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    Russell Lee Hollywood, California. Used car lot. 1942 Look, it’s very clear where I stand on China; I’ve written a lot about it. And not just recently
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    But, but, we can just ‘shrug off’ this China syndrome. It is the benighted elsewhere, apart from us somehow. The fallout will never affect us.


    I agree with debtserf.

    There’s nothing to see here either. I don’t know why Ilargi gets all out of shape over China. Markets move like this all the time. Nothing to see here. European indices are surprisingly resilient… yes

    Chris M


    Organic growth is a pretty good term. Down on the farm, we call it earning your way instead of borrowing your way. We recognize that nature has set bounds for growth. The cow only milks so much in a day. The pig only puts on so many pounds in a day. The wheat only grows so much in a day.


    All of us retain a little of our childhood innocence – for me, I’m truly baffled as to how any honest analyst would EVER take ANY official “report” on economic factors as “truth”, let alone pass on such things as truth. From ANY government, or media source, let alone from China.

    Official reports may be interesting, to be sure – but “true”, or “accurate” – I’m not that innocent. 🙂


    What Lord Pon Zi and his clones don’t seem to understand is that if they keep shooting long/often enough, eventually they will have no feet (or heads) left.


    CWLF, yeah, that Ilargi guy is a crazy doomer, I betcha. Europe’s fine. Than again, I haven’t looked for 5 minutes, so you never know. Funny that mostly, exchanges are moves up in final trading, but both US and China did the exact opposite.

    Chris, I don’t like using ‘organic’ in anything having to do with our economic system. Feels like blasphemy.


    Carbon Waste LF, you might want to tune your irony meter, you may not be agreeing with what you think you are agreeing. Unless of course YOUR irony level is set to really REALLY fine grain.

    Meanwhile, the DOW does a 616 point upward arabesque. So that’s alright then, nothing to see here. Volatility? What volatility. Oh, and that damned oil below $39 still, what the hell is THAT about? Fracking shares, sure, gimme a bucketful guys. Throw in some coal while you are at it.


    Surreal isn’t it! I need both my levels of irony to even begin to grasp what’s going on.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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