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    The World is approaching a point of concluding that a Western Reformation is no longer possible. Predatory capitalism is so intent on doing anything to make a buck it kills people. Reality and corporate/state propaganda are so now detached that it duplicates the 20th century when the big lies brought down the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. “The glorious victories keep coming closer to Berlin”.

    If the simple message that is the whole basis on how to fight COVID19 is questioned, the whole facade breaks down. “mRMA Vaccines are safe and effective.” First, the definition of “vaccines” was changed to include hijacking human cellular protein synthesis to produce sufficient artificial Wuhan coronavirus spike protein in the body to induce immunity to the coronavirus.

    Dissidents, Dr. Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch, linked here today and yesterday, point out that recent data from Denmark indicates that like HIV, mRNA injections so damage the immune system that two shot vaccinated are significant more susceptible to the Omicron variant than the unvaccinated. The only way for the vaxxed to regain immunity is with a booster shot. However, boosters are identical to the earlier jabs and will fade away. To regain immunity again the vaccinated will need more injections and likely side-effects.

    There is no way out. More mutated coronavirus variants will fly by jet across the world. Only nations that regain sovereignty over multinational corporations and restore functional governments can rebuild their Public Health Systems to work. This is the only way to successfully fight the coronavirus pandemic just like China, Taiwan and Japan are doing right now.

    those darned kids

    The study, published Friday in the journal Annals of Oncology, found that cancer patients had a 13 per cent mortality rate if they suffered a breakthrough infection.

    what exactly ZERO of the articles citing this study mention is that 10% of the unvaccinated died.

    additionally, 19% of vaccinated cancer patients were admitted to icu, whilst only 13% of the unvaccinated were.

    Veracious Poet

    Remember, this murdering psycho is STILL allowed to wield POWER-for-PROFIT over the lives of hundreds of millions…

    Truth is now officially stranger than fiction 😐

    I’m afraid that FauciStein may be a harbinger of much worse to come…

    D Benton Smith

    So it seems that Canada ( Hi there Trudy , baby ! You uselessy effete quasi-decorative department store gender neutral clothing department mannequin) has spent the last couple of years tracking every single cell phone in the whole damned country. Which accomplished pretty much fuck all except an overwhelmingly ordinary sort of run-of-the-mill dystopia whose only real distinction was it’s utter lack of anything that might set it apart from any of the other covid dystopias. Even itsy bitsy New Zealand showed more entertaining originality in its attempted evilness. Canada might as well have been hibernating.

    And the moral of that story is that all of the information in the world, and the mightiest AI algos, are pretty much a waste of time when there is no consciously aware human mind making useful sense or use of it. In other words, even the most pervasive surveilance and powerful AI’s make LOUSY tyranical dictators. Apparently even evil requires a certain amount of self aware concscioussness and creative thinking. Otherwise it just runs like an old refrigerator full of old Holiday feast leftovers. . . slower and ever-less-efficiently until it just stops from lack of maintenance or interest.

    You can imagine what the contents of the fridge look like by that time.

    John Day

    Thanks for the Tony Joe White Boscohorowitz/Robin.
    I am really pondering what I have to show as an escape-alternative to everything upon-which-I-depend…
    Can I do a prep. to help everybody? That’s what seems to be necessary in the face of profiting-by-assuring-ultimate-systemic-collapse.
    @VP Gary, what locations meet your criteria?
    “I have a lot of prep to do before we can live off-the-grid, starting with locating to a less populated region with local food production, energy, water & less woke proglodytes”
    Charles Hugh Smith points out that the locals know where the bunkers are, and consider them to be something like canned-goods. I think a smallish town with remaining infrastructure (railway, grocery, hardware, some industry) is more like a small mixed-farm which served humans well in the past. That set is part of how I found Yoakum, Texas.
    You should establish locally as soon as possible, and prepare and tend a large vegetable garden. Fruit trees will take 5 years or more to produce. What about water and weather? You should consider living when the grid is down, I think.
    It’s a lot. What happens to money and economy when the utilities don’t work?

    Like an alcoholic I must admit that I am dependent upon the big-assed-economy all working every day. I am ashamed, but I can only admit it as painfully obvious, the more I prep for it’s inevitable failure.

    Oxymoron said: “I’m pretty sure back up arrangements have not been made. I think we are entering an era, that although short will involve GREAT hardships and austerity.”

    “Short”, compared to what, my friend? I’m thinking a dozen years is optimistic, and assumes avoidance of WW-3.
    How do “we”, any functional group get through the annihilation of global economy?
    How can “political economy” be created, with investment and risk taking by all participants, when the current winning strategy is to dump all risk onto the collective economic system, in order to grab some quick personal profit? Everybody is anonymous. The corporations did it… Everybody offloads risk and responsibility and liability for any and all actions. “I’m just holding some shares of stock”. What is “local food sufficiency”? I have not seen it since Jenny and I trekked in the Himalayas in 1988, and it was lentils and rice, and we foreigners all lost weight on it. A fried egg was special. I had a water filter, and was meticulous in using it properly, only drank “our” water. I also had Giardiasis from some undercooked food.
    I don’t intend to whine, and I do not mean to pick on anybody, but assuming there will be a working economy for us seems unreasonably optimistic, and imagining that we could survive a year without one seems “daft”, for want of a better word.
    Most people assume somebody else has the answer, and a few of us who try to work the problem realize that it can only be “worked” by large groups over a long time, and the current solution-set is approaching a dead end.
    I think this “era of great hardships and austerity” might be “short” if one dies expeditiously. It might last as long as anyone lives. I am seriously afreaid that the people making the important economic decisions, upon which our survival depends, are possessed of the happy delision that they actually ARE immune from the consequences of their selfish actions, which assure the demise of the system, which is based upon trusting other parties to honor their commitments.

    those darned kids

    dr. byram bridle destroys antigen tests, pcr tests, masking, and vaccines for kids:

    get you frustrators ready!



    The beer smell/taste test to see if you have covid, only works if you drink a Heineken!

    Heineken was a mainstay during my 1983 working vacation in Siberia! The Goode olde days!

    Veracious Poet

    Today’s LA Slimes CULT disinfo:

    California officials concerned after jump in child COVID hospitalizations in N.Y.

    A jump in child COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York is being seen as a warning to get more children vaccinated in California and elsewhere as the Omicron variant continues to surge.

    The Omicron wave hit New York before California, where cases have been spiking in the last week. California officials said they are monitoring the rise in child hospitalizations.


    Dr. John Day:

    In my humble opinion, none of us can survive in isolation. For better or worst we depend upon others whether we like it or not.

    If you choose the isolated existence, then you trade comfort and convenience for a much more physically demanding and time consuming life. Simple things like growing food and finding sources of energy (heat) soon occupy nearly 100% of your time and energy leaving time and energy for nothing else.

    I saw my share of such basic existence in Africa. Their big advantage was a warm year round climate offset by wet and dry seasons. They grew their own food at the start of the rainy season. They didn’t need our big caves nor energy to stay warm. Every kid had a sling shot in his back pocket! If it moved, they shot it! I never saw any big game animals! Not one! A lion would have starved to death! The biggest game I saw was a wild turkey followed by a water rat they would hold up to see if we wanted to buy it! We did willingly buy frog legs when offered! They had free range chickens too. Our waiter used to ask us if we wanted a half or whole chicken? Our joke was it didn’t matter, as they was no meat on either half! Ah yes barn yard flavored chicken! Their lives were quite simple compared to ours. No electricity.

    An extreme was (southern) Siberia. Despite communism, many people had to build their own wooden houses. It was not unusual for opposite corners of these self built houses to be up or down 3 feet from each other! Lot sizes were roughly 100′ x 100′. So the houses tended to be small thus requiring less energy to heat while allowing the maximum space for a garden. Every one had a small wooden shed in a corner for a 4 legged food composter (young pig). They would start plants in late spring (April/May) in any south facing windows. In early June they would transfer these plants into temporary cold frames. Once summer came they spent all their spare time working in their gardens both mornings (before and after work) and evenings. By September, summer growing season was over. Obviously not an easy life despite having electricity.


    V. P.:

    California wants to duplicate N.Y.’s child covid cases!
    The only way to do that is to vaccinate more children!


    …. where the back-up arrangements are located……
    Came back to a cold house Power went off …. I started my buddy heater …. off-grid but still using modern energy – propane.
    Temp -11C and windy
    Wood stove at my son. Cut with a chain saw this fall. Had electricity and modern services.
    Good thing that the skilled people were out there restoring the grid.
    Time to go to a warm bed.
    Good night all.


    @ Dr D
    <<Capitalism is ‘voluntary cooperation”, >>

    Only in your dreams.

    In my life, capitalism is something that dogs my steps and tries to suck the life out of me. It is those who have power rigging the system against thos3 who don’t have power.

    May I make a suggestion? I am happy to use a word other than “socialism,” which has been tainted by all those who somehow thought that it’s ideals needed to be married to authoritarianism. Can we throw out “capitalism” as well, and instead focus on what we can agree upon — such as local economies, lacking in coercion (other than the coercion of the elements and need for food and resources, which are givens,) mindful of our resources, and respect for the natural world?

    When I dream of something better…capitalism just isn’t it. Capitalism had a good run. Time to move on.

    “Voluntary cooperation” is as good a starting place as any other — that is something that we can agree upon.

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