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    Vincent van Gogh Road menders at Saint-Remy 1889   • US Banks See Biggest Unrealized Losses On Securities Since Q1 2009 (WS) • European Banks’ €3
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    V. Arnold

    The insanity leaves me spinning/realing, how to deal with it?
    Turn off the internet and it all goes away…
    but not really.
    I’m left with one thing, common sense. It depends on knowing the now, not the what if’s…
    Flee for your lives, from the information deluge, to a place of reason and calm…
    Take a break, to the now…
    Go garden and grow zucchini’s…

    Dr. D

    Again, stocks going down means CASH is going UP. That’s an easy call with Powell tightening and the economy slowing worldwide. Look at it in this reverse way in our theory of relativity where stocks:cash = cash:stocks. Stocks are holding but relatively currency (to repay debts) is going up, housing is going down, and commodities (minus palladium) is staying the same. With margin this high, there’s no other outcome.

    That doesn’t mean all prices won’t fall (vs cash), but this is the first move of the well-planned tightening, and the riots are a well-expected result of this, just as it was in the U.S.-engineered Arab Spring.

    Be careful with Chinese debt as they alone “owe it to themselves”, and there are no legal rules in China, just power and bureaucracy. They can internally cross-cancel that debt and anyone who protests will disappear – especially the journalists. But unlike Turkey and S.A., they’ll remain our friends anyway.

    “The idea that republican or democratic government will eventually deteriorate into some form of tyranny is not exactly new. Thomas Jefferson…”

    Jefferson said these things not himself, but as late-enlightenment figure they referred to the now-available documents of Greece and Rome, which is how they learned that the only democracies in history devolved into tyranny. Important because in an era of universal slander the names “Jefferson” “America” or “Founding Fathers” and the mind snaps shut as a bunch of violent, white villains, who, if you adhere to and agree with, will get you fired, deplatformed, and investigated by the FBI, instead of just saying, “it’s history: look it up.” Irony being, you can be arrested if you support the primary law, the Constitution. Law=not law, in our mixed-up oppositeland world, #antilogos.

    Democracies do not fight other democracies.” is a great example of yesterday’s “things that everybody knows, but reality has no effect.” Hey, remember when that Democracy of Britain, ruled by a king, fought that Democracy by the duly-elected Chancellor, Mr. Hitler? Yeah, that’s still the most famous war Western history, killed 60 million people: you might have heard of it and the many, many democracies involved. But hey, why bother with facts everyone knows and also agrees are true, right? The slogan is way smarter, especially when it allows you to invade another country and kill 6 million of its people, in Serbia, Iraq, Syria, Libya…

    And since we love democracy so much, that’s why we paid $5B to overthrow the elected and democratic Ukraine, among 100 others found in wikipedia as consensus reality. ‘Cause democracy amirite?

    …Let me leave Varoufakis alone today, I know he means well.


    ….information deluge ….
    (too many windmills)


    …. stocks going down means CASH is going UP….
    ONLY for the rich who are still selling at a profit

    …. devolved into tyranny….

    Are all tyrants bad rulers?

    Do tyrants come from the rich and ruling class or do tyrants come from the poor, uneducated, oppress

    noun, plural tyr·an·nies.
    arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
    the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler.
    a state ruled by a tyrant or absolute ruler.

    • Act V: Yellow Vests Prepare For Massive ‘Macron Resign’ Protest (RT)

    Are people too busy with Xmas holidays to go marching in a demonstration?
    Are some people raking in the double time paychecks for their Xmas spending?
    Can plywood be reused 5X to protect the rich from getting looted by the poor demonstrators?

    • Affordable Care Act Is Ruled Unconstitutional By A Federal Judge (CNBC)

    Where will the medical pigs get their next meal?
    Should I send a donation of stones?

    • Clinton Foundation Oversight Panel Hears Explosive Testimony (RT)

    The earth shattering silence tells me that every rich person has a “charitable foundation” to enhance their lifestyle.

    The elite fear that Destroying one “charitable foundation” would cause a negative butterfly effect.

    Has the hearing hear about where the money was spent from the “Haiti relieve fund” that was raised by Bill Clinton?

    Did you want a career as a whistleblower?

    “…. whistleblower, Nathan Cain, earlier this week. Cain’s lawyer says his client – who reportedly gave the Justice Department documents showing federal officials failed to investigate criminal activity related to the Uranium One deal – was accused of possessing stolen federal property…..”

    Dr. D

    The stolen property is the knowledge of the crimes that would send all these people to jail.

    He’s on the naughty list now. Better not jaywalk or weightlift with Haitian UN witnesses.

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