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    From someone at the Meatgrinder

    AFU soldier’s tale of 350 mobilized recruits with no training killed in 8 hrs on the front


    Teacher allegedly threatened to behead Muslim student who criticized Israeli flag

    “A middle school teacher in Georgia was arrested last week after witnesses told local authorities that he threatened to behead a 13-year-old Muslim student who said she was offended by an Israeli flag in the classroom.

    Benjamin Reese, a seventh grade social studies teacher at Warner Robins Middle School in Houston County, was arrested Dec. 8 after he was overheard shouting at a student.

    Witnesses said they heard him say, “You motherf‑‑‑ing piece of shit. I’ll kick your ass. I should cut your motherf‑‑‑ing head off,”

    According to the incident report filed with the Houston County Sheriff’s Office, the student wanted to talk to Reese about finding his flag offensive. Reese apparently asked her if it had anything to do with Judaism. He told her he was Jewish and had family living in Israel.”

    Christian Zionism has nothing to do with Christianity–it is a death cult of illiterate fanatics.

    Benjamin Reese mugshot in jailhouse orange



    So Tucker is on Jimmy Dore and Dore asks him why Germans and Eurotards are such pussies after the Empire of Lies blows up their supply of cheap essential Russian gas, absolutely vital to their economy.

    Tucker has an interesting take.

    He went to Eutardistan a half dozen times this summer an asked Germans this very question.

    They were too embarrassed to a person to give an honest answer.

    He asked, “You’re paying 400% more now for your gas and your economy is WREAKED for the next 30-40 YEARS, how do you explain doing or saying nothing about this?”.

    Tucker said a country that has been occupied for the last 80 years by a foreign power produces ‘self-hate’ in the populace.

    A weird ‘conquered people’s syndrome’ after catastrophically losing a war where the reaction is that Germans turn the ‘loser’ rage inward and they hate themselves with a passion.

    German men have been symbolically castrated.

    The German self hatred is evident in their politics and people who hate themselves are dangerous to you and all countries around them.

    You will never be treated well by someone who hates themselves.

    So the inward rage has nowhere to go but more self hatred because your ‘so called’ ally Pedo Jo-Joe the Duhmerican just destroy you vital cheap energy life line and you’re so pussy whipped as a nation you can’t even say the obvious part out loud.

    Just keep it bottled up inside you, you wimpy girlie man Krauts.

    Eat dirt and die cause your economy is FINISHED for decades losers!


    ‘Venus was once Earth-like but climate change made it uninhabitable’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the usual garbage put out by climate activists and is not possible.

    The Venus atmosphere is 96% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, and 1% other gasses, plus significant amounts of sulphuric acid. It has a crushing carbon dioxide atmosphere over 90 times as thick as Earth’s, and the average surface temperature is 464°C. It is so volcanic that the whole surface is only an average age of 500 million years. A day is about 8 months long!

    To go from an ‘Earth type’ atmosphere to today’s hellhole it would need hundreds of billions of tons of carbon to come from ‘somewhere’, and twice that amount of oxygen. It is far more likely that Earth started with a similar atmosphere to Venus and life, particularly stromatolites, modified it to become the atmosphere we know today. Venus never had life to modify the atmosphere so today the atmosphere is close to how it started,

    Note that it is thermodynamically impossible to ‘trap’ heat. Every atom in the universe is constantly radiating heat trying to get down to -273C. The only thing preventing this is that they are receiving heat from their surroundings.

    Figmund Sreud

    John Helmer today:


    Aside: Helmer mentions Karl Marx and his view of religion. The most accurate translation of Marx’s words on this subject I ever run across is following: “Religion is the opium of the people. It is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of our soulless conditions.”, … so you know.



    Path to peace, cease fire in Ukraine front line

    Set up an Access Road lined with White flags, Red Cross, flags, and Red Cross shelter for heat, food, medical.


    The shadow under her chin is too dark. The sun would reflect off her chest upwards to light it.
    Otherwise, I like Hopper- I was not familiar with him before TAE. (Why not DR -debt rattle?)

    We say there is a chance of so many planets with intelligent life in them. But think of the size of the space they are in.


    Path to Peace:

    If such a path to peace was set up, the Ukrainian Nazis would kill any Ukrainian trying to use it.
    The Nazis have even resorted to hiding trackers in their soldier’s uniforms so they can geo locate any surrendering soldiers and kill them.
    Israeli the same.
    Sadly Peace doesn’t stand a chance.


    A night on which the Zionists wept

    A night on which the Zionists wept

    Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant acknowledged that there were heavy losses among the ranks of the so-called “Israel Defence Forces” in Shujaya. One senior military commander described the ambush by Al-Qassam Brigades as a painful blow in which close friends, soldiers and fellow officers were lost. The Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Herzi Halevi, described the ambush as difficult and dangerous, while Netanyahu expressed his sadness, describing the battle at the losses in Shujaya neighbourhood as “difficult”. Al-Qassam fighters apparently captured senior officers, including the commander of the 13th Golani Division, the commander of the 13th Golani Battalion, the commander of the 669th Commando Unit, the commander of the 51st Battalion and another battalion commander in the 51st Division, as well as a large number of soldiers.



    @ WES
    I hope that would not happen at all the contact points.


    Artyomovsk direction as of December

    18— Over the past 48 hours, units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have made significant progress and taken a large number of prisoners on strongholds near Ivanovskoye (Krasny).

    – The total number of Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered to the Russian Armed Forces has exceeded 70. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who have chosen captivity (both regular and mobilized) report that there are not enough people in the positions, and no one wants to “resist and die”.

    – Recall that Ukrainian troops rolled back to Ivanovskoye after the loss of Artyomovsk. A section of the T-0504 highway passes through the village, connecting the western chord of Artyomovsk with Chasiv Yar and the neighboring villages of Stupochki and Predtechino, as well as with the nearby town of Konstantinovka.

    – Ivanovskoye is strategically important for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the village is a buffer zone and allows you to partially shield Chasiv Yar and Kostiantynivka. The retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the village will mean a shift of the front line to the west and complicate the defense of large cities that are currently in the rear.

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