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    @ Dr Day

    Thanks for the followup. I guess point 5 and 6 might be the answer I’m looking for but does their definition of unvaccinated include all infected and uninfected people? It certainly seems that people with natural immunity fare better than the vaxxed but people with natural immunity have already got the virus once. I wonder how the death rate of the “never been infected” vaxxed compares to the “never been infected” unvaxxed?
    It’s probably inconsequential since the number of unvaxxed and uninfected is a small, and getting smaller, percentage of the population but it is a curiosity for me.

    Goodnight Dave ( really showing our age here aren’t we?)

    Figmund Sreud

    @Michael Reid: … I understand. Investing is not everyone’s cup of java, …

    Anyway, Doug Casey, he just writes publicly for his own amusement. Tells you some good stuff which is theoretically true, but also a subject to the exceptions and hidden pitfalls.

    As to US Treasuries, … yield popped this week to 52-week highs. Market is giving 77% odds the FED will hike rates further a half point (twice the normal increase) next month and do it again in June. Maybe even more then.

    Foolish market, …one hike for sure, perhaps second one to continue to fight inflation. And then, … sudden realization that the market is diving (… and we can’t have that, can we?).

    And so, at some point, the FED is going to step back in and reverse their monetary policy back to quantitive easing and lowering Fed Funds back to the zero bound. But, I’m just musing right now. Sorry, … forgive me.



    John Day

    “Goodnight Chett”
    Good data came out in around September 2021, looking at stored blood samples from 5 years before COVID, that confirmed prior suspicions and explained findings that about 80% of people, as on the Diamond Princess, just wouldn’t get badly sick with COVID, due to prior coronavirus infections conferring pretty decent immunity.
    That’s a baseline that it’s hard to talk about, and Omicron, now B.A.2, also, seem to bypass that better than Delta-and-friends did.


    Australian whistleblower scientists provide more evidence of nanotech and graphene oxide in Pfizer gene therapy (video):

    John Day

    Twitter suspends Scott Ritter for disputing Volodymyr Zelensky’s claim about Russian atrocites in Bucha, as lacking evidence.

    Twitter suspends former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter for disputing Zelensky’s story about Bucha killings

    Veracious Poet

    Hard to say what will happen in so many venues of U$ Empire Inc., what with NPD sociopaths running the show…

    In 2008 I, nor any other “rational person”, would have predicted the FED/U$T would have have printed trillion$ of digital fiat “currency” to save the banksters, setting up the trap the West is stuck in now.

    Looking back I can see that should have been a given, as by 2008 TPTB/TBTF had already hollowed out the U$ economy & pu$hed the sheeple into mass psychosis formation (Bush>Obama)…

    If a billion souls aren’t turned into ash by this time next year, it’ll be about time for the next super dicktator to rise & “lead” what’s left of “America” into a shallow grave.

    In the case of the former, all bets are off, but in the SoCal metro area anarchy + crime is already is already out-of-control. Major vehicle “accidents” as well, with 50+% of drivers impaired by low aptitude, cell phone addiction and/or drugs/alcohol.

    Then there are the rabid monsters behind the wheel, on the street, in the homesteads…


    So when you say “No Rulz” “Everything Goes and Nothing Matters”, it will CERTAINLY lead to not only appearances of impropriety that undermine the whole institution and culture, undermine your own reputation and get accused of wrongdoing, but ACTUAL impropriety and open illegality you can’t imagine yet.

    I can imagine it, in fact confirming the emergence of said phenom all the way from local crime blogs to national reports of democide incited & sanctioned by “The Anointed”…

    I’m sure there’s still innumerous horrors to manifest that I “can’t imagine yet” in the West’s destiny.

    Thanks “We the Sheeple” for voting for criminals, terrorists & psychopaths ~ Is this what the electorate really wanted all along?


    @ Dr D said

    No one in America has any morality, or they would notice. That “Morality” comes from “God”, however you define it. We have no faith, no god, only ourselves and ego, therefore no connection to morality or principle.

    Reference the post-modern philosophy of life, the anti-family mob who insist that America will be stronger with gay parents raising transgender children: the war against objective morality. Nietzsche’s pop psychology, offering responsibility-free, truth-free, hence meaning-free, living has been indicrinated into the majority by academics. Now we are all in danger as the youth have grown into adults and been put into positions of responsibility.

    One mystery is what happens as the decline accelerates? I am sure we will all be here to witness it. At what point will the change take place where those in power are replaced by traditional male leadership stereotypes. Or is this just my bias thinking that people will be sensible enough to return to “what works”, as in a return to the strong family unit being the core of any successful civilization.

    This, to me, is the difference between the Western collapse and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The Chinese never lost their commitment to the strong family unit, and Chinese rural society still relies heavily on the wider family: “rural” because modern city living slowly destroys society so we must wait to see what it does to China. The West has slowly lost that commitment to family over the past sixty years and is now lost, a house built on sand.



    Government Bonds = Certificates of Confisication.

    IOU = I owe you nothing!

    First Rule of Investing. If you don’t know who the mark is, it is you!

    How Markets Really Work: You walk into a saloon. Three men are playing cards at a round table. One chair is empty. You ask if you can join them. Yes. You sit down. You are dealt in. You win the first round. They deal again raising the anntie. You win again. Another round is dealt with a rising auntie. You lose. More rounds are played until you lose all your money. Out of the game, you go to the bar for a stiff drink. You observe another fellow enter the saloon. He takes your empty chair. First he wins, then he too looses all his money. He joins you at the bar. Now you know the market is totally rigged! The three card players are working together to separate you from your money!

    Three Wall Street bankers are showing a new client around NYC. They brag about how much money they are making. They stop at the NYC marina, each pointing out their big yachts. The client asks where are their client’s yachts?

    In the goode olde wilde west days, if you had a serious dispute with a neighbor, you hired a six gun. You then hoped your six gun was faster than your neighbor’s six gun. In today’s uncivilized world, you hire a lawyer and hope your lawyer is more crooked at bending and twisting the law than your opponent’s lawyer!



    Yes, we know there are still some Nato people trapped in Marupol.

    Five (+ 2?) Ukrainian helicopters shot down with four escaping, so far. First try with 2 helicopters. One shot down, one escaped over sea. Second try, both shot down over sea. Third try 5 helicopters land in Marupol. On take-off two shot down, three escape. One shot down over Russian controlled land, with 2 Ukrainians surviving. One an intelligent officer the other the gunner. From this three different foreign badges recovered. A green beret with pin assumed to be French Foreign Legion but green beret made in Germany so could also be German. (Possible fourth try, both shot down over sea.)

    Speculation: Three helicopters escaped likely with valuable personal.

    The west side of Marupol is now fully covered with manapods so more future attempts are highly unlikely.

    Russians have brought in eight old 240mm mortars. These hurl city blockbusters. Great door knockers for deep concrete bunkers too.

    V. Arnold

    Agreed; investing in paper is a fools errand; all the games are rigged…
    Commodities may be an exception…depends though and one must do their homework…
    Gold and silver in hand (not paper) is solid and has an intrinsic value (and always will).
    I do not consider them as an investment; thereby price is irrelevant; if the time comes when they are needed the true value will far exceed whatever price one paid…

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