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    Birth Rates Plunge in Heavily Vaccinated Countries

    While true there is another aspect of looking at things. Last week end I was in the local mall. While my wife was checking for her “beauty necessities” i stepped into the Home Furnishing Store near by – the type with a lot of imports. In nearly deserted mall one of the few stores clinging on and even had a some customers and mostly couples. What caught my attention was the site of really young, almost teenagers. The way they were contemplating items in the store confirmed that there is a high level of commitment between them. Which brought me to sad thoughts as of what future lies for them?
    Their marriage, vax and reproductive ability status becomes increasingly meaningless in the grand scheme of things that are unraveling. Just look how the “agenda” is still marching on and pretends that conversation with Bourla, during his hasty walk and hiding behind woman companion in Davos never happened. That his researcher literally revealed obvious criminality, which is not limited only to medical mafia. Atop of that we have a broken finance, problematic energy supply, resources depletion. Then there is possibility of war that some entities are itching for. In another words “interesting, but not prosperous, times lay ahead and hardly the inspiration for the desire to have an offspring.
    All contrary to TVASF‘s relentless drum beat that un-vaxed are somehow exonerated from the troubles ahead. They do have, OK, “some advantage” which may disappear in the light of things that I mentioned.
    Hope that I am wrong.

    John Day

    @DBS: “This is what they’re doing. They’re doing war crimes.” Katherine Watt


    @John Day re:

    …and furthermore: So the internet is saving us?
    I’m open to that. I hope it works better than telephony and radio did.
    (Keep talking and listening to God, but don’t let people see you.)

    It is the seed of knowledge, that there can be this kind of network, that is the key. This iteration, the InterTubes, is pretty well phuqed. It has basically become ‘corporate heroin’ that cannot be turned off or all will collapse, but cannot be left to fester or folks will become enlightened.

    Figmund Sreud

    Worth hearing out, ( … and no spoiler from me, you have to hear Keen at the end!), … it’s Doomberg vs. Steve Keen, or Steve Keen vs. Doomberg: How should the world de-carbonize and de-economize, or not, … or what whatever.


    Maxwell Quest

    Just watched the full Carlson/Dowd interview and enjoyed seeing Tucker beam with excitement as Ed touched on each step of his Covid/vax discovery process. “Me too!” Tucker kept shouting. Even when Ed mentioned how a life crisis propelled him toward a path of better physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, Tucker had his own version of the same. They were like blood brothers.

    I appreciate that Mr. Dowd is a data man, and steers clear of speculation. He has his theories, I’m sure, but at this stage of the game he doesn’t want to give the enemy any ammunition to hurl back at him and his new book. I think it’s wise to let the data in his book speak for itself. Let them try to refute the data or find a foothold in attacking his character. Good luck with that. One only has to lift the veil on the excess deaths disaster before the ugly face of a coordinated global democide comes into full view.


    “……Birth Rates Plunge in Heavily Vaccinated Countries”

    The vax Spike Protein is for all purposes a new form of STD.

    I’m not any kind of medical expert in STD’s but they constitute a grave concern for having healthy children.

    As phoenixvoice pointed out, women are probably in more danger of receiving spike protein through having sex than men are, but I don’t really know. Certainly the Medical Industrial Mafia® don’t care or know anything about the subject and the Mediawhore Industrial Mafia® would never report about it even if there was relevant information about the topic.

    It’s a closed loop of corruption, lies and deceit in every conceivable nook and cranny of the Empire of Lies®

    The excess deaths and disabilities from the mRNA gene therapy might actually be minor in the long run compared to the long run effect on child bearing.

    The cascading ripple effect could reduce population globally by tens or hundreds of millions of children that never get conceived and the attendant effect on economies, local and national.

    There are specific people who are responsible for this tragedy, specific, not generalized guilt.

    Please don’t hand me that flaming sack of gobshite that “we’re all to blame.”

    No, we’re not.

    Pull your head out of your butt.

    The web is allowing lists of people in positions of power to be located and identified who had a part in this catastrophe and there will be a time when they will be hunted down for their crimes, especially on a local level. There will be no where for them to run and hide from this depravity. The guilty have names and faces and locations.

    Everybody has to be some place at some time.

    @johnday Sorry John, didn’t mean to bum you out so bad but the painting was meant to be disturbing, the situation is catastrophic. Oddly, I don’t know how to remove a picture. I have zero controls at my end. WordPress interface used to have a remove/delete function (button)only for the person who posted their own post but it’s gone from the interface. How do you edit a post on this site? I see no controls, is there a secret handshake edit button?

    Legacy Media Continues to Ass Cover On Their COVID Faucism



    @Oro re: blocking content

    I use Firefox. The 3 key extensions I use are uMatrix, uBlock Origin, and Element Blocker. The former are like the old AdBlock extensions. The latter is a fine-grained filter so you can remove/block specific HTML elements from loading in a page. Right-click on a picture and select ‘Block element’ and it’s gone. Sites will get tricky to avoid this, so it can take a bit of tral-and-error get some things blocked, but it works very well.

    Dr D Rich

    “…except none of the speakers was nearly as bright as Tulsi. They just didn’t even “know”.”

    Count me in John Day. I don’t “know” Gabbard is brighter than other speakers.
    When you find an answer to this question, please post a reply.
    By what visible/invisible criteria do certain humans assign all their uniformly awful psychological projections onto one person and alternately their favorable projections onto a blank-slate like Tulsi Gabbard?

    (As a self-celebrated, self-awarded National Guardsperson, Tulsi is as ‘anti-War’ as they come, almost as anti-CIA, anti-authority as Sy Hersh. Btw, Seymour, no gray forelock required, is STILL not in prison or dead.)


    Dr. Phillip Altman gives a very detailed analysis of the corruption involved in Covid-19 gene therapy. It is not a vaccine it is a military bio-weapon that underwent no safety testing and has resulted in MILLIONS of death worldwide.

    Starts at 1m 30s


    Dr. D

    Gosh it’s so easy. I hope jb-hb is following this.

    So we’re…12 degrees cooler than the dinosaurs? 6 degrees? 1/6th of the CO2? We’re barely above the Medieval warming period? CO2 correlates but LAGS temperature as shown by ice cores. Lake Mead we already showed HAS THE VALVES WIDE OPEN. They are TRYING to drain it. Input moisture is average and may at this point be high.

    For us math-and-science disabled, 30c is 86f. 10c is 50f. I know that’s anomalous to Auckland, but that’s EVERY DAY, all summer, in most of the US. A not too unusual day for continental weather — say Minnesota or Wisconsin — is ONE HUNDRED degrees change. Say 70f to -10f in +24 hours. With 60 or 70mph winds. Ask Texas. Florida. Canada. Okay, anywhere from Edmonton to Juarez, with 5 States and 2,000 miles (3,000k) between. Kinda the ‘rest of the planet.’

    Actually, hardly notice after a while it happens so often. So I have a hard time freaking out about a really, really average temperature swing or how houses and infrastructure, prices, systems, will all fail because of it. Put on a light jacket, Jesus, not asking you to get the snowshoes out.

    If the seas are hot like magma, why are you so cold? That’s like saying it’s snowing because I’m in New Guinea. Heat ≠ Cold. Also, that’s not what the sea temp records say: they say it’s barely moved. Not “burning hot” more like “barely hot”. Most of the recent temp change was from moving to tanker intake measurements where the temp is reliably higher. The weather since… I think about 1600AD has been incredibly, unusually moderate and is only now getting back to it’s long-term disruption since the last Ice Age. That’s a very hard stat to estimate geologically though we have patterns and stories (like the Native Americans here) that substantiate it.

    But it’s not a day if you can’t meltdown in fear and alarm over it. Reminds me of the recent heat wave in England. They said, “The heat! The copper wires will melt! Sag on the ground! The roads will turn to liquefied tar we all sink to China like La Brea! It’s the end of everything!!!” It was 90f. No. No you won’t. You have 50f left to go, you’ll be fine. Every road and wire in CA is fine, every road and wire in TX is fine. Every road and wire in Arabia is fine: you’ll be fine too.

    You’re fine. Put on a sweater. Have a cuppa. Tend the sunflowers.


    Absolutely shocking.

    Whatever happened to Pfizer’s covid vaccine trial in pregnant women?

    “The trial began in 2021. But over a year after the last woman was enrolled, the company just admitted it still doesn’t have the data.


    Dr. D

    (Trying a new gif post — oh well this will have to do.)



    NATO is Cringeposting Now


    Self evident:

    TVASF (you boost, you lose)


    ‘CO2 correlates but LAGS temperature as shown by ice cores.’

    Still flogging that dead horse in the hope it will walk Dr D.

    It won’t because it’s a dead horse, buried long ago, in fact.

    For the umpteenth time, CO2 increases followed temperature changes before industrial humans poured megazillions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere (and oceans).

    So, for the umpteenth time: de-sequestration of previously sequestered carbon creates an entirely new set of conditions and previous heat balances no longer apply.

    I know it is quite normal for humans to resist facts when they don’t fit preconceived narratives. And that is exactly what you are doing when you keep repeating unscientific (anti-scientific) bullshit.

    However, we also that presenting scientific facts has zero influence on beliefs. Didn’t Paul Simon sing, “A man hears what he want to hear and disregards the rest”?

    I’m not sure how that should be punctuated. But it’s not going to matter anyway and I have better things to do that argue anymore over nonsense.

    D Benton Smith

    Maybe it’s my Celtic roots, or perhaps it’s merely a seriously dark sense of humor, but in any case I find it uproariously ironic that the only thing we really need defense from in this country is our Defense Department.


    Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson plus Donald Trump are now identifying that the USA is run by overseas Globalists. This is weird since Fox News is owned by the world spanning Australian Murdoch family. The TAE coronavirus charts above, the toxic train crash, and the one-year anniversary of the proxy WWIII in Ukraine are all indications that the best interests of the American people are of no more concern to current ruling Davos aristocracy than Bengalis were to the English Empire in WWII. This is true of Canada too, if you go against current Thought, your bank accounts will be seized.

    I had a touch of a Mind Fog the other day. Boy that is disconcerting. I don’t know if it is anxiety, cognitive dissonance, a virus, or old age. I even called the VA medical advice line. That may turn out to have been a mistake by being put on a myriad of lists in US medical computers. Two US Senators out of 100 have admitted that they have long-COVID.

    The simple fact is that after WWI and WWII Empires were destroyed. No difference with the current WWIII. NATO cannot directly intervene in Ukraine. It does not have the manpower. US life expectancy is declining sharply. The U.S. Army failed to meet its 2022 enlistment quota. The West does not have the necessary material. USA manufacturing has been offshored to Asia. Europe’s industry is shutting down due to the lack of cheap Russian natural gas. Even through the fog of war, it is clear that the West is running out of artillery shells, the chief weapon of trench warfare. In a war of attrition, Russia, China and Iran Axis have the manpower, resources and industry to defeat their opponents.

    But the overriding insanity is clear, nuclear weapons will be used as a last gasp by either side to avoid defeat. An Armistice and a DMZ like Korea is the only way out. The USA, UK and the EU will have to live within their means in a multi-polar world or the Fermi Paradox will be proven to be true.

    D Benton Smith


    Veracious Poet

    Without a counter trend of spiritual awakening & awareness, on an exponential basis throughout gen pop, there is *VERY* little hope of terminating the monstrous psychos’/sociopaths’ Great Reset (an already large, ever growing *MOB* poisoning The West), or even decelerating their multi-prong connivance to *SMASH* humanity Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically.

    That is a fact.

    Without a broad connection to the simple, irrefutable Wisdom provided by The Loving, Healing, Creative Power Of The Infinite (which is the true conscience within *every* living, connecting us *all*) the prevailing compulsion is reduced to, directing *humanity at large*, the capricious cacophony of the pathological EG0ic Voices In The Head

    In America, this sea of caterwauling imbecility, is more or less, only unified by tribal/political party affiliation.

    Thus the rub, as the centrality of Mass Formation Psychosis is then easily controlled, misled, pilfered & dispatched as a threat to The Empire of Lies 😕

    Congressional hearings anyone? Assemblies @ the UN? The Hague? Parliament?!?

    Yeah, that’ll sort it out posthaste!

    Here lil’ baby, have a lollipop, it’ll make the pain of the death-shot all better!

    So go ahead, wax poetic & wane philosophically as the sun sets on modern civilization, have fun at the expense of the poor souls that lacked spiritual fortitude to discern being herded into pens for livestock culling, that’ll show em’ 😕

    We had a window, before 9-11, to address the rampant warmongering, rapacious greed & crimes against humanity, possibly still could, but without the Wisdom that rises above our finite limitations, the brain/EG0 is woefully inadequate to identify friend vs. foe…

    Ask me how I know…go ahead I double dog dare you!

    P.S. There’s been a bit of talk about Forgiveness recently.

    Forgiveness is a spiritual gift, to rid one’s self of the poison of EG0IC judgment, but at a *societal level*, Forgiveness should not be attempted without an honest admission of wrongdoing, a sincere desire to change, followed by a true effort to make amends for damage(s) done.

    Blanket forgiveness of unrepentant EG0IC *monsters*, so they continue *harming* innocent, honest & well-meaning Children of God is *EVIL*!

    It violates The Infinite’s Natural Law, which *EVERYONE* is inherently ware of & irrevocable connected to, to whit those that scoff at this *TRUTH* are at enmity with *LIFE* itself…


    D Benton Smith


    You and Eckhart are quite right, and are doing the right thing about it: communicating to others so as to raise awareness, because awareness wins the day. Just continue to up that game.



    Let Them Eat Turnips



    Google shows that corporations are the law and the DofJ is just pretending to enforce the law.
    Notice the DofJ is only pushing civil law, not criminal law.
    DofJ exists solely to protect it’s masters from the people.

    East Palestine shows corporations determine environmental laws.
    The EPA is not testing for anything.
    The EPA exists solely to protect it’s masters from the people.



    Wise words from CP


    People are becoming increasingly desperate as ‘climate change’ (Planetary Meltdown) generates ever worsening conditions, i.e. worse inundations more frequently.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: I was jus joshin’ ya, but that picture Really Is Disturbing.

    @Dr D Rich: I don’t have the load you seem to bear about Tulsi Gabbard. I agree with Dr D that she has to voice her political opinion form a place where most people can gain traction, which is not a factual place in a lot of ways, but she has to choose points which are factual, and still not “forbidden” to explain her position. That is what I see her doing.
    She is a Lt. Colonel who served 2 tours of duty in a medical unit in war zones.

    Look into yourself and find what is making you despise her. She is not at fault.

    John Day

    @Germ: Those that love-TVASF, too.



    Obvious assumptions
    The energy of life, is associated with particles/matter, was/is created/evolves exponentially in an expanding puckered up space called gravity wells,

    D Benton Smith

    We are fighting against an empire without borders which has quite purposefully (with explicitly calculated malice) infiltrated and subverted all of civilizations’ governments and institutions so as to use that trusted authority and power as the means to generate conflicts which it both nurtures and feeds upon by selling meticulously measured and carefully controlled power and authority desired and paid for by both sides of the fight in their struggle to defeat their equally misguided and duped opponents. This arrangement has an optimal size determined by resources, technology and the ability of the domesticated victim population to fight back against the true aggressor (the empire). Surplus population is trimmed off by using the conflicting parts of the population to kill off an appropriate number of the other parts until the desired population size and ability to resist is reached. I call the hat empire the Cabal, and it is quite real and specifically actual.

    Dr D Rich

    @John Day

    As if on cue “…despise her.”
    Strong word, despise, but nauseating is how I describe the feeling to my mom. Tulsi is hot….like Kamala was, is beguiling.

    “She is a Lt. Colonel who served 2 tours of duty in a medical unit in (undeclared) war zones.”
    I get it. She commands the respect of an internalized object state, perhaps.

    What do those things mean to you? LtCol?
    2 tours? War zones? Medical unit?

    I see the likes of Jeremy Boorda, Don Arthur, Sy Hersh, Ritter and Michelle Howard. You know, varying degrees of talent, the hint of heavy lifting, opportunists, taking full credit for other’s actions and none of Boorda’s manifest shame. All Jeremy did was undeservedly place a combat “V” on a Navy Comm, hardly Bronze Star level stuff.

    However you got me. That migrating white/gray forelock is a really bad sign, even on a Borderline.

    For uninformed readers, war zone doesn’t mean ‘combat’ as in ‘days in combat’ something Navy medical units have taken unearned credit.

    Medical unit doesn’t mean doctor, nurse or corpsman since she’s MSC.


    Another round of rain-induced carnage for Northland-Auckland on top of the previous rounds of rain-induced carnage.

    No heads will roll, though, despite it all having been caused by incompetent fuckwits in ‘government’ over many decades.


    John Day said

    She is a Lt. Colonel who served 2 tours of duty in a medical unit in war zones.

    Look into yourself and find what is making you despise her. She is not at fault.

    What is it with you Americans. You seem to think that because some over-ambitious woman has helped your armed forces to murder millions of foreigners in illegal wars, all pushed through by neo-cons, the aim being to steal their resources and terrorise the world, that she is some sort of angel. How does that work? Why is killing foreigners a worthy persuit in your eyes while telling lies to voters is forgiveable? You then go and resign your job because the government told you to get an injection. Do you have the hots for this political shit or what? Your logic is bordering on insane.


    1️⃣ John Day, your comment about an old joke reminded me of this song from a Maranci album. I’ll also add: ever wonder why bureaucrats let angry middle-aged women and gay men take over inner city libraries? Or notice how the hullabaloo over “drag queen story hour” works to disaffect both those who disapprove of queens and those who don’t care —discouraging even more folks from visiting? At any rate, yes, the Timeless Comedy will always get a chuckle from the guy who reads and 🙄 from the guys who have to stand there and listen to his shit. 😉

    2️⃣ Veracious Poet, regarding this passage:

    Blanket forgiveness of unrepentant EG0IC *monsters*, so they continue *harming* innocent, honest & well-meaning Children of God is *EVIL*!

    —How would you situate this with the report that Jesus on the crucifix says “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do?” Is it propaganda for the empire, a misreport, a false statement regarding content (i. e., they did know) or an improper request (evil to request forgiveness for people categorically unable to repent)?

    Also, I’ll take up your dare: how do you know there was a window to address the wrong but without Wisdom, a brain/EG0 cannot identify friend or foe?

    3️⃣ D Benton Smith, when you wrote “I call the hat empire the Cabal” was that a Jungian Slip or just an ordinary typo?

    D Benton Smith


    “I call the hat empire the Cabal” was that a Jungian Slip or just an ordinary typo?”

    Regrettably it was just a garden variety typo, but hey, maybe that’s what Jungian slips all are !

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