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    Jack Delano Residents of Miss Disher’s rooming house for rail workers, Clinton, Iowa 1943 • The Global Liquidity Trap Turns More Treacherous (Minerd)
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    Hi Ilargi,

    Check out Yanis giving the low down at teh RSA:


    John Day

    This piece by Pepe Escobar, looks at “The Panama Papers”. and recasts the story in a more realistic light. This is a vast database of financial files in a searchable format, a huge electronic transfer that may have been going on for years, and almost impossible to be the work of one person, the jilted-lover-employee story from yesterday. It is hard to comprehend the size of this data transfer.
    What organizations are capable of doing this job? Are there any characteristics of Panama that give clues?
    Well, that narrows it down, and it also fits with who the chosen targets are so far (frenemies and expendables).
    Despite headlines, Putin is nowhere in this dragnet, not even “implicated”.

    This Panama Papers article is from Gordon Duff, at Veterans Today, who comes to the same conclusion as Escobar, that this is a form of assymmetric financial and political war, which is being very carefully directed by the party in control of the database, which looks to be the US/Israeli deep-state and “friends”.
    What is in this treasure trove of dirt, that we must never see? Duff takes a guess.

    This Global Research article, which is partly an article from April 4, 2013, the day that a very similar, if not identical trove of financial dirty laundry was announced. (The same stuff, on April 4 each time, 3 years apart, advertises this as a special-operation.)

    History of the Panama Papers: Offshore Banking Havens: Hidden Agenda behind the 2013 Operation “Offshore Leaks”?

    “We rule out an inside job. This is not a leak. This is a hack,” Fonseca, 63, said.


    Netherlands “votes” — because “democracy”, apparently…
    Netherlands ‘rejects’ EU-Ukraine partnership deal .. with “just kidding” quotes.

    With 99.8% of the votes counted, 61.1% had said “No”, with 38% supporting a deal, media reports said.

    Turnout is projected at 32%, above the 30% threshold of voters needed to be valid but within a 3% margin of error.

    Prime Minister Mark Rutte said his government may have to reconsider the treaty if the vote is valid.

    The Dutch parliament has already ratified the EU agreement and the result of the vote is not binding.

    Dr. Diablo

    Well, they finally found an American in the Panama Papers: that’s right, the top American tax-evader is…Tina Turner. Thank God we got her off the streets, so she won’t be able to perpetrate these crimes of privacy any longer. We must open all financial records worldwide to collect taxes for government, destroy our enemies, and drive all remaining financial privacy and tax-shelters into Nevada and Delaware, where they’ll be nice and safe.

    What’s that? Tina Turner became a Swiss citizen in 2013, resigning her citizenship like so many possibly to stop paying taxes to a country she doesn’t live in and avoid FATCA which would prevent her from having any financial activity worldwide?

    Oh well, we’re still looking for our first American in the Panama Papers.

    I don’t think people are buying this. Or at least not when so alarmingly obvious, given to the ICIJ, a group created for Cold-war propaganda run by western news is funded by the usual suspects including the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, Vanguard (black corporate money), well-known CIA front-company (USAid), and Soros (Open Society), then primarily going after Putin (who has no account listed), Assad, Xi, FIFA, Iceland who jailed bankers and needs to be re-captured, and no one else. With 11M documents, seems beyond probability, n’est-ce pas? As Wikileaks said, “Should we release all 11 million #PanamaPapers so everyone can search through them like our other publications?”

    Nah, let’s get Tina Turner.

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