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    Charles Sprague Pearce The Arab jeweler c1882   • “I Can’t Go To My Son’s Graduation”: NY Judge Threatens Trump With Arrest (ZH) • Trump Trial in
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    Dr. D

    10 Year gold:

    Maybe needs a retest, but clear breakout. Silver is being whacked, as we have no free markets. Or unless we’re in a new universe where it’s not a precious metal. An industrial one? Sure, in a world where there’s no tech where it should be MORE valuable.


    Protect the weak and vulnerable. Love women. They should know their place and give up all their safety and hobbies for men.

    “Security Ramped-Up In Germany After Jihadists Threaten Drone Strikes At Euro 2024

    Ah, but I have a solution: More Jihadists! In fact, like Poland we FORCE you to bankrupt yourself paying for them WHILE outlawing foreign ministers like Yannufakis for speaking against genocide. Love! Tolerance!

    “Alcohol abuse is a behavioral risk factor connected to 2.4 million deaths in 2019…”

    “If even ONE life is saved…” Then we fight to the death Dylan Mulvaney promote Bud Light to his entirely under 18 audience. Stay classy, Bud.

    “Lockheed Martin Wins $17BN Interceptor Contract To Protect US Homeland

    Wait: we’re going to START having an S-400 system? And does it stop plamsa-shielded hypersonic Satan II MIRVs? From the south pole?

    “a law against judges working on a trial where they or someone in their six degrees of separation…”

    Yes, but that’s the law and NY doesn’t follow that. Hasn’t since before they were formed. Or ever, ask Hamilton. For example, NY has Constitutional reinforcement of gun rights since 1777. NOPE! First state to outlaw them. No reason, didn’t change any laws, it’s still in force, we just ignore it and do the #Opposite. It’s the Law, of COURSE we did the #Opposite!

    “Engoron tried to take away his money. So Merchan takes his freedom instead. Count on this judge to lock him up at some point. He’ll find a reason.”

    Sure, and Trump will have a plane crash here.

    “The lawfare isn’t just limited to prosecutors. It’s trickling down to the entire administrative state”

    Usually he’s clear and snappy, but not this time. What he means is YOU. They are coming after YOU. All government vs all people.

    “witnesses in the case “have incurred the wrath of Trump supporters.”

    Wow. They had OPINIONS? Did they ACT on anything? Because, ya know, ACTING on it was illegal with or without a gag order and is a separate felony you would have reported. So what you’re saying is you outlawed their FEELINGS. That you telepathically detected from across multiple borders of faraway states. Meanwhile a guy ACTING on kidnapping the USSC is NOT a crime. It’s Free speech.

    “Good write-up from Turley. But it’s an indictment of the entire US legal system, not just New York.. Bragg and Merchan keep Trump from campaiging in 49 other states as well.”

    So when do the other 48 states (not CA) gang up and invade NY to restore order? They can’t have an honest vote for their President of choice without that. NYC is NOT our national capital, despite what they may think, and NY just raided and murdered Philly and Chicago (commodities trading/financial capitals)

    “Trump paid Daniels to avoid any publicity over their brief alleged affair.”

    Again, and I can’t get over it: “that’s not what SHE said”. SHE said there was no affair, no contact at all. And you say both and still be considered legally credible? AND that’s not illegal, in fact NDAs are common as breathing in NY and every high-level contract has one. Many just generic IT contracts have one. “100 Million Americans have received ‘Hush Money’ payments!!!” They will all be sued.

    “urging support for a bill aimed at preventing non-citizens from voting in federal elections.”

    Because I can go vote in France, Belgium, China, Lithuania, and Sudan, right? Nope. That’s logic and the Law and we don’t do that. We do the #Opposite. We’re now accepting mail-in votes from Australia, Brazil, Russia, the world! That’s what happens when you’re an empire; world police; world voting.

    “This was a highly choreographed show. Multiple early warning signs gifted Tel Aviv with plenty of time”

    I was shocked drones could fly that far at all.

    “Moscow knew that the biblical psychopathic genocidal entity would keep escalating if Iran only continued to exercise “strategic patience.”

    They will keep escalating anyway. It’s both a NeoCon standard, and Bibi will be arrested the moment he stops escalating. However, Haartez (Aren’t they Jewish?) and other high-level ministers said Israel has lost the war. Completely lost in 6 months. This is open discussion IN ISRAEL, but is an arrestible discussion in Cologne. Anyone can visit without a passport and get free food, apartment, and money, but if you are a CITIZEN, say of Greece, under Maastricht, you will be arrested. Those are European values! Arrest free speech: fund genocide.

    ““Ultimately, there is no alternative to the full implementation of the two-state solution, the only way to end the vicious circle of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict once and for all..”

    I don’t know about that. Israel can also cease to exist.

    “• Biden Tells Netanyahu US Won’t Support Attack on Iran (Antiwar)

    And we’re so cross about it we gave them another 20,000 non-targeting 2,000lb bombs. Don’t make me put my foot down and only give you the 1,000 pounders!

    “• US Mulling New Sanctions Against Iran Over Attack on Israel – Scalise (Sp.)

    US continues to cut themselves off from the world, sparing the world’s financial system of collateral damage when we collapse. What will Iran do about those porn and diabetes imports now? Where will they get their LGBTQ flags from?

    ““This government, this prime minister, has become an existential threat against Israel,”

    Gee, what clued you in? That he was a war criminal even in his youth, then started a genocidal regional war in an attempt to start WWIII so he wouldn’t be arrested for serial felonies in office? Too soon? But you LET him because if he won, all would be forgiven, right? Now that he’s lost, we remember his crimes.

    Anyway, they’re going to wait 20 more years to have a trial, like Abu Gharib. Just about the time he enters a nursing home they’ll remember. But honestly: Bibi will be arrested and tried for war crimes. WHEN, I don’t know.

    • Ukraine ‘Owned’ by US, US ‘Owned’ by Israel – Scott Ritter (Sp.)

    Ouch. He’s losing his temper. About time. This has been relatively clear for decades, and for most of that time was easy to cut off. Like when they sank a US Navy warship would have been a good time for it.

    “• Germans Can Now Change Gender Every Year (RT)

    Again, this is perfectly logical and simple. I’m not telling other people what to do. If you want to change your gender, get a doctor, complete the full surgery or whatever threshold we set, and use the doctor’s note to change your driver’s license. Same as a legal name. It’s a very clear, systemic process with gateways and rules. Then I can follow those rules in a normal, human manner. But also I’m still going to think you’re a deranged weirdo with an amputation fetish and may tell you so. That’s my right. I call all the boys “Buttercup” and all the girls “Dude” and “you Guys” on a normal day, and I’m not making special exceptions for you. That’s MY free speech. Even if the court call you “Ma’am” now, and I would too in my official function, should you go through the official legal steps.

    You see: the point is NO RULZ. No limits. No order. No law. No consequences. No #Logos. That’s a world psychos understand and thrive in; of COURSE they want the world to be made for them. I do too, but too bad.

    “Population Collapse” And worldwide. And was fully visible and predictable 20 years ago. Of course we may also all be poisoned to cause this, just as they signaled they would love to do. For example, why has sperm count fallen in ALL animals worldwide, not just people? Now you need permission to have children, just as they always dreamed, and that “permission” is MONEY. You have to be RICH. There’s their natural selection.

    “Camera”: Yeah, it’s like “Jet pack man” in L.A. it’s a drone made to look like a man. This one is a few mylar balloons assembled to look like man. Maybe some rocks in the feet. Cool idea. Wish I had thought of it. When we have AI battle drones, we’ll have to cover the battlefield with them and hide in the middle. With bunny ears on, so AI will think I’m a rabbit.

    Dr. D

    Pastor John Hagee this am says Iran’s missiles are the prophetic start of the “Gog and Magog” war from the Bible”

    Of course he will. They’ve been paying these useful idiots for years so that now they pop up organically without prompting. Now they’re so cheap you don’t even have to pay them! Hahahaha!


    “Would Jesus Bomb Baghdad?” they used to say. Now it’s “Would Jesus support genocide to suffer the little children?” Of course he would. It’s right there in Matthew 19:14,

    “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” 15 And He laid His hands on them and departed from there.”

    That’s exactly what they’re doing: sending all those little children to meet their maker, laying their hands on them and then running away. Can’t argue with that: God’s Work!


    Yanis “Vaccinate Humanity” Varoufakis … priceless.

    Actually it was HIS thought experiment in the Greek parliament that planted the idea to impose fines for the unvaccinated 60+ of age, something that wasn’t implemented NOWHERE ELSE.

    Yes, Greek citizens who were older than 60 had to pay a fine of 150 euros for being unvaccinated. The ones who didn’t could no buy or sell a house, or get a loan etc.

    So yeah Yanis is a clown talking about the “new fascism “


    For GERM. This is the first of a 3-part interview.

    John Day

    1) Nice “Straight Pride” poster 😀

    2) TAE: Where Worldviews Collide

    John Day

    NSA “Just Days Away From Taking Over The Internet” Warns Ed Snowden

    Transport Minister Threatens Germans With “Indefinite Weekend Driving Ban” To Meet Mandated Emissions Targets


    Pearce has a jeweler’s eye

    After sanctions, seizure of funds and assests and genocide who is going to accept a gold based promissory note from the aggreement incapable? Gold, just as the rest of the western civilizational structure, has not had a stress test in any time period that resembles the current moment. The degree of societal collapse required to create an environment for gold to move freely enough to contnue the current levels of corruption from child traffiic, drug traffic to arm’s traffic and colonlialism would be colossal. Almost impossible to believe and i will go out on a limb, this time it is different.

    The total absence of discovery in the global financial and trade markets is a stumbling block not easily removed. The open discovery of this moment of weakness, moral, ethical, spiritual and military has changed five hundred years of history from one side of the ledger to the other. A move to gold is the end of Total Spectrum Dominance. Value and price discovery will decimate the current order. This is happening and everyone is grasping at straws.

    The future is not in the rear view mirror.


    In your dreams
    … prove that you are an American citizen?
    …. Vote on a standalone bills for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan
    … Promise/lies what you aint got
    … Money
    … Military superior armament
    … Peace, stability and long-term security in the [Middle East] region
    … Truth
    … Alternatives power/energy with no electricity/oil that can sustain our society.



    AFKTT from yesterday

    As for the (repeated) graph, I answered.why China’s emissions appear to be so high: China is manufacturing goods for previously developed nations that are now largely post-industrial.

    So you’re saying that Communist China is complicit in a system of CO2 oppression?

    So you’re saying Communist China is experiencing a False Consciousness of industrial civilization and needs to be struggle sessioned out of it

    Maybe Communist China can’t ever really de civilize enough but must just try the rest of its existence to do better

    That is HILARIOUS watching you avoid saying a single negative word about the BY FAR largest producer of CO2 –

    well, that’s just them making and selling stuff, so it is ok.

    Capitalists making and selling stuff = bad
    Communists making and selling stuff = good

    It’s almost like… there’s something of overriding importance to you that is way more important than CO2

    Dude, I didn’t FAIL to consume every bit of whacko Environmental Critical Theory Marxist garbage you post.

    When you refuse to eat garbage, you aren’t failing. You already published a MANIFESTO of a self avowed Critical Climate Theory Marxist Ecoterrorist whose favorite saying is “We need to tear it all down”

    Obviously your hope is that doomers and preppers here will swallow the Climate Critical Theory where they would not swallow CRT or Gender Critical Theory

    And obviously you are working at creating, as you Marxists call it, a non-attached shame? Non attached anxiety? FOR THE CO2 PRODUCTION OF CHINA, YOU ASSHOLE

    When is your flight to go implant unattached shame and anxiety in the Chinese Communist central planners?


    About Greece’s population collapse: what could it be that’s causing this?
    Dr Mike Yeadon’s Open Letter to the Metropolitan Police.


    and dude, the first time I tried this line of debate with the China CO2 production, yeah I was making an argument, but also it was shitposting/humor because I ASSUMED that you were just a guy who happened to have bought into the Climate portions of the Jensen stuff. I figured it was my weakest ever argument.

    I had not assumed that you were really, super serious about the Marxism

    This is like when Bud Lite doubled and then quadrupled down in the Dylan Mulvaney thing – holy #%#% they are dead serious …to point that they want THIS way more they want the main thing they ostensibly do and care about!


    “Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister: If Israel makes another mistake, it will not have 12 days, one day, or an hour. The next slap will be delivered in seconds and has already been approved.”

    Dr D Rich

    Message from a father of sons:

    Go to your son’s graduation.
    Take the jail card.
    Defy the judge.
    Stop whining about it.
    Jail will be good for you, your son and this country.
    Your son, your children ARE the only reasons you were put on this earth.


    Lockheed Martin Wins $17BN Interceptor Contract To Protect US Homeland
    I remember how, over 20 years ago, in the aftermath of 9/11, I was “weirded out” by the term “homeland” being used in conjunction with the US. It gave me chills and reminded me of the German “fatherland.” I was correct.

    Dr. D

    Maybe “Homeland” had that response in 1930s Germany. It has the opposite response here. And as you say, all of us were proven perfectly correct, and more correct each day. However, Americans want to #Resist. When you say “Homeland” I want to fight you. Just like when you say “We”. You’re not my friend, there is no “We”, that’s almost the most offensive thing you can say. Way worse than “Buttercup.”

    Marking 19 months in a row I ask how CO2 is 6x today’s level and nothing happened. Ever. No response. It’s sort of a new month, so I have to keep it going. Can someone please post the cartoon of “China doesn’t need Global Warming because they’re already Communist”?

    Whatever AFKTT is saving in CO2, I had to double my emissions to make up his share. Bought a new muscle car, left it idling all night. Got a cow. Mowed the grass that released CO2 captured there during the last week. Maybe I’ll get TWO cows: then you’ll REALLY be in trouble. One for the living room and one for the den.

    D Benton Smith

    I want to wax philosophical for a few minutes (imagine that!) and maybe even get a little metaphysical, too, while I’m at it, with a dash of Physics & Theoretical Physics thrown in for seasoning.

    Given humans’ cynical propensity for immediately exploring all new information to determine its potential for use as a weapon, there are some interesting (and I think valid) inferences, deductions and conclusions we could make. And when I say cynical, I mean CYNICAL. I bet that when Jesus proclaimed the supreme truth that access to paradise was through loving and treating others as one’s self, that there was more than one joker in the crowd who thought to himself, “Say, that’s pretty good! I bet I could use that line to bamboozle the suckers and make a quick shekel.”

    Anyway, here’s the deduction (admittedly a BIT of a long shot, really pushing the envelope on what constitutes a valid deduction) :

    There are enough evilly motivated people, with enough apparently available resources, that if they could destroy every good thing in the vilest possible way (and the whole world itself) then they WOULD.
    In fact, I think that if they COULD have done it then they would have done it by now.

    They’re certainly trying their damnedest (pun intended) to do just that, but so far no cigar. They have obviously not got the job done yet.

    Why not? They certainly haven’t lacked in terms of time, money or official authorization. They’ve had the lion’s share of all those things for hundreds and thousands of years (perhaps hundred OF thousands ? ! ) . Throughout all of history in fact.

    I think that their failure in destroying all that is good and the whole world itself is because they CAN’T. In other words, “They would if they could but they haven’t so they can’t.”

    I reckon that the balancing factor is that (ultimately) evil is stupidity. Literally. In its most essential form evil is simply contradiction (and contraposition) of that which is, of that which is true, of that which is real. When all is said and done, the Universe is what it is, and therefore those who choose to disagree with that are just out of luck, evil as fuck, and STUPID. I should know!

    Thus, as the bad guys get more and more worked up and obsessively intent upon wreaking ever more awfuller stuff to ever more hapless victims, they at the same time (AND FOR THE SAME REASON) become more and more stupid (and faster and faster, too, as they “double down” on doubling down) and thus ever more outlandishly unable to make things happen in the real world.

    As examples, just look at their advertising! They are literally CELEBRATING their flamboyantly obvious lunatic grade insanity. I mean, REALLY! Admirals wearing a dress? Surgeons deforming and removing children’s genitals to change their gender? Killing livestock to save food? Killing humanity to save people? How about transforming conscious awareness itself into unconscious binary digits for upload to a machine which has absolutely zero capacity for conscious awareness.? What do even CALL that? Immortality through suicide?

    Note that the slavering morons who threaten you with nuclear annihilation by means of hyper-automated ultra high technology weapons systems don’t even know how to set up their own damn cell phones, and couldn’t wire up a light bulb to save themselves from darkness.

    Their self-demise sounds and feels like fingernails on a chalkboard, and can be scary as Hell to those with vivid imaginations, but the bad guys’ personal capacity to actually pull it off is close to zero. When the time comes to throw that big old doomsday switch they won’t be able to do it, because to be that evil is to ALSO be that stupid. . . and no one that stupid knows how to actually DO anything!

    Of course, accidents can happen. So don’t just sit back and chill while the assholes do themselves in. There is still plenty of shit that can can go seriously wrong if you don’t stay on your toes and take care of business. It’s not all just on autopilot ya know. Open your peepers, work your ass off, and for God’s sake KEEP COMMUNICATING no matter what.


    re: flying man

    If you’re a Larry Niven fan, it’s a pretty funny joke! Or maybe a cargo cult call for help…hmmm…


    Khrushchev said “We will bury you”
    don’t remember him saying “We will dig the grave”

    digging the grave has been efficient and profitable, a veritable Fiat Age.
    Imagine, people just like you in charge, ahhhh but i repeat myself (apology to Clemmons)
    Everyone here has knowledge that the majority of citizens of the United States do not have. The appearance is that those who have the information with some understanding of the chain of events cannot accept there is a sea change underway. Is there a feeling that even in light of events of the last five months the rules based order is not challenged and is not collapsing? So it seems.

    agreed Dr. D Rich – the only reasons

    John Day

    French First Lady Brigitte Macron Goes to Trial to Fight Claims She’s a Man

    French First Lady Brigitte Macron Goes to Trial to Fight Claims She’s a Man

    I am sure the French court will get to the bottom of this. It is only necessary to review official documents, after all.

    D Benton Smith


    2) TAE: Where Worldviews Collide

    Oh, don’t sigh, John. “Where world views collide” is definitely THE best place to be. It’s where the action is! It’s where communication matters the most! To get from the “bad side” world view to the “good side” world view it is necessary to get to and through the place where those views collide. It is where untruths are abandoned so truths can be seen and (naturally) adopted as obvious truth, and is typically a wildly contentious battlefield where participants come face to face with right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lies.

    The other things that matters a lot is for there to be people here like you, who are gifted in the truly gentle art of benevolent persuasion (especially persuasion by personal example.) We need help crossing that line. It isn’t easy.

    D Benton Smith


    D Benton Smith

    This is a big crazy world. Shit happens. The worst tends to be unexpected and without warning, so just in case I don’t get another chance to say this I want to assure you all of something. I will continue to communicate truthfully to you, gentle reader (and you other kinds, too, for that matter) for as long as you are in any way willing to receive it. And I will attempt to do my best to do the best for you in that regard, as best that I am able to see it going forward, until we all get to the exciting conclusion of whatever this story turns out to be.

    John Day

    @DBS, about TAE being “where the action is”… I think of Frank again:
    “You’re probably wondering why I’m here”

    You paint your face and then you chase
    To meet the gang where the action is
    Stomp all night and drink your fizz
    Roll your car and say “Gee whiz!”
    You tore a big hole in your convertible top
    What will you tell your Mom and Pop?
    (“Mom, I tore a big hole in the convertible!”)




    Greece has been in economic default for about 175 years out of the last 200 years.
    Greece is a sorry excuse of a self sustaining economic region.
    When you are in such a sorry state, you will become a continuous exporter of people, like Saskatchewan.
    Canada is full of Greeks!
    My Father and his 3 siblings all left Saskatchewan!


    The writing is on the Wall.


    Israel War Cabinet Decides On Military Response To Iran Even As Blinken Pleads ‘Not In Anyone’s Interest’

    Pump it up, Chris
    I’m about to
    Pump it up, Chris
    That’s what I was born to do

    they never actually get around to pumping it up. No doubt skills honed by a lifetime of being asked to take out the garbage by his mom.

    John Day


    The other aspect you conveniently forget is that China has a population nearly four times that of the US. So emissions nearly four times that of the US would be proportionate.


    Dr D

    Marking 19 months in a row I ask how CO2 is 6x today’s level and nothing happened. Ever. No response.

    That statement makes no sense.

    I take it you did not bother to watch the Peter Brannen interview. Nor have you read the book (Ends of the World).

    I take it you would not notice a sea level rise of 50+ metres worldwide and Antartica ice-free, with habitat for mammals year-round. That is where climate is headed (though not on a timescale significant for humans because most humans would be dead long before that point is reached).

    As it stands, ocean heat is the highest ever measured and much of the world’s ice is melting, forests burn with intensity not seen before and deluges of rain repeatedly break records -which you presumably regard as ‘nothing is happening’.

    I look forward to debate at a higher level than the 14-year-old level currently displayed by many contrarians.

    Dr. D

    I had the same impression of Ritter, not to stir the pot. He clearly said he protected Israel for years. THEN he said he’s done, and also sort of pissed off about having been used.

    I said yesterday the same thing. So we all saw this as crap for years, decades, 1990, many times said we did Iraq I, Iraq II FOR Israel alone. Certainly nothing they said made any sense, so that seems the best theory. So again, WHY was this clear to all of us since 1948, 1971, 1990, 2003, but not him ’til now? Well, ’cause he’s a Marine, I guess. This happens to a lot of people, though, perhaps all of us. My position has gradually hardened and lost patience too, just a lot faster. Anyway, it was clear Ritter has said that, but that was only because I happened to have heard that direct quote. I, um, can’t understand Dr. Rich clearly most of the time. He uses a lot of implication and it flies over me. Which is good, I guess, though I’d always rather know what people’s point of view instead. I read and maybe I’ll find a better decoder ring soon.


    I ASSUMED that you were just a guy who happened to have bought into the Climate portions of the Jensen stuff.

    jb-hb You assumed wrong. I was well aware of the disastrous trends in climate due to excess CO2 emissions in the late 1980s, when James Hansen, head of the US Goddard Institute, highlighted the CO2 predicament in his testimony before Congress. That was long before I had ever head of Derrick Jensen (around 2008).

    The good news is that the Earth can never ‘go Venus’ because it is too far from the Sun. But it can easily overheat to the point of becoming largely uninhabitable, due to exceeding the wet-bulb, i.e. the combination of heat and moisture that makes evaporative cooling impossible.

    Dr. D

    Nope. I wouldn’t notice. Nor would anyone else. There are thousands of cities underwater right now from the 12,000 sea level rise. There are many, hundreds, since then, in Alexandria, Greece, Spain. You notice them? Whole NATIONS, whole peoples, whole States have ceased to exist for reasons, eg there’s a missing kingdom off Wales. There are hundreds in Indonesia, blown up or covered, whole islands missing: you know all their names?

    Why do you hate plants and animals so much? Because they’re not Communists? You’re going to snatch away another whole CONTINENT that could be lush and green, teeming with life? Just as Sahara was during the last dinosaur age?

    What? Yes. Heat causes evaporation, which causes precipitation. It also can’t be modeled, AT ALL, not even a little bit, by climatologists. However, they ARE certain that if Antarctica becomes like Seattle, the Equator will be the same. Because that’s already happened for 30 million years. Not like 500f. So what you’re really doing is PREVENTING life. Killing it, even. And why?

    Gosh and I thought I’d have to wait for this. But maybe I’ll except the whole thing tomorrow.

    No, my point remains the same: 60 million years of CO2 6x, and life BOOMED. It was WONDERFUL. Why would we not want the same? Because you personally love cities so much? If you’re environmental shouldn’t you HATE the cities and want them destroyed? (As I too often do?) People will move upland. Since it will take 2,000 years they’ll let the old house fall down of old age and not cost a dime before building the new one in the Jersey Water gap instead of Atlantic city. …But I don’t think that’s going to happen, and neither does Barack Obama, Al Gore, or any other AGW Environmentalist. Nor anyone with similar inside knowledge we can test by their actions. Nor any insurance company, Wall St, Black Rock, or the other supposed DEI AGWs. Nor the U.S. or probably UK governments that still insures them. Funny, that. Perhaps something has gone wrong?

    It could be they’re all yanking your chain to pick your pockets. Just saying.


    Or we could start over, with the basic building blocks of journalism. We could face up to where we’ve gone wrong.

    Uri Berliner with 25yrs of experience working for NPR.

    Woke Public Radios response ?
    Instead Of Introspection, NPR Suspends Veteran Journalist Who Called Out Partisan Trainwreck

    WPR’s new Jew CEO –

    New NPR CEO seems to have many symptoms of the Cluster B Longhouse psychopathology. Antagonistic, performative, accusatory, & frankly delusional. Pronouns in bio. Unstable.

    Hmm, reminds me of yesterday- patterns?

    X00% of trans identifying have parents with a borderline, narcissistic, antisocial, or histrionic personality disorder. Traits include lack of empathy & remorse, exploitation of others, attention seeking behavior, shallow emotions, superficial charm, selfish goals & behavior.

    “Basically, it’s agree with them or die. And soon it won’t just be career death. These are exactly the kind of people who commit genocide and never lose a moment’s sleep over it.”

    Population collapse looming as sudden deaths soar and fertility hits record low…

    Brought to you be Pfizer Juden.
    Side effects include sudden coincidence, mask wearing alone in vehicle, irrational behavior, lust for moar injections, and wanting Govt Daddys protection.

    Another Chosen One bites the dust, this ones a real I told you so.- TVASF

    Told you so-


    Tranny clown world- Men pretending they are ‘women’ – and demanding you agree.

    We now live in a nation where:

    - Doctors destroy Health
    - Judges destroy Justice
    - Universities destroy Knowledge
    – Government destroys Freedom
    - Press destroys Information
    - Banks destroy the Economy

    Has anyone ever met a happy feminist?

    Or a miserable Liberal ?

    No and yes.

    D Benton Smith

    I’m sure no high falutin’ military genius, but a REALLY big and important event just happened that will probably get overlooked in the general hot air and puffery getting spewed into the atmosphere over the Iranian missile strikes on Israel.

    There are two big and important things, actually, which although they are intimately related are not exactly the same thing. The first thing is regional and immediate. The second one signals a change in the world.

    Okay, item #1: Iran has just demonstrated to Israel, the United States and literally EVERYONE ELSE who cared enough to be paying any attention, that Iran has demonstrated offensive missile SUPREMECY over not just Israel but also over every single Western asset of any and all kinds within thousands of miles of Iran. Let me say that a different way. Iran has publicly demonstrated to the world that it can do anything that it wants, to any thing that Israel possess, at a time and place of Iran’s sole choosing, and there is nothing that the US or any combination of it’s vassals & colonies can do to prevent or stop that from happening.

    To describe that from a significantly different vantage point. The ball is now firmly under the control of Iran and those who are backing Iran’s play. Iran can (must) now do whatever it considers to be best to their way of thinking. Iran is not THE TOP Dog, but it’s a bigger and better dog than the former Empire which Iran has now bested on the battlefield. The Empire’s combined BEST weapons, forces and defenses can NOT stop Iran (and backers) if Iran thinks the issue is serious enough to warrant military force.

    ADDENDUM to item #1: and they did it with the SECOND best equipment of their THIRD strongest player. That does not yet consider or mention what Russia, China and India must certainly have in their arsenal of PROVENLY (as 14 April) better than best equipment. [never underestimate India].

    I think the full ramifications of this event have only barely begun to sink in. In a nutshell, the main battle of WW3 has ended with an overwhelming defeat of Death Cult Empire on the battlefield, and (in related news) also in the marketplace and finally in the court of broad public opinion (Jurisdiction, Earth).

    There is still a lot of fighting and dying ahead, but the outcome is already certain. WW3 is in a stage very very comparable to the current stage of the war in Ukraine (which was a large battle in the greater war), the worst of it is essentially over (strategically speaking) and notice that we did NOT blow ourselves to Kingdom Come in a nuclear war . . . yet. Not too bad for a bunch of cave men.

    Item#2 : As all of implications and consequences of Item #1 (above) sink in all sorts of other things will have to be adjusted to work within the new reality of the United States being not merely an Empire in decline, but AN EMPIRE NO MORE. The polarity has flipped. The West is now the SMALL dog. If you don’t believe that then review what Iran just did to Israel.

    The United States has long been at the slow drip financial mercy of absolutely intractable mathematical realities. And NOW it is at the military mercy of it’s former victims and adversaries who it had been using force of arms to milk dry for nearly a century.

    This fact will be demonstrated by changes in the Big Stuff immediately. For example: all of the straits, canals and commercial maritime choke-points are firmly held by powerful non-Western nations and/or blocs of such nations. For example: the US Dollar is being dismantled as we speak, back to a level that is commensurate to its value to other nations’ preferred currencies and their connected financial/commercial interests. That will eventually equate to pennies on the dollar I reckon. No one is ready for that, so it’s going to be messy for Dollar holders and crooked lawyers.

    I think this kind of pole-reversal will take an unexpectedly long time to play out. It takes what seems like forever for 7 billion people to more or less get the memo and settle into new routines, but settle they shall, and it will usually be in the manner that THEY choose, rather than the way that the West was accustomed to choosing.

    Thermopylae, Waterloo, Stalingrad, Midway, April 14th.

    It’s almost funny. I feel somewhat like Chicken Little, except that I’m not running around saying that the sky is falling. I saying that the sky is DOWN, and that it fell last Sunday.


    How about a little LOVE for today’s beautiful oil painting selection, The Arab Jeweler by Charles Sprague Pearce. I am drawn in by the detail – and transported to this jeweler’s studio space for a lesson in the alchemy of fine metal arts. The face is so focused, the hands, and feet are amazing – in color, size/scale, and in expression of action/motion; even the toes/toenails are perfection.The clothing is captivating as it has texture and pattern while it wraps and falls against/around the body. The background textures of the rug and walls + the platform floor expertly frame the scene. Am feeling the focus. Deep appreciation for the Artist creator who chose this humble scene.

    (Yesterday’s selection by the same artist was also lovely).

    It is good to be uplifted by the gifts of man as they find their Way into the world and BEOND.

    LOVE and Gratitude Ilargi.

    LOVE to All who drop in here.

    John Day

    Planning To Live

    It’s necessary again to present what I see as the context for the attacks upon life, personal (not corporate) property and political speech, as economies worsen almost everywhere.
    Our world-wide economy has been working in colonial models since the English started burning coal for heat and using forests for warships and trading ships. They made cannons and then steam engines to mine coal and manufacture weapons and parts, getting a jump on the rest of the world, which copied them as quickly as possible. Colonies of the Empire sent whatever the empire needed and desired, while accepting the manufactured goods the empire sent them in return, or-else, the army visited with Maxim-Guns.
    This coal-fired model got a second wind when the UK Pound Sterling became the global trade currency, allowing more subtle forms of wealth extraction through the banks of the City of London. British coal production peaked during WW-1, and the empire clearly declined after that.
    WW-2 declared the supremacy of oil, which the US produced the most of, and used the most of. The financial powers of the City of London diversified to New York and Washington, as the American military became the enforcement-arm of global empire. That iteration of global empire is in the final stage of terminal-financialization with weakening military threat which the British Empire faced during the Suez Crisis.
    This time the post-peak-oil (November 2018 or so) epoch, not yet announced, limits most economies to contraction, or at least a changed format, unless they have ample resource bases. The only major country with actual growth of real-economy appears to be Russia. The US prosperity per capita has been declining since about Y2k, or 2001 at the latest. The Global War On Terror was a big breakout to a more overt global imperialism. It failed.
    My basic understanding of the passing of the torch from one global financial regime epoch to the next is that the new model has to be more efficient, less extractive of lower level participants, so that the great majority of lower level participants want to move to it when they are no longer threatened enough to dissuade them. The British Empire fell, replaced by free-trade, though still under a global financial regime, and split into the “free world” and “communist world”, though the $US was the “free world” currency for value-extraction, as the world had to pay full price for $US printed on a fractional-reserve promise, then just on a promise alone after 1971.
    This current iteration of financialized-industrial-colonialism is based upon the debts incurred under the $US regime, which cannot be serviced forever, but few have a clear idea of when that debt-service may fail the global trust. A lot of people are getting antsy, like Benjamin Netanyahu, who is sprinting for the finish line of the final-solution, Palestinian genocide from “The Land of Israel”.
    This particular Mideast war may be the Suez Crisis of the current Imperial Global Financial Regime of London, New York, Frankfurt, Brussels, Tel Aviv and so on. The proximal threat is the BRICS+ coalition, with Russia, China, Iran, India and Saudi Arabia, among others. 40 countries want to join. Alternative trade and finance vehicles have been worked out and are gaining more and more currency within and between these countries. Time is on their side. They can hold back, make careful adjustments and avoid WW-3.

    CJ Hopkins presents the Kafkaesque tale of The Palestine Congress:
    ​ Yes, that’s right, once again, democracy-loving people here in New Normal Berlin and all across the New Normal world were right on the brink of being exposed to “hate,” and would have been exposed to “hate,” had the Hate Police not sprang into action…
    ..Some pro-Palestinian activists organized a “Palestine Congress,” and attempted to discuss the situation in Gaza, and call for solidarity with the Palestinians, and so on, right here in the middle of Berlin, the epicenter of European democracy, as if they thought they had a right to do that. The German authorities were clearly intent on disabusing them of that notion.
    ​ Early Friday morning, hundreds of black-clad Hate Police descended on the congress location. Reinforcements were called in from throughout the nation. Metal barricades were erected on the sidewalks. Hate Police stood guard at the entrance. The German media warned the public that a potential “Hate-Speech” attack was now imminent. Berliners were advised to shelter in place, switch off their phones and any other audio-receptive communication devices, and wad up little pieces of toilet paper and ram them deep into their ear canals to prevent any possible exposure to the “hate.”…
    ..Anyway, the Hate Police stormed the venue, pulled the plug, dispersed the crowd, and banned the rest of the “Palestine Congress,” which was scheduled to continue on Saturday and Sunday. Then they arrested a Jewish guy who was wearing a Palestinian-flag-kippah, presumably out of an abundance of caution.

    Transport Minister Threatens Germans With “Indefinite Weekend Driving Ban” To Meet Mandated Emissions Targets

    NSA “Just Days Away From Taking Over The Internet” Warns Ed Snowden​

    ​ Eighty-six House Republicans on Friday voted against an amendment to require a warrant for surveillance of Americans’ communications.
    A warrant requirement is overwhelmingly backed by Americans. A YouGov poll commissioned by FreedomWorks and Demand Progress found that 76 percent of Americans support a warrant requirement, while only 12 percent oppose.​


    @Dr D Rich

    You have recently been referring to Benton the Jew as Deebs. Not being familiar with this word, I took this opportunity to look it up in the urban dictionary

    I did not realise it had so many meanings, most of which are nasty – from sweaty balls to vaginal discharge – and probably do not apply to Benton the Jew. Being a good doctor I am sure you did not mean some of the more crude meanings, so I will assume you mean:

    Slang term for D-bag, the abbreviation of douche bag.

    Correct me if I am wrong. Thinking about Deebs the Jew …. kind of catchy.

    John Day

    ‘Oral Argument Favored Defendants’ – Supreme Court Just Ended Hearing Obstruction Case Affecting J6 Defendants​

    ​ Charles Hugh Smith on the effort to preserve wealth when the economic model breaks down. Financial Forecast 2025-2032: Please Don’t Be Naive
    ​Rather than attempt to evade Caesar’s reach, a better strategy might be to ‘go gray’: blend in, appear average.​ [Get debts, expenses and external needs down, as possible.]
    It gives me no pleasure to say the obvious: please don’t be naive. Those who will be trying to save the system from collapse understand that every asset is only richly valued now because of the credit bubble. From their point of view, “investors” who are planning to preserve the bubble-valuation of their assets and then emerge to snap up everything for pennies on the dollar are, well, the enemy.
    Another widespread belief holds that the hyper-wealthy always sneak through the wormhole and emerge with all their goodies intact. This fosters the idea that if they can do it, so can I. History offers examples on both sides: the great estates of the wealthiest Romans did not survive intact when the empire crumbled (or put another way, when control of the shards shifted to a new elite).
    As the bottom 99.5% feel the squeeze, their rage at those at the top not paying their fair share will rise exponentially, and the political pressure on authorities to go after the hyper-wealthy will become too intense to ignore. Many of those trying to save the system will have already had enough of coddled billionaires, bankers and financier grifters.
    Another conviction that will be revealed as naive is the faith that the rules will stay unchanged, allowing us to hoard our stash and emerge unscathed to scoop up the bargains offered by the less prescient. History is again rather definitive: the rules will change overnight, and continue changing, as needed. One “emergency measure” after another will be imposed and become normalized.
    It’s important to put ourselves in the shoes of those struggling with the impossible responsibility of keeping the system from collapsing. From their point of view, everyone trying to evade the wealth taxes, windfall taxes, special assessments, etc. are ungrateful whiners, as what will anyone have if the system collapses? We’re doing you all a favor, taking only 10% in a wealth tax to preserve the 90% that remains yours.
    Another point of naivete is what happens to obstructionists in a full-spectrum surveillance Corporate-state. China has shown other nation-states how to do it properly: every digital communication and transaction is monitored…
    ​..In summary: to understand the next 8 to 10 years, start by having some sympathy for the fox and not just for the hare. Here we are, trying to save the system that everyone depends on, taking a modest 10% wealth tax, and the ungrateful wretches are whining and trying to evade paying their fair share.
    ​ Rather than attempt to evade Caesar’s reach, a better strategy might be to go gray: blend in, look average: post photos of kittens and puppies, complain about the cost of groceries, drive a look-alike vehicle, live in an unremarkable house, render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, forget about emerging as one of the rich who evaded Caesar and get on with enjoying one’s private life focused on well-being​.

    ​ Eleni sent this article for contextual reference as to who controls the levers of imperial power beneath the surface: The NATO Caliphate: Part 1
    A history of collaboration between the CIA and IS
    ​..Hekmatyar’s group had a reputation for being worthless to the point of being a liability on the battlefield, yet they remained the largest recipient of CIA funding.
    ​ The reason for this is simple. HiG was the largest heroin trafficker in the world. Under the supervision of Pakistani intelligence, Hekmatyar set up 6 heroin refineries in Pakistan and shipped his product worldwide on CIA aircraft. At the same time, the CIA’s soft power arm USAID launched an initiative to “eradicate Opium”, which shut down other local producers even as Hekmatyar doubled his production every 3 years. Soon, HiG, the ISI and the CIA had the entire heroin market cornered and controlled the majority of the world’s supply.​ …Hekmatyar (center) dining with future Turkish president and fellow drug trafficker Recep Erdogan (circled)

    ​ Pepe Escobar, How Iran’s ‘strategic patience’ switched to serious deterrence
    Iran’s retaliatory strikes against Israel were not conducted alone. Strategic partners Russia and China have Tehran’s back, and their role in West Asia’s conflict will only grow if the US doesn’t keep Israel in check.
    ​ Here, concisely, we had Russia’s top diplomatic coordinator with BRICS – in the year of the multipolar organization’s Russian presidency – indirectly messaging that Russia has Iran’s back. Iran, it should be noted, just became a full-fledged BRICS+ member in January.
    ​ Iran’s aerial message this weekend confirmed this in practice: their missile guidance systems used the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system as well as the Russian GLONASS system. This is Russia–China intel leading from behind and a graphic example of BRICS+ on the move.
    ​ Ryabkov’s “we stay in constant touch” plus the satellite navigation intel confirms the deeply interlocked cooperation between the Russia–China strategic partnership and their mutual strategic partner Iran.​..
    ​..Iran started with a misdirecting masterstroke. As US–Israeli fear porn went off the charts, fueled by dodgy western “intel,” the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) made a quick sideways move, seizing an Israeli-owned container ship near the Strait of Hormuz.
    ​ That was an eminently elegant manoeuvre – reminding the collective west of Tehran’s hold on the Strait of Hormuz, a fact immeasurably more dangerous to the whole western economic house of cards than any limited strike on their “aircraft carrier” in West Asia.​..
    ..The Iranian attack targeted key Israeli military sites such as the Nevatim and Ramon airbases in the Negev and an intel center in the occupied Golan Heights – the three centers used by Tel Aviv in its strike on Iran’s Damascus consulate.
    ​ This was a highly choreographed show. Multiple early warning signs gifted Tel Aviv with plenty of time to profit from US intel and evacuate fighter jets and personnel, which was duly followed by a plethora of US military radars coordinating the defense strategy.
    ​ It was American firepower that smashed the bulk of what may have been a swarm of 185 Shahed-136 drones – using everything from ship-mounted air defense to fighter jets. The rest was shot down over Jordan by The Little King’s military – the Arab street will never forget his treachery – and then by dozens of Israeli jets…
    ​..For Israel – without even counting the price of US, UK, and Israeli jets – just the multi-layered interception system set it back at least $1.35 billion, according to an Israeli official. Iranian military sources tally the cost of their drone and missile salvos at only $35 million – 2.5 percent of Tel Aviv’s expenditure​…
    ​..It’s no wonder that the Biden combo, days before the Iranian response, was frantically begging Beijing, Riyadh, and Ankara, among others, to hold Tehran back. The Iranians might have even agreed – had the UN Security Council imposed a permanent ceasefire in Gaza to calm the regional storm. Washington was mute.​..
    ​..The US dilemma is confirmed by former Pentagon analyst Michael Maloof:
    We have got some 35 bases that surround Iran, and they thereby become vulnerable. They were meant to be a deterrence. Clearly, deterrence is no longer on the table here. Now they become the American’ Achilles heel’ because of their vulnerabilities to attack.
    ​ All bets are off on how the US–Israel combo will adapt to the new Iranian-crafted deterrence reality.​

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