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    Edward Hopper Morning sun 1952   • The Death of Israel (Chris Hedges) • Pentagon Mulls Strikes Against Houthis Amid Red Sea Chaos (Sp.) • ‘Lower-
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    Formerly T-Bear

    Use: Palestinian Freedom Fighters


    Fucking Terrorists

    Be first on your community, family and friends; a natural born leader.

    Dr D Rich

    “The vaunted fight against anti-Semitism is a thinly disguised celebration of White Power”

    Oh Jesus h Christ….there are 4 or 5 leaps of logic in exactly opposite directions in that one sentence.
    Ah hell, maybe he meant “Celebration of White Power” IS a good, vaunted thing too.

    Terrorist boogeyman analogies abound since the Navy redeployed me and my midshipclassmates from the eastern Mediterranean in June 1981.
    What happened to precipitate such an action?
    Israel bombed the Osirak Nuclear facility in Iraq.

    On the fantail a commissioned officer gathered us midshippersons to inform us about The Plan.
    Transfer us to a 2nd ship that would out-chop the Med and return to CONUS.
    Off the port bow was a Sverdlov Class cruiser playing a game of chicken, cat n mouse with our LHA. Off starboard aft was a US ammunition ship on fire.
    The LT briefing us only made the scenario more surrealistic by pointing to the Soviet cruiser and stating the world changed and THAT badass ship no longer deserves our attention. The new threat he said is Terrorism as evidenced by Israel’s bombing of the Iraq’s Osirak nuclear facility.
    So I asked two obvious questions.

    1. Does this mean we’re gonna avenge the USS LIBERTY since that terrorist attack was only 14 years ago?
    2. Why are we midshipindividuals being sent home for our safety? In 2.5 years we’re going to be right here in Harm’s Way leading and commanding as John Paul Jones said he wished no connection with slow-assed ships because JPJ intended to Go There.

    The replies:
    Shut up . We’re going home, stupid.
    Israel is our ally. Those Iraq terrorists are building a nuclear weapons facility.

    42.5 years later The Stupid hasn’t relented except Israel’s ally Iran bombed the reactor the previous year.

    Dr. D

    “Maher: “It’s Hard To Negotiate When The Other Side’s Position Is – You All Die And Disappear”

    Wow, Bill Maher and I agree completely. Yes, you probably can’t negotiate and may have to take military action it they want you all expelled dead or alive. Oh wait: he meant the Jews? Oh, sorry, I meant the Gazans. Peas in a pod, I guess.

    “G7 Closer To Giving $300BN In Seized Russian Assets To Ukraine After Orban Blocked EU Funds

    Please, please do this….

    “Yes, Hunter Is Now in Contempt of Congress

    …And nothing happened.

    I’m sure when Congress calls me up, I can just tell them “I prefer not to”, right VP? Those guys are totally chill and won’t mind at all.

    “Federal Judge Permanently Blocks Illinois Law Targeting Pro-Life Pregnancy Counseling

    The Governor’s argument here is that it’s illegal for anyone to tell a lie. …And then he got arrested. Just kidding! There is no greater creator of lies than government that I’m aware of. They easily transcend corporations, which is really saying something.

    “Pro-Vaccine Journalist Who Called for Punishment For Refusing Jab Dies Suddenly”
    ““I, for one, advocate we bring the carrot and the stick,” Mr. Vandaelle stated in a social media post in July 2021. “Incentivize getting the vaccine however we like – ice cream, lotteries, literally whatever, I don’t care – and require vaccination to do non-essential things. Wanna go to a bar to watch the game? Passport.”
    “Take the jab or resign; anything else is moral and ethical cowardice. You take an oath to protect citizens? You get vaxxed. Shameful that we have to say this.”

    TVASF Mostly because of denial. Additional deaths are running 150,000/yr even in “good” places like the U.S, an entire city every 12 moths, and they are all Blue Progressives I guess, and will be totally replaced by all the brown people coming in the border, just as they always dreamed of.

    Sounds like a win-win happy ending to me. Everybody fulfilled their dreams.

    “The West was determined to break Russia apart after the collapse of the Soviet Union, believing that multiple states based on the country’s ruins would be too weak to resist outside influence,”

    This is what the same people want for the United States and always have. Thus we had to move to a more centralized government from the Articles of Confederation, and later, centralize power to the Feds that became dangerous, as France and England backed and funded, created the Civil War. They are working on Texas, and Podesta said directly it was their plan to have the PNW secede. DC is already a non-US area.

    Divide and conquer. Let me bring up something to a more conscious level: we say “The Internet” as in the Internet does, is, or shows this or that. But unlike CBS broadcast, “The Internet” is entirely radically different for each person who clicks it. We are not on “The Internet”. We are on OUR Internet, and they are on theirs. And since they can’t cure the first part, this is their Plan B POINT of the Internet: everyone in their own self-reinforcing echo chamber, divide and conquer. Now we don’t agree on the actions of the facts, the interpretation of the facts, WE DON’T AGREE ON THE FACTS themselves. Thanks to evil, paid, corrupt reporting as we all know.

    But think about that in general: everyone’s internet, their info, their propaganda, their entire WORLD is different online. And although not perfect, each act is meant to tune it specifically to them in a panopticon VR Matrix they cannot get a single click outside of. Us too, by the way. Although as Mainstream isn’t nearly as strong but still persists, we tend to hear the Billionaire status quo establishment AND something else, while in the reverse they hear ONLY billionaire paid mainstream and maybe only occasionally something else mocked or at Thanksgiving Dinner.

    “peculiar views that are undoubtedly propagated in the European media — that the war in Ukraine should continue to weaken Russia,”

    Apparently it has been strengthening Russia, which had no trouble eclipsing the U.S. to become the strongest military in the world this year. Still rising fast. Counterintuitive since it IS costing them a lot in GDP and men. So steal against steel making them better? Since it’s happening for whatever reason Europe wants to course-correct? Not on your life. And I do mean YOUR life, not theirs. They’ll fly to Moscow, buy Russian oil and stocks all they want while they’re outlawed for you.

    Okay, WHY? I think besides plan-matrix: they thought he wouldn’t attack. They thought he wouldn’t win, the U.S. thought they’d get away with it, the Pentagon Arm-Dealers thought we could dump our turd weapons, then if it fails, Europe thought they’d have a fallback of sinking the U.S., etc. Besides that, which was all wrong, EUROPE NEEDS FASCISM. That is,


    One THOUSAND times. For 30 years. WE. ARE. COMING, FOR YOU. We have Greened Eugenics, we have to RATION all your goods, YOU will live in a VR pod and eat the bugs so there can be enough Waigu Steaks for ME. The coast of France and Italy should remain beautiful so we need to kill all the humans and return it to a paradise again I can enjoy from my yacht. Now HOW can we get you to take a gun out of a drawer, put it to your head, and pull the trigger for us? With lies, of course!

    Green was, is going okay, I guess, but not nearly far enough fast enough. They REALLY have to have Iron Curtain Berlin Wall control over all Western Europe or collapse. For so many reasons, top being there’s oil everywhere, but NOT in Europe. Europe would have to BUY that oil fair and square which would lead to certain bankruptcy like the British Tea trade draining 100% all silver to China. “And then a miracle happened”, right HSBC? Anyway, if they can Techocratically Centrally Plan, like the USSR, like NoKo, they can keep power in the whole continent, and jettison I dunno, 100 million useless troublemakers? Into mass graves? Import people who we can whip, and take orders, expensively imported African slaves – I mean, immigrants?

    So at this point WHY to the need a LOSING war with Russia, and won’t give it up? So they can have the premise to install this pan-continental open fascism. Which the EU always was, btw, it was never voted in, the bureaucracy was NEVER subservient to the national parliaments, and we NEVER got to see who was actually running the bureaucracy that was overruling all the national leaders. And/or removing them at will in Italy. Right?

    The EU has always BEEN fascism. It’s never NOT been fascism. They’re just revealing to you that it is, and taking off the mask the rest of us have been saying since 1995. Confirmed with each illegal entry and non-vote in 2000 and 2004, etc.

    Only a “War’ with Russia can provide the slightest plausibility to do this. And even that, not much. But they can divide and keep the idiots too busy to mount a resistance of going up and hanging them from lampposts. As they continue to take lavish salaries for selling their countries and not even showing up for work. Without Russia, without Ukraine, how plausible would their consolidation of power be? Not at all. Thus they can’t stop. Lose a million men? Hahahaha! They ain’t MY men.

    Not like Russia isn’t warning them. Or us. Or Assange.

    “• US Entering 2024 With Tiniest Military Since 1941 (Sp.)

    Thank God. Can we make it smaller? A: Yes. You can’t NOT make it smaller since no one will sign up nor support it.

    The smaller the base military, the harder it is to hide $40Trillion in accounting fraud. So they need fascism too. “Got a Problem? Add Fascism! Yours today for $19.95!”™

    “COP28 was about ‘power’ and ‘control’: … their purpose is to control energy systems worldwide.”

    Yes but more. They Eugenics all the Bad (i.e. Poor) people, by the multi-millions, and install fascism where you ask for and demand it. And so it has. Why would I kid you? Okay, this is your theory, you believe it, great. What are the ACTUAL results of it, your CO2 Environmentalism so far? Well let’s see, 10 years of riots in France. Totally Dickensian devastation of the Poors continent-wide. Deindustrialization across Europe, and as that is Germany perhaps the collapse of the EU itself. High inflation where what Caulkin bought at the grocery in Chicago for “Home Alone I” for $20, not costs $75 today 30 years later. Deindustrialization but also demilitarization as each military is entirely hollowed out and each nation ripe for collapse and occupation. And the De-Law-ing of the entire West as the “Helping” in each case creates new unaccountable central powers, most of which transfers money to unelected corporations. Any protest or resistance also permits new laws and to normalize draconian measures further erasing Democracy and law. Oh: and the economic strain is destroying the environment about 5x faster than when you started. They’re paving fields and making cows extinct “for the ecology.”

    So: great track record there, guys! All the Fascism and actually the #Opposite of all environmentalism in Holland, Ireland, etc.

    Meanwhile in MY theory, THAT is all planned, but You, sir, are a SUCKER, a sap, an idiot, a mark, a rube, for a Giant Con. BY these corporations you claim not to trust at all. Who have in fact provably transferred $20 Trillion out of you the people SO FAR and they haven’t even got it installed yet. Which of us is more likely correct?

    “How could the climate on Venus possibly have changed without cow farts, nitrogen fertiliser, gas cookers, combustion engines and human CO2 exhalation?!”

    Again: pick one. I don’t know what to argue when all things are equally true as their #Opposites. My Feelz!

    “42.5 years later The Stupid hasn’t relented except Israel’s ally Iran bombed the reactor the previous year.”

    Indeed. As I’ve said: pick one. So bombing a nuclear site for basically no reason with no authority isn’t terrorism? And that’s what makes us sure they are our good and perfect ally? Because they sink our ships then put US in the line of fire, hiding behind us?

    With allies like these (later to sell all our nuclear secrets to said terrorists)…

    I grew up in this. And everyone you mentioned it to said it was fine. Perfectly normal! Commendable in fact! I mean, WHO doesn’t defend to the death nations who intentionally sink our ships and lie about it, amirite? And that’s the Americans. You should talk to the American Jews on the same subjects of Israel, Iraq, etc. They make us look like geniuses and peaceniks.

    Conclusion: I have no IDEA why they psy-ops work on anyone. But they really really do. SMH.

    Figmund Sreud

    Nap vid: chat with Alastair Crooke this a.m.


    John Day

    I like this Hopper painting a lot.
    It expresses the private harvest of a modest, but predictable, small blessing.
    The human collecting the blessing of natural sunlight in an impoverished environment appears to be very modest, not “desirable”, but wise.

    John Day

    @Dr.D: “Hey, You, Get off of My Cloud (computing) internet!


    access to information

    @ Veracious Poet

    A People’s History Of The United States Summary

    A People’s History Of The United States – Howard Zinn – Summary

    1-Sentence-Summary: A People’s History Of The United States will help you improve the world by giving you a better understanding of the true, sometimes shameful, story of this America’s rise to power.

    A book about the uprising of the United States from the perspective of the oppressed. You definitely didn’t hear these facts in history class. It comes off a bit one-sided at times, but I think you’ll appreciate the eye-opening new view you’ll get.

    Here are the 3 most eye-opening lessons I’ve learned from this book:

    1. The founding fathers set up the US government to benefit wealthy landowners, who still have power today.
    2. The Civil War wasn’t as much about ending slavery as it was about advancing political interests.
    3. The US has repeatedly used war as a way to improve their economic situation.

    Are you ready to have your mind opened about history as you thought you knew it?
    Let’s begin!
    Read more …
    TAE brings a collection that should stimulate peace.
    Look into yourself.
    Discover your motivator.
    Discover the enemy.

    King of the hill – conflict, War, anger, killing, hate, injustice, lies, profits, power and control, status quo, on your life.

    Fascism : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.


    Peace – Agreement
    The smaller the base military, the harder it is to hide $40Trillion in accounting fraud. So they need fascism too. “Got a Problem? Add Fascism! – Dr. D


    John Day

    Chris Hedges: “Despotisms can exist long after their past due date. But they are terminal. You don’t have to be a Biblical scholar to see that Israel’s lust for rivers of blood is antithetical to the core values of Judaism. The cynical weaponization of the Holocaust, including branding Palestinians as Nazis, has little efficacy when you carry out a live streamed genocide against 2.3 million people trapped in a concentration camp.”

    Israel is weaponizing its remaining goodwill and status in a last doubling down gamble, as the $US financial regime is also doing.


    What are the top 3 motivators?
    But it turns out that each one of us is primarily triggered by one of three motivators: achievement, affiliation, or power. This is part of what was called Motivation Theory, developed by David McClelland back in 1961.
    (Missed the biggest motivator of the majority of humanity)

    “King of the hill” – competition, conflict, War, anger, killing, hate, injustice, lies,
    Successful Politicians are capable of pushing your buttons.


    I loved the parts where he talks about Willie, truly one of the most gifted and smartest politicians of all time, and Kamala, one of the dumbest and laziest pols of all time- but he just plain lost it extolling Stacey Abrams for VP.


    By All Means Have Kamala Run



    Rope a’ Dope a’ Pope



    Holiday Greetings!





    And now we’ll change the subject to something more Erudite



    So who’s Debt explodes first sending them into depression?


    Look just above the Duh’merica flag.

    OMG, it’s Russia weighting in at .41%

    Dr D Rich

    Are (((they)) sincerely trying to drive me back my supposedly Catholic Church after being raped there 50 years ago?
    I mean, we have to choose sides and what’s worse, child rape or murder by sniper?

    From CNN:

      Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sniper shot and killed two women inside the Holy Family Parish in Gaza on Saturday, according to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which oversees Catholic Churches across Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

      The majority of Christian families inside Gaza have taken refuge inside the parish since the start of the war, the patriarchate said in a statement.

      The two women, described as a mother and daughter, were walking to the Sister’s Convent, the patriarchate said. “One was killed as she tried to carry the other to safety,” it added.

      Seven others were also shot and wounded in the attack.

      “No warning was given, no notification was provided,” the statement continued.

      “They were shot in cold blood inside the premises of the parish, where there are no belligerents.”

    Undermine the authority of officers and we end up with this evil, malignant and epitome of undisciplined behavior.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke essay this a.m.:

    … ending of:

    The Resistance understands and can see it all: How does Israel get out of this? Overthrowing Bibi? That won’t do it. It’s too late. The stopper is off; the genies and the demons are out.

    If the ‘front’ remains co-ordinated, proceeds by consensus; eschews any Pavlovian over-reaction to events that might plunge the region into an all-out war, then:

    ‘They can wait at leisure, whilst (Netanyahu) labours’ – and errs (Sun Tzu).

    They Can Wait at Leisure, Whilst Netanyahu Labours – and Errs


    As Russia Signals It Can Achieve Maximalist Aims in Ukraine, How Would Russia Manage Kiev and Western Ukraine?

    As Russia Signals It Can Achieve Maximalist Aims in Ukraine, How Would Russia Manage Kiev and Western Ukraine?
    Posted on December 18, 2023 by Yves Smith

    Figmund Sreud

    From my in-Box today on one of many criminal enterprises [ Pfizer Inc. *]

    Pfizer Falters
    Pfizer, one of the developers of the Covid vaccine, was one of the market’s favorite stocks in 2021. From its March 2020 lows to its 2021 peak, the stock appreciated nearly fivefold. Since then, it has been consistently falling. It now resides below the 2020 trough and at levels last seen ten years ago. So what went wrong?

    For starters, demand for the vaccine is down sharply. It is estimated, per the CDC, that only 17% of people over the age of 18 have taken the latest booster shot. For 2024, the company estimates $8 billion in vaccine and Paxlovid sales. Consider that in 2022, the two products generated over $100 billion in sales. The second chart below, courtesy of the WSJ, shows vaccine sales have fallen off a cliff.

    Pfizer executives made a bad bet. They grossly overestimated the profit potential of the vaccine and Paxlovid. Therefore, research toward new and existing drugs with future revenue potential was underfunded. Consequently, the company is on a $3.5 billion cost-cutting effort, including layoffs and reduced research investments.

    *) Definition at:,scope%20of%20individual%20criminal%20incidents.


    Figmund Sreud

    “Settler colonial states have a terminal shelf life. Israel is no exception.” – Chris Hedges

    An invasive species adversely affect habitats and bioregions, causing ecological, environmental, economic damage. They rarely eliminate natives. The time is nigh, …



    I thought this was the Babylon Bee, but no, it’s the real deal.

    The IDF, the Killer Klown Army (KKA)

    IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, as he visited troops in the Gaza Strip told them:

    “Not To Shoot Shirtless People Waving Surrender Flags…”



    Couldn’t happen to a worse army.
    US Military Faces ‘Mutiny’ Of Enlisted Gen-Zers As TikTok Virus Spreads.

    “Gen-Zers in the civilian world have already taken to the Chinese social media platform ‘TikTok’ to blast Washington and the military-industrial complex that they will not fight America’s endless wars. Even enlisted Gen-Zers are bashing the military amid a worsening recruitment crisis while neocon warmongers in the White House drag the world closer to World War III.

    A new report from DailyMail shows a number of enlisted TikTokers, with millions of followers, are bashing the military as a morale crisis spreads like a virus across the ranks.

    Laster has more than a million followers on TikTok. His negative press on military life leaves a terrible impression on recruits. …”

    This will help recruitment goals



    Soldier above ‘Laster’ has more than a million followers on TikTok.


    Eat my shorts!


    The Great Reset:
    What Dr. D describes is all part of the Great Reset our masters have planned for us. Anti family, anti energy, anti climate, anti people, anti money, anti freedom, etc.

    In my family there are no grand children àmoung 6 adult children. Only one is married and is not having children opting for 2 dogs instead. Only one male makes enough money to afford children but perfers girlfriends instead. The HVAC and Mechanic don’t make enough to get married or have children. The Great Reset in action.

    In Europe, first NATO conquers, then EU destroys.
    In WW2 Panzers conquered, then Nazi bankers destroyed.
    Same old story.

    Ukraine Jerking:
    Notice the constantly changing official narrative.
    No Peace.
    Winning War.
    No Ammo.
    War Stalmate.
    Peace Talks.
    No Money.
    New War Plans.
    Same pold story.

    Unwanted Palestinians:
    Should have died yesterday but didn’t.
    Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait all don’t want Palestinians.
    Yemen are not offering Palestinians a place to go.
    Nobody wants them because they only bring War.

    Living in interesting times.
    Bombing Iran Reactor.
    I was in southern Jordon near Saudi border when Israeli jets bombed Iran.
    The jets had to have passed within 50 km of where I was.

    Shah of Iran.
    I was in Marrakesh, Morroco, when the Shah of Iran fled to the King of Morroco’s winter palace, turning the city into a military fortress.
    3 military road blocks times 2 each day for me.

    Koren 747:
    I was in Siberia when the Russias shot down Korean 747 Plane.

    Frankfort, Germany:
    I was in the Frankfort airport a few days after Menbarder gang attack.
    All airport store windows were boarded up and I mean “all” windows!
    German army soldiers didn’t fool around.

    Kolweihi, Congo:
    I was therea year after Angolian rebels invaded the city.
    Shot up all animals in wall wildlife painting behind bar!
    Bullet holes still there!
    Belgium paratroopers flew in after rebels fled.

    West Bank:
    My Wife left an Israeli kabrok the day before it was attacked and people killed.

    Figmund Sreud

    … err, my last post is not what I intended. The time is nigh, … to eliminate alien species

    F.S., … stands corrected!


    My effort for peace.
    Could it would it
    Help. pass it on.
    ” what if they called for a war and nobody came.”


    Japan’s Nippon Steel To Buy US Steel For $14 Billion

    Nippon Steel Corp., Japan’s largest steel production company, announced Monday morning that it will acquire Pittsburgh-based US Steel in an all-cash deal

    The Russian industrial base will pass the Empire of Lies with less than half the population with moves like this.

    Nice meme

    Great optics

    Great PR image

    So the Empire of Lies produces even less of it’s own steel now?

    Gotta buy it from foreigners?

    What does Duh’merica make anymore, Woketard safe spaces?

    A Phases of Duh’merica



    I had a dream/nightmare
    The deserts were full of rusting cars.

    On top of the wars causing/affecting oil productions and deliveries, I feel sorry for the oil companies, etc. who will feel the pinch.

    Zero-emission vehicles – which include battery electric, plug-in and hydrogen models – must represent 20% of all new car sales in 2026, 60% in 2030 and 100% in 2035,

    John Day

    Barriers Constrain Maximum Power

    ​ There is a rule in ecology called the maximum power principle formulated by Lokta in 1925. It can be summarized as follows: “The systems that survive in competition are those that develop more power inflow and use it best to meet the needs of survival.”

    ​ It is explained in the above post that the bacteria in a petri dish which consume power in the form of fuel for the purpose of reproduction, most rapidly will take-over and dominate the culture medium, and that utilizing coal for heat, then factories, then to mine more coal and iron, while sparing firewood to make battleships and transport vessels, led to the age of empires over societies which had not yet found ways to convert their coal and oil to human population growth through industry.
    There are barriers to the manifestation of the Maximum Power Principle, which must be overcome before a mode of energy-consumption can make the jump to other petri-dishes, like the jump from England to India, China, and the Americas. A class of humans focuses upon arranging and controlling these barriers to the flow of power consumption, so as to personally control the power for their own plans and purposes. These are the owners and their upper managers. The original imperial model of using coal to make gunships to carry soldiers and traders to other countries was limited by transport capacity. It could transport soldiers, guns, gunpowder, silk, gold, silver, tea and opium, but not coal or factories at first. Iron ships powered by coal, then oil tankers and pipelines allowed for consumption to be increased, populations increased, and factories increased and dispersed. If factories of one sort were concentrated in one place, to supply the whole world, they did not actually all have to be in England, as long as the shipping across the oceans was controlled by English fleets. This allowed power consumption to be increased by the English owners.
    There was always a fight for the flow of energy and goods produced by energy between ocean route empires (England) and land route empires (Russia). The change of fuel from coal-dominance to oil-dominance around WW-1 was strategically important. The US found and produced a lot of oil early, and took the lead finding global oil, then took the lead in controlling the global flows of oil through shipping and pipelines.
    This oil-empire developed bigger military fleets than the coal-fired British Empire, but another control factor was in play. Accounting for flows of goods and energy has always been a critical part of the system of controlling the flows of energy and goods produced by energy. “Finance” is this parallel-system of control of flows. It is based upon “ownership” at great distance, which is enforced by paid enforcers, armies, navies and local ruling elites, wherever energy and property flows are controlled. The owners need to extract enough value from the large system to pay the controllers and still have an excess for growth. They personally desire to hold-back some excess for their own options and desires. This option-power which they choose to hold, “profits taken”, reduces the current power consumption of the system. Reducing the power-consumption of the system, compared to what is possible, makes the system vulnerable to a competing system which can burn-energy-faster in the pursuit of burning-energy-faster.
    The ownership-elites who starve their economic systems by withholding “wealth” from their working populations will have more options of what to do with that wealth, but run the risk of losing control of that wealth if somebody makes their ownership-enforcers a better offer. “Wealth” also presumes a functioning industrial economy, which assumes cooperation of the workers. There are levels of “cooperation”. Henry Ford paid his workers 3X as much as the usual factory wages. Paradoxically, Ford’s factories thrived and outprofited their competitors with poorly-paid and grudging workers. Owners who push their economic systems into starvation-modes, which starve workers and enforcers, weaken the competitiveness of their systems over time. This threatens their entire systems when less-starved competing economic systems arise. The Fordist-capitalist US system, with low cost public utilities, public schools, public roads and railways was able to consume a lot of forms of energy rapidly, and convert them to more factories, mines, railroads, cars and food for a rapidly growing population of productive workers.
    This type of system has been used by Germany, Japan, China and now Russia. It was used in Europe after WW-2, as well. Over time, though, the social contract between productive workers and owners is energy starved for the workers, and progressively weakened overall. Germany and Japan became competitors to the US, which had replaced England by then. Now China and South Korea are rising, but more importantly, the combination of Russia and China is rising.
    Russia and China have both had collapses of their economic systems, and have rebuilt them efficiently, Russia since 1990, and China since about 1980. These countries share a border, so outside owners can have little control of their trade, except through the abstraction of money. That card has been played repeatedly, and has failed at this point. China has the largest productive industrial economy in the world, and Russia has by far the most natural resources per worker in the world, with the most effective military in the world to protect the resources and workers.
    The financial empire of the US/UK/EU, dominated by the (petro)$US, and enforced by the combined fleets, armies and air-forces, is threatened militarily, has already lost control of the financial-future, and is progressively threatened with the loss of choke-points of control of trade, such as the Yemeni Houthis, a “non-state-actor” effectively blocking trade with Israel through the Red Sea and Suez Canal, by making the insurance rates go too high for that route. At the same time, the enemy of the Houthis, the House of Saud, is finding common-ground within the growing alliance against the old-imperium, by making deals to sell Arabian oil for not-dollars, specifically for Chinese Yuan/Renminbi. The Russian and Chinese railroad expansion within Eurasia, notably including India and Iran, will progressively bypass remaining chokepoints controlled by the allied imperial fleets, shipping companies, and insurance companies.
    The rising-elite “alliance” with productive workers through a Fordist-capitalist social contract, is a critical factor for the success of a rising system against a declining system, which has become “starved” by the wealth withdrawal of its ownership elites. Cooperatively-engaged workers, making and buying Fords, create an aggressive industrial economy, which is motivated to change rapidly, to take advantage of developing possibilities in the war of systems. China has somewhat enabled this rise of a middle-class within its society, but with a lot of coercive control-structure overlay, which makes the most creative Chinese problem-solvers look for greener pastures outside China. Russia has a famously corrupt history of oligarchic control, but the world’s premier bureaucrat, Vladimir Putin, has turned that to the service of Russia, while punishing the most egregious excesses of anti-Russian selfishness. The real-wealth per capita of Russian workers is steadily rising over the same 20 years that it has been in gradual decline for the US, UK, Western Europe, and 5-eyes countries.
    The western neo-colonialist trade system has impoverished countries with natural resources, while enriching their local neocolonialist elites. Massive debts, taken on by the governments of these countries, are serviced to global and local-elite bondholders. The workers in farms, factories and small enterprises are impoverished. The replacement of the neocolonialist system byt the BRIICS+ system can be expected to raise living standards for productive workers in these starved economies, which will increase consumption of oil, coal, water, lithium, natural gas, etc. This should hasten the consumption of all natural resources and their conversion to pollution. It should also reduce elite control of resources, and remove the economic choices which elites have hoarded for themselves, as their system of enforced ownership fails to be enforced. Enforcers and managers will change their loyalties to rising systems with better social-contract offers.
    History shows this economic paradigm-shift to usually be a bloody process. It often replaces cruel elites with other cruel elites. However, as resources decline rapidly, often by becoming too expensive to extract, system-efficiency will be a decisive factor in which systems adapt more rapidly and effectively. The Fordist systems, with highly engaged workers, proactively cooperating for their-teams, will have an advantage over more coercive economies.
    Within this context, Russia is more Fordist, has a well-aligned society, is increasing economic output and is militarily defeating the declining empire for the world to witness. Russian diplomacy is simultaneously presenting the face of reason and long term reliability. The US has the potential to follow suit if it ditches the coercive elites and their model, which has financially bled the country progressively since the early 1980s. The US has the second best ratio of natural resources to population in the world, after Russia. The US has the capacity to rebuild infrastructure and industry over the next 20 years, aligning the rebuild with the needs of a new economics of declining resources, an economics of efficiency in supporting the needs of productive workers, rather than coercing the peoples of the world.
    Europe is in a difficult position, without much local energy resource supply, except for coal in some regions. European farms never went away, and European farmers are competent at growing quality food. European industrial economies will need to burn coal for electricity and industry, and will need to import gas through pipelines from Russia and Iran. Europeans will need to use nuclear energy to generate electricity. Europe will need to re-embrace the maximum-power-principle or wither rapidly. Europe will need social cohesion for that, and has a good history of social cohesion within nations. Since WW-2 the national elites of europe have become neocolonialist local elites, controlled from the seats of power in Washington, London and New York.
    What outcome will arise from the current battle for humanity on Israel/Palestine? There is a battle between a critical focal point of the existing order, which has served to dominate an oil-production region, and to keep oil-producing nations divided against each other. We can foresee that the current Israeli governance structure is on the wrong side of history, and doomed in the long run, but it has nuclear weapons deliverable by missiles, modern jets and submarines, and is deeply enmeshed in the control structure of finance, politics and deep-state coercion within the current western globalist imperium. It does appear to be grossly consumed by hubris, the “tragic flaw”. When will it fall? Who will it kill first?

    The Honest Sorcerer again: What Happens When the Economy Can No Longer Grow?
    ​ What is the goal of the economy? Growth? Full employment? Equity? Price stability? Security? Or, perhaps, to make the top 1% super rich at the cost of everyone else? Well, if it’s that latter, than the economy is doing a stellar job. If you think that’s too cynical to say, then you can chose two on the list above. Or one. Maybe none. With a relentless fall in people’s purchasing power, an energy infrastructure hitting diminishing returns, and being led by less than stellar minds, I argue, there will be just one overarching goal remaining. Security. The rest be damned.

    John Day

    ​Tom Luongo points out that current western elites are getting very antsy. Running On Empty, the US Leaves Zelenskyy Hanging
    This level of rhetoric is the zenith of toxic thinking. There is no time for anything other than fighting XXX. For Zelenskyy it is Putin. For the vampires and ghouls like Al Gore, John Kerry and Tony Blair screeching at COPE28, it is climate change.
    ​ For Democrats and the Media it is Trump.
    ​ By framing all of these topics in this way they betray their own agendas. It is nothing more than the full court press that all tyrants push when they are at their most vulnerable. If things were going their way they wouldn’t have to exhort people to give up everything to fight their fight for them.
    ​ If Zelenskyy wasn’t such a tool for Davos and/or the Neocons who pushed him into this position, I’d actually feel some pity for him. But my humanity has limits. There comes a point where you have the face the consequences of the actions you have taken.
    ​ I don’t care if you are him, Joe Biden, George Soros, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, or any of their lieutenants. You can only outrun the hangman for so long.
    You can only hide behind the law and the veneer of civilization that put you in your position of power for so long.

    Running On Empty, the US Leaves Zelenskyy Hanging

    Gilbert Doctorow , Israel’s Gaza war has ‘spilled over into the Red Sea’
    ​ By activities that resemble piracy, the Houthis of Yemen, widely considered to be ‘non-state actors,’ have achieved what the major states of the Middle East have been unable to do thus far: impose potentially great economic cost on the industrial nations of the world for failure to stop the Israeli onslaught in Gaza.
    ​ The Houthis may well be ‘non-state actors’ in the sense that they are considered by the West to be ‘rebels,’ as opposed to what is called the internationally recognized government in Yemen that they toppled. But they are obviously in control of substantial parts of a strategically important nation with a population of 33 million. And they have substantial military means both in missiles and sea-borne attack drones. Some of this likely comes from Iran, but, if Russian military experts are to be believed, much of it is now produced in Yemen itself.
    ​ Yesterday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin said that his staff is considering re-establishing order in the Red Sea, meaning entering into combat with the Houthis, which hitherto the United States had been doing by proxy, supplying arms to Saudi Arabia for that purpose. The Saudis abandoned their fight against the Houthis this past spring when they reached agreement with Iran, the Houthis’ backers, and resumed diplomatic relations under a China-brokered deal. If the United States now begins direct military action against the Houthis, it will quickly come up against Iran and the regional conflagration that so far has been averted by all parties may yet break out.
    ​ Is this a question that concerns Russia? It most certainly does, because just as China cannot afford to see Russia be defeated by NATO-backed Ukraine, so Russia cannot afford to see Iran be defeated by the United States and its allies inside and outside of NATO.

    Israel’s Gaza war has ‘spilled over into the Red Sea’: WION interview yesterday

    ‘Operation Prosperity Guardian’ – Pentagon To Launch Expansive Naval Coalition To Defend Red Sea Passage

    ​ The EU’s backing of Ukraine, sanctions on Russia, and “fanatic” environmental policies are “destructive for Europe,” yet Brussels does not tolerate discussion of these issues, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Saturday.
    ​ “If we can’t tell the truth at the Brussels table that, for example, anti-Russian sanctions didn’t work, that further destruction of Ukraine and killing Ukrainians is going nowhere, that the fanatic implementation of the Green Deal is killing our economies, that 20 thousand casualties in the Gaza Strip cannot be overlooked just because Israel causes them, we are on a slippery slope that can be not only politically, but also economically destructive for Europe,” Fico wrote in a post on Facebook.

    John Day

    ​ Israel Resuming Hostage Talks After Ugly Details Emerge Of ‘Friendly Fire’ Incident
    ​ The new to emerge details made known by a preliminary military investigation are very ugly and will drive controversy against military and government decision-makers into overdrive. The three young men killed by IDF troop fire were shirtless, waving a white-flag and shouting in Hebrew when they were gunned down by Israeli forces. According to the Times of Israel based on military statements​.

    ​ Moon of Alabama has perspective: “Palestinian Terror Operative” Means Anyone Still Alive
    ​ The Zionist soldiers incredibly frightened and insane:
    Initial IDF probe: Hostages were shirtless, waving white flag when soldiers opened fire – Times of Israel
    ​ The IDF provides new details of yesterday’s tragic incident in Gaza City’s Shejaiya neighborhood, during which three Israeli hostages who managed to escape Hamas captivity were shot dead by troops…
    ​..The soldier, who believed the men moving toward him was an attempt by Hamas to lure IDF soldiers into a trap, immediately opened fire and shouted “terrorists!” to the other forces.
    ​ According to the probe, that soldier killed two of the men, while the third, who was hit and wounded, fled back into the building from which he came.
    At that stage, the commander of the battalion, who was also in the building where the soldier shot from, went outside and called on the forces to halt their fire.
    ​ Meanwhile, sounds of someone shouting “Help” in Hebrew were heard by the troops in the area.
    Moments later, the third man came out of the building to which he fled, and another soldier opened fire at him, killing him.​..
    ​..In Shejaiya, the senior officer says the IDF has not identified any Palestinian civilians in recent days.
    The officer says troops have killed at least 38 Palestinian terror operatives in Shejaiya in recent days.
    ​ “Palestinian terror operatives” seems to be a synonym for ‘anyone still alive’.

    ​ Israel-Palestine war: Palestinian says soldiers sent him into Hamas tunnel strapped with bombs
    Gaza City resident says he was one of the Palestinians seen stripped and bound after being detained by Israel
    ​ The Palestinian, who wished to be identified only by his first name and was released two days ago, said he was one of the dozens of men seen in photographs and video bound and stripped to their underwear by Israeli troops…
    ​..“They were prepared to explode the tunnel using my body if the camera on my head showed any fighters inside,” he said​…
    ​ “I was 100 percent sure I was going to be killed at that moment, but then they pulled me out of the tunnel when they found nothing inside.”
    According to Hakim, a 15-year-old boy was subjected to the same treatment. The boy, who had been detained with Hakim, survived and was released three days later, he said.

    ​ This scheme will invalidate the “ownership rights” of the “owners” if they attempt it. This includes a video explanation.
    Intentional Destruction​ ​, First Covid, Now Comes “The Great Taking”
    ​ The Great Taking describes the roadmap to collapse the system, suppress the people, and seize all your assets. And it includes the receipts.
    You Already Own Nothing
    ​ Webb’s book illustrates, among other things, how changes in the Uniform Commercial Code converted asset ownership into a security entitlement. The “entitlement” designation made personal property a mere contractual claim. The “entitled” person is a “beneficial” owner, but not the legal one.
    ​ In the event a financial institution is insolvent, the legal owner is the “entity that controls the security with a security interest.” In essence, client assets belong to the banks.

    ​Ellen Brown’s book review: The Great Taking explains this process in full detail.
    ​ According to a 2023 book called The Great Taking by veteran hedge fund manager David Rogers Webb, counterparty risk on all of these bets is ultimately assumed by an entity called the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), through its nominee Cede & Co. (See also Greg Morse, “Who Owns America? Cede & DTCC,” and A. Freed, “Who Really Owns Your Money? Part I, The DTCC”). Cede & Co. is now the owner of record of all of our stocks, bonds, digitized securities, mortgages, and more; and it is seriously under-capitalized, holding capital of only $3.5 billion, clearly not enough to satisfy all the potential derivative claims. Webb thinks this is intentional.
    ​ What happens if the DTCC goes bankrupt? Under The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) of 2005, derivatives have “super-priority” in bankruptcy. (The BAPCPA actually protects the banks and derivative claimants rather than consumers; it was the same act that eliminated bankruptcy protection for students.) Derivative claimants don’t even need to go through the bankruptcy court but can simply nab the collateral from the bankrupt estate, leaving nothing for the other secured creditors (including state and local governments) or the banks’ unsecured creditors (including us, the depositors). And in this case the “bankrupt estate” – the holdings of the DTCC/Cede & Co. – includes all of our stocks, bonds, digitized securities, mortgages, and more.

    “The Great Taking”: How They Can Own It All

    John Day

    Simplicius presents the bizarre elite hypocrisy of The COP28 Elite Dine and Dash
    ​ Glancing at the summit from afar, one can’t help the impression that it was more an elite shindig, where hobnobbing globalist haut monde rubbed shoulders and greased palms, and even simply jet-setted for the prestige and social cachet on offer in spades by the star-studded photoshoots pullulating throughout the event like pumpjacks in a wadi.

    ​ Steve Kirsch, The NZ data is crystal clear evidence that the COVID vaccine is deadly. A simple, stunning example.
    This one chart is all you need to know. Deaths go UP. They are supposed to go DOWN.

    ​ Long-Term Use Of Statins Linked To Heart Disease: Studies
    ​ For decades, statins have been heralded as the reliable heroes in the battle against heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States and globally. However, this seemingly flawless reputation has been called into question.
    ​ A new expert review suggests that long-term use of statins may be inadvertently aiding the enemy by accelerating coronary artery calcification instead of providing protection.

    Statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure: pharmacological mechanisms ​ ​[The paper referenced above]

    ​ ‘Groundbreaking’ Legal Action Demands EPA Finally Ban Glyphosate
    “EPA lacks a legal human health assessment of glyphosate to support its current use,” said a lawyer for the Center for Food Safety.
    ​ Citing research from the U.S. government’s own National Institutes of Health, a coalition of environmental and farmworkers groups said Wednesday that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is out of excuses for continuing to allow the use of the herbicide glyphosate, which has been linked to cancer in people who are exposed to it.
    ​ The Center for Food Safety (CFS) filed a petition with the EPA on behalf of Beyond Pesticides and four farmworkers groups, including Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, saying glyphosate’s registration in the U.S. is illegal.

    ‘Groundbreaking’ Legal Action Demands EPA Finally Ban Glyphosate

    John Day



    @John Day
    No amount of sunlight can jolt the lady out of state of nothingness and lonely despair. Far away from the “feeling refreshed”, but not because holding cup of coffee or energetic arms stretch, as in some commercials, is missing .


    Hopper obviously had a gut instinct for what was coming. 1 Tribe seeks the complete destruction of all that is good. They see us as animals to be subjected. Anti God, anti nature, anti human. Animals hate them because they sense and understand the sickness. I wish Christian people would put down the phones and tv and quietly sense what is coming. Kosher slaughter. Liars, thieves and murderers, just as the talmud instructs them to be. Take a real good look around at the devastation all around you, it was well planned, long ago.


    We (the US) will have an election- it’s just that there will be more than two choices. The more “choices”, the likelier the better cheaters will “win”.
    I think “vaccine” damaged people will provide a dandy excuse for more helicopter money (paid directly to pharma and the “healthcare” industry).
    It will also give “victims” something new to crow about while thumbing their noses at the antisocial anti”vaxxers”. Will ominous illnesses make the “victims” sad? Hmmmm. If reality were a thing for them, it would.

    Why oh why must I use “” on so many words nowadays?
    If reality were a thing…..

    My predictions for the coming year.


    IDF Terror Forces’ Humvee destroyed by ATGM

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