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    Getty Vigil in front of White House on the evening after Pearl Harbor attack Dec. 7 1941   • France Braced For ‘Ultra-Violent’ Protests (BBC) • S
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    V. Arnold

    Encryption. Wonder how many people will get a Huawei phone now, and be safe from spying.

    LOL, my thoughts exactly; probably my next phone.

    V. Arnold

    Getty Vigil in front of White House on the evening after Pearl Harbor attack Dec. 7 1941

    I was hoping this would pass un-noticed here.
    Mostly it doesn’t deserve to continue the lie that is 12 – 07 – 41.
    Without history, undistorted history, the myths surrounding that eventful day continue, fostering myriad falsities, justifying untold horrors committed upon the world at large in its name.
    History damn it; know the bloody (literally) history that is the west…
    The planet suffer’s daily, in the very real now, the carnage continuum as I type…

    Dr. D

    “Blaming a conspiracy among Oxbridge PPE … That struck me as narcissistic paranoia although it is, I suppose, remotely possible that such a cabal existed.”

    So, when interviewing a person in the middle of the event, with access to breathtaking secret information and hundreds of well-placed sympathizers, you a) asked, “Really? What a scoop! What makes you think so, so I can publish it!” or b) decided to assume he didn’t know what he was talking about, never investigated it at all and then wrote an international article highlighting your own ignorance, lack of curiosity, and abandonment of journalistic integrity.

    B) of course.

    Then, pretending to be “fair” to Assange, and tepidly supporting the idea of journalism a little, in theory, you emphatically reinforce every fake, hateful, popularity-turning trope ever floated by the Guardian, who you know is perfectly false. When you publish that fanning dislike for Assange is tantamount to having him extradited, tried, and killed. After he’s killed, I hope they ship his head to your doorstep as a trophy for your good work defending your fellow Australians.

    Always bored and hostile when the existence of free journalism and open democracy are on the line — that’s Elizabeth Farrelly.

    Not to leave on a bad note, I still consider that, although the deep state, which is 80% of our government would love to get rid of Assange, WHY is that, ultimately? Because they attribute Clinton’s loss to him, being mentally ill and incapable of taking responsibility for their actions of picking the most disliked candidate in 100 years and then not campaigning in any of the critical states, but instead in CA and NY where she was already solid. Look deeper: Assange released the information, but that means he HAS the it, the real information, the truth. THAT is what they cannot allow to reach the U.S., the federal register, the people. THAT is why they must kill him, discredit him in case he ever testifies.

    Assange being extradited to the U.S., to give documentation and testimony is the one thing that can sink the irritating and false Trump-Russia investigation, and thereby lose the only hindrance and leverage they’ve manufactured over Trump. Meanwhile, if Trump can get Assange alive on the floor of Congress, he will have some very interesting things to say that are almost certain to create serious legal jeopardy for Clinton, Podesta, and the DNC.

    I know it doesn’t look like it, and he is still not liked for releasing the CIA toolbox, but look at it pragmatically. If you were Trump, would you say, “hey, let’s keep Assange safe so I can screw the CIA, Clinton, and the Deep State” or would you say, “Hey CIA, I hate him too! Bigly. Let’s get that guy in a cell so I can talk to him nice and slow, on tape.”? Okay, so given these crosswinds of death and mayhem, would Assange believe anyone from the U.S., regardless of who, given he’s already been double-crossed by Congress and Comey?

    Which is true? Anyone’s guess. But I don’t believe the irony is lost on Trump that Assange holds the keys to Trump’s freedom.

    V. Arnold

    I should add: I do not dispute the fact of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour; but rather the events leading up to that attack.
    A critically important history of the events leading up to that attack; sanctions are a declaration of war…


    V. Arnold,

    My interest was the photograph itself, not the event. It helps a little, that’s all.

    V. Arnold

    I understand, no problem…
    It is, after all, a piece of history…


    My article on Macron yesterday just went over 100,000 readers on Zero Hedge. Not the first time for one of my essays, but still nice.


    I’m being entertained by TV reports of Paris burning.

    Before the start of demonstration by the yellow vests, there were” swat” dressed police enforcers in the tourist areas of Paris. Now they are going to get more and there will be less tourist paying exorbitant prices.
    Yes, its dirty, and full of petty thieves. The trains regularly annouce on the pa system to watch out for thieves.
    After the fires have burned out the filth, then the unemployed immigrants can be used to pick up the residue.

    I’m doing a terrible job of writing/describing about a terrible situation. I’m glad that I’m not living there.
    Is London going to be the next city?

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