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    Fred Stein Times Square at Night 1947   • Eyewitness Says Syrian Military Anticipated US Raid (ABC) • The Biggest Stock Bubble In US History (IRD
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    Ken Barrows

    Our betters just don’t understand. Debt is not a bug; it’s a feature. Until more realize this fact, we’re pissing into a headwind.


    You can see the Deep State gradually increasing the pressure on Russia by:

    1- The “accidental” attack by the US, Danish and Australian air forces against the Syrian army’s encircled positions at Deir al-Zour

    2- The shooting down of the Russian plane by Turkey (NATO)

    3- The constant media frenzy about Russia

    4- The assassination of a number of Russian diplomats

    5- The bomb attack on the metro of Saint Petersburg

    6- The attack by the Israelis on the Mezzeh Military Airport (Damascus)

    7- The use of cruise missiles by the US Navy on the Shayrat Military Airport in rural east Homs

    It is clear to me that it is a matter of time before the Russians sink a US Navy ship or shoot down some planes. They have been extremely patient as they know that they are dealing with idiots. They know that the longer they delay their retaliation, the better prepared they will be and the weaker and more divided the West will be.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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