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    Paul Cézanne Young Italian Woman at a Table c1900   • Jerusalem Hospital Orders 1.5 Million Doses of Russian COVID Vaccine (Haaretz) • Moderna Sa
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    The Black

    If there is just one simple takeaway from last month’s election, it is that polling is mostly used for molding and shaping rather than for gauging. And yet here’s a poll about the vaccine.


    We are now seeing, with COV-19, a frontal, in your face, assault on old structures, first of all on National Gvmts, their institutions. Stealth ‘privatization’ and ‘take-over’ of large parts of what used to be Gvmt-controlled or Gvmt-functions are now a done deal.

    Not an ex. of ‘lobbying’ (ex. a Pol, a Senator, pushed or bribed to vote for a budget that aguments x, y, or z; allocating more Gvmt. largesse (laws, rules), to a, b, or c.) Nor the ‘privatization’ of some periperal profit-making thingie, like spinning off a railway line to a friend…

    It is take-over.

    In the domain of Health / Illness and the fight against it (heh I meant illness), the Corps have won.

    The Private sector – for profit-corps, NGOs that are the soft propaganda arm (they are cheap to buy / set up, easy to disband), and the buy-out of Gvmts is almost complete. Ex. Gates Global Fund owns and directs more in that field than X Gvmts together. Laboratories that do research are owned and controlled by Corps.

    Ex. the Wuhan Level-4 lab was set up in conjunction with France – See pic, the bi-lingual text and the Chinese and F ppl cheering:

    It is funded partially by the US:

    “Mike Pompeo has already been on record confirming and defending this funding, saying it was “to protect American people from labs that aren’t up to standard.” ..” (ha ha)

    The Wuhan lab has close ties to the Galveston Bio lab:

    Fauci backed contoversial Wuhan Lab for coronavirus research (committing 3.7 million to it, for research, including gain of function):

    And so on, links are merely top of the iceberg. This is a world-wide circuit that has no National ties or oversight, a collection of ppl who are fighting for power, control, and huge profits, with many others behind the scenes investing gigantic sums, counting on mega-profits.


    ‘Together But Falling Apart’, by Alex Bartlett:

    “..No matter how absurd the response becomes to what an honest virologist would call an inconsequential virus, most citizens are demanding a greater response. More unscrutinised spending, more closures, more doses of vaccines to be made available as soon as possible, and more public shaming (and worse) for those who do not comply with the ‘new normal’.

    In the end, pharmaceutical giants will be the big winners, earning untold billions for their rushed vaccine, and will be spared any liability for all adverse consequences. Small businesses and personal autonomy will have disappeared and we will all be that much easier to track, control, monitor, punish and isolate.

    Does it have to be this way? Last week I went to a local protest in Toronto. It felt really good to finally step forward and add my voice and my presence amongst those willing to call bullshit on this assault on science, reason and the fabric of our local and national communities. The protest itself was calm and measured but you could easily sense the frustration and fear of those in attendance..”

    Together But Falling Apart

    The man is asking the right questions, IMO.


    Good call on Da Covid at Off-G:

    Tomoola Sitchin
    Dec 5, 2020 7:48 PM

    The “it’s probably a cash grab” idea came and went in a week or two probably some time last April and I then went back to the “it’s about control and depopulation”, where I’ve been ever since.

    The Rockefellers were looking for depopulating agents decades ago and by now they probably have a warehouse full. Bill Gates was always a Rockefeller favourite and he now carries the globalist depopulation by vaccine banner.

    The Mike Whitney article is a great round up of the Covid fiasco, though for me things are likely much worse than even his rather dour article. I don’t believe for one moment that the globalists would be content with a vaccine that just causes infertility in women, just too slow. These people are now very impatient for dramatic change and so while the first issues of the various vaccines may be somewhat benign, the booster doses will likely start off a great cull of the masses.

    Those running things for the globalists know that they can’t allow large numbers of vaccine refusers, as this would quickly expose their real nature. Accordingly, mandated vaccination and compulsion in all but name, are now very much on the cards.

    Doc Robinson

    Vaccine/antibody ID?

    “As a persuasion expert, I keep being asked how to get people to take the COVID vaccine. It’s simple. However, it’s not persuasion, its incentives. Your vaccine/antibody ID lets you go to restaurants, schools, bars, church, fly, or take public transportation, etc.”

    The persuasion that needs to happen is lobbying policy makers and getting public support for COVID ID and incentive policies. You don’t need to persuade everyone, only enough people.

    Tree Frog

    To say “former CIA Director John Brennan” is “a leftist activist” reflects a very odd sense of “left”.



    You said exactly what I was going to say about polls! Polls are used to shape public opinions. Just another form of proganda!

    Special Prosecutor:

    I think Turley’s article on Barr appointing Graham special prosecutor is totally misleading. It says this is a good thing.

    So how is appointing Graham such a good thing? Let us count the ways!

    First, it make Graham a direct servant of congress’ politicians! He must report he everything he finds directly to congress. Clearly this is a very good thing!

    Second, it prevents President Trump from declassified any documents. Clearly this is a very good thing!

    Don’t you feel so much better knowing all of these very good things!

    John Day

    Barr appointing Graham Special Prosecutor is very good for BARR.
    It solves his current and some potential problems, gets him off the hook and out of gunsights, with an option to go on the offensive.
    That being said, watch uim to see which way the wind is blowing. He has not picked a direction yet.
    He’s Bush-CIA deep state, Imperialist American, not populist nationalist, nor globalist.
    I think the American balance of power was changed when GHW Bush died.
    It’s undefined, Schrodinger’s Deep State.

    John Day

    Oops, “Durham”


    So Slow Joe Biden hasn’t been slow about appointing his paid up friends into positions of power so they can loot the American taxpayer!

    What could be more American than this!

    As for the leftists, they deserve their fate for willingly helping Joe!


    John Day:

    Yes, as you point out, for Barr it is a very good thing that Durham (not Graham – my boo-boo!) being special prosecutor!

    Yes, Barr = Brutus!

    Brutus was never concerned about what was best for the Roman people when he knifed Ceasar in the back! Only his best interests!

    Barr has already knifed President Trump in the back, so his intentions are very clear!


    Here I go again- inspiration hits. Haven’t read the comments yet. (But I will- I find you all so …comforting..

    This isn’t your standard vaccine.
    They say it will do you no harm.
    Just drop ’em, bend over, and don’t make a scene:
    A moon shot does not mean the arm.

    It’s a metaphor


    @ My Parents..
    That is a jewel. Made me lol.

    I’ve just been repopulating a few books on my shelf which I’ve reread and loved but which have been loaned out never to return. One was “The Golden Gate” by Vikram Seth. A well-observed novel, but written entirely in verse. Reading it is hypnotic.. like a well-composed photograph with a foreground, middle ground and background story. There’s the narrative arc of the story in the background, and the repetitive rhythm of the verse in the foreground. And in between, a few “perfect verses”, which you can read over and over and marvel at their standalone perfection.

    @ Doc R – Thanks for your post a couple of days previous deconstructing and contextualising the vaccine success rate stats. I found it very helpful.

    Dr. D

    Remember: the government who decided the vaccine is safe is the government who overwhelmingly approved the 737Max and looked into Bernie Madoff for 7 years Markopolis was badgering them.

    We have heard there is at least one more way to halt matters, and one that suits an endless, pointless, spineless standoff, with the attempt to run out the clock and call on the Pentagon to remove…or rather install President Pelosi, as she has demanded. That is, if Congress takes roll call of the Electors, alphabetically, by state, then just stops… That is, a state refuses to speak… It’s yet another way beyond legislatures, Electors, Contingents. And why? Because it’s politics so there are no rules. The rule is power, what you can get away with.

    You’d be crazy to think they haven’t thought of this though. And the details of the Contingent don’t depend at all on the confirmation. Hawaii has already shown you can confirm results and reverse yourself. (1960?) But the cases are nuts, as BEFORE the judges, said, “Well, Election’s next month, nothing’s happened, where’s the wrong?” And after, they said, “Well, it’s too late, you can’t sue now.” Really? There’s no legal moment for suing elections? So what we discover is that there is no “There” there no harm not just ’til they’re cast, but confirmed? But then it’s too late? Perhaps. But they can confirm it, send the electors, and the States/Congress can say, “Look there are objections that have NOT been addressed.”(Sec 3? There’s a lot of info right now) The confirmation only holds IF the objections were ALREADY addressed and settled. The slowness of pushing it, of revealing it, seems to have been timed to insure they would not be able to address, hide, pretend, back at the state/Governor level and therefore prevent the official Congressional objection. Both the video reveal in Georgia and the date of the response from Alito in Pennsylvania seem to show this.

    And they didn’t think of it? Alito chose that exact day, just randomly, back before the election when he also didn’t rule on it but put a stop for the post-dated envelopes? I suppose just like in the age of call phones, there were no informers anywhere in the counting rooms, nobody monitoring web traffic, no well-placed cameras?

    Uh-huh. Well we just found out about the cameras. You think Noooooooooooooobody knew, nobody looked at that film until yesterday? They didn’t just keep it on tap, wait for the GA GOP to reveal the back-stabbing establishment weasels they are, and then bring it out? Because Trump and his whole posse are all idiots who sit around, eat Big Macs and watch SpongeBob on TV. Okey-dokey. Just a lucky fool, bumping into things, 1,400 days in a row.

    Like I said, there is so much info, the problem is merely to stall to process some of it. That means he can drop any info, any size, any time, on any body, any target, any reason, from any direction he wishes. And his ammunition is now unlimited.

    To prevent the long-staged Civil War he also must constantly keep the opposition thinking they’re winning, just about to win, in the right, as the line slowly creeps along back into law and order. Into revealing, maybe high-level pedophilia and human trafficking in Miami and the Caymans. Maybe massive insider payoffs in military or State Dept kickbacks through your family or charity. Saudi wars “‘Cause the money’s good.” Maybe showing what happens when the courts arrest and convict someone’s enemies, but not their friends every day. So they can go out, have dinners, go the the gym, cut their hair, launch their boat, and eat $1,000 ice cream while you’re trapped in an 800ft apartment, your kids are breaking down from the U.N. recognized torture, solitary abuse and will be fined 6 months pay if you leave. $7k fine that is 5 minute’s pay for Bezos, able to pay all day, although ironically, he would also never be charged. That’s the kind of thing you can get done while they’re “Winning” month after month.

    “Judge Emmet Sullivan Still Refusing To Dismiss Michael Flynn Case (JTN)”

    Like that even after your case is dropped. Even after extraordinary revelations of misconduct, even after you’re been pardoned, they STILL won’t drop your case. Reminds you of Powells’ book, “License to Lie” with just a few of hundreds, thousands, maybe ten thousands, of cases prosecuted on anyone, at any time, for any reason, with no evidence, just for extortion, blackmail, revenge, amusement. Against Millionaires, Congressmen, doesn’t matter: you’re not in the Club. …And she does NOT cover the thousands of criminals they also should have prosecuted but let go like Whitey Bulgar for the same reasons: payback, cash, jobs men, favors, muscle, status.

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