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    That Shankara Chetty interview with R. Fuellmich was soooooooo good!
    It opened so many windows in my dusty brain.


    Even if I have to wear a mask, I want to attend this Sunday morning’s local Russian Orthodox service if I’m feeling well enough:

    SInging Monks

    I love the visually tone-deaf blinking Xmas lights in the background. Nothing escapes modern commercialism. When Jesus returns, I fear he’ll be wearing Nikes.


    “..But this isn’t just a story about New Normal Germany, or New Normal Europe, or New Normal Australia. And it isn’t just a story about mass hysteria, or an “overreaction” to a corona virus. The “New Normal” is a global GloboCap co-production, a multi-trillion-dollar co-production, which has been in development for quite some time, and this year has gone exactly to script..”

    I think Hopkins has it right: it’s gone exactly (and predictably) to script, and pointing out the “mistakes” of Our Thought Leaders doesn’t matter to them or their lackeys in the least.

    The Year of the New Normal Fascist


    “…pointing out the “mistakes” of Our Thought Leaders doesn’t matter to them or their lackeys in the least.”

    Which alleged lack of concern would, like Hitler’s Nazis, cost them everything. Mistakes matter. Turn left when you should’ve turned right, and you find yourself in Chinatown.

    I don’t see globalists smug about their future. I see Gates fluttering his hands like an old rabbi when questioned about his Epstein ties.. I see Fauci taking his mask on and off like a twit when being seriously challenged by someone with power. I see (what I shall very loosely call) the Rothschildian nations of the world learning that Putin is the new Global Policeman yet steadfastly challenging him to a duel. I see Big Pharma running amok with a program that will destroy the medical system on which Big Pharma depends just as I see rich globalists running amok with financial corporate imperialism that will destroy the money system they depend on while also destroying the stability of government needed to do a Great Reset. I see the “World’s Greatest Military Power” embarrassing itself in front of the whole world while signing off on the War on Covid because it never met a war it couldn’t lose or a stupid order it wouldn’t follow. (If any organization embodies the Milgram Principle, it’s military, jah?)

    I see collapse. This collapse was guaranteed from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution when we used all its abundance to continue building unsustainable economic structures while militarizing on a scale unprecedented in known human history with weapons that are orders of magnitude more powerful than those with which the Golden Horde ran the biggest openly declared empire the world has ever seen.

    It is only a mere distraction that the usual political parasites we let boss us around have become bloated to a point also unparalleled in known human history while believing that they can control the global dog they depend on by biting its ears this way and then that way, being too stupid to see that encouraging the dog to run into a forest fire will burn them up too.

    No One Dares Tell Fearless Leader that his plans are as cohesive as a soup sandwich. So fearless leader continues building his dream empire by blowing a balloon via smoke up his ass, not understanding that the ass it will blow up is especially his own.

    But junkies are like that. High today, low tomorrow.

    Cold Turkey

    V. Arnold

    Way to go Pfizer: 160,000 adverse reactions to its’ vaccines…

    …and people wonder why many of us won’t vax?
    I wonder why people are so bloody stupid? Gullable? and lacking in any meaningful curiosity?


    Today Calvin and Hobbes made me laugh. I needed that. Also, the Denmark chart above gives the gift of hope for the unvaccinated:

    An exposure risk less than one (0.41) “indicates a decreased risk for the exposed group”. But not for the Total vaccinated (1.15) or those with 2 shots (1.33). Even the 3 shots (0.59) risk is tempered with the knowledge that mRNA vaccine efficacy fades within months and more jabs will be necessary to keep the risk below 1.


    V. Arnold- it’s the big question, isn’t it? Whenever I gathered with my kith and kin I got them to remember that if a “vaccine” were hauled out, it would either be unsafe or ineffective (or both)
    We all agreed we would not be taking any sudden, untested, “warp speed” vaccine.
    Until October of 2020, we were refuseniks. By the end of March 2021, they had all taken the shot.
    What happened in that time frame?

    V. Arnold

    What happened in that time frame?

    I can’t say that I know the answer; but, my best guess would be fear...
    That for me is a daily battle; there is no winning that one, but constantly turning inward and affirmations of what is real, keep it at bay.
    A life lived in fear ain’t much of a life…
    Attaining and staying in the now/present is a tonic of sorts.
    And not least is my life partner who nourishes and supports our joint decisions going forward…
    It’s not easy watching loved ones little by little caving to the narrative; leaving us questioning as we’re “left behind”; which is in fact an illusion, IMO…
    @my parents said know; keep on keeping on and good luck…

    those darned kids

    anybody else noticed there’s some pretty wild schidt going on?

    V. Arnold

    anybody else noticed there’s some pretty wild schidt going on?

    So much so, I’d need you to be more specific… 😉

    V. Arnold

    This from my e-mail to a friend:
    Yesterday my wife went to a gathering of old friends at one of their garden cottages; I voluntarily refrained from attending so as not to scare those fully vaccinated.
    In our upside down world it is laughable, in an ironic sort of way, that we unvaxed frighten those supposedly vaxed/protected against that very event.
    There is no logic there to be found, but that fact is missed or ignored…
    Which brings me to the very thing I’m wrestling with; are there really so few people in the world who see what’s really going on? Not a rhetorical question…
    It turns back to myself and all my own doubts of my decisions. In the end, I move forward, but, always questioning…everything…
    I’m very fortunate to have an intelligent wife and partner who is very supportive of my decisions as we weave through these extremely difficult times…


    I do wonder what those who took the ‘jab’- then the second one, then the ‘booster’- are thinking to themselves right about now. “After Jab Five they’ll leave me alone” ?



    “ FDA authorizes Pfizer pill to treat Covid-19 in patients as young as 12”

    Ah, hell. One more wack-job medical treatment to keep far from my children. Being a “medicine,” if my child came down with Covid while with the father he could take the child into a doctor and prescribe this. Ugh. Fortunately, two out of three have already had Covid, and the third has been thoroughly exposed and not gotten it…I believe that he is functionally immune. So…as long as natural immunity holds for all three, they shouldn’t be subjected to this medicine…..


    ‘Our strategy has been to develop a ‘pan-coronavirus’ vaccine technology that could potentially offer safe, effective and durable protection against multiple coronavirus strains and species,’ Modjarrad said of the upcoming new SpFN Army vaccine.

    The SpFN vaccine uses a soccer ball-shaped protein with 24 ‘faces’ which allows the spikes of multiple coronavirus strains to be attached on different faces of the protein.

    Above is about the army’s Covid vax.
    That is not the first we’ve heard of a “pan-corona virus vaccine.”
    Anyone aware of more info on this vax and how it works? Is the round, multi-spiked protein itself in the injection?


    anybody else noticed there’s some pretty wild schidt going on?
    I did a request for a google search for the website ‘Self-care Covid-19’.
    and my mouse shut off my app., chrome
    I lost my comments before I could make them.

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