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    Edward Hopper Chair Car 1965   • Donald Trump Vows To Prosecute Biden If Elected (RT) • Ukraine Warns Of ‘Significant Weapons Shortage’ (RT) • NA
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 7 2023]

    Dr. D

    Russia and Ukraine took different doctrine to drones. Russia took heavy, and Ukraine took cheap and light. That’s dumb, right? Cheaper’s turning out better? First the Russians: Heavy means they are launching from miles behind the line where the Ukies can’t lay a hand on them. They can drink tea and launch from lounge chairs. And then in addition, they can blow up anything they like: any armor, any depots, any command centers at will. Ukie cannot.

    However, Ukrainians have made excellent use of light drones, doing things like dropping a single grenade on a foxhole. How effective that is remains to be seen, as although entertaining, we can’t find and kill each man one by one like an assassination, it takes too long. In addition, Russia has been Raygun on them, capture, then send the same drone back.

    But here’s an example: they have Mockingjay drones, where the drone picks up sounds and relays them. Or the drone waits for motion, then plays a sound programmed into it. So that on command, suddenly a Russian position is surrounded with the sound of (fake) machine guns. Or people. Or whatever you want. Hopefully, they feel the Ukies are behind their own lines and retreat, when there’s really no one at all or just suppressive fire to make the theatre plausible. And they’ve been getting far better at locating Russia’s ammo dumps lately. My assumption was NATO’s now-full help with satellites and every talent we have, no holds barred. Such as the tanker and warship.

    Problem is: immediately Russia will add a personal drone to each soldier as Ukie has, while Ukie cannot add a Lancet per squad.

    Worse, there is reason to suspect that as Russia has bombed all airports, the recent MIG bridge attack was … launched out of Poland. Now that may be Ukie Pilots in Ukie planes. And NATO doesn’t want to admit it, nor Poland so the can’t say NATO attacked first. Russia doesn’t want to say because the Russian people would demand attacking NATO. But it’s a constant slow escalation to WWIII if the Ukie lines don’t break.

    But if the whole Ukie Air Force now lives in Poland for safety, and now runs all missions from there, well….

    “• Donald Trump Vows To Prosecute Biden If Elected (RT)

    You so funny. He promised to prosecute Hillary and did nothing.

    “No, you cannot “win the war” against Russia. Stop pretending. Save lives.”

    Russia did recently remind not to cheer for Ukraine’s offensive. If they win Russia will nuke you in self-defense. But to understand that statement the West would have to be rational.

    Youtube never stops though “It’s Over: Russia is surrounded” Er…you mean one squad somewhere on a 1,000km front? (Yes, this is what they mean). “This is why Putin is Boxed In.” In what way, exactly? He only has 12 time zones of area to maneuver? Plus his GDP and currency is rising while ours keeps falling? Winning the war on Signals.

    “Zelensky Adviser Casts Doubt On Future Relations With Poland (RT)

    I’m hearing as soon as Poland finishes saving Ukraine’s bacon, Ukraine will turn around and invade them. Like usual for Poland.

    The current fall of the greenback comes after the USDX plummeted below its important 100 level in mid-July to a low of 99.47,

    The USDX is the Euro. It’s not a free and honest float of the dollar. So Europe is doing so great that we all want our money there and they’re at 120 again?

    Check the charts on this with Luongo. He’s watching offsides raids that are tamped back down again. For decade? They’re all so rigged it’s a disservice to post them without context. It may be more likely for Powell to raise, crush the debts owed by Emerging Markets (Niger) and cause a dollar shortage/rise like 20 times before (Asian Tigers). But this time they can default/swap their debts to BRICS, leave US$/IMF zone altogether. So it may crash if the dollar RISES, not falls. Be careful.

    “Our politicians will have to wean themselves off from their habitual promises to give everyone everything..”

    All confidence and perception. Government is losing the trust horizon and therefore getting people to buy bonds will drop. (Armstrong) Investors will go Private, which is itself a problem in the 200-year cycle as Private is too high as well. Remember Zimbabwe has the best performing stock market. But doesn’t keep up to commodity inflation.

    MacLeod says you won’t get to a gold standard fast. Or maybe it was Von Greyers. It’s a set of plumbing, a protocol, then a rotation. Do we have that kind of time? Probably not. Yes and no. Yes, it’s just going to run like the tide behind the scenes, but everyone will do something desperate and make it lumpy.

    ““What would European Christians say if a Bible was burned in front of them?”

    They would applaud and think nothing of it. So their reaction is essentially the same.

    “Zuckerberg Tells Musk He’s Ready to Fight ‘Today’ (RT)

    Bum Fights.

    Dr. D
    Formerly T-Bear

    Can anyone tell me why there were no appeals from local courts where election irregularities occurred and the Republican party had a conflict with the results??

    Could it be because none of those local courts with local judges allowed the grievance to be heard, rejecting the allegations outright??

    Where were the appeals from those courts? There are way too many hungry lawyers for this to happen in that space between Mexican Republic and the Canadian autocracy.

    Colour me curious.

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Chair Car 1965

    The woman on the left is looking at the woman on the right…
    What does that signify? That seat car is pretty empty…

    Dr. D

    Yes, it’s toxic. No Judge is going to essentially overturn an election. They’re hired BY a party already, to be cowards. If they touched it, they’d be drummed out, nuked from orbit and they know it. We saw this with “America’s Mayor” Guiliani. He borught lawsuits all over but “We can’t look at the ballots, we can’t look at the machines. We can’t look at the ballots, we can’t look at the machines.” If the machines were illegally erased, which happened all over, it wasn’t followed. If the Supreme Court says the whole election was illegal (PA) it wasn’t followed. If all the cameras went out, the windows were boarded up, and they started re-counting without monitors at 1am, it wasn’t followed. If we have them on camera showing running the same ballots 4x, it wasn’t followed.

    Down that the level as I’ve noted, the Judges said beforehand, “There is no crime yet”. They said afterwards, “There’s no standing.” So you can’t bring a case before, and you can’t bring it after. All over the U.S. Why? They DGAF: they just want this ticking nuclear bomb off their desk and somewhere else.

    Texas brought one, saying if there are voting issues, it therefore affects Texas (obviously) as they would have the wrong President. The US Supreme Court said they have no standing. How could they possibly have no standing? USSC are also cowards and want the bomb off their desk too. They don’t care if the election — any election — is ever fair or not. They don’t care if we got a wrong, or a fascist President. They won’t look at it.

    …Contrast with Bush-Gore where…given NO case, NO standing, NO constitutional authority, they just got up one Monday morning and said “Bush is the winner.” …And when it turns out Gore was the winner, they said he had no standing, we can’t overturn elections.

    What does all of that boil down to? “We Make S–t Up”. There’s no rule of law from sea to sea because we have no INTENT to follow and rule on Justice. Just to “Make S–t Up” whatever is easiest or pays best for them, the Judiciary. And so this time as well.

    Site’s freeking again: 1 comment listed when there are 5, challenges for spammer every post, etc.


    Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. Part 2: What Did The CIA Do in Wuhan?”

    Formerly T-Bear

    Thank you Dr D. Best short essay on High Political Perfidy you have there. Only recourse for voters may be adhering to: Do NOT vote for any incumbent – ever. (or until an honest, public serving politician appears)

    Alexander Carpenter


    John Day

    per Dr D: “However, Ukrainians have made excellent use of light drones, doing things like dropping a single grenade on a foxhole. How effective that is remains to be seen, as although entertaining, we can’t find and kill each man one by one like an assassination, it takes too long. In addition, Russia has been Raygun on them, capture, then send the same drone back.”

    Why not? It takes hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo to kill one man these days. One drone operator killing 2 men per week is “winning”. What if the drones quit needing human operators, like the US just tried out on a Reaper drone, guided by AI?
    Terminator… Success… “Billions and billions”… Final Solution…


    I wonder what Maduro has to say about the burning of churches and the killings of Christian priests that are happening in many European countries.


    What if it was declared that all bets on bets (the derivatives markets) were null and void?


    Everyday in all the world our smarts are being tested.
    Can you make decisions that are sensible and sound?
    The ones who blindly follow are the ones who will be bested-
    Left behind in wooden boxes nesting underground.


    Selective memories.
    I remember it well.

    If Trump is indicted for questioning the 2020 election results, should all these people be indicted as well? ( for questioning the 2016 election results)
    Memory wipe. Since 2014.
    • NATO Instructors Trained Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Soldiers in 2021 (Sp.)

    • Zelensky Adviser Casts Doubt On Future Relations With Poland (RT)

    Poland and other Eastern European nations endured mass protests by farmers, who called for an embargo on cheaper Ukrainian produce, which had damaged local markets.

    The situation was temporarily defused by Brussels, which introduced ‘temporary restrictions’ on Ukrainian exports in May in order to protect farmers in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria.
    “A cage match”
    “The Zuck v Musk fight”
    Cinema Modeoff
    The Big Bang Theory – Raj and Howard Wrestle


    “Did the Russians really have a choice? Or were they forced to invade?”

    Merkel and Hollande have admitted that they only signed the Minsk accord to give time for 600,000 Ukrainian troops to be recruited, trained and armed. They thought this would be enough to take on Russia. It shows that it was always the intention of the West to have a war between Ukraine and Russia and NOT to bring peace to the Donbas.

    Before Russia invaded the Ukrainian army had built up a force of 150,000 troops on the borders of the Donbas. The fear in Russia was that they would invade the Donbas in a bout of ethnic cleansing much like Georgia tried in South Ossetia.

    I think the final straw was when Zelensky threatened to create nuclear weapons, and they had the means to do so [at the time].

    After Russia invaded [as planned by the West] the idea was that sanctions would destroy the Russian economy, Putin would be deposed, and the US could install a puppet like Yeltsin who would be willing to sell Russian resources cheaply [estimated at over 81 trillion dollars!]

    It did not go to plan.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke latest:

    The indictment is to be heard in the District of Columbia which is notoriously politicised, and unlikely to empanel anything but a wholly hostile jury (the saying in DC is that the Justice Dept could convict a hamburger with a DC jury).

    The Great Unravelling: ‘For All That Is Ours, We Must Fight’

    … anyway, on schedule, the book is here: “The Fourth Turning Is Here”

    Also, a very long interview with the author Neil Howe:


    Dr D Rich

    At Dr. D: “”There is no crime yet”. They said afterwards, “There’s no standing.” So you can’t bring a case before, and you can’t bring it after.””

    The word the judge or attorney will throw at you is “ripe”. As in the grievance or action before the court is not “ripe” yet.
    Frankly it’s a matter of the judge’s taste, deliberate ignorance or fiat.
    Oh, it’s meant to be violence where the claimant or victim wants to claw their eyes out at the mention of “ripe”, but “ripe”ness is certainly the way to reverse victim and offender the way sociopaths do reflexively. The judge simply applies their imprimatur and all ends well until the fruit “ripe”ns.


    Read this guy!




    Following the Covid Plandemic News


    I just watched my dog chase his tail for ten minutes.

    And I thought to myself, wow, dogs are so easily entertained and distracted.

    Then I realized that I had just watched my dog chase his tail for ten minutes


    What’s that industrial aroma?

    Ukrainian Armor Smoking on the Zaporozhye Front


    The Ukronazis in 2 MONTHS have not even advanced to the FIRST line of Russian defense

    There are three full lines of major Russian defenses and Nazilensky’s ‘army’ has not even seen ithe first one yet.

    The Russians have fought every single Ukronazi ‘advance’ to a stand still, OUT IN FRONT of their first line of defense.

    In the Gray Zone Crush Zone (GZCZ)

    And they have sustained 43,000 KIA

    So what to do?

    Pretend months and months and months of “Counter Offensive Story Lies” were, well, not really there.

    Pretend it’s a “Stalemate” instead of a colossal staggering defeat and spin the lie that NATO=NAZI gave them all these weapons and that the Ukro-tards were just to stupid to use them properly.

    White House Spokeman Tommy Flanagan:

    Yeh, that’s the ticket!





    Republican frontrunner Donald Trump told an audience in Alabama on Friday that he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate potential illegality perpetrated by the “Biden crime family” on his first day in office if he reclaims the White House in 2024.

    Drain the swamp part two? Don’t believe it. He never even looked at HRC or Hunter Biden when he had the chance, let alone the swamp. Now he is going to change and become a doer rather than a talker? The only reason to vote Trump is to piss off the Democrats, and that is one hell of a good reason.


    On a lighter note of Duh‘merican trans-whatever madness





    Truly, truly, inspirational

    I’m dabbing tears from my eyes



    Its 1 big jewfreakshow, like the circus. Mistreated and beaten tigers and elephants, Child molesting clowns. Overpriced tickets, food and beer. A bombastic, full of shit, loud as hell MC. And a general sense of depression and sadness in the air.


    Duh’merica’s Bullet Train rail system

    Eat your heart out China!



    I think you have forgotten that Trump did not have any control of the DoJ nor FBI. The entire time Trump was in office, from before he was sworn into office, the DoJ and FBI were constantly trying to impeach Trump. Remember they even tried to block Trump from being sworn in!

    Remember traitor Jeff Sessions immediately recusing himself making way for Muellar then Bill Barr? Mitch McConnel was the one who caused all of this to happen. Mitch simply refused to confirm any of Trump’s cabinet nomonanees. Basically Mitch gave Trump a list of 2 uniparty nomonanees for each cabinet position and told Trump to pick 1 of the 2. Those were Trumps only choices.

    So Trump’s entire cabinet was made up of uniparty loyalists who collectively opposed everything Trump tried to do. I am surprised by how much Trump got done despite his own cabinet opposing him every step of the way!

    Remember trying to build the wall? Mitch opposed Trump for 4 years. Some wall still got built!

    So you should put the blame rightfully where it really belongs, with Mitch McConnell and the uniparty.


    Recent job posting in Seattle-

    We like to think of ourselves as a true tiki garden bar & cocktail lounge. With carefully crafted botanical and tropical cocktails, and Hawaiian themed small plates, we put a huge emphasis on a safe and happy working environment, with special care for each other and our guests.

    We are a woman/Hawaiian/Jewish/Queer owned small business, that takes pride and love in our community and space, and want to find an amazing fit for our already fantastic team.
    We are a safe place : Hawaiian & Pacific Islander, LGBQT+, BIPOC, non-binary and women identifying peeps are strongly encouraged to apply for this position.

    MOST importantly you MUST be self disciplined, self motivated, organized and flexible, with a BADASS-CAN-DO-POSITIVE attitude. NO BAD VIBES PEOPLE!

    Please write a brief explanation telling us why YOU would be a perfect fit for our awesome crew at Little Tin AND your favorite cocktail to drink and why, or a wild card fun fact about you …

    No idea wtf bipoc is?

    Why does being woman owned, queer owned, jew owned virtue signalling insanity… never mind.

    Modern woke Liberals are sexist, racist, prejudiced hypocritical scum. Being surrounded and immersed in this cultural insanity is an interesting experience…. Collective insanity…edging towards implosion.


    I just watched my dog chase his tail for ten minutes.
    And I thought to myself, wow, dogs are so easily entertained and distracted.
    Then I realized that I had just watched my dog chase his tail for ten minutes

    Ha ! That’s pretty damn funny. At least you’re a keen observer and aware with a sense of humor.
    Keep on Truckin…

    John Day

    BIPOC (I looked up) = Black Indigenous People Of Color
    (I DO believe in fairies, I Do believe in fairies, I Do ..)

    Veracious Poet

    Today’s musing…

    Go woke, go broke!

    Except, that’s not exactly how it works for the UniParty GlobalCap Empire propaganda “intelligencia” apparatus, which includes a wide swath of PMC wokespeak actors, including:

    As Fox Points out, all of these smug scolds have lost huge parts of their audience.

    Since 2018, Colbert dropped from three million viewers to 2.1 million–and he’s the top guy. Fallon collapsed from 2.3 million to 1.3 million. Kimmel collapsed from two million to 1.5 million. Seth Meyers attracts only 778,000 viewers. The Daily Show is hardly a blip, with just 366,000 viewers.

    As I laid out here, it is the affirmative action of pay TV that keeps this low-rated, leftist garbage on the air, but those days are coming to an end.

    Does anyone believe Colbert or Jimmy or Jimmy or Seth or those losers over at the Daily Show could survive on ad revenue alone, on merit?

    Johnny Carson used to pull in upwards of nine million viewers. He had to survive on merit. And on free streaming outlets like Pluto, his reruns still survive on merit, which is ad revenue.

    Recently we switched Internet/Phone services to one, very cheap, alternative ~ When I checked basic streaming TV, it was only $25 a month to add, but the mandatory *taxes* almost doubled the price ($22) ~ Even my hopelessly optimistic wife realized what a scam it was & unhappily agreed we shouldn’t volunteer to underwrite parasitical charlatans, frauds, freeloaders et al. 😐

    This, along with uncountable/unknowable other methods of public *looting* mechanisms (instilled by the UniParty GlobalCap Empire apparatus for decades), is *how* the edicts of the clearly *insane* continue to persuade, harass, intimidate, debase, undermine morals/ethics et al. in an now all out obsession with committing menticide and/or genocide against We The People.

    There is no *popular* support for the mind-f@c!ery, no real reality economic funding, short of .gov tyrannical redistribution of wealth, creating an illusion of totalitarian power…

    Unfortunately, as I have noted for 30+ years, a combo of disunity, ignorance, cowardice & apathy disables We The People from outright rejecting the nonstop toxic sludge heaped upon them & their children, which would have been as simple as Make America Great Again! by voting out the (D) & (R) UniParty mongrels, but alas gen pop couldn’t help *themselves* 🙄

    The average “American” 30+ years ago, left to their own devices, just wants to be comfortable, happy, fruitful & multiply (although too many trusted/worshipped Big Brotha Empire to do the *right* things), but now the combo of indoctrination, cognitive dissonance, proselytization into religion(s) of lie & hates have divided & *conquered* the majority…

    Perhaps there’s still *hope* for a revolt based upon Spiritual Sanity, rejecting all of the madness shoveled upon Us from above, but it’s really hard to see that happening, from my perspective 😐

    Especially when the feral parasitic mind-control apparatus arrayed against “humanity” has a fire hose of *funding* that is transparently (to gen pop) interminable…

    How much, thus far, has UniParty GlobalCap Empire looted for Zstinky & Ukraine?

    Got solutions?

    All the best,



    @Veracious Poet wrote:

    “Got solutions?”

    Imagine all the immense monkey brain power on this site channeled to something creative instead of the endless collapsing of the wave function observations, which equates to just mental masturbation so much of the time, endless reposting of information(bordering on plagiarism !) that is readily available to anyone with a brain cell……. Just imagine. I can dream, sigh.

    Veracious Poet



    Are we experiencing the fourth incarnation of Siva?

    As long as it’s you and not me,
    I consider myself to be free.
    As long as they target just one-
    The rest of us still can have fun.

    So let’s heave a toast out our asses
    Hear, hear! to the predator classes.

    (just in case- that’s bitter sarcasm.)


    Yep, curiosity got the better of me- Liberal Cult Overlords preach

    Don’t do your own research….

    But the rebel in me just could not resist my innate biological interest in the world of Adventurous Spirited Inquiry.

    So they can’t define a Woman- how do they define brown and indigenous? Indigenous to my plot of dirt in my hood? Define Nation or Nationalism… Can they define dumbfuckery?
    Spell check can’t define BIPOC

    The only BIPOC burlesque fest in the Pacific Northwest returns. August 2023

    What the Funk?! isn’t just a burlesque festival. It isn’t just a funk music revue. And it isn’t just a reclamation of the beauty found in BIPOC bodies. It is a blending of music and melanin that pays tribute to the Black American music genre of funk while simultaneously showcasing the artistry of burlesque performers of color. What the Funk?! An All POC Burlesque Festival returns for its fourth year at The Triple Door Aug. 24–26, 2023.

    So melanin, black and brown eh? No yellows, reds or whiteys huh?
    (Pssst, and I thought Red skins were indigenous) Proof –

    It is Black joy in music form. It has been protest music, baby-making music, the soundtrack to many a cookout, and so much more.

    Baby making for trans with no balls? I’m confused.

    “Every time that I get to step onstage, I’m challenging societal standards of what it is to be Black, of what it is to be a Black man, of masculinity/femininity and of the influence that presenting my version of those things have on my audience. That in and of itself is an automatic statement of power, of self-love and acceptance.”

    “[Burlesque] is a space where I don’t have to adhere to the tropes of Black masculinity as they play out on screen, in scripts and traditional stages,” Night said. “A space where I can write my own multilayered story of who I am fully.”

    “This idea was born from what I call oppressed pettiness. …

    Well then, I’m going to put my cowardice to courage rants into action and get ON this brown gravy train of self righteousness to self empowering virtue signalling. As a marginalized white man of no color-
    I hear by declare myself as a brown lesbian handicapped piggy of contempt. BLHPOC

    Brown Indigenous Piggies of Cock Unite ! Raises hoof high.


    Liberals are marginalized non indigenous people of no color destroying their non culture…

    What the Funk?! Showcases Black and Brown Joy Through Funk Music at the Triple Door

    Culturally safe and effective for city faggots and retards. Doo Dah, Doo Dah.

    Cows of color will be outraged

    John Day

    Our friendly Sikh shopkeeper gets hassled by the pigs.
    Police Investigating Shop Owner Who Took Down Armed Thief With A Stick

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