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    Veracious Poet


    Looks like you earned a command coin

    Sure looks thataway, don’t it 😉

    Not surprised, some liberal progressive people sheeple have never met a monster they wouldn’t support…

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

    So open minded their brains fell out!


    Overlords is ok, just dont say jew. The simple fact that no1, no1 has come to the defense of Palestinians being slaughtered, fucking murdered day by day by day proves beyond a doubt, jewmoney runs the whole disgraceful, satanic shitshow.

    Sorry John, thats how I see it. Can’t unsee it, not now.

    Attaboy, they give you an *inch* why not take a *mile* 😉

    Maybe if you could “see” beyond your conditioned pathological state, you’d notice that the *progenitors* + *principals* of the Banking/.MIL UniParty GlobalCap Empire are 90%+ non-Jews, but that would require situational awareness + inductive/deductive reasoning skills, which apparently you don’t possess…

    Today’s What The Fresh Hell Is This! bit of real reality information today:

    Monstra quibuscum contendis cave ne imiteris.


    We’ll meet again


    Re – Long Term US House Price Graph
    To illustrate.this, in 1949 my Grandfather bought an 100 acre farm for $5,500 from an old widow who wanted to move into the local village but could not find any buyers. He paid exactly the same amount as what was paid to buy the farm in 1899, fifty years earlier, $5,500. Today that is hard to believe.

    US to Israel:
    Please don’t kill so many people and oh by-the-way here are 15,000 much larger bombs,34 than you currently have, to help you kill more Palestinians. Not a contradiction because obviously Palestinians are not people.

    The bankers are clearly daring anyone to stop them in Gaza. Egypt is totally screwed.

    In 1983 I was in Russia trying to forestall it’s collapse by boosting their coal production.
    Despite my best efforts, clearly I failed.


    Unimportant Warning!

    An escaped kangaroo is on the lam east of Toronto. It seems this kangaroo was being transfered from an Ontario zoo to a Quebec zoo. (Maybe it didn’t want to learn French?)
    The local police advised everyone not to approach the wild animal, as it was considered dangerous because it could kick the hell out of you, if cornered.

    Ah yes, the exciting good old days in NSW, Australia, 1982, when I drove a Holden car sporting a cool set of plastic “good for one roo” front bumpers!
    Yes one company service rep hit a big red up in Queensland one night, going 100km plus. The roo landed in the front passenger seat sideways with it’s hind feet facing the driver. The dead roo then proceeded to kick the shit out of him!

    Dr D Rich

    Hey VP…..
    The dig was on John Day for praising some perceived development in Celticbiker’s prose.
    I think Celtbiker is doing just fine.
    His is definitely not the psychopathological state you allude to nor the 10% Semite mix you reference in the Banking/.MIL UniParty GlobalCap Empire. Look at what that ~1/4 of 10% mix controls, influences and exercises in these United States. (~2.6% of)
    It’s not the Quakers, Mormons, Mennonites, Muslims, or my White Deplorables running this shit show

    John Day

    @VP Gary: More information on the prison stabbing of Derek Chauvin, from Celia Farber:

    @Dr D Rich: I think Celticbiker will get his message across better with his current approach, than with his previous approach, which is what I intended to convey. You don’t “catch many flies” with “vinegar”.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)
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