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    Paul Gauguin Landscape with black pigs and a crouching Tahitian 1891   • Musk Says Fauci Lied, People Died (RT) • Zelensky Was Ready For Neutrali
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    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that he was disappointed by Merkel’s remarks that “nobody intended to fulfill any part of the Minsk agreements.”

    Merkel’s statement was a propaganda coup for Putin, she admitted what he has been saying all along. She is obviously very pro-Russian which may be why she had to leave the stage before the Ukraine war.

    V. Arnold

    Very annoyed; WTF does that mean???
    Stop with the god damned acronyms damnit!!!!
    Some of us don’t hang out with the cool people……


    The Vaxxed Are Seriously Fucked I believe V.


    I watched this today – really good to see his work discussed.

    Bob Moran Maajid Nawaaz

    V. Arnold

    The Vaxxed Are Seriously Fucked I believe V.

    Thank you…likely correct…


    Merkle being pro-Russian? I’m not sure about that one. When it comes to German/European politicians, the question isn’t how pro-Russian they are, it’s how anti-German and anti-European they are. Merkle drowned her country in refugees, setting the stage for a nice, little race war. Calling Charles Martel!

    Merkle’s actions reflect on how infantile our political class really is. I’d say she was simply bragging about how she suckered Putin. “Look at how clever I am! Hooray for me!”

    There’s also the narcissist thing: Merkle Who? She must be wilting away having been out of the spotlight for so long. “Let’s say something to get all the attention back on me again”

    Dr. D


    Here’s a better way to put it: In his deposition “Fauci says “I don’t recall” 174 times, roughly once every 2.5 minutes.”

    He’s 80, I guess he forgets a lot?

    I didn’t forget him, though. Never forget.

    NASA Chief:

    Also seems to forget a lot. Or likes to promote weird conspiracy theories with major press releases. We’ve BEEN to the moon. A lifetime ago. Haven’t we? Do you need to tell us something?

    “Boris Johnson Pens Op-Ed Urging US to Give Warplanes, Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine”

    I’ll sit here on my retirement estate and give 5-figure speeches while y’all pay for that.

    Joke’s on him! If we gave them F-35s they’d lose twice as fast! I hear the wheels can’t stay on our B2 bomber either! Yet another one fell off the runway. Twice this month. Don’t worry it’s the Soviets that have crap gear. Corrupt manufacturers. And the Soviets haven’t existed in a lifetime.

    “The ‘lab leak’ theory – that the coronavirus leaked from a Chinese lab – was popularized by former US President Donald Trump,”

    Huh? EVERYONE knew this. Trump if anything was way BEHIND. Nice making up reality any way you feel like, just ‘cause that suits the argument in my mouth right now. Worse, the next two sentences are also true, but also false. Yes, those events happened, but it’s like saying “After Kennedy went to the moon we started the Star Wars program.” Those two events DID happen. And in that order. But are not related and in fact are attached to different stories. This is becoming one of the most common lies right now.

    …It’s tough, I mean, I do sympathize. When every word of every American HAS to be a lie, it becomes difficult to find new ways to tell lies. You have to get creative. America is the world leader in lies and lie technology right now. I mean, We’re #1.

    (Irony being that site is not American. And has no byline so the writer can hide.)

    “a potential deal that would have seen Kiev renounce its ambition to join NATO and agree to neutrality, in exchange for Russia’s withdrawal to pre-February battle lines.”

    That seems incredibly unlikely. Once Russia crossed, they would have to get paid for the invasion. They’re not going to give up 4 Oblasts, and certainly not Donetsk because Ukraine, France and Germany already demonstrated they would shell until the last Donetsk child was dead.

    …We know this because Russia isn’t in the city, and Ukraine is shelling Donetsk civilians, markets, for no military reason. Now just as before the war. No one reports because it’s the same and not news: Ukraine gets up in the morning, shells children in civilian markets. Donetsk continues their day and goes to bed where they wake up to be shelled again. There are quite a variety of reporters who cover it. The children are Russian, so “It’s worth it.”

    Anyway, the idea that after eight years Russia would just fall back and let this go on for 80 more is a fantasy.

    You know who WAS ready to sue for peace in March? Henry Kissinger. The greatest warmonger of our generation. But he’s a pot-smoking peacenik to them. They only have one play in the book: kill people and double down. Since they’re not a democracy and Ze is not running anything, this is easy. Clearly it’s being run out of London, or Boris wouldn’t have to visit: Kolomoisky would just call Ze himself.

    “ According to the Bill of Rights, it is illegal for agents of the US government to obstruct the free speech of law abiding American citizens.”

    We wouldn’t want to miss that Obama and his Congress passed a law in like 2010 making it legal to force propaganda on the American People. Of course they were doing that before it was legal, but still easy to see how supercharged it became after, with CIA agents as News Anchors, and other FBI/DHS criminals as their guests and advisors. It allowed them to directly target the few remaining journalists approaching the truth, and take them out. Some are in Brazil, some had car crashes, some in jail.

    “Dupe or Designated Defendant? The Criminal Case against Jack Dorsey (Turley)”

    This is interesting. I’m willing to let Dorsey serve the sentence for open perjury. I mean, of course: it’s a crime. We don’t play favorites, sorry. Maybe he knows this which is why he looks mostly unhappy all the time. However, clearly his whole life has been applied to wresting his ill-fated and somewhat unintentional company back out of the hands of the treasonous few and that was damn hard. So serve whatever it is: 30, 60, 200 days because we can’t have that sort of thing. And he can mostly get his reputation back when he tells the truth about how it all happened, because I really doubt it’s him.

    So the key point in my opinion is to make CERTAIN he is not the fall guy as has been arranged by the real criminals. Sure Dorsey should serve 200 days but I refuse to stamp it until all the other guys are jailed first.

    “4 Minutes of Undiluted Truth on Mainstream TV (Mike Whitney)”

    Yes we are at that point. 4 minutes of normal, average truth on TV is front page news. And it should be.

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – CIA Director Casey.

    “Western sanctions imposed on Moscow have failed to make a dent in Russia’s economy and ultimately only hurt Europeans, former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache said on Saturday. …turning a blind eye to the deadly fighting in Donbass, …served as a prelude to the current conflict for many years. … the restrictions had turned out to be a self-inflicted wound. “Austria has shown Europe how the sanctions are damaging itself,” …soaring electricity and gas prices, with more and more people feeling the impact.

    “If it goes on like this, next year in March and April we will face mass insolvencies and bankruptcies,”

    Speaking of the shock of 4 minutes of truth being spoken anywhere, for any reason.

    “Oil markets are global. The yuan is not a global currency. And China won’t make it one.”

    Certainly. And if they were then they would be destroyed by Triffin’s Paradox like we were, and Britain before us. China is not as retarded as we are. But the real story is that Xi visits MbS personally. During a war. They are NOT going to use dollars, whatever they may use, and that’s both the real story, and an act of war.

    “FBI Reveals It Has More Information on Deceased DNC Staffer Seth Rich (ET)”

    Hold the phone! You mean he WASN’T mugged a day after the DNC leak only he could have done, by a robber who didn’t take anything? Who knew? Like the D.C. bomber they started looking after a year or two. Or maybe never, who knows?

    “Maybe the men who’ll dig the coal should be forced alongside the likes of ISIS to account for their genocidal behaviour.”

    Yes, this is where words have meanings. And consequences. That’s why lying is bad, m-kay. The irony going around right now is that mining all the lithium on planet earth, leveling every mountain to remove direct, persisting human poison – and fire hazard – is NOT a crime against humanity. Leveling those mountains is GOOD, and we kill whoever we must to open THOSE mines. …If you had any doubts about the ability of humans to justify anything, any behavior, no matter how appalling or ridiculous.

    It might be different if lithium worked or Green Energy actually produced net power over pollution costs. Cows bad, casting concrete in rich fields for solar pillars = good. Grass = NOT ecological. Mines = Ecological.

    Such hyperbole is a direct attack on REAL violence, REAL genocide and real victims.

    I still don’t know where the focus on nitrogen came from.”

    Oh! I know! It comes from his brother wanting to steal $1.5 Billion in prime beachfront condo properties surrounding Amsterdam! Does that help?

    …And all we have to do is kill everyone in Europe with starvation. Is that really too much to ask?

    “Viktor Bout gives his first interview since being released, in which he expressed his empathy for the United States.”

    As one ruthless, world-class arms dealer to another.

    …Another pivot point for change this week, but the last two were disappointing. Even FTX which was the biggest deal since “Let’s Go Brandon” is going nowhere.

    D Benton Smith

    Anyone who thinks Anthony Fauci, personally, had the “juice” to place himself next to Trump and at the apex of the mass murder Covid/Vax event probably also believes that Zelenski runs Ukraine and Joe Biden runs America.

    D Benton Smith

    Think of the world, modern day civilization as a whole, as an essentially feudal system and you won’t be too far from the mark. Within that hierarchical system of functionaries people like Biden, Zelenski and Fauci are distractions to draw the eyes of the public away from the king makers who appoint or allow the Zelenskis and Fauci’s and Bidens to hold those positions as functioning decoys. Think of the king makers as Dukes, Boyars or Board Directors, of which there is always a Chairman of the Board, Royal Duke or leading Boyar.
    The reign of Ivan The Terrible is an excellent encapsulated example of how it all works & how it falls down.
    Hey, it’s great news that Fauci is getting thrown to the wolves by his bosses, with Zelenski, Dorsey and Clintons soon to follow. But don’t think for a minute that they are themselves very important at all. They aren’t. It ain’t even close to over until the Capos and Capo di Tutti Capo are OPENLY defending their own turf in their own name, with no more ventriloquist dummy “leaders” standing between them and an outraged population.

    D Benton Smith

    If I was negotiating the prisoner Whelan-Griner-Bout prisoner swap deal for the Russian side I would have made the following offer to the United States:

    If you give us Viktor Bout we will give you your choice from the following menu of choices:

    Choice #1 : You can have Griner alone, but not Whelan.

    Choice #2: You can have Whelan alone, but not Griner

    Choice #3: You can have BOTH Griner AND Whelan, IF you publicly and officially admit in writing that Whelan is indeed a spy working under the command of U.S. Intelligence.


    I do enjoy daily dose of “animal world” at the end.
    Well needed after the onslaught of the grim list depicting what we are capable of.


    The devil made me do it

    “…. towards the end of March, Mr. Zelensky said ‘well, we could live with neutrality,’ (Peace)”
    “…. there is little doubt it is also happening at companies like Google/YouTube, Apple, Facebook, etc. Before we had evidence, now we have confirmation.”

    • Musk Says Fauci Lied, People Died (RT)
    • Zelensky Was Ready For Neutrality In March – Col. Macgregor (RT)
    • Twitter Files: Corporate Media Ignores The Biggest Story Of The Decade (ZH)

    (MSM is still shunning the truth)
    A loyal citizen does not listen to FOX NEWS

    Yin and yang is a Chinese philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces.

    Oil markets are global. The yuan is not a global currency. And China won’t make it one.

    • China Wants To Drop Dollar In Oil Trade – Reuters (RT)
    “43% of EU inflation is related to energy prices, while only 17% of US inflation is due to energy prices..”

    • Western Price Cap Disrupting Global Oil Markets – Economist (RT)

    Its not my fault. Blame Russia
    • Sanctions On Russia Are Backfiring – Former Austrian Vice-Chancellor (RT)
    For MSM – Death is not news – The Vaxxed Are Seriously Fucked – TVASF


    I too am very confused as the why we are in a space race to the moon, a place we have gone to so many time so long ago.

    I guess it’s like the question of how large buildings just fall down. Or perfectly healthy people just drop dead. I’m clearly too stupid to understand.


    Replacement/Employment opportunity/elite specialists military operator/trainers/mechanics

    In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, 343 aircraft, 183 helicopters, 2653 unmanned aerial vehicles, 396 anti-aircraft missile systems, 7076 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 928 combat vehicles of multiple launch rocket systems, 3678 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 7568 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed.


    More Employment opportunity for electrical specialists
    Another Consequence of Systematic Fire Attacks on Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure⚡️
    🔥 Another power transformer burned down in #Kiev. Apparently, there was a switching overvoltage in the device.

    It happened due to the release of overvoltage pulses into the grid from high-voltage line switching caused by the RF Armed Forces’ defeat of autotransformers at city substations and thermal power plants. A breakdown occurs inside the windings, an electric arc ignites and then the oil starts to burn. The gas pressure in the tank increases sharply, leading to a depressurisation and subsequent fire.

    The incident is further evidence of the cumulative effect of Russian missile strikes. Even in the absence of new raids, elements fail on their own.

    🩸 Is this a Clear Sign of the Collapse of Ukraine’s Power System?

    No: The general control points (GCP) of most facilities are still intact, which theoretically allows, see 👉 Recent Comprehensive Assessment, replacing destroyed equipment and assembling back-up circuits.

    But it is not the first time transformer fires have occurred that suggests instability and reduced sustainability of the power system. And if strikes continue, the possibility of rebuilding it in the short term will increase job security.


    Your comment “ I still don’t know where the focus on nitrogen came from. Wasn’t it always CO2? spurred me just now to look it up. I am a bit floored. Up until a few years ago, I was pretty fluent in the complaints regarding climate change.
    Now, there appears to be an obsession with “nitrogen pollution” — and the word “nitrogen” is used endlessly with little description of the science behind it. (For example, most simply talk of nitrogen, with little mention of N2, nitrous oxide, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.). Nearly all of the rhetoric is about reducing fertilizer use and animal husbandry. (Hmmm…all about food production….I wonder why.) I remember from years ago reading a little about problems with nitrates and nitrites getting into waterways, causing algae blooms and “dead zones” at the mouths of some rivers — those articles were heavy into the science, used proper terms, and I don’t recall suggestions of widespread discontinuance of fertilizer — only that we needed to be aware and make adjustments. (No specifics on what those “adjustments” should be.) It appears that “the science” around reduction of animal husbandry is more based on “pop-sci” than rigorous science. Of course, animals give off CO2 and methane, and their feed cultivation and transport releases nitrogen, therefore we all become vegans! Another article has the platitude that “plants can’t use the nitrogen in the air” — which is technically true — but legumes (etc.) with the aid of soil bacteria DO utilize nitrogen from the air and fix it to the soil, making the platitude disingenuous at best.

    I have a slim hope…the public schools of late have been obsessing over teaching students to understand technical writing, analysis, persuasion, essay writing, etc. I hope the lessons stick well enough for most students that as adults they will recognize the strategies in use in the writing around them and will be able to see through it and recognize it as fluff and nothing more than a writing technique.

    Meanwhile, most of my garden beds are happily sporting 4” tall pea plants right now. I’m curious how all of this nitrogen fixing will affect spring crops — especially the corn!

    D Benton Smith

    I can forgive James Kunstler for a lot of things, but there’s ONE thing that nobody can forgive him for even if they wanted to and that is when he is just plain straight up flat ass WRONG.

    Specifically, people CANNOT be “tools of history”.

    People do stuff, for reasons, and then THAT becomes history. NOT the other way around. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab ain’t no fuckin’ “tools of history.” Like my wife Ruey just pointed out, “It’s like he’s saying effects just sort of ‘happen’ before the cause.”

    My personal theory about why Kunstler keeps back off from the patently OBVIOUS fact that there’s an explicitly collaborating Cabal is that a noticeably disproportionate number of conspirators appear to have Jewish names and heritage, and iterconnection. That freaks Jim out because HE is just a bit Jewish, too, and he’s both embarrassed and terrified of being tarred with the same brush . . . like has happened so many times in history.

    Come ON, James !! Duh !!

    Don’t you get it ?

    Those assholes aren’t faithful God fearing Jews ! They are FAKES who play the “anti-Semite” card (that THEY dreamed up) to HIDE among the real, faithful, legitimate Jews to avoid prosecution. The trouble with you, James, is that your pusillanimous back-pedaling on this “Cabal” issue is actually helping those assholes get away with it. Throw the bums out! Stop letting them hide and harm with impunity behind that hokey “anti-Semite” bullshit.

    There’s nothing “anti-Semite” about collaring a criminal and throwing his ass in jail.


    ‘I still don’t know where the focus on nitrogen came from.’

    I do. The focus on nitrogen came from a team of unelected, unaccountable, scientifically-illiterate, mathematically-illiterate, financially-illiterate, economically-illiterate bureaucrats charged with the task of promoting fictions.

    We see such the results of the efforts of unelected, unaccountable, scientifically-illiterate, mathematically-illiterate, financially-illiterate, economically-illiterate bureaucrats, charged with the task of promoting fictions, every day here on Airstrip Five.

    Who tells the teams of unelected, unaccountable, scientifically-illiterate, mathematically-illiterate, financially-illiterate economically-illiterate bureaucrats which fictions to promote? A cabal of unelected, unaccountable, scientifically illiterate, economically-illiterate psychotic sociopaths who know how to operate global financial scams, of course.


    ‘(MSM is still shunning the truth)’

    Yes, but that is what they are paid to do. That is what they are required to do. -along with promoting propaganda.

    Do you want to publish our lies or do you want to become impoverished (and perhaps be assassinated)?

    Never forget that the governments of NATOstan countries are criminal gangs that will do anything -including starting nuclear war- to retain power.

    D Benton Smith

    Elections are rigged
    The surveillance police state is rigged
    The Finance system is rigged
    Big Tech Social Media is rigged
    The Justice System is rigged
    Law Enforcement is rigged
    Main Stream Media is rigged
    Censorship is rigged
    The Military Industrial Complex is rigged
    Academia is rigged
    Public Education is rigged
    Scientific research funding and publishing is rigged
    Big Pharma is rigged
    The Health Care system is rigged
    Food production and distribution is rigged
    Energy production and distribution is rigged
    The Internet is rigged

    And the small circle of owners who are doing the rigging are all each others close friends and relatives.

    And they meet and then publish their plans to depopulate and rule the entire world.

    And they march in lockstep to execute every line item of those plans.

    And they silence all opposition.

    Oh, yeah, and one more thing. They are not a centralized conspiratorial Cabal because history rhymes.

    Dr D Rich

    Evidence of madness:

    “”The agent claimed that disclosure of the records would harm an FBI investigation into the allegations that Russians had hacked into U.S. systems.”

    This statement has all the features of:
    1. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc logical fallacy
    2. Fallacy of causal induction
    3. Medically ‘True, True but unrelated”
    4. Non sequitur

    The level of Loosening of Associations in this quote can be seen as the unraveling of this FBI Agent’s whole ball of yarn. While such pronouncements are laughable, unfortunately for Seth Rich, his family, President Trump and those operating in the Non-Psychotic Realm (NPR) that FBI agent and his/her/it superiors are deadly serious.


    Regarding the “nitrogen” issue… There is legitimate concern here. The problem is not elemental nitrogen (N2), but rather the various oxides (NOX) that are formed when nitrogen fertilizer oxidizes. It is a very potent greenhouse gas. Manure will offgas NOX as well (thus the focus on animal ag), but the real problem is the haber-bosch sourced fertilizer, because that’s utilized to a far greater magnitude.

    As a farmer myself, I can attest that a lack of synthetic nitrogen would probably cut ag production by about 75%. Circa 2018 I came to the conclusion that we were supremely f’ed due to climate change, as the writing on the wall is patently obvious to any who have been paying attention for decades as I have. I’d be happy to fill in the details for any who doubt me.

    As I remember it, RIM has also expressed concerns over climate change over the years, so it dismays me to see him and others now rejecting such concerns. The WEF’s laughable embrace of the subject is truly a poison pill.

    With that said, I don’t think the WEF gives a rat’s ass about climate change, beyond their ability to use it as an excuse to implement their agenda of enslaving the world’s population.

    When Extinction Rebellion and Thunberg started being placed front and center by a corporate media that had formerly been all but silent on the subject, I knew some shitfuckery was afoot. Now it’s clear why.


    If ONLY it was feudalism.

    But feudalism would come with a few things. Ownership, for one. You don’t come home from work in the evening and smash all your own plates – to demonstrate that you have full spectrum dominance over your kitchen – ending with, hands on hips, head thrown back, a long, evil villain belly laugh. Because those plates are YOURS.

    But the Masters Of The Universe definitely DO do exactly that. Are doing.

    It’s as if the quasi satanic principle that one will FULLY indulge oneself leads to indulging one’s BRAIN STEM instead of oneself. Oneself fades in comparison. A bit like the fading if you put on and succumb to The One Ring.

    It’s as if your primitive side says, “All this stuff about stewardship, management, making things work for myself, this is all to complicated. All this give and take and having to understand things. Too much.”

    And so they go into a basic mode of interacting with the world akin to the flat-headed Homo Erectus. A very effective raptor like predator, but its understanding of the world was wandering the savannah extracting resources. There was no sense in which the savannah was theirs in the way that your kitchen, your house, your land, your farm, YOUR barony, dukedom, or kingdom would be.

    There’s just the world and there is stuff in it. Which you wander around and take.

    Once you have full spectrum dominance (ie “we take stuff whenever wherever we find it and want it”) over money, the money is worthless. The moment you have all the money (and if you control it all, whether you “have” it or not, you have it,) the money becomes meaningless.

    If you’re a feudal lord with peasants, freemen, artisans, merchants etc attached to your lands, you don’t think of them as disgusting vermin infesting your land. Obviously. They’re a big, big part of any wealth and power you have. You don’t obsequiously adhere to a new religion that it’s all those common people who ruin everything unless you can’t understand where all the stuff comes from. There’s just stuff in the world and I take it, what’s the problem???

    If you can get a setup going where you wander civilization taking from it like you’re Homo Erectus wandering the serengeti, well, you CAN, so long as SOMEONE keeps managing and maintaining it, but not if you manage to enforce it as a worldwide system, just how things work everywhere.

    For years, I told myself, when looters and whackos infest stuff to do with nuclear safety, we’ll be firmly in a Bad Place, but the people in charge won’t let THAT happen. Having taken control, they’ll have enough of a sense of ownership of what they’ve taken to put competent people in there and maintain a base of competence, even if only as a small island in society. Sigh.

    Have we reached peak “climate” insanity. Probably not.

    I mean, they openly want us to feel so awful that we think we shouldn’t exist, then starve
    and freeze while humiliatingly eating bugs before, on their advice, committing suicide, even depressed children, but yeah probably not peaking.

    Tried to watch a nature show last night. It was about scientists in Antarctica.

    The guy they interviewed for this show talked about the large ice sheet sitting on WATER in the southern hemisphere melting and causing a 42 foot sea level rise, saying “It’ll wipe everyone out.” Uh, hey “scientist” …Archimedes? displacement? He literally said 14 metre sea level rise!

    THEN he went on to say his team was going to be the first ever to explore the Ross Ice Shelf. Like that Hunger Games girl saying she was the first ever female action hero recently.

    At that point I exclaimed “I’m not listening to any more of this religious claptrap!” and turned it off.

    The wife said “hey, I just want to see the nature cinematography”

    Oh ok, how about we find a well-filmed quality show sympathizing with creationists. You don’t mind hearing about how evolution isn’t a thing, the end times, and the 8,000 year age of the earth while we watch scintillating nature footage, do you?

    I’m not having it anymore. I’m not having idiots proselytize their moralistic superstitious nonsense to me anymore. I won’t accept it as a tax I pay to watch footage of nature. There was a “documentary” about big cats we saw a few months ago that explained them ENTIRELY based on marxist theory. Not joking. I was like wtf. No science in it. Just vague nature show ish filler and marxist theory explanations of nature.

    We watched a documentary on Cousteau the other day. As an aside, the 20 year old narrating said Cousteau crusaded and gave talks regarding CLIMATE. Uh, do you realize YOU are older than Climate Change, kid? COUSTEAU was talking CLIMATE CHANGE? What, was he saying the world would get COLDER? because that’s the climate change that was accepted back then. (pretty sure he was concerned about pollution)

    Like, let’s just retroactively hand off all the massive honors due to Cousteau, all his virtue, to Climate Change. Cram Cousteau under that pedestal to make it just a BIT higher.

    And that’s kind of the other thing with Feudalism – a sense of honor, of higher virtues. Based on some sort of reality. But our Masters Of The Universe continually propound anti-honor, anti-virtue. ACTUAL virtue must be handed over to the meme-complex that says everyone is awful and should just be humiliated and then die.

    Within the structure of Feudalism, there typically is SOME sense that the owners ought to try to be better, regularly succeed in being better, which would be what makes the Feudal system worth it. And from ancient Persia to medieval Europe, the idea that virtue lives within the specific virtuous person, exists integrally to them, seems to be a constant.

    Knowing who my Lord is – what specific person – and swearing an oath with him spelling out our specific responsibilities and duties to each other would be a damn relief at this point.


    The best form of nitrogen to stimulate plant growth is the urea that is present in urine as a consequence of the breakdown of proteins in human bodies. Unlike the triple-bonded nitrogen of nitrogen gas [in the atmosphere], the nitrogen in urea is already part-way along the path to becoming ammonium carbonate or ammonium nitrate.

    As phoenixvoice has pointed out, growing legumes is a good way to fix nitrogen…those clever little microbes!!! And lightning splits nitrogen molecules and causes nitrogen radicals to form active nitrogen compounds.

    Nature had it all sorted very nicely for hundreds of millions of years!

    Along came homo colossus.

    Of course, there’s no profit for a bank or corporation in the distribution of diluted urine onto growing plants. So it is discouraged. In ‘civilissed’ nations urine is sent via expensive sewer systems to costly and energy-intensive treatment plants (that often fail) on its way to being discharged into seas and oceans. I recall the arguments I had with a New Plymouth Deceit and Crime over these matters back in 2007, and how, proving them wrong using their own data made no difference. Because, like central government, local government is a vast, bureaucratic criminal organisation.

    As I understand it, the Netherlands has a monstrous problem associated with the generation of shit by humans and industrially-farmed pigs. A few years ago, there were stories about empty barges being filled with pig shit because it was accumulating faster than anyone could handle…the pigs being fed on imported grain of course. Whether the barges were towed out to sea and the contents surreptitiously removed, I cannot say. Very likely, though.

    All we can say for certain is that Plan A, high-energy-input agriculture, is coming to an end rather quickly. And there is no Plan B.

    That said, maybe Plan B is mass murder via toxic jabs, starvation, freezing to death and war etc.

    “You will own nothing because you will be dead.” -Klaus Schwab and the other criminals that constitute the WEF


    ‘Elections are rigged
    The surveillance police state is rigged
    The Finance system is rigged
    Big Tech Social Media is rigged
    The Justice System is rigged
    Law Enforcement is rigged
    Main Stream Media is rigged….’


    A friend commented yesterday that the recent by-election was a slap in the face for the Scorpion (poor result for LINO)

    I commented that the Scorpion could not care less. $690,000 per annum as Pime Minister or $490,00 per annum as leader of the ‘opposition’. It made little difference. The rorts can continue whatever the title.

    I was told yesterday the Scorpion has made a personal fortune of $30 million since being put into office. I thought it was only $24 million.

    One thing these criminals have going for them at the moment is the depression of international oil prices. Brent is currently listed as $78.10 per barrel. A few months ago it was around $118. With the value of the Kiwi dollar being manipulated up, that translates into a small drop in local fuel prices. Cheaper fuel will probably pacify the masses for a while, even as the killing machine keeps on killing.

    I don’t detect the price of anything else dropping -other than houses, which continue to plumet as the criminals continue to demolish the economy.

    It seems to me that we just have to wait for Russia to demolish NATO. And the Russians are working on that but do not seem to be in a hurry and want to do so at minimal expense in terms of lives and expensive equipment.


    Should all bombmakers be afraid. Looking at you Nato.
    The alleged Pan Am flight 103 bombmaker, Abu Agila Mohammad Mas’ud Kheir Al-Marimi, was taken into custody by the United States, nearly 34 years after the attack, the Justice Department confirmed Sunday.


    Should all bombmakers be afraid. Looking at you Ukraine.
    70% of the company killed or wounded: paratroopers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine recorded a panic appeal
    “We are passing this appeal to the command of the landing troops and the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the 3rd airmobile company of a separate airmobile battalion of the 25th Secheslav airmobile brigade.

    We were sent to carry out a combat mission to hold individual combat positions. We did not receive proper weapons and artillery support. As a result, 70% of the company was killed or wounded. We did not have and do not have military equipment and proper weapons. We didn’t even have equipment for evacuating the wounded, which is why several of the wounded did not survive.

    We spent more than a month in the trenches, transmitting coordinates on which the artillery never fired. The platoon sergeants fled their positions in the early days, and were transferred by Chief of Staff Kipinach, now serving as battalion commander.

    We demand the transfer of the entire unit.”

    Social media giant Twitter is offloading its office furniture in an auction sale next month, the company announced on Friday. Hundreds of “surplus corporate office assets” from the firm’s San Francisco headquarters will be auctioned off by Heritage Global Partners.

    The sale will take place on January 17 and 18, giving Twitter lovers – and haters – a chance to own a piece of the firm.


    Don’t farmers plant giant fields of alfalfa to pull nitrogen out of the atmosphere and into the soil? But they’re going to put the farmers out of business and stop using that land for farming???

    Since you can drive the entire world batty enough to inject themselves with poison, wear useless paraphernalia in ways contraindicated by the written instructions that CAME with it, and generally believe crazy things, couldn’t you, I don’t know, drive the entire world so batty that they want to plant all their lawns with a nitrogen fixer instead of grass? Get all those municipalities and HOA’s to stop stopping people from doing that? Since they got everyone to be crazier at greater expense, yes, obviously yes with metaphysical level certainty.

    Wouldn’t more be accomplished by getting people unreasonably, self righteously, mouth frothingly enthusiastic about passive solar heating and planting trees? Picking up garbage in the neighborhood? Walkable neighborhoods? Apartment buildings with useful things on the ground floor? (as opposed to alternately nothing or filling the ground floor with wine + pottery painting and cupcake shops? or was zoning only for annoying people?)


    “The problem is not elemental nitrogen (N2), but rather the various oxides (NOX) that are formed when nitrogen fertilizer oxidizes. It is a very potent greenhouse gas.”

    Ok but here’s the problem I have with that.

    it starts with “Science tells us that gas XYZ has ___ properties and has been found to behave ____ way. This fits our criteria of Greenhouse Gas that we thought of.”

    “we presume there is massive human caused Global Warming. We already decided this has to be because of greenhouse gas. We know what’s happening and we know the cause, now we just need to start finding all the things that match up with our cause”

    “THEREFORE, irrefutably gas XYZ is CAUSING Global Warming and is bad”

    This is like every religious argument I ever got into in my life.

    The choplogic jump from Gas with ___ properties, WE decided to call these properties Greenhouse Gas, We decided massive human caused warming is definitely happening, we decided it is because Greenhouse Gasses CAUSE global warming, ergo, XYZ is CAUSING Global Warming”

    The mere categorization being created and applied somehow proves massive human-caused global warming AND that thing XYZ “causes” it. XYZ gas exists, doesn’t it? And our definition of Greenhouse Gas applies to it, doesn’t it? Ergo massive human caused Global Warming exists, ergo XYZ is causing it.

    If it were real, such underhanded, sneaky, choplogic-y abuse of language would not be necessary.

    If it were real, we wouldn’t keep hearing about “scientists” abusing the scientific method, faking data, manipulating models, etc in the name of “fighting global warming.”

    If it were real, we wouldn’t be seeing people argue the point on a totally religious type basis, moralistic, demanding no questioning, demanding no examination, no doubt, no double checking

    If it were real, it wouldn’t be protected by massive, all encompassing censorship, destruction of careers, etc.

    If it were real, then we’d see practical, easy, common sense solutions being tried and we wouldn’t see self-defeating non solutions that make things worse being tried on a massive basis.

    And if it were real, humanity-wide humiliation, suffering, and death would not somehow be the overarching obsessive solution. If we aren’t concerned with the welfare of humanity as the underpinning motive for “fighting global warming” and are obsessed instead with its opposite? What? We’re now telling children grade after grade their existence is an evil offense against the universe, that’s fine right? Are we concerned for HUMANITY in terms of gradual global warming, therefore we will DEFINITELY starve and freeze right NOW?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t give a damn at this point about wandering around in the weeds over “scientific” minutia. They are going to have to overtly, publicly, repeatedly, walk ALL OF IT back and then start over bearing the burden of proof from scratch if they want me to give them another minute of courtesy after decades of this.

    “but by our own arbitrarily created self recursive criteria, there definitely is massive human caused global warming! it *exists* within our language-construct! by definition! OUR definition!” After 20 years of increasingly mad/malevolent antiscience, suicide pods, eat the bugs, no. just no.

    Start over from scratch with obsequious apologetic courtesy and respect towards anyone who might be listening, having removed the devoutly religious anti science censorship.

    Questioning the science IS the science. I don’t believe a word until science comes back.

    Looking at a temperature chart, I can see we’re coming off a cold period. I can see what temperatures have tended to be for millions of years. Millions. What the #%#^ makes someone think the titanic forces that tend to bring the world to its scientifically verified TYPICAL overall temperature can be resisted? What makes someone think you can halt post ice age warming? Can you jump out of windows and waive the law of gravity as well?

    And what makes people think the titanic forces that keep the world from heating PAST a certain level can be overwhelmed by human activity? Temperature charts on TV in the summer showing colors indicating entire continents must be on fire. Quasi activists everywhere “educating and informing” that it is an immanent “firestorm”

    20 years of the intellectual equivalent of kicking you in the crotch over and over while insulting your mother while pretending to be Joan of Arc. There SHOULD be some outraged rejection at this point.


    “Know thyself.”

    Let me stoop down a little further to it’s preferred level: I know you are but what am I?

    But that’s far too personal. I prefer: I know it is but what is that?


    I think it’s safe to say that Merkel liked Russian oil/gas. Hard to run any kind of modern government, good or bad, without adequate fossil fuels.


    It is interesting watching the changing of horses and jockeying for position relusting (typo stays) from Musk’s Twitter maneuver. A lot of “What’s it gots in its pockets”, a lot of counterpointed bluffmanship, a lot of squirming, and a lot of bullshit desperately trying to dam with damn lies the leakage of truth.

    We should learn some interesting and unexpected things, for such is truth.

    Meanwhile, the swamp trembles with the quivering awakening of demagogues soon to emerge and crawl toward the Oval Orifice (USA punk slang for the White House).


    Today’s Yogi tea tag says: You are unlimited.

    Relevant tune: Capability


    Xmas counting down: Count ’em!

    Five dog poop bags! (People are weird about dog poop and plastic bags. Weird.)


    Xmas roadkill from this morning’s doggie-walkie.


    In which it is shown that the legendary Led Zep had no clue how to play The Beatles, despite Plant singing his heart out. Not as Fab of a Four


    RIM has also expressed concerns over climate change over the years, so it dismays me to see him and others now rejecting such concerns.

    I do not. I merely recognize that we need to ask questions again that have not been asked for a long time. The climate issue has become “The Science”, and that is no longer a valid point after Fauci.


    Moon race?

    Dr. Dolittle looks at earth from the moon.


    FOr the kvetchsters among us:


    If Santa Were a Dog:


    Sheeps in the slaughterhouse.
    When you look at the faces of the young men at #123248, don’t you feel sorry that they will soon be dead.


    “Know thyself.”
    I am that I am.


    I was always under the impression that the Dutch policy regarding farmers and nitrogen had more to do with resource depletion that anything else.

    Their agriculture is probably the most energy intensive in the world, and it looks like the messaging from the powers that be is we must stop doing this to ‘save the world’, rather than we have to stop because time is up on the party. Without cheap gas nitrogen fertiliser becomes very expensive. The amount of fossil fuels that intensive Dutch animal ag uses both directly and indirectly is gargantuan compared to say, running cattle on rangeland in Argentina or Australia.

    If this comes with the added bonus of real estate speculation and greater government control well then of course the WEF Dutch government will go for it.

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