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    Ivan Aivazovsky Lac Maggiore 1892   • Two Weeks (Denninger) • Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Individuals Have Similar Viral Loads (Medrxiv) • US Rep
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    V. Arnold

    Ivan Aivazovsky Lac Maggiore 1892

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous…

    V. Arnold

    The new normal is nsanity…if one is insane, they will fit in nicely…
    If you’re not (insane) then be very very careful to appear otherwise…
    The modus operendi must be guarded…
    Even here in S.E. Asia, the normative is in turmoil; as we struggle with the day to day…
    The message is: Keep on trucking,,, 😉

    a kullervo

    Vaccines are useless.(?)

    “Vaccines are useless for postponing death; vaccines are useful for bringing death forward.””

    There, fixed it for you.

    This dovetail nicely with the Great Reset crew: maybe they’re not that smart but they have enough brains to deal with the mindless populace (and these can never be underestimated – pls cf. Carlo Cipolla’s The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity.)

    absolute galore

    I have a few questions I’m curious about.

    1. Is the narrative that fully 80% of the population is not really susceptible to the virus still around, or is that “false news” from “our side?” The only real justification I ever saw for this was the result of how many on the ship Diamond Princess came down with Covid.

    2. This from Denninger. I am not a big fan, and his long sentence kind of garbles things, but the basic question I have is, Iff the virus is mutating to resist vaccines, will the virus also mutate and rapidly become impervious to the effects of Ivermectin once the drug is more widely employed–or even at the levels it is now? The problem with viruses in this regard is that their replication is exponential; while mutational evasion of protection for bacteria with antibiotics typically takes years or even decades to occur because bacteria replicate in a binary fashion, that is 1 becomes 2, which becomes 4 and so on with viruses 1 becomes 1,000 and if that one winds up in recombination due to cross-infection with something else at the same time then while the odds of a productive mutation are no higher than they are with any other the outcome when you get a productive mutation is much more-likely to result in escape and transmission because the replication factor is so large.

    3. If one were to use Ivermectin prophylactically, I assume this means you would never develop natural immunity, and so going forward, as Covid becomes endemic, you would need a continual supply. (I’m already concerned about how to keep mine safe in this heat and humidity–no ac.) I’m over 60. In five years time, who knows what kind of availability there might be. I’m thinking better to take the chance of infection earlier, then take medicine to get better. I assume the body would at least create some antibodies during that time, or would Ivermectin cut that process off if taken as recommended, at first sign of symptoms?


    Way to much of this in the world –

    V. Arnold

    @absolute galore

    3. If one were to use Ivermectin prophylactically, I assume this means you would never develop natural immunity, and so going forward, as Covid becomes endemic, you would need a continual supply.

    No link, but I have read IVM does NOT surpress immunity to covid when used prophyilacticly


    @oxy: interesting link. Thank you.

    Dr. D

    Delta: Not that I trust the tests much, but playing along, isn’t the PCR test theoretically genetic? (Except how it finds a completely different organisms too?) Therefore it could distinguish variants if it worked?

    Maybe I’m wrong. Of course growing it would be far more certain, but pretty sure you’d have to gene-sequence it again since they’re practically identical.

    My guess is they have a sequence “TGAGCTTAGCCTA” etc, And the PCR marks positive if there is a “T” anywhere in the code. …Hey, they said it matched a sequence. We’re not lying! Not my fault if papayas have a “T” somewhere in their genetic code too. You’ve seen these guys act: is my reading on this really that far off?

    There were 194,608 new Covid cases reported around the U.S. on Friday,”

    Speaking of. But yesterday’s chart already showed Delta rising sharply (thanks to broken tests perhaps) but deaths not moving at all. A casedemic. Bait-and-switch in language, like other con artists, and they know it:

    The seven-day rolling average for deaths is around 300, according to the New York Times, up from an average of 175 deaths a day”

    So why are you writing the article? 300 whole people, or 60 per state with most aged over 80? However will the hospital system handle it?

    Call out the Army, the Navy, and Smoky the Bear! Stab that kid in the umbilical cord, don’t take any chances with numbers like that. People over 80 dying? When did this start? When will it end?

    Yeah. So. Tired. But hopefully like he says, two weeks. (it’s always longer). They’re getting blown apart pretty good at this point.

    “Twitter Suspends Berenson for Postsing Results of Pfizer Clinical Test (Turley)”

    They had that elsewhere too. And what was the guy’s offense? He reported the news, as so, and said “this isn’t the vaccine behavior they promised.” That’s it. Poor Tim Pool is at wit’s end, because data is changing (that is, flip-flopping) hourly – gee, is that “Science”? – and so two opposite articles are usually posted at the same time. BUT! If you quote one article from the NYT, and then quote the OTHER article from the NYT, you get banned for “misinformation” by the NY Times. You know: just like RussiaGate.

    So if you READ THEIR PRESS RELEASES verbatim, you get banned. If you read their stories, you get banned. Why? Duh! Because we ban our enemies and never ban our friends. I don’t care what they say, how many women Weinstein takes home, how many planes Epstein takes, how many cases Wray fabricates, how many violations of national and international law Pelosi or Bush or Albright make, they’re our friends and nothing they do is wrong. Just as Comey said: every crime was confirmed to be committed, and no reasonable person who wants to stay in the Club will ever prosecute them. Suck it, peasants. Laws for thee. Or not, I’ll make them up! Make me stop!

    “French Protests Grow Against Extended Health Pass Scheme (R.)”

    They have the dumbest warfare ever. I wonder what brought them to this? They have set a battle that demands the control of TIME, while all the other side have to do is create a small, steady delay. That is a straight up losing plan. Not that there won’t be many casualties.

    As this passes, we can return to real subjects like the several million evictions Biden’s overseeing today. Or his new – how many? – wars? They’re not reported, so I can’t tell. At least Yemen and Ethiopia, right? With an option on Cuba and Sudan? And 80 million American people including and especially Progressives?

    “Rare Earth Metals Have Become A Thorn In The Side Of The Green Agenda (RT)”

    Trying to be positive, there may be a space age solution to space age materials. They have developed a method to liquefy rock (like fracking), then use frequency to decouple the ore from the background and pump and filter it. This is only with certain metals now, I think, and barely operational, but RE’s are metals, and you can see you could walk up to a hillside, jam in the pipes, and largely remove the toxic RE’s without disturbing the whole mountain. …Of course they would then be out in the world ready to catch on fire and have the fire brigade wash them into the river, but it solves an important problem.

    Personally, shouldn’t do this until you have a responsible cradle-to-grave system, like aluminum has. I’m not asking the world, it can be somewhat slack. But that would require doing less, meaning selling less, having less, less profit and less taxes, with longer product lifespans, the opposite of everything we stand for as we turn off analog TV and flip Nokias.

    A 1920 tube ham radio works like the day it was made. So could a Model A. People still use 1935 International tractors which can run on kerosene. You don’t HAVE to be jerk to the world. But it would require careful forethought. The energy investment on that tractor was probably recovered by 1955, where everything after that drops merely to fuel and tires.

    So go get that Lamborghini and save the world.



    @absolute galore

    Re #3: No data, but I recall an article that Covid antibodies in India are much higher than expected in the general population, which suggests, but does not prove, that it might be possible to develop immunity while taking Ivermectin prophylactally. Maybe so, maybe not.

    Dr. D

    Not all stops create surviving variants. Best example: soap and water. Bacteria haven’t found a way around this, why? Because it attacks them on pH and the size of their cell walls. Unless bacteria want to change so much they’ve converted from the size of lawn darts to a battle tank, they cannot outrun this variety of attack. Same with silver, for instance, it’s reactive.

    Ivermectin we don’t know the method, but it appears it causes improved cell function in relation to zinc, etc. So let’s say what’s happening is it’s not KILLING the virus, it’s ENHANCING your body’s immune system. –Yes the opposite of everything western medicine stands for: never make people healthy, only make them not-sick, then wander away. So your body, being more healthier-er, takes out the virus itself, but therefore IT has the immunity, not like using bleach-wipes or something. So IT is trained to recognize CV later, which is ideal. And you’re also healthier in the immune system later, which is ideal.

    So it’s very hard to outrun and for some reason all life works together and not against. Almost universally, invasive species take over, but then back up and shrink to the ecosystem, Japanese beetles, ladybugs, Japanese Knotweed, kudzu (Is Japan after us?). Same with disease: it exists, we don’t usually erase them, yet it stops being so severe for reasons we don’t comprehend, like malaria that killed everyone in the U.S. from landing until like 1900. Then mostly didn’t, and shrank steadily after WWII until it hardly exists today. They said Florida, D.C. would be uninhabitable because of it. They’re not.

    What is this? Personally, they are the “Implicate Order” the Intelligent Design of the overspirits of these various life-channels hashing it out until everyone can co-exist. If they didn’t, it’s obvious life would derail pretty much constantly, erasing life on earth as thoroughly as when the oxygen flip happened
    But this never happens.

    The gods and angels are out there, pushing and pulling. You’re not supposed to see them as it would ruin the show, but you can if you want to. There are ways backstage if you want to.

    Anyway, no, only the (some) vaccine method causes this particular problem.

    those darned kids

    unfortunately, the rarest of earths is the one we are using up way too fast.


    @darned kids: you come up with a lot of awesome one-liners, too many to acknowledge each of them, but they are all appreciated. 🙂


    Ivermectin was derived from soil bacteria….soil bacteria live symbiotically with plants….each one scratches the others back etc. Ivermectin protected it’s host plant by destroying any viral, bacterial nematodal or fungal attack and in return received sugars from the plant. The same thing goes on in our own guts. We get access to vital trace nutrients due to a symbiotic relationship with our gut bacteria. These bacteria are part of our immune systems. Adding ivermectin makes sense.


    I can’t fathom how they will be able enforce mandates when it is blazingly obvious to everyone, and even told right at the start by the companies that made them, that the vaccines do not, can not, were never designed to, stop covid spreading. It is the most singularly illogical thing I’ve ever seen and the sheer blind insanity of it boggles the mind. There is absolutely no safety benefit to any workplace of having their employees jabbed, and in healthcare it is actually more dangerous to lessen the symptoms (which it doesn’t even do) of your employees because then they will be more likely to spread the disease to patients. From chats with other people even those who have got jabbed are asking questions about any sort of workplace mandate, as everyone is by now aware that the jab doesn’t stop it spreading. If they go through with us it really is reaching late soviet levels of eye rolling at the government and perhaps a sign that their downfall is close.

    madamski cafone

    upstateNYer – no worries – it is fascinating to see how corporate ties work structurally.
    Dr D. I literally have my tractor arriving in 2 weeks with 4 in 1 bucket, three point linkage, back hoe and auger. The photo you put up is almost the definition of form and function.

    Polder Dweller

    I’m not buying into the scary Great Reset thing. They may have the money, but they ain’t got the brains.

    Which puts you in line with Kunstler. I tend to agree and certainly hope you’re right. However, I was reminded of this quote from Jacques Attali who was an advisor to French President François Mitterrand and the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. It suggests that dreams of pandemics to reduce the population have been going on for quite some time. The late Prince Philip is reported to have said that he didn’t believe in reincarnation, but that if he were to come back, he would like to be a nasty virus which would wipe out a large proportion of the world population.

    When I googled the quote, Snopes kindly informed me it was fake, of course, I don’t know whether Snopes is telling me the truth either, so make of the quote what you will.

    ”The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly. Then the weak, then the useless that do not help society because there will always be more of them, and above all, ultimately, the stupid.Euthanasia will have to be an essential tool in our future societies, in all cases. Of course we will not be able to execute people or build camps.

    We get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good. Overpopulation, and mostly useless, is something that is too costly economically. Socially, too, it is much better when the human machine comes to an abrupt standstill than when it gradually deteriorates.

    Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that! We will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment. We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself.” Jacques Attali (1981) from his book Verbatim

    Then there’s a recent quote from tony nosferatu blair saying that they have their people in place everywhere. So maybe they don’t have the brains, but perhaps with all their money they could buy some.

    Polder Dweller

    Clarification: Snopes said that the Attali quote was fake, not the Prince Philip one.


    @polder: if the Attali quote is from his book (Verbatim) it can be verified through that source, I would think? I checked amazon and the book is sold there, but it’s in french. I’m an ignorant American. I don’t speak french. 🙁

    madamski cafone

    “I’m not buying into the scary Great Reset thing. They may have the money, but they ain’t got the brains. • Why Are Globalists, Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates? (AM)”

    Nor do I but that doesn’t answer the headline’s question. The question has been in my mind since yesterday morning.

    First, we don’t know that they’re driving for 100% vakz rate. They are surely driving for all the vakzinations they can rack up, but it is mere assumption that they want 100% other than they’re greedy, maniacal, and what pitcher doesn’t dream of pitching a no-hitter?

    from the Zero Hedge article:

    “They have to force us to be vaccinated as well – ALL of us, so that there is no control group and thus no proof os what they have done. They could simply blame mass health disorders on covid itself, or some other false culprit. If the vaccines are a Trojan horse that causes widespread illness or infertility, and the globalists get caught because a control group exists, then it will mean outright rebellion along with ropes and lampposts for them. “

    He says globalists but refers to Westerndom. GLobalism being global, there will remain a “control group” even if Euromerica and associate nations achieve 100% vakz rates. I’ve heard, for example, of a place called Africa. It is not possible to create a total communication shutdown, and the conditions created by attempts to create such a thing would reset the resetters big time as society would collapse faster than an imploding star.

    So I think we can dispense with the 100%/zero control group idea, even tempered realistically into 99%/tiny control group.

    Another model of explanation I know of is DENIAL. Double-down on the lie. Pretend you’re not fucking up. Pretend that your ship is not sinking, because you’re the King of Wishful Thinking

    “The CDC is a group of bureaucrats used to working a 9-to-5 job of complete pointlessnes..” is kInd of the cornerstone of any understanding of Big Picture understanding of government.

    Between these notions lies the idea of controlled population decimation, which I think is a sound conspiracy theory. If TPTB can sign off on the amount of mechanical military slaughter that we’ve inflicted since Sam became our Uncle, via a bureaucracy incapable of morally apprehending itself for being too busy reading memo minutiae, it can surely sign off on a bit of population reduction that doesn’t destroy real estate, only people and institutions.

    A planned demolition? Quite possibly. Why, I’ll even tango with quite likely. But being planned doesn’t mean that what’s happening is part of the plan, much less that the Plan is going according to Plan. The Big Picture/Deep State conspiracy theorists/theories that seem most credible to me lean to the idea that the plan was befuddled, accidents happened, bugs got loose too soon in a manner difficult to track for purposes of control: the tiger you wuz riding by the tail got loose and left you in the cage.

    I suspect Putin knows what he’s doing pushing for maximum voluntary vaccination. (A genuine vaccination is measured in cc’s; a vakzinatin is measured in kilo-zaps;) )

    I know for certain that I am very proud of myself for helping my wife believe in me more than the medical establishment, and is therefore not vakzinated despite considerable office pressure in a medical establishment albeit the clerical side..

    “and now word that the Biden Administration has routinely been flagging material to be censored by Facebook.”

    That’s good news to me. They’ll make poor choices even with AI assistance.

    Dr. D mentioned Smokey. Here is an example of how much we rely on shaming people to do what we think is right rather than encouraging them to do what is good:

    Smokey sez:

    The message is coupled with Personal Responsibility: Only YOU can Prevent…. not anymore. Lightning strikes drive most of today’s fires. But The Message is delivered: YOU are BAD. Modernity has taken the worst of Xtian Fallen Man shame and coupled it with secular humanism’s bootstrapped Personal Responsibility (mostly in group lockstep, of course), and managed to create a homeless serf society whose peasants are perhaps more beguiled and befuddled than medeival peasants in France. (But I have a sign in my front yard that says Saxon Peasants Matter!)

    madamski cafone

    WES: so kind of you to ask about the novel.

    Here is a snippet of Eleanor, madamski’s original:

    Carlton and Eleanor lay down for that nap. After awhile, Carlton gets into his recliner. At his age, sleeping flat too long feels like being fitted for a coffin. It awakens Eleanor. She lays in bed and wanders shadowland, visiting forgotten memories. Not entirely forgotten, but missing crucial details to inform her why the memory is strong enough to have survived so many years. She has spent much of the past several years watching memories erode. Her relationship with memory has acquired a forensic aspect: what happened? Whodunnit?

    When Jerome passed, she didn’t want to deal with things anymore. She lay in bed a lot, too much, and cultivated a twilight consciousness, sort of a lucid dreaming state, that was the root of most of her Alzheimers, really.

    She has a vast chest in the back of her mind, a huge wooden bureau with drawers, big as a museum, small as a china hutch. Inside are glass baubles, most of them tear-shaped, giant oval marbles with cat’s eye memories inside them that she doesn’t know what to do with, can’t see how they fit into her lifeline, can only feel. Definite specific feelings, without accompanying explanatory details. Unsettling.

    She finds herself in a rocker with a collection of glass memories in her lap that she pets like kittens. It startles her, awakens her fully. Then she remembers Geneve. She ought to call her. She thinks of Carlton, thinks about all those medications he probably hasn’t taken since she arrived. She realizes both Carlton and Geneve need her.

    Being needed is nice. An old familiar feeling that defined most of her years. Now it feels awkward. Nice but nervous. The bravado of making love and reclaiming herself has worn off, and she is just a scared old woman who goes into the living room, gets comfy on the couch, and watches Carlton snore, dentures rattling like venetian blinds.

    He is such a frail old thing. How can she take care of him? Remember, please, that Eleanor is in no shape to handle so much mental clarity. She’s like the girl unexpectedly elected head cheerleader. She can hardly care for herself.

    Wrong. She can care for herself. She can care for Carlton. She can care for Geneve. Carlton has an old grandfather’s clock. Ticks and tocks. Needs winding. Like her, like Carlton. Neither of them can make it alone, even with each other. They need someone to wind them up and keep them on time.

    She can care. She was surprised how badly losing Jerome buried her in herself, weakness not being her strong suit. It’s time to be herself again. Her new old self. Not take charge, her typical mo, but just take care.

    Take care, she whispers to Carlton. I’ll take care of you but you have to take care of me. I’m losing my mind, you know.

    “Yes, Joan,” he murmurs in his sleep. His third wife. She tries to ignore it but it won’t let go.

    Tip-toeing over to Carlton, she kisses him and whispers, “I’m Eleanor, you dope.”

    “Yes dear.”

    She thinks about calling Geneve, but that’s too much for now. So old, she is, so old… as she drifts off, she hears her father say, Little girl, you’ve had a busy day. Time for bed.

    It wakes her up enough that she soon finds herself wandering the shadowlands. She crawls up into the lap of a memory of her dad and goes to sleep as he rocks.

    Asleep, Eleanor dreams about the shadowlands. Real dreaming, not twilight conscious lucid dreaming. In her dream, she finds a pair of knitting needles that she somehow knows will knit together things like glass memories. Memory marbles become skeins of glass yarn. It looks a frightful mess but she can not only knit with her eyes closed, she can knit in her dreams, a handy combination.

    The result is something between a beaded glass curtain and an afghan. It prisms her memories into even more confusing shapes but she likes it. They’re her orphans, and she will love them as she made them. She doesn’t remember the dream later upon awakening, but remembers the moral: these memories, what’s left of them, and what you do with them, are yours. Might as well love them. If you forget who your husband is, love him anyway.


    Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?

    By Brandon Smith

    bureaucrats and media talking heads go on the attack
    give illusion
    being misled

    control information
    control demonstrations

    wars not reported
    impotent journalist

    herd/natural immunity
    various life-channels hashing it out until everyone can co-exist
    symbiotic relationship with our gut bacteria

    it is actually more dangerous to lessen the symptoms

    Fact check required

    ” death rate of covid is a mere 0.26% of those infected (this is a stat that the media consistently and deliberately refuses to mention to the public). This means that 99.7% of the public is in NO danger from covid whether they are vaccinated or not.”

    ” needed 70% herd immunity”

    “The mainstream media and the globalists will argue that there is “no evidence” that the mRNA vaccines will cause deadly side effects or infertility. I would argue back that there is NO EVIDENCE that they are safe.”

    “the truth that the lockdowns, mandates and vaccines were never about safety and were always about control – from social control to population control.”

    reducing population – depopulation

    “Compare Death rate of war, poverty and other causes”
    “death rates of cigaretes – cigarettes, which kill ~500,000 people in the US EVERY year.”

    “The conflict between China and the US is fabricated for the benefit of the public.”
    Search “depopulation quotes” – About 1,700 results


    madamski cafone

    “A 1920 tube ham radio works like the day it was made.”

    Be sure and replace thw capacitors before you fire that vintage wonder you found in a yard sale. Fry the works, it will, an old capacitor. Throw straight 110 voltage through those tubes, it will.

    madamski cafone

    “Re #3: No data, but I recall an article that Covid antibodies in India are much higher than expected in the general population, which suggests, but does not prove, that it might be possible to develop immunity while taking Ivermectin prophylactally. Maybe so, maybe not.”

    Different biiological mechanisms. Ivermection deals with the effects of certain symptoms of illness. Anitbodies should still develop while sick using Ivermectin.

    Prophylactic can be misleading in this case. Ivermectin doesn’t prevent infection, it prevents symptoms when used adroitly and early enough. You might think of Ivermectin as major crowd control, and vaccines as secret police.

    madamski cafone

    “Same with disease: it exists, we don’t usually erase them, yet it stops being so severe for reasons we don’t comprehend, like malaria that killed everyone in the U.S. from landing until like 1900. Then mostly didn’t, and shrank steadily after WWII until it hardly exists today. They said Florida, D.C. would be uninhabitable because of it. They’re not.”

    DDT. Swamp drainage. Not immunity.

    madamski cafone

    “I realized that as soon as I posted but didn’t attempt an edit. I am sorry. It was unfair.”

    Day to day, I spiritually live not by the Babble or Tao te Chink but by the aphorisms on Yogi (brand name) herbal tea bags. One of the best tells us to congratulate ourselves for making a mistake and recognizing it. I can’t possibly agree more with this than I already feel.

    I think you deserve applause not just for the usual reason: ‘manning up’ to your mistake, but even more, the rapidity with which you recognized it. Self-awareness leads to self-mastery, says Yogi tea bag, and so do I, who am genuinely impressed.

    awes paws

    Mister Roboto

    So does anybody else have this undefinable feeling that shit’s about to go down in a major way in the very near future? They’ve been papering over any problems with printed money for so long now that I’m usually inclined to dismiss any such feelings out of hand, but when I was at work at the grocery store yesterday, I just had this foreboding that was stronger than the usual foreboding. And no, I can’t really say exactly what “shit going down” will involve.

    Mister Roboto

    We are the resistance!*

    (not to be confused with “#TheResistance(TM)”)


    @mister: yes, I have that feeling. I was hoping it was being caused by the stress of my current life situation. But since you and I don’t live together and you feel it, too, it must be something else. I’m getting more than a little weirded out right now.

    Thanks for the puppy, madam.


    @Phoenixvoice: did you remove the comment with the link to your ivermectin song? I wasn’t quick enough to listen last week, and when I search now in the vicinity of July 25th all I can find is John Day thanking you for the song. I wanted to include it in my radio show for the coming week, if you would be comfortable with that. I can be reached at to discuss. Thanks.


    I wonder whether there will be legal challenges to vaccine mandates based on pre-existing immunity. What is the legality of upholding a vaccine mandate when the unvaccinated person can show proof of prior infection followed up with positive antibody test results and/or memory T-cells to Covid? That isn’t a religious exemption, and it isn’t what is usually thought of for a medical exemption.

    Mister Roboto

    So can I post again or is the “non-edit” function going to keep me on the spammer flypaper forever?


    Tom Luongo is suggesting that the authors of our current insanity – the Davos degenerates – are getting nervous and have no choice now but to come further out from behind the curtain since a stubborn irrational majority hasn’t swallowed their KoolAid yet.

    “The panic many will feel will be real but the question is who is actually panicking? At every turn the Biden Administration lost major political battles in the past week……It ensures the anger and frustration over the direction of the country post-Trump will be unstoppable come the mid-term elections despite even the expected voter fraud next fall.”

    “We can count on that…….But the bigger question I have now is whether or not <B>we’ll actually have those elections</B> if it looks like we’ll have a landslide on the populist side of the political ledger?”

    “So, the odds rise everyday that they will suspend elections in Germany or France as a trial run for next fall’s mid-terms.”

    “If you don’t realize that the Delta Variant only exists to make the excuse to cancel any election that is set to go against Davos then you really aren’t paying any attention at all.”

    “The ride from here will only get worse and our only recourse is to look to shoring up our local communities rather than hope for any saviors at the ballot box.” “The rules have changed.” “Democracy has been outlawed and the courts neutralized.” “The push for total control over your movement, your thoughts and your basic right to make your way in the world is no longer protected by law.”

    “In fact, the law is openly hostile to your very existence.” “Just ask Australians and Canadians.”

    ”The storm created by Davos has made landfall. The next two months will tell us just who is and who is not still on their payroll or is compromised by them.”

    <b>”Either way, we’ve run out of time to prepare.”</b>

    His post is here.

    Meanwhile our French cousins are hitting the streets to reclaim their “rights” while we perpetually pampered Anglos spend our days online in our PJ’s whining to our virtual friends about how there’s “nothing we can do” and the awful injustice of it all….

    Mister Roboto

    I strongly caution against trying to use the “edit” function on WordPress’s janky, kludgey software. Not only can I not edit anymore, it put me in spammer-jail so I couldn’t post anything for a little bit when I tried it. I tried logging out and then logging in again on a new tab, but I don’t know if that worked or if Raul just let me out of the trap. Sometimes I really think these young techies who are going to “improve” everything have really ruined the Internet for everybody else.


    @Phoenixvoice: Oops, wrong email address.


    Re: Rare earth metals….green article

    Of course. Because the wealthy environmentalists can’t tolerate a world where they don’t continue to have every current convenience and more, and where they don’t occupy the same privilege they currently enjoy or better.

    I believe that a “green revolution” is possible — but to really do it, the globalists would have to completely give up on planned obsolescence. We cannot do it at our current level of technology and continue to create as much waste as we currently do. Our culture is incredibly wasteful — we extract all of these resources, adulterate them in complex ways, with no plans to recover the resource at the end of the cycle. The logic behind this system is stupefying.

    The way we build homes is crazy. I visited Mesa Verde last week. Those people had limited wood resources up on top of the mesas. So the eventually built their homes out of stone, rather than out of sticks and mud. Guess which ruins are the most exciting to visit today? (Spoiler – it isn’t the foundations of the wood and mud homes. They also had a nasty habit of catching fire.). If a home is within or near a forest, wood construction makes sense. In the desert regions of Arizona…why are all the new homes made of wood when there is no forest for miles and miles?

    It all comes back to our economic system and the stupefying choices made in its name.
    I’m not suggesting that all we need to do is throw away less and build our homes from local resources (although those are some changes that need to happen.). I am suggesting that to solve the problem of environmental crisis we must have an entirely different framework of values that we use to solve our everyday needs – be they housing, communication, etc.. And the global parasitic class is an obstacle to creating the value framework that is required.


    @Dr.D: “The gods and angels are out there, pushing and pulling. You’re not supposed to see them as it would ruin the show, but you can if you want to. There are Ways backstage if you want to.” Yes. We’ve had backstage passes all along, but were too busy on the main stage to SEE…you WILL if you want to.

    : the snippet is jewel. Detailed and complex, real in an original and monumental way. Can’t imagine an entire novel (I would be exhausted by the end). Perhaps more effective as short stories/chapters? With great original art (for each segment) as an accompaniment? The selection offered here is enough to want contemplate as a stand-alone experience – and then translate into real life.

    The snapshot comparison of the RIDERS – 1970 vs. 2020 is truly funny. Who did we think we were? Who have we become? Let’s laugh at ourselves! If we do it will set us FREE. If we defend it will only continue to separate and divide.

    madamski cafone

    ““The gods and angels are out there, pushing and pulling. You’re not supposed to see them as it would ruin the show, but you can if you want to. There are Ways backstage if you want to.””

    I’d missed this one. Dr. D often delights me with his charmingly vaudevillian constructs.

    “the snippet is jewel. Detailed and complex, real in an original and monumental way. Can’t imagine an entire novel (I would be exhausted by the end). ”

    Thank you, luv. It has lots of shits’n’giggles to leaven the bread and lighten the load.

    “Perhaps more effective as short stories/chapters? With great original art (for each segment) as an accompaniment? The selection offered here is enough to want contemplate as a stand-alone experience – and then translate into real life.”

    There may be a way to do it like many of Dickens’ novels, and much 20th century pulp fiction, was published: in installments. Cross that bridge when I get there.

    E-Z Rider vs Segway Zombies:

    2 rides

    “Two riders were approaching…”

    P.S. I notice that the two Masked Marauders are for once not staring at their handroids.


    @ absolute galore

    1. Is the narrative that fully 80% of the population is not really susceptible to the virus still around, or is that “false news” from “our side?” The only real justification I ever saw for this was the result of how many on the ship Diamond Princess came down with Covid.”

    I remember two studies mentioned on TAE that addressed this. One corroborated the 80%/20% narrative, the other was a lower percentage, don’t recall it as clearly, maybe around 60%/40%? Perhaps someone else here has the links handy…I have over a hundred bookmarks that I intend to archive the contents of…eventually. (Hope they are still there when I get to it.)

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