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    Edward Hopper Chop Suey 1929   • Netanyahu: Israel Received Full US Support for Gaza Ground Operation (Sp.) • Israel Losing Support Over ‘Indiscr
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    Dr D Rich

    Is there hope?

    Zelensky’s Visit ‘Disgraceful’ – Senator JD Vance (RT)

    Sen. Vance just noticed? Zelensky hasn’t changed one bit.

    rumors that it needs Israel to finish Plan Gaza between Christmas and the start of January..”

    Pepê notes the combined unseriousness and inhumanity of the players.

    the US defense establishment increasingly physically resembles the numbers on the ledgers the accountants have been trying to balance – it just doesn’t add up.”

    • The Pentagon Is A Multitrillion-Dollar Fraud (Scott Ritter)

    Takes one to know one. Similarly Ret. 4star Admiral Michelle Howard resembles the disgraced but unanimously supported and embattled Harvard University president both unqualified and thoroughly accomplished. Yet they’re successful black ladies.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that the country received full US support for a ground operation in the Gaza Strip

    Poor Benjamin feeling a little abandonment anxiety coming on. Or is he genuinely trying to split the United States by blaming the United States? I doubt he has enough votes among the crazed Christian zionists to adequately support the 2.6Percenters.
    Turns out ol Ben suffers from ordinary Narcissistic Personality Disorder rather than the malignant megalomaniacal subtype.

    Nazi Germany [..] is documented to have killed 10,547,000 ethnic Slavics compared to 5,291,000 Jews..”

    Watch out RIM. 5 million isn’t the number I’ve read.
    Then again, those numbers, particularly the Ten Point Five MILLION were long ago contemplated by my people Poles, Slavs and a bigger etc.
    Difference is and maybe it’s our flaw, we never erected an industry to support it

    What a great day of reading…

    Dr D Rich

    Regarding Benj Netanyahu….his humanity and vulnerability are shining through, don’t you think?

    At these moments, a Borderline (borderline personality disorder) sufferer is so difficult to distinguish from a Covert Narcissist (narcissistic personality disorder) pathology because just like Benjie Netanyahu both exhibit the same extreme fragility.
    Although y’all must agree (notice Ritter never uses y’all) Netanyahu wears The Mask of Fragility rather ineptly.

    By the way, the date wasn’t March 2021.
    The “NUMBERS” started diverging by the end of 2020 AND that discussion took place place right on this website…..the reason I persist, recur, linger. Hope springs eternal.

    CDC’s enhanced/rigged COVID count always was the total of
    1. Pneumonia deaths (bacterial, community acquired, secondary)
    2. Flu deaths (influenza)
    3. COVID only deaths (whatever that means)

    From the moment the numbers diverged, I’ve wondered why Fauci et al, hat tip to the AntiChrist himself Scott Gottlieb, didn’t adjust their numbers upwards to include deaths from the mRNA therapy in the COVID DEATH COUNT. Who would have noticed except for a few crazies here and there?
    Probably because they were too prideful in thinking that maneuver would have clearly signaled their much heralded state-of-the-art clot shot was exactly like their true selves, miserable failures.

    Dr D Rich

    White deplorable Ukrainians, ?Slavs?, sacrificed for the vanity of some little prick, Zelensky. Volodymyr accepted the job, right? Did he not contemplate the gravity or the consequences of his participation? Of course he did that fucking little prick.
    The best he can hope for is to stand naked before the soldiers his decisions maimed, handicapped and mutilated. He should be made again to stand naked before the mothers of men/boys his decisions killed.
    Then beg forgiveness from them all
    I bet you he’ll be surprised to find “his Slavic people” are better than him.
    If I’m wrong, then he earned it.

    Has anybody tried the apologetic route?
    Not even Scott Ritter or his equal, An Tony Blink En, recommended this course of action.


    Ukronazi Commissar recruiter threatening and choking a priest

    Gosh, nazis choking Catholic priests in Western Ukronaziland

    Color me shocked

    Nazilensky, the Jewish comedian is so desperate he’s throw priests into the Meat Grinder


    Well played

    Nazi AFU Commissar Chokes Priest in Lvov While Issuing Summons


    IBM Pulled Advertisers from X for “Discrimination” Yet Look What They Do Internally

    IBM’s CEO is from India

    And his official policy is to racially discriminate at IBM using “racial quotas” or you’re fired.

    After giving Elon shit over ‘X’

    Sweet Fucktards,

    the hubris and hypocrisy ooze like pus from the Empire of LiesLiesLies corporate thieves and thugs

    Let’s peak under the hood for a moment

    Figmund Sreud

    The Pentagon Is A Multitrillion-Dollar Fraud (Scott Ritter)

    Recently, the Pentagon admitted it couldn’t account for trillions of dollars of US taxpayer money, having failed a massive yearly audit for the sixth year running



    Ballsy Polish MP Extinguishes Menorah in Front of Shocked Parliament

    Watch His TV Ad At the End

    Wow, this guy is running for Mayor in Poland

    Looks like a contact sport.

    Quite the commercial for mayor!

    Dr. D

    Edward Hopper Chop Suey 1929 Every time I see Hopper, I can feel his paintings being silent. Deaf as he was.
    But if I’m not mistaken, this was a very specific and famous (fine) restaurant, not just some Chinese place.

    They’re all about CyberPolygon again, “Cyber attack/hack”!!! The UK following the US following a movie about how we’re all about to have “Power Outages”. …Coincidentally exactly the same time the banks fail. But it’s the POWER’S fault, not the Bank’s fault!

    Ohhhhhh!! Well in that case, not being able to get my money or clear checks will CERTAINLY allow me to buy food, right? With my no-money? Amazing. Don’t care, don’t care about your problems, don’t care why: You’re fired.

    In other news, what is Britain’s answer to this imminent nationwide power outage? Digital Currency and a cashless society, I kid you not. What could go wrong?? …Except the EXACT thing YOU said would go wrong? But other than how your money won’t work at all, your money’s going to work better than ever! (For us). In #OppositeLand, as diametrically #AntiLogos, the Opposite of everything that is and works.

    …I’m sure most people will take it.

    What is with Yemen bombing everything? My read is apparently the Gaza thing WAS about the new canal, and BRIICS are going around and pointing out that they own both sides of the Red Sea at the East end. Rather than allow an Iran war they dearly want, they are de-escalating and having it be “Brushfires”, “Rebels” in Yemen. …Who are no doubt happy to do it, and everything is leveled due to the genocidal war already. What do you hit? A camel in the butt?

    Probably. I’ll give 80-20 on it.

    Luongo: Venezuela is opening a 4th of 5th front on the West.

    Also: “Leveraging collateral is the way oligarchs enrich themselves.” Then YOU have the collateral. They need YOU to be a vassal. Which is why they need Russia, again, as I say, ever-escalating debt compounding means they now don’t need Venezuela, Libya, Syria, at 300:1 but now they need Ukraine, and a year later, all Russia, at 1,000:1. Oh well. Sucks to be you.

    “IBM Slapped with Federal Civil Rights Complaint after Racist CEO’s “Obviously Illegal” Hiring Practices Leak

    Amazing. When it started, people didn’t protest affirmative action that much besides noting it was illegal. But about 20 years ago, we were all telling them this was clearly illegal. Every year since then they did it more, and became more brazen. As people were sued, like Harvard, demonstrated in court, ridiculed for hating Asians in public, they did it more and more brazen, more proud, more obstinate.

    Now like Harvard, they’re calling for genocide, and can’t understand why anyone would object. Welcome to the entire arc of the Nazi Party. However, unlike them, we’re still fighting and very often winning, like Harvard. And Harvard’s Asian lawsuit. And Harvard CEO before Congress. And Harvard now for BEING AN OPEN CHEATER. Their head was rumored to be a plagiarist. Wait? How are you even there? Now NOT A RUMOR, we have PAGES of her thesis, now side by side KNOWN to be plagiarized, IN THE FRONT PAGE, and all that AFTER calling for open genocide OF HER DONORS.


    Not enough. Not nearly enough. They literally came out in march of support for her. Go Harvard! Go Crimson!

    Just being a liar, a cheater, and murderer, and a failure that destroys yourself and everyone around isn’t enough if you have melanin! A fine end to Pilgrim John Harvard’s journey.

    Yeah, I wasn’t ALL that upset by her “allowing free speech” but with the usual selective rules of Blacks against Jews, promoting her racist gang war? But the blatant, embarrassing cheating I cannot tolerate. That’s defying standards FOR THE THING. Education. At all. In any capacity, however weak.

    “Schoolchildren taught St Hadrian was ‘black’ scholar – even though he wasn’t: Hadrian was from Cyrenaica, a region that is now Libya, meaning he was likely of Berber descent.”

    Yup. Education! Science! “We Just Make S—t Up!!!”™ Man that must be an easy job; no wonder they do it. Way better than trying to find out the Truth for real.

    “embattled Harvard University president both unqualified and thoroughly accomplished. Yet they’re successful black ladies.

    Yup! White People think Black people can’t succeed fairly unless they let them cheat and force them into positions they aren’t qualified for. Boy that’ll give a great name to every Black Success story, won’t it? That’s what they DO, who cares what they SAY? Reality and proof is in your action, not your words. The clearly are appalling, gruesome, vicious racists. Black women particularly could never succeed fairly without us, our “caring” and our “help.” Good little plantation coolies. Pat pat. Grrrr, makes me furious. There are SO MANY qualified. Like killing women in sports and everywhere they are found, they are actively, tirelessly attacking every black success.

    Google “Black USSC”, and what comes up? ONLY Ketanji Brown, no Clarence Thomas to be found.

    “Rumble suing @nandoodles.”

    I forget the source here, but this was what Trump said. Through Bannon? That the media went bananas about, like they do all things unless you call for actual open genocide against someone? Like Jews, White People, or Black people under Hillary Clinton in Sudan and Libya? That’s the GOOD genocide, unlike all those BAD genocides.

    Ah: that was it, Tim Pool. Rachael Maddow was on TV saying Trump was LITERALLY going to track her down and hang her PERSONALLY. Over the top much? No, what he said was, they WILL get you, but in any of a wide variety of ways, for BREAKING THE LAW. Over and over. No wonder she’s scared. In this case, Civil Suits for “breaking the law”. Ooooohhhhhh, “Filing Paperwork”. Sounds like insurrection to me! …And here you go, it begins. When then o longer have the Mafia force of violence vs protection. Slowly, very slowly, the gears of law begin to work properly again, the harder path.

    “80 years ago was WW2”

    Yes but now that we’re in Aquarius, what KIND of war is that? Prison Planet. An InfoWar.

    …Mostly. God forbid we should jump in and become Libya, Yemen, Gaza, Ukraine. It can happen here.

    “Putin is banking on the United States failing to deliver for Ukraine,” he said. “We must prove him wrong.”

    It’s being noted the way this is presented: not that “Putin wins” but that “We lose.” And with a unalterable baseline belief that if “he wins” it can only and ever be because “we let him”. We didn’t try hard enough. Because we are infinite and obviously the superior race. So if we lose it’s voluntary: we really let him. Over and over, 50 years in a row. Haven’t won a war since before I was born.

    Other parts, they say it this way because, suppose things stop here? Americans say, “Great! They’ve stopped killing each other.” Suppose “Putin won”: Americans say, “sooooo, what happens, what did we lose? Nothing? Okay, great I guess, that was a thing.” But if you say WE lose, OUR team, personally. Loser. All very careful, all groomed and tested 100 years.

    Luongo, Melei: Aaaaaaand if you hadn’t guessed, besides giving up all sovereignty by going on the US$, Melei imported all of Wall Street to run the country, and may not even erase the Central Bank. If he does, it’s only pro-forma, as the Peso is pegged and no need, but the same people just run it for OPEN extraction, instead of closed, Mafia extraction. This remains to be seen, but it seems about as clear as Obama taking all of Bush’s cabinet and Wall St advisors.

    Okay, so you’re an Economist (Certified Loser™) and “for the people” yet you want people to get into debt then suddenly make the money THICKER, and HARDER to get? Sorry, you can’t go from +50% inflation to 5%. Or -5% (Our M2 is dropping). You need a Jubilee first, as there is a tonne of loans out at 50% rates. So are you a scam, or just really, really stupid?

    “enough of a credible threat” forcing Moscow into “meaningful negotiations”

    You literally can’t, morons. Because they literally can’t believe anything you sign. The only end is “You Lose.”

    I see the pacing though: the lines are breaking, but they are only now turning on each other and talking about “just printing” to ultimate hyperinflation. That means, unlike me, they are correct. It will take another year.

    ““..if you want to secure your border first, you are actually a Putin puppet:”

    We must secure THEIR border, fully and completely, before we even start securing our border. And they clap like seals.

    We print the money, how can we not have both? Start both? Or promise both without argument? A: PR. If they said, even SUGGESTED this, then there might be a million fewer illegals TRYING to enter being human trafficked at $10k/pop. So even saying it without doing it would shut off the money and votes.

    Votes? Yeah, don’t you think Joe will have an “Executive Order” that all illegals are citizens last Tuesday and can vote? “But that’s illegal”. Hahahahahaha! Yeah? And? And it will need to get through the courts, like last time. He’ll be President for 4 years before then. MAKE ME.

    …Yet another way we won’t have an election: why bother.

    “Ukrainian losses between June and November at over 125,000 troops.”

    Again with presentation, we now don’t list Ukraine’s losses. We list their losses SINCE LAST TUESDAY. If you’re adding 125k to the original count, that’s going on 750,000 dead. Probably a million, they love to call them “Missing” so they don’t have to pay. With my money. Like their free health care.

    “These audits only began taking place in 2017, meaning that the Pentagon has never successfully passed one”

    Democracy! Where there is no accounting whatsoever, and the voter has no idea what’s going on. And “It’s all YOUR fault!” How did you vote when you didn’t know! It’s not the Pentagon’s fault, generals, War CEOs, Banks, No! It’s always the fault of the poor and powerless…in a nation of narcissistic sociopaths. We made them do it.

    “You’re violating the rule of law. You’re mocking our sacred norms, and you’re doing it “ …in public, on the front page, daily.

    “5 Million Jews.” It has been said there weren’t 5 Million Jews in all of Europe. Thus the numbers are inflated beyond beyond. Probably it is, but it seems completely probable that there were +6 million, 60k each country? it’s a big place. But not just Slavs, which allows us to ignore, not care, and un-human them, but everyone else too. People I knew I the camps were 1. Poles, and 2. Greeks. Where’s their story? Where’s their front page news? Reparations? Their sacred Homeland that muslim nations can’t just invade with jets daily, then extract all wealth and statues and sell it to England and Germany? Nope. The Roma? Normal people resisting? Hahahahaha! Who? That doesn’t fit “The Narrative™” so it never happened. Whatever is True is what we will fight and die to prove didn’t happen.

    There’s no money in it, or rather, the WRONG Mafia gets paid by it, and that would cut into the RIGHT mafia getting it instead.

    “3. COVID only deaths (whatever that means)”

    Unlike what they say, it certainly seems there WAS some Covid. It was distinct and in the hospitals. Doctors are gullible but not THAT gullible, they saw SOMETHING, even if they’re busy and the statistics are all bent by people they trust. It was also not rare. It was easy to see some. I’m going to resist saying it doesn’t exist at all as much as I did it was over 0.06% and all those over 70.

    But since all the statistics are bent from the first reporting, how do you get real numbers now?

    Figmund Sreud

    Polish MP uses fire extinguisher to put out Hanukah candles, … Haze filled the area!

    Yes, … Smell of Sulfur!. And so the reminder: Sulfur has long been associated with death and destruction. In Genesis 19:24, it is noted that God rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah. This act of divine retribution was seen as so complete and utter that the very name of the cities came to be used as a synonym for sinfulness.



    Musk pulled Gaza from Starlink; so much for the free speach absolutist. Musk smells of farmyard. Anyone defending him has to overcome the fact that he is the richest man in the world, courtesy of the Jews.


    You are better off recognising your enemy early than being suckered in and over-supporting your enemy.


    The comment section has turned into the blog section for a number of commenters. Why? Do they lack the self confidence to start their own blogs, are they leaching (such a Jewish trait) off the TAE commenters and hence theiving the traffic that their own blogs cannot muster? TAE has the weirdest comment section, I would rather read consecutive comments discussing a subject than fucking encyclopedias of news crap. Maybe that is just me.

    Figmund Sreud

    Heat-map: Note Magnificent 7 (AAPL, MSFT, TSLA, GOOG, NVDA, AMZN, META) , … a sign of collapse? Or in another set of words, a suggestion that the world is to end, … “in a month or two”? Dunno, …


    Veracious Poet

    Most of the Universe is a vacuum, where life is not possible, but here on earth where life “exists”, there are a lot of things that are genuine “problems”;

    Like starving to death because food is unavailable or becoming disabled and/or dead due to a bioweapon attacking your physical body, or CULTures that dissimulate the existence of psychopaths (who call evil good & good evil), are not pathologically prevalent…

    Those “problems” are not simply a human mind construct, they are corporeal, structural, with permanent immediacy & effect.

    Without Spiritual Sanity all that remains is death, suffering, parasitism & folly…

    (The Practice of Spiritual Sanity):

    The time will come when in the busy office or on the noisy street you can enter into the silence by simply drawing the mantle of your own thoughts about you and realizing that there and everywhere the Spirit of Infinite Life, Love, Wisdom, Peace, Power, and Plenty is guiding, keeping, protecting, leading you.

    This is the spirit of continual prayer ~ William James

    The children of modernity have rebelled altogether against family, community, nation & eternal *truth* itself, for which the penalty *consequence* is mental/emotional illness (*evil*), transmogrifying into insatiable addictions, of all ravenous sort to appease cringing cognitive dissonance…

    I am strongly convinced that the evil principle prevailing in this world leads the unrecognized spiritual need into perdition, if it is not counteracted either by real religious spiritual insight or by the protective wall of human community.

    An ordinary man, not protected by an action from above and isolated in society, cannot resist the power of *evil*, which is called very aptly the Devil.

    But the use of such words arouses so many mistakes that one can only keep aloof from them as much as possible. ~ Dr. Carl Jung

    Ian Graham

    “You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart “

    How can Escobar be published like in The Cradle extract, when is supposedly behind bars in Uk?


    A concerted Axis of Resistance against USA and Israel

    1. Amas fighting Israel in Gaza, turning Gaza into a vast cemetery,
    2. Hezbollah destroying Israel’s communication towers facing the southern Lebanon border
    3. Iraq’s resistance forces attacking US bases in Iraq and Syria,
    4. Yemen’s Ansarallah concretely blocking the Red Sea for Israeli ships
    A different History lesson.
    Fact or Fiction?
    • Germany’s Blind Support For Israel In Gaza (Cradle)
    Mohamad Hasan Sweidan
    DEC 12, 2023
    “Nazi Germany [..] is documented to have killed 10,547,000 ethnic Slavics compared to 5,291,000 Jews..”
    The Nazis propagated a warped vision where the “superior” German race was destined to rule over the supposedly “inferior” Slavic peoples, framing it as a crusade to rescue western civilization from these so-called eastern barbarians.

    Historical records reveal a lesser-explored dimension of Adolf Hitler’s hostility, namely that his animosity toward Eastern Christians was not markedly different from his hostility toward Jews.

    Numerous historical references attest to the atrocities inflicted upon Orthodox Christians by the Nazis, yet this suffering is often overshadowed by more widely acknowledged war crimes.

    See …Reference … FURTHER READING
    Estimated number of victims of the Holocaust and Nazi crimes against humanity during the Second World War from 1933 to 1945, by background.


    US Holocaust Memorial Museum

    Holocaust Encyclopedia
    Who Were the Victims of the Holocaust?
    Ukraine “will soon collapse” .
    if the flow of money and military aid, from Kiev’s foreign sponsors were to cease.
    $200 million instead of $60 billion. “The latest $200 million in aid announced by Biden will come from the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA)..”
    Ukraine’s six-month counteroffensive against Russia, which has failed to yield any significant results.
    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, since the beginning of June, Kiev’s troops have lost more than 125,000 military personnel and 6,000 pieces of heavy equipment.
    The US defense enterprise is so massive that it is literally a mission impossible to speak of balancing the books.
    Scott Ritter: Why the Pentagon is a multitrillion-dollar fraud
    The US Department of Defense has failed its sixth annual audit in a row, but taxpayer money will keep going down that drain.



    maryballon posted (prev):

    OK long article, focussed on energy matters, interesting.

    However, Gaza is occupied territory, it does not have jurisdiction or any power over its shores and outreach into Sea. Even fishermen who venture out for food are harassed, shot…

    Isr. has been awarding concession for explo. etc. in that maritime region for quite some time, mostly to BP originally (no links.) Recent, top of goog, Oct. 30 2003, Al-Monitor.

    Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure said on Sunday that it has awarded 12 licenses to six companies, including BP and ENI, for natural gas exploration off the country’s Mediterranean coast, as the war with Gaza-based Hamas entered its fourth week with no ceasefire in sight. 

    The offshore tender is the fourth bidding round for natural gas exploration in Israeli waters, whereby the ministry intends to boost competition as well as grow domestic supply and exports. 

    Two consortia won the bids: one comprising Italy’s ENI, Scotland’s Dana Petroleum Ltd. and Israeli business Ratio Energies, while the other consists of BP, State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and Israel’s NewMed Energy. The companies will explore two areas next to Israel’s Leviathan field, the country’s largest and one of the world’s biggest deep-water gas discoveries. 

    Israel’s war with Hamas saw the shutdown of Israel’s Tamar offshore gas field, the country’s second-largest. It has yet to be reopened after being closed for security reasons on Oct. 8. The site is owned by Chevron, Dor Gas Exploration Limited Partnership, Everest Infrastructures, Isramco Negev 2, UAE-based Mubadala Investment and the Israeli company Tamar Petroleum. Before the shutdown, the field typically met around 70% of Israel’s power generation needs. The country has since been backfilling the supply from other fields to avoid disruptions to flows.

    One guesses MegaEnergyCos may perceive an interest in keeping quiet about the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians > Hmm, not their problem, minor distrubance, let’s forge ahead, heh.

    Beyond that, it is a given that Palestinians don’t count, have no power, no share, and will never benefit, laid down by Isr. w. deals w. Energy-Corps long ago.

    So, killing Palestinians in the Gaza strip has nothing to do with Energy deals, imho.


    If you didn’t have it, you would miss it.
    Where else on the web, than at TAE, are facts, opinions, History, new interpretation, gathered for people from around, to read/evaluate.


    A bit more on sulfur. In the ancient Near East the vapours from burning sulfur were commonly used in religious practice to purify and cleanse. The Greek word for sulfur is “theion”; the word for god is “theios”. You can see the similarity. So fire and brimstone (sulfur) refers to purification, not destruction.

    Yes, I know, try telling that to the clobbered inhabitants of Sodom.

    By the way, note that in the Bible we read that the great sins of Sodom were pride, fullness of food, and maltreating the poor. In other words, self-adulation, an adundance of resources, and self-centredness. Not quite the popular conception, is it.


    @aspnaz re: comment threaddiness

    If I don’t find a salad in here every morning, I’m gone!

    John Day

    @Ezixa1949: Thank you for the historical clarification about sulfur smoke as a purification.


    Opinion on War games.
    Boot on the ground will fail. It’s a depopulation method.
    All have become Targets.
    Armored vehicle from WWI and WII and all floating ships.
    However, keeping the gravy train going on and on will succeed.
    Tomorrow’s war.
    Control of the high ground with drones and spying eyes in the sky should prevent the use of antique war methods and armaments.
    Unseen electronic warfare is the winner because all modern infrastructures rely on electronic to function. (ex. web communication, finance)

    Formerly T-Bear

    Where is the button to close this box?

    John Day

    House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer got into a heated debate with reporters after Hunter Biden refused to attend a closed-door deposition to face questions over his business dealings, and whether his father Joe Biden was involved with them.

    John Day

    Final COP28 Deal References Transition Away From Fossil Fuels
    By Tsvetana Paraskova – Dec 13, 2023, 5:16 AM CST
    COP28 ends with a historic compromise text, marking the first global call for transitioning away from fossil fuels.
    The United Arab Emirates, as the summit host, celebrates the agreement as a groundbreaking deal to reduce emissions.
    The final text reflects a significant step but faces watered-down language due to objections from oil-exporting countries, particularly led by Saudi Arabia.


    At 80 years old I don’t expect to live long enough to suffer without oil and oil products.

    Figmund Sreud

    It’s worth hearing this out ( … or just read transcript )

    Arthur Berman: “Shale Oil and the Slurping Sound”


    John Day

    Israel Nuked Palestine

    John Helmer has this story, mostly introducing the documentary and analytical work of nuclear scientist Christopher Busby.
    The neutron bomb was invented in 1958 by Samuel Cohen of the Livermore Laboratory of California and then RAND…
    ​ Abstract
    ​ Since 200​3 measurements made by Green Audit in Fallujah, Iraq 2003, Lebanon 2006 and Gaza 2008 have provided unequivocal evidence of Uranium residues which show anomalous Uranium U-238/U235 isotope signature ratios. Results from independent laboratories in Europe and the UK, using different techniques, revealed the presence of enriched Uranium in biological materials and environmental samples including soil, bomb craters and air (as recorded in vehicle air filter dust). More recently, 2021 results published in the journal Nature, show that Uranium enrichment levels in background samples from Gaza have been increasing markedly since 2008. Since enriched Uranium is an anthropogenic substance which does not exist in nature, the question arises as to the source, in the weapons employed by the USA (Fallujah) and Israel (Lebanon, Gaza). It is proposed that the only logical answer is that a Uranium-based weapon exists that produces U-235 by neutron activation and has been deployed. Such a weapon must be some kind of neutron bomb.​..
    ​..Conclusion and further investigation.
    ​ An inevitable deduction from the consistent findings of enriched Uranium in samples from Gaza, Lebanon and Iraq, is that a neutron weapon of some kind has been employed since the second Gulf War, and possible before then. This is an Israeli (and US) secret weapon, as was reported by Robert Fisk in The Independent in 2006 [7]. The increases in congenital effects seen in the Fallujah population [8,9,10] and also in Gaza [20,21] can plausibly have resulted from exposure to neutrons as well as to the Uranium particulate aerosols. The weapon is ideal for armies employed in methodological destruction both of fighters hidden in urban environments (where neutrons pass through walls) and for any state which has the aim of destroying the civilian population using a genetic mutation weapon (cancer, fertility loss, birth defects). It is, however, a nuclear weapon, and those deploying it are using a nuclear weapon against civilian populations as part of a project to destroy an enemy state population without acknowledging this. This is a war crime.


    ​ Celia Farber: RT Interview With Former Mossad Agent Ari Ben Menashe (Of Iran Contra Fame) Surfaces, Confirming Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein Worked For Israel To Control USA With Kompromat
    Why Doesn’t Anybody Ever Ask ISRAEL For Those Flight Logs? Epstein, Unfurled, Would Reveal Israel (I Believe) As A NON FRIEND Of The United States​.

    Tony Hall on Spotlight, Extermination Mission​ , Iranian Television Asks Some of the Hard Questions About the “Extermination Mission” in Gaza​ [​See ​Hospital video]

    Israel Starts Pumping Seawater Into Gaza Tunnels, After Russia Warned Against ‘War Crime’

    John Day

    ​ United Nations demands humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza
    ​ The United States does not have a veto in the General Assembly. It voted against the resolution, along with Israel and eight other countries. The resolution was adopted to a round of applause with 153 votes in favor, while 23 countries abstained from the vote.

    Anti-Zionist Jews Block Major LA Freeway To Demand Gaza Ceasefire

    Netanyahu Says Israel Received Full US Support for Ground Operation in Gaza Strip

    John Day

    ​Simplicius, from yesterday, has lots of details and context regarding the convulsions in Kiev. Zelensky Circus Comes to Town for One Last Encore
    ​ So as part of Ukraine’s plans going forward into next year, they intend to create ‘surprising’ new symbolic victories, including “very daring ones”—a full admission that their entire program consists of merely performative token triumphs for global media consumption. Thus, we’re put on notice to expect some new ‘clever’ terrorist attacks in the coming months, which will have no effect on the calculus on the ground.
    ​ But as a final consideration for where things are headed into 2024, one other idea in relation to U.S.’s attempt to slow down the conflict to buy time for itself is the following. If worst comes to worst, and the U.S. is not able to get Russia to accede to a negotiations next year, there’s a chance that the U.S. will retool the negotiations effort as a deliberate trap with the understanding that Russia will reject them for the purpose of using the rejection as a torch to inspire Europe in rising up to the ‘threat’ posed by a resurgent Russia. They will say “See! Russia has no intention to ever stop, they will conquer all of Europe next.”

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow’s Russian TV view of Zelensky’s Washington visit:
    ​ Last night’s Vladimir Solovyov show indulged in that kind of analysis to the full. In particular, this relates to the coverage of the joint press conference by Biden and Zelensky in which, quite exceptionally, they did not look at one another, they did not shake hands and appeared to be in a frosty relationship which, according to the Russian commentator, Valentin Bogdanov, Russian television’s bureau chief in New York, indicated that behind closed doors Zelensky had been called out on the carpet and told to freeze the conflict with Russia before the start of the U.S. presidential electoral season in January ‘or else.’
    ​ The Solovyov show’s interpretation of Zelensky’s visit is that he was ordered to come by the Biden administration so that he could see for himself the political realities of today, namely that there is little or no support in Congress for further military and financial aid to his country.
    ​ The ‘or else’ mentioned above is clear from footage of the pooled television feed that the Russians put on air but which has been systematically omitted by Western broadcasters. In this footage, Bogdanov called attention to the prominent presence at the meetings of Zelensky’s chief of the presidential administration Andrei Yermak, who should not have been there. And he showed us how Yermak was caught on video shadowing his boss when Zelensky and Biden exited from the press conference. His big, fat head was for some reason not put on the screen by CNN.
    ​ Per Bogdanov, Yermak is one of several Ukrainian politicians and military men that the United States is cultivating to replace Zelensky when they have truly had their fill of him and his only utility will be as scapegoat for the disaster of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. Another candidate said to be favored by Washington is, of course, the military commander Zaluzhny, whose public spat with Zelensky over the present situation on the battlefield has been widely reported in Western media on orders from ‘you know who.’ Then there is also candidate Aleksei Arestovich, a former Zelensky aide now living in the States and biding his time.

    ​ Dima, at Military summary Channel, has the most novel view, which he explains in the first 5 minutes, that Zelensky was pulled to Washington DC for protection during a large Russian attack, since all the details were not known, but it could have involved a coup d’etat. It was the biggest hacking attack in history. Ukraine is somewhat “paralyzed”.
    ​ Zelensky Was Evacuated While Ukraine Is Paralyzed. Military Summary For 2023.12.12

    Scott Ritter: Why the Pentagon is a multitrillion-dollar fraud
    The US Department of Defense has failed its sixth annual audit in a row, but taxpayer money will keep going down that drain

    John Day

    ​ Final COP28 Deal References Transition Away From Fossil Fuels​ , By Tsvetana Paraskova ​ (We will inevitably use less oil as less oil ​is pumped to use.)
    ​ COP28 ends with a historic compromise text, marking the first global call for transitioning away from fossil fuels.
    The United Arab Emirates, as the summit host, celebrates the agreement as a groundbreaking deal to reduce emissions.
    The final text reflects a significant step but faces watered-down language due to objections from oil-exporting countries, particularly led by Saudi Arabia.

    ​ IBM Slapped With Federal Civil Rights Complaint After Racist CEO’s “Obviously Illegal” Hiring Practices Leak
    ​ IBM has been hit with a federal civil rights complaint after James O’Keefe posted video leaked by an insider of CEO and Chairman Arvind Krishna outlining racist business practices.
    ​ “On December 11, 2023, a tape of IBM Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman Arvind Krishna was released on X.4 In the video, Krishna promises to fire, demote, or deny bonuses to corporate executives who either fail to meet the corporation’s racial and national origin hiring quotas or who hire too many Asian individuals,” reads a letter from America First Legal Foundation.​ [Indians and Chinese have been in a culture war for thousands of years. Indians are technically “Asians”, but…]

    ​ When you need an emergency appendectomy or cholecystectomy to save your life…
    There is a major controversy brewing in Canada over a proposal in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons that schools shift from emphasizing “medical expertise” in favor of teaching “anti-racism” and social justice values.

    Canadian Medical Schools Asked to Shift From “Medical Expertise” to Anti-Racism and Social Justice Training

    Celia Farber , Whistleblower Nurse: Kaiser Permanente Had Computer Systems Manipulated/Programmed to Push Covid Agenda And Lies:
    Impossible To Log Sick Patients As “Vaccinated.”
    Describes Colleagues As Having “Glazed” Eyes To Not See What Was Happening, Wanting To Be Accepted And Cool, Partook In Mass Euthanasia

    ​Meryl Nass MD has numbered bullet-points
    Important points regarding the WHO’s Proposed Pandemic Treaty and major changes to the International Health Regulations
    2. The WHO’s proposed treaties are unconstitutional
    a. They demand that nations perform surveillance of their citizens’ social media footprints and censor them to prevent ‘infodemics’ (too much information, according to the WHO’s definition), misinformation and disinformation, surveil
    b. They say that nations should give up the intellectual property rights of their citizens.
    c. There is no due process for the declaring or ending of public health emergencies of international concern, for which no standards exist​…
    4. The 2 proposed treaties ignore existing internal law prohibiting the proliferation of biological warfare agents (the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention and the 2004 Security Council Memorandum 1540) and demand that nations search out new agents (a.k.a. “potential pandemic pathogens”) and share them with the WHO, which will “share them globally.” The WHO has already established a BioHub for this purpose and a Pathogen Access and Benefits System.​..
    6. The proposed amendments remove the guarantee of “Human rights, dignity and freedom of persons” that are found in the current international health regulations.
    7. The two proposed treaties are both binding, whereas the earlier IHR were recommendations only, apart from minor requirements for notification of certain outbreaks to the WHO. The two proposed documents would give the WHO and particularly its Director-General vast authority to manage healthcare globally. The current Director-General is not a medical practitioner and instead has a PhD in Community Health.​..
    9. The proposed treaty calls for rapidly produced vaccines and for nations to implement domestic legislation to permit the use of unlicensed medical products without manufacturer liability…
    10. It is apparent that in the process of developing the “Pandemic Accord” and amendments to the IHR, WHO/WHA positioned itself in a combined law-making/executive/expert/censorship role, which is a well-known path to usurpation of unrestrained power. It should not be surprising, therefore, that the proposed Amendments grant expressly such power to the WHO.
    11. The WHO receives 85% of its funding from voluntary contributions, and only 15% from dues paid by its 194 member nations. Most of the voluntary contributions are earmarked for special projects that the WHO carries out. When President Trump withheld US funding in 2020, Bill Gates became the WHO’s top funder. The (unelected) WHO serves many private masters, yet seeks to govern the world’s population.
    12. Virtually every recommendation the WHO made for managing the COVID pandemic was counterproductive. Why would we give the WHO the power to enforce the same bad advice on the US and world?


    1. The How and Why Afghanistan Fell So Quickly:

    As soon as the elites in Afghanistan realized the US was leaving, they stop using US supplied money to pay their police and military, instead keeping the money for themselves, since they also feared that US funding would also be cut off. This was their very last chance to grab any money before they too fled.

    After several months of not being paid, the police and military soon realized they were never going to be paid, so they all quit.

    In Afghanistan, this critical non-military factor, grift, is what the US military overlooked. Typically they only saw (blinders) military issues.

    2. How and Why The Ukraine Might Fall Quickly:

    Read the above paragraphs and substitute “Ukraine” for “Afghanistan”.

    Note: So far it is estimated 50 of 450 of Ukraine Rada parliamentarians have already said good-bye to their Ukrainian constituencies. Rats leaving a sinking ship? Are rats ever wrong by leaving a rotten ship early?

    John Day

    Thanks FS, for Berman on shale-oil “slurping sound”.


    Yes I expect to see a “word” salad on TAE!

    Bibi: Praise the Lord!
    Biden: Pass the Amm3unition!

    After dealing with Hamas, Israel will stand down along it’s narrow strip along the Gaza/Egyptian border, flooding the Sinai with Palestinians.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ ezlxa1949 – A bit more on sulfur.

    There is a number of meanings regarding Smelling Sulfur, … just a short listing:

    Sulfur is often associated with the devil or with hell. Sulfur can also be a sign of purification or cleansing, and be a symbol of transformation. The smell of sulfur can also be a sign that someone has been cursed.

    There is more, … the scent of sulfur also indicates the presence of angels or other spiritual beings, or the smell of sulfur may be a warning from your guardian angel, … or spirit guide about someone or something evil nearby.

    Anyway, I watched the vid, saw the haze filling the area, … seeing presence of Sulfur in the air was the first thing that came up into my mind! [ As I recall from my olden past – ‘50s and ‘60s – we Poles never had much love for Jews. Today, … Poland, I suspect, is not much different. I could be wrong, … ]


    Formerly T-Bear

    Israel flooding Hamas tunnels – WSJ
    With the lives of hostages at stake, the Israeli government is reportedly keeping the operation quiet

    “The Israeli military has begun pumping seawater into Hamas’ underground tunnel network beneath Gaza, the Wall Street Journal has reported. Israeli officials have refused to comment on the alleged operation, which could endanger the lives of more than 100 hostages and contaminate the strip’s water supply.”

    Another delusion from NYT’s braying ‘truth’. Or is it camouflage and true? If done, the entire Israeli government, its bureaucrats, its entire officer command of the military must meet the judgment of ICC, ICJ and citizens of Israel be required to wear clearly visible a yellow star whenever outside Israel, since that is the fashion their diplomats wear at the UN without shame.

    ~ ~ ~
    Still looking for log out button


    Arthur Berman: “Shale Oil and the Slurping Sound”
    Could have been, as easily, a giant meteorite hurling toward the Earth.

    jb-hb: Arthur Berman hates the humanity!


    Recall Rumsfield saying they ‘lost” 5 trillion on 9/10/01? A jew CFO is how you steal 5 trillion. Next day you murder anyone looking into it. We’ve been robbed blind since 1913 by youknowho. Usury and debt to create a slave plantation. China/Russia are the new blood host for the ancient parasite. Time to cull the Westerners. Everything’s been stolen, fuck em, purpose served. Open the floodgates for the barbarians, let em all fight for their lives. Good luck fighting when you’re incapacitated by injections. Why do you think Deagal made such horrific predictions? Well, we are about to find out.


    You can open Some video and pictures from Gaza
    67th Day of Aggression: Gaza Remains in Genocide Crisis as Brutal Attacks Continue

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