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    Claude Monet Boulevard des Capucines 1873   • Jack Smith Files Motion to Stop Trump from Raising New J6 Evidence (PB) • Trump Can Remain On Michi
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    Formerly T-Bear

    Anticipating the changes the new year will bring, it is certain to include watching the rate increase in the dollar joining gold (as a barbaric relic). The United States Dollar will become the Oh So Barbaric Artefact.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Israel has no military (reply to Scot Ritter), it has thugs, commanded by bullies, lead by a cabal of rabid psychopaths pretending they are Jewish. Exterminate Zionism and its adherents; NOW. Zionists created the Israeli State as their own power base and have never relinquished power to Israeli citizens and assassinated the first Prime Minister that deviated from Zionism in attempting to establish peace with the Palestinian people.
    Those are historically supported facts.

    Dr. D

    Won’t let me post more than one image at a time, sorry:

    Interest rates break out:

    Spot check!

    Dr. D

    Category: “Not Capitalism”
    “What if Adam Smith was here and we explained…indexation and stuff and how capital is allocated? He would say to us, “And what do you call this?” And we’d say, “We call it capitalism.” He’d burst out laughing because it’s the inverse of capitalism to say we give more capital [only] to the companies with the largest market capitalization.” ~ Russell Napier

    Speaking of free choice and free markets, Cryptos have broken out after being rig pump-n-dumped in the longstanding tradition of breaking charts to cause a generally fake bear cycle. Okay, so if they break bull again, what now? Well, as a free market with true price discovery, we let them rise until, fair market value is discovered….HAAHAHAHAHAHA! No. OF COURSE we never let ANY market of any THING, ANY where, go to free price discovery. A single Truth anywhere would collapse our plans.

    Yet we need a new rig. What is it this time? Well, again, taking a page from the metals market, which also has delivery and can be held at home, they raise the margin requirements 10x a day until the market breaks. (not only happens sometimes, happens EVERY time) No? Okay, how about we shut off all the Coinbase servers “for maintenance”. (also happens every time) No? Coinbase won’t cooperate this early, too obvious? Okay, then their counterpart:

    Banks are now not allowing you to move money FROM your account TO any of the Crypto exchanges. Sure will be hard to have prices go up when there’s no new money inflows ain’t it? …And what’s better, it’s not actually a law, nor is it even actually a rule. It’s what we do these days, it’s-a-rule-that’s-not-a-rule, that is a-private-company-that’s-not-a-private-company and allows no competition. No? “Go start your own bank” as the Twitter trolls used to say. WHY does your bank decide to do this, all at once, one day in December? (They got “the Memo”) Well FRAUD of course! You, wee sad little moron, need our HELP! You’re actually not smart enough to know what you want to do with your own money, and we know you didn’t really want to do that. …Take money out of undercapitalized, collapsing American banks, that is. No. WE KNOW BEST. Now DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. Oh and because it’s neither a law nor a rule, “If you’re a pal” we’ll let you do whatever you like. Rules are for “The little people”.

    Hey, shut up and let me lose my own money fair and square, and learn my own hard lessons, alright? For the love of God stop helping before I lose my mind.

    So we got that goin’ for us.

    So again, Capitalism means no markets, no prices, no contracts, no choices, and no competition, right? Gosh that’s what it means to me, that’s what I always read in the textbooks.

    “Financialization is profit growth without labor productivity growth.” ~ Ben Hunt

    Dr. D

    Moving on with Cullom,

    “Now do you see the problem? I also overtly placed the break at 1994 because of an observation made in my previous analysis that 1994 is the year all market valuations, while high, left orbit.9 If you find some new-fangled valuation metric that doesn’t go back to 1880, just find the valuation in 1994, assume it represents 50% above historic value, and compare it with today. As to why 1994 is some special moment is unclear. Maybe that year’s bond bailout never subsided. Mike Green says that 1994 coincides with the arrival of a tsunami of dumb money coming into the markets.” –Cullom

    He can’t figure this out, but it was actually obvious. This was essentially the start of unlimited market rigging and the end of all price discovery. How, well, “The Committee to Save the World” told you: Larry Summers published a paper that

    IF WE BROKE THE THERMOMETER, no one would know the frogs were boiling.

    That is, ALL WE NEED TO DO IS RIG THE GOLD PRICE. That’s it. Gold Price is the thermometer of inflation and the Bond market, especially with the 70s in recent memory, and the Bond Market runs the Stock markets worldwide. Rig gold, no one gets signals, and Pop! We’re at a “Permanent Plateau” of new Prosperity. Right?

    So a minute later, all the seals on Fort Knox were broken and put back on with duct tape (there are insider audits and books on this) all Canada’s gold was sold to us in their own “Brown’s Bottom” and the Commodities exchange slowly dropped delivery and slowly raised hypothecation to 300:1. …Or as it is today, INFINITY to 1. Clinton printed money on the fiscal side, Greenspan printed money on the financial side, and Old Willie got re-elected. As this money worked through Boom! In a year or two, more or less INSTANTLY, we had the largest stock bubble since Tulips were invented, .Com.

    Then in 1999, that popped as Cisco was ALREADY valued as if they were selling routers for the next FIVE planets in our solar system that needed an internet build out. Greenspan then bailed THAT out, then bailed out the bailout of ’08, and here we are today.

    It worked better than anyone had dreamed, and helped because Wall Street got a hold of the digital plumbing at this time too, and started the stock rigging and front-running we have today, helped by a “Lo! Then a Miracle Happened” as when the market closed in 2001, they swapped the Jersey servers to something that allowed the thousands-fold increase in volume to overwhelm any ACTUAL peasants sending ACTUAL price signals. Now EVERYONE in the whole auction was a plant, a shill, with no real street buyers anywhere. It’s hard to imagine walking into your Publix that EVERY person in there is an actor, and EVERY price is a sham, but on the Internet, that isn’t even difficult and was put in, fake Ptomkin planet, in just a few years.

    Since none of it was real, nothing protected, and under Clinton no SEC or CFTC or FBI anymore, they ALSO lost all the stock certificates, and just started “Making S—t Up” in the CEDE “failures to deliver” at this time. They ALSO started to just “We Make S—t Up!” in Treasury bonds. Sachs had 100 bonds, but who’s to say if we “Hypothecate” them on the side and appear like we have 1,000? These are the side-bets, the “Derivatives” of selling unbacked insurance on insurance that could never possibly be delivered. And that’s it: the very last tether to ANYTHING real. Any of God’s reality anywhere on earth by anyone. And ran for 30 more years. And here we have companies buying every stock share issued to go private and the stock still trades without effect the next day. No one notices or cares this just MIGHT be fraud.

    So THAT was your 1994, Mr. Cullom.

    Dr. D

    Great! Um, so we have no markets, no prices, no OBJECTS (that is, an actual count of stocks or bonds) no ACTUAL commodities like wheat, copper or pork to deliver, and 300 or 30,000 or 30, TRILLION claims on every object in the nation, in the world. …How do you Unwrap this and fix it? How do you plan to un-ring the bell?

    With a worldwide collapse and failure to deliver FOOD to 8 BILLION people, then a “Three World Wars” of all against all until the richie-riches unveil their new messiah, their savior of the Prince of Light?

    Well you tell me, because nobody knows. I’d say it’s when half the world gets off your fantasy, and because they PRODUCE the things, they can probably figure out prices, markets, and deliveries. They boycott you, ringfence the firebreak, and let you burn down in safety. Then YOU can join THEM, as they have real, functioning markets or some closer version thereof in Shanghai and Moscow and Dubai. The financial world becomes re-tethered to reality and we can start acting like humans again.

    We’ll finish that thought with this:

    That’s nowhere near the best or highest or most exaggerated chart of how out of line valuations are. When you’re printing a trillion a year, a Billion an HOUR, all things beggar description, and whenever you unmoor economic SYMBOLISM from reality this happens. Fast. We’re clearly and obviously more unmoored from reality than perhaps ever in history and that’s really saying something. Just go outside and ask the first person you meet. Totally unmoored from reality, as if they dropped in like an AI-generated NPC, knowing nothing. Ask about their job, in medical, in retail, in Zoom, or anywhere else and instantly you’ll find nothing they DO, nor the PAY they get for it, make any sense or have any correlation at all.

    That’s all this, all starting with stealing the gold, (And now the crypto) and my perennial fault was to believe that people would be fooled but after a while say “This is nuts!” and bail out for safety. Nope. Crypto-Kidz never saw a fake satoshi they can’t deliver that they didn’t like. FTX didn’t put them off at all. Exchanges similarly setting prices with no underlying trades don’t bother them at all, just as it didn’t bother Sachs, Morgan, or every 401k pension manager for 40 years whose legal duty is to know and find out.

    Dr. D


    Hey this wouldn’t be “Printing digits” so I can “Enslave people” and “Steal work” is it?

    Ritter: “Media is standing by and applauding an open genocide of millions”

    Yes, that’s what that fake money above, counterfeiting, fabricating 100 more bonds out of each bond, 1,000 more stocks out of each stock, then use that money to buy or kill every reporter on earth if necessary. And of course every Congressman, who are way cheaper.

    “Jack Smith Files Motion to Stop Trump from Raising New J6 Evidence (PB)

    Um, I don’t think you can stop the accused from “Raising a defense” with just a legal “motion”, sir. Well, Mr. Plum was dead, in the Library, and after the police handing off, we found the Candlestick! In Colonel Mustard’s Room! Nope, can’t bring this evidence to light, although everybody knows it. Guess although we know you’re innocent, you’ll just have to go to jail anyway.

    Puh-lease. No, that is never going to happen. You’ll be so discredited, you’ll lose more than it’s worth. You notice every time you discredit yourself, your ship gets lower in the water and Trump gets more popular, right? Trump is literally running on the Jack Smith platform and sent him a Christmas card in thanks. (too hard to dig up the Tweet)

    “FBI Director Christopher Wray has refused to give the number of federal agents that were in the crowd on January 6 after repeatedly being questioned on the matter.”

    And then the Republican Congressmen rolled up the pants above the knees, got on the floor and…oh nevermind. How as Director do you just “I prefer not to” to Congress, your boss, who pays you? How about this: no money until you put the records on my desk. America is unsafe? Well that’s not MY fault, put the J6 records on my desk and we’ll restore all the money you want. It’s YOU, the FIBI that are stopping your OWN funding by refusing a very simple request.

    They won’t. That’s what Republicans are for!

    Soros Funds:

    Say, if only there were a name for working with foreign nationals to overthrow your own government. Or if someone had written it down somewhere like the Constitution. If only, then we would know what to do about it.

    ““The drone technology of today has changed the modern battlefield in every way that the machine gun changed warfare during World War I or the tank changed warfare during World War II.”

    I’ve been saying this for years, but like the machine gun, we’re now way past the horizon. It’s not a gatlin or two in a lab somewhere but everywhere, and each Russian has their own personal drone up front. Each Houthi can have one too. Can we jsut cut to the end WITHOUT drowning 5,000 Sailors? Can we? Thanks.

    ““Israel’s ongoing war on the Gaza Strip is best understood to be a US-backed one,”

    Yes but we’re going to collapse from it and go home. They have, we have, no support at home and none abroad. Even France won’t side with us on anything.

    “U.S. Military presence”? They look like sitting ducks to me. 2,000 men isn’t enough to hold anything, it’s just a target. Like all our military, it was built to intimidate goatherds and Zulus, and will collapse if challenged by anyone. We were holding that end with irrational escalation, but we now have no shells and the ships are each a liability, not an asset. Turn them into tin cans 10 years ago as I suggested and start something new, you needed the lead time, now wasted.

    Since we’ll be home, we won’t need the ships, and since we’ll be home, Israel will have no interest in bribing and hijacking us. America First. Too bad, so sad. I guess Klaus and Lionel will have to use their OWN army for a change.

    ““Zelensky and his entire gang do not care about the consequences that their own people will face..”

    What clued you in, the half a million dead or the shelling of 15,000 kids before then?

    “Argentina is suffering high levels of inflation, which Milei has vowed to address through “shock therapy.”

    He’s using the exact same words. But he has a different plan. Right.

    This is by definition Neo-Liberalism and gosh I thought that Clinton NeoLiberalism was the dead #Opposite of Libertarianism, but call me wrong, I guess. Now it’s all the same and one happy family according to the press. THis is what happens when “Words have no meaning.” Both! Neither! Aiiiii!

    “The DOJ Took More than Two Years to Answer a FOIA (Martens)

    That IS one crazy story: I mean, they answered AT ALL???

    “JPMorgan Chase for either willfully participating in and/or covering up Epstein’s crimes for more than a decade.”

    Weren’t they Madoff’s only banker all that time too, or was that everybody else? That’s how you know when we have Capitalism, is when there is no rule of law. Theft is sanctioned, and there are no private property rights.

    “Zionists created the Israeli State as their own power base”

    For the Christmas season, what do you get for the guy who has everything? Well their own COUNTRY of course! And so it was with Balfour, they were tired of living high out of trouble in the shadows, and wanted all the problems and spotlights owning your own nation and people can bring. Your wish is my command, Baron Lionel Walter. Here you go. Now outed and can’t hide, with all the headaches and no money, well it was a good run, you’ve brought your family and the whole scam into the light for us all, and for that we thank you very much indeed.


    Piecing together world politics has always been open to different techniques and strategies

    “Imagine all of our lives are like our own individual jigsaw puzzles.

    As we’re going through life, we’re just slowly piecing it together, bit by bit, based on experiences and lessons that we’ve learned, until we get the best picture…”

    – D Sloss



    Marching to the beat of a different drummer




    More ‘extreme’ weather patterns

    My head is spinning



    And when the ‘narrative’ isn’t going your way…….

    Just lie with charts



    Lying with Headlines, the ‘go to’ playbook of the Satanists


    Nazilensky’s Beard in action


    Dr D Rich

    Does anyone know if Scott Ritter Marine Intel One recognizes ‘co-opt’ as a genuine word?

    ‘Co-opt(ed)’ is so much cleaner than acquisitive projective identification but not nearly as poorly misunderstood.

    Aggrieved, I sense, is Today’s Theme.

    Ros Petchesky and Scott Ritter appear to have one thing in common. By virtue of being virtually on this blog today, neither have/has been impoverished, silenced, deplatformed, blacklisted, disappeared and eliminated.


    @Oroboros — I would hope that you understand that the number of heat deaths vs cold deaths is completely irrelevant to the issue of CO2 emissions. To get some relevance out of this subject, you would have to examine the trends in heat vs. cold deaths over a long time period, and even then the data would be largely irrelevant due to complicating factors such as heating and cooling systems in homes and buildings, or the increasing availability of inexpensive clothing to ward off the cold.

    Considering that the human body is 98.6 degrees and the planetary average temperature is something like 55, the fact that death by cold exceeds death from heat (and always has) should be no surprise whatsoever. As a matter of fact, hypothermia was the *leading* cause of death among those over 65 in the US until the advent of social security in the 30s.

    If you’d like to challenge yourself with some statistics that point to increasing CO2 having the potential to ending life as we know it, check out what happens when CO2 dissolves in water, particularly with regards to the effects of the resulting pH on the base of the marine food chain.


    “How China and the US get along will determine the future of humanity. – Chinese President Xi Jinping

    • The US Is Preparing For War With China (CP)
    Read more …Read more …
    “The drone technology of today has changed the modern battlefield in every way that the machine gun changed warfare during World War I or the tank changed warfare during World War II.” –
    • Scott Ritter: US Sustainability in Jeopardy as World Turns Against Hegemon (Sp.)
    Read more …
    New/Old Democracy in action
    • Milei Mulls Plan To Force Through Radical Reforms (RT)
    Read more …

    D Benton Smith

    The US is preparing to start a war with China, but if you look any closer than that you might also notice, at the same time, that the US is NOT preparing to fight or win a war with China.

    This is for the same reason that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The old dog is not preparing to live. It is preparing to die..


    “By virtue of being virtually on this blog today, neither have/has been impoverished, silenced, deplatformed, blacklisted, disappeared and eliminated.”

    Fascinating isn’t it! Almost like controlled opposition, but seems weird just the same. All others that were questioning the sanity have been deplatformed. Why not these guys? Or more to the point why not Ritter? He would have had to sign a NDA I’m sure so has yet to violate that? If there isn’t more to this this meets the eye……. well blow me dry and call me dusty.


    If you’d like to challenge yourself with some statistics that point to increasing CO2 having the potential to ending life as we know it, check out what happens when CO2 dissolves in water,

    So we all burned up hundreds of millions of years ago. We’re all dead ghosts discussing a world we never got to see. You never existed, but here you are wringing your hands over CO2 levels many orders of magnitude lower than we’ve had already

    No sir. You cannot be here arguing for CO2. Your distant ancestors died millions of years ago without issue. The were CO2-cels.

    D Benton Smith

    My complaint about movies is similar to my complaint about main stream media (or any other institutionally top-down-organized system of control.) In a movie the “camera” tells you where to look and what you’re supposed to see there.

    I prefer to look where I want to, and see what I can see.


    @jb-hb — I did not say “an end to all life” as you’re implying, but rather an end to life as we know it. Marine life is adapted to the conditions which have been relatively stable (at least in terms of pH and temperature) for millions of years. Change those conditions (such as the significant drop in pH we’re now witnessing as atmospheric CO2 goes from 280 to 420ppm), and you’ll see an end to many forms of marine life to which we’re accustomed.

    Will there be new, different forms of life which are just as tasty/useful/fascinating? Sure — but the changes we’ve created will not be stabilizing for many centuries, so the only visible effect for those now living will be a dramatic dieoff. I’ve you’ve been paying attention to the marine world, you won’t be surprised by the fact that we’re witnessing exactly that (50% dieoff in plankton, massive dieoffs of seabirds in north Pacific and Atlantic, collapse of the Yukon salmon runs, collapse of oyster beds on the Oregon coast…).

    The CO2 levels which were in existence 100s of millions of years ago did not support the types of life which humans have depended upon for our 150k year existence, simply put.

    This isn’t some world of predictions and (inaccurate) modeling. This is happening now, at this moment.


    The threats against the Colorado Supreme Court justices could very easily be “mini false flags” — instigated by the FBI to discredit those who follow Trump.


    davidveale it’s clear you want to hide behind linguistic vagueness, darting out to imply doom and disaster, retreating to say “I never said that” anytime science comes into the picture.

    This is a tiresome, endless process in which you declare that you never have to be wrong about anything but always get to be the holy one lecturing us on our moral shame for CO2.

    So you’re a cowardly liar who has thought of a great, tiresome way of lying. This method is WHOLLY dependent on civility. You’re here as a bad faith actor with a bowl out, continually dependent on charity. And this is your “strategy”

    For example, you imply that we have gone from 280 to 420ppm in our lifetimes, which would be an alarming 66% increase and you will say “I never said that” having been challenged on it.

    I can just as easily say we’re going from 1200ppm to 423ppm.

    (you’d be DEAD if atmosphere was ever 280 in your lifetime – so go be a silent dead ghost somewhere then)

    So your program is one of driveling out implied claims, context-less statements, and anecdotes, only to retreat at every scientific reply and then continue to spew out more.

    Make your actual specific claims and defend them then. I’ll stop treating you like a bad faith actor if you stop acting like one.

    “Marine life is adapted to the conditions which have been relatively stable (at least in terms of pH and temperature) for millions of years.”

    Oh I’m so, so sorry davdveale, not only can’t you talk because you’re dead, were never born, but you cannot talk about your marine life adapted to stable conditions because in your universe they died millions of years ago from unstable CO2 conditions. They were never born, just like you.


    @jb-hb — I don’t make personal attacks, or call someone a liar when they disagree with me, and would appreciate the same courtesy. I’ve clearly triggered an emotionally charged response, which was not my intent. I do, however, like to point out flaws in reasoning where I see them.

    “For example, you imply that we have gone from 280 to 420ppm in our lifetimes, which would be an alarming 66% increase and you will say “I never said that” having been challenged on it.”

    I did not imply that 280ppm was “within our lifetimes”. That’s the commonly accepted level at the start of the industrial era, and the level that has persisted for most of the existence of the human species until we started to industrialize. The range of CO2 which has existed during the majority of human existence is approx 180-280ppm.

    We are clearly not physically adapted to higher levels, and show demonstrable cognitive decline as levels rise beyond the levels we’re accustomed to (this has been tested and is not mere speculation). I think that has far more relevance than your comparisons from hundreds of millions of years ago, when life was very different from today, and nothing at all like the species that we co-evolved with.


    The term “capitalism” is also very muddy.
    Does it refer to the “really existing” economy as it is now? Or, perhaps, it better describes the really existing economy in the US in the 1950s? 1920s? 1890s? 1830s? 1790s? England’s economy in 1700?
    Is capitalism only an economy that well-fits Adam Smith’s writings? Or a figment of the imagination of a self-avowed libertarian? Is it what Milei is aiming for?
    Is the US economy currently accurately described as “capitalism?”
    What *is* this thing we call capitalism?
    Is it “free markets?”
    Is it lack of any governmental regulation?
    Caveat emptor?
    Is it the ability to use money (capital) to generate more money?
    Is it defined by the relationship between the employer and the employee? Or by who “owns the means of production?” (Is this analysis relevant in a world where most back-breaking labor is performed by machines powered by fossil fuels?)
    Can capitalism exist outside of the economy of a town or small city? Or does it metastasize into something that is “not capitalism” when humans attempt to scale it up?
    Is it still “capitalism” when we declare capitalism to be the “only” viable economic system, and then announce that whatever the US economy (substitute the name of any other nation that refers to its economy in this way) looks like, that the economy is, by circular definition, “capitalist?”

    Words have meanings independently of themselves. Words can free us and words can bind us. Words and their definitions and usage mold our thoughts, and our thoughts are the impetus for our actions. Actions of individuals aggregate and become our cultures and societies.

    Dr D Rich


    Neither Ritter nor Ros are particularly beguiling…. …..either.

    Someone pays Ritter and they’re probably the same Someone who deplatformed and demonetized Anglin into obscurity.

    I am reminded of the opposite of Portia’s speech “The quality of mercy is not strain’d it droppeth like the gentle rain”.
    You’ll know the quality of the unmerciful because there will be no remit, no relief from the obliteration and recriminations that Ros/Ritter have been spared, mercifully.

    Ros’s singular quality is easy enough to discern.
    What is Ritter’s? Is he a made man?

    D Benton Smith

    The eggheads and their ilk on this site (and I know you’re out there, you lurkers you!) will probably recognize the scientific jargon or term called “frame of reference”. You will also know that use and misuse of frame-of-reference is one of the slickest and most often used tricks in the book, both for sussing out difficult problems [Einstein springs to mind] and for perpetrating horrendous crimes against humanity [as with Pope Francis for timely example].

    Basically it is the principle that statements of fact which that are plainly true within a certain frame of reference are often completely (even absurdly or fatally) false within a DIFFERENT “frame of reference”. Example: During work a flight attendant will often push the drinks cart down the aisle at a sedate one-fourth (or so) miles per hour. That’s perfectly and obviously true . . . . within that frame of reference. However, if the aircraft at that moment in its flight encounters a cloud-hidden mountain peak it will become immediately apparent to all involved that within a DIFFERENT frame of reference the speed of one fourth miles per hour is tragically false.

    I bring all of this up because there has been and increasingly happens to be a little too much of this kind of switcheroo logic going on here at our beloved TAE comments section. Now, any of us (all of us actually, myself included) can accidentally make the mistake and commit that error. Small harm done, usually. BUT… SOMETIMES… the mistake is knowingly and intentionally used as a ploy for nefarious purposes, so I’m just putting those DELIBERATE offenders on notice. I will catch you at it, I will call you out and I will not be kind.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Just note that davidveale’s continued errors (to be charitable) are mostly because he fails (probably lacking sufficient depth of understanding of science) to distinguish between correlation and causality.
    When I am feeling kind, I call what he does “correlation grandiosity,” which inflates a trivial linear-cause-and-effect factoid into a general complex-system-wide Truth — and also fails to distinguish reductionist in vitro situations from complex in vivo situations (a variation on that same theme).
    When I’m not, I simply recognize moronic complacency corrupted by tribal pressures and compounded by intellectual and moral cowardice, all masquerading as humble “reasonableness” hiding behind covert (and hypocritical) ideological rigidity and an inability to actually experience from the ground of their own integrity.
    There are so many like doofuses like this, it has become almost effortless to recognize them. Maybe it’s time they got honest (or tried a different style of systematic lying, which may include self-deception). They might even attempt to learn what really drives that dread “climate change,” but that is probably asking too much (although many others are actively engaged in that endeavor, with increasing success).
    It may be productive to try to find one that is halfway sane, and ask if they can identify how and why they have sold out — and provide them 12-Step-like moral support as they grapple with their demons.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Yes, a twitchy mouse-click bounce, compounded by no immediate acknowledgement of submission with a caution to wait for it to show up.

    You moderators (robot or human) can delete this little note…


    @Alexander Carpenter:

    “Just note that davidveale’s continued errors…”

    Are you up for a genuine and cordial discussion or would you prefer to call people names when they offend your worldview?

    Please pick one of my errors and we can take it from there. If I’m in error, I’d love to know how/where, and you would be doing me a favor by correcting me.

    D Benton Smith

    So I see that the US is sending American troops to Europe. Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler to just have them report straight to the graveyard? You’d sure save a lot of time and expense, not to mention that it is ultimately more merciful in the long run and doesn’t scar their souls by making them murder babies on the way there.
    Better yet, why not just pop those soldiers up to Canada where there are plenty of euthanasia clinics standing ready, willing and able to accommodate their needs with minimal fuss or muss.


    @jb-hb — I don’t make personal attacks, or call someone a liar when they disagree with me, and would appreciate the same courtesy

    Discussion is civility. Intrinsic to this is earnest forthrightness. I said you wouldn’t do this and that you’d demand to nevertheless be shielded BY civility – and here we are.

    I did not imply that 280ppm was “within our lifetimes”.

    I told you that you would say that and you did. You see, I gave the summary of your simulacrum-of-argument/discussion at the start, so people know what to watch for and recognize from the start. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    We are clearly not physically adapted to higher levels, and show demonstrable cognitive decline as levels rise beyond the levels we’re accustomed to

    That’s hilarious that, by your own number that we are HEADED FOR, 420ppm, which is 0.0420% of the atmosphere – ie four hudredths of a percent, ie 4/10,000 you think this will impair cognitive function.

    AFKKT, the king of ppm CO2 said we were doomed due to a 0.000374% change change in CO2. (a 37/10,000,000 change)

    With human generated CO2 change constituting 4% of that change, 0.00001496% (1 / 6,684,491) causing, in your words:

    …the only visible effect for those now living will be a dramatic dieoff 50% dieoff in plankton, massive dieoffs of seabirds in north Pacific and Atlantic, collapse of the Yukon salmon runs, collapse of oyster beds on the Oregon coast… …This isn’t some world of predictions and (inaccurate) modeling. This is happening now, at this moment.

    The cognition-decreasing CO2… is it in the room with you right now?


    Peace will have a better chance of winning if the United States went home and stopped meddling everywhere.


    We live backwards in time.

    We sense the world and act in kind,
    Much faster than we blink an eye-
    And set the memories in mind,
    If references can make the tie.

    If they cannot, we’ve still reacted
    Just as we were programmed to-
    The memory will be redacted:
    “That was what I meant to do.”


    The change in CO2 is not
    ” 0.000374% change change in CO2. (a 37/10,000,000 change)”.

    The change is 420-280 = 140. 140/280 = .5, or a 50% increase. Gotta watch what your denominator is. The proportion of a component to the whole is rarely indicative of the the component’s effect, as is the case with things like hormones, or cyanide in the human body, or… atmospheric CO2. BTW, we’re not “headed for” 420ppm — we’re already there.

    I think it’s quite likely that current CO2 levels are having an effect on human cognitive function, as evidenced by what’s happening worldwide over the last few years. However, I have not seen tests demonstrating this. At 1000ppm, the measured cognitive decline was 20% though.

    I think your numbers suggesting that human generated CO2 is a mere 4% of the increase in CO2 are willfully exclusionary. Does that include the massive quantity of CO2 released through agricultural tillage (and the resulting oxidation of soil’s organic matter)? Somehow I suspect not, but I’d be interested to see your reference if you have one. I don’t imagine you scrutinized it before parading it around.


    DBS- #149315.
    Spot on.


    zerosum- #149318
    Also spot on.


    The change is 420-280 = 140. 140/280 = .5, or a 50% increase.

    Ohhh, so your point is that CO2 levels come and go, which we can do little about, we can bear witness to the changes though?

    No one’s fault, no need for action? Was THAT it?

    No, you’re talking about human caused global warming, using that figure to make your point. So you’re implying as hard as you can that humanity caused a 50% increase in CO2.

    This is supposed to be a supporting argument for your side and you are very clearly NOT entering into good faith discussion or argument at all, instead opting to be a lying coward. Obviously. And next you will say “I never said that…”

    Thank you for your continued cooperation

    At 1000ppm, the measured cognitive decline was 20% though.

    But the figures are being cited by climate activists (anyone can google search it and see- I checked before my last post, read the “studies” and THEN posted so that you would reply with exactly the above) …climate activists who have been lying liars for decades. Putting their thermometers in the middle of parking lots and blacktop rooves etc. Telling us CO2 is warming things only to tell us cooling is ALSO CO2 doom and so on.

    Besides that, you’re citing experiments of piping CO2 into a mask or an airtight room while IMPLYING that this would be what happens in the real world. Forgetting plants use CO2 and plants make oxygen. You’re not making some isolated “if JUST CO2 were more, then ____” as an amusing anecdote. You’re using a “study” that DOES NOT take the biosphere (or even OXYGEN) into account to make claims on what will happen in the biosphere. (I never said that…)

    Why do the “scientific” CO2 arguments always obfuscate, evade, and ditch science if it threatens the CO2? The CO2 is more important than science (just like the notavax)

    I think your numbers suggesting that human generated CO2 is a mere 4% of the increase in CO2 are willfully exclusionary. Does that include the massive quantity of CO2 released through agricultural tillage

    I don’t know, did you take into account individual volcanoes in the news releasing 30 years of industrial civilization’s worth of CO2 in a single go? Did you take into account the thousands of volcanoes worldwide spewing out CO2 continually? More being discovered under the ice in Antarctica and under the sea doing same? I think you’re being willfully exclusionary.

    Were the cowboys that killed off all the millions and millions of buffalos just Climate Saviors then? Or Buffalo are natural, therefore holy, but cows are for humans, therefore profane. You’re a science guy?

    You’re implying really hard that I am somehow being unorthodox or radical? Unscientific? While you claim humans have caused a 50% atmospheric increase in CO2.

    Look, YOURS is the belief that humans are creating so much CO2 it will cause catastrophe. Various scientific assumptions combined with years of busted lying – lying models, lying data, failed predictions. You already died 15 years ago from human caused CO2 increase, after all.

    And of course YOURS is the belief that, due to human activity bringing catastrophe, we must act now – actions which must be forced on humanity and will cause a worldwide Holodomor amongst other things. YOU’RE the one arguing for what is super-radical. Yet you imply in cowardly disingenuous fashion that you stand in orthodoxy and I’m being a loose cannon.

    And still, you can’t state your case and defend it. It’s just this. As predicted.


    At 1000ppm, the measured cognitive decline was 20% though

    I might add, you’ve been generally saying things like “it’s happening now!” and citing 420ppm as already causing catastrophe right before ALSO warning us of CO2 Cognitive Doom

    ….of course, WITHOUT saying the first part: “If CO2 went up by another 580ppm to 1000ppm from 420ppm ie an increase to 238% of current levels, then…”

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