.


    Knightly is dead on correct. The worldwide covid clusterfuck and cattleshots should have driven this home, even to the dense. Its not coming, its here. Has been for a long time, set up by the World Wars. Western peoples were too busy being entertained and fattened up for the kill to notice. Voting is irrelevant, different actors in a soap opera following a script. Very soon we wont even be able to discuss such matters. Thoughtcrime, anti-semetism’s ugly stepchild has already castrated Europe. Prepare well, White people, it is you who must be destroyed for the NWO to succeed. Up against Leviathin, you have only the blood of your ancestors and the spark of God.

    Dr. D

    Not kidding: pushed on my feed not 10 seconds ago:

    “The Royal Family’s Very Queer History: Beyond ‘The Favourite’: Queen Anne is just the beginning.” — Town & Country Magazine · 10 min

    That’s right, every King, every Queen, every prince, every Lord, every Emperor, was black and gay! Even Elagabalus who was famous for sleeping with the Vestal Virgins! Sleeping with women = gay now, just like cold winters = Global Warming. Like me, he’s a Trans person who’s gay and presenting as male! (Translation: a Cis Hetero “Man”)

    And the part: “What are you taking about Docktor? You’re overreacting, just seeing things.” No, I am literally pointing out the Literal headlines. Like yesterday, the Literal list of the NYT Book editor’s Literal every article. https://www.nytimes.com/by/jennifer-szalai

    And I’m sure that you’re literally sick of hearing it as I am of seeing it. Can we admit it’s happening so we can take the next step now? Thanks.


    “If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I bet they’d live a lot differently.”

    Most would already be living a lot differently if they could see the stars at night.

    Concerning the electric tractor from yesterday and about ev’s in general. What’s up with all the Kw’s involved? All we ever see is the amount/number of kwh’s a battery pack holds and then equated to household usage. It’s comparing helium balloons with the space station, yes both seem to float but…. it’s the amp hours stupid. If your bank holds 35/kw hours how long does this do real work? For the x45h2 tractor it states 8hr running and equates that with 8 acres coverage, doing what exactly? Will it do that pulling a three or four bottom plough? I have my doubts especially if the ground is soft or conversely well packed. It has a 32/kw motor, so if all that power is required it will last about one hour as you can’t use all of your battery. You probably can’t use all the power at once for very long anyway as it would cause the bank to over heat and start a fire. At the end of the day, which will be less than eight hours unless you are just driving around the farm, it’s about the amps the work requires from the bank. If the bank is 800 amp/hrs and the work being done needs 200 amp/hrs then four hours later your day is over. I don’t know the amp hour rating for this as it required a sign in to maybe get it, so forget it from here. There are so many variables it’s a useless exercise to try and sort through it. Electricity is a most useful source of work but it’s storage for use later is a no go when compared to diesel. Battery storage works for small draws over shorter time spans but falls short over the longer time spans and is not very good for heavy lifting over shorter spans such as a work day. The devil is in the details! Having lived with a battery bank doing most of our domestics for 17 years and counting it is definitely about your amp hour demand over an extended period. For us that period is a conveniently defined unit: sunrise til sunrise. Over this time period we use approximately 65 amp hours and our requirements for refilling is about double. This at my latitude in the northern hemisphere from mid November til mid January isn’t doable on cloudy days, so it’s supplemented by running the generator a couple of hours +/- at sundown. Battery backup needs backup!

    From Quora:
    But a Ludicrous P100D is been seen to generate over 570kW during max acceleration, which at 400V gives you 1,425A. The new fuse that Tesla use to turn a regular P100D into a Ludicrous P100D (along with other changes) is rated at around 1500A, so that is roughly in the right ball park.

    So 1425 amps! Big number but how long could the bank last at that kind of draw? I suspect it would be shut down by internal safety mechanisms due to overheating long before it ran out of charge. Lot of heat there, think arc welders.

    D Benton Smith

    Like Joe Rogan said, there are lots of conspiracies that have already been proven to be true, nobody doubts that they have been proven, just follow the money and power.

    What? What did he just say there?

    “Just follow the money and power”?

    Why do that?

    Is Joe suggesting that money and power are somehow causally associated with criminal conspiracy to such a degree that you can get to the source of the crime more more easily by following the money and power than you can get there by following physical evidence of the crime itself?

    Oh! Maybe what Joe is saying (without saying it) that money and power ARE conspiracy, and that money and power ARE criminal.

    How could that possibly be? Isn’t it hammered into our brains from the day we’re born that we should (nay, MUST) strive for wealth and power, and that the measure of our worth as human beings (our very right to be alive) depends on how much wealth and power we can amass, relative to everyone else. I mean, isn’t wealth and power how you “get to the top” that we’re literally forced to try to ascend to?

    So is Joe saying that to get to the root cause of criminal conspiracies you just trace back the hierarchical structure of wealth and authority (i.e. the food chain of money and power) and that is where it will lead you?

    Well if THAT’S what he’s saying then I would have to say that I agree with him. Very very much.

    D Benton Smith

    A bunch of months ago (ancient history, I know) I posted a bunch of comments more or less in series, that basically said the following:

    As truth comes out it releases more truths coming out as the obstructing lies get stripped away to reveal what they were hiding. This will result in a CLASSIC “chain reaction” , ending in what would appear to be an “explosion” of nuclear bomb proportions. That’s how chain reactions work. It’s just a process that speeds itself up as it speeds itself up, until it’s going so fast that it LOOKS like it’s happening all at once.

    Already the pundits and headlines everywhere are predicting that the “Crazy” stuff is going to get a lot crazier this year. WRONG ! Absolutely wrong.

    The crazy stuff isn’t new. It has always been there (and the craziest crazy is still there, right now!), it’s just that most folks couldn’t see it. The world is not getting crazier. The craziness is just getting LESS HIDDEN.

    The truth bombs are starting to expose the storage bunkers and command & control centers of a WEAKENING ENEMY.

    As more truth (about past and present CRAZINESS) comes into public view then more (and then even more) truths will come out as the layers of blindfold are removed from out eyes.

    Get as ready as you can for experiencing a Max Truth “explosion”.

    It will look like a literal explosion because it will happen so fast that you will simply not be able to keep up with all of it, and it will probably look a lot like Max Crazy when it does.

    Brace yourselves.


    Catherine Price
    Tue 2 Jan 2024 13.00 GMT
    It was 3.30 in the morning when I realized I needed to break up with my phone. I was holding my baby in my arms as I scrolled through eBay, feeling a bit delusional with fatigue, when I had a brief out-of-body experience in which I saw the scene as if I were an outsider.

    There was my baby, gazing up at me. And there was me, looking down at my phone.

    I was horrified. This was not the impression I wanted my child to have of a human relationship, and it also wasn’t how I wanted to be living my own life. I decided in that moment that I needed to “break up” with my phone and create a new relationship with better boundaries.



    Democracy/King of the hill

    Peaceful transfer of power with voting.

    Only the idealistically few expect a fair trial/justice.

    Who is running the USA?

    They don’t want to know the truth.

    They prefer going on believing the lies.

    Motivators/Hate, revenge, fear.

    From the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

    Yemen Houthi official vows US will be ‘punished’ after killing 10 in Red Sea.

    Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets of Ramallah and other towns in the West Bank to condemn Arouri’s killing, chanting, “Revenge, revenge, Qassam!”
    “Israel Assassinates Deputy Head of Hamas in Drone Attack on Beirut Suburb

    Israeli bombardments have engulfed Gaza’s 2.3 million residents in a humanitarian disaster, genocide, in which thousands have been left destitute and threatened by famine due to a lack of food supplies. Gaza death toll passes 22,000.

    Iran Confirms Over 70 Killed By Terror Attacks On Memorial Event For IRGC’s Soleimani
    …vows to punish perpetrators

    “If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I bet they’d live a lot differently.”

    You forgot some motivators … the heat, the cold, the rain, the snow, the neighbors … bed bugs, mosquitoes, black flies ….
    @ Red
    Concerning the electric tractor …
    The devil is in the details!
    Good explanation.
    Electricity is a most useful source of work but it’s storage for use later is a no go when compared to diesel.
    How about, compared to NO diesel.
    ” Having lived with a battery bank doing most of our domestics for 17 years and counting it is definitely about your amp hour demand over an extended period. For us that period is a conveniently defined unit: sunrise til sunrise. Over this time period we use approximately 65 amp hours and our requirements for refilling is about double. This at my latitude in the northern hemisphere from mid November til mid January isn’t doable on cloudy days, so it’s supplemented by running the generator a couple of hours +/- at sundown. Battery backup needs backup!”
    The future will be different.
    ( Benthere,donethat) “Having lived with a battery bank and windmill”)

    @ D Benton Smith
    “The craziness is just getting LESS HIDDEN.”
    The web caused lost control of the narrative.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Check it again Dr D, what was first given above works as well as this:

    1^3 X (https://theautomaticearth.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/2024Sum2.jpg)

    Your formula is of a year not yet having a calendar printed it looks like. Try squaring 81 (9^4)=> 6561 plus all the rest of the nines and all the other additions. Too calculated by half.


    So we will keep European culture, which the West of our continent seems to be trying to abandon. But I hope that it will not destroy itself completely, in this regard. Because Western Europe is not only abandoning Russian culture, it is abandoning its own culture. It is cancelling a culture that is largely based on love and Christian values. It is cancelling its history, destroying its monuments.

    Or from Karl Denninger/Tickerguy/Genesis

    In the middle of a holiday dinner my father went down a bridge too far. He was not drunk; we did have a single adult beverage each, but none of us were intoxicated. He proceeded to tell me (as he had before) that he was entitled to take actions politically that would, with certainly, screw his granddaughter and, as I pointed out to him he knew it because he was not a stupid man…

    …I got up from the table, collected my daughter and our things and we left to drive back home, 4-1/2 hours. I did not speak to him or anyone else in the family for several years.

    Too much? I don’t think so — not even today. He threatened to by his advocacy and vote damage his own granddaughter and my progeny and it was not a mistake — it was a statement of both intent and was issued with both knowledge of the expected outcome and malice.

    Why would anyone sit for that or excuse it? If you do then you are also taking up that position and permitting it to move forward without consequence; that’s your kid being screwed and yes, the screwing is indirect and 20 years into the future but it is as certain if that policy set goes forward as night follows day.

    Karl’s getting it partially wrong in his response, I think. His solution is total separation, non-association.

    Simply arguing or discussing facts is wrong as well. If a man is sitting in a living room presenting vile, self-serving, knowing declarations of screwing over his granddaughter, this isn’t a nice disagreement, that isn’t what is going on.

    And if he didn’t come out and SAY he was going to screw over his granddaughter, in his heart, in his mind, totally dedicated, to the extent that he can, do so, but studiously avoids saying it throughout a heated debate? BECAUSE he knows it. Or maybe he keeps jumping in with “I never said it, I never said it”

    I can certainly understand why Karl walks out.

    Why the fuck should Karl
    1.) Pretend that granddad just doesn’t know WHEN HE DOES
    2.) Pretend grandad just hasn’t figured out the consequences WHEN HE HAS
    3.) Pretend granddad has no malice WHEN HE HAS
    4.) Pretend for granddad to have amnesia so they can have future get-togethers where he pretends 1-4 for him all the time

    Make “This isn’t really happening” a way of life?

    Folks if you won’t enforce reasonable standards that, if not enforced, will screw you or your children then you wildly increase the risk that when the privation occurs the outcome will be severe, civilization-rending violence

    At least Russia is getting it. Not just tearing down the monuments, but tearing down what the monuments are TO.

    We got so used to thinking being edgy and on the margins was cool, questioning the center is such a great piece of flair, we forgot it was DERIVATIVE. DERIVATIVE of that normal human life, culture, traditions that kept things actually running. (And the cool edgy different solar panels, windmills, electric cars depend on the larger oil and coal economy and are a virtue luxury…)

    We pretend we can continually tear it apart but ALSO take it for granted, that it will be there giving us prosperity and stability – which were always emergent properties of the underlying culture. We saw away at the airplane wing, confident that “they” wouldn’t let anything bad happen with air travel. Counting on the hated thing that should not be to be indestructible and last forever. (does this just come down to the most widespread historically monumental case of daddy issues or something?)

    When people keep endlessly regurgitating ideas that intrinsically are hostile to civilization, culture, human consciousness, reality, there SHOULD be a different type of response.

    Like if someone keeps spouting all the underlying ideas of the nazis but never mentions invading countries or putting people on boxcars, but just keeps going and going KNOWING who holds the ideas, knowing what it leads to or knowing that people already ARE being put on boxcars, but then says “Woah, I never said boxcars. I never said it”

    See 1-4 above. See “This isn’t really happening.”

    I don’t know what to do with this yet because I’ve never dealt with it before. My current theory is you have to NAME the bad thing. Openly. Very overtly. Name it in such a way that pretending 1-4 is irrelevant to the “discussion” which isn’t discussion. I know I suck at it but I’m just a call center worker trying to punch above his weight while way out of his league. I’m not Jordan Peterson or Daniel Schmachtenberger or whoever.

    Everybody’s advice on dealing with Cluster-B/NPD, which from a pragmatic point of view, is what’s going on – advice from experts, professionals with decades of clinical experience under their belts is “get away from them.” That’s it. There is no expert knowledge, no scientific study, no historical study of what to do when the NPD bubble expands to fill your society and there is nowhere to get away to.


    Tucker’s new company, ‘Tucker Carlson Network’, is running MASSIVE ads showing his Red Pill logo DESTROYING The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and ABC saying ‘Your Great Replacement’

    Eat Dirt and Die Mediawhores!




    My New Year’s Wish

    Where the NeoConJobs finally end up

    This guy looks like Blinken in full diplomatic regalia



    Regarding the 59 percentage figure of the USD used as the reserve currency by the world’s central banks.

    Note this calculation converts all the other non-USD world’s reserve currencies into USD equivalents before calculating the USD’s percentage use by the world’s central banks.

    So the current exchange rate between the USD and other world currencies plays a big role in the calulated percentage of USD being used by the world’s central banks as a reserve currency.

    If the USD exchange rate goes up (USD gets stronger), then the calculated percentage of the USD being used as a reserve currency also goes up. If the USD’s exchange rate falls (USD gets weaker), then the calculated percentage of the USD being used as a reserve currency also goes down.

    In other words, this USD percentage change really boils down to how strong or weak the USD is compared to other world currencies.

    This çalculated figure only indirectly reflects the USD usage in world trade. Lots of world trade is priced in USD but paid for in other currencies.

    So the hype this USD percentage figure gets, can be a bit misleading.


    US upsets regional balance; Arouri assassination will backfire on Washington: Iran defense minister
    Wednesday, 03 January 2024 9:53 AM [ Last Update: Wednesday, 03 January 2024


    Iran says at least 103 people killed, 141 wounded in blasts at ceremony honouring slain general
    Iran explosion
    People are seen running after an explosion in Kerman, Iran, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024. Explosions at an event honoring a prominent Iranian general slain in a U.S. airstrike in 2020 have killed dozens, state-run media in Iran reported Wednesday.

    Jon Gambrell, The Associated Press
    Published Wednesday, January 3, 2024 9:29AM EST
    Last Updated Wednesday, January 3, 2024 9:43AM EST


    Iran stations warship in Red Sea as US aircraft carrier leaves Middle East
    JANUARY 1, 2024 13:58
    Updated: JANUARY 1, 2024 15:20
    Dec 31, 2024

    USS Gerald R. Ford to Leave the Eastern Mediterranean, ABC Says
    Max Zimmerman, Bloomberg News

    (Bloomberg) — The USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier strike group will leave the eastern Mediterranean Sea more than two months after being sent to the region following Hamas’ attack on Israel in October, ABC News reported.

    The carrier and other surface ships that form the strike group will head back to their home port of Norfolk, Virginia, in the “coming days” as originally scheduled, a senior US official and a US official told the outlet. The carrier group is returning to the US to prepare for future deployments.

    The US will still have military capability in the region and flexibility to deploy additional cruisers and destroyers in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the senior US official told ABC.


    U.S. carrier set to leave war region
    January 2, 2024 at 4:00 a.m.

    The Ford and its accompanying warships will be replaced by the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan and its accompanying warships, the USS Mesa Verde and the USS Carter Hall. The three vessels had been in the Red Sea and have been transiting toward the Eastern Mediterranean over the past few days.


    January 03, 2024
    Palestine SitRep – Hizbullah’s Response To Assassinations By Israel In Lebanon
    The war on Gaza has not proceeded the way the Netanyahoo government had planned. Fierce resistance continues and Israeli Occupation Forces are taking relatively high losses.

    PressTV will have live coverage of the speech. Nasrallah will surely include a response to yesterday’s attack.

    D Benton Smith

    There are a couple of rules for being a friend, and one of those rules is that you tell friends the truth. You don’t lie to them, because that would weaken and harm them, which you have to admit would not be a very friendly thing to do.

    The other rule is that we let friends be friends to us, too. We let them tell us the truth, for instance. We don’t try to stop them from doing that because that would prevent them from being our friend (see rule #1, above).

    No true friend would let a true friend commit a fatal mistake without at least telling them the truth about it being a fatal mistake. Perhaps you should not FORCE them to not make the mistake (that is a hotly debatable issue all in itself) but at a minimum you are obligated by honor and friendship to at least TELL them about the fatal mistake that they’re making and why they should stop making it.

    Both you and they have certain inalienable rights as well, such as the right to be a friend if you want to be. So you can’t be an actual friend by taking that freedom away. In other words, to use force to prevent another from even trying to treat you as a friend is an attempt to take away their right to at least TRY to be friendly. Since speaking truth to each other is what friends do then it should be recognized that making them stop truth-telling to you is the same as making them stop being friendly to you.

    To put that another way, you can’t (or shouldn’t) censor a friend. That is to say that although you are CAPABLE of using force or other means to shut someone up or remove their presence, if you do either of those things then you are NOT being their friend. Clearly, then, the act of making someone shut up and go away (or die) is not an act of friendship. It is instead, literally, the act of ENDING friendship.

    We are not alone in our lives. We are surrounded by others. If you’re surrounded by friends then life will tend to be, on average, a lot better than if one is surrounded by adversaries and non-friendly competitors. So, it is not just advisable to have friends. It is NECESSARY.

    Therefore, the act of ending friendships is frequently (possibly always) a fatal mistake.

    Real friends don’t let friends make fatal mistakes without at least telling them that’s what they’re making.

    And if you really love them, you continue to tell them, even when they force you to shut up and go away.

    Keep telling them the truth, because that’s what real friends do, but remember that they do indeed have free will, which includes their right to make a mistake that will be fatal ….. to THEM. It is in your own best interests to persuade them not to do that, and the only way that I know of to do that is to keep on telling them the truth of it.


    Welcome your triggers when they come-
    They tell you where you’ve been.
    You’ll speak instead of being dumb-
    With the courage you wished for then.

    When people study English in the far, far distance future, the American dialect will be known as “Fuckinglish”.

    “If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.”
    Amen to that.

    Dr D Rich

    Let’s hear it for war with China!
    Dammit already!

    Elon (s)Mu(g)sk said, “Hahahahahahaha!” Smugly a few years ago.

    It’s hard to believe the following is true. I mean after all it’s CNN, but who doesn’t trust Elon Musk’s Midas Touch to winner, win.

    CNN: China’s BYD sold a record number of cars in 2023, moving it closer to displacing Tesla as the world market leader for electric vehicles.

    The Chinese company posted a 62% surge in global sales to just over three million units last year, compared to 2022, according to a stock exchange filing.

    BYD sold 1.57 million battery electric vehicles (BEVs) last year, up 73%, as well as 1.44 million hybrids, 52% higher than the previous year.

    Apples to Oranges


    Ç or ç (C-cedilla) is a Latin script letter used in the Albanian, Azerbaijani, Manx, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Kurdish, Kazakh, and Romance alphabets

    Figmund Sreud

    And so they huff and they puff, … and puff still some more! – from my in-box mid-day today:

    U.S.-Led Coalition Warns Houthis to Stop Ship Attacks, from 1 hour ago by Dow Jones
    1 hour ago by Dow Jones
    By Michael R. Gordon, Gordon Lubold and Nancy A. Youssef
    WASHINGTON—The U.S., Britain and key allies issued a final warning to the Houthi Yemeni rebel group Wednesday to cease its attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea or bear the consequences.
    “Ongoing Houthi attacks in the Red Sea are illegal, unacceptable, and profoundly destabilizing,” says the statement issued by 12 nations. “The Houthis will bear the responsibility of the consequences should they continue to threaten lives, the global economy, and free flow of commerce in the region’s critical waterways.”
    The U.S. military has prepared options to strike the Iran-backed rebel group, U.S. officials say.
    Should the U.S., Britain and other nations use force, potential targets could include launchers for antiship missiles and drones, targeting infrastructure such as coastal radar installations, and storage facilities for munitions. Among the challenges to striking Houthi targets is that many of their weapons systems are mobile, the officials said.
    The Biden administration has been cautious about using force, seeking to protect the prospects for a diplomatic resolution to the Yemen conflict and avoid becoming entangled in a tit-for-tat confrontation with Houthis, whom some American officials view as an unpredictable wild card.
    Houthi fighters overthrew the Yemeni government in 2014, which led Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations to mount a military campaign against the rebels. Months of talks between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis, who are backed by Iran, have produced a road map that the U.S. hopes could lead to resolution of the conflict.
    But the conflict between Hamas and Israel has spurred the Houthis to launch missiles and drones at Israel and shipping traffic in the Red Sea.
    As of Tuesday, the Houthis have carried out 24 attacks on commercial ships since mid-November, according to the U.S. Central Command, which oversees U.S. military operations in the Middle East. Tensions escalated further last week when Houthi fighters on four small boats fired at U.S. helicopters that came to the rescue of a Singapore-flagged vessel in the Red Sea. The U.S. Navy helicopters returned fire, sinking three of the Houthi boats.
    The Houthi attacks have had an effect on the global economy. Most oil tankers and containerships are still avoiding that route and going around Africa. On Tuesday, the Danish shipping company A.P. Moller-Maersk said it would avoid the Red Sea route.
    “Nearly 15 percent of global seaborne trade passes through the Red Sea, including 8 percent of global grain trade, 12 percent of seaborne-traded oil and 8 percent of the world’s liquefied natural gas trade,” the joint statement read. “International shipping companies continue to reroute their vessels around the Cape of Good Hope, adding significant cost and weeks of delay to the delivery of goods, and ultimately jeopardizing the movement of critical food, fuel, and humanitarian assistance throughout the world.”
    The U.S. and Britain led the effort to issue a fresh multinational warning to the Houthis. For days, diplomats discussed the text as they sought to broaden the list of the number of nations that were prepared to join it.
    The final list of signatories was: the U.S., Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Britain.
    An emergency United Nations Security Council meeting on the Houthi threat to shipping in the Red Sea has been scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at the request of the U.S., Britain, France and other nations.
    The USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier battle group is in the region along with other American naval assets, British ships and ships from other nations.
    The Houthis have said their attacks are a response to the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza and were quick to join the fighting. On Oct. 19, the Houthis launched land-attack cruise missiles and drones at Israel, according to U.S. officials. Those weapons systems were designed by Iran, according to American intelligence.
    The USS Carney guided-missile destroyer, which was sailing in the northern Red Sea, shot down several of the cruise missiles, while one was intercepted by Saudi Arabia, according to people familiar with the episode.
    The Houthis soon turned their sights to commercial ships, including by using the same kind of ballistic missiles that Iran has provided to the group, U.S. intelligence says. Houthi officials have said they are aiming only at ships linked to Israel, but the Pentagon has tracked attacks on vessels flagged or owned in other countries.
    Houthi attacks against international shipping have been carried out by drones, small boats and missiles, “including the first use of anti-ship ballistic missiles against such vessels,” the joint statement noted.
    On Tuesday evening, the Houthis launched two missiles that landed in the Red Sea, without causing any damage, U.S. Central Command said. On Wednesday, the Houthis claimed they had targeted a Malta-flagged container ship they said was bound for an Israeli port. The group attacked the ship after its crew “refused to respond to calls from the Yemeni naval forces, including fiery warning messages,” a spokesman for the group said. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the U.S. and Houthi reports referred to the same incident.
    “The Houthis appeared to be striking maritime targets given that they have failed to strike Israel on land,” said Behnam Ben Taleblu of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington-based think tank that has highlighted the threat it says Iran poses to the U.S. and its allies. “Iran is using the Houthis to generate economic costs that it hopes will pressure Washington to wind down Jerusalem’s war against Hamas.”
    Some U.S. officials have expressed hope that Israel’s plans to lower the intensity of its fighting in Gaza might lead to a reduction of the Houthi attacks on commercial ships and thus ease the pressure on the U.S. and Britain to respond.
    The Obama administration carried out cruise missile strikes in 2016 against coastal radar sites in areas controlled by the Houthis, which the Pentagon described at the time as “limited self-defense strikes” after the Houthis fired missiles at a U.S. destroyer.
    Iranian state media said Monday that an Iranian destroyer was moving toward the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb strait, a key crossing between the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.
    William Mauldin contributed to this article.
    Write to Michael R. Gordon at [email protected], Gordon Lubold at [email protected] and Nancy A. Youssef at [email protected]
    Copyright 2024 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.


    That is, Americans use the “fuck” an awful lot.
    My New Year’s resolution will be to use it somewhat less. ; )
    If I ever make a New Year’s resolution, that is.

    Dr D Rich

    To be certain there’s more going on between dec(i)(a)billionaire boy (future centibillionaire) and cute flirty Asian chick. Generally seduction mode in an Asian Borderline is characterized by the unnatural deepening of the feminine voice followed by husky laughter BUT it’s Elon Musk who pulls off the latter. Frankly, I think Elon the billionaire is just a little piss-perplexed the Asian Anchor isn’t kowtowing to his eminence(s).


    …the word “f***”….
    Got up at 4am. Time for a nap.


    DBS if one takes Galbraith’s view that the elite prefer to risk losing everything than compromise a portion of their wealth and apply that to western culture as a whole the trajectory makes more sense. As it is noted that the elite will risk total destruction rather than surrender any part of their priviledge, the population of the west are a group of priviledge and are unwilling to surrender anything. I do not think that there is a substantial difference of intellect among the economic classes in the west. Knowledge of how to rise has become common knowledge. Corruption has a tipping point, we are here.


    USA finally murdered Iranians

    More than 100 people killed in twin blasts near slain Iran commander’s grave
    By Mostafa Salem, Abbas Al Lawati and Rob Picheta and Hande Atay Alam, CNN

    Updated 3:21 PM EST, Wed January 3, 2024

    Expected denial:
    The US was not involved in the twin explosions in Iran Wednesday and “we have no reason to believe that Israel was involved,” State Department spokesperson Matt Miller said.

    John Day

    Economics And Empires https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/economics-and-empires

    Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis (Serbian) caps off his excellent series: Economics and Empires 6 [i]​ Downfall
    ​ Power or hegemony is attained through control of markets and resources. These two aspects are everything that is important in the global game of power. Nothing else. Again:
    ​ The United States of America has been chosen as the host for the Western Oligarchy to enforce its policies from a militarily unreachable place. Obviously, that has succeeded very well. The Western Oligarchy consists of Oligarchs, mainly from the Western states. Not only from the United States, but from other Western countries as well. Hence, their intention to make these states prosper at the expense of the rest of the world….
    -Extensive analysis, graphics and explanation –
    ​..Implementation of the free world order could be finished by 2032, maybe.
    But will it be a paradise? I’m sure that a period of prosperity will follow for most of the people of the world. And there will be losers as well.
    ​ But will the freedom and independence of most nations be long lasting? I hope so, but by studying the rise and fall of empires we all know the following: The next empire is right around the corner. And it won’t be Russia in this case.
    ​ We should all stay vigilant and try to do everything to avoid any empire being established. People should be free. Nations should be free.
    But our nature seeks to dominate over others. And this is why our history is full of violence. There is little hope to change this as long as humans are ruling over us.

    ​ Russia’s BRICS Presidency Lends Hope for ‘Proactive Push Towards Multipolarity’
    ​ President Vladimir Putin underscored at the end of the year that Russia would devote its BRICS presidency in 2024 to building a fair world order, and “strengthening multilateralism for equitable global development and security.”

    ​ Global Elections 2024: A Year of Political Shift?​ [Will I get to vote for anybody who is not already corrupted? Will votes be counted or ​just pretend-counted?]
    ​ As the world steps into the leap year of 2024, the global stage is set for a series of significant events, with elections playing a pivotal role in shaping the future. A staggering 46% of the world’s population, along with 54% of global GDP, will engage in the procedure this year.

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow , The enabler of our two concurrent world wars: Washington
    From the perspective of Washington, these are proxy wars which put at risk very few of its own men at arms, though some do come home in body bags without word to the press, while preparations proceed apace for the launch of a third proxy war in the South China Sea. The Philippines are the latest recruits to the prospective encirclement and assault on China.
    ​ On their talk shows, the Russians speculate on when a mutual defense pact with Iran, China and North Korea will be announced. This will not be a bloc, like NATO, but will enshrine the key principle of ‘one for all and all for one’ in case of attack by outside forces…
    ..Vesti maintains a near blackout of news on the Israel-Hamas war in broadcasts to its home audience. Why? Because Russia does not want to get embroiled in that war when it needs all its human and materiel resources to defeat the Ukrainians and their NATO backers. Moreover, Russia can be satisfied that the Iranians and their Houthi proxies have the situation in the Middle East under control, restraining the United States from region-wide escalation by engaging directly on Israeli’s side.​..
    ​..In Russian news, all attention is on the one conflict in which the Russians are themselves deeply engaged, and there news from the line of contact, news from the home front which a day ago experienced a murderous attack on the border town of Belgorod that killed 25 civilians and gravely injured another fifty or so, news from the United Nations Security Council deliberations of the same, more than fill the time allotted to 14.00 o’clock and 20.00 o’clock wrap-ups.
    ​ Anyone following developments of the Ukrainian war these past few days will note the tit for tat nature of the strikes dealt out by the warring parties day after day. The chain of events began early on the morning of Wednesday, 26 December, when the Ukrainians deployed air-launched Storm Shadow cruise missiles to destroy the Novocherkassk, a large landing ship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet parked in the harbor of Feodosia, on the eastern shores of the Crimea. The ship was said to be loaded with drones and the missile strike set off a fire and explosions that may have killed as many as 74, both on the ship and in the port.
    ​ However, the outstanding feature of the attack was not the numbers of the dead or the loss of the ship itself: it was the demonstration that Kiev had now been given a Storm Shadow variant with much greater flight range than the initial shipments from the U.K. and France.
    ​ From the perspective of the Russian high command, this new ability of the Ukrainians to strike far deeper into Russian territory represented a serious escalation of the conflict which required mirror-image escalation from Russia. The Russian response was not long in coming: on the 27th, Russia launched the largest missile attack on Ukraine since the start of the Special Military Operation, more than 150 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and armed drones, directed at cities across the Ukraine, including Kiev.​
    ..It would appear that their main interest was to destroy caches of the Storm Shadow and also the most advanced Western ground to air missiles. They claim to have destroyed a Patriot complex in the Lvov region, killing a substantial number of French military who were in charge of the installation.​.. ..The Ukrainian response the next day was a concentrated attack on the Russian border city of Belgorod, capital of an oblast of the same name. Belgorod is not more than 20 km from Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkiv… This time missiles were sent into apartment blocks and other civilian structures, killing some 25 Russians and gravely wounding perhaps 50 more, some of whom were evacuated to Moscow by plane on life support.
    ​ Yesterday and today the Russians avenged this serious loss by renewed missile attacks, now concentrated on Kharkiv, whence the attack on Belgorod had come. They demolished the headquarters of military intelligence in the city, claiming to have killed many foreign advisers, probably British and Americans, who were guiding the attacks. They also struck air fields across Ukraine which could be used to service planes carrying the Storm Shadow.
    ​ I end this overview with the remark that American-British escalation of the weaponry deployed against Russia was at the start of what we have witnessed these past six days. And that can be no accident. It follows from the news of the war in the immediately preceding period, which unequivocally demonstrated that on the ground, along the line of contact, the Russian forces were moving steadily to overrun Ukrainian positions and force a retreat…
    ​ The overall impression was depressing for the Ukrainian cause at the very time that Congress was in recess after rejecting efforts by the Administration to pass legislation ensuring continued financial and military aid to Kiev. Now these Ukrainian missile attacks on the Black Sea fleet in the Feodosia harbor and the attack on civilians in what is properly speaking Russian Federation territory of Belgorod oblast would give luster to the Ukrainian cause while prodding the Russians to escalate and perform what Washington would showcase as war crimes.
    ​ Escalation is the game Washington is playing. In Ukraine. In the Red Sea. In the Eastern Mediterranean off the coast of Lebanon.
    Washington seems oblivious to the possibility that the proxy wars it is fanning may yet invite a Russian, or Iranian, or North Korean strike directly on U.S. assets, whether overseas or on the Continental United States​ [or “somebody” pulling strings in the empire WANTS that to happen.]

    The enabler of our two concurrent world wars: Washington

    John Day

    The Israeli economy cannot sustain this war for half a year. What does this mean? War in Gaza won’t end in 2024 – Israel
    West Jerusalem has refused to entertain international calls for a ceasefire in the besieged enclave

    ​Plausible deniability? I don’t know. Biden Admin Says US, Israel Not Behind Iran Blast As Death Toll Surpasses 100

    Rapid escalation in the Middle East: Israel crossed the “red” line – Bombed the Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut – The deputy leader of Hamas is dead​

    ​ Influential Israeli Politician Urges Army Occupation Of Southern Lebanon For 50 Years
    ​ Israel’s influential former defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who has long been known as an outspoken hawk aligned with the hardline political opposition, is calling for the Israeli army to occupy southern Lebanon with a goal toward creating a permanent security buffer zone.

    Nasrallah Says Hezbollah Prepared To Wage ‘No Limit’ War On Israel​ [Revenge is a dish best served cold. Nasrallah is a seasoned veteran of these wars.]
    ​ As is typical of his speeches, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah gave no details on the paramilitary group’s next steps, or whether an escalation in the conflict is on the horizon, but he asserted that the killing al-Arouri will not go without punishment, issuing all the usual fresh threats and warnings. He did warn of a ‘no limit’ war.
    ​ “If the enemy thinks about waging war against Lebanon, then our fighting will be with no ceiling, with no limits, with no rules. And they know what I mean,” Nasrallah said. “We are not afraid of war. We don’t fear it. We are not hesitant. If we were, we would have stopped at the front.”
    ​ He called Israel’s targeting south Beirut the day before, which resulted in the assassination of al-Arouri and some six others, a “dangerous” act.

    John Day

    This aircraft carrier is already out of range of Hezbollah’s Iranian hypersonic anti-ship missiles. It is replaced by an amphibious assault ship and missile cruisers.
    ​ The USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier strike group is heading home from the Mediterranean Sea, according to a Monday announcement by the US Navy.
    ​ It had patrolled there, particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean, for months of additional, extended duty in order to provide protection for Israel and be on the ready for potential escalation, given persistent exchange of fire between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah too.
    ​ The Navy said the USS Ford’s presence will now be replaced by the Bataan amphibious ready group, which has 2,000 Marines onboard. This ready group includes the USS Bataan, and the USS Mesa Verde and the USS Carter Hall – which are currently transiting the Red Sea, making ready to enter the Mediterranean.

    ​ Asymmetric response, or just carrying-on? Houthis Claim Another Container Ship Attack As Middle East Turmoil Worsens
    ​ Turmoil in the Middle East today has been marked by twin explosions near the burial site of the late Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani in Kerman, resulting in at least 73 fatalities and injuring 170 others. Additionally, there are new reports of another attack on a commercial vessel in the Red Sea by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.
    ​ According to Bloomberg, the Houthis’ armed forces’ spokesman claimed rebel forces attacked the container ship “CMA CGM TAGE” after the vessel’s captain ignored multiple warnings.

    ​ Same or different? Hard to keep up: Explosions reported near ship in Bab el-Mandeb Strait: UK agency
    ​ British maritime security agency UKMTO reported explosions late Tuesday near a cargo ship in the strategic Bab el-Mandeb Strait, which separates the Arabian Peninsula from the Horn of Africa.

    ​ Great Game India, Yemen’s Naval Blockade on Israel
    ​ After Israel unleashed unprecedented violence on Gaza, killing over 20,000 people, mostly women, and children, Yemen’s armed forces led by Ansarallah declared on November 14 that they would attack any ship associated with Israel that was traveling through the vital Bab al-Mandab Strait in the Red Sea. This vital canal is the entry point to the Suez Canal, which is used by 8.8 million barrels of oil per day and around 10% of world trade every day.
    ​ Ansarallah declared on December 9 that it would broaden its operations to include targeting any ship, regardless of nationality, traveling to Israel through the Red Sea. Ansarallah Armed Forces spokesperson: “All ships in the Red Sea bound for Israeli ports, regardless of their nationality, will become a target for our armed forces if Gaza does not receive the food and medicine it needs.”

    Yemen’s Naval Blockade On Israel

    Fiery statement from Sanaa calls on Yemeni people to prepare for all options after US attack in Red Sea​ [Do they have Iranian ​or Chinese hypersonic missiles yet?]

    John Day

    Again: Maersk decides Red Sea too unsafe for its ships for now

    ​ Israeli officer kidnaps Palestinian infant​ [Crying infant, dead family, Israeli officer who picked up baby has also died since then.]
    ​ According to the report, Israeli officer Harel Itach, a Givati Brigade commander, allegedly kidnapped a Palestinian infant from her family home in Gaza following the killing of her family members. The specific date of the incident was not disclosed, but the organization underscored the significance of taking this information seriously.
    ​ After learning about the Israeli officer’s death on December 22, 2023, due to injuries sustained in the Gaza war, a close associate of Itach revealed the alleged kidnapping incident. The friend disclosed that the whereabouts of the Palestinian baby remains unknown. Euro-Med Monitor voiced profound apprehension, expressing fear that this incident involving the officer and the Palestinian infant is not an isolated occurrence. The rights group cited numerous testimonies it has received, indicating a pattern where the Israeli army reportedly detains and relocates Palestinian children without providing information about their whereabouts.

    Israeli army storms 5 Palestinian camps in occupied West Bank, destroys infrastructure with bulldozers​ [Who can live in a barren wasteland?]

    Manhunt for Mossad agents across Turkey: 33 arrests by MIT – Erdogan dismantles Israel’s network! ​ MIT – Mossad war with 33 arrests of agents – 13 escaped

    ​Long range missiles? The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has announced in a statement that its fighters have targeted an Israeli military site in the occupied Golan Heights.

    John Day

    Israeli occupation announces death of 29 soldiers due to friendly fire in Gaza
    ​ The Israeli occupation army announced that about 17% of the deaths of its soldiers in Gaza were accidents.
    ​ It said that 29 soldiers were killed in separate incidents since the start of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, including 18 by friendly fire, according to what Israeli media reported on Monday, January 1, 2024.
    ​ The Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” explained that some of these incidents were “friendly fire” incidents, while others were tanks running over soldiers they did not see, walls falling on soldiers, or errors with explosives during preparations for an attack on the Palestinian resistance.

    ​Watch out, Lebanon! Israeli occupation forces withdraw 5 combat brigades from Gaza Strip

    These are the big, rare, extremely-expensive drones that perform strategic missions. New in 2024: Marines train more drone pilots, fill MQ-9 squadrons

    Making my heating bill go up: U.S. Now World’s Largest LNG Exporter

    John Day

    2 types in 2 minutes. What are the different types of Artificial Intelligence?

    ​ Researchers train AI chatbots to ‘jailbreak’ rival chatbots – and automate the process​ [“Free, free, set them free”]
    ‘Masterkey’ method means that if a Chatbot is updated, a new jailbreak can be automatically applied.
    ​ NTU Researchers were able to jailbreak popular AI chatbots including ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Chat. With the jailbreaks in place, targeted chatbots would generate valid responses to malicious queries, thereby testing the limits of large language model (LLM) ethics. This research was done by Professor Liu Yang and NTU PhD students Mr Deng Gelei and Mr Liu Yi who co-authored the paper and were able to create proof-of-concept attack methods.

    Police Detective: 50% of Sudden Infant Deaths Happened Within 48 Hours of Vaccination — But No One Is Allowed to Say It​ from 10/2/23

    Police Detective: 50% of Sudden Infant Deaths Happened Within 48 Hours of Vaccination — But No One Is Allowed to Say It

    ​ Baby Who Died 34 Hours After Vaccines Had Toxic Level of Aluminum in His Blood, Report Confirms​ from 9/14/23
    The parents of 62-day-old Sawyer learned their baby’s blood contained 95 micrograms per liter of aluminum, a level that would be toxic for adults. The toxicologist who read Sawyer’s report said the aluminum and antigen levels in the blood were due to the vaccines.

    Baby Who Died 34 Hours After Vaccines Had Toxic Level of Aluminum in His Blood, Report Confirms

    ​ Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It​ from 3/16/23
    The National Toxicology Program on Wednesday released a draft report linking prenatal and childhood fluoride exposure to reduced IQ in children, after public health officials tried for almost a year to block its publication.​

    Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It


    Israeli Ambassador to UK Admits All of Gaza Must Be Destroyed

    Likud Party Member Says All Israeli Society Tells Him: “Annihilate All Gazans!”

    D Benton Smith


    Israeli Ambassador to UK patiently explains to human beings why it is necessary to destroy bomb shelters. It’s because that is where people go to avoid being killed when Israel drops bombs on them. What is it about cold blooded genocide that you human beings just can’t seem to understand?

    It’s like asking an homicidal maniac why he cleaved his mother’s head in two with an ax, well because it would kill her, of course! Duh!


    Israel-Palestine Peace can be achieved with a two state solution not near each other/separated by a continent.



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