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    Vincent van Gogh Beach at Scheveningen in Stormy Weather 1882   • Comer Ready To Subpoena Bidens’ Phone, Bank Records, Grant Immunity (JTN) • Pro
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    Dr. D

    “there’s only one person who’s likely to challenge Joe Biden and defeat him for reelection, “

    As with the Playbook #2, this is exactly what they did when they went nuclear and impeached Trump for. Trump was stopping an election by asking to look into Joe (pretty mildly), when Biden wasn’t even a candidate, was 78 or something, deeply unpopular, and no reason to THINK he would ever be a candidate. And it wasn’t HIM they were investigating, it was his SON, who doesn’t work in government at all and essentially never has. So the umbrella of protection extends to “All family members” of all “Not candidates.”

    Yet that was election interference, intolerably immoral, and a high crime.

    Remember? No one else does, because once you head into hypocrisy, your mind stops working altogether, and it never occurs – to anyone – not on the pro-side, not the anti-side, not to Democrats, not to Republicans, and certainly not to reporters, that they JUST wrote this story with completely different values. #Opposite ones.

    What’s the point of Playbook #2 if they’re incapable of feeling the burn? It’s like using paper bullets. It’s not like it’s going to occur to Republicans or Reporters if they just keep doing it s’more.

    Moral is, “Republicans: They have no point.”

    “How much longer can the wagons protect them?”

    Forever. This is America, the people don’t care. Or an important minority of people, 30% apparatchiks in blue enclaves, as bizarre and insular as anything in Logan’s Run or the Hunger Games.

    F35. It occurs to me that Russia now not only has 6Gen fighters, but they are indeed inventing modern warfare in real time. Here’s the problem: the bad guys are watching, they are imitators, incapable of creativity or human thought. So when Russia invents this – as they must, this is our way – a day later they will use it all on us. In the exhaustive war of all against all.

    Power has gone FAR too far to the side of Offense. There is no possible defense I am aware of. With no safety and no Defense, everyone is dead. The only win there is to shut down the factories themselves, all the circuits, perhaps modern life altogether. …Which I’m fine with, by the way. If the only way to have happy children is to live in a bark hut, Bring it on.

    “We’re at the point to where we put together a case where we have emails, we have text messages, we have pictures, we have bank records. Now we have sworn testimony”

    Joe’s been doing this since 1980 and only NOW we have evidence and testimony? What about the rapes he was up to we heard about 2 years ago? Nobody thought to follow that up? A: No, he’s a Congressman and they have a whole office and separate budget dedicated to that kind of thing.

    ““Let’s be clear what today’s [Weiss] move is really about.”

    It’s illegally placing someone into power who is illegal to do so. Now remember what the USSC has said: If it’s illegal, it’s as if it never was. So why don’t they impeach both Weiss and Garland immediately? That’s just obvious. Why? “Because Republicans have no point”, that’s why.

    If Weiss and Garland did something similarly felonious and illegal, like jumping in a Monte Carlo and ridin’ dirty on a rampage of drive-by shootings, running down pedestrians and charging policemen, would they stop him? That’s also a crime. A: No. They are Republicans. They would not.

    “McCarthy Says 783rd Impeachable Offense By Biden Will Be The Last Straw” — NOT the Babylon Bee, but real-life.

    “There is a point that the in-your-face fraud reaches where one must that there is no longer a functional law enforcement capacity within a part of the government.”

    Yes, and we crossed that point in 1990, or maybe 1930, not sure. Anyone remember J Edgar Hoover? Nope. They love him, the whole FBI and there weren’t no corruption but never ‘til now. We’re all Shocked! Shocked I say!

    “BTW Durham’s appointment was invalid for the same reason — remember that? Where was the screaming then?”

    Because Republicans, I guess, I was unaware that this was even a rule. I knew they had to be “moral” and “impartial” but not entirely “outside government”…which I presume means they could have spent 50 years there and be the Godfather of the Attorney General’s grandkids, but just happen to be retired right now. Who else would you send? Habib from the JiffyMart?

    “Appeals Court Judges Compare Biden Social Media Pressure to Mafia (JTN)

    Well it’s about time. Where were they 20 or 30 years ago when it was also this obvious?

    ““ can’t just have the government sweep up everything about you trying to find out if you did something wrong.”
    • Congress Probing FBI Collection Of J6 Phone Location Data (JTN)

    No. Literally, you can’t. It’s written right there in tiny baby words.

    “”[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    Only the PEOPLE specifically named. Only the PLACES specifically named. Only the THINGS specifically named.

    But that’s the law and we don’t do that. Yet we’re supposed to follow the law that we’re not following. We the People, I mean.

    “new tool that is raising questions about search and seizure”

    There are no “Questions”: it’s just plainly illegal and no one cares. JustTheNews, like the Republicans just frame everything in the way their enemy would like them to, and then proceed according to the enemy’s definition.

    JTN then goes on to report this happens more or less daily, for no good reason at all (a ticking bomb) just like the last 100,000 and 150 years of similar expansions and violations. But if we don’t look out, we might lose our rights. Tune in tomorrow…

    “F-16 Training For Ukrainian Pilots Barely Getting Off the Runway (Sp.)

    Since there’s no logic and no memory (Squirrel!) they’ve already forgotten that if we send F16s Russia will nuke us in WWIII. Just like if they lose the 4 new Oblasts. So sending them – and therefore training them – is the end of all life on earth. Might want to open with that.

    “Ray McGovern Has Never Been More Scared of Nuclear Catastrophe (SP)

    Yes, like WWI it’s the total enveloping insouciance of well, really everyone, that’s the most difficult. Tass, Abaycan, Sputnik, JTN, Epoch Times, and that’s to say nothing of Fox, BBC, CBS, MSNBC, all just report this as if it’s not happening. Okay then, don’t know what I’m going to do about it. They’re all PMC-laptop Class, for whom life is all abstract and has no consequences – heck, it doesn’t even have cause and effect. Where “anything goes and nothing matters.”

    None of it is real. There is no reality. I am God, and the Universe is merely my mind. My consciousness.

    You’re not going to get anywhere without a religious conversion. That is, when the people realize maybe, just maybe, they are NOT God, and are perhaps slightly smaller than that? Maybe? And possibly less certain and less moral? A very little bit at least?

    That being the case, I presume we’re all screwed and about to be nuked shortly. Maybe next year. No one ever has a ‘come to Jesus” moment. It’s just in the books, good for Hallmark movies. Generally they die first taking everyone with them, wives, children, families. I mean, obviously, right?

    But we can dream. People win the lottery sometimes too.

    death toll is at least 400,000 after 500 days of conflict. The real figure may actually surpass 500,000.”

    Plus 100,000 worldwide mercenaries? So 600,000? Russia’s not tired. Russia hasn’t even started. All her men are still at home on base drinking tea and wandering over to target practice. Want to go for a million? Just takes a few seconds, I’ll push this button over here…

    “The comparisons are correct but strangely glided over by the U.S. media without dwelling on what should be compelling abhorrence towards the violence.”

    It’s real so it doesn’t exist. Besides, they’re all Leftists so they love war, violence, and the death of all humans more than anything else on earth. They write whole books on it, and have all government platforms and agendas worldwide to kill, destroy, and depopulate all humans in the “Population Bomb”, in order to “Save the Earth.”…for somebody else, I guess? We’re fighting a war so the beavers and lizards can inherit the earth and be left in peace? Thanks, I guess, they say.

    Yup. Not strange at all. They LOVE the violence. It’s their favorite, it’s their highest goal said every day, written in every paper, it’s their RELIGION. Why surprised? Because they lied once about it and said they didn’t? C’mon.

    “US and NATO Arms Industries Hit Record $400 Billion in Sales (SCF)”

    Half a trillion? And that’s just this side: the sales. We could end homelessness in America for $40B? Joe gave that to Ukraine for their free health care and pensions the first month.

    Priorities: Murder first. YOU, especially Americans, are to be shot where you’re standing and exterminated like rats. I mean, according to their BUDGET that’s true, and according to all our death stats. Opioid, suicide, heck even our Doctors actively, with Iatrogenic deaths. …No offense. It’s just taught in medical school, protected in all medical industry, while there is zero emphasis and perfect punishment for things such as nutrition. Or family. Or community support. There are endless budgets for 100 years making sure we’re all “Bowling Alone.” All beta-tested on the Indians, for which everyone heartily approved: that’s you guys on the Left I’m looking at. Now when your son shoots himself in the head at 14 we can all be happy about it. You got what you all wanted. Probably get a little “I Voted” sticker or something after they clean up the 4 quarts of blood.

    Nor is that the WORST outcome. When you can be amputated and there are still all sorts of Epstein Islands out there, all over worldwide. We all love it and approve, I guess. No one’s bothered over here.

    So is a nuclear war really THAT bad considering what we’re doing? Maybe it’s really like Noah’s flood, kind of a good, cleansing thing, right? We’re paying more than $1 Trillion a year to make SURE it happens. Celente’s “Occupy Peace” is both empty and unfunded. Not a lick of interest to be found.

    Again: I have no idea with long posts and frequent links, why I have so little trouble.


    What are THEY doing?

    Manipulating YOU

    Who are the THEY?

    Financial advisers
    Educated elites

    Where are THEY?

    Hiding behind the manipulators/influencers/MSM

    Survivor Solutions/Aids

    Learn options, Read TAE, Become the Grey Man
    How to Look Like a Gray Man
    The first rule of the gray man theory? Don’t create any stimuli that may single you out from the crowd. From your clothing, EDC, accessories, and what have you, it’s best to be gray.



    John Campbell.


    Trump, when president, moved to remove the US from the WHO. He could do it again if he’s elected. Is this what has the Democrats and their globalist donors so panicked?

    D Benton Smith

    @DrD From later yesterday,

    “All the people in all religions all disagree with their own religion’s belief on something, or most things.”

    Ahh! So I’m not the only one using advanced fuzzy logic to zero in on stuff that’s above my pay grade, by sifting through the observations and answers of other people who are in more or less the same deficient condition. The craziest thing about it is that the method seems to work pretty well, depending largely upon how many “semi-certain maybes” you can keep spinning up there in the noggin at the same time.

    It’s a lot like what we’re running into with the Cabal thing. Does a truly organized card carrying Cabal exist ? (most now agree that it does), but if it does then who is at the bottom of it all? @Celticbiker says it’s the Jooze (who undeniably do play a leading role) but there’s also a whole gaggle of others who swear it’s some other nefarious source like Free Masons, CIA, little green men or the Devil himself.

    I sure dunno……. but I’m closing in on it. It all depends on if I can just get a couple more plates spinning before my whole cognitive contraption collapses on-stage like a grade B fill-in act on the Ed Sullivan Show.

    Michael Reid

    sued the Attorney General of Canada in 2013 on constitutional and procedural matters, stated that CPSO ICRC would not promptly handle the issue at hand, but has attempted to force Kilian to release all her patient records of interest. She has refused to violate her patients confidentiality and anonymity. The patients themselves have banded together to support Kilian and Slansky and to defend their privacy and autonomy.

    D Benton Smith

    If Lockheed-Martin has indeed spent 1.7 TRILLION dollars on the F-35 then that would mean that a single project of a single department of a single commercial company has consumed more money than the amount spent by entire INDUSTRIES which have served mankind since records were kept. And I’m not talking about puny little boutique industries either. I’m comparing the expenditure on that one stupidly useless airplane to all of the money every spent within known history on things like wheel making, fire making, gardening and the domestication of animals.

    1.7 TRILLION is an almost incomprehensibly enormous amount of money. It’s enough to stuff a C-note into the pocket of every human being who has ever lived.

    No wonder they’re organizing crime toward it’s penultimate goal of TOTAL government. They think that by TAKING everything that they will consequently GET everything. Idiots! I must assume that they have overlooked the fact that end result of taking everything is that there is nothing left, and therefore no way to get any more (because anyone even remotely capable of making more has already been taken and no longer exists).


    John Michael Greer is the first person I noticed who coined the term “Lardbucket” to describe the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation’s F-35 ‘fighter plane’.

    You know, the sub-sonic bucket of bolts that causes ‘airframe damage’ if it accedes the speed of sound.

    Like a WWII fighter that couldn’t go faster than sound either.

    Greer mentioned it in his book Twilight’s Last Gleaming 2014

    Where the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation…..attempts to gain control of some desperately needed oil by overthrowing the government of Tanzania. This prompts an intervention by Tanzania’s ally, the People’s Republic of China, with disastrous consequences for the United States.

    Like having their carriers sent to the bottom by hypersonic missiles.

    Sound plausible yet?

    He wrote that nine years ago and it is close to being a current headline today.

    Raytheon is a mafia gangster thug racket.

    Weapons for profit not performance.

    They are nose to nose with Putin

    A Russian who believes in designing weapons to Kill

    Dmitry Orlov seems to have mellowed some, not as snarky as usual.

    Here is an interview with the topic of Putin

    He lives there on the ground, nice to hear it from that perspective.


    The candid picture baring the Soul of the Poles lust for Western Ukronaziland for all the world to see.

    Naziburgers for lunch

    Polish jokes write themselves



    Is God a solipsist?

    D Benton Smith


    He’s trying really really hard not to be.


    I wonder if there are more difficulties posting for those with VPNs or doing private browsing vs those who are not?

    Does a truly organized card carrying Cabal exist ? (most now agree that it does), but if it does then who is at the bottom of it all?

    This – this is THE most significant division between worldviews now. Those that insist that “the news,” world events, etc are disparate coincidental chaotic events happening/unfolding and those that do not see it that way any longer.

    We can know who, in a way, I think. Not by gathering crime-fighting or intelligence-gathering bits of data and then pointing to particular individuals saying THEM. That’s how we often think of determining who – investigation, data. Following material clues that lead to a particular person, organization, whatever.

    But human beings are VERY good at intuiting the inner workings of someone/something without being able to see it — Richard Feynman figuring out how subatomic particles might work by visualizing non-literal characteristics. Anthropomorphizing for physics, which you’d think would be the most specifically clinical subject matter. Niels Bohr figuring out a better understanding of atomic structure than valence shells over a weekend by intuition not clinical autistic sorting of data.

    I cite physics as an example precisely because it would be the epitome of the kind of clinical analysis we would refer to to preserve a suspension of belief, a perpetuation of doubt even when doubt becomes unreasonable. “You can’t be sure, therefore…” (a line of argument often used by a college girlfriend I had with a raging case of malignant narcissistic personality disorder, consistently-coincidentally used in a particular way for particular purposes – typically to stop you from calling it as you see it, making a decision, and doing something – for the purposes of paralysis)

    We can determine who in the same way that Richard Feynman or Niels Bohr can determine atomic structure through anthropomorphization

    There’s an indistinct thing – so let’s call it a blob. The 2020’s revealed MUCH about this blob we hadn’t seen clearly before. Its dimensions, its personality, its various characteristics.

    Important, defining characteristics were revealed in the 2020’s by several major developments.

    1.) The disparate societal and cultural institutions that acted in total lockstep
    2.) A specific set of disparate agendas turned up to 11 in unison across these entities
    3.) The blocking of opinions and persons BY these disparate institutions in lockstep, across all of the disparate agendas.

    So for all but idiots and people in denial, there IS a blob. Obviously now.

    A person gets thrown off of multiple social media sites on the same day, they start their own website and get unhosted by the service providing host, then they get unbanked if they manage to build their own website anyway. Visible as both simultaneous coordination and in series over time.

    And you can’t blame it on social trends, groupthink, because at LEAST 50% of the population doesn’t agree with or want any of this and it cannot be seen in points 1-3 above. “Aw geez, people are stupid/crazy etc” uh, no, this denies the existence of at least half of all people in order to be workable.

    Denial of the existence of this blob comes down to “It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream”

    It’s ridiculous that the same blob ruined star wars, destroyed bud lite, poisoned hundreds of millions and unemployed, unhomed etc millions who refused, has an awful war going in eastern europe, is advancing the latest cutting edge marxist thought through academia, doing their best to push as much as the bandwidth will carry down to K-12.

    But it is demonstrably the case. The Blob revealed itself, in the 2020’s as brooking no disagreement. There shall be no discussion.

    Blob-deniers have to maintain the illusion that this THING, which absolutely dominates across multiple large areas of life, which has been SEEN to coordinatedly suppress all disagreement and have its way, totally unreasonably, on incredibly important life-changing things, is eager to and totally able to completely silence disagreement from the normie field of view….

    …THIS entity which actively propagates its agendas and actively suppresses all others, we are to presume is ALSO lassiez faire and allows OTHER also-strident, also-suppressive, also tyrannical entities to push their agenda and punish any who resist freely via the SAME INSTITUTIONS? No.

    But you HAVE TO implicitly believe this to insist there is no blob. To insist there’s a bunch of blobs, there’s a vax blob, a woke blob, etc that just happen to be utterly ruthless AND totally dominant and uncompromising with all dissent AND totally easygoing.

    One characteristic revealed is its scientology-like mystery cult-like onion layer levels of secrecy. It wants to indoctrinate you in the absolute lowest level possible and never, ever revealing next layers EXCEPT as expedient.

    Therefore, vax, woke, ukraine, etc themselves are not not necessarily CHARACTERISTICS of this blob. They can be chess pieces it moves around.

    But having decided that, it IS possible, like Feynman penetrating the inner workings of the atom through anthropomorphization, to then determine the characteristics of this blob behind the pieces. In that sense, its identity. Divining its characteristics until you have a photo like artists sketch of it as opposed to finding out its social security number, its address, its place of business, and tracking it down there.

    Following the onion layers up the chain of expediency WOULD have them meet in a common origin of cause, but the characteristics of a knight or a rook are not the characteristics of the chess player per se. You watch the game-play of the chess player, which DOES reveal their character and characteristics. And in the 2020’s the moves are hamfistedly obvious instead of undetectably subtle

    Dr. D

    From the Internets: “My fifty year prediction is unchanged from last year: The world will continue to get more techno-utopian, more techno-dystopian, and more post-apocalyptic, all at the same time. Massive camps of climate refugees will be watched and clumsily fed by drones. Polar bears will go extinct and coyotes will thrive. Broken things will increasingly exceed the motivation and skills to fix them, and infrastructure will fail first in places with less money. Complex systems will be hollowed out and filled in by simple systems, some better and some worse. Fanatical movements will destroy stuff and burn themselves out.

    My one thousand year prediction is a wide variety of mellowed-out low-tech societies.”

    That’s pretty normal since that’s what history actually says. Because it’s cyclical. Unless we’re Progressive, we’re at the End of History, and you, personally, are smarter and better than anybody has ever been. And I don’t think so.

    Michael Reid

    You’re not going to get anywhere without a religious conversion. That is, when the people realize maybe, just maybe, they are NOT God, and are perhaps slightly smaller than that? Maybe? And possibly less certain and less moral? A very little bit at least?

    If we substitute “God” with nature and
    religious dogma with wholesome living,
    I would sign up.


    Still getting the spam screen or 5x attempts to post before things go through…

    I’ve begun to suspect the whole civilizational complexity vs energy inputs hypothesis isn’t the explanation for our current civilizational misery. Nor, in that context, carrying capacity. I know these have been implicitly our lens for reality if we come from a peak oil background – and I certainly do.

    Of course, societies like Rome had no petroleum shortage. And if anything, the ancient commentators worried about a “manpower shortage,” so we cannot claim a problem with overshoot carrying capacity either.

    So we’re left with complexity.

    You look at the Roman army force structure later on during the Empire and it is a different beast than the army of the Republic. Smaller legions, lots more specialized units. A far, far more sophisticated army.

    But you don’t make a more sophisticated army so that you can, I don’t know, supply more energy inputs for complexity, as some sort of obligatory thing you do. Your sophisticated army can do more with less men. You’re paying and feeding less soldiers. What you have is more effective pound for pound.

    Or I think of modern shipping. Now that container and tanker ships have slowed down to sailing vessel speeds, we should be dusting off the idea of sailing vessels, because we are more sophisticated now. More capable.

    Steel sailing vessels are more complex than wood, sure. And the computer controlled Cousteu Turbosail is more sophisticated as well. It also is 3.5-4x more efficient than sails and doesn’t require a single crewman to go aloft to adjust the rigging. Just a guy in the cockpit glancing at the monitors periodically

    There’s complexity and sophistication going into such a vessel, but it’s extremely effective. It isn’t as if, at every level, we spend more EROI automatically as a function of becoming more sophisticated. YES brute-forcing larger ships with more oil or proving with sufficient power a brick can fly with the F4 Phantom is a thing too, but I wouldn’t say it is automatic that more advanced equals more energy inputs

    Or earth bermed passive solar houses. Initial build cost goes up perhaps 20%? Maybe no more expensive, depending on your methods? Then you have a 100+ year house invulnerable to fire, hail, wind, storms and requires no material or energy inputs to passively save you energy. It will never kill you because your HVAC gave out like a black roofed mcmansion in phoenix would. Just on insurance costs, it pays for itself. But try to get past the municipal codes or the HOA practically anywhere.

    There’s no reason we can’t eliminate the 8,000 mile salad by victory gardening. If anything, technological advances make it way easier now than in 1940 – even though the efficiencies would be through sophistication or complexity.

    I have been getting a gut feeling that the determining factor is NOT complexity, but fraud and overcontrol. They tell us things break down due to resources, complexity, etc but actually it is all the criminality. People in charge who nevertheless own nothing, thus do not act as owners, who block everyone else from directing resources appropriately while taking control of and misdirecting resources.

    There’s tons of cool, fun, awesome, positive things we could be doing. We cut down 18 million trees to build bird-killing non recyclable pathetically semi-effective wind turbines because we want to use a sustainable energy source INSTEAD OF building Turbosail powered tankers and cargo ships, which would ACTUALLY work and be helpful.

    Long time peak-oiler here. Getting more and more skeptical as the years pass of overshoot and complexity related explanations as they relate specifically to our situation. Maybe it is coming down to = we could do cool, fun stuff – but we don’t.



    Nice rant

    Criminality is another lens for parasitism

    A game warden friend who tags deer and moose kills for the state in northern New England said twenty year ago when someone brought in a recently shot moose, as the body cooled the ticks would jump off and leave the body. They would try to guesstimate the number of ticks for record stats and it was usually in the dozens to a couple hundred ticks per moose.

    Now when a shot moose comes in to the tagging station and is there long enough to cool down, they have counted over 100,000+ ticks coming off a single dead moose. He said it looked like a Sci-Fi horror show watching that many ticks abandon a sinking ship and spill over the pickup tailgate like a waterfall!

    They estimate that that many ticks would draw gallons of blood off the poor moose and leave it anemic going into winter and probably kill it during the winter.

    That’s how fucked up what humanity has done the local eco-systems.

    The Empire of Lies is like a shortly to be dead moose with a hundred thousand PLUS blood sucking ticks drinking it’s blood.

    You know, like Satan Worshipers Anonymous

    Criminality is a form of Lie, a Big Lie.

    And lies are a form of action that always produces and Equal and Opposite reaction.

    Nature corrects Lies with Truth

    Reality is Truth

    Most folks could lose some weight, here have some Truth



    This long paper, by R. L. Blaylock, in Surg Neurol Int. 2022; 13: 167. April 2022

    lays out much of what took place with Cov-19 in the USA.

    first paragraph:

    The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[3,6,57] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

    I post it because it might be useful as a kind of summary to send along…it covers much ground, is pretty ‘factual’ (if that can ever be)…but it IS very long…


    Eurotardistan and the Scumbag Empire of Lies gave the UkroNazis depleted uranium ammo, you know, like Iraq, and now the Russians are monitoring every piece of equipment coming from the SMO for radiation.

    Like I’ve said before, the UK supplies DU to the UkroNazis, I hope DU mysteriously shows up all over Jolly Old England.

    Humm, I wonder how that happened?…

    Russians Are Very Thorough – All Equipment For Repair From SMO Zone Must Be Checked For Radiation



    I forwarded to a family member who might enjoy, (won’t enjoy), the truth as laied out in April 2022.


    Are the MSM informing you of the need to get “the triple shot” for protection against the triple virus that is coming this fall?

    D Benton Smith

    I know that from time to time (and more often recently) we are all stunned and dismayed by the sheer number and magnitude of the crises that assail us.


    What has changed is that “back in the day”, you would never have been told or allowed to know or share that such mind shattering evil even existed as a conscious intention, much less be the real and actual, fully operational world-wide standard operating procedure for an entire class of Rulers whose only PRODUCT, for hundreds (if not thousands) of years has been NOTHING other than dead human beings. In other words, DEAD PEOPLE is their product. That’s what they make for a living, and these Rulers (and inheriting descendants) have been RULING the world for perhaps thousands of years.

    The historical villains of past generations from Caligula and Genghis Khan, to Hitler or Klaus Schwab, were NOT the result of organic development through some complex natural process like evolution or psychology. Them and all other mass killers were nurtured to full blossom and fruit by a so-called “civilization” that was fucking PREDICATED upon crime, slavery, lethal force and wholesale killing, PURPOSEFULLY, and then RUN by a generationally ongoing collaboration of Dynastic rulers numbering in the scores, not millions, of individuals. There could (I suppose) be aliens or devils behind them, but regardless of that needless speculation it still remains true that there is simply no way possible (literally NOT mathematically possible) for it to have been any other way than planned, adjusted and coordinated as the ages rolled forward, based on obvious publicly available facts. Just read the damn history books in any town Library.

    These far scattered facts have been aggregated, analyzed and known to an extremely tiny fringe of monumentally courageous people for many many years. The lights of their lamps were never fully extinguished. But it is only NOW that such things can be (and ARE) beginning to be BROADLY shared and discussed. Always before, such dark truths were being censored, lied about, hidden, suppressed and “murdered away” so ruthlessly, thoroughly and effectively that the vast VAST majority of victims simply could not and did not have even the slightest inkling that those tangible realities even existed.

    That near total darkness and muffled silence is over with. The subject matter IS out in the open. FULL public visibility is well under way, and speeding up fast.

    These heretofore unknowing people now DO know (or at least they are STARTING to become aware of) facts that they did not previously know or even suspect.

    Not only does this measurable phenomenon PROVE that we are winning. It proves that the Grand Finale is VERY very close at hand……… because expansion of shared knowledge is an EXPONENTIAL function. Word of mouth is a chain reaction whose RATE of speeding up speeds up and then speeds up faster that that.

    No matter how good you are at math, and no matter how fast your synapses snap, the entire last HALF of the progressive expansion takes place in a fraction of time so short that it is impossible to calculate. A femtosecond is far too lengthy to measure the briefness.

    For all practical purposes the last HALF of the expansion will be instantaneous, but believe you me, the spreading of the message gets fast enough for all practical purposes long long LONG before that.

    In fact, I’m going to go way out on a limb right now and declare that we are already IN that stage, the stage which just precedes that final instant. Shared knowledge about previous secrets and ignorances is expanding faster than anyone can keep up with already. It is spreading even faster as we speak and spreading faster than that by tomorrow. You get the idea.

    Elected officials and other nationally recognized figures are presently conversing in plain English, in the US Congress fer cryin’ out loud, about Alien UFO’s and Satanic child sacrifice! How over the top does this unprecedented display need to get ? I really do not think that it’s going to require the Pope eating a child on public television before practically EVERYBODY simply knows that these previously ultra-hidden topics are now just common conversation on public platforms around the world.

    I believe (based on evidence and calculation) that we are now officially into the EXPLOSION phase of disclosures of unsuspected secrets about unguessably hidden (and totally evil) activities. Don’t even bother to think about strapping in. It’s way too late for that.

    Just aim for Truth and go toward the Good and I think that we’ll all be relatively okay.


    Poland is increasing to 30,000 troops on its borders.

    Is Polland planning an attack to seize part of Ukraine.?
    Fear of an Attack by Belarus, Wagner, or Russia or all.
    Gee, maybe they don’t think that NATO will be able to send help or will want to send help.


    D Benton Smith
    Unintended consequence of the web/of not being able to control the dissemination of info.

    Figmund Sreud

    The song is by Oliver Anthony. Urrently sitting at #1 on iTunes. This vid is all about “Why?”


    Veracious Poet


    Priorities: Murder first. YOU, especially Americans, are to be shot where you’re standing and exterminated like rats. I mean, according to their BUDGET that’s true, and according to all our death stats.

    Only humans that *might* be sane, rational, honest & forthright (ie could be/become Spiritually Sane) are the intended targets. Humanity is of course (as always under Fascist Totalitarianism), prone to collateral damage, where even The Faithful toadies, lackeys & sycophants suffer for The Narrative (Save Our Rich Leaders!).

    Opioid, suicide, heck even our Doctors actively, with Iatrogenic deaths. …No offense. It’s just taught in medical school, protected in all medical industry, while there is zero emphasis and perfect punishment for things such as nutrition. Or family. Or community support. There are endless budgets for 100 years making sure we’re all “Bowling Alone.” All beta-tested on the Indians, for which everyone heartily approved: that’s you guys on the Left I’m looking at. Now when your son shoots himself in the head at 14 we can all be happy about it. You got what you all wanted. Probably get a little “I Voted” sticker or something after they clean up the 4 quarts of blood.

    Putnam’s ludicrously *huge* blind-spot, in his “expert” EG0ic musings, excludes a veritable dearth of data input(s) regarding the advent of promiscuous sex + illicit drug use/experimentation in gen pop since the 1950s to present ~ As a survivor of this “trend” in “America”, I am well-versed with the pathological underground CULTure that spawned this insidiously social capital mutation, where There’s No Shame, Anything Goes! Now with AI!!!

    Oh, Putnam also missed the *death* of America’s Democratic Republic under Natural Law in 1933, which was transmogrified into U$ Empire LLC under Admiralty/Equity Laws by FDR, along with all the violent, fascist mind-fu@kery attendant to such malevolence 🙄


    It’s a lot like what we’re running into with the Cabal thing. Does a truly organized card carrying Cabal exist ?

    As above, degenerative, debased, antisocial pathology flourished from the top down, the effects of which are as yet compounding without any substantive recognition as a malady derived from a *total* collapse of Spiritual Sanity in Western Civ. ~ It’s CULTural & endemic.

    While there are well-meaning *sane* democrats/republicans (Tulsi, Ron/Rand, RFK Jr. et al.) the pervasive real reality of the Deep Swamp Cabal is a juggernaut growing more cancerous by the hour, as the Collective EG0ic Madness/Mass Formation Psychosis brought about by submission to in-your-face gas-lighting, bullying & tyranny by a drug addled gen pop *became* The West’s Social Norm.

    After all, is not Jack Kerouac the hero of every Ivy League/Russell Group “social scientist” presently tenured & recognized as composing The Experts?



    Inside the heads of “them”:

    We are the lords.
    We giveth and we taketh away.
    Our tools are you who make tools.
    We give you purpose by fulfilling our desires.
    We have you take from those who cannot defend themselves.
    This makes you fruitful. You multiply.
    This gives us more. It is never enough.
    To discipline ourselves we kill you, our instruments of exploitation.
    We are the lords. Without us you are nothing.


    Dr D said

    “McCarthy Says 783rd Impeachable Offense By Biden Will Be The Last Straw” — NOT the Babylon Bee, but real-life.

    The entire act of protecting the Biden family is a good sign. It tells us that the many guilty people in government believe that should Biden be brought down, the investigations will start and they will be found guilty. They obviously fear that nobody will be out of bounds, the smaller government people and oligarchs will be investigated, which is why they are fighting to prevent any prosecution of the Bidens. Of course, Biden knows this, so he is milking it, doing tons of bad stuff because he thinks he can get away with it, he is probably handing secrets to China as I write this, but it cannot last. If Biden was on his own, then they would have let him fall a long time ago, but he is not, he is just the one in the most senior office. If he falls, they all fall.

    Veracious Poet

    If Lockheed-Martin has indeed spent 1.7 TRILLION dollars on the F-35 then that would mean that a single project of a single department of a single commercial company has consumed more money than the amount spent by entire INDUSTRIES which have served mankind since records were kept.

    C’est la vie.

    Veracious Poet

    Who is the blob?



    D, Benton, Hitler was not a villian. Have you read anything he wrote? Actually listened to anything he said. From the time you were walking its been pounded into your head he is evil incarnate. He took on the jew bankers and was murdered for it, as was JFK. Patton knew we were on the wrong side of that horrific war…they murdered him too. Do you understand who you are dealing with here? For the love of Christ, who they murdered too, can you not see who manipulates and destroys? Blob, Cabal, Khazarian Mafia. are you over educated motherfuckers really that dense? Really?


    VP- “You’re telling me you can still see me when I cover my eyes”
    Theory of mind… I have been astonished my whole life by how many extremely “smart, educated” people show astonishing gaps in this.
    Expose it, and a tantrum is the usual result.

    Veracious Poet


    Do you not realize how patently transparent this half-witted, inbred Stormfront propaganda actually appears to anyone with even a shred of Spiritually Sanity? 🙄

    In truth, the putrid blob of homicidal/suicidal CULTure in The West is Soooo much more complex & devolved than your fantastical Nazi horseshit & rubbish; You’re embarrassing yourself…

    I’d tell you to get a clue, but it’s obvious you’re either mental or a agent provocateur ~ Of course you’re not the only one, seems there’s a few around here that want to attach TAE to dangerously violent sentiments & poisonously retarded ideologies 😐

    BTW, what do you think of the vaccines & ivermectin?

    Asking for a friend…

    Vaya con dios.


    Lawless Duh’merica

    Californicate leads the nation in brazen low class thievery

    This is craptastic, a small preview of the Mad Max near future when the Empire of Lies collapses like the old Soviet Union


    Two Useless Eaters use forklift to steal an entire ATM from Sacramento credit union, on video


    This puts the Duh in Duh’merica

    Is Michelle Obama a Man?

    Hell Yes!

    Let’s Survey the Evidence

    Part of the Ritual Satanic Humiliation of the Duh’merican public.

    Or should I say pubic

    Michael Reid

    Check out this truck


    Oakland Police Advise Residents To “Appear As Poor As Possible”

    Yah Baby!

    Burn in Hell Californicates!


    “Residents of Oakland, California are being urged by police to pursue degrees in psychology in order to ward off violent attackers.

    “The real victims are the people who, because of their dire circumstances, have been pushed to violate the law,” said a spokesperson for the Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland, or MACRO.

    “And we believe we can better serve this community if more of those being attacked know how to provide professional psychiatric help at the scene of the crime, in real time.”

    In 2023, police urged residents of crime stricken areas to use air horns to try to scare off attackers and alert their neighbors to a crime occurring. But last year, Oakland residents voted to outlaw air horns after it caused psychological distress to the attackers.

    Instead, those being attacked should start by sympathizing with the attacker in order to gain rapport. For beginners, it’s best to start by telling an attacker that you appreciate how frustrated they must be, or even to offer them some food or hot tea.

    Anyone with more advanced training and experience in psychology, however, could start by asking the attacker about his/her childhood, and then encourage attackers to explore traumatic events from their lives that may have triggered their criminal behavior.

    “Invite them inside for a conversation. Ask them if there is anything that has been weighing on their mind,” MACRO urges.

    And officials say that if you are unable to pursue a psychology degree, the best course of action to fend off criminal attackers is to appear as poor as possible, so that there is less incentive to target you.

    Don’t wear flashy items like button down shirts or wedding rings. And avoid repainting your home, or repairing damaged porches and fences.

    Even letting the weeds grow too long in your yard can be a helpful deterrent to crime.

    The fines assessed by the City of Oakland for violating municipal codes about grass length could be well worth it if it deters a break-in.



    Interesting stuff:

    Pfizer on successful trajectory to reduce world population in half, a part of its 2019 5 year plan. Can’t quite believe it, but then words line up with the mouth.

    New song trending: rich men north of Richmond

    Bear rejects Big Mac


    Straight from San Franshithole



    Bear won’t eat a Big Mac

    But a Trash Panda will!!!


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