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    Russell Lee Sign Along the Road Near Capulin New Mexico 1939   • Bitcoin Futures Crash Over $2000 From Open (ZH) • Bitcoin’s Illiquidity Is Going
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    V. Arnold

    Ah, the magical mystery tour continues, unabated.
    The rest; sleepwalking through the graveyard…

    Dr. D

    “.. invoking Article 7 will eventually allow the European Parliament to rescind all economic aid to Poland and its voting rights within the body.”

    So…Poland will receive nothing and have no representation, but pay for Belgium and Germany’s standard of living? While they’re agitating to leave the EU anyway? I’m sure that’ll work out well. They’d never join Eurasia and take the rest of the Visigrad nations with them or anything, leaving the EU without slave labor pool and resource base to plunder. Nope. My thought? OMG please please please please invoke Article 7 and invade Poland with your non-army. Reveal this vicious, evil institution and put it out of its misery so Europe can go back to being Europe again.

    Meanwhile, in Greece, you wouldn’t think Greeks would be using cash because they somehow think when making €400/month they can’t afford the loss of an additional €100 in taxes, do you? Never. They’d starve before not paying their full taxes. Or vice versa, as seen every day.


    Dr. D, it’s unlikely that predominantly Catholic Poland will join predominantly Orthodox Russia, even if the latter is restyled as Eurasia. Too much bad blood between the two. And Hitler (EU is his vision of Europe, give or take) didn’t particularly want them either, seeing them for the bunch of troublemakers they are. Looking how the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was negotiated – it’s hilarious. Nothing changed 80 years later.




    The Poles conveniently forget that they were occupied 3 ways – by Prussia, by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and by the Russian Empire. They also forget that although they had numerous uprisings against the Russians, their peasants preferred to be under Russian tutelage than their own upper class and did not join in these rebellions. The laws governing serfdom in Poland were better for the peasants than those imposed on their own serfs in Russia. These uprisings were organised by the middle and upper classes which were tiny at that time.

    All of this part of history has been swept under the carpet and today’s young Poles have no idea of just how self-serving their elites were at one time. They exported their wheat to buy luxuries from England while their peasants starved.

    The Poles have always historically hated the Jews because they were the tax-collectors of these aristocrats. Again, that part of history has been obliterated. There are today few Jews in Poland.

    A lot of bad things happened under the USSR, but it was the USSR that liberated the Poles from the Nazis – and at great cost. The Polish prewar government was Fascist and allied with Hitler. Hitler stabbed a lot of people in the back when he made his deal with Stalin. Stalin, no angel BTW, tried repeatedly to make alliance with France and the UK to no avail so when Hitler made an offer to let him move his border some hundreds of miles west, he was only too happy to oblige. The USSR did not move its army into Poland until 2 weeks after the German invasion as they wanted to make sure that Hitler would stop his army at the new border agreed between Molotov and Ribbentrop.

    Underlying this visceral hatred of everything Russian – which has been going on for an awfully long time – is the desire of the Catholic Church to take over Christianity in Russia. Strangely enough, it is Catholicism that is falling apart – except in Africa – and Orthodoxism is undergoing a revival.

    In Lebanon/Syria, the French colonialists had the great idea of moving the Maronite (i.e. Catholic) population to Algeria – to act as managers of the country on behalf of the French. They wanted to exterminate the Orthodox Christians by giving control to the Sunni Muslims – as the British did in Iraq. However, the Maronites refused to play this role so the French sent Jews to Algeria to act on their behalf instead. These “colons” stole the best land from the locals – just like what is happening today in Palestine. They were eventually evicted at a cost of some 1.5 million Algerians and the bankruptcy of the French economy. It didn’t work out then and it won’t work out now.


    Dr D,

    I think it would be nice if the Poles acted honestly as a bridge between Germany and Russia, but history tells us that they will always try to cut the links between these two countries. Nothing has changed for hundreds of years.

    You can see how upset the Poles are by the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline under the Baltic and how they are trying to block a second pipeline. They also have done their utmost to support the Nazis who have taken over Ukraine and a good number of Polish snipers (some female) have been shooting at the civilians of the Donbass. This despite the experience of having Nazis running Poland not so very long ago!

    Here you can read how deluded Polish media has become. They present their own fantasies or wishes as reality. Germany is 100% dependent on Russian gas and nothing can change that. There is no plan B.

    “Berlin was until recently ready to offer Warsaw a deal under which Germany would abandon plans for a contested gas pipeline in exchange for Poland giving up demands for war reparations from Germany, according to a report.”

    Berlin was ready to sacrifice Nord Stream 2 in deal with Poland

    Let’s not forget that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth occupied Moscow at one time so the Poles were not always the victims. The Russians have absolutely no reason to trust Poland and the Baltic States – these countries need Russia a lot more than Russia needs them. As soon as the EU, World Bank etc. stop pouring funds into them, they will be in serious trouble.


    but it was the USSR that liberated the Poles from the Nazis – and at great cost

    Well, maybe not so altruistically 🙂 Let’s not forget about that whole Warsaw uprising debacle. As you said, a lot of bad things happened.
    Also, that’s an interesting map. Funny how Armenia is dark gray. Should be a shade lighter yellow than the rest of orthodox countries, if you ask me 🙂


    “Well, maybe not so altruistically”

    Obviously, their first priority was to defeat the Germans. Regarding the Warsaw Uprising: they got a lot of criticism for not “saving” the Poles. Well, if they had intervened, they would have lost lots of troops and the Poles would have turned against them instead of the Germans a bit later on. Better let the Germans get rid of the resistance. Anyway, at that time, the Americans, British, Canadians etc. were keeping out of the fight to let the Soviets take almost all of the losses – so they are hardly in a position to claim a higher moral ground.

    The Soviets did not call on the Poles to rise up against the Germans in Warsaw. In recent years, the Americans did call on the Kurds on Shia to rise against Saddam Hussein and then they left them to get clobbered by his army. This was a totally unnecessary and criminally-wonton act

    The crushing of a 1991 uprising by Shias in Iraq’s south and Kurds in the north was one of the most brutal acts of repression under Saddam Hussein

    V. Arnold

    The Soviets did not call on the Poles to rise up against the Germans in Warsaw. In recent years, the Americans did call on the Kurds on Shia to rise against Saddam Hussein and then they left them to get clobbered by his army. This was a totally unnecessary and criminally-wonton act.

    Spot on; you know your history.
    The world is slowly, but surely, waking up to the realities of a duplicitious U.S..

    Dr. D

    Yes Nassim, very smart.

    I don’t know what it is with the Poles’ long self-destruction, but it’s well-known. Although they would only flip grudgingly and at last, the signal would be to the rest of Europe of how evil Brussels is. Like who didn’t know this already by 2000? What will it take to break through with the truth over there? Was Greece not enough?

    V. Arnold

    Was Greece not enough?
    Obviously it wasnt…

    Chris M

    Dr. D,

    As someome who has Polish heritage, I will never forget all the jokes as to how backwards we were.

    My favorite joke was the lightbulb one.

    How many Polish does it take to change a lightbulb?

    5. One to hold the lightbulb, and 4 to turn the ladder. 😉

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