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    Mathew Brady Grand Review of the Army. Units of XX Army Corps, Army of Georgia, Pennsylvania Ave. near the Treasury, Washington, DC. May 24 1865
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    John Day

    Go Sanders and Gabbard!

    Wuhan Virus coming.

    (not a quadratic)


    Go Sanders and Gabbard!

    John, that right there is why nobody cares about the Democrats. Both can only ever get anywhere despite the party, but never because of it. And because people like you understand that, John, many -though perhaps not yourself- will not vote for whoever it is the DNC does want.

    And though Bernie at least stands for something, America is not going socialist any time soon. Plus, he’s stuck in RussiaRussiaRussia and Orange Man Bad mode. Literally stuck, no flexibility. And he could still go places just because the rest are so g-ddamn bland. Nobody “looks at New Hampshire” because there’s nothing to see there. Bernie has that very wrong.

    The only reason the one remaining handful watch is because CNN et al spend millions trying to make it look like something genuine. But as soon as Trump comes into the picture, he’ll hog all the limelight again, and CNN will be the first to hand him the podium.


    ” the central government is increasingly reliant on state-owned enterprises and state money to maintain social stability and to deliver environmental improvement, while the private economy is gradually marginalised and local autonomy is weakened.”

    Tell the truth.
    Nobody expect capitalism to do a better job.
    How will USA deal with the incoming infection?
    Let’s wait until the end of April. (According to Trump)
    If you don’t believe Trump then listen to his economic advisor, Larry K.

    If I’m given a choice of who to listen to, so that I can take action to help myself, I’ll chose the lesser of the self-serving bobble heads. With a grain of salt, I’ll pay more attention to the World Health Organization.
    Did anyone see a report of what is happening to the infected that have been removed from the ship?

    WHO Names Virus ‘COVID-19’, Warns “Must Do Everything Now… Vaccine Will Take 18 Months”

    All of the media reports of a breakthrough served one purpose, pump the stock market.


    We are okay …. China is f**k
    Is that a lie or Lalaland thinking

    China’s Banks Face $6 Trillion Coronavirus Cataclysm If Epidemic Is Not Contained Soon

    Doc Robinson

    Getting uglier…

    “Workers at March Air Reserve Base [California] and their families have been verbally attacked in person and on social media by people fearing their proximity to the 195 Americans under quarantine at the base…”

    Workers at coronavirus quarantine base accosted amid unfounded fears of spreading virus

    But wait, what about the 24 day incubation (not 14 days)?

    Coronavirus quarantine to end for 195 people who flew into Riverside County two weeks ago

    Dr. D

    As he couldn’t toss the holdovers or get impeached, as is usually done since Andrew Jackson (“to the victor go the spoils”), ex. Obama, Trump has now finally fired the people who should have been fired the first day. …After salting them with moles and following the warren with FISA warrants to find out who’s who. This isn’t rocket surgery. And oh! The screaming, the screaming! A single man got fired! End of the universe, dogs and cats… He coming for your family, Minnesota! Hey, guys: like everything else in this administration, he didn’t even get fired. He was on loan to the White House and went back to Defense, didn’t even lose a pay grade. This is what we do to people who are open insubordinates and are caught and admit to lying about whistleblowers and tampering with evidence: apparently nothing. No rule of law again today, as for all of my life. And even THAT is too much for the media. Cait Johnstone is the only one more salty than I am about it.

    Just seemed worth a mention as they’re going for Second Impeachment now.


    ‘Cause the whole country’s really in the mood, it raised $1.5M for his campaign, raised his approval, and the election is 9 months away.

    Remember when I said, “He wants to be impeached, it’s the only way to get this on the record and over with”? I wouldn’t do it this way, but I’m not in charge. However: Not. Rocket. Surgery. Easy to see from his actions and approach, even going way back, because he controlled less than 10% of the executive and not much more now.

    That’s not very interesting though. Fed is still bailing out to $750B via overnights, but has managed to hide a bunch in creative bookkeeping. That’s not over, the system of compounding interest since 1913 or 1971 is still collapsing, and with COVID has yet to hit even markets THIS disconnected from reality – at a time they’ve sidestepped the fall and put on adequate shorts – the Fed will have to step in and “help” as their mandate, maybe going “Printing Unlimited” right into the election. –You know like Weimar did, and all quality banana republics. But “There is no means to avoid the final collapse of a credit boom” so this crying was set up decades ago, and the setter-uppers already escaped to the grave with the loot, leaving their children and grandchilden to die of a dereliction not their own.

    “Demonstrate to men how little they know about what they can design” and accomplish.

    What I say every day. But you wouldn’t want my photo on that poster. Right, Selma?

    Dave Note

    The coronavirus adventure is shaping up as a bottom line economic issue NOT the health of the general population.

    If the death rate from this is 3%, mostly elderly and health issues, that means 97% won’t die.

    The lizard brained, forked tongue, oligarchic, kakistocractic psychopaths calling the shots are going to throw that 3% under the global economic bus in a New York Minute.

    Losing only 3% of your population (mostly useless eaters) is just the cost of doing business on their spreadsheets.

    You’re simply not going to stop this thing from ripping through your population. Slowing it down just gives the relief workers, hospitals, doc, nurses, garbagemen, supply chains etc… some breath room to cope and regroup to get through the bottle neck of administrative tasks like disposing of millions of bodies and firing up the hyper-complex supply chain organism formerly known as the Global Economy.

    3% of 1.4 billion people is about 42 million people gone. That is chump change to the CCP ‘chicoms’.

    Social cohesion will suffer mightily but hey, it’s still a totalitarian dictatorship at it’s core.

    Uncle Joe Stalin nailed it…..“a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic”

    Mark my words, China’s leadership doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the proletariat, in China or globally.

    Open the factories and let it rip, any infected people will be whisked away without a trace.

    Keep moving nothing to see here……

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Throughout the media, interviews of nCoV survivors are conspicuously absent.

    Why is that?

    And something else we’re not being informed about:


    “3% of 1.4 billion people is about 42 million people gone. That is chump change to the CCP ‘chicoms’.”

    Now lets imagine 3% of the USA population of 328 Million. Its about 1 million.
    The most vunerable are homeless. However, those in Lalaland have false expectations that the homeless problems would be solve by the virus.
    CDC: 80,000 people died of flu last 2018 in U.S., highest death toll in 40 years.
    the U.S. went through one of the most severe flu seasons in recent memory. It was driven by a kind of flu that tends to put more people in the hospital and cause more deaths, particularly among young children and the elderly. Fatal complications from the flu can include pneumonia, stroke and heart attack.
    The season peaked in early February. It was mostly over by the end of March, although some flu continued to circulate.
    The homeless are still there.
    From a nationwide standpoint, these 10 cities have the most homeless people in America.
    10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5,693
    Of the nearly 400,000 Philadelphians living below the poverty line, 5,693 are homeless.
    9. Boston, Massachusetts 6,135
    Massachusetts has nearly 18,000 homeless people, 6,135 of them residing in shelters and the streets of Boston.
    8. Las Vegas, Nevada 6,490
    7. San Francisco, California 6,858
    California has the largest homeless population in the United States — 134,278.
    6. San Jose, California 7,394
    5. District of Columbia 7,473
    4. San Diego, California 9,160
    3. Seattle, Washington 11,643
    2. Los Angeles, California 55,188
    1. New York City, New York 76,501
    total of those 10 cities 192,535 (numbers are flexible)

    Dave Note

    Let’s spitball a few paranoid scenarios.

    1# The Chinese stole the sample of nCoV from the Canadian lab
    (where one guy from the lab was just arrested at Harvard and another guy is dead in Africa, isn’t that special)

    2# The Americans bio-weaponized a coronavirus, slanted toward targeting ‘Asians’, planted it in the Canadian Lab knowing the Chinese would steal it and whisk it away to Wuhan Level 4, giving credibility to the fact that the Chinese did in fact actually have a copy in their possession. A Trojan Horse as it were.

    It could then be leaked, either by US assets in Wuhan OR by negligent handling by the Chinese lab itself, which does not have a squeaky clean competency record.

    The Chinese can’t really admit to stealing it from Canada and BRINGING it deep into the bowels of their Heartland. Very bad PR ‘optics’ which the CCP lives and breaths by.

    3# The Chinese bio-weaponized a coronavirus, slanted toward targeting ‘Asians’, in order to study it and find a preemptive vaccine in an effort to short circuit any moves by the US to unleash a pandemic specific to Asians. They keep the vaccine on ‘standby’, their Ace in the Hole.

    However, Sh*t happens and it escaped before the vaccine is developed. The Chinese could admit to mishandling it, never gonna happen, or blame it on “Enemies of the Glorious State”, pure CCP horseshit.

    4# The Chinese bio-weaponized a coronavirus, slanted toward targeting ‘Asians’, in order to understand the process of targeting ‘race’ factors into the coronavirus, if it can be slanted toward Asians, could the genetic mechanism be3 reversed to tailor the target to Caucasian. A broad clumsy weapon but basically and broadly aimed at a racial opponent.

    However, Sh*t happens and it wanted to be Free at last.

    #5 Someone, maybe even the .0001%, bio-weaponized a coronavirus and released it as a dry run test in the real world to just see how it would behave and study what infrastructure, both political, economic and physical, need to be fine tuned to deal with such threats because they will be an increasing common in the future. Not just because of human skullduggery but because virus’ are really f*cking smart things and humans have reached a critical population density perfect for their takeover of the earth’s failing eco-system.

    Feel free to contribute anymore you can think of. The more the merrier.


    @Dave Note
    Final chapter in your book
    In lalaland
    Larry K. and Trump said buy stock. Don’t worry
    They know more than me.
    I believe them

    John Day

    We may all have felt some of the trapped feeling in sympathy with the tourist quarantined on cruise ships, but fancy being on a Chinese nuclear sub with sickness in the ranks. Oh, Shit!
    Machine translate works pretty well.

    John Day

    Bernie Sander has a really big lead in New Hampshire exit polls, 28%, but I think that it’s more important that he sees a place for himself in history, and has a moderately good read of history. If you look at how his proposals would fare in global financial collapse, they would all do fine, unlike the proposals of others, which only work if the status quo is mostly preserved. Bernie is not really corruptible, as I see it, because if he were, his total “worth” would be a lot more than the hair-over-a-million-bucks that opened him to sniping. He’s channeling the Don Quixote archetype. I think it’s a winning theme.
    The “Clinton Machine” still holds the reins and finances of the Democratic party, but what will happen this spring? I sure don’t know.
    Stuff is gonna’ break big time in the global economy, public health, everybody’s worldviews and projections for the future.
    Bernie Sanders can deliver the left-populists, and a centrally supported subsistence-economy may look way better by summer than it does to everybody who expects forward-continuity as of today.


    Bizarre news item: In January, several individuals on a Paris takeoff flight bound for Shanghai were diagnosed with the #Coronavirus— in the opposite travel direction of the outbreak epicenter.

    (going there, sorry) the world leader who benefits most in the short term from covid-19 is macron. allowing the virus to spread throughout france is a sure way to shut down the yellow vest/pension movements.


    The current John Hopkins data has a global mortality rate of 2.47% (Deaths divided by confirmed cases). The actual Wuhan coronavirus morality rate is lower due to limited number of test kits available and the recovered who never entered the medical data system in the first place. But like SARS, there appears to be super-spreaders; one-person infected patients in Switzerland, France and UK. Another person infected a company in Germany. 135 with coronavirus were confirmed to be aboard the Princess Diamond docked in Yokohama. But no deaths in these cases.

    An analogy is a cold virus that kills a percentage of the patients. Transactional oligarchs are loath to spend money on an effective quarantine that shuts down businesses and deep-sixes the economy if everyone is going to catch the disease anyway. The unproductive are worthless. Some corporation or institution will develop a vaccine in 18 months. The question is statistics. How many will die in the next two years. At a 1% mortality rate and a failed quarantine, around 3.3 million Americans will die.

    The Princess Diamond is the petri-dish of our near-term future. Will testing be provided to all and will medical care be given to those who are infected? Will workers who cook and deliver the food to the staterooms be provided with protective gear to safely do their jobs?

    Survivors will be selected by their genes and health. The alternative to rolling the dice is to stay at home for months and have food delivered or if you must work have employers who provide protective gear or telecommuting.

    Compassion and fairness are built into humans. Corporate media moguls must hide the hellish survival of the fittest in the neoliberal West less they lose everything on the nearest lamppost.

    Doc Robinson

    VietnamVet: “At a 1% mortality rate and a failed quarantine, around 3.3 million Americans will die.”

    For some perspective, I looked up the ‘normal’ death rate for the US, and it’s almost 1% (2.8 million deaths in 2017).


    ” the petri-dish “

    ….. the sick are removed and we are not told what is happening to them.
    Therefore, we only know that those on the Princess Diamond are the survivors.


    Coronavirus onboard Diamond Princess cruise spreads: At least 135 cases, 20 Americans
    Morgan Hines
    Julia Thompson
    Princess Cruises is working with authorities to plan for the passengers who have recently become ill to disembark so that they can be taken to a hospital.

    The Diamond Princess is scheduled to remain under quarantine until Feb. 19, pending any unforeseen circumstances.


    Doc Robinson,
    Yes, a Wuhan coronavirus epidemic in the USA could kill a little more than the 2.8 million Americans who died in 2017. There are approximately 4 million ICU admissions a year in the USA. That too would double. There isn’t a public health system any more that can treat millions of ill Americans for free. If the intensive care beds are not available or if for profit hospitals refuse to treat the uninsured, all those who don’t get medical aid will either recover on their own or suffocate to death with viral pneumonia. The lower 90% who go to the hospital and survive, even with insurance, will be deeper in debt by the end of the pandemic.


    Running basic math with parameters derived from South East Asia excluding China it appears:
    With 2 people being infected on day 1, Dec 1st 2019 at a propagation rate of 15% per day we would have about 45,000 infections today.
    It seems against all odds that reported numbers are NOT being fudged in China.

    It appears that infection rates have changed from exponential to linear in China.
    This is an indication that the worst may be over for China.

    Population Susceptibility approx 6%.
    The predictions by a Hong Kong epidemiologist of 40% – 60% global infection rates appears to be extreme hyperbole at the moment.
    Watching The Diamond Princess for “ball park” estimate.

    Have drawn graph of [Fatalities / (Fatalities + Recovered)] for Hubei, too early to get a good curve of fit to where the hyperbola will converge on asymptote, BUT Mortality Rate is approx 15%

    At the moment there is no indication that it has “gone wild” outside of South-East Asia.
    USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany numbers are fairly stable although this needs to hold for a couple more weeks to be more certain.


    Apologies: The first paragraph contains a very bad assumption. There was 1 “known” case in Hubei Dec 1, given that person may have been asymptomatic but infectious for up to two weeks then the conclusion of paragraph 1 is totally erroneous.

    (How does one edit posts here?)

    V. Arnold

    (How does one edit posts here?)

    < Not easily… 😉

    You can only edit for a certain number of minutes; from the start of your comment; I’ve never figured out how long that is…but in between you can write your comment and edit…maybe 3 times…not sure….
    It’s not long.
    This is my third edit; but I didn’t check the time…………….oh well………………

    Anybody with a better explanation, please step forward and post…

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