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    madamski cafone

    “This is what people are getting wrong about the nazis I think. Nazism was the reaction against the bullshit we are seeing now. It arose in rural southern Germany in opposition to the northern urban parts of the country. We must be just as careful with the coming reaction as to the current atrocity.”

    Let’s Get Wiggy With It.


    It not the homeless per se, maybe the countryless

    There are up to 15,000 Americans who may be trapped outside Kabul, according to the Post.

    The Biden administration has ‘no plans’ to evacuate American citizens in Afghanistan who are currently located outside Kabul, according to the Washington Post, citing two Senate aides.

    Senate staffers were informed Tuesday morning by officials from the State and Defense departments that they have no idea how to get those Americans through Taliban checkpoints located outside of the Capitol, where the main airport is located.

    “Get Us!” Trapped Americans Pleading To Be Let Inside Kabul Airport

    Oh well, Old White Joe has got other priorities.



    I am not going to continue the distraction of schoolyard antics when learned helplessness among the unvaxxed is a problem. No one was there for me (aside from the occasional female who might have thought me cute). Learned helplessness is the mind killer (mostly on account it comes from fear), and expecting someone else to come save you is counter-productive. A good punch in the mouth was what it took, and might be needed in this situation as well on an individual level. Those examples of stepping in for the disabled are few and far between and 1) Comes across as braggadocio, and (2 On the internet could very well not be true, hence not believable.

    Rich telling me about courage from someone who previously presented themself as female. Rich.

    Nothing more, nothing less.


    Madamsski offered Citicenx some hope and a place to stay. I read it as heartfelt and authentic. True courage in my book.

    John Day

    Thanks for all of the kind words of support, brothers and sisters.
    We are co-creating reality.
    Lets all get to the same page of the hymnal, now!
    Growing up on military bases during Vietnam, a scrawny kid with a smart mouth, I had lots of experience with bullies.
    I’m not sure how much it applies to everyday life, though.
    Weasels are what conspire against you in the grown-up world.
    Packs of smiling weasels that lay ambush and tell lies.
    By the time I was 15 I could do pull-ups and push-ups and did not have bully fights where I lay face up and got pounded ’cause I wouldn’t say “uncle”.
    Weasels are the issue in adulthood.
    I’m still ready for bullies, but I never use it.
    Do what your soul says is right. Keep doing it.
    It’s an experiment.

    Mr. House

    I think what you are describing Ctbarnum is the will to act. Some people here just like to talk, and when you bring up the will to act they move the conversation in another direction or pretend that the will to act is futile. It isn’t, and if you have it you’ll know when.

    those darned kids

    m.c.: this one’s for you.

    Mr. House

    i watched this in the theaters when it came out, quite an eye opener.

    Mr. House

    and you are correct with regards to the decadent weimar republic


    I think the high number of comments reflects a deep need to connect as the noose of vaccination is being tightened. It is frightening. Here now all federal civil servants must vax. At a provincial level teachers and health care workers must also vax. Other sectors surely will follow. Incredibly sad for all having to choose between vaxing and maintaining a livelihood. The self-assuredness of leaders in rolling out these hopeless measures is fascinating to behold. Seeing this is laughable to me. At these moments I bring myself back to reality by thinking of times when I have seen diseases ravage parts of my orchard. Thinking that one can stomp ones feet and make it all go away, as our leaders seem to be doing, is about as childish and unsophisticated as you can get. Slow, calm assessment, trying to get a deep understanding of what is going on may lead to solutions. It may also lead to the realization that the best response is to accept that there are natural forces beyond human control. I suspect our leaders have gotten where they are by being huge control freaks who have been on the winning-bullying side of our rigged system for so long that they don’t realize that this challenge is not amenable to their usual shenanigans.

    Mr. House

    a bridge to far if you will 😉

    Veracious Poet

    Some have recently predicted that South Africa was the future for U$ofA big cities with concentrations of a certain culture, it’s already happening:

    The unraveling is accelerating…

    those darned kids

    god forbid south africa adopt the culture of the united states. the people of yemen, syria, iraq, chad, mali, libya, venezuela, iran, cuba and [insert next target] are having a hard enough time with one.

    Veracious Poet

    God forbid south africa adopt the culture of the united states.

    Oh South Africa has already got their own thing going on, granted that in general the culture of the united states is only slightly less sick & twisted, obviously not far behind ~ Maybe you aren’t aware of how bad things are down there?

    Look up the word Umhulungu for a clue on South Africa’s full fledged race war:



    Easiest way to cook beans: pressure cooker. Electric ones are great — you can set the time. If there is no electricity, a standard pressure cooker can be used on a stove, etc.

    Dr. D

    Yes. Workers not coming in. Why? They did the last 400 years but not now? As Richard Dryfuss said: “This MEANS something.”

    “179 Reasons for Inflation.” Actually it WAS just 10 reasons, but…Inflation.

    Dr. Day. If the bad view is correct, they will very most desperately need you as a functional, unvaccinated doctor by Spring. Sorry. Everyone hopes not.

    “The problem is not the top”. True enough, and that’s why when they’re discredited, we devolve into not looking to, or even blaming them, but acting for ourselves. But it takes the present discrediting to break the hypnosis of looking to them. On IQ, I think there is some third factor I haven’t bothered to name that involves your ability to be influenced and therefor conned and hijacked. Susceptibility to hypnosis, really. No special merit to me, it’s probably a born attribute like height, and is often useful, like with the social unity of cooperation. Being born the other way has different problems and weaknesses.

    “Civil war”, yes, but sadly they did not wake up in 1990, ‘94, ‘01, ‘08, ‘16, or now. Not until “Papers Please” was everywhere at the corner of their block and they can’t sell their house. But that’s how it is and we’re no different. But it takes THEM to be scared, act, stand up to King George and begin to resist all enforcement everywhere. Only then can WE act, that is, the U.S. military or other White Hats that have been telling them since 1948 and 1954 and shouted down as uncool stupidheads who don’t know what we’re talking about although we read history and tactics all day and they read TV Guide. So IF there are White Hats, AND there is spreading, groundswelling resistance, THEN there will be action to go public, admit there is a fascist, totalitarian regime and a secret army fighting and removing them. Like they removed Cuomo. Oh wait, with 100% DNC control, that was an accident and coincidence. And Newsome.

    WE are the army. They can’t move until the BlueDogs in NJ also buy guns to fight Murphy. America lives for last second, countdown endings. CitizenX can vow for how much this sucks, for him and me both. If we’re right, his medical status will be priceless and can ask any wage he wants, but not til March, a lifetime from now.

    450M guns are the army. As a note to Oz, NOT using guns is waaaaay more effective. If you guys used nerf bats and silly string to knock down and strip naked a dozen riot police, spray painted them and left them unharmed by sheer force of WILL, it would do 1,000x what any armed, violent reaction would do. It might be over with that single act. Guns are a weakness and a trope.

    Southern Germany reaction: yes, the setup was to get TWO socialist parties fighting and so could care less who wins. Tysenkrupp and Bosch merge with the government either way National Socialists or the International ones. The only alternative is a LIBERTY party that wants small government, non-intervention, free-speech, free-arms, and division of corporation (bank) and state. Notice same thing here, but it’s not going to work out for them. The White Bolshevik/Red Bolshevik model was very good, but not good enough. The Yanks won’t cave on their culture.

    Pressure cooker is great and there is a “Hawkins” type from India that is simpler, but we’re not doing without electric for a while, so get an instant pot that does that, it’s easier and does everything else.


    Killer weapon

    Don’t piss off the waitress or she might spit in your soup.
    Bring the troops home.


    Thank You all for encouragement and Wisdom-

    Strangest of times, digging deep for perspective, grounding for balance- committed to, and for unnecessary suffering for all of us…

    It is time to rise up and resist this destructive insanity that has been unleashed on us all- as peacefully as possible, and as forcefully as necessary. Balanced and measured.

    Thank You all, Raul esp, for your measured words and willingness to speak truthfully against the grain of insanity.

Viewing 18 posts - 121 through 138 (of 138 total)
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