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    J.J. Grandville ‘A Comet’s Journey’, Illustration from ‘Un Autre Monde’ 1844   Oxfam. I’m wondering if I should warn this is not for the faint of
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    V. Arnold

    Everything; and I mean everything has been monetized, turned into cash cows.
    I wish I could say I’m shocked at your article Ilargi, but I’m not even surprised.
    For the most part, we humans are corrupt, across the board corrupt.
    Globalization has internationalized mores and norms to the lowest common denominator.
    I do not mean to sound morally superior; just a long time observer of human behavior; and the trend is troubling.
    IMO, there is nothing to be done; it must run its course; after all, it’s the very ones in charge who allow and encourage this aberrant behavior.
    Maybe the action, we as individuals can take, is to stick to our standards of decency based on treating others as we would want to be treated. Compassion, true compassion, becomes a rare value in today’s world; but is a must in any world worth living.
    Authenticity must count for something as well.
    Keep going with your work in Greece Ilargi; don’t let the galoots get you.
    We’ll continue to donate when we can…


    If birth control pill were given out the problem would cease to exist


    Oxfam sex? I am shocked – shocked – to find that sex is going on here.

    I am a bit of a cynic and I always assumed that there must be something in it for all these people to rush off to the 3rd world and spend years there. A bit like those French middle aged ladies and gay men who used to go solo on vacation to the Ivory Coast. They probably go to the Caribbean these days.

    I have been attending a local church here in the Midlands and it seems that they spent months collecting money to buy a bakery for an orphanage in Malawi.

    The Malawi Bakery Project

    The only problem with imposing Western “solutions” in this part of the world is that the wheat has to be imported. It is a largely agricultural country and importing wheat or subsidising it is bound to lead to a lower income for the local farmers who grow local crops. In sum, it is plain stupidity.

    It is OK to import wheat to England in the 19th century so as to free labour so that it can work in factories, but this is entirely different as there are no factories for these people to go to.


    Swedish Porn Conference Drops Leftist Journalist Who Says Gender Is Biological

    “Kajsa “Ekis” Ekman is a Swedish journalist, writer and activist. She is the author of several works about the financial crisis, women’s rights and a capitalism critique. Her book “Varat och varan” (“Being and being bought”) about the sex industry described the very notion of “sex work” as an “unholy alliance between the neoliberal right and the postmodernist left” used to legitimize prostitution.

    For her book “Stolen Spring” about the financial crisis seen from Greece, Ekman was awarded the prize “Swedish-Greek of the Year” for her solidarity with Greece. Ekman was also one of the participants on the Freedom Flotilla 2015 to Gaza.”

    I suspect that her sympathy for the Greeks and the Palestinians did not go down too well at this fake conference financed and publicised by those who are trying to undermine the West’s underpinnings.

    Dr. D

    A brilliant article. Too bad it’s about such a terrible subject.

    Note, these are the soft agencies. Can you imagine what the hard industries do, who have no fear of their reputation?

    And we wonder, how, how did they chain men to slave ships? How did they wipe out all the Indians? How did they firebomb the women and children in Dresden? How did the Soviet system kill and oppress millions? Seems like a dream compared to us, doesn’t it? So, when is it going to matter? Fire these people? When will they be swiftly tried and punished, abuser and enabler alike? You mean by the same politicians, judges, and investigators who are committing the crimes?


    Please visit this Guns and Butter podcast from January 31, dealing with what the writer calls an epidemic of child sexual abuse.


    Someplace near the top of the Zioglobalist playbook: Stab them in the back while screaming loudly, “You’re hurting me.”


    How does birth control stop a rape of a child? Or did you vague post refer to something different?

    BTW, I view the birth control pills and copper IUDs as bio-weapons for their impact on copper and iron dysregulation toxicity in the body… a problem that increases generationally (it only gets worse and worse, and effects all children of these women, including boys).

    Morley and Me (metabolic imbalance Money Power conspiracy outlined, with reference to birth control and damage likely cause to the host because of it)

    048- Morley & Me (Magnesium!!!!!!!!)

    “Cash cows” = societal impoverishment mechanisms due to the balance sheet method of creating equal money-debt when money-assets are created.

    Anyone with a net money position is effectively and abstract debt-money slave creator. Think about, it, it is deep.



    Thank you for scaring the bejusus out of me. That is the most horrible interview that I have ever heard.

    V. Arnold

    Extraordinarily disturbing; I had no idea.
    Appreciate that link.

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