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    John Collier Trucks on highway en route to Utica, New York Oct 1941 • China Stocks Extend Biggest Selloff Since 2008 on Rescue Doubts (Bloomberg) • Be
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    “Beijing’s security forces are transforming China into a place of “fear and panic”, ”

    Malarky. This is primarily being repeated as a part of the current attempt to paint China as evil and the scapegoat for world problems. But wait. I have a twist here.

    It’s the present tense I object to. There has never been a time, as far back as we can see, when China has NOT caused dissidents to disappear, permanently. China is, was, will be- deadly dangerous if you insist on being the nail that sticks up (you will be hammered down). No matter what you are doing, there are higher officials with the power to just get sick of you, and make you vanish. Don’t do that.

    I knew a disappeared person personally. She was a “Communist Princess” – her father one of Mao’s generals. She lived in my home for a full summer; weeded our garden, made potstickers for us, then went back; of course. Normally persons with that much guanxi do not disappear. But she wound up being insulting, on national TV – and was gone, the next day. Not even her father could learn what happened.

    China is China; forget at your peril.


    The nail that sticks up will be hammered down (I was taught that was of Chinese origin, not Japanese) – happens in many ways; and this is not new:

    Dr. Diablo

    Anyone catch the recent debt forgiveness for Ukraine? Oh yes. Instant debt forgiveness for a bankrupt country that already stole the last bailout they got, is at war, and is run by self-proclaimed neo-nazis? No problem! Debt forgiveness for Greece, which was willing to re-tool the debt and still pay a majority of it, was denied the opportunity to reduce their outsized war budget, and is taking the brunt of the war refugees? Fuggeddaboutit. That would be plain crazy.

    There’s so many place Europe is failing, lying, have double standards and corruption that kills people you actually can’t list them all even in a daily news brief. Where will this story end?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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