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    Boris Ignatovich Moscow At the Hermitage, Leningrad 1930   • Hurricane Laura Makes Landfall as Cat. 4 Storm, Moves Inland (WC) • Biden’s Polling
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    Nobody (in the western world) is testing herbs for covid either, nor is there recognition by our health authorities of the accumulation of herbal medicinal knowledge over milleniaillenia — million dollar clinical trials rule. The Chinese government on the other hand has officially recognized certain herbal remedies for covid-19.
    Clinical trials rule.
    The US government has trillions of dollars to invade countries around the globe but can’t cough up millions to find out if the weeds growing in everyone’s backyard could save their life. Because, you know, no one would make money on that, see?


    Keto is completely out of the question for the world’s poor, for whom meat is a luxury rarely eaten.

    For Lebanese families made poor by crisis, dinner means bread and no meat

    In wealthy unequal countries like the US, health guidelines for diet (promulgated by physicians -remember when they told us margarine was better for us than butter?), and food standards, have been compromised by the almighty dollar – cheap, addictive, crappy food for the masses (laden with corn syrup, hydrogenated fats and topped with glyphosate) while the elite sociopaths get insanely rich.


    Keto is completely out of the question for the world’s poor, for whom meat is a luxury rarely eaten.

    Absolutely true. But they’re not the ones having the obesity issues.


    “Dreams are a continuation of our waking reality.”

    And…? So…? Therefore…?

    Does this mean that if I dream I find a million dollars I will wake up to find that I have a million dollars? Or does it mean I will never dream that I find a million dollars?

    John Day

    @Sumac.Carol, who said: “
    Clinical trials rule.
    The US government has trillions of dollars to invade countries around the globe but can’t cough up millions to find out if the weeds growing in everyone’s backyard could save their life. Because, you know, no one would make money on that, see?”

    Yes, precisely the case, again. K nowledge is very expensive, which may be measured in centuries of experience with herbs, or in much shorter prospective controlled studies, measured in money. Who pays? If everybody stands to possibly benefit a little, then everybody might pay through the public purse.
    Who decides what the public purse is spent upon? What influences the deciders?
    Would a little diversion of wealth help them make up their minds?
    If one study must be chosen out of 1000 for the public, which one will it be?
    That’s our chronic condition. Billionaires get to make most choices, but it’s quiet…

    John Day

    Bread and circuses only supported Roman social structure for so long, after the richest came to own all the arable land, and the grain came from far away North Africa by ships.
    Humans need the meaning imparted into their lives, which shared work towards tangible goals provides.
    Growing food, making clothing, building houses, fixing plumbing, tending children, cooking for people, and so many human vocations provide this. Social engagement is inherent in the meaningful work, which makes it stronger and more real.
    Is rioting a vocational activity? It might meet those core criteria. People seem to flock to it after lives without meaning, at critical turning points in history.
    Only Bernie Sanders seems to be talking about a job guaranty, or he was before he just started talking about electing Joe Biden 24:7.
    Hey, I keep seeing more interviews with black people who say that jobs are the fix for the unrest they have to live with every day. I wonder if they’re onto something, there…
    This is not the way the minds of our shadowy puppet masters work, because they want centralized production and centralized control of “the masses”.
    Uh, again, … Grow Vegetables!


    Why does knowing the answers not solve the problems?



    C19 can accumulate in your nose
    C19 can be detected by a swab test up your nose.
    C19 can be transmitted by exhaling through your nose

    C19 antibodies can accumulate in your nose
    C19 antibodies can be detected by a swab test up your nose.
    C19 antibodies can be transmitted by exhaling through your nose

    Can inhaled antibodies from someone confer immunity?


    Antibodies have all the exact same qualities as viruses, zero? Really?

    John Day
    Samo Burja, again, and worth pondering, again:
    How Late Zhou China Reverse-Engineered a Civilization
    Confucius, who died just a few years before the Warring States period, has a popular reputation among Westerners today for the wise sayings attributed to him. But his true project was to discover and restore the practices which had made the Zhou dynasty great. By doing so, he believed a ruler could renew an entire society, bringing a decayed, dysfunctional state and people back to health. This was to be achieved with the proper application of rituals by sufficiently virtuous rulers. By pursuing the correct relationships and rites, they could correct the damage done by the decline of the Zhou social order and the resulting warfare. Confucius focused on ascertaining both the correct rituals and the means with which to achieve virtue (德) in rulers. The meaning of 德 is subtle; perhaps it should be thought of as including what we might today understand as prestige, an important resource for any statesman. He crafted his philosophy by extensive research and study of the Zhou dynasty and its predecessors, attempting to reverse-engineer and understand the lost knowledge of the Early Zhou. Confucius sought to fill the gaps in his understanding of social technology by close study of the ritual and literature of a society which no longer existed.
    ​ ​The role of harmonious social relationships is the most widely known attribute of Confucian teaching. But an aspect that is overlooked is Confucius’ emphasis on the traditional Chinese rites. In particular, Confucius was obsessed with the classical Book of Changes, also known as the I Ching, authored by King Wen, the founder of the Zhou dynasty.

    How Late Zhou China Reverse-Engineered a Civilization

    Let me preface this article​, and I do not fundamentally disagree with it, by saying that totalitarianism is a short term plan, not a long term strategy. It is exhausting and destructive to maintain. A better and more elegant solution is always longed for and quietly sought by “rising elites”..
    The Totalitarian Future Globalists Want For The Entire World Is Being Revealed
    ​ ​All over the Western world ever since 9/11 there have been incremental steps towards what many liberty advocates would call a “police state”; a system in which governments are no longer restricted by the boundaries of civil liberties and are given the power to do just about anything they want in the name of public safety. The use of “the law” as a tool for injecting tyranny into a culture is the first tactic of all totalitarians.
    ​ ​The idea is that by simply writing government criminality into the law books, that criminality somehow becomes justified by virtue of legal recognition. It’s all very circular. Whenever government abuse of the people is initiated, it’s always initiated in the name of what’s “best for society as a whole”. To save society, the individuals that make up a society must be sublimated or destroyed. This mentality is the complete opposite of what the Founding Fathers in America fought and died for, but as Thomas Jefferson once said:
    ​ ​“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”
    ​ ​In countries like Australia, which claim to value Western democratic principles of liberty and rule by the people, the perception is that civil rights are codified into the legal framework just as they are in the US. However, there are some glaring differences and issues; specifically, Australian citizens (like many European citizens) have absolutely no means to compel their government or the elites that influence their government to limit themselves.

    ​This article opens, which I skip, by telling people WHY Trump is suddenly the most popular he has been, but I’m still trying to figure that out. I think it’s complex. Trump is not the status quo, and everyone who looks at him says that he’s incapable of being that.
    Is that a good thing or a bad thing?​ (Trump disrupts. I don’t think he can found a dynasty. Do you?)
    ​ ​The latest Zogby Analytics poll just shared with Secrets had Trump’s approval at 52%. “The president has recorded his best job approval rating on record,” said pollster Jonathan Zogby.
    ​ ​What’s more, his approval rating among minorities was solid and, in the case of African Americans, shockingly high. Zogby said 36% of blacks approve of the president, as do 37% of Hispanics and 35% of Asians.


    MSNBC just had an interview with Biden.
    I’m going to assume that some people want this kind of person to be their president.
    I cringed with embarrassment.
    Biden could not complete a sentence without rambling off topic for every question.
    It has been previously opinionated,
    Maybe the democrats want to lose!


    A serious question
    Let’s rephrase
    Can antibodies be inhaled from someone else and confer immunity?

    Antibodies can be obtain from the body fighting a successful fight against C19
    Antibodies can be obtain from a vaccine????
    Antibodies can be obtained from plasma?????
    Antibodies cannot be obtained from herd immunity


    1) No. I would think the body doesn’t secrete antibodies. Not a doctor, but that makes no sense. I think antibodies -in general- must be an order of magnitude larger than viruses.

    2/5) Yes. In theory, at least. In practice is a different story.

    Mr. House

    Regarding recent polls

    I think those are generally more for molding perception. As we get closer to the election better to show biden losing his lead to keep voters motivated.

    Dr. D

    “Face masks made from non-woven fabric are more effective at blocking the spread of … respiratory droplets”

    Which we know from experience. Good. However, viruses are 1,000x smaller than droplets. Which is why they work for bacteria and other things, but not viruses. Which the June 6 AAPS confirmed. Which is why when this all started, before we were turned into goldfish, they (CDC) said “Only N95 masks are effective” (but we don’t have enough) and “you must also wear and swap gloves” (which we also don’t have). AND medical procedure requires swapping even N95 every 30 min or so when they get saturated. And I said, “Welp! Everybody’s gonna get it then!” Why? Because with those conditions, and following CDC models that show no quarantine will work once penetration is over 1%, ain’t no nuthin’ gonna stop it. Guess what? I, ME — but that is to say, — THE CDC’s OWN DATA, that I can read since I am literate – was correct. It wasn’t stopped. But we did kill an additional million with the economy and lockdown.

    Virus 20-70nm (nanometers)
    Bacteria 1,000nm
    Droplets 360nm
    N95 masks, which are super-tight but still only barely work (as seen by medical infections) 300nm, 10x larger.

    Cloth masks: random, but 1000-3000nm. Yet you can see your breath through them and identify nearby smells instantly.

    Minnesota Disease control:

    We agree that the data supporting the effectiveness of a cloth mask or face covering are very limited. We do, however, have data from laboratory studies that indicate cloth masks or face coverings offer very low filter collection efficiency for the smaller inhalable particles we believe are largely responsible for transmission,
    “• The filter performance of a cloth material does not directly translate or represent its performance on an individual, because it neglects the understanding of fit.
    • Cloth masks or coverings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials and are not made according to any standards.
    A cloth mask or face covering does very little to prevent the emission or inhalation of small particles.

    “Average penetration levels for the three different cloth masks were between 74 and 90%, while N95 filter media controls showed 0.12% at 5.5 cm s−1 face velocity”

    1000x greater. That is, (cloth) masks are basically no d–n good whatsoever, as the June 6 AAPS confirmed.

    But don’t worry: neither the WHO, CDC, nor Lancet will ever get called to account for their fatal non-science and the maybe 500,000 people they killed with their various “expert, authorative” measures.

    “Painting one blade black dramatically reduces bird kills by wind turbines..”

    Yes, except if you’ve ever been near one, the strobing will drive you crazy. …Oh and they also don’t put out any appreciable power. Germany runs on French and Russian Nuclear.

    “BofA disagrees w/USD debasement thesis” Sure. But debasement against what? BTC and Gold have doubled in a year. That’s a 50% drop in the US$ compared to those two world currencies. Doesn’t that count? Does the Lira not fall just because it fell against the EU and US$ but not the Ruble?

    “Thousands of Swedes Receive False-Positive COVID-19 Results Due to Faulty Test Kits from China”

    Like was reported, what, a year ago? And all the people testing positive who never took a test. What will it take to say, “Maybe they’re lying”? And “If they’re lying here, what else are they lying about?

    “Soy Boom? China Could Buy Record Amount of US Soybeans: “China has been stepping up purchases…”
    As was reported, what, a year ago? There is only so much food grown on planet earth. So if China wants to you know, not die, they have to buy some. The End.


    “New York’s MTA Is Losing an Astounding $200 Million Per Week”

    Voluntarily. South Dakota has no deaths and no lockdown. But don’t worry, they will make the people of Flint Michigan pay for it in federal grants. …Right after they pay for the “Urban Renewal” from the fire-sale cities that were bought up by BlackRock after black areas were burned by 70% white BLM members. That’s Capitalism! When the government starts everything, stops everything, decides everything, and pays for everything!

    “’Millions of Americans Will Suffer’ – Janet Yellen Warns of Devastating Fiscal Cliff if Congress Fails to Act”

    See what I mean? All Economic activity comes from Congress, doncha know. All work begins with government and not with us, you know, getting off the couch and fixing something. Yup! People who do nothing but drink and golf are the real economic engine, somehow us folks can’t keep up with their blinding economic help, instead of all of us doing the work that they take in taxes.

    “Totalitarianism is a short term plan, not a long term strategy.” I think our Enlightenment Fathers would say it is “against natural law”, or in the east: against the Tao, the Way. #AntiLogos, which is the Way, the Law, Reality, Physics. Suit yourself.

    Dr D Rich


    madamski cafone


    Antibodies are small enough.

    madamski cafone

    “COVID-19 in South Dakota: 66 new positive cases; Death toll rises to 162; Active cases at 1,513

    Rapid City Journal

    madamski cafone
    Dr D Rich

    Immunoglobulin A


    This is worst than “Laura”
    Photos: China’s Summer of Floods

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