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    Pablo Picasso The three dancers 1925   • SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines, Breakthrough Infections and Lasting Natural Immunity (CH) • Estimating Vaccine-Indu
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 10 2021]

    V. Arnold

    collectively we’re lost…
    IVM is the only proven adjunct that effectivily fights covid and it’s what we have…

    V. Arnold

    Frankly, I’m sick of this whole fucking, manufactured mess…I’m done with it…
    The solution is as plain as your face in the mirror…

    a kullervo

    The elite has to spend resources on the rabble in order to extract what they need from it; why not, then, maximize the Return Over Investment by ensuring a certain amount of entertainment value via the sadistic use of coercion and fear?


    22 Jul 21, Moderna just began a study of the Vaxx and Pregnancy!

    Shouldn’t this have been done before even the Emergency Use Authorization granted & Millions injected?

    “The main goal of this study is to evaluate the outcomes of pregnancy in females exposed to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine (mRNA-1273) during pregnancy.”

    Study completeion date – – JANUARY 2024 !!

    V. Arnold

    @ Germ
    Thanks fot thr Kachhela link/info,,,
    Alas for naught; can’t find a way to pay in dollars…

    Mister Roboto

    That bit at the beginning of your summaries from Dr. Kory has me wondering if what we’re seeing is indeed the opening salvo of vaccine-induced ADE. Of course, knowing this would mean knowing how many the patients not responding to the MATH protocol were vaccinated.


    Mister, I was wondering the same thing … ADE?? I’m also curious about why Delta (aka Indian) variant is purportedly behaving differently in the US than it did in India? Many areas there used prophylactic ivermectin and cases fell off a cliff. In addition to that example, weren’t early delta-hit countries seeing increased cases but decreased death rates? So wth??


    correction: … decreased deaths proportionate to number of cases (delta)

    absolute galore

    It sounds like Kory is saying that Ivermectin is not effective any longer, at least against more advanced cases of the Delta variant? Or could it now be a “sub-variant?”

    This has been my concern, the rapidly changing virus evading the overly specialized vaccines, but now also natural immunity and antiviral drugs.

    He does seem to suggest, or at least hope, that early intervention with the FLCC protocol still offers some protection.

    And then there is another story just below about only 5%of people even being susceptible. I guess at this point you takes your prophylactic and hope for the best.

    Is there more info on Kory’s twitter screenshot somewhere?

    absolute galore

    Meant to ad, for the past few weeks here, the prevailing info nuggets have suggested that Delta is less virulent, as one might expect/hope based on previous virus behaviors. But now we are seeming to hear otherwise–more serious cases, more kids, and meds being less effective.

    Dr. D

    In today’s episode of “Everything is a Lie”, Anglos (of course) in Australia (of course) call the major testing center – doing like 60% of the tests – and ask, “Hey, what test are you using for Delta?” A: “We don’t have any test for Delta. It’s just the PCR test.”

    “You’re the major testing company on the continent, if you don’t have a test, where is the Australian government getting their Delta numbers?” A: “You’ll have to ask them, we don’t have that test.”

    DingDingDingDing! As the Doctor says, there MAY be a test. Somewhere. But nobody’s using it, they’re essentially making Delta up out of “Whole Narrative”, the air released from their butts, and why? In order to march the people somewhere they’ve already pre-decided. …Has to be, because when there’s no testing, there’s no evidence, so they aren’t being “evidence based” or responding to facts on the ground.

    …I mean, if you didn’t already know all that.

    Running down precious metals prices in the middle of a stiff and provable metals shortage. Of course. There are no real markets on earth. Anyway, as Armstrong would say, you’re not going to get a breakout if the line is just wandering around. It’s the plunge that creates the energy for the breakout, wrong-footing everyone. So time and option is here.

    Oh and common coin shortage too – same signal. Coins suddenly appeared as hoarded on the ledger of Banks and the Fed, totally coincidentally, not that they think the paper will poof and the coins stay strong. No no no. That’s crazy talk.

    Also you just doubled your money in ETH off the low price, so if you want to take something, it’s not a bad time. If the markets rock, they won’t escape; people will sell Crypto to cover their massive Dow margin calls, highest in a century. It will go up later as the (digital) dollar is in trouble, but beware.

    Speaking of, the IMF printed $650 Billion – that is, half a TRILLION – in SDRs this week, exactly as they said they would in 2011, or 1988 actually. 2011 they said “Hey peoples: this whole ship is going down, the infinite compounding is about to roll over on us unless we print $100 Trillion right now for…uh…Green Stuff, infrastructure…or something. You with us?”

    The people said, and I quote: “Y G T B F K M” and “S— a D—” and they didn’t start, sending it to their proxy central banks to print for themselves and their rich buddies instead. But that’s not enough in a wall of exponential compounding interest, and the Fed is tapped with $1T each day and another $1T each night, so as predicted and printed (by them) here’s your down payment on printing that $100 Trillion inflation tax. On the poor. As Tyson says, “We can’t raise prices fast enough”. For the benefit of Powell, Bezos, Gates, and Zuck, the rich. Done yet? Want to get off the crazy train? See why we need cryptos, bad as they may be?

    For old times:

    Aaaaand that “null” symbol is what? Yes, digital, people, cryptos, 30 years of planning ago. …But was meant to be their IMF digital bank social-credit coin, not “our” coin, released/escaped into the wild. Best you’re going to do right now.

    Commenting on “Kids” who shows that fiat is the way to turbo-charge evil and destruction. And also collapse and resulting war that wastes even MORE, by the way. Gold may be pointless but it is the anchor chain between monetary psychology and reality. And as I say every day, they’ve rejected #Reality, #Logos, and lost their d—n minds. Although just a stupid rock, if it reconnedt man to g-d- #Reality, I’m in favor of it.

    Taibbi covers Cuomo, pointing out in just a few sentences tens of appalling felonies, including selling rape licenses to Weinstein with the Manhattan DA, which everybody knew. So this is all a scam for removal to not look deeper, since, as “New York,” everybody who’s anybody is involved. Again, this AG basically says Andy is a failed, outdated pickup artist. There’s almost nothing there, while he oversaw and permitted the largest trafficking of young girls through Jeff-n-pals – and Nexium, also his backyard – that anyone is aware of. But, wrong words, WORDS, people! While killing 20,000 grandmas. Words are violence. Violence is not violence.

    Did you see the midwestern flash floods? Awesome how everyone is lazily using 110 volt devices while neck deep in water, totally uninterested in escape through the door 2 feet away from them. Normalcy bias kills, people. And that’s WITH neck deep water, high voltage, and drowning, not some ephemeral fact in your brain pan. How much harder to escape normalcy bias and save your own life when it’s merely thoughts?

    “22 Jul 21, Moderna just began a study of the Vaxx and Pregnancy!”

    That can’t be right, they already assured us it was safe for pregnancy, I remember Collum commenting on it.

    #Delta? In India? Or here? How would they know? No one’s seen a test, and they’ve already said the PCR test creating all our previous numbers is false too. False data + false data = False data. (Thankfully additive, not compounded)

    absolute galore

    As of July 29, the FLCC website shows Ivermectin kicking butt on Delta. What happened in the last 10 days? And where is the data and info, or is this just frontline docs reporting observations at this point? And as someone said, any parsing of med failures as related to patient’s vaccine status?

    Mister Roboto

    ADE: It’s here, it’s now, it’s wow.

    At this point, you would be hard-pressed to change my mind on that. And it’s pretty rare for me to undergo such a complete 180-degree turn in my evaluation of something over the course of two or three days.

    those darned kids

    doctor d!!! thanks and thanks. no one, i repeat no one, has ever listened to my idea about gold linking money to the earth, and thus, limiting our destructive capabilities relative to fiat. all they ever do is hear the word “gold”, and off they go into whatever it is they already believed.

    one thing about gold: because people believe it’s actually worth something and has such a long history as a form of money, it makes a good starting place to recouple our desires (i.e. greed) with the carrying capacities of this dear planet. i do, however, believe there must be a better way to anchor our money back to the earth.

    thanks again!



    As I recall MATH+ predated Ivermectin. The protocol with Ivermectin is I-MASK+ isn’t it?

    Mister Roboto

    @TDK: That’s really something to think about. The big argument against the gold standard is that it promotes deflation too much. But if fiat only gives us the ability to inflate our appetite for expansion and consumption, then woe to health of the planet!

    Polder Dweller

    … the disease was a mere excuse to introduce a slow-working lethal pseudo-vaccine to reduce the global population efficiently and drastically — so that nefarious “elites” could enjoy life (and its immortal transhuman successor state) on a planet uncluttered by billions of human riffraff. That story has seemed pretty preposterous to me.

    Kunstler, Greer and Ilargi have all made similar comments to this and I want to believe that it is all greed and incompetence but it continues to bother me as although it seems preposterous or rather is preposterous, there are all these little hints that it might just be true.

    Take the response by all western governments (with the exception of Sweden) which was to throw out the existing playbook for how to handle a pandemic (keep life as normal as possible, keep public fear low etc.) and to do the exact opposite, lockdowns, face masks and ramping the fear factor up to 11.

    Then there’s the issue of the vaccines being the only way out of this mess, burying the negative side effects and deaths even though orders of magnitude higher than any other vaccine ever. There’s the systematic suppression of all alternative treatments indicating that it’s not about health and the media have all been bought to promulgate the illusion that it is.

    There’s the whole divide and conquer thing whereby vaxxed and unvaxxed are set against each other (to what end, we can ask) and then there’s the wholesale destruction of small businesses resulting in the massive transfer of wealth to the ultra rich.

    I could go on, but you get the point. I’ll just throw in a curve ball. In 2013 the conservative Cardinal Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI, in an unprecedented move in modern times, stepped down from the Holy See and was replaced by the more modern minded Pope Francis who has said many things to upset traditional Catholics and has even been promoting these experimental “vaccines.” How can he possibly justify this, if he doesn’t know </em that they’re safe, also in the long term, and that they don’t have an effect on fertility and the unborn child? So was Benedict replaced because he wouldn’t do the bidding of whoever is pulling the strings? Preposterous, that’s a step too far, obviously.

    As Nosferatu Blair recently said, they have their people in place everywhere. Can we still afford to think that this really can all be explained by greed and incompetence? I don’t know but I’d welcome a good discussion about this.

    those darned kids

    indeed, mr. r.

    you’ll see our present climate mayhem really shifted gears in the early 70s. hmmm…

    also, check the hockey stick thing (are we still allowed to mention that?). you’ll see the bend in the blade starts almost to the day nixon dropped the puck.

    a kullervo

    The Shadow used to have natural outlets (e.g., hunting, the occasional brawls) to exert its tendencies and reset the personality’s stability; nowadays, there’s simply too much Shadow restraining and the Shadow reveals itself mainly through insanity.


    Those of us who have chosen not to “vaccinate” pose an existential “threat” to the fear-based world-views of those who have credulously accepted the endless – “death is just around the corner if one fails to comply” – narratives peddled constantly by MSM.  The “mask” and one’s “vaccination” status offer a way to identify “similar others” and a way to identify and vilify “those who are different.”  We who question are now “those who are different.”

    “Finding effective ways to challenge the popular fear based “acceptance” of the MSM lies and propaganda around covid is critical if we hope to alter the frightening global trajectory that those narratives ominously portend for all of us, regardless of one’s personal “disbelief” in the covid propaganda.”

    absolute galore

    Boogaloo: As I recall MATH+ predated Ivermectin. The protocol with Ivermectin is I-MASK+ isn’t it?

    Incorrect. I-Mask+ is the prophylactic and outpatient regimen. Mask+ is the ICU regimen. Both use Ivermectin as a core medicine.

    It sounds like, at least for those making it to the ICU with what is currently still being labeled the Delta variant, the standard protocol, including Ivm, is no longer producing positive outcomes. It would be speculation as to why at this point, although it appears the progression of the Delta variant, from first exposure to serious illness, is many times more rapid than the original, which often took a week or more to get to that stage. So something is happening in terms of the velocity of the virus manifesting. The FLCC approach, at both the outpatient and ICU stages, is to treat as rapidly as possible. It may simply be that due to the extra speed of the current virus, by the time people make it to ICU, things are often too far along for the medications to have much effect. But this is wild speculation.

    It is also unclear who the lastest casualties are–I hear conflicting reports, with some saying same comorbidities, others reporting worrying trends of healthier younger victims.

    Hard to parse this, not sure exactly what the phrase “profound responses from higher doses in prophylaxis and early treatment” means, or what the timeframe is–is this a reference to the increased prophylactic dosage implemented a while back, or yet another, as yet not posted, increase?–,but it sounds like doses will be increasing once again for one or both protocols, a worrying trend for sure. From Dr. Kory’s twitter feed 12 hours ago:

    Based on our recent clinical experience along with profound responses from higher doses in prophylaxis and early treatment, we will change our treatment approaches soon. these variants transmit faster and cause severe disease faster, thus we must adapt accordingly


    Upon further reflection I’ve decided it’s easier to go with Dr D’s philosophy, “In today’s episode of “Everything is a Lie”,

    Because ….

    Naturally acquired immunity is shorter duration than, what? Delta is hospitalizing more people? Children and young people are now hospitalized frequently due to delta? Ivermectin quit working on delta? We’re actually gene sequencing hundreds of thousands of samples to determine delta is now main variant? And the best one: mask on/mask off. Mask on/mask off.

    Tomorrow it will be a different set of made up stuff. Probably because the chicken was on both sides of the road simultaneously, as chickens most often are.


    So here is what I think is odd. If ADE is happening in the USA, why is it not happening in the UK where there is a higher vaccination rate and the vaccines were approved earlier?

    If ADE is happening in the USA, why are deaths falling? A sign of ADE would be if the vaccinated were worse off than unvaccinated. I haven’t seen any sign of that.

    Mister Roboto

    @democritus: Certainly something to consider about the UK if that is indeed the case. Death-rate has roughly doubled in the US over the past five weeks, but not by a startling sheer amount. A seven-day-average of about 250 went up to 500.

    Dr. D

    Suspect IVM not working because there IS no Delta variant. Not just ’cause no one is testing for it. There probably IS a Delta variant, and as we’ve seen in the 1-2 months to now, is hardly more contagious, and 1/1,000th less dangerous. But what?

    It’s ADE. And why? YES, they have a covid of some sort — and as we just found out, they neither know nor care what kind. That Covid then does exactly what 10 years of mRNA research promised: a violent perhaps fatal overreaction to the disease, primed by the vaccine. But they can’t SAY it’s a total failure on Covid-19a. That would be too obvious and not kill people. So they need a reason why THEIR vaccine doesn’t work, a week later, on the disease it was created for. …Enter “Delta”.

    Let’s review: mRNA research and all known science says that the problem — or “Final Solution” if you prefer — is that in a normal reaction, immune system says, “Hey boys, think I got something here, take a look.” Next immune cell says, “Jimmy, I think you’re right, it IS something. Let me go rally the troops and get the factory on the phone.” On and on until you’re at full immune response.

    Note it was this immune OVERREACTION that was a main cause of death 2020 as it filled the lungs. I believe the steroids were a thing that slowed the reaction to manageable levels until the body could overcome.

    mRNA response? EVERY CELL IN THE BODY REACTS INSTANTLY. On purpose. This is the point. And thereby insuring 100% immune overreaction and death. As 10+ years of research proved.

    This is why Ivermectin wouldn’t work in this condition. Not that it isn’t, but because Delta/Covid IS NOT THE PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH. Your overreaction is. So yes, if it can be hyper-early, it might erase the wild variant before overreaction can bloom, but that window is shorter, and the time-before-death from ADE is also shorter. And time is your enemy in medicine, why they often drag things out.

    So other problem: Ivermectin IS working, but if I’m right you’ll see the efficacy rates drop off. It’s all ADE.

    I guess no one believes in science? This is Pfizer and Merck’s own science on mRNAs. This is a repeatable test, proven 100% of the time. Then force-injected on the world.

    …Oh and this is why they’re in a hurry and about to lose.


    democritus raises good questions. Although in looking closely at UK 7-day moving averages, cases have begun to trend upward and daily deaths have increased from about 25 to almost 90 in the past month or so. Time will tell, I guess. That’s why it’s easier to go with Dr D’s philosophy, otherwise you get whiplash trying to keep up. 😉



    Polder Dweller


    What I understand is that in the UK the majority of people are vaccinated with Astra Zeneca and that it results in a much higher quantity of spike proteins and hence increased production of antibodies. This, it is believed, will mean that protection will last longer.


    Much too soon to draw ADE conclusions.Window is 6-24 (36?) months.

    Mr. House

    IMDOC reports over at NC that old treatment regimes are not working. He won’t be posting for awhile due to being very busy. I suggest everyone go over and read it. beautiful post.

    D Benton Smith

    That which does not kill us
    becomes The New Normal

    Dr. D

    Try to keep it short, but this is the world’s biggest mess. Here you go:

    Add Israel. Low rates but rising as it begins as one would predict.

    And more important,
    Add Israel, Iceland, India etc.

    Yes, why ARE the numbers different? India, originator of the Delta, flat cases. U.S., Israel, France, mega-cases. And especially Iceland.

    What do these places have in common and not in common with India?

    How are Germany and France like night and day? Sweden wide open and fine? Italy in-between? Any way you slice it, the data doesn’t make any sense if you think this is only transmission of the world’s most contagious disease. And that disease is at all related to deaths.

    Well, first of all, THE PCR TEST DOESN’T WORK. At all. Every number here is a lie. And that includes death numbers since we already know heart patients who die WITH Covid die OF Covid.

    Okay, try some more. NYT, and by state:

    Lowest deaths and cases: S. Dakota, etc. Highest, NJ, etc. As always. Highest vax rates? New Jersey, Virginia, Florida.

    All over the map. Florida with high vax has high cases. VA with highest vax has cases and no deaths, along with NJ, NY. Idaho: lowest vaccinations, same case/death rates as VA, NJ, NY.

    Huh. No help here except the obvious: Vaccine doesn’t work. High vax rate, low vax rate, deaths vs cases. No correlation.

    Different question: overall, highest death rates so far?

    Dead the most: NJ, NY, MA, RI, MI, AZ, LA, AL, CT.
    Or the least: HI, VT, AK, ME, OR, UT, NH, NE.

    Big states, small states, lockdown states, no lockdown states, semi-rural, semi-populous. What does this tell you? LOCKDOWNS DON’T WORK. Therefore masks don’t work.

    But again, we can only know this because DATA DOESN’T WORK. Not if you have admitted wrong tests and admitted wrong death reporting.

    We’re saying vax rate leads to case rates. We see that in UK, Israel, U.S., Iceland, Seychelles. But not everywhere. We’re saying case rates MAY lead to death rates, with a strong lag, and depending on exposure to new seasonal Coronas. That might be happening but if so, is only beginning, which is expected. And very scattershot as we have many, many states and regions with ‘high’ cases and no deaths.

    What was the question again? Why are there no death rates? Because the vax is new, and it’s not yet winter in the places we’re measuring.

    I’d ask the same: If the vax DOES work, why does it cause cases in some nations, and why does a subset of vaxxed locations have rising deaths while some unvaccinated locations do not?

    Bonus question: why are the cases tightly locked to political borders and therefore their healthcare structure and not actual geography and human interaction? Doesn’t that seem weird?


    I do not believe that the design of the pandemic + vaccine was population reduction.

    1) There does not appear to have been enough prior testing of either the disease or the vaccine in human populations to adequately ascertain what the death count would be from the virus or the vaccine.

    2) I have seen no “smoking gun” type evidence that this is designed to greatly reduce population — all the evidence suggesting population reduction as the aim is circumstantial.

    However, I suspect that the sociopaths who triggered/allowed/hoped/planned for a pandemic have no qualms over the pandemic and vaccination campaign causing death. They simply don’t value human life outside of their own narrow circle.

    There is substantial evidence that the goal of the pandemic was
    1) To instill fear in the population, which would
    2) lead to the population becoming amenable to steerage and authoritarian controls and
    3) submitting en masse to a vaccination campaign with a substance not fully disclosed, that would
    4) lead to the population expecting and regularly submitting to injections, which opens up a Pandora’s box of possibilities for future social control (and/or population reduction.)

    The Covid virus is not all that deadly — that is likely by design. The goal was induction of fear that would lead to injection.
    The vaccine was expected to have negative effects (as per SPARS document) and so the narrative was spun to minimize facts of adverse vaccine reactions from the get go. However, I suspect that the side effects of the vaccine are much worse than the architects of the pandemic + vaccination campaign had imagined. I find the ultimate goal to have been social control. A vaccine that is too deadly and damaging to the body undermines the goal of social control. Once problems with the vaccine become so large that people see them showing up anecdotally in their own social circles it becomes increasingly difficult to control the narrative.

    This is why there is such pressure for all to be vaccinated, why doctors are being threatened with loss of their license for speaking out, why there is a rush for FDA approval, why the Biden administration is talking of censoring private text messages, etc. The goal was social control, the medium was to be the vaccine. The vaccine is proving to be nearly useless in treating the disease, and so deadly and disabling in the first 6 months that the mainstream narrative is fraying at the seams.

    Parasitical idiots. (Of course, I’m glad that they are idiots.)

    Mister Roboto

    TAE Summary

    * So Many Questions
    – In what cases does Ivermectin still work?
    – How do they test for Delta?
    – Why did Delta behave differently in India?
    – How do we know when it’s ADE?
    – If ADE is happening in the US, why not in the UK?
    – Are the vaccines safe for pregnant women?
    – Do some spike proteins result in superior antibodies?
    – How can one pay for IVM with dollars?
    – Why are Covid rates tied to political borders?

    * Kahn’s Razor: Never ascribe to a depopulation plan that which can be adequately explained by a lust for power, money and total social control

    * Covid data makes no sense
    – Covid, doesn’t kill you, your reaction to Covid kills you

    * Aphorisms
    – That which does not kill us makes us normal
    – Men used to blow off steam; No more pressure valve leads to insanity
    – At all costs western powers attempt to prevent the emergence of a more equitable post-colonial world
    – Everything they say is now a lie produced by a random truth generator
    – Never tell time your secrets because time will tell

    * Fatal Flaws
    – Cuomo put hands on womens’ waists
    – Biden sniffed hair
    – W didn’t read books
    – Clinton fooled around
    – Nixon dropped the puck
    – Capone was a tax cheat
    – Jack the Ripper stole hub caps
    – Pol Pot ran with scissors

    * Gold is Out, Crypto is In
    – The old properties of money: durable, portable, divisible, uniform, limited, acceptable
    – The new properties of money: digital, global, trackable, unlimited, obligatory



    IMDOC reports over at NC that old treatment regimes are not working. He won’t be posting for awhile due to being very busy. I suggest everyone go over and read it. beautiful post.

    D Benton Smith

    A note to and about our favorite professional pundits and opinion leaders.

    To not believe in explicit conspiracy is to not believe in the human activity of planning as a means of getting what you want. To actually dismis a possibility merely because it offends one’s sensitivities is a good way to find things out the hard way and too late to do much about it.

    Sifting through the hypotheses is not easy, and made more difficult still by our own filters (which can be faulty) and the literary style of the source material.

    Just stick to the actual FACTS (even skimpy or weird ones) and the scientific method. While you’re at it, also remember the wisdom of Arthur Conan Doyle. When you have eliminated the impossible then what remains (regardless of how improbable) is the best answer you’re going to come up with. Act accordingly if you’ve got the nerve, stomach and need to.

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