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    madamski cafone

    “So…China port closed as embargo to attack the U.S. However, Long Beach claims they are backlogged and can’t unload. So China isn’t shipping anything but still Long Beach can’t keep up? Explain? Then last week, rails said they were also backlogged, so as a solution they would run fewer trains. Explain?”

    Lack of qualified personnel, just like the shortage of qualified lorry drivers.

    3 months ago

    Last week

    I can’t wait for Dr. D to either tell me how wrong I am for being right or right for being wrong.

    Mister Roboto

    Charles Eisenstein, “anti-semite”

    Apparently, some folks did not appreciate having a mirror held up to their rancorous faces by his article “Mob morality and the unvaxxed”

    absolute galore

    From NYT:

    Actually, Wearing a Mask Can Help Your Child Learn

    179 Reasons Why You Probably Don’t Need to Panic About Inflation

    I’m sure the headlines are just clickbait and the articles make perfect sense…

    madamski cafone

    Why Losing Aged Parents to Covid Is Not All Bad: Nursing Homes Suck

    from either the Babylon Times or the New York Bee

    madamski cafone

    I am knuckling down to the final stretch of jigsaw puzzling a novel into coherent linear narrative. If anyone is interested in reading those parts of narrative assembled in what I hope is effective reading order, please contact me at When oneself is the center of creative gravity, it’s a major brain-strain to see it from a reader’s point of view.

    I offer my Grandmother “Nanny” Ruth’s lemon pound cake recipe as attempted compensation. The other bonus is that this will lead me to post less, and some here might appreciate that.



    I have to agree. I forget if NZ is pushing shitty vakzines or not, but the way to get results from a lockdown is to lock down hard and FAST.

    Really, you just read it above and still already forgot again? Jeez.

    The NZ lockdown is idiotic because there is no long term plan. Zero covid is a plan for zero neurons. What will you do when you have zero but nobody else does? And your people have weakened immune systems because of the lockdown? I used the term one-dimensional thinking here a lot, and this is just more of the same.

    John Day
    John Day

    It won’t take the CJ Hopkins. Let’s see if it will take my essay that extends from that.

    There is soon to be an announcement that vaccination, full vaccination against COVID, will be mandatory for anybody working at our clinic, including vendors and contractors in the buildings. The people who are slowly moving this policy into position for official deployment are people I have worked with for years, and shared hugs and smiles with. It is bound to make everybody uncomfortable, most of all me. I have committed to dealing with it, to making a stand at this point in the dehumanization process, after 18 years of cumulative service at People’s Community Clinic.
    This is a stand which will lose me my job taking care of thousands of patients. I will lose contact with then=m, and they will lose contact with me. I will lose my social identity as their physician and as a member of the team at the clinic. This will dehumanize me, my patients, and will somewhat dehumanize the people making this decision as a group. They are all nice people, and we have all, always gotten along well and shared the vision of humanitarian care for our patients.
    During the COVID pandemic, I have been permitted (quietly) to treat patients with repurposed oral antivirals. It was appreciated that I gave away 600 bottles of vitamin-D pills last year at my own expense, to patients and staff. It is appreciated that I created and maintain a vegetable garden in the break patio, large by urban standards. I post updates and garden news to our inboxes a few times per season. People like the garden news and insights.
    I have put a major portion of my life, identity and all of my livelihood on what seems like an abstraction. I will lose all of that to stand with those who choose to resist mandatory medical injections with a new and secretive technology from Bill Gates and friends.
    I can take Social Security early retirement while it lasts. I’m probably healthy enough to last another 30 years, myself. I don’t think Social Security will last to 2030.
    I don’t see the future. It’s not formed by our free-wills yet, but I see what similar set-ups have wrought in the past.
    Our country is in early financial collapse. The global oligarchs have determined that a 90% culling of the herd is necessary.
    Blowing things up is the wrong tool for that job this time.
    I seek spiritual guidance daily.

    John Day

    Hopefully the AI will accept this other stuff. I’ve got to shave, shower and ride to work.

    Pepe Escobar on the Updated Great Game:
    In the end, there was no Battle for Kabul. Thousands of Taliban were already inside Kabul – once again the classic sleeper-cell playbook. The bulk of their forces remained in the outskirts. An official Taliban proclamation ordered them not to enter the city, which should be captured without a fight, to prevent civilian casualties.
    The Taliban did advance from the west, but “advancing,” in context, meant connecting to the sleeper cells in Kabul, which by then were fully active. Tactically, Kabul was encircled in an “anaconda” move, as defined by a Taliban commander: squeezed from north, south and west and, with the capture of Jalalabad, cut off from the east.
    At some point last week, high-level intel must have whispered to the Taliban command that the Americans would be coming to “evacuate.” It could have been Pakistan intelligence, even Turkish intelligence, with Erdogan playing his characteristic NATO double game.
    The American rescue cavalry not only came late, but was caught in a bind as they could not possibly bomb their own assets inside Kabul. The horrible timing was compounded when the Bagram military base – the NATO Valhalla in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years – was finally captured by the Taliban.
    That led the US and NATO to literally beg the Taliban to let them evacuate everything in sight from Kabul – by air, in haste, at the Taliban’s mercy. A geopolitical development that evokes suspension of disbelief…
    Taliban 2021 is an entirely different animal compared with Taliban 2001. Not only are they battle-hardened, they had plenty of time to perfect their diplomatic skills, which were recently more than visible in Doha and in high-level visits to Tehran, Moscow and Tianjin.
    They know very well that any connection with al-Qaeda remnants, ISIS/Daesh, ISIS-Khorasan and ETIM is counter-productive – as their Shanghai Cooperation Organization interlocutors made very clear.
    Internal unity, anyway, will be extremely hard to achieve. The Afghan tribal maze is a jigsaw puzzle, nearly impossible to crack. What the Taliban may realistically achieve is a loose confederation of tribes and ethnic groups under a Taliban emir, coupled with very careful management of social relations.

    The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan back with a bang

    Tom Luongo on the fall of Kabul. (I think elites like special dates to signal significance.)
    I can’t say I’m shedding any tears here except for all the losses on both sides. War is never righteous.
    So, while I’m happy to see this end I am also sad to also see this end for what it is, a planned act of geopolitical vandalism by the Biden Obama Administration to ensure a complete collapse of the U.S. political system.
    We are being liquidated by The Davos Crowd at the precise moment when their Great Reset is at its most vulnerable…
    Before Afghanistan was there a Dept. of Homeland Security? The Patriot Act? The Military Commissions Act? A Global War on Terror?

    John Day

    On August 15, 1971 Richard Nixon announced on TV that he was temporarily closing the US Treasury Gold-Window, due to attacks by speculators.
    I remember that TV show. 50 years later, to the day, the Taliban retook the capital of Afghanistan. Monday, three days ago. Comparisons are inevitable.
    Throughout spring and early summer of 1971, the drains on the US gold reserves increased, drawing down those stocks of physical gold. The main reason was the outlays for the war in Vietnam. Trade had been pretty balanced before that, but a lot of dollars got spent in Vietnam, and found their way back to the US Treasury gold-window. It was the Vietnam War that drained US gold. Michael Hudson worked that out in 1966, working for David (I think) Rockefeller.
    It was unwelcome news. The Treasury rejected his reported analysis. He was right. France, the recent colonial master of Vietnam, had been converting $US to gold.
    A French destroyer came to pick up a few thousand tons of it in summer 1971, then on Thursday, August 12, 1971 the UK asked for so much physical gold that it was impossible. The US gave them a quarter of it, and closed the gold window the following Sunday night, August 15, 1971. Here is how that went down.


    ” … 90% culling of the herd “ will produce a lot of fertilizer


    John Day, upstate, et al,

    Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen. It will get worse for sure, but in the end they can’t forbid people from buying food and water, and they can’t run hospitals without nurses, or stores with staff and customers, or economies without all of the above. The one and only reason the pressure increases is that there’s so much resistance against it. You’re not losing, they are.


    This virus, whatever its origin, is now endemic. It doesn’t seem AU and NZ, in locking down their islands for the past 18 months, are really going to solve much of anything because they will be exposed at some point. I suppose if we come up with an effective treatment for the disease their wait will have been of benefit? Although where AU is concerned, the loss to citizen rights may never be considered worth the wait.

    The vaccines clearly do not prevent infection or spread (so much for saving grandma). They are not the be all, end all that was touted. Not even close.

    The disease severity between individuals is … odd? One person, a slight cold. Another person, 10 days of misery (even if they have no co-morbidities). Other people, death (usually with significant co-morbidities but not always).

    Lockdowns are destructive and should never happen again. Ever. Sure, maybe cancel super large events where people would congregate, but lockdowns of everyone everywhere for an indeterminate period of time? Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    Humans certainly have got to vie for the #1 position of the absolute dumbest species on this planet.


    Thank you, Raul, for the encouragement. It’s getting hard to keep the faith.



    The “Treat your Own Covid” back in Feb. was huge with my family and friends. Thank you for your contributions. I will likely be in the same boat soon.

    D Benton Smith

    Well we can blame the psychos at the top until the cows come home to roost for all the good it will do us. When that doesn’t work maybe we could try howling at the moon or having a nice big global-civil-war that drapes corpses from one pole to the other.
    The reason those things (or any thing) won’t work is that it is not just the TOP that is at fault.
    What’s broken is the WHOLE (the entirety itself, the species) whose ingrained proclivities MADE the top, and then tolerated that top, and dutifully obeyed that top while the top and its sycophants methodically killed everyone lower than them on the totem pole.
    So what is this “something” that is such a serious flaw ? It doesn’t matter what the flaw is. What matters is that a flaw demonstrably exists. Just look around. SOMETHING (some inadequacy of one kind or another) has caused this mess. There’s the effect. Causes caused it.
    The fact that “the top” and its minions are also killing THEMSELVES in the process simply prooves the point that this is not just a problem of a few bad apples. It is some sort of systemic flaw, and we are living the undeniable consequences of it.
    For lack of specific knowledge on its nature one might be tempted to call the shortcoming something like “Too Stupid To Live” , but that doesn’t fit all of the facts because abstract intelligence ( ” IQ” ?) does not seem to have all that much to do with it. Plenty of very high IQ people exist on both sides of the debacle, and plenty of simple folk and other wild creatures remain more or less unconcerned altogether. They might be on to something.
    Personally, and to my way of thinking, “Too Unaware To See” far more accurately describes the problem , but that wording is clunky and lacks rythm and cadence.
    Operatively, it doesn’t finally matter what it is called. What matters is that nature is being absolutely merciless in weeding it out. The so-called “evolutionary forces” are just doing their logical thing. Out with the failure and in with the next try.
    In other words, if Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a failed experiment then this current and protracted act of collective suicide is just “evolutionary forces” forging a species better suited to holding its place at the top on this backwater dustmote on the edge of everywhere.
    I’m placing my bet on one that is considerably more AWARE of what it needs to be aware of to survive the long haul. I postulate a species capable of knowing that there is more to this shell game than atoms bouncing around energetically for no discernable purpose. Kipling was a good and observant rhymer, but he was flat ass wrong about at least one thing. Ours IS to question why.


    Report from the World Bank, re. Heroin – Afghanistan, 2004. (> links in a separate post)


    In this situation of anarchy and poverty, the cultivation of opium in Afghanistan spread very rapidly over the last ten years, and now occurs in all 34 provinces. Afghanistan has become the world’s leading source of opiates, supplying three quarters of the global market in 2003, reaching ten million abusers worldwide, of whom some 10,000 die each year from opiates produced in Afghanistan. Opium farm-gate income, which was only 3% of Afghanistan’s GDP as recently as 1990, in 2003 was one-seventh of total GDP.

    Most opium is now processed into heroin and morphine within Afghanistan, and the trafficking and trade accounted for an even greater proportion of the country’s GDP. All told, the opium economy comprised roughly one-third of total (drug-inclusive) national income in 2003. Born of desperation and opportunism, opium production has become the mainstay of the Afghan rural economy and dominates the nation’s exports. The drug trade, with substantial involvement of criminal elements from outside Afghanistan, has fed warlordism in an infernal exchange between drugs and guns, and has spawned a gigantic criminal activity that threatens the integrity and capacity of the state and may maintain shadowy links with terrorism.

    end quote, link.

    2003, UNdoc, Quote:

    Afghanistan’s drug economy can be dismantled if the Government, with the assistance of the international community, addresses the roots of the matter and not only its symptoms. This report exposes such roots, as a contribution to the common effort against illicit drugs. First, the report de-constructs the opium economy of Afghanistan into its main components: cultivation, production, finance, trade and consumption. Secondly, the report re-constructs the country’s development processes piece by piece, showing that it is essential: (i) to help poor farmers decide in favour of licit crops; (ii) to replace narco-usury with micro-lending; (iii) to provide jobs to women and to itinerant workers; (iv) to provide education to children, particularly girls; (v) to turn bazaars into modern commodity markets; and (vi) to neutralize warlords’ efforts to keep the evil trade alive.

    End quote, link.

    The UN proposed that the no. 1 cash Afgh crop could be ‘regulated’ and paid for, selling to Big Pharma (no link, can’t find the UN report), but see for ex.

    Feasability study, 2005, link.


    The MSM narrative is that the Taliban destroyed crops as they were against ‘drugs’ – that isn’t so, they did that because prices had sunk too low > production glut and whatever… (2001 – 2 about), nobody will abandon the no. 1. cash crop. Reducing supply worked, prices (street heroin, contrary to one quote above, afaik most of it is refined in Pakistan) rose, production went up and up, went on doing so, with profits remaining acceptable for ppl in the production – refinery – sellers chain.


    Israel has among the world’s highest levels of vaccination for COVID-19, with 78% of those 12 and older fully vaccinated, the vast majority with the Pfizer vaccine. Yet the country is now logging one of the world’s highest infection rates, with nearly 650 new cases daily per million people. More than half are in fully vaccinated people, underscoring the extraordinary transmissibility of the Delta variant and stoking concerns that the benefits of vaccination ebb over time.”

    As of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19, a 31% increase from just 4 days earlier. Of the 514, 59% were fully vaccinated. Of the vaccinated, 87% were 60 or older. “There are so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the hospitalized patients are actually vaccinated,”

    Vaxx don’t work.


    @ absolute galore
    I never met a powdered milk that was “tasty,” only some that were “tolerable.” Have you considered shelf-stable milk? It is ultrapasteurized, sold in boxes. I find that it tastes just like the refrigerated stuff. I take the small containers when I go camping and refrigeration is iffy, so I won’t have large leftovers.

    I was talking with my kids last week about their preferred foods and what they would want available to eat should the grocery stores no longer be an option. My daughter said pizza. So I’ve decided to see about making mozzarella cheese out of powdered milk. I’ve successfully made mozzarella before, out of some surplus milk.

    “ If local authorities can’t get something jumpstarted within a month or so to keep people fed, that’s a scenario you can’t really plan for anyway”

    Au contraire, I planned for that years ago.
    1) Help feed the neighbors, organize locally with folks on the street.
    2) If all else fails, make wine. It should be a valuable commodity and the know how of how to make it is more valuable than the commodity itself.

    @ Dr D
    “ But you see, that never happened now. Only Europeans do bad things. You know, the ones that outlawed slavery and turned a page in the inalienable Rights of Man, then died by hundred thousands to make sure those ideas won as they finally attempted to live up to their own beliefs, or rather, aspirations”

    The way I see it, it seems most religions and philosophies (“-isms”), no matter the number of positive and uplifting ideas contained therein, if they grow large will at some point be used as a vehicle for human harm.

    In my own life, I left the Mormon faith. It failed me when it came to who I married and navigating that relationship. And then I realized that it was bunk from the get-go. But most of my family remains entrenched within it, they love their “good news” and religious communities, and it is a functional component of their lives.

    Perhaps this is why I have congregated with liberal-minded folk and yet not had the flaws that you correctly point out influence my views…I remember when these flaws came to my attention, and I rejected them as ridiculous. Humans generally struggle to hold two seemingly opposing points of view at once — there is a tendency to want to see something as “all good” or “all bad”…when reality doesn’t concern itself with these arbitrary labels. (I, too, have experienced this struggle, however, the past 20 years seem to have presented successive opportunities for me to become accustomed to a level of cognitive dissonance.)

    << “I hate what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.” Where did that go? Where is yon Left of yesterday that believed in defending minority groups’ right to exist AGAINST an overreaching government, wanting people to be left alone and chill, man?>>

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. Have been itching to meet with my liberally minded congregation since January so that I could engage in some “deep conversation” after the Sunday service and figure out how many of my peers there actually believe and go along with all of this bullsh*t and how many see through it, or can see it after a simple conversation points it out. I stopped watching the Sunday service online in January because the desire to actually communicate with these people was strong…and the substitute of a (well, at least it was live,) online service only served to stoke that desire….

    @ deflationista
    “ Spoiler Alert: You’re still looking at 85-95% efficacy against severe disease with Delta”

    Very difficult to measure without a challenge study. A challenge study would be unethical, so instead we estimate/guess based upon insufficient data.

    So I just continue to trust my natural immunity. My immune system has always served me very well, except for a few situations in which I was excessively stressed out. But that was all before the divorce and family court snag. Those are in the past, I’m much less stressed now, immune system handled Covid last year like a champ.


    d benton: “What’s broken is the WHOLE … whose ingrained proclivities MADE the top, and then tolerated that top, and dutifully obeyed that top while the top … killed everyone lower than them on the totem pole.”

    Can’t argue with that.

    madamski cafone

    “I have to agree. I forget if NZ is pushing shitty vakzines or not, but the way to get results from a lockdown is to lock down hard and FAST.”

    “Really, you just read it above and still already forgot again? Jeez. The NZ lockdown is idiotic because there is no long term plan.”

    I agree Raul, and I restate that “the way to get results from a lockdown is to lock down hard and FAST”… regardless of the followup plan to the initial lockup. A follows B follows C even if B fails to consider B+ or B- or C fails to consider C_+ or C+_ etc. etc. into the Land of a 1,000 Computer Models aka Hall of Mirrors (apparently I like special FX).

    That said, this was also said in that post from yesterday: Whatever the long term strategy should be, New Zealand has done pretty well with the pandemic so far. No-one has the answer but NZ has gotten this much more correct than most/all other countries.”

    I’ll add that the thing about long-term strategies is that they can take a long-time to manifest, especially if there is none today but one needs to be in place. Or, in the vernacular: vfee szhall szee

    Meanwhile, in other news, I agree with this: “The one and only reason the pressure increases is that there’s so much resistance against it. You’re not losing, they are.” Not that we won’t “lose” too insomuch as we’re liable to pay a heavy price for so long tolerating dismal governance. Yes, we meek sha;; inherit the earth, not the high and frighty.


    @Mister Roboto

    Excellent article from Eisenstein. I notice a lot of us unvaccinated are in flight mode over the ostracism, but sooner or later we might need to go into fight mode.


    So, should the unvaccinated be afraid of the current “variants” that are out there, and the coming “variants”?

    Professor Christian Perronne says:
    “Exactly the reverse! Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants. In transmission, it’s been proven now in several countries that vaccinated people should be put in quarantine and isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others. That’s been proven in Israel now, where I’m in contact with many physicians. They’re having big problems in Israel now: severe cases in hospitals are among vaccinated people. And in the UK also, you had a larger vaccination programme and there are problems [there] also.”

    Professor Perronne is the former Chairman of the French Specialist Committee for Communicable Diseases, and the High Council on Public Health. He was also the Vice-President of the European Advisory Group to the World Health Organisation.

    He is Head of the Medical Department at Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garches, France. He was the University’s Head of Department for Infectious and Tropical Diseases from 1994 onwards, but was fired from that position a few months ago for his public statements which have been contrary to some of the official government policy around Covid-19 and vaccinations.

    “Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants … vaccinated people should be put in quarantine,” Professor Christian Perronne

    madamski cafone

    D Benton Smith:

    I love how you translate via stern empirical logic concepts that are usually only apprehensible via spiritual/mystical concepts. It’s like secularism that actually pays attention to the secular.

    Mister Roboto

    In the interest of keeping our finger on the pulse of this unfolding situation, on JMG’s latest Covid open post. Here’s a quote from it:

    To put it bluntly, if you live in America you need to prepare for either domestic insurgency or civil war. Which one happens will depend on the timing of this vaccine fallout. The only way to avoid this that I can see is for the people in charge to get their heads on straight and stop creating totalitarism in the name of pseudo science… I think we all know that this is just about impossible by this point.



    The variant narrative is being used to continue inflaming fear – to feed the propaganda machine. (What’s the latest? Lambda?)

    Example: Mississippi. Low vaccination rate, as was headline(!!) news of late. State’s population is about 3,000,000. Yes, cases have increased (difficult to tell what constitutes a case as the CDC has admitted PCR tests are useless). 7-day moving average is about 3,400 cases. 7-day moving average for deaths has also increased and is … 28.

    Construct tents in the parking garage to treat patients!!!

    This has all gotten so ridiculous. If people can’t see it at this point, they probably never will.

    Mister Roboto

    Sorry, I screwed up using the link-posting dialogue box. The sentence after the comma was supposed to read, “here is an instructive comment on JMG’s latest Covid open post.”

    those darned kids

    I notice a lot of us unvaccinated are in flight mode over the ostracism, but sooner or later we might need to go into fight mode.

    ctbarnum: i actually worry that soon the not inoculated will have to go into rescue mode, especially those in medical, supply chain, fire and police.


    tdk: If the vaccinated begin dying in large numbers, I would say you’re correct. But in the interim, and at the beginning of a mass death stage, the vaccinated might be looking to seek “vengeance”. Thus, the ostracism will turn to violence. That violence won’t be aimed at those who pushed the vax on them.

    those darned kids

    ct: oh, i am quite aware of that. i hope we’ll skip that stage.

    ideally, i hope i (and many others) are completely wrong, and that the shots actually work, and that no long term side effects are found. i hate being wrong, but for the sake of so many around me, i will thank the stars, gods, and coltrane if i am.


    Arthur Koestler ‘s “Janus”.


    @absolute re: preparations

    I am not a prepper type. Far from it…go with the flow, mostly, passive-aggressive stubbornness otherwise. Here are some items I’ve purchased this month, mostly to test for what my wife and I can tolerate:

    8kg canned black beans – I don’t know how to properly cook beans yet, will buy dried and practice
    2.5kg brown rice – less carbos than white rice, better flavor, more satisfying
    1kg wild rice mix – boredom antidote
    4kg Tang drink mix – I KNOW I’ll drink this! Grew up on the stuff.
    #10 can freeze-dried snap peas
    #10 can freeze-dried strawberries

    I’ll be ordering more bit-by-bit. This is an effort to stock about 2 months’ supplies. The expectation is to hunker down for a month, and if things don’t improve or stabilize, we can do a 2-week bike/walking journey with the remaining. I also have several kinds of water filters, and apparatus for purification when those become clogged.

    RE: food, materials, etc

    Here’s a little list I made strictly from memory. I didn’t Google-cheat. It’s also not comprehensive, just a quick ‘see what’s close at hand’ kind of self-test. I set out to see if I could at least supplement my diet, have something tasty, and get some wood to make furniture, waterwheels, etc.

    I know where to acquire all the items on the list. Most are in LA county, within 1 hr drive (1/2 day bike, 1-2 days hike), some are 1000km north from me. Most of these I know by heart the uses, prep, effects, etc. Some I’d have to go back and review. This is only vegetable/mineral. I left out animal, since the attempts to end meat production in this country will quickly lead to extinction of all ungulates left on the continent. Didn’t want to give anybody pointers.

    This kind of exercise, I find, helps to instigate other ‘self-inventory’ actions. The unexamined life, blah blah blah…

    ———-GRAZING LIST————————–


    Miner’s lettuce
    Water chesnut
    Yerba santa
    Wild onion
    California bay laurel
    Wheat grass
    Wild cucumber
    Water birch
    Red honeysuckle

    Chemically/Mechanically Useful

    Black/White/Valley/Live oak
    Ponderosa/jeffrey pine
    Red fir
    Incense cedar
    Creosote bush
    Joshua tree

    Useful Minerals/Geology

    Quartz (large crystal)
    Garnet (large crystal)


    mister: “if you live in America you need to prepare for either domestic insurgency or civil war.”

    The majority of humans actually dislike violence, otherwise there would be lots of dead people laying around. I think the US is more apt to disintegrate (already is) and decentralize/relocate based on personal values as best possible. Not sure exactly what a civil war would look like these days – no state is all blue or all red. What “line” are the *civil warriors* holding? (No one who states that a civil war is coming ever mentions what that would look like).

    We need to stay calm and carry on as best possible. Fear is a future projection of something that hasn’t happened yet. Or something like that. 😉



    The best case scenario, regardless of whatever effect the shots have on people, is there is a large enough cohort of unvaccinated who are united enough to mitigate any violent action that could be unleashed by the mob or authorities. Right now, it appears the cohort is large enough (30%, with some estimates higher), but we’re not united on methods that counteract the propaganda, and in many case those who are on speaking terms are far apart in terms of geography.

    But I also think that as ADE becomes known and enough link it to the vax or boosters, that the “unvaccinated” category will increase over time due to unwillingness to accept the boosters. I’m seeing some signs of that in my personal life, as none of those I know who are vaccinated (2 doses) have even discussed taking a third. So, I could be wrong about all this and the narrative just falls apart on its own.

    D Benton Smith


    ref: ” . . . empirical logic concepts that are usually only apprehensible via spiritual/mystical . . .”

    I reckon that there are not two Universes ( a Material and a Spiritual ) , but just one. Kinda what the word Universe means.

    madamski cafone

    “Thus, the ostracism will turn to violence. That violence won’t be aimed at those who pushed the vax on them.”

    Mostly wussy violence except when they are in large numbers. 10 or less, hell, 20 or less, and a seriously determined lunatic can run them off with one finger twisted backwards. People who submit so blindly to the prevailing clique culture ain’t, to put it frankly, for shit.

    Cool kids wanting to vent some angry frustration on the retarded kid on the schooolground is motivation much too weak to stand up to a determined lunatic willing to demonstrate that s/he is seriously determined to FUCK UP anyone who messes with hir.

    Once the ADE stats become unambiguously vile, the ones who are far more likely to get ugly are the vakzine resistent. Whether that ugliness goes mob-nutso or simply enforces a new authority in its domain, comes dopwn to the caliber of lunatic* leading their charge.
    *cuz there’s one in every crowd

    As tdk pointed out, there will be a major mediation between all parties created by people getting very sick/dying.


    thomasjkenney: neato list, monsieur.

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