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    G. G. Bain Goose Creek, houses on the water, Jamaica Bay, Long Island 1910 • Euro’s Reserve Status Jeopardized As Central Banks Dump Holdings (Blooomb
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    “Scientists at the Nemchinovka Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture in Moscow have produced special kinds of winter wheat that are supposedly superior to existing analogues in terms of its healthy contents. They can grow in less fertile regions with cool climates and yet provide higher yields than those grown in more favorable conditions. The protein content in the new varieties is two times higher than most that exist on the world market.”

    This should be good news for places like the UK – where the wheat has too little gluten to make decent bread unless it is mixed with wheat from a hot climate.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    You’re told by the 0.01% (elites) and their MSM stooges to believe that carbon dioxide has thrown the climate on its ear, and that cars and cow farts have caused the California drought. Pretty clever indeed, considering that it’s the 0.01% and their MIC stooges who are PURPOSEFULLY altering the climate themselves with chemtrails and HAARP to meet Agenda 21 goals. And you’re so irreparably hoodwinked that you probably dismiss what I’m saying here without any investigation whatsoever, call me ad-hominems (conspiracy theorist), and smugly parrot the fraudulent lie that “the science is settled.”

    You sit there patiently waiting for Bill O’Reilly to confirm my fantastic claims; otherwise they can’t be true. A tragic waste of gray matter, if you ask me, but that seems to be the national pastime these days.

    There is a chicken-and-egg thing going on here. In accordance with the CO2 myth (blamed on the 99%), they imply that the heat is causing the drought. Absolute nonsense. The average daytime temperature in the equatorial Amazon is 80 degrees F. The humidity is so high that it feels like 100, and it rains nearly every day. Sure, heat exacerbates a drought, but the problem is the drought, not the heat. Watch the video linked above, all the way to the end. It is up to you to become informed and do something about this. Your generation of CO2 is a red herring, a smokescreen, and a ruse by the 0.01% to steal even more of your wealth. Get informed and give yourself permission to exhale, plebe.

    There is so much more at stake here than California farms. The nefarious designs of TPTB (behind the curtain) are by no means limited to California. Don’t be an ignorant gull and continue to ignore this. There are tons of reasons why these hideously defective human shells are so meticulously keeping geoengineering away from the public view. Like, for instance, the fact that they’re perpetrating capital crimes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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