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    Jack Delano Thirst Stops Here: Durham, North Carolina May 1940 I should maybe start off by saying that we’ve seen so many blatant lies lately we might
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    Neither here nor there nor on topic but here in Michigan employment agencies are advertising during the evening local news casts. Mostly to fill light industrial positions I think. $9 to $13/hr one said. This had never ever happened. First off it shows the auto industry is going good. Secondly it shows that there is a large segment of the unemployed who are, by semi choice I suppose, not seen fit for hiring due to,and I am guessing: unable to pass a drug screening, criminal record, very bad resumes indicating poor attendance.

    I suspect we are at the good as it gets point for jobs. The semi unemployable had nothing to do with taking us into the as bad as it gets for jobs period of 6 years ago. That was caused by something else and that in turn was causal in a significant spike in the unemployable today. Be prepared however to start hearing how it’s the people who are at fault for the looming slowdown.

    As I said, all neither here nor there.

    Jolly John

    Today’s piece caught my mind. It seems to have taken off from one spot, lies and the disconect between the news and the truth. Including in this are the coments on volitility. I would hope at this point there is a general even if not particularly educated, understanding that such is the case. My take on a response is/was to get out and stay away. All the comments about lack of transparency are true, in fact I feel true for the vast majority of active market participants. Thus if you can’t see through the fog and mirrors stay away.
    The second part for me was a conversation on who is going to get caught holding the big bag of losses, and who will get out in time. With all the murk it is too difficult to give a knowing answer so glad I stayed away.
    Now while away most but not yet all debt has been paid off. Efforts have been made at self sufficency. Maybe a bit different approach, learn how to fix things, house and auto problems. Buy old and fix not to sell but to insure that taxes are minimized but with out giving up many of the real benifits of the material items of real use. Thus if the balloon deflates just maybe readyness will prove its worth. Yes there was some pain in getting used to the new life but that has passed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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