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    John Day

    ​ Scott Ritter: Ukraine ‘Owned’ by US, While With Israel It’s the Other Way Around
    ​ “Let me make this very clear to the Ukrainian crowd. You see, the difference between Israel and Ukraine is that, whether you like it or not, Israel has bought and paid for the United States’ support,” while Ukraine hasn’t, Scott Ritter told Sputnik…
    ​ “Israel, through its political action committee, AIPAC, in the United States, has pretty much bought the United States Congress. They’ve bought the United States presidency. They control American media. And as a result, America comes to the defense of Israel because we’ve been paid to do so,” Ritter said.
    With Ukraine, it’s the other way around, the observer said.
    ​ “America, on the other hand, has bought and paid for Ukraine.You’re not a friend. You’re not an ally. You’re a tool being used by the United States for its larger foreign policy and national security objectives vis-à-vis Russia. We provide you weapons only so far as it facilitates our objective of creating a problem for Russia. We don’t want you to win. We don’t care about you. We give you just enough to keep you going. And then we stand by and watch you bury your dead. Because we don’t care,” Ritter said, channeling the sentiments of the American establishment.​

    ​It is no longer just about force, but about political accommodation. Netanyahu a threat for Israel, opposition leader says
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet pose a threat to their own country, Yair Lapid, leader of the Israeli opposition, said, calling to hold new elections.
    ​ Speaking before reporters after his trip to Washington, the politician said that the US Administration is “appalled” by the behavior of the Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, according to The Jerusalem Post.​ “This government, this prime minister, has become an existential threat against Israel,” Lapid said. “They destroyed Israeli deterrence. Our enemies look at this government, smell weakness, and raise their heads.”​ According to Lapid, Israeli allies “smell this weakness,” too.​

    ​ Israel War Cabinet Decides On Military Response To Iran Even As Blinken Pleads ‘Not In Anyone’s Interest’
    ​ Israel’s war cabinet has just decided on a response to Iran’s weekend attack, according to a breaking report by the country’s Kan public broadcaster. At this point it seems a matter of if not when – even as the US (and European countries) leans on Israel not to escalate. Below is the Hebrew media statement at the conclusion of Tuesday’s high-level meeting (machine translation):
    ​ Israel has decided how to respond to Iran’s missile attack. This was reported Tuesday evening on Kan 11 evening news. Israel is now waiting to “seize an opportunity.” The agreement came against the backdrop of significant disagreements in the Israeli leadership over the timing and nature of the response. Some ministers demanded to wait for agreement on the international coalition, while others thought it was necessary to respond immediately.
    ​ Axios at the same time is reporting that US Secretary of State Blinken just told a group of American Jewish leaders that the White House wants to see no further escalation.

    He​ may be safer on the other side of this. ​ King Abdullah Warns Israel He Won’t Let Jordan Become “The Theater Of A Regional War”​

    John Day

    Israel mobilizes more reservists​ , Two additional brigades are being called up to fight in Gaza, the military has said​

    Israel postpones Rafah operation after Iranian attack — CNN​ , According to the sources, Israel is now focused on how to respond to the Iranian attack​

    ​This Greek site reports that 4 Israeli tankers are in the air to refuel strike aircraft, as Iran says that it will strike back “within seconds” and “with a weapon never used before”. (That sounds like something to shoot down Israeli jets to me. What’s it sound like to you?)

    Johnson Unveils Separate Israel, Ukraine Funding Bills That MTG Calls A “Scam”​
    ​ After months of pushback over packages to send US-taxpayer-funded foreign aid to Israel and Ukraine, House Speaker Mike Johnson unveiled a plan Monday evening to hold four different votes on bills which would decouple aid by country, including Taiwan. Johnson will also put forth a House-approved bill that could ban TikTok from the US, and a measure aimed at satisfying Republican foreign policy demands…​
    ​..”I hate this, that [Johnson’s] saying it and not following through with it, that the hill to die on was the border and he would not put Ukraine up without the border. Looks like that’s going down the tubes,” said Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) following the meeting.​

    On April 13, this website reported the arrival of French Foreign Legion troops into Slavyansk, Ukraine. Overnight, those troops were hit and mostly killed by the Russian Army.​

    John Day

    ​John Helmer, This is electric war.
    ​ To make the war aim unambiguously clear, President Vladimir Putin ordered his ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Vasily Nebenzya, to read out a paper at his desk in the UN Security Council chamber on April 11: “very soon, the only topic for international meetings in Ukraine will be the unconditional surrender of the Kiev regime.”
    ​ Note what the terms “unconditional surrender of the Kiev regime” mean: total military defeat of the Ukrainian, American, British, French, Polish, and other forces on the Ukrainian territory and in the air surrounding; surrender of the municipal administrations of the east-bank cities, including Kharkov, Dniepropetrovsk, and Odessa; disarmament and demilitarization of the territory between Kiev and the Polish border; exit of every member of the regime, starting with Vladimir Zelensky.
    ​ This is an ultimatum without alternatives for either Moscow or Kiev. In electric war, are there any alternatives?​ …
    ​..According to a NATO veteran and expert in applying electrical engineering to war, there is no prospect that the regime in Kiev can fill the power hole being created by the Russian operations. “Renewables [solar, wind] are not even remotely close to filling the gap. They’re a scam, especially in the Ukrainian case. Taking generation out of the equation, if the Russians continue striking transmission and distribution infrastructure, as well as production, transportation and storage facilities, the inevitable conclusion is the collapse of the Ukrainian electricity grid. This means the collapse of Ukrainian society. As we watch the electric war unfold, I get the impression that pushing [Ukrainian] people west of the Dnieper is the [Russian] goal of the current phase of the electric war – so call this Phase 2.”
    ​ The source said the bordering NATO states lack the capacity to increase their electricity supplies to the Ukraine, even with the addition of newly announced power sources in the Baltic states. This European industry publication has reported that in 2023 Ukrainian imports from the European Union (EU) had doubled from 2021 to 935 million kWh. How much more EU sources can provide is uncertain.​

    ​ Over 40 nations want to join BRICS — Russian lawmaker​
    ​ “More than 40 countries have said they want to join the group. And the number of such countries continues to increase every month. This proves that such a free and flexible format of cooperation within BRICS is very attractive,” Grigory Karasin, head of the international committee of Russia’s Federation Council, or upper house of parliament, told a briefing following a meeting of the heads of BRICS parliamentary commissions on international affairs, which was held in Moscow last week.
    ​ According to Karasin, many BRICS members share the opinion that the association should be in no hurry to adopt a strict charter, “seeing how counterproductively and even provocatively the European Union is acting.” “So far, this is quite justified. As long as BRICS’ future looks very promising for all of its members, the number of candidates for joining it will keep on growing,” he said.
    ​ Touching on the prospects for the development of the BRICS financial transaction system, he noted that this is an important topic, which is being discussed by the association’s members. “This topic was raised during our working meeting. I am sure it will be addressed at the BRICS parliamentary forum in St. Petersburg. Many countries directly asked questions about the de-dollarization of the economy because too much attention is being focused on the dollar while major powers have their own currencies. The issue is quite pressing,” Karasin said.​ Russia took over BRICS presidency on January 1, 2024​

    “I Can’t Go To My Son’s Graduation”: NY Judge Threatens Trump With Arrest​

    ​ The proceedings mark the first time a former US president has stood trial on criminal charges​
    [Michael Cohen “was having an affair” with Stormy Daniels, who denied under oath having sex with Trump. What if that $130k ​payment was just embezzled by Cohen?]
    ​ The case is based on claims by Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, that he paid $130,000 to the adult film actress, so she would keep quiet about an alleged affair with him. Trump has denied any relationship with the porn star. In 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to charges of campaign-finance violations, tax and bank fraud, and spent two and a half years in a federal prison. He also lost his New York bar license.
    ​ Judge Juan Merchan has granted Bragg’s request for a gag order, meaning that Trump can’t criticize the prosecutor or his staff.
    ​ Merchan has threatened to arrest Trump if he does not appear in the courtroom each day the trial is in session. The judge also refused to recuse himself, even though his daughter works for a marketing company representing several Democrats – in apparent violation of state law that requires “six degrees of separation” from a family member..​.

    John Day

    ​ A Midwestern Doctor, (Please read this free information. I am personally horrified. Avoid vaccinations.) How Much Damage Have Vaccines Done to Society?
    Story at a Glance:
    •A long history exists of a wave of severe injuries following new vaccinations being introduced to the market. In most cases, those injuries were swept under the rug to protect the business.
    •In many cases, the severe “mysterious” injuries we see now are remarkably similar to those that were observed over a century ago. Unfortunately, a widespread embargo exists on ever allowing this data to come to light (as that would instantly destroy the vaccine program).
    •A variety of independent studies (summarized below) have shown that vaccines cause a wide range of chronic illnesses.
    •A 1990 book made a strong case that widespread vaccination was also causing an epidemic of widespread brain damage which was both lowering America’s IQ and causing a massive rise in violent crime.
    •In this article, we will also review exactly what in that 1990 book and the classic signs that can be used to determine if someone has a vaccine injury (along with the subtle more spiritual ones).​

    6.4% of U.S. Adults Plagued by ‘Long Vax’ Symptoms After COVID Shots
    “Long vax” symptoms, developed after COVID-19 vaccines, include exercise intolerance, excessive fatigue, dysautonomia, numbness, brain fog and neuropathy.​

    ​ Jessica Rose Ph.D. S2 of SARS-2 spike buggers up p53 According to a recent study in preprint… (So you keep producing carcinogens after these “vaccines”.)
    ​ The bottom line here is that the component of the spike protein of SARS-2, S2, responsible for cell entry as part of receptor-mediated endocytosis, messes up p53 activity. We all know by now that p53 – the guardian of the genome – assures that double-stranded DNA breaks are repaired and genome mutations limited, by surveillance of DNA and control of the cell cycle.
    ​ The suppressive effect of SARS-CoV-2 spike on p53-dependent gene activation provides a potential molecular mechanism by which SARS-CoV-2 infection may impact tumorigenesis, tumor progression and chemotherapy sensitivity.
    ​ This is the same spike S2 that is indeed encoded in the template that was used in the COVID modified mRNA shots.​

    ​ FDA Says ‘No Safety Signals’ Linking White Blood Clots to COVID Shots, Despite Embalmer Survey Suggesting Otherwise
    More than 70% of 269 embalmers surveyed found fibrous white blood clots — clots they weren’t finding pre-pandemic — in significant percentages of corpses in 2023. The FDA said it hasn’t seen any related safety signals and observations made on cadavers fall outside the agency’s “regulatory purview.”​

    John Day

    ​ CHD Files FOIA Requests: Why Did Government Shut Down Studies on Cellphone Radiation and Cancer?
    The requests are for key communications and research documents related to studies that were underway and the factors that led the National Institute of Environmental and Health Sciences to discontinue the studies, despite previous research finding evidence of cancer and DNA damage related to cellphone use.

    CHD Files FOIA Requests: Why Did Government Shut Down Studies on Cellphone Radiation and Cancer?

    ​ ‘Autism Tsunami’: Society’s Cost to Care for Expanding, Aging Autism Population Will Hit $5.54 Trillion by 2060
    A 2021 study predicting a tsunami of future autism cases and costs if environmental root causes of the disease remain unaddressed was retracted last year under pressure from the “autism industry,” and republished last month. Rising prevalence rates and lack of state services show the predicted crisis is already playing out.​

    ​ 10 Years of Studies Link Pesticide Exposure and Childhood Cancer
    A meta-analysis of 174 studies published in the International Journal of Molecular Science between 2013 and 2023 found that more than 80% showed positive associations between pesticide exposure and heightened risk of childhood cancers.​

    ​ Meryl Nass MD presents a petition I signed. You can, too. Slow the WHO process down (if you don’t kick it to the curb)
    You don’t have a final version of either treaty yet; the IHR negotiations have been conducted in secret for 17 months; no one is ready for this change in world governance​

    ​ Governor Signs Climate Engineering Ban Legislation Into Law, Dane Wiggington
    ​ Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has now signed legislation into law that bans any form of climate engineering operations over the State of Tennessee. Courageous Tennessee lawmakers in the Senate and House had previously passed the legislation which put it on the governor’s desk, it has now been signed into law. Though other states have tried, Tennessee has succeeded due to their solid, straightforward and simple bill. Now other states can follow suit by utilizing the Tennessee legislation as a template for their own. The following is an excerpt from the legislation that is now the law:
    ​ “Prohibits the intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any means, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances, or apparatus within the borders of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of the sunlight.”​


    “It was not only unlawful, it was a stupid thing to do, for Israel to trail its coat by attacking an Iranian consulate.. I don’t know what the G7 have said, but they should be demanding restraint in the global interest from…

    A two state solution? Are you crazy? You think Israel will respect the border between it’s land and the Palestinian land? Israel cannot behave, it cannot respect Syrian land, Iranian land, it is a paranoid tantrum child. Getting rid of it is the only solution. How long will you go on about the two state solution that has already been rejected by everybody and could never work. This guy was a UK ambassador to Iran. No wonder the middle east is in turmoil, move forward and see Israel for what it is.

    John Day

    This is big, two stories here, like Doublemint Gum:
    RFK Jr Won’t Pursue Libertarian Nomination, Says Team Trump Asked Him To Be VP


    “Ultimately, there is no alternative to the full implementation of the two-state solution, the only way to end the vicious circle of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict once and for all,” Dai said.

    Really? And who will police this solution, because the USA will fully support Israel, so how will the world get Israel to behave? Who will tie Israel down so that it cannot damage the world with its tantrum?

    I know that the two state solution is the only acceptable solution within the Overton window at the moment, but time will move on and the “no more Israel” solution will creep onto the table, although the world is not ready for it at the moment. The world is still pretending that the Jews should have their own country despite the fact that the country was built on crime and commits further crimes continuously. Mind you, which nation wants these murderers to live on their land; they would rather see Israel die than see the country evacuated.


    Members of the US Congress plan to consider a number of draft laws on new sanctions against Iran after the latter’s attack on Israel, US House Majority Leader Steve Scalise said, adding that the first bill could be submitted to the House of Representatives as early as Monday night.

    House of Jew Representatives. Were the Israel Jews sanctioned for starting this skirmish? America and its pet Israel are so immoral it is astonishing to the rest of the world.


    Speaking before reporters after his trip to Washington, the politician said that the US Administration is “appalled” by the behavior of the Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, according to The Jerusalem Post.

    You expect us to believe this when most of you Israel Jews have sons and daughters commiting crimes for the IDF, supporting your racist apartheid? The US admin is now going to sanction Iran, not Israel, so they can’t be that “appalled”. Netanyahu was voted in, of course the opposition is bad mouthing him, that is their job, but he sees killing the Palestinians as his political escape route, because he knows that the Jews want him to kill the Palestinians, he is being a populist. He could probably ask Trump to kill the Palestinians for him, Trump would do it if he thought it would benefit his ego.


    German citizens will be able to change their sex on legal documents without undergoing surgery or hormone therapy, under a new bill passed by the Bundestag last Friday. It stipulates that an oral request is sufficient, eliminating the need for expert assessment, which was previously mandatory.

    Well, the parents decide to have the child, so Germany thinks they should also have the right to decide the sex of the child after the child is born – they could have done this before the child was born, but were too busy congratulating themselves on how ecofriendly they are. It is nice of the German government to allow the child to be present at the sentencing …. must be scary, “You are guilty of being a boy when your parents wanted a girl, I sentence you to have your dick and balls removed”. Ouch. Of course they are only doing it on paper, so it is psychological warfare, not scalpel warfare …. yet.

    D Benton Smith


    The sordid imagery, demeaning language and general nastiness directed toward who you mistakenly think me to be doesn’t have much effect on me except annoyance and disappointment, and yet it disproportionately harms you in the process. Don’t you recognize that as a mistake? Do you feel so strongly about an argument (in which you are plainly taking the wrong stance) that you think it’s okay to degrade yourself publicly in order to “win” it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to use facts and reasoning to prove me wrong?


    @DeebstheJew You are frequently an agressive dick when commenting, I can cope with that, not a problem for me. A part of me is alive and well living rent free in your head, so I respond in kind, the kind you will understand. If that makes me an aggressive dick too, I can cope with that, not a problem for me.


    The other aspect you conveniently forget is that China has a population nearly four times that of the US. So…

    I got you to make excuses for Communist China yet again.

    It’s like you’ve got the clown makeup and rainbow wig already on, but you’re slathering even more face makeup on while reaching for the unicycle.

    You don’t even comprehend what you are doing to yourself and your agenda, which is kind of tragic and funny at the same time.



    something, some… SPECIAL something. STILL more important to you than CO2

    D Benton Smith


    I know that the two state solution is the only acceptable solution within the Overton window at the moment, but time will move on and the “no more Israel” solution will creep onto the table, although the world is not ready for it at the moment. The world is still pretending that the Jews should have their own country despite the fact that the country was built on crime and commits further crimes continuously.”

    I completely agree with your point as quoted above, and always have, consistently. So why do you think that I don’t? Whatever the reason it would make both of our lives simpler and less aggravating if you just spit it out in plain declarative sentences instead of the constant sniping.


    It’s 1 interlocked system running on jewbanker $. They collect the % as they kill you off. Enemies and wars are creations, unorganic, like 2 tribes goin at it. Once created, they last for years to churn the money and shove goyim meat into the grinder. Zelensky or Netanayu could have been taken out, incinerated with ease, but its meant to drag on last years. keep people constantly fearful and in panic. Since the world wars, you’re a slave in an international system, pretending you have a country, or borders or laws or political agents who represent you. It’s illusion, like TV. I understand many of you are sick of my harping on this. I get it. Gotta call this motherfucker as I see it. Hell or high water.

    D Benton Smith


    And you see no ironic self-contradiction or evidence of psychological projection when you describe me as “frequently an aggressive dick when commenting” , in the line that begins with you addressing me as, “DeebstheJew” ? Epithets are not an argument. They are the lack of one.

    Dr D Rich


    Come on.
    It’s simply phonetic.. partially so.



    Plus I’m a “good Catholic boy”.
    Don’t ya know?


    Ukronaziland finds out the difference between being an “Ally” and being a “Proxy”

    One of them is a handjob.


    They’re both underaged but the Proxy doesn’t get breakfast in the morning.





    D Benton Smith


    Doctor of what, exactly? Please confirm that it’s something at least ostensibly legit and not some sort of “Dr” Jill Biden kind of nonsense. I would genuinely resent being taunted by a mail-order “doctor” .


    “From capitalistic consumers to identity consumers.

    Identity consumerism, shifting from “what I have” to “what I am”.

    An entire new wave of consumers consuming themselves. Capitalism unregulated cannibalizes itself. Human behavior not grounded in reality destoys and consumes itself. We have arrived.” (citizenx)

    A follow up:

    Whatever you consume will consume you.

    [..] Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.

    [..] For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them.

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

    In this life, each person is allowed to be as selfish and mean as they want, and this causes them to eventually separate themselves from everyone else so that they finally live in complete isolation, wrapped up in their own thoughts of everybody else’s faults and failures.

    As we draw into ourselves and become more and more separated we destroy our families, friendships, and health. There is an end to the choices we make.

    Realizing that death to self stops this process of separation so that we can finally see ourselves and others as we really are, offer forgiveness and be forgiven.

    D Benton Smith

    @DrDRich, @aspnaz, and fans

    The transition from being WRONG (deluded, misinformed, ignorant, deceitful, evasive, etc.) to being truthfully informed, corrected and thereby RIGHT, is difficult and fraught with peril. The peril is that defending error or deliberate falsehood, especially if defended “successfully”, runs the highly probable risk of further descent into the insanity of believing the opposite of what simply is.

    An early clue that such is the case is the resort to personalized ridicule, epithet, involuntary silencing, bully tactics, ganging up, lying, misdirection, and a host of other illogical behaviors which are all variations on the basic act of evading a truth by refusing to confront and openly discuss the possibility that perhaps it is, after all, just a plain old true thing that is pointless to disagree with because it just is what it is: garden variety reality.

    Both of you guys (and some of your sidekicks) are doing that, and you’re doing yourself no favors thereby, because the idea you are clinging to is simply NOT true. It’s false, bogus, un-aligned with reality, and ultimately it will carry you to the darkest of dark places in which you will be trapped by your own unwavering adherence to the very lie that is killing you. And in the case of the Jews, Blacks, Amer-Indians, and many others it is a lie that has killed uncountable millions (maybe billions) of other innocents as well. In fact, your prejudicial condemnation of millions of people based solely on the accident of their birth HAPPENS TO BE THE SAME ONE THAT THE ZIONIST ISRAELI’S ARE USING TO SLAUGHTER TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TRULY INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN GAZA.

    I have no personal interest in arguing with either of you, but I have GREAT interest in persuading you to look at the truth rather than attacking me for saying it to you. You are in a “Chapel Perilous” of the most dangerous sort, and I would very much like to see you NOT lose that combat and become evil.

    So, you apparently think that ALL Jews are bad by virtue of their chromosomes. Alright then, PROVE IT. State your claim and defend it with facts, if you can.

    All you have to do is present your own case, answer up honestly to the opposing arguments, and go with the one that is truer.

    Oh, and one other thing. Stop giving me so much shit for no good reason. It makes it look like you can’t afford to even LOOK at truths, much less answer to them.

    John Day

    Hi Chooch. I hope you and your family are doing well.

    TAE Summary

    * Heraclitus said when something is pushed to its extreme it becomes its opposite and since extremes drive immense profits:
    – The defense industry insists on offense
    – Healthcare is a leading cause of death
    – Education revels in ignorance
    – Democracy elects totalitarians
    – Engineering designs things to break
    – Border security pays people to invade
    – Sexual attraction becomes grotesquely repulsive
    – Equality requires absolute favorites
    – Sports means sitting in a chair for hours
    – Tolerance is supremely intolerant
    – Critical thinking mindlessly repeats what someone else said
    – Free stuff will cost you everything


    jb-hb said

    I got you to make excuses for Communist China yet again

    I simply report facts. You don’t like factual discussions, and invariably engage in ad hominem attacks.


    Dr D said

    Whatever AFKTT is saving in CO2, I had to double my emissions to make up his share. Bought a new muscle car, left it idling all night. Got a cow. Mowed the grass that released CO2 captured there during the last week. Maybe I’ll get TWO cows: then you’ll REALLY be in trouble. One for the living room and one for the den.

    Recently installed a 2hp aircon on our rooftop, so that we can sit outdoors on the roof and enjoy aircon at the same time. It is bloody brilliant, I should have done it years ago. It can be 100% humidity and you have dry air gently flowing across you, almost like carrying the discomfort to AFKTT’s doorstep. Restricting aircon to the indoors is simply communist, so here in China we just enjoy our freedoms and leave the virtue signalling to someone else.


    Deebs the Jew said

    I completely agree with your point as quoted above, and always have, consistently. So why do you think that I don’t?

    Where did I say anything about your opinion regarding Israel? I don’t care what you think about the subject. You are hallucinating, maybe stop waving that walking stick for a while, sit down and catch your breath.


    AFKTT said

    jb-hb said

    I got you to make excuses for Communist China yet again

    I simply report facts. You don’t like factual discussions, and invariably engage in ad hominem attacks.

    To be fair AFKTT, you did walk in and take a dump in the middle of the carpet, leaving your steaming turd for all to ponder. Don’t expect praise from us if you do such things; sure, your allies in the deep state, your friends in government, your fellow jihadists of depopulation in Pfizer will all praise you for that turd, but not here. Sorry mate, be a good boy and dump in the garden next time.

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