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    Dr D.

    I agree that the child appears to have outgrown the parent, and America certainly behaved (behaves) as though it were (is) Airstrip One -basically from 1942 on.

    Where the real power lies -London or Washington- none of us knows.

    Some say Britian is a lapdog of America.

    Some say Washington does nothing until instructed to by London -more properly The City of London, the private corporation with interests all over the world.

    Both London and Washington are infested with corrupt liars, put into power by the real powers that be, who are never identified or even seen. We just see the consequences of all the corruption and lies as we head down the road to Peak Mayhem. 🙁

    For consistency and for literary reasons I will stick with Eric Blair’s designation.

    With respect to the Normans (originally from what we now call Norway), I suppose that if you are living in narrow valleys next to fiords in a cold climate region and suffering population pressure, you are going to go off in longboats and steal stuff and occupy other people’s land. That would be called survival of the fittest or a genetically-advantageous strategy.

    As I see it, many of our current predicaments are products of attempting to continue doing what worked in the past.


    “I’m hopeful, though, as it seems that over the past year many things are being stated aloud that were only whispered before.” (I wish I know how to insert those large pale gray-blue double quotations)
    Apparent disregard by the elite for America and it’s citizens is more obvious in troubled times, like the one we’re in.
    I think the REAL EYE OPENER for the US citizens is the realization of what the country is capable of doing to it’s allies in the WESTERN EUROPE so brazenly. All the mayhem was always created in the faraway “exotic” countries, save for the brief intervention in former YU, while domestic life was in relatively good shape and conveniently overlooked.. Not any more.


    Dr. Day- You are clearly a doctor, no matter what the piece of paper says.

    BTW, I love Texas grapefruit best of all and they are superb this year. Have you tried grapefruit (supremes) and avocados together? It’s a spectacular combo. Make it richer with a drizzle of olive oil (my Gramma used “Miracle French” dressing.)

    Veracious Poet


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t deploying marines to protect electrical substations in Boise, Idaho illegal unless pre-authorized by Congress? I am glad that it was done — we need to get to the bottom of domestic terrorism by FBI agents, (rogue ones or otherwise) — but, technically, the marine commander who deployed them, and perhaps the marines themselves, should face prosecution. I believe sentencing should be commuted — they did us all a service — but we cannot have “rogue” military units — even super-patriotic ones that want to protect us and our infrastructure, with ideologies that coincide with large swathes of the US public — going around and executing domestic terrorists. That is the job of THE POLICE, not the military — and, ideally, the police should not be executing them either, there should have been an attempt to bring them into custody. Or, at the very least, the two wielding AR-15s could be shot dead, and not the two without weapons. We don’t want our communities turning into war zones.


    “many things are being stated written in blogs, aloud that were only whispered before.”

    There are cameras, listening devises, everywhere that can catch all the secrets/lies.

    Figmund Sreud

    acTVism chats with Lawrence Wilkerson:



    Dr. John Day:

    Reading that letter must have been hard for you considering all the effort you put into meeting all of their demands.

    My feeling is that the writer of the letter is using their position to try and elevate themselves up by pushing better people down. I don’t believe for one moment that they ever intended to renew your license, no matter what you did.

    That bicycle ride must have been one of the hardest you have ever taken.



    If I remember correctly during the age of the Vikings, the climate was warmer, which likely spurred a population boom, forcing the excess bodies to go elsewhere for a new place to live. I suspect most of us with ancestors from airstrip one have some Viking bloodlines in us.

    Veracious Poet


    I am informed by this letter that my Family Medicine Board Certification, renewed last year via extensive medical education, expense, and taking a written all-day examination, is cancelled due to my blog posts containing “false and misleading claims” related to observed and potential harms of COVID-19 vaccines.

    Clearly, to those of us possessing a modicum of spiritually-based sanity, the threshold for levels of healthy narcissism in gen pop have been breached, i.e. Collective EG0ic Madness, with any semblance of mature adult normalcy expressed immediately invoking a group antiphon that can only be averred to as Mass Formation Psychosis run riot 😕

    Pretty much describes that diktat from da Family Medicine Board Certification, no?

    Even on TAE, borderline victims of the onslaught are trapped in denial, continually trying to presuppose the chaos is temporary, from 30+ years of observing i the malignant mutation on-the-ground across “America”, I am afraid the prognosis is terminal…

    The ascendancy of the Clintoon/Bush Mafia, Fauci, Gore, Kerry, McCain, Romeny, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell et al. *DID NOT* happen in a vacuum ~ The end game is afoot, it *WILL NOT* end well!

    Even on TAE the supposed enlightened commentariat *STILL DON’T GET “IT”* ~ There is *NO* such phenom as democracy, capitalism, rule-of-law, civil rights 😕

    The only *reality* is the Master Class’ Empire of Lies, Theft & Murder, licensed by *EMERGENCY POWERS* (March 1933 by FDR, following Lincoln’s precedent), along with a *host* of toadies, sycophants & lackeys, whose primary objective is mass mind control/fuckery of the grubbers, slaves & useless eaters…


    Yes, the times are a changin’!

    Veracious Poet

    Not *ALL* of the Founding Fathers were *GOOD & WISE* men, some of them were *despised* by the Sons of Liberty.

    With that, I give you the Father of American Jurisprudence (a New Yawker of course) ~ The Scoundrel Saint of Liars-For-Hire:

    Veracious Poet


    Both London and Washington are infested with corrupt liars, put into power by the real powers that be, who are never identified or even seen.

    Au contraire petit mouton,

    Veracious Poet

    Figmund Sreud

    Helmer on Brandon’s Travelogue Kiev venture, … and what the western MSM had to say about it. Example:

    “US President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kyiv on Monday in a show of American commitment… On a trip shrouded by secrecy for security reasons…the visit resembled previous US presidents’ clandestine wartime trips to Iraq and Afghanistan — but was more daring since US troops were not on the ground to help provide support.” Source:




    Dr. John Day,
    One of my losses has been my Primary Care Physician; he fell in line, as many others in HI. The relationship is not broken, but whatever $hit$how comes next… well, outside of you & AE, I’m on my own.
    As a healer and a physician, you are certainly appreciated by me. Well worth repeating. You are certainly appreciated by me.
    Now, how about starting up another people’s clinic?

    Doc Robinson

    Despite the EPA keeping quiet about the dioxins (and not testing for it), some mainstream news sources are starting to address it.

    From an article at The Hill today:

    When polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is burned, the extremely toxic carcinogen dioxin is released. Stat noted PVC was present in four of the cars initially on fire in the wreck.


    For kultsommer, who wrote

    (I wish I know how to insert those large pale gray-blue double quotations)

    Maybe it depends on what browser you’re using, but above the box where you type (or swipe, as I do when on the phone, upside down) your comment, you might notice a few letters, a struck-out DEL, the word CODE or CLOSE TAGS, and more. Do you see them? If so, cool, then you can do the following. Highlight the words you want to blockquote, whether by SHIFT+double-clicking on them or holding down your left mouse button and dragging through the words your want to separate out as a quoted section or other ways you’ve habituated to highlighting text (I use lots of CTRLs and SHIFTs and arrow keys on the keyboard, for example, and lots of prayers and obscenities when on the phone, laying in bed, avoiding sleep even when I need it for tomorrow’s shift).

    Once you have highlighted the section you want blockquoted, click or tap the option above the text window that says B-QUOTE. If successful, you should see the open and close tags at the beginning and ending of the section you want quoted with those big blue double-quotes. This is also a clue that you could just manually add the tags yourself (as in use the < > brackets, type ‘blockquote’ or whichever style change you like), as I do with the italics (which is why sometimes I goof and use the <i> tag since that is how my muscle memory learned to do it). You will notice that occasionally the people who use the bold or the italic styles sometimes miss the first or last letter of the phrase or word they’ve altered: this is a clue that they’re using the style option with mouseclick-dragging rather than manually typing out the tags or using keyboard shortcuts to highlight words, and likely to be humans and not machines.

    Sometimes when using a blockquote, the commentor’s response after the blockquote is not easily distinguished, but other times, like the man says, no one cares.

    I hope this helps you on your journey. Or, if not, may it be a distraction for someone special in our lives.

    Doc Robinson

    This CBS TV news coverage of the initial train fire that night (before the controlled burn of the vinyl chloride a few days later) gives some indication of the amount of smoke being generated.

    At 0:49 in the video, it looks like at least two hopper cars (which are loaded from the top) are lying on their side with the load spilled and on fire. A document from the EPA listed four hopper cars in the fire, loaded with PVC pellets.

    10:00 am Update – Train derailment causes massive fire in East Palestine, Ohio

    John Day

    Thank you for the kind and thoughtful words, friends. I am most appreciative, and I have to admit that it’s not actually all bad. I was somewhat relieved by this action of De-certifying me after 33 years of their demands becoming more odious and expensive.
    It is like getting a second Purple-Heart decoration in this war.
    I had been notified a year ago that i was being investigated for the crime of “advising patients against COVID-19 vaccination”. Some of the medical specialty boards declared in the summer of 2021 that they would do this, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, the primary-care specialties.
    The ABFM would not answer any queries of mine after i sent them a reply a year ago, until I opened the letter at the post office, telling me that i had been sentence to expulsion for a long list of “offenses” which were either clearly true or free-speech reposting of important public health questions for society to discuss and investigate.
    Clearly, my crime was failure-to-self-censor. The ridiculousness of this to me, is no-doubt a mirror image of the gravity which thy must have felt protecting the world of propriety from me.
    I am banished, and it’s really pretty OK. That buke ride yesterday was fine, really, not difficuult.

    I still have my Texas Medical License, and I can live with myself, and I would much rather be me than any of them. I will be sure to let you know if/when I start providing patient care again, but it will need to be right, and comfortable for everybody involved.

    Thank Y’all again. 🙂

    John Day

    Thanks Doc Robinson, a million pounds of burning PVC for days makes how much dioxin, one must wonder. Milligrams of that stuff are scary.


    I loved this snippet: “1870s – 1940s: Telephone” from a book entitled “Imagining the Internet” from 2005:

    “For example, people said the telephone would: help further democracy; be a tool for grassroots organizers; lead to additional advances in networked communications; allow social decentralization, resulting in a movement out of cities and more flexible work arrangements; change marketing and politics; alter the ways in which wars are fought; cause the postal service to lose business; open up new job opportunities; allow more public feedback; make the world smaller, increasing contact between peoples of all nations and thus fostering world peace; increase crime and aid criminals; be an aid for physicians, police, fire, and emergency workers; be a valuable tool for journalists; bring people closer together, decreasing loneliness and building new communities; inspire a decline in the art of writing; have an impact on language patterns and introduce new words; and someday lead to an advanced form of the transmission of intelligence.”
    It’s a sweet, short read.

    Parallels in history:
    The landline and the cell.
    Spawning wars of mystery-
    And detours into hell.

    In a world so shrunken,
    Fidgeting abounds.
    Crowds get overwhelming;
    Eugenics makes the rounds.


    Wordy conspiracy theorist deluxe Shimatsu on Rense wants to know why phosgene was detected and suspects the load was actually vinylidine chloride.
    Shimatsu is like an international Miles Mathis.

    Doc Robinson

    This is an example of a hopper car for plastic pellets. Note the angled bottoms at each end of the car.
    “Our plastic pellet fleet consists of cars with loading capacities from 5,200 to 6,500 cubic feet and gross rail loads of 263,000 to 286,000 pounds.” (Wells Fargo Rail)

    Note the angled bottoms at each end of the hopper car. This feature can be seen on a couple of burning cars in the video at 0:49 seconds (with full screen view):


    John Day said

    I am informed by this letter that my Family Medicine Board Certification, renewed last year via extensive medical education, expense, and taking a written all-day examination, is cancelled due to my blog posts containing “false and misleading claims” related to observed and potential harms of COVID-19 vaccines.

    We can now assume that anyone who still has this certification is a total medical sychophant and will kill any of us to keep their owners happy? I assume that this is the message we are supposed to read into your letter?



    (I wish I know how to insert those large pale gray-blue double quotations)



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