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    Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Allegory of the Planets and Continents 1752   • Christmas Sounds A Clanging Chime Of Doom (Stewart Lee) • Cryptocurrenc
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    Merry Xmas!

    Peace on earth.

    Huggs and kisses ( if its still allowed.)

    V. Arnold

    It’s interesting to watch the crypto-craze; it kinda reflects the U.S. society; at least those not nodding out in their opioid dreams; pain temporarily at bay…
    My only question is; will we survive 2018?
    It’s looking less certain at every turn…
    The coming fiat, “new year”; will be a trial at best, survived by paying attention to the micro; very telling in the long run.
    Best to all…

    Dr. D

    Reading this weekend, I’m lost: dozens of commenters come out for the 100th time saying Bitcoin is dead. Are they looking at a different chart than me? In Bitcoin terms, this isn’t even a correction. This is barely the minimum, maybe not even that. We fell to prices seen December 10th and bounced healthily in hours. A healthy drop would be to $5,000, and that’s only October 11th.

    Volatile because we can’t determine the value? Fair enough. But prices are always in relation to what? All prices have two parts. Like the fish in water, they forgot that the comparison inherent in prices is the US$, Yuan, Euro, whatever. And in a world where all nations are issuing debt then printing currency to pay the debt, there is also no inherent value and no way to measure the value. I’m not saying that’s good, I’m just saying it’s not unique to Bitcoin. You can’t measure Bitcoin because you can’t measure the US$. With what? A 2% Treasury rate that’s probably 4% under inflation from a nation that mathematically must default? How do those words come out of their mouth? And China’s debt, currency, shadow printing, insider bailouts, central control, where did they learn that but from us? They print money from nothing and buy real world assets, and they’re worrying about the “debt” that causes. Are you kidding? They just printed money, offered nothing, and now own assets worldwide. How can owning something from nothing possibly be bad? And if corruption is so worldwide that no one will stop them are we only mad because they do it too and miss the beam in our own eye?

    I’m curious how animals cause global warming. They do know that the carbon animals emit is first consumed by them, right? Cows don’t eat oil. What I find more fascinating is the presumption that everything causes warming, so we no longer need to refer to science and explain it to the readers. The population has already so caved to the weight of the relentless assault that if we told them breathing caused AGW, they’d believe it and pay a breathing tax. Oh wait: they have. But animals, mystery. Should we kill the giraffes and rhino too to get the drop on these naughty creatures and save the ecosystem?

    We’re much too big on ourselves. The planet will shake humans off and leave a 2mm layer we ever existed. The planet doesn’t need us; it will win, and the bigger we are the sooner that happens. What we really care about, what we’re really saving is ourselves. All these sanctimonious writers are giant egoists, and ultimately only care about me, me, me. If they really only care about their own, human survival, I can understand it, but they need to go about it differently. Just say it: “I believe I’m not really part of the ecosystem because I’m far superior; and because my life is empty, I’m afraid to die.” That’s a very different issue and root to all this yammering, generously, heartily oppressing everyone for their own, for the planet’s (actually, their personal, egotistical) good. But if you solve that problem, the environment will solve itself because they won’t always need more money, more stuff, more murder, more control.

    “The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.” –Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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