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    Russell Lee Street scene. Spencer, Iowa 1936   • Coronavirus “HIV Insertions”: Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon (ZH) • Chinese Furious A
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    V. Arnold

    Russell Lee Street scene. Spencer, Iowa 1936
    The daily Reporter; hmpf, what a quaint term…

    Make from it what you want. Looks scary. Majority of Wuhan infections are now without a link to the fish/meat market.

    And then there is the HIV-insert…
    This is proving a wild ride to? Hang on for dear life…
    True? Or not? Who knows, but we’ll see where this goes, no?


    Wife and I ordered a buncha Vitamin D3 and vitamin C from Amazon last night. One never knows when the media will trigger a panic run on such items. All it takes is some expert doctor on some talk show advising people to buy this or that preventative measure. If it happens in the right moment of general public awareness from public health announcements, like we’re seeing now, the just-in-time stocks can vinish quickly. I saw that Singapore required registration to purchase face masks. One assumes this is so scalpers don’t but the stocks and then gouge the public with hyper-priced face masks as people panic.

    I’m old and growing rather frail, with lungs weakened by periods of nasty smoking from times when bleeding really got me down and desperate. I mention this because, iirc what I read last night (my brain is still a whirlagig from having the inside of my face fried), the fuirst reported case in the USA was a guy in the Seattle area. He was 35 years old and went from mild symptoms to raging pneumonia. He lived but it took eight days in the hospital. Eight days.

    So I will be following WES’s example and the advice of otheras like John Day and taking extra good care of myself.

    Ironically, the latest version of coronavirus running at large in the world is triggering a renaissance of self-care after a year of just kind of hanging on while I often smoked too much dope and frequently broke down and smoked cigarettes.

    I hope this stuff doesn’t affect crows. I have adopted two crows who claim the trees behind “our” apartment complex. GOmez and Morticia Adams. Morticia has a lame right foot. After almost a year, they have come to trust me enough to regularly get into easy pellet gun range, which I take as high trust. Crows are smart and wary. Morticia will sit in the pine tree just 6-8 yards from our veranda and gently, politely caw for peanuts. I toss hard-boiled eggs onto the carport roof below every morning.

    I take uncanny pleasure in being their “retirement fund”.

    But also, I figure that, since people will quite likely literally be eating crow in a few years, I might as well up the population of same by making it easier for them to brood and raise more crows. I find it disturbing to observe how readily I anticipate the worst happening sooner than not, but that continually seems the most logical outcome. When logic and intuition both nestle in my gut like old friends, I figure they’re on to something and I should believe what they tell me.


    Hillary is acting like a classic sociopathic narcissist. If she can’t have it, she’ll take down everyone else with her if she can. Since my biases imprinted toward the left as I learned about and became involved in politics (that’s a curious expression from someone raised in a democratic republic with compulsory public education), I feel more bitterness toward the icons of that side of the spectrum than I do toward those of the other side. I expect Lindsey Graham to be a punk. I expect Mitch McConnel to be a slow-moving reptile with the soul of a restaurant check. Cruz, Rubio, the infamous Bushies… but watching Hillary turn nto hazmat what was left of an already thinned-out Democratic party, is especially galling.

    There is no good reason for me to be mad at any of them. They’re made possible by collective human nature, the inherently toxic nature of what we call civlization (military forces invading and acquiring slaves and plunder in the name of some glorious concept of group identity that allows us to fall for Us vs Them without considering that we’re Them to their Us), our generally hypnotized state in a realm of increasingly virtual reality.

    But I would love to be close to her, vetted through a Secret aservice line, shake her hand, and say, “I feel so sorry for you. You’re obviously a miserably deranged pathetic wretch. I pray for you just to rinse from my soul my disgust toward you .”

    My brain must be calming down. I’m registering the necessities of orderly syntax again.

    Get Some Help, You


    Reading about media star after media star making the same dumb conclusions per their general political bias and, worse, their general adherence to status quo cultural concepts, is disheartening. Stephen King is obviously a very intelligent man.

    Horrified Horror Mongerer

    But success breeds enhanced self-esteem that in turn makes people like him think they understand things they scarcely analyze.

    It’s like the rather terrifying heartbreak I felt reading Nicole Foss touting the same old Trump Is the Sickness! nonsense. She should know enough about large systems and nodal points to recognize that Trump is just a big pimple oozing the pus flowing creepy through the veins of our various governances.

    It reminds me again that, should things collapse (how can they not?), the most reliable neighbor will be a dead neighbor.

    I’ve ashared the following before. I share it again:

    Molecular Civil War

    When the basis of one’s culture is a failing sham, the collapse of its facades reveals a glaring nihilism only needing hardship and mistrust for it to become a mutual mistrust of pert near everything except what you can hold in your hand. I hasve a copy of Among the Thugs, and both volumes of Victor Klemperer’s I Shall Bear Witness. Their observations are not encouraging.

    Our currency reads In God We trust, but people only trust cash to cooperate together. We have entirely lost ancient social protocols involving mutual understanding of mutual needs including, especially, the mutual need to cooperate together to survive even during the best of times. “Entirely lost” isn not hyperbole. As someone who spent much of his young aduly years homeless in various forms, I can attest how little we know how to function without money easing the way for us.

    Money, said some smart guy in a book called Non-Zero Sum or something like that, is “deferred reciprocal altruism”: we trust that a dollar exchanged for something will in turn be exchangeable (although it’s more fun to say ‘fungible’ 😉 ) for something “equally valuable”, that if you scratch my back today in exchange for some currency, said currency will be redeemable in the future for a back scratch or maybe a lollipop.

    Even the concept of barter is downright rude and offensive to our sensibilities. This is a Puritan or Calvinist, I forget, product of the Euromerican colonial experiement in North America a few centuries back, when some New England shopkeeper decided to employ the radical notion of setting a fixed price whose appeal at the time was that he wanted gouge anyone but instead, ask a fair price. It was heavenly at first but it cost us our ability to negotiate exchange values and contracts outside of things like the stock market which, as we’ve seen, are now cattle pens where the population of beed grows far past any healthy sustainable population because of central bank equivalent of hormones and antibiotics.

    We have two basic social modes available to us at this point: everything’s swell or I’ma take from you what I want if I can. We ignore the latter prospect because aren’t we nice civilizwed human beings? Look how we gather together as comrades when the power goes out or the levve breaks and we’re briefly without various necessities. But let those periods go past a few weeks and all hell will break loose.

    I don’t think there has ever been a more pampered, complacent population so disconnected from the fundament (the earth) of provisions. We’ve never seen a population so conditioned by ludicrous false beliefs, or so dependent on inevitably collapsing resource bases amid the growing disruptions caused by the greatest resource extraction and waste thereof in history.

    But Nicole Foss and Stephan King are worried about Donald Trump being a pighead in open rather than the socially approved secret mode of pigheadedness.

    pig mask


    ” when some New England shopkeeper decided to employ the radical notion of setting a fixed price whose appeal at the time was that he wanted gouge anyone but instead, ask a fair price. ”

    Wouldn’t not “wanted”. I’ll be glad when my brain is no longer on fire.

    Dr. D

    Wu-tang flu may be running against the number of available tests. Think of it: Every day we need say, 10,000 pathogen test kits. Then one day we need 10,000,000. You got a factory for that? Oh and the supply chains feeding that factory are broken. Good luck!

    Yet another fact we don’t have: is everyone we want getting tested or are tests themselves in shortage? If so, the “confirmed” number is in shortage. So we could have 200,000 infected but because it’s the flu, they didn’t even know it. Then the 250 death is nothing. If it’s actually 10k, then the rate is stable at 2%, which isn’t terrible, but annoyingly high. And if a guy flies into Chicago or Seattle and picks up his own car home, meh. But a person walking around the L train in NYC from Kennedy? Crap. We’ll know shortly. …Unless our tests and gloves come from China too, like the thoughtless dummies we often are. Remember kids: It’s racist not to outsource all your critical infrastructure!

    Note they’re getting in trouble now for the disease being visible a month earlier, in mid-December. If so, is that a death rate far lower, or unrecognized and higher?

    “The president’s approval ratings hover in the low to mid-40s,”

    Because: media, is this not essentially the same as Obama’s and many Presidents before? Look at it this way: two party system makes top approval 50%. Really we have 30%L, 30%R and 30%C uncaring/undecided. So he has 30% of his party plus roughly half the independents, like everyone. Okay, looked at another way: the approval of both the Media (BBC) and Congress is under 15%, you know, below cockroaches and bedbugs but above Avanetti. So he’s multiples more popular than either of you. Will he win? The only thing holding back the Democrats is themselves. Unfortunately they don’t seem in the mood to present a winning candidate. They’ve basically said they will investigate and impeach Trump again immediately. We’ll see how that goes over with the electorate, but I think an increasing number of the 30% uncaring will go to the polls just to punch them in the face and shut them up. That’s a rather American thing to do, to run a sick-of-it, you-need-a-good-lesson vote, but we’ve had it what, 5 times, including Obama’s “hope and change” then Bernie, then Trump, because they won’t learn the lesson. We don’t mind punching them some more. We’re Americans, we relish it, love punching for any plausible reason, and as Captain America says, “I can keep this up all day.”

    “here is no evidence indicating that Biden engaged in any kind of misconduct in Ukraine”

    OMGAYFKM. Stop! This is why the punching begins. On the media as much as the elections. This is where they overplay. We know he’s dirty: he’s a politician. We’re immune to it. But to claim there is NOTHING, not a teensy-weensie bit? That’s just insulting, punching us, gaslighting us, and that’s just no respect as the Mafia would say. You can’t be treated like a punk: that HAS to be met with a take-down or you lose all credibility. They run elections for 50 years with paid experts: how can they not know this?

    “Trump are “scared to death I’ll be the nominee”.

    Well that’s never been said. In fact, he said he was worried about Bernie. But compare this to Joe’s long list of quotes shoving voters, insulting them, and telling them not to vote for him. Even the Independent(?) asked “Is Biden really running?” And maybe not. He may just be dodging interrogation and jail. I mean, it was election tampering, as confirmed by the Ukrainian Parliament and the ex-head of Poland, plus tens of millions foreign aid recycled back to his people/DNC campaign for more election rigging. I don’t even need subpoena power to prove that.

    “As of today, Bernie Sanders looks like one of the better, if not best, bets for the nomination.”

    Yes, and that’s great if he’s the honest heart of the Democratic Party, but it’s not a position that will take the moderate/Independents in the general. As weird reasons we still mirror each other, like Corbyn in the U.K. just ran this very election. No one noticed. The Left said, “Ha! See? We won!” –Speechless– Ok honey, you won. Now go sit in the corner out of government and watch cartoons while Daddy works, okay?

    Hillary Clinton Blames Bernie Sanders For Disunity In Democratic Party (WE)”

    Hey, has anybody thought that his geriatric election IS Bernie’s revenge on HRC? ‘Cause boy it sure seems to be, and it’s Hillaryous. She’s now losing –again– to a Bernie that’s even WORSE than last time, older, heart-attack, flip-flopping and all. They still hate her more than him, and it drives her crazy.

    “DNC Members Discuss Rules Change to Stop Sanders at Convention (Pol.)”

    Okay, here’s the only possible worse choice for them to take. So they take it. Slow learners. But Americans are happy to give them another ‘lesson’ at the polls.

    Billionaire Bloomberg just bought the @DNC”

    Sadly, that may be true, as apparently that’s what they’re up to in VA: Bloomberg literally, openly bought them all by funding every campaign, and set a policy that will get thousands on both sides killed. #Winning. But the real question is: Why’s it for sale? If you had firm principles, that wouldn’t be possible.

    “Democrats Announce New Debate Rules Likely to Allow Bloomberg to Join”

    Continuing: so they change rules to erase Gabbard and Yang, –then Bernie– then change rules to force-add Bloomberg. Question: why have rules? Clearly this is a dictatorship of some sort, with no rules at all but “what I say so.” …Trust me, this will not go well with us. Tulsi or even Pete could win if force-run with the media, as usual, using Bloomberg’s appropriate, winning ads. Nope. Anything but that. RussiaRussiaRussia. OMB.

    “The FBI Has Been Lying About Seth Rich (Craig Murray)”

    What? You mean a DNC IT guy was NOT shot for no reason, in a non-robbery, the day after the leak and the Mayor and head of DNC got up and went to the hospital to see him at 3am, AND the guys who did it got shot AND all the police tapes got lost before Wikileaks put out a reward and BOTH and the Ambassador suggested the leak was him? Color me surprised. The FBI lying, I mean. Here’s homework: is there any case the FBI has been involved in where they DIDN’T lie? Whitey Bulgar, MLK, Steven Hatfill, the whole meth-smoking FBI lab, blah blah etc going back to J. Edgar and…well, literally everyone.

    Lying? In America? Surely you jest. Anyhoo, yeah, they’re in trouble. But repeat after me: Nobody got arrested.

    “Flynn Prosecution Exposed as Massive FBI and DOJ Abuse of Power (NYP)” Uh-huh.

    Hey, where are those 302’s? Like Comey, they made them up out of personal recollection months later, when it was convenient — oh, and then swapped whose was whose. Okay, well you’re fired for that, OR you’re fired for lying. Take your pick. But? “No one was fired, no one was arrested, no one went to jail.” You know, except all of us citizens, of course. We got to jail for burning cloth or painting our house the wrong color.

    “conspiring to help President Trump win re-election”

    Speaking of lies, I have never heard anything so preposterous in my life. Facebook is probably coordinating with CNN, who is run by RussiaRussiaRussia because we all know they both run 99% pro-Conservative, pro-Trump stories all day. Oh wait: Columbia U. research showed it was the #OppositeLand. If only he were senile, but unfortunately, he’s insane. You know: like all his friends. But, when you reminisce about working with the Nazis to turn in fellow Jews as being the best times of your life, well… But it’s anti-Semitic to criticize a guy who works with Nazis to gas Jews. #OppositeLand much?

    He got elected because he ran the single best digital ad campaign I’ve ever seen”

    Also false. He didn’t screw up the campaign, sure, but this digital army were volunteer chats and meme-creators who did it for fun, and not even for the election. They can’t understand the concept of people not being controlled, working like minions on orders. Warren’s online Meme-army was the example: she wrote a handbook, issued by Harvard, about how memes work, what they should mean, and telling people exactly how they should create memes for her. Um, Liz? That’s not how comedy works. Or life.

    Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will stand up for principles like free expression and encryption”

    Wow. Can it GET any deeper in here? Start with the obvious: Apple has back-door keys, so they already have no encryption, the NSA is still reading all. Apple just provides the fig leaf that it exists, to keep you talking and wiretapped. FB is hardly even that clever. Free speech? They erase everyone every day, even the anti-war left, Jimmy Dore, trans people, so… His plan was to offload that to a hand-picked 3rd party that would accidentally agree with him, corporate fascism, and his (CIA) side of the government in every regard, then say “See? 9 out of 10 hand-picked minions agree, and we’re busy out back shooting the 10th one, so…” Please, please make it stop. I can stand the authoritarian statism, been nothing but all my life, but the lies, you must stop the lies.

    Look, if you want to torture me, spank me, lick me, do it. But if this poetry s–t continues just shoot me now please.” –Tank Girl

    Dr. D

    Bosco: You’re not going to be around forever. Really need to plant a mulberry tree or something for crowlings. Anywhere in the neighborhood flight range.

    Ex-PFC Chuck

    From the Kunstler piece on Adam Schiff as the new face of the Democratic Party: “This grubby seditionist has marched the party into a wilderness of deceit and knavery that taints them all . . ”
    Not true! The Democratic Party has been in that wilderness of deceit and knavery for over a quarter of a century.


    How good are the manipulators
    Even with a printing press at their command ….
    They can only help themselves
    They cannot help everyone, or save the system.
    Best quote: We know he’s dirty: he’s a politician.
    “Don’t take the recent lack of ‘news’ as meaning the threat from this virus is dying down.”

    What!!! You must be distracter by the “impeachment show”

    The coronavirus has all the hallmarks of a true Black Swan event.

    Yes. Nobody wants to be first to get out of the market and leave money on the table.
    Besides, there is a super bowl party on Sunday.
    Then there is the Iowa caucus.
    Its probably better than the “bread and circus” of the Romans.

    In the US, healthcare costs are the #1 economic threat to households. More families go bankrupt due to our predatory and inhumane medical care system that any other cause.

    In China its FREE coronavirus health care so people are going for treatment.
    In the USA, going for a sniffle is going to bankrupt you. Will it be a 5% death rate or more?
    Will the poor and the street people have a better or worst chance of survival then the insured driven into poverty?
    Go ahead, throw the dice, you only got 5% chance of losing.


    “Bosco: You’re not going to be around forever. ”

    Party pooper. 😉

    “Even the Independent(?) asked “Is Biden really running?” ”

    Someone somewhere yesterday (I think) raised the idea that Biden was trying to imitate Trump as in driving all over the road and half the countryside. But that’s not something you can imitate. Joe is a highwayman, a devotee of the striped yellow lines and prearranged hijackings. When he tries to drive erratically a la Trump it doesn’t work. Trump’s derangement is Trump’s; Joe’s is Joe’s. Trouble is, Joe’s too deranged to even know how his derangement works. Trump has spent more energy lying to others than himself, as I see it, while Joe has been so busy lying to himself foremost he doesn’t seem to know the difference any more. In other words, Biden actually believes his own rhetoric, whereas Trump’s faith in his own utterances is optional depending on his mood and the needs of the situation as he sees them.

    “Hey, has anybody thought that his geriatric election IS Bernie’s revenge on HRC?”

    Either that or he has no choice but to run per some form of offer he can’t refuse. I find the former more credible and certainly more fun. I suspect he knows with exceptional detail what her triggers are. There may be more than just vengeful bitterness involved. He may be strategically pushing her to prove in public just how very deplorable she is. DO something that all the news agencies can’t ignore if only because it will sell so many ads at premium rates.

    One wonders.

    Interestingly enough, I first encountered the concept of Alternative Energy at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont in 1975. I wasn’t a student. I’d hitchhiked from SLC to Plainfield to be with a girl I’d fallen in love with in SLC as she traveled to Plainfield with a bunch of hippy types who all hoped they’d get a piece of her action. Man were we in love. Anyway, there I learned a lot in two weeks about how/why the petrol/internal combustion engine model was insane and unsustainable. (As positioned in our culture as the center of everything.)

    Ah, Edgar, We Hardly Knew Ye

    Regarding automobiles and the culture they formed:

    Interurban Queen


    ” In other words, Biden actually believes his own rhetoric, ”

    I don’t mean he believes it’s TRUE; he just believes it. His mouth is in control, not him. Trump is somewhat verbally incontinent but far from entirely, and he is able to learn from his mistakes. Joe is… different.


    Consumers have stopped shopping. Workers are not going to work. There is only expenses. Reduce expenses.
    “Apple is closing ALL stores, corporate offices, and contact centers in China due to Coronavirus through Feb. 9, company says in statement. “


    “Across China, drones are being loaded with disinfectant to spray public streets (another shock-and-awe measure with little real-world advantage).”


    I am reminded of 911 whodunnit arguments. My final line of reasoning on that was that it didn’t matter if there was complicity or whatever. What mattered was how the Bush admin responded to the event. They took advantage of the event just as if they had wanted it to happen. So, while the investigation stunk just like the Pearl Harbor investigation stunk, and there are ample reasons to believe some complicity or causality by gubmint actors was involved, debating it just wasted energy in light of how brazenly the government exploited 911 to achieve nefarious ends.

    Looking at these useless drones, I feel the same way about the Chinese government. This tells me that the Chinese government’s actions toward this outbreak will be mostly self-serving, and therefore China will deserve (poor people but it’s their government and we deserve the eladers we put up with) the shunning and hardships it seems bent on receiving.

    Not that our response will be much different, I suspect, but we shall say.

    Hardly matters on ground level trying to avoid getting sick. We’re obviously on our own. It’s going to spread and there will be that much more tension fueling social unrest and mistrust of government.

    2020 looks to be as pivotal as 4th Generation Theory suggests. Right down to the eerie echo-numbering, impressive ocust plagues, wild fires of epic proportion, this or that epidemic, and of course, the ever more tenuous economic prospects of Euromerica.

    Who thinks Trump will get to build in Iraq those bases he said he would? Who thinks he’ll even follow through on it? Verbal bluffmanship of a highly flexible nature is Donald’s standard M.O. I think the frat boys know that they can’t have that oil. Like Orlov explained recently: No More Free Oil for USA.

    I stick my marker again on the slot marked Retreat to Saudi Arabia and hold on if possible. I think we’ll be allowed to do this, because Saudi Arabia is a rancid mess and no one wants to deal with it. Let the USA get sprawled across that mess. Once we subdue the population enough to get the worst inevitable initial ruckus out of the way, then the likes of Iran/Russia can kick us out and come in as “liberators”. Since neither nation needs SA’s oil, said “liberation” will likely be more valid than our “liberation”.


    “but we shall say”.. we shall SEE not say.

    Even with glasses…


    ” Saudi Arabia …. Once we subdue the population enough”
    How is that going to happen?
    Last I hear their prison was in a 5* hotel that only required part of their fortune so that they could be released to go out and grow their fortunes even more.


    USA is preparing 1,000 bed hospital

    Finally, the Navy has two hospital ships, USNS Mercy and USNS Comfort. The Navy describes each ship as having:
    “…12 fully-equipped operating rooms, a 1,000 bed hospital facility, digital radiological services, a medical laboratory, a pharmacy, an optometry lab, a CAT-scan and two oxygen producing plants. Each ship is equipped with a helicopter deck capable of landing large military helicopters. The ships also have side ports to take on patients at sea. When fully operational, the hospital ships have a crew of about 71 civilians and up to 1,200 Navy medical and communications personnel.”

    Dr D Rich

    Christ almighty zerosum, I spit my vitamin C dose across the treadmill.
    “Harken! The ol’ Nayvee stands ready to fashion a few pair of glasses for U.S. coronavirus victims!”

    Talk about an expansion of optometric scope of practice. You’re gonna have the American Academy of Ophthalmology hounded your ass for thinking optometrists should be doing cataract surgery AND on the front line fashioning new spectacles for coronavirus patients.
    But that’s what we need, thinking outside the box.


    Dr. D. Rich:. I had an uncle who was a doctor. (Still one in family with another finishing med school so we will be back to 2 soon.)

    Once when on a cycling vacation in northern Italy, my uncle complained to another doctor in the cycling group that he was suffering from a new disease that he had recently discovered, called CRS.

    A few days later the other doctor couldn’t take it anymore and finally worked up his courage to finally ask what CRS stood for.

    My uncle replied. “Can’t Remember Shit!”


    You two got me laughing so hard, I can’t type, tears in my eyes.
    If China can do it for free, then the USA navy can do it for free, and do it better.


    I find it rather amusing watching Hillary always blaming everyone else for her repeated failures.

    Using the mirror effect, it is interesting to watch what she says of other people.

    What she says of others, says very little about the people she is critical of.

    Instead what she does say of others, says much more about what she thinks of herself!

    So when she called many Americans “Deplorables”, what she was really saying was she felt deplorable!

    I think the reason few Americans seem to like her, is because she projects such a negative image.

    Most people seem to prefer positive images.


    Bosco:. Hey, you are really making some headway with your 2 crow friends!

    Your comment about being within pellet gun range reminded me of my experiences with crows!

    When young I spent summers on my Grandfather’s farm in southern Ontario since summers up in Labrador were non-existant!

    I remember my Grandfather saying he couldn’t get within long 22 range of the crows eating his crops!

    Obviously through evolution we have created super crows! All the dumb crows were bred out of existence!

    Another creature that we have helped greatly speed up their evolution, is the super coyote!

    We never used to have coyotes in southern Ontario. Now they are everywhere including downtown Toronto! (On a side note, there are no longer any ground hogs left!)

    It is nothing to now read about some poor old lady losing her fat little pooch on her front lawn to a coyote in broad daylight!


    I am getting great enjoyment watching the DNC trying to to kill Bernie!

    They have to kill Bernie because it is in the script.

    Right now Bernie is suffering death by a thousand cuts!

    But bleeding Bernie seems to be getting stronger!

    The DNC script says he should be getting weaker!

    Now Hillary is throwing poision darts!

    The DNC Is stacking their board with Hillary’s friends!

    DNC is changing the rules in the middle of the game!

    So when can we expect DNC Bernie kill shots?

    Stay tuned to another exciting episode of Bernie refusing to die!

    Sorry Bernie, the DNC script says you have to die in the end.

    The script writers are never wrong!

    Just ask Bugs Bunny!

    It was always about the money!

    V. Arnold

    Corvids are brilliant. I pulled over (while driving) to watch a pair of crows toss nuts on the hiway so cars woul crack them open.
    This vid is an awesome example of their intelligence…

    V. Arnold

    Hopefully Ilargi will fix my ineptitude with posting images and vids…

    Dr D Rich

    Well, I think the battle of the viral narratives reached critical mass today. On one hand, ZeroHedge posts an article citing Sen. Tom Cotton as the source of information which condemns a level 4 virology lab in Wuhan as the creator and responsible party for release of weaponized coronavirus. On the other hand, Aletho News credits DARPA (no surprise there) with recent work on weaponizing coronavirus. Even today a reader can easily find “expert” posts reportedly from Chinese scientists/authorities credibly undermine the pandemic hysteria narrative while “western” sources ratchet up the emotion.

    In the meantime, the rest of us will be left to choose sides in warring narratives (false dichotomy) and then be condemned by our society’s Betters should we demonstrate anything less than fealty to our side.

    Knowing what it’s like to be ostracized by my people and profession, i feel comfortable putting my money on the “man in arena” where the situation and patient acuity demands a compassionate, selfless, analytical mind.

    V. Arnold

    Thanks Ilargi.
    Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out how to post vids.
    0 for me; 1 for the corvid


    Me love crows and ravens.

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