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    Gustave Courbet The wave 1870     Chapter 1 of this five-part series by Dr. D is here: Bitcoin Doesn’t Exist – 1 . Chapter 2 is here: Bitcoi
    [See the full post at: Bitcoin Doesn’t Exist – 3]

    Griselda DeSaranno

    Dr. D’s writing is so exciting, that it makes my non-gender specific nipples hard.
    The current economic system is like prison sex without the romance.
    Bitcoin freed me to back ventures that are socially valuable, and back my own well-being.
    Exodus, the movement of Jah people.

    “I have seen the finest minds of my generation destroyed
    Graduated from colleges of mendacity,
    their angelic dreams of contributing to society
    seduced by the money of apple, microsoft, google, amazon
    into Ad-Sense, HFT and metadata collection.”

    RMS, Nicole and Satoshi have it right.


    Diogenes Shrugged

    Dr. D,
    Thanks much for your Bitcoin tour de force. The inexorable transition from debt based fiat is accelerating, so I hope V. Arnold, for one, sees the light soon.

    It seems to me that the comparison between Bitcoin and debt-based fiat is a lot like the comparison between fuel injection and carburetors. When fuel injection took off, was it in a bubble? Clearly not. Did a lot of weekend mechanics howl and rail against the loss of carburetors? Inevitably. Debt based money systems are obsolete. It’s just going to take some time for everybody to recognize the superiority of the alternative.

    A lot of people see the rapidly rising price and say, “I can’t even afford one Bitcoin now.” So they resign themselves to being spectators rather than speculators. But their choice not to participate is based on an understandable misconception. A Bitcoin will soon be akin to a $20,000 note. Imagine if the only denominations for dollars were $1 notes and $20,000 notes. People would complain, “I can’t even afford one $20,000 note.” So it’s important to stress that conversion from dollars to BTC always preserves purchasing power, regardless of the price of BTC.

    I saw a reference to a crowd of women in an article posted somewhere the other day. They were described as “tons of women” who participated in some event. I had to laugh. When did the standard unit of measure for women become tons?
    “Hi, Dio, what can I get for you today?”
    “Hi, give me a ton and a half of women.”
    “You want that bagged?”

    I read somewhere that a millionth of a BTC is being called a “Bit.” That’s a potentially ambiguous term, so I hope it changes, but nearly everybody would be able to afford to buy a useful stash of “Bits.” Your request that everybody buy “just” 0.01 BTC (= 10,000 “Bits”) was nothing short of humanitarian.


    Using a credit card cost money.
    Using a bitcoin cost money.
    Banks make money from you using credit cards.
    Exchanges make money from you using bitcoin.
    Printing press make the most money


    So what happens when central banks buy up all the bitcoin with their unlimited fiat so they can try to control it? What happens to the price of bitcoin then?



    bubble price nows!!!


    More bubble prices!

    V. Arnold

    Everything Dr. D said about the western model of economies is correct; it’s a racket; or as George Carlin said; “It’s a club and you ain’t in it…”
    As for “seeing the light”?
    It’s not light I’m seeking; it’s a full understanding of crypto-currencies.
    At this juncture; I’m not impressed, there having been a pretty large theft yesterday, from NiceHash.
    That does not bode well for security.
    Crypto currency is in its infancy; it needs to mature to realize its full potential.
    I don’t see the criminal enterprize, otherwise known as the U.S., allowing that to happen.
    We’ll see…

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Answer: the price rises more quickly. If you wish, sell enough at some point to recover your initial investment. And concede that nothing will ever eliminate risk from your investments.

    “Crypto currency is in its infancy; it needs to mature to realize its full potential.”
    Well said!
    “I don’t see the criminal enterprise, otherwise known as the U.S., allowing that to happen.”
    I’m betting quite heavily that even if they appear to win battles, given time, they’ll lose that war.

    Dr. D

    No doubt they will. But their problem is they have to bid on BTC “fairly”, not just click a mouse and assign themselves a trillion for free. I mean, we just had accounting showing $21 TRILLION missing from the Pentagon budget, including blank-line transfers amounting to $700 Billion…totaling ANOTHER entire Pentagon budget without oversight.

    So…they print US$ and buy BTC? Yes, it’s called hyperinflation. As they actively engineer to make their own currency worthless and discarded, and therefore transfer the value of whatever they print into their competitor. Destroying your own system, the castle and moat of the monetary control is not exactly a winning hand. Many hope and pray they buy all BTC with their US$ and convert the system themselves without our help.

    Me? To me it looks like a new system of control. Different from the old, but if the people don’t like justice or hold anyone accountable, for anything, ever, as we see in the news 10x a day, what do you expect?

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

    That’s no less true of our social or monetary system. The American plan is built on “We the People”; if we’re corrupt, lazy, mendacious, self-serving sots, nothing can help us and Bitcoin will only serve as the new name to our slavery. Sorry, but “The price of “Liberty is eternal vigilance.” It’s unpaid work followed by more unpaid work. Bitcoin doesn’t change that.


    Great writing! thank you for the information. Now, is there some synchronization to force all US political positions to volunteer positions only? Unfortunately for the coming generations in the US- Ben Franklin was right. Congress should never have had the entitlement to vote, and assume control for their own income. US citizens need to usurp that “financial position of power” over Congress, Judiciary, Presidential and all state elected and appointed positions.


    DR. D., nice clear elucidation on the machinations of the Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Near-Global Fascist Empire.
    Since nearly everything is a setup, I tend to look for setups.
    I doubt that Bitcoin was created outside of the sphere of influence of the Money Power and their assets. IOW, they were almost certainly involved from the beginning. Believe the propaganda if you must, but keep one eye open.
    Bitcoin is soaking up money from something else, most probably gold and silver.
    All Bitcoin needs to be nullified is a Money Power false flag and blaming the financing on Bitcoin… The Money Power Fascist Government outlaws Bitcoin… wipes out the types of people who flock to Bitcoin (and Banksters would love to wipe out that crowd, no?).

    PS – According to MIT research Stephanie Seneff, 80% of male babies will eventually be diagnosed with autism by 2032 if the current exponential growth rate of diagnoses doesn’t drop from its current path (50% of children, 80% of boys).
    If you care about humanity, I **highly recommend** you review and save the research of one of the fallen heroes of our age, Dr. Andrew Moulden (he’s a true hero, of course, you’ve never heard of him).
    His intellect reminds me of Nicole Foss’ intellect – he’s a sharp cookie. He had a B.A., an M.A., and M.D., and a Ph. D. in Neurophysiology, and was top of his classes all the way. He was being trained to head the management of the Canadian medical system.
    Then it happened.
    What is it? Well, he figured out a specific and probably mechanism through which aluminum in vaccination was flocculating the blood and creating micro-strokes in our tissues. These are especially important in watershed locations where only one capillary system feeds the tissue.
    In addition, he specifically identified physical effects of this brain related neurological damage and was teaching parents how to document the face and eye movements of their children pre-vaccine and post-vaccine. BTW, my son exhibits this “lazy eye” neurological damage and, looking back at his infant photographs, he does not appear to have the same problem prior to his battery of vaccines.
    The damage is cumulative. The aluminum is an uber powered flocculant that “sludges” colloids, and your blood is a colloid. 7 micron diameter blood cells need to fit, single file, into 600,000 thousand miles of capillaries that are 5 microns diameter. 95% of your blood is in this capillary system at any given time, AND YOUR PHYSICIAN IS COMPLETELY BLIND TO IT.

    Dr. Andrew Moulden – if you investigate one thing, investigate Dr. Andrew Moulden’s work.

    Or all your Bitcoin profits taken at the Bankster Bubble top (assuming you keep it when they bankrupt the system by design) might be spent covering for a couple drooling, tortured grand children or grand children.


    Hi Clueless, the first step is to get the Money Power out of the hands of the private cartel of people that currently control it – and they control it globally. Here’s some history they don’t teach in Money Power programming institutions called schools – whenever they attack a country, one of the first things they do is set up a debt-money based central bank. There has never been a debt-money central bank that has fought another debt-money central bank country – because once that debt-money bank is set up, the whole society has become a vassal to their Money Power Overlords. This may change when they implode Europe and the world (should happen while Trump is in office), but only because the Money Power wants it to happen.

    How To Be a Crook

    Poverty – Debt Is Not a Choice

    Renaissance 2.0 The Rise of [Debt-Money Monopolist] Financial Empire

    It’s not about the shoes, money, it’s about the Money Power, money…


    “Bitcoin is soaking up money from something else, most probably gold and silver.”…
    This is kinda interesting———

    V. Arnold

    Yes, it is interesting. Thanks for the link.
    I remain skepticle; the skyrocketing prices are a dead giveaway, IMO.
    The magical thinking Usian’s are ripe for get rich quick schemes; again, IMO.
    I think Dr. D has a good handle on this…

    V. Arnold

    This from ZH, gives legitimacy to my extreme skepticism; re Bitcoin and crypto in general.
    The small investor has only one defense; anonymity and staying away from “the latest, greatest, investment opportuniy”; Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general.
    Stick to conservative, historic, tried and true, store’s of value; while using anonymity to keep no profile.
    The no profile bit may involve taking some drastic steps; radical lifestyle changes.
    Surviving the quickly coming world order (already hear for Usians) will take thinking wildly out side of all the known boxes…
    I think it’s a feat few can accomplish…

    V. Arnold

    Congrats Dr. D; you’re featured over yonder at Zero Hedge with Ilargi’s attribution; well done you and Ilargi.

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