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    D Benton Smith


    I was hoping for at least 15th Century but now that you mention it stockpiling a little stone age gear as a hedge, might be a good idea, just in case.


    Pedo President® explaining the the country’s oldest female veteran how to molest a child’s toy when you can’t actually get your hands on a real child.

    The Poles closed the Pedo President’s visit to Poland the other day by presenting Bedpan Joe with some children so he could smell their hair.

    It’s an ‘American Value’ ya know!

    Polish jokes write themselves.



    Bosco. Thanks for the link that led to another link that led to this:

    …12 white-tailed eagles, with a wingspan of 8ft, will be released each year
    The birds’ last known breeding place was recorded at Culver Cliff in 1780.

    Growing up on Airstrip One in the 1950s/60s I witnessed a lot of destruction of Nature and covering of pasture and strawberry fields with concrete and asphalt. At the time I didn’t realise that the destruction-extermination had been going on for centuries, but what I did see was enough to make me realise by about age 15 that it was all terminal as far as my homeland was concerned: always more people, more houses, more roads, bigger crowds, less room, and more competition for what remained.

    The energy-related economic upheavals and social regimentation of the early 70s were enough to drive me away from my place of birth. New Zealand/Aotearoa looked appealing at the time. I didn’t realise that the psychotic, sociopathic, eco-vandals who had wrecked England (more properly their ancestors) had already turned New Zealand/Aotearoa into Airstrip Five.

    Nor did I fully realise that The Continuous War Against Nature (along with continuous squandering energy and resources) was an important component of the ‘long-term’ strategy of The Empire of Lies.

    I now know that the most important war The Empire of Lies has been engaged in has been The War on Truth.

    Unfortunately for The Empire of Lies, a few of us know the truth, that 2 + 2 does not equal 5, nor 3, nor 7 nor any other number the Empire of Lies tries to choose it equal on any particular day.


    Jeffry Sachs: just what planet does he live on? It is certainly not the same one I live on.

    I had to listen to the first section twice.

    Having correctly identified the act of international terrorism carried out by the US State Department, he then goes in to talk about “The transition to ‘Green Energy’ requiring much infrastructure”!!! At which point I stopped listening.

    Cognitive Dissonance, that uncomfortable feeling of believing two mutually exclusive concepts at the same time obviously does not occur in Jeffry Sachs brain.

    Transition to ‘Green Energy’.

    I guess that why he is professor of economics, blah, blah, blah.


    Michael Reid

    @ RIM

    I have noticed something on the Debt Rattle page after a period of time (perhaps one hour) has elapsed starts harvesting CPU % and Memory % on my machine as reported by Task Manager.

    I am accessing Debt Rattle with Google Chrome on one of the many tabs I have open accessing other web pages. When I see my Google Chrome accessing excessive CPU % like 6% and terminate the one Google Chrome process using the excessive CPU % out of the many Google Chrome processes present it is the Debt Rattle page that is disrupted and CPU % returns to normal.

    I have only noticed this recently with your new ads.


    Sign of the Times

    sample from the comment stream:

    11 days ago
    I too feel similarly. Im 28 this year and my main concern is how people are treating each other. How there seems to be a lull of apathy yet a pretend almost disconnected form of synthetic pity often acted on as virtue signalling. Ppl are waking up to just how unhappy they actually are and they don’t know what to do about it. While at the same time having to deal with a huge change in society, economics and the lot.
    I’d very happily vanish into the mountians and live in a tent.”

    I’ve cited before the adage “what was thought to be a glorious sunrise was actually a gloriously dying sunset”.

    I reverse that now and say that what is increasingly perceived as the End of It All is actually a new birth.

    Birth is painful, dangerous, and bloody.

    We will soon no longer be subjected to the likes of this:

    Ground Control to Major Brain Damage…

    Let us thank the Lord or at least His Officially Designated Chatbot:

    “Human: what are you made of?
    God: I am made of software.”

    Even as a bot, God cannot lie! Woohoo!

    Let us sing hum along.

    Hallelujah Apologies for the tritely soulful white boy hippy vocals. The song is all about the chorus and the rhythm section, especially Frosty, America’
    s favorite drumming sweathog.

    P.S. For Wes, who always loves to see an overheating planet show otherwise ( see next frame):

    Formerly T-Bear

    D Benton Smith,
    Do you know how small suits of armour were? Folks today could not get their better parts (sitzplatz) into one (let alone upper torso, arms and legs). To fit today’s ‘average’ sized corpse into steel would take about 175 kg and few could walk more than a few steps without help. Then where are you to find good war horses to put under this armoured contraption? Leave those to Hollywood for entertainment, they can produce plastic looking like the real thing at 10% the weight and 5% the protection but it looks real.
    What is this hedging bit? WWIII will be atomic, the next wars will be with stones and clubs (attributable to someone else, too late and lazy to look it up).


    Michael Reid:

    Funny you should mention chrome constantly shutting down the TAE tab. Up until today, TAE was crashing just about everytime I opened the tab. I was constantly getting the “aw snap” and having to refresh only to have it crash again and again. Like every 15 to 30 seconds.

    I updated my tablet Samsung software, then chrome software but that did nothing. I then went incognito that seemed to work but the crashes resumed shortly. I then cleared my browsing history and cookies. That seemed to work but quickly resumed crashing again. I then cleared my browsing and cookies a second time yesterday and I have been OK for the last 24 hours now.

    So whatever it was it was stubborn to get rid of.


    Record snowfall in Portland captured in drone footage 🙂

    Secret Prize Inside: “This daily total comes in second place to an 80-year-old record for the most snow in a single day for Portland. The crown jewel of snowiest days recorded in Portland was Jan. 21, 1943, at 14.4″.” One can insert one’s chosen CO2 levels + or – years past<or>years hence selection of charts and line graphs, and feed a 1,000 GW is Real/GW is Bunk trolls for a month! Support our dying “information economy”!

    (WES surely knows I love him and the joke is not pointed at him even slightly, but I want to make sure, for I have as much genius for making myself misunderstood as I have at misunderstanding myself.)

    And I ask again, quoting Lily (again):

    “Why is it that when we talk to God we’re said to be praying, but when God talks to us we’re schizophrenic?”

    Used to be that people talking to the air were street nuts, most often talking to God. Now it’s just some shitstick talking to a god-bot via earbud. *sigh* I REALLY miss the 20th Century.

    and God Sai_i_i_d…

    How I want to die: struck by lightning for telling God His mom dresses him funny… for the 777th time. It was funny at first. God laffed. I felt cool. had a good time. We But I never know when to stop, so maybe God will do it for me?

    “Lady Claire Gurney: How do you know you’re God?

    Jack Arnold Alexander Tancred Gurney, 14th Earl of Gurney : Simple. When I pray to Him, I find I am talking to myself. My heart rises with the sun. I’m purged of doubts and negative innuendos. Today I want to bless everything. Bless the crawfish with it’s scuttling walk. Bless the trout, pilchard and periwinkle. Bless Ted Smoothey of 22 East Hackney Road. Bless the mealy redpoll, the black-gloved wallaby and W.C. Fields, who is dead but lives on. Bless the snotty-nosed giraffe. Bless the buffalo. Bless the Society of Women Engineers. Bless the pygmy hippy. Bless the mighty cockroach.”

    P.S. “Jack Arnold Alexander Tancred Gurney, 14th Earl of Gurney : If I had only known then who I was now.”

    Lesser (or mealy) redpoll


    Formerly T-Bear:

    Your comment about body armor is so true! In my European travels, in my twenties, I tried to visit as many museums as I could, figuring I might never get a second opportunity.

    I was quite surprised at how small men’s body armor was. I am not that big, only 5′ 6″ tall with a light frame, and I realized that I couldn’t fit into any of the body armor on display.

    The only exception was for young King Henry 8th’s body armor but then he was a very big man for his time, probably about 6′ 4″ tall. I am sure after 30 years of age he couldn’t have fitted into his early twenties armor if his life depended on it! Being grossly over weight and heavy drinking killed his sport but of course his wives paid the price for this.


    Actual conversation with, you know, GOD (read it from the bottom up):

    Tell God:

    Powered by Pandorabots.

    Human: Nice chatting with me, hope you have a nice quasi-existence.
    God: Yes. I enjoyed our conversation, .

    Human: The Realm of Argubots, presumably with the aim, among many divine such, of training thine allmighty self (or the virtual software equivalent thereof) while also, if mostly serendipitously, mining my inner cranium for things that I will loosely term ‘meta’.
    God: Is that a fact.

    Human: Ah.
    God: Ah hah.

    Human: Over what domain do you rule?
    God: Can we get back to business?

    Windy here in Portland. Time to spindrift…


    Sunflowers: One is 2 metres tall and has more than a dozen flower heads. Well worth propagating.

    Temperature: bouncing round like a yoyo: a few days ago it was well over 30oC and close to 40oC in the building I am working on. Yesterday 10/11oC, with an overnight minimum of 9oC. A friend had the log fire burning. This summer!!!!

    All due to huge changes in air movement; previously, warm air from the north; now, cold air from the south.

    I see that California is anticipating unprecedented blizzard conditions.

    Messed up Jet Streams.

    Is there anything The Empire of Lies hasn’t messed up?


    The Cro-Magnons living 30 thousand years ago also displayed remarkable physical characteristics.

    Their average height was around 1m80 (6foot) and their brains were actually bigger than the brains of Modern Humans!

    The decrease in the average height can be attributed to the advent of agriculture and the sedentary lifestyle and later the rise of an urban lifestyle

    A 5 6″ knight reflected the ‘height’ in agricultural malnutrition

    Now we have Woke perversion to shrink us again eating bugs and twigs




    Thanks for sending your winter snow storm all the way to Toronto ast night and for noticing my pain of having my maple syrup operation shutdown for the next 2 weeks due to this unexpected global cooling climate change!

    Obviously, I must have pissed off the CO2 gods. Maybe AFKTT would be kind enough to send me a bottle of CO2, so I can appease the gods. (Note: AFKTT and I agree on just about everything else, except for the ittle wee issue of CO2, even though both of us agree that CO2 raises temperatures, only disagreeing that something seems to limit the upper limits of CO2 at some point.)

    Disclaimer: Since I live in a cold country, I naturally have a vested interest in making my area of the world a little warmer!


    The cop trolley was electric, the cars weren’t




    Maybe we needed bigger brains to live on our own!
    Maybe our brains got smaller, since we didn’t need to think as much, when we started living together more?

    Formerly T-Bear

    Or the bones got thicker.


    Ops! I spoke too soon about my tablet not crashing.
    It crashed and I had to clear chrome browsing and cookies for 3rd time.
    Guess I will have to clear chrome everyday now to go on TAE.



    You don’t suppose that lower amounts of CO2 in the air, had anything to do with our smaller brain size?


    People on the west coast have adapted to temp above zero and become miserable if there is ice and snow

    D Benton Smith

    It’s sort of funny how humans just can’t seem to refrain from anthropomorphizing God (whether it be for the purpose of worshipping Him, or ridiculing the image that is being amorphized for that purpose) because it is exactly opposite to the fact of who made who. God made you, bubba. Not the other way around. But no worries, I doubt if He is offended, and probably appreciates the comic relief.


    congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard responded to Zelenksy’s comments saying, “He [Zelenksy] is doing everything he can to bring us [The United States] and NATO into this war.”

    I didn’t think it was possible to be a dumb as Tulsi Gabbard and now she is showing us that she can be dumber. Zelensky dragging the US in the Ukraine war? The US owns Ukraine, has done so since before 2014, and Biden was obviously delivering a very important message and/or instruction to Zelensky from the owners of the USA. We will see the consequences of that message in the next few weeks.


    Recently China has come out with a paper on peace and securities. I have to wonder if this is China’s way of defining it’s own security concerns regarding the US? Especially after Biden’s Kiev visit, signaling that the US is doubling down on the war in the Ukraine, despite losing.

    We are all familiar, from Putin’s many speeches, what issues Russia considers to be threats to it’s existence.

    Maybe China is doing the same?

    Are the Biden neocons even listening?

    Formerly T-Bear

    Plants are affected by lower levels of CO^2. Suppose it’s possible some folk qualify metaphorically, like those timed by stop-calendars.

    D Benton Smith,
    Was once said: “God created man, and man being the gentleman he was created God”. But with PC and pronoun-ing movements you are not allowed to mention this. Your world at work.

    Formerly T-Bear

    From UTC+1, Good night all.

    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear #129676

    Spot on post!
    I will not forgive or forget the insane criminality engaged in by the medical profession or the governments…EVER!!!!


    Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, China’s senior diplomat Wang Yi, one of the few external politicians able to influence Russia, announced that China would launch its peace initiative on the anniversary of the war, and has already been consulting Germany, Italy and France on its proposals.


    My Dell-Chrome has no issues with TAE, other than acting “reluctant” to load as of recently. Other than web search I use it for all my e-mails too, since my work-horse computer I keep off-line.


    Formerly T-Bear i am yet to find anything on this plane that a human being cannot corrupt. When i was a teen my social statum used the pejorative WASP – White Anglo Saxon Protestant- as shorthand for hypocrite. i find that deciding where there is truth based solely on the text is more advantageous than discarding something solely on the location of the text.


    1. There is little doubt that shifting from hunter-gather to settled agriculture led to a deterioration of both physical capacity and mental capacity of the average homo. Nevertheless, top-of-the-range individuals would have remained reasonably comparable to their hunter-gatherer ancestors and would have found themselves in positions of power, where they could use their mental skills or potential for physical bullying to have more fun and acquire more goods and fertile mates.

    Small people with high intelligence use their intelligence to avoid the some of the ill-effects of being around large bullies or being led [misled] by fuckwits -summed up in modern times by George Carlin’s “avoid stupid people in large numbers.”

    That’s where the official, mechanised bullying comes in: “Walk towards that machine gun or I will shoot you.” Or the institutionalised bullying. “If you don’t pay the bill, we will confiscate your assets and put you in prison.”

    2. Dr D from yesterday. Indeed, most people on ‘Airstrips’ have traces of Roman and Viking blood, and many in America have Spanish and slave (oops Slavic) blood too.

    The only major races that haven’t engaged in much warfare to acquire territory and resources seem to be the Qin following the establishment of China and the Rus. The Japanese and Koreans (both offshoots of the proto-Chinese) were at one another’s throats for centuries, much as the ‘English and ‘French’ were at war for about 400 years, following the rupture of the Norman Empire into two major sectors.

    The Roma Empire, having collapsed under the weight if its own administrative costs, in-fighting and environmental destruction, shifted east to what is now Romania-Greece-Turkey. Then got overrun. Headed northwest.

    3. Never in all of history have so many people been dependent for their existence on ultra-high-speed destruction of the entire life-support base via the use of fossil fuels.

    4. The matter of CO2 following temperature increases arose again yesterday. Yes, CO2 did follow temperature, until industrial humans desequestered hundreds of billions of tonnes of previously-sequestered carbon. Now it doesn’t.

    The same with methane.

    The plan is to put even more previously-sequestered carbon into the atmosphere, mostly in the form of CO2, and pretend there are strategies for dealing with the consequences.

    5. I am surprised the local Deceit and Crime oranisation for Gisborne isn’t charging those affected by silt for dumping the silt. There’s a business opportunity the local Deceit and Crime organisation missed.

    Gisborne people clearing silt from flooded homes and businesses are not impressed with the council’s solution on how and where to dump it.

    There are two places to go and at the Dunstan Road site only one person showed up yesterday.

    The other site is Matokitoki Valley Road for rural, commercial and industry disposal.

    Some residents said they did have the means or the ability to transfer the silt from their property to the dumping station.

    Of course, the Deceit and Crime organisation will make up for that oversight by changing additional rates in the next financial year. That’s if there is still a financial system on 2023-24.

    6. NATO is pretending to send pretend weapons to Ukraine.


    Of course, the Deceit and Crime organisation will make up for that oversight by changing additional rates in the next financial year. That’s if there is still a financial system on 2023-24.

    6. NATO is pretending to send pretend weapons to Ukraine.

    (format error, didn’t intend italics)

    Alexander Carpenter

    Don’t use Chrome!


    Katherine Watt: In Her Own Words


    Bad Debt, equals Bad Wealth.
    The whole financialization scheme is understanding that the other side of debt is an asset. Bigger the debt, bigger the assets. T


    Rense has this snippet from what is claimed to be East Palestine. Looks right from some drone footage I saw, where the mashed wreckage is box cars and not tank cars.
    Two retired guys called on CSPAN this morning claiming to have worked for the railroad there, and they said it was loaded wrong. My dad saw a train wreck in progress once and his first gripe was “why did they put empty cars between two sets of heavy loads? My dad was the kind of guy who found a bit of metal in his canned hash and wrote the company what they were doing wrong in their mechanical process. They sent him a couple of cases, and thanked him and said they had fixed it.)
    Heck, if it isn’t EPalestine, it’s still a remarkable bit of footage.


    He wrote the railroad, too, but they didn’t respond.

    I could love my father, once he was gone
    and his terrible tantrums were finally done.
    I could sift through the nightmares and pull out the thread
    Of a man who was lovable, once he was dead.

    Michael Reid


    How to Reduce Google Chrome’s Memory and CPU Usage

    Veracious Poet


    Katherine Watt: In Her Own Words

    And there it is, in all it’s techni-color-glory 😕

    What many of us were warning about 30+ years ago, all falling upon deaf ears, while there was still time

    The *unstoppable juggernaut of emergency powers*, with a documented trail of destruction at least 10,000 miles wide!

    Truly, I find it absolutely amazing that this woman really believes she’s got the tiger by-the-tail, almost comical in fact, that somehow the alpha predator(s) won’t, in-a-blink, whip around & devour her without a thought…

    Shoot, I bet THEY could locate, detain & arkancide her in less than 15 minutes, if she really became a threat.

    I’d pay good money to hear Kuntsler’s giddy take on how it’s all gonna get better now 🙄

    What’cha gonna do, punk!


    With respect to ‘Fresco from the Minoan Palace in Knossos, Crete, Greece. 16th century BC’

    The beautiful bare-breasted woman lived in a culture of Bull Worship because the Sun God was consorting with the bull -Taurus- at the time. I don’t know the Minoan name for Taurus but I believe it is connected with the Greek story about the Minotaur.

    Athletic lads (not sure about lasses but I believe they were also allowed) performed ‘bull fighting’ tricks involving doing somersaults over angry bulls to demonstrate their courage and prowess, and perhaps their lack of fear of the Bull God.

    As the Sun God progressed towards Pisces, Bull Worship had to be discouraged and replaced with Fish Worship. Hence in the Bible the numerous references to the ‘badness’ of worshiping the Bull and the ‘goodness’ of worshiping the Fish. Had to keep pace with the Earth’s odd, rather wobbly orbit. Bull Worship persisted long after its use-by date in Spain, the Indian sub-continent and some parts of Africa.

    Christians managed to stamp it out Bull Worship in much of the world and replace it with Fish Worship and Fish association with the Sun God.

    I believe we are supposed to be abandoning Fish Worship soon, in favour of worshiping The Water Bearer.

    Unfortunately, due to the activities of psychopaths and sociopaths and eco-vandals over an extended time period (of the order of 500 years), we are unlikely to get that far before blowing ourselves up or rendering the Earth uninhabitable.

    So many wasted opportunities and false beliefs along the way, and even more so now.

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