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    Paul Gauguin A Day of No Gods 1894   • Illinois Judge Rules Trump Disqualified From Ballot (ET) • Trump Asks Judge to Block Testimony From Michae
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    Make way for Don Rickles!

    That was rather poor Groucho. Go listen to him on You Bet Your Life. That’s vintage Groucho!


    I often wondered why Gonzalo Lira remained in Ukraine, living dangerously. I can only guess he thought his US citizenship offered him protection. You’d think he, of all people, would have remembered Charles Horman & Frank Teruggi.

    John Day

    Yesterday jb-hb wrote:
    “If you accept Logos, ANY prayer to alter things would be evil. Except changing yourself. Seems like that is the one exception that breaks no rules”
    Yeah, that’s my read, too.
    “Pray” for understanding and guidance, with the intention to use it to reduce suffering in the world.
    Words not required; just intention.
    You might be “Buddhist”.
    No anthropomorphic deity is required in Buddhism.
    It is a path to personally know reality better.


    Aaron Bushnell is America in microcosm. Self immolation with a jew standing over you with a gun to your head. RIP

    John Day

    Yesterday Dr. D wrote:
    “Mark Twain said, all sides are praying to God before a war? Should he intervene? ALL of you are all dead either way.
    Does it suit his purpose? His purpose is to WATCH. And find out what happens.”

    Point of Order, Sir: All of this happens within “God”, aka “Universal Consciousness”, so “God” feels burning to death from burning accelerant in front of the Israeli Embassy in DC.
    From that perspective “God” has an interest in reducing all suffering which can be reduced through “free will” choices not-to-torture and stuff.


    Dr. D

    “Mitch McConnell – Longest Serving Senate Leader In US History – To Step Down From Position In November

    See? From my argument yesterday, there is a God. And there’s no election fraud: that’s why a senator who is less popular than Biden gets elected year after year. When people are hated and unpopular, they’re elected: That’s Democracy!

    “”Who Could Be Next”: Top Canadian Pension Fund Sells Manhattan Office Tower For $1, Sparking Firesale Panic

    Well someone finally got their brains on. Go Canada. Except they probably should have done it before now. Could sell it for $100 and make 100x more profit!

    “Goldman Says Office Tower Prices Must Plunge 50% For Housing Conversion To Make Sense

    Okay, housing for what? People who have housing need jobs.

    “• Trump Asks Judge to Block Testimony From Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels (ET)

    Epoch Times seems to forget that Daniels already lost an equal case and also had to pay stiff damages for lying?

    Like Trump, I guess I can’t stop her from continuing to make claims, but we can sue her again, which takes time. However, to bring someone proven in court who is convicted of lying, to lie AGAIN that such an event happened is noteworthy and relevant. And for Epoch to seem to forget this somewhat relevant point isn’t helping. Probably what happens when everything out there is 90% lies. You can’t keep track of order at all, everything contradicts, even in the details, and 1 or 2 lies slip through.

    That’s why you take out, discredit, and banish liars after the SECOND lie. Sorry. If you don’t, then this.

    “Trump’s idea that the US is not obliged to protect its allies was “totally against our interest.”

    This is what I mean. What allies? So meta-reality here, our purpose for existing is that we must always defend them for free? They do nothing, ever? Dude, I think that’s called “Slavery”, which Biden approves of.

    Okay, suppose they are supposed to pay. Suppose they haven’t in decades (both true). How you gonna MAKE them? By threatening you won’t be there if they don’t, duh. By not being a punk and a patsy. It’s not really a lot of money as I guarantee unlike Engoron, we wouldn’t need a lump sum of all 40 years of back pay, in a lump sum at that end of the month, but probably actually getting the +2% you promised plus some vig pretending they’re making up for past years. They won’t. They will never pay, but will F us in the A and then complain about it. And why? Because they suck so much they would collapse.

    Okay, second sideline: clearly Europe’s fears have little to do with NATO. The actions, language, say so. So what’s it really about?

    “• Biden Needs Legal Authority From Congress to Act on Russian Assets – WH (Sp.)

    Biden has just shown with student loans, he ignores Congress, the Supreme Court, and all judges. Arguably he is ignoring all laws elsewhere, as in energy or at the border. This is no surprise to most of us, but extends to prosecuting 5 (?) new wars (trying to beat out Obama?) by bombing Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, etc without notice or discussion.

    “Joe Biden ‘The Closer’ In Hunter’s Corrupt Schemes (Fox)

    Very clever. So I guess all these nations, countries, billionaires, they’re all super stupid. Biden never gave them nothing and decade after decade they kept paying. Ever higher sums to get ever more zero effect. Do I got that right? That’s your argument here?

    What is “Access”? Like hiring Rick Astley for your kid’s birthday party? No, I think you mean “Bribery”. It’s not a fan phone call to Captain Kirk. It’s that Biden will DO something. And that is called “Bribery.” It’s specifically named in the Constitution somewhere, and what we should do about it,

    “The Obamas are RUNNING the Country (VDH)

    No he’s not, as I said before. If he did, the speeches on the teleprompter would be coherent, even if Biden isn’t. And Obama didn’t run the country when he WAS there…the CIA did, having installed his from Wall St donations and borrowing all of “W”s War cabinet. That leads to my question vs VDH as to why ISN’T Obama running the country? Where is he and what’s he doing?

    A slick competent operator like Obama would make this s—t sandwich go down much easier. We’re doing the #Opposite of that, alarming and awakening everyone.

    “Ukraine In ‘Catastrophic Situation’ – Zakharova (RT)

    I wouldn’t think so, but their actions show they are far more hollow than they’ve been pretending. I’ve often said if they break the line there’s nothing behind, but I meant like a normal country. Like – I guess the U.S. is the world’s worst example but – suppose you took San Juan and had to clean up the rest of Puerto Rico, being the only “state” not armed to the literal teeth. Like that. Bunch of civilians, policemen, remaining guard. Ukraine’s actions say there’s nobody to the Left of the contact line from there to Poland. Fine by me, Ukraine can stop dying then and like Black ‘47 maybe can recover and remain a viable people.

    “NATO’s own Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, has also shot down Macron’s statement, insisting that there are “no plans for NATO combat troops on the ground in Ukraine.”

    Because: “The West”, they are all lying. Macron JUST held the meeting for boots on the ground. Tens of Thousands of them, probably hundreds. Stolts himself said they’re attacking Russia in six years. That sounds like a Plan. So..which is it? Both. Neither. Aiiii!

    “[Navalny] was a prominent leader in xenophobic, far-right marches.”

    Yes, his job as a direct, paid agent of MI6 was “Divide and conquer” cause social division between Russia and the Muslim Caucuses, the “Long, Soft Underbelly” of Russia. When London lost that, like they lose everything, “and Then a miracle happened” and Navalny saw the light! His positioning changed to suit the times, demonstrating he has no beliefs or principles. But like other politicians, his principles changed to what was also totally unpopular and nobody wanted or supported! Yet he has money year after year from somewhere anyway! Magic!

    “Navalny was a political leader known across Russia”

    Maybe Political gadfly? Jill Stein has higher support. Most Americans don’t know who that is. To be a “leader” you have to lead something besides your 4 man home office. He lived in his mom’s basement with his wife, right? Seems like it.

    For Lira, you can see these few people floated appropriately to get him in the news, get some attention so he could leave Ukraine, as would be normal for literally everyone, as if Ukraine has the time and resources to try and imprison irrelevant foreigners right now. No pickup. Tucker brings him up internationally, everyone stops talking until the subject changes. Staring at their shoes. Right here everyone said he’s just a traitor, a protected class, knowing nothing. I guess not, eh? Will your public apology help him now? He’s a journalist, war correspondent, man on the ground as none of them are? Not a single journalist worldwide cares. Embarrassment and shame were outlawed, 2001, haven’t seen them since.

    “We Americans have been at war now since October 7th, 2001.”

    Sure, that was the Nazi coming out party, declaring world war for 100 years as McCain promised. Like the 1,000 Year Reich speech. AND WE ALL SAID SO AT THE TIME. Like: you guys plan on passing a law here anytime? You can’t declare war on an adjective. They never did and never have. And also never will. So that was the waking up party for so many, as it took something more personal like Lockdowns for many more. Ugh.

    ““The center is self-destructing and virtually now ushering in the far-right to take its place..”

    Except when the “Far Right” is “everyone to the Right of Mao”, the “Far-right” they mean is a group of antiwar, pro-gay marriage, cows-should-exist, I-like-to-eat extremists. When you’re a liar, your first victim is words. Their words have no meaning. So therefore THEY, have no meaning. You can’t trust them and can only eject them. Whatever they say, ignore them. If they say “I would like to buy this baguette”, ignore them, they are probably lying. Do this until they each die of old age.

    “On Monday, Denmark became the second European country to officially close its investigation into the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.”

    If you missed this, Sweden said they closed it because they have no jurisdiction or interest. Um, what? THE WHOLE REASON THEY WERE INVESTIGATING IS BECAUSE THE EXPLOSIVES WERE PLANTED ON PURPOSE IN THE ONLY LOCATION WHERE SWEDEN DID HAVE JURISDICTION. Whisky, Tango.

    There’s like ONE island on the whole route that’s anywhere NEAR Sweden, and the saboteurs put all four bombs in only that ONE spot. That’s why no one ELSE could investigate. Nope. Never happened now. #OppositeLand. I guess the bombs went off in Norway or Uruguay or something?

    Lazare said the United States’ guilt is obvious, but frequently ignored in order to safeguard relations between the US and Europe”

    Safeguard relations of the person who BOMBED you??? Um, I don’t think The PEOPLE of Europe are down with that. So therefore there are TWO Europes: One thin slice of elites who clearly approved and authorized it, and Everyone Else. What does that have to do with “Relations” with the United States? The Relations are, “They all agreed all along.” Hell, both German Service AND Poland both SAID it was about to happen, and that’s AFTER Biden was on international TV PROMISING it would happen. But “Europe” didn’t know nothin’, not only being illiterate, but deaf-mute I guess? Uh, no. “Europe” that is, the small locked up cadre of hand-installed elites, knew all along, it was their plan, and they had planned and coordinated it with the United States and London for months if not years. So it’s not like they “Suddenly found out” and “Just had to…” That’s Literally. Impossible.

    So what else is new? 1. You’re a liar. 2. You blame us for your own plans and actions. (Step 3. the people believe it)

    “illegal migrants can cross the US-Mexico border and claim asylum without any identification”

    Because when you’re a serial liar working with serial liars, words have no meanings, let’s review what a “Asylum” is. So you’re saying all 10 million are foreign journalists? All 10 million are war protesters, arrested in their home countries? All 10 million are researchers and exposers of corruption, in Ivory Coast, China, and Afghanistan, as none of them are coming from Central and South America anymore? Uh, NO. That is DEFINITIONALLY impossible. The DEFINITION of “Asylum seeker” is by definition, very, very, very, very, very small. But you give liars any loophole and they’ll dive for it like a pig on s—t and that’s why you need to say NO like 99,9999% of the time. And arrest harrass, and thrash them the rest of the time for wasting your time. BECAUSE receiving asylum is like getting a Presidential Pardon: very rare. And should be. And has to be, by definition.

    Therefore 9,999,980 of those people are NOT asylum seekers at all, and need to be arrested. Not JUST for felony entry and jumping “bail”, but for LYING to the courts and Federal register.

    Tanzania: This is what I’m talking about where You can solve world hunger, etc with nothing but a shovel. It’s literally easy, but we won’t do it. We like complaining Waaaay better. And Netflix on the couch. For the price of one jet-that-can’t-fly, or twenty windmills-that-don’t-work, you can probably green 6 counties in Arizona forever.

    Now I’ve made fun of Europe all day for years. Because they are clearly at the center, and the weakest, and America is clearly and widely reported as being the anchor, the core obstacle to globalist plans we’ve fought them non-stop for 100 years, and that if we fall, the world falls. Probably true.

    That said, the Duran was on yesterday discussing the War Bonds and I’d like to give Europe their due. The reason they, the EU (what does that mean? It has 10 meanings, all conflicting. They mean the unelected “EU Commission”) are IN this state, with no taxation and no army, slim prospects of getting either, is the EUROPE HAS BEEN FIGHTING EUROPE NON-STOP TOO. Tirelessly, faithfully, aggressively, although they are in the belly of the dragon with nothing to fight with. First, the EU itself. Took 20 years to get it even to the sorry state it was in because of non-stop opposition to their Soviet, undemocratic, elite black nobility plans. All Europe could smell it for decades, and all nations opposed it unless these parts were reformed. As Thatcher did. As reforming it would against its whole PURPOSE, they then had to make a 10,000 page weasel word leviathan than doesn’t function and no one can understand or enact. That’s its own destruction.

    Next, all Europe opposed Eurobonds. No taxing structure. Italy did as they can’t shed and devalue the Lira, and especially Germany did, not wanting to be endlessly sucked dry by the South. That never got through anywhere yet. Total win on that front. All the brush battles on that stalled, derailed, and eventually let them take the pressure and agree to a political union that had no taxing union, which means there’s no legal political union either. And they know it.

    They then fought them ALSO on the political union, always keeping a back door to exit, sovereignty in the veto-exit sense, as they too could not face the unified throne of world power and survive. But they added so much scar tissue to the work as to render it inoperable. They retain all their national functions, and only added two more layers above that add nothing, the EU Parliament and ECB.

    Speaking of, the ECB has no power, they are founded with NATIONAL gold that is BORROWED to the ECB and can be withdrawn at any time. Maybe they can’t get it, but a nation asking for it would be their end overnight. The ECB cannot Print money, the way the Fed can, but again is subservient to the State budgets. That means the ECB is royally screwed, and has been since before 1999, as Armstrong told them, and they said “We’ll figure it out (aka “shove it down their throats”) later.” They haven’t. Europe has still won against Globalists here too.

    To GET that EU, what little Ptomkin stage-sets they have, they held referendums, at times, places and conditions of their choosing, with the largest PR campaigns in the history of Europe. Then lost most of them. Germany had no law or referendum, as their founder said they’d lose 2:5 and that’s AFTER the PR blitz, leading to further stalling and discrediting, continual loss of power. Referendums held – with widespread reports of mishandling exceeding Crimea – all lost. And lost so badly they stopped having referendums, just “Making s—t up” and “Doing it anyway.” TINA. It’s inevitable. You will be assimilated. They haven’t. In fact, because of all this, Britain left. They Un-Referendum’ed, further harming them.

    To get around the peoples’ non-stop resistance, they then shoved it down their throats using a “Treaty”. While this is arguably ALSO illegal, the treaty mechanism then limited what the Nations could offer the EU. AGAIN leaving them no military or taxing power, AGAIN leaving sovereignty, which is why the people tolerated it, and “won” again. That is to say, forestalled them, did another rear-action, stymied a greater enemy, did not “lose”.

    And WHO did this? All of them. You see Germany as a people gung-ho for the Project? Greece? England? France? Hungary? Nope. Not a one. Not in 1999 at their best chance, not in 2008, not in 2014 or 2022, and certainly not now. Not a person, not a nation is for this, so who is? The Black Nobility, the billionaire class alone. The People of Europe have fought them to a standstill IN THEIR HOME STATE, right in their own CAPITAL, and with the attempt a Covid Bonds, then War Bonds, looks like they’re going to lose the f– out of this one too.

    So good on ya, Europe! I know we pick on you because you’re the weakest, least resisting, and most taken over. You’re the center of all the world’s problems and most wars right now. However, despite being on the front of Verdun for 25 years, you’re still standing, haven’t given up the ship yet!

    We’ve got our own battles and perhaps if we can prevail against these glue-sniffers, we can give you that greater headwind and help you get the upper hand over there too. Thanks.


    Vocabulary/rhetoric enhancer, identifier, expander decoder.

    Don’t be left out of conversations by lawyers, doctors, accountants, military, professors, psychologisst, politicians, MSM, experts, suits, blue collar workers. or Trump.

    Stop looking for, “the right word”, “At the tip of your tongue”.
    Somebody went to the trouble of putting together a list of +1,400 words to help you

    WARNING:( To avoid gibberish), KEEP AWAY FROM AI.


    There have been a few frameworks for a deal between Israel and Hamas that have been leaked since December. The most recent one, but yet to be confirmed by either Israeli or Hamas officials, is a temporary truce for 40 days, the release of 40 Israeli hostages, five female soldiers, and 35 civilians, in return for 400 Palestinian prisoners.

    The deal involves the entry of 500 trucks of humanitarian aid daily into Gaza, 200,000 tents for displaced families, and 60,000 mobile homes. In addition, Israel agreed to an American proposal to free 15 Palestinian national figures from Israeli jails in return for the release of five Israeli soldiers.
    Beijing has voiced its determination to help restore stability to the Red Sea.

    China’s unexpected gains from the Red Sea crisis
    Despite Beijing’s maritime security priority, Yemen’s Red Sea ban on Israeli-linked shipping has boosted China’s regional standing while miring its US adversary in an unwinnable crisis.

    A Chinese fleet, including the guided-missile destroyer Jiaozuo, the missile frigate Xuchang, a replenishment vessel, and more than 700 troops – including dozens of special forces personnel – as part of a counter-piracy mission.

    China has since condemned the US–UK airstrikes against Ansarallah’s military capabilities in Yemen, and refused to join the western-led naval coalition, Operation Prosperity Guardian (OPG).
    Giorgio Cafiero
    FEB 28, 2024

    John Day

    Later yesterday jb-hb wrote:
    ‘I’ve no idea where the point of leverage was to place myself at to be a White Hat, but I surely failed to position myself there.
    “What is my mission in this life?”, “Please light the way before me for I am blind.”, “How can I serve life though weak and flawed?”
    Yes. Agreed. But I’m a fuckup. I’ll uh, do my best. It won’t be fantastic or anything.’

    You already comin’ outta dat jump-to-lightspeed, dude.
    I bow to you.
    Get a broom.

    Dr. D

    Eowin, Lira couldn’t leave from the get-go as part of his court case. His Ukrainian wife had already left for Amsterdam with their daughter I think. That was a minor court case, so it didn’t pop up much, but if they hold your passport for it, well, there you are. His second court case was much more serious and therefore worth running the border for. We know how they both turned out.

    Day, I don’t know, I’m not sure God has preferences about it. WE have preferences because it’s easier for US. God knows and will point out that, due to Karma, picking good over evil will be easier for US, but like a gentleman, doesn’t (usually) interfere. Maybe he’s happy if we learn something and make the right choices? Maybe? But is if We R’ Him, then if We’re happy, there is greater universal happy, which means greater God happy? Hardly like a driver of action if true.

    I guess the point is, this is all around the Vengeful God theory. God told you to do this ’cause God wants jelly donuts not creme so you better comply, mister! No. Like your Father, God will TELL you (so to speak) THIS action in THIS universe has bad results. I love you, don’t do that. — I — don’t have anything to do with it. You want me to suspend gravity over the whole universe because you want to shoot heroin and fall off an overpass? No. The answer is NO. Don’t do the thing that harms you, fool. Listen to me when I tell you what that is. — I — am not the one punishing you, not directly: physics of the known universe are. Unless you want the whole universe to cease to exist, it’s not like I can suspend them.

    EGO. I’m not going to erase all 8 billion humans, all million-trillion known live planets in a million-trillion more galaxies just to alter physics ’cause you wanna do heroin. No. Check your ego, man. You are very tiny. The world doesn’t revolve around you. It revolves around ALL of us together of which you’re one.

    But like your father, if you wanna do heroin, what’s he supposed to do? Tie you up? Why do you exist then? Did you want to NOT exist, and NOT have the option, be a God-puppet instead? I don’t think so. So he can only LET you if you choose to. And because “Rest of known universe exists” he has to let you discover the consequences, the Physics of that for yourself.

    You ASK him to intercede? Great! How? By letting you keep doing heroin but suspend all known physics concerning it? Or maybe by interceding to find the strength in yourself to NOT DO HEROIN. That is, an internal change, maybe a snip of good luck, right connection that you’re not going to screw up and piss on. Oh wait: ONE of those two prayers and wishes has a good chance of being answered, and the other doesn’t. That’s not his dispensation, it’s your request.

    We talk about the rights of the criminal, the victims, etc, the 0.01%. Sure, they have rights. But so do the other 99.99% What about THEIR rights to have a functional reality that has rules and continues to exist at all in an orderly fashion? Don’t they count too? Not to the egoist, they don’t. I want it all and bad Sky Daddy won’t give it to me. Ask to change YOURSELF, into alignment with the laws of physics, with God, and he finds no such obstacles in helping you.

    Now that’s difficult because we live in a human-oriented world. In nature a waterfall is going to waterfall if you fall into it. But in the human world a Judge might change his sentence for no reason we can see, and most daily life and luck is inside HUMANS, their choices and psychology. Which can probably be bent. So I’m less sure on influences here, ’cause clearly it seems to happen. Makes it really confusing. Did they listen to “God”, the Devil, themselves, some TV show they saw last night when they decide about something affecting you? Who knows? Unlike a more natural world where you can see the back canvas, makes it really difficult to tell, one reason “Civilized” world is historically so screwed up.

    Does God think of self-immolating? Well, he probably thinks it’s heroic or something, like a real Emmy-winning episode. Although probably on life-review they might demonstrate you could have protested with equal heart a lot more constructively. I mean it’s heroic to jump into the river (intent) but when you both die maybe you should have grabbed that life buoy instead. If you’re at a level of higher knowledge it becomes a lot easier to point at the buoy when down here we didn’t know it was there. So it’s not like binary, yes/no. They’re living with an entirely different frame of reference on everything, just as we would to primary school kids. Should a 6th grader SHOOT the bully on the playground? It IS a felony, you know. It IS a violent assault that in adult terms could be legally met with deadly force. Well, in hindsight that may have been overreacting. Probably there were many ways to solve the issue before then and without that. Same here. If I were perfect, I would already know what to do. That I don’t just demonstrates my lack of advancement and complete lack of knowledge, yet here we are.

    Buddhism — or at least the kind you mostly find in America — isn’t a Religion, it’s a Method. It’s a method to “Look and find out for yourself”. Directly. Report back: did you find what me and the others did? It changed our lives, how about yours? But no, as an empirical investigation it’s essentially the Scientific Method. Only about Consciousness, which Science won’t approach. Since it’s just Science, what’s the harm in giving it a try? If they’re wrong, you’ll prove it in no time.

    John Day

    All-Y’all: Look/listen from the 20:23 time mark, the last few minutes of Military Summary last night

    The proposition is that Transnistria, beset by the west this year, has asked the EU, UN, Red Cross et all for help, and Russia, too. They asked Russia, too, like Donetsk and Luhansk did…
    Transnistria is an ethnic Russian enclave that never agreed to dissolve the USSR or leave Russia. It is between “Ukraine” and Moldova, both of which are NATO-directed entities now, which just strangled trade across the Transnistrian borders, leading to the pleas for help.

    Transnistria’s capital, Tiraspol is about a 2 hour drive on a major highway from Odesa, except the border is closed at Kuchurhan. There is a gate with a guard or something. It’s a pretty straight line, otherwise.
    There is this weird anomaly of the USSR-dissolution, which leaves the largest military stockpile in Europe right there in Transnistria. It just never got sorted-out, and 1200 Russian troops stay to guard all those old T-73 tanks and heavy-artillery shells that nobody uses anymore.
    Since the gates ae closed, and nobody would give Russia the overflight clearance to fly 60,000 soldiers, including tank crews and artillery crews, to Transnistria,
    Odesa clearly CAN’T be assaulted from that direction.
    Russia, having taken out all the Patriot systems, S-300s and most of the remaining S-200s, would still not overfly Ukraine with troop-transports for a few days.
    I’m sure they wouldn’t…


    does one consider there is a purpose to the black hole?
    is there flux?
    is there a steady state?

    John Day

    @tboc, who asked: “does one consider there is a purpose to the black hole? is there flux? is there a steady state?”

    I dunno 🙁 Epstein got to Hawking, and now he’s dead, anyway.
    We’ll never know until we die, and then we can ask Hawking, if we meet him…


    purpose or function


    there is one reality, however you oberve it, measure it or experience it or describe the experience

    Dr. John you have a good sense of humor, “We’ll never know until we die,”

    Dr. D

    I guess I’m required to comment on US Special Forces in the tunnels of Gaza.

    How about “Of Course, Duh”? Not only have we been everywhere, killing everyone since 2001, +6 Million, putting the Nazis to shame, but have really been doing it nonstop since at least 1947, or even 1847. I mean, what history do you read?

    What we most need in the world is for SOLDIERS to READ. Read history when they’re young bright eyed boys about Seneca, Cincinnatus, Pliny, etc, I mean if you love war so much read Clauswitz, Washington, Patton, Butler, even Hemingway. THEN, after you see it’s non-stop screw-ups to steal s—t, kill innocents, and make a bunch of cowardly, two-faced, lying despicable scum rich, THEN decide if you want to volunteer. If the US couldn’t recruit any soldiers to do their illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, Hague-and-Geneva violating evil self-serving dirty work, BOTH the US Military AND Congress would have to reform. Not for lack of trying, but because the American people literally will not show up to commit open, previously-known crimes. But they do. And why I’ve never known. Ask my classmates signing up, they just shrug. Wut? Wot the wut what what?

    That goes for corporations too, of course, but generally only the military is told to kill everyone they find, intentionally. Corporations do it ignorantly or accidentally. Governments kill everyone on purpose.

    So we are in the Tunnels of Gaza? OF COURSE we are. We gave them the 20,000 NEW bombs to use there, AND the $6B a year for 50 years to build the whole nation, army, and genocide out of raw, dry sand. My only question was “How much?” and not like “how much,” which is everything, but how much Directly and Openly? Like literal corporals with literal uniforms and US flags stitched on?

    We may be fighting “them”, but until this very point, so long as US men – and GOOD US men, the BEST US men — keep signing up to do Schumer’s and McConnell’s bidding, then “We” can’t stop it. Because the “We” who would stop it is THEM. Those US men who enlisted. Yeah, it ain’t great our enlistment is down, it makes us weak and self-sorts who stays in are the worst who WILL fire on every civilian, Palestinian or American alike, and gay-rape the ranks (this is happening) but unless you want to go up and start shooting, I don’t have a better option.

    ATM it’s a volunteer service. Stop volunteering to serve psychopaths. It’s not like it’s been a secret any time in the last 250 years. I refused to help, but I’m just one guy. I need your support along with me.

    Point them out, tell the truth. Stop helping.


    Read more

    Putin’s speech
    Vladimir Putin delivered his Address to the Federal Assembly. The ceremony took place in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow.

    February 29, 202414:20Moscow

    those darned kids

    “there is one reality, however you oberve it, measure it or experience it or describe the experience”

    not according to the cat..

    John Day

    @Dr. D: Not to beat a dead horse or god, but there is an inside-outside “God” disagreement at play.
    The god you model has an independent-observer status, watching reality unfold, with an option to intervene (How? In physics, to observe is to interact and “influence”.)
    The god I model is the dreamer of all reality, and we are characters within the dream, each of us acting within the dream, with “apparent free will”, and each of us experienced by the dreamer.

    To “pray” within that context would “do the most good” if it were to seek guidance within the dream. Some people are “lucid dreamers”, who can be awake within a dream, and communicate with eye motions while their EEG is running, then tell the story of the dream and when their eyes signaled what. I had a friend in college and med school who was a lucid dreamer and engaged in this research. He was a pleasant and fun guy. He cheated on his fiancee with his therapist. I never told on him, but I encouraged him to cut it out and be true to his fiancee.
    She kind of looked down on me and didn’t know I was her friend and ally. They got married.
    That was a long time ago. I now look him up. He’s a shrink in Dallas with 1.9 stars and this review,
    “He is a quack who works in favor of insurance companies and should be charged with medical malpractice and disbarred. … The hippocratic oath means nothing to him”.
    Life is funny/odd, not making me LOL.


    @tkd re: authoritative cat

    The cat knows any being can only experience a finite set of points on a continuum of reality. That’s why they can knock stuff of the shelves and give you the “I didn’t do it.” look. “Wasn’t me! It was Schrodinger’s cat whot dunnit!”

    You cannot see the sharpness of my blade
    You can glimpse only the vague outline of my armor
    But, sadly, these things are true for my as well.


    Black hole function/purpose, hmmm….interesting. On one hand, we have the heat death of the universe, entropy allowing everything to go to s#!+ in a fog of spun-down particles. On the other hand, black holes accreting a weird kind of potential energy, a reverse kinesis, where they don’t do the falling, you do. “Why did you hit my fist with your face?!?” My guess is they, too, see their deaths. But it may be something very anticlimactic, or traces of these events would be everywhere. Dark matter, maybe? Spun-down particles?

    Black hole is analogous to financial bubble, as are other celestial bodies. Entropy allows complex structures to emerge because those structures are better capable of removing energy from matter.


    Skidoo – full movie

    Groucho Marx plays God, a mobster gone anational, taken to the high seas with a supermodel concubine. Cast of thousands, including Carol Channing, Jackie Gleason, George Kennedy in a prison guard acid trip scene!.


    Stephan Hawking theorized (that is he imagined) a way to exit black holes. He imagined that this would happen in the form of information and that information would be proven to have mass. Experimentally, the proof is not yet final that Hawking Radiation is internal or external to an event horizon. If internal, then information and its mass defies all we know about the cosmos. It leads to the possibility that god is the sum of all minds and souls and the cosmos is just a view of this panorama. I choose to believe this to be proof that god exists. And heaven. And that both are as impartial to what you do as a black hole.

    Dr. D

    Correct. In my concept, God observes the universe but USUALLY doesn’t intervene. As any king. Now I don’t know if that’s actually true, it may be sorta mostly true, and only very very high beings intervene from very very high state of knowledge and power. At our level it appears not to matter. Heck, a rebel sea sprite could part the Red Sea for all I know, just some rogue Puck or Peter Pan. Might do it for lols and got Posidon-arrested for 10,00 years. So at levels as low down as we are, the only thing that matters in a sense is, “Occasionally weird things happen”. They may or may not break the laws of physics, as almost certainly physics is based on consciousness and our “Laws of Physics” are fake to begin with, but the important part is they are consensus very rare, and almost-consensus, not on command.

    But they CAN happen.

    So that’s to say, I don’t know. No surprise. Your point is valid and a good way to put it.


    @poppie: That’s pretty darn close to my view. Kewl!

    D Benton Smith

    Someone raised a pretty good point about NATO and European countries who belong to it. Not too long ago a couple of NATO members destroyed a couple of other NATO members through blatant, barely concealed and unprovoked acts of war.

    Wow! The victims weren’t even allowed to complain! All that they could do was make a mental note to themselves, “Well, THAT happened!” My sworn ally just criminally raped me to advantage itself.”

    Water under the bridge now. No hard feelings, BUT one DOES have to wonder whether it makes any sense to go on being a dues paying & compliant member of NATO which does seem to have this habit of making its members perform self-destructive acts upon themselves and their neighbors.

    In any case, this does not bode well for the immediate future of NATO.

    D Benton Smith

    Israel just used food trucks as bait to lure and entice starving people out from their places of safe hiding so that they could be killed en masse, which Israel proceeded to do. It required pre-planning and of course could not have been done without direct orders from above.


    The innocent years, prior the web

    John Day

    @Dr. D: Noted.

    @DBS: Moon of Alabama presents the Al Jazeera version, which is a planned ambush.
    Zionists Use Food-Baits To Attract And Kill Starving Civilians


    Lira’s wife filed for divorce in March of 2021, almost a year before the SMO. Maybe he is on Ken Lay Island. He is certainly not a Carl von Ossietzky.

    John Day

    Ukrainian drone operators zoom in on flying saucer hovering over battle zone. Video.


    Black Holes:

    Black Holes sort of look like funnels.
    Or maybe a toilet that looks like a funnel!
    On earth we have both cw and ccw toilet flushes.
    Matter that goes spiraling down, comes out of the other end.
    Probably a little worse for the wear and tear, and more than a little bit mixed up and confused.

    Now can anyone tell me if Black Holes spiral cw or ccw or both?
    I have often wondered what comes out the other end of a Black Hole, if anything?


    Oh, so that is where my Frisbee went!

    Frisbee Tales:

    When I went to Siberia in 1983, I took a Frisbee because it was flat and took up no room in my suitcase.
    One day when I was playing with the Frisbee, my Russian interpretor showed up.
    I asked her if they had Frisbee in Russia?
    After a rather long confused looking pause, she correctly said “Yes”.

    I took that to mean, they had at least one, mine!
    The look on her face was absolutely priceless!
    She was totally unprepared for this “out of left field” question!


    Damn, lost 1/2 page
    Lira was kind of dumb, did he not believe himself?
    He did have a warning in the 1st jail stint
    So, abandon bike, swim river (and do it smartly)
    He was alive when people crossed iron curtain, this is no different
    His life was worth a BMW motorcycle, what a deal


    My god is in the winds that blow,
    And in the dainty falling snow.
    My god is in the raging gale;
    The endless drifts, the pounding hail.

    My god is in the rustling trees,
    And in the birdsong on the breeze.
    My god is in the bugs and beasts;
    In solitude, and family feasts.

    My god is in the warming hearth,
    And in the rich black fertile earth.
    My god gives hope I might survive,
    And makes me glad to be alive.


    God knows 1 thing, for sure, you navel gazin mutherfuckers are completely full of shit. If I travelled back in time, 100 years and picked the dumbest lookin mongoloid I could find, he’d have 10X the common sense of anyone I meet today. Education is jew/propaganda mindfuck. This is why 70% of people willingly had that shit injected into them. This is why people vote and actually think things will improve. This is why people stare at talmudvision and walk around with a fuckin phone that tracks and listens to them. Could Sodom and Gommorah be any more disgusting than what we witness, daily, today? Something big is coming, this inverted jew , satanic nonsense…will not stand.

    Biden reacts to Israeli attack on aid recipients

    those darned kids

    if the flaccine is “jew/propaganda mindfuck”,

    ¿why did 75% of israelis get it?


    John Day

    Man Woman And Child

    Her Husband Burned Himself At The Pentagon To Protest The Vietnam War​, a brief interview with Norman Morrison’s widow, Anne Welsh.
    “Tina said, ‘Daddy has died, but now his love has spread’.”
    In a letter he mailed to Welsh, Morrison reassured her of the faith in his act. “Know that I love thee … but I must go to help the children of the priest’s village”.

    ​ Hindustan Times has this story, Aaron Bushnell was privy to confidential ‘intelligence data’ on US operations in Gaza
    ​ Aaron ranted that he had “top-secret clearance” for military intelligence data in a call to his friend on Saturday night, The Post reported. “He told me on Saturday that we have troops in those tunnels, that it’s US soldiers participating in the killings,’’ the friend claimed.
    ​ The friend went on to suggest that Aaron had stated US had troops on the ground, who were killing large numbers of Palestinians. The friend believes these claims may be true as Aaron’s job was to process intelligence data and some of that was linked to Gaza conflict. “One of the things he told me is that coming across his desk … was the US military was involved in the genocides going on in Palestine,’’ an unnamed friend was quoted by The Post.
    ​ “There’s just too many things I don’t know, but I can tell you that the tone of his voice just had something in it that told me he was scared,’’ the buddy said.​ “I’ve never heard that tone come out of him.”

    ​ Moon of Alabama, Zionists Use Food-Baits To Attract And Kill Starving Civilians
    The trucks were sent by the Zionists. No other organization was involved. But when people came near to the trucks to collect the food they had carried into Gaza the Zionist went berserk , ‘Massacre’: Dozens killed by Israeli fire in Gaza while collecting food aid​ , Al Jazeera, Feb 29 2024 ​
    ​ More than 100 Palestinians have been killed and some 700 others wounded after Israeli troops opened fire on hundreds waiting for food aid southwest of Gaza City, health officials say, as the besieged enclave faces an unprecedented hunger crisis.
    ​ The Gaza Ministry of Health said on Thursday said at least 104 people were killed and more than 750 wounded, with the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemning what it said was a cold-blooded “massacre”.
    ​ People had congregated at al-Rashid Street, where aid trucks carrying flour were believed to be on the way. Al Jazeera verified footage showing the bodies of dozens of killed and wounded Palestinians being carried onto trucks as no ambulances could reach the area.
    ​ “We went to get flour. The Israeli army shot at us. There are many martyrs on the ground and until this moment we are withdrawing them. There is no first aid,” said one witness.​.. “I have been waiting since yesterday. At about 4:30 this morning, trucks started to come through. Once we approached the aid trucks, the Israeli tanks and warplanes started firing at us, as if it was a trap.​”

    John Day

    ​ Aid Truck Stampede ‘Massacre’ In Gaza: Israel Accused Of Opening Fire On Crowd
    ​ Israel is disputing local accounts of what happened and says people died following a stamped caused by Palestinians rushing aid trucks.
    There are several different versions of what happened, but all accounts agree that mayhem was unleashed when some 30 humanitarian aid trucks containing food were positioned on the street under Israeli protection…
    ..Palestinians say that Israeli troops shot indiscriminately into the crowd and used the aid trucks in a kind of “ambush” – while Israel’s military says people were killed in a “stampede for aid” and “crowd crush”, and that some of the deaths were the result of Israeli soldiers being under immediate threat.

    ​ G​ilbert Doctorow, Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation speech today: an overview
    ​ Earlier today Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russia’s bicameral legislature, of which the State Duma is the lower house. In addition to the federal level legislators and administrators, the audience numbering slightly more than 1200 included regional governors, leaders of civil society, i.e. representatives of volunteer organizations having national importance, and a large contingent of active servicemen who have participated in the Special Military Operation.
    ​ The speech lasted a little more than two hours. To understand its masterful construction, you had to sit through it to the very end, because in the best rhetorical traditions, Putin came full circle. He opened with a long segment dedicated to those actively fighting on Russia’s behalf in the Donbas and all along the line of contact with the enemy forces, risking their lives every day for the sake of the Motherland. This segment culminated in a moment of silence in memory of those who died in the SMO. And he ended the speech with his vision of how those who have distinguished themselves on the field of battle, those who have led men to heroic feats, will be the new ‘elite’ of Russian society occupying the top positions in government, in business and in other spheres.​..
    ..Western analysts will bore down on one or another point in a speech which had a great many points and not convey the feel of the address and what it tells you about Russian society and Russian government today.​ That is precisely the mission that I set before myself now: without going into detail on each separate item in Putin’s speech, instead to characterize the priorities of this government today and for the future…
    ..The unmistakable take-away of Putin’s speech is that Russia is today a social market economy which is striving to raise the length and quality of life of the population. The well-known Russian state promotion of ‘traditional values’ has at its core encouragement of families with three or more children. This is first and foremost presented as a validation of the family as the essential building block of society. Putin freely admits that Russian wages are very low, too low in fact, and many measures in the social programs he has introduced and is proposing to expand in this speech are aimed at putting money in the pockets of those who create large families through subsidies in cash and in kind.
    ​ Let me say in passing that there are no restrictions on which families are being encouraged to multiply. It is no secret that Muslims in Russia, as elsewhere, presently have more children than do blue-eyed Slavs. No matter. Putin insists that every citizen is equally ‘Russian’ whatever his or her religious or ethnic identity and this is borne out by the government’s demographic policies…
    ..Putin remarked that last year Russia produced twice as much residential housing (in square meters) as did the Soviet Union in its best year at the end of the 1980s…
    ..From Putin’s recitation of new national projects, it is clear that attention is now also being directed to help those kids who have been born on Putin’s watch and are adolescents today…​ Perhaps it would be better to understand this project as ‘Human Resources’ because it aims to vastly improve vocational training, to introduce secondary school students to factories and other work places and open their eyes to the real world opportunities before them. Money will be allocated in the next six years of a new presidential term to more than double the number of engineering schools in the country. The objective is to ensure that the million job openings for highly trained professionals in industry will find properly prepared candidates.
    ​It is interesting and telling that Vladimir Putin’s attention to business interests came near the very end of his speech.​.. Measures will be taken to strengthen the role of stock exchanges in raising capital for industrial investments. And business will be assisted by continuing major federal infrastructure investments in highways, high speed railways, renovated airports and an expanded national commercial fleet, including service on the Northern Sea Route.
    ​ I will not say more. I found the most impressive part of the speech to be people-centric, not Putin’s reiteration of Russia’s stated position with respect to negotiations with the USA over strategic stability and similar foreign policy issues.

    Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation speech today: an overview

    More typical points from The Hindu, Putin warns that sending Western troops to Ukraine risks a global nuclear war
    ​ Mr. Putin cast Western leaders as reckless and irresponsible and declared that the West should keep in mind that “we also have the weapons that can strike targets on their territory, and what they are now suggesting and scaring the world with, all that raises the real threat of a nuclear conflict that will mean the destruction of our civilization.”
    ​ The strong statement followed earlier warnings from Mr. Putin, who has issued frequent reminders of Russia’s nuclear might since he sent troops into Ukraine in February 2022 as he sought to discourage the West from expanding its military support for Kyiv.
    ​ Mr. Putin emphasized that Russia’s nuclear forces are in “full readiness,” saying that the military has deployed potent new weapons, some of them tested on the battlefield in Ukraine.​..​
    ..He rejected Western leaders’ statements about the threat of a Russian attack on NATO allies in Europe as “ravings” and again dismissed Washington’s claim that Moscow was pondering the deployment of space-based nuclear weapons.
    ​ Mr. Putin charged that the U.S. allegations were part of a ploy to draw Russia into talks on nuclear arms control on American terms even as Washington continues its efforts to deliver a “strategic defeat” to Moscow in Ukraine.​ “Ahead of the U.S. election, they just want to show their citizens, as well as others, that they continue to rule the world,” he said. “It won’t work.”
    ​ In his speech that focused heavily on economic and social issues ahead of the March 15-17 presidential vote, Mr. Putin argued that Russia was “defending its sovereignty and security and protecting our compatriots” in Ukraine, charging that the Russian forces have the upper hand in the fighting.
    ​ He reaffirmed his claim that the West was bent on destroying Russia, saying “they need a dependent, waning, dying space in the place of Russia so that they can do whatever they want.”​…
    ​..Mr. Putin has repeatedly said that he sent troops into Ukraine in February 2022 to protect Russian interests and prevent Ukraine from posing a major security threat to Russia by joining NATO. Kyiv and its allies have denounced it as an unprovoked act of aggression.
    ​ The Russian leader has repeatedly signaled a desire to negotiate an end to the fighting but warned that Russia will hold onto its gains.

    ​John Helmer, Scorching The Earth Westward – What Comes Next As The Ukrainian Army Collapses
    ​ The collapse of the Ukrainian army following the battle of Avdeyevka, and its disorganized retreat, have accelerated Russian military thinking of how far westward the NATO allies will decide that the Ukrainian statelet can be defended against the expected Russian advance – and how fast new NATO defences can be created without the protection of ground-to-air missile batteries like Patriot, long-range artillery like the M777, and mobile armour like the Abrams, Bradley, and Caesar: all of them have already been defeated in the east.
    ​ In short, there is no longer a NATO-command line of fortification east of the Polish border which deters the Russian General Staff. Also, no bunker for the Zelensky government and its NATO advisors to feel secure.​..
    ​..Offence is now the order of the day up and down the contact line. The daily bulletin from the Ministry of Defense in Moscow calls this “improving the tactical situation” and “taking more advantageous positions”. In the past three days, Monday through Wednesday, the Defense Ministry also reported the daily casualty rate of the Ukrainian forces at 1,175, 1,065, and 695, respectively; three M777 howitzer hits; and the first Abrams tank to be destroyed. Because this source is blocked in several of the NATO states, the Russian military bloggers, which reproduce the bulletins along with videoclips and maps, may be more accessible; also more swiftly than the US-based podcasters and substackers can keep up.
    ​ Moscow sources confirm the obvious: the operational objective is to apply more and more pressure at more and more points along the line, in as many sectors or salients (“directions” is the Russian term) as possible simultaneously. At the same time, air attack, plus missiles and drones, are striking all rear Ukrainian and NATO airfield, road, and rail nodes, ammunition storages, vehicle parks, drone manufactories, fuel dumps, and other supply infrastructure, so as make reinforcement and redeployment more difficult and perilous.
    ​ What cannot be seen are the Russian concentrations of forces aimed in the north, centre and south of the battlefield. Instead, there is what one source calls “an educated guess is that when the main blow comes, it will be North, Chernigov, Sumy, Kharkov, Poltava, or Centre, Dniepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, or both simultaneously.”


    ​ ​Yesterday, starting at the 20:25 time mark, and lasting a few minutes, Dima at Military Summary Channel proposed that the Russians may be politically preparing to come to the aid of Transnistria, as they came to the aid of Donetsk and Luhansk. Transnistria is a russian enclave northwest of Odessa, attached to Moldova, and bordering Ukraine, which never consented to leave the USSR, It has existed as a semi-autonomous and self governed region “within” Moldova, protected by Russia, but is now subject to border sanctions from Ukraine and the new NATO-influenced President of Moldova. Transnistria has petitioned the EU, Red Cross and other international bodies for relief, which Donetsk and Luhansk did not do, and has also petitioned Russia, as they did. Transnistria happens to host the largest supply of Soviet weapons in Europe, guarded perpetually by 1200 Russian soldiers. This reminds me of American forward-staging of supplies in Saudi Arabia, and places like that, so that soldiers and specialists can just be airlifted in. Russia would presumably have to violate Ukrainian airspace with troop transports for a few days to do that. It may be feasible at this point, when spring mud stalls the ground war. This would place Russian forces about a 2 hour drive from Odessa on excellent highways and with railways along the same route. The Russians would have to make do with 1980s artillery, tanks and other equipment, of course. Another Russian force might advance through Kherson.
    The Russians Entered Krasnohorivka | Transnistrian Crisis | Orlivka Was Taken. 2024.2.28​

    John Day

    “Americans Are Being Lied To About Ukraine” – Tucker Carlson Reflects On Putin, Zelensky, Navalny & Nuclear War
    ​ Carlson explained that the West’s escalation of the conflict long ago into a full-blown proxy war has not only resulted in more needless Ukrainian deaths, but it has been devastating for the United States. “I reject the whole premise of the war in Ukraine from the American perspective,” Carlson told Fridman. “There’s a war going on that is wrecking the US economy in a way and at a scale that people do not understand.”​…
    ..​”I guess I’m a child of a different era. I’m a child of participatory democracy to some extent, where your opinion as a citizen is not irrelevant. And I guess the level of lying about it was starting to drive me crazy​”…
    ..Russia is turning out artillery shells, which are significant in a ground war at a ratio of seven to one compared to all NATO countries combined…
    ..And so we haven’t had a world war in 79 years. But one nuclear exchange would of course kill more people than all wars in human history combined.​ I am counting. Because I think it obviously, it’s completely demonic and everyone pretends like it’s great. Nuclear weapons are evil…
    ​..He [Putin] wants a settlement, he wants a settlement. He doesn’t want to fight with them rhetorically and he just wants to get this done. He made a bunch of offers at the peace deal. We wouldn’t even know this happened if the Israelis hadn’t told us…​ Well, the U.S. government’s not allowing negotiations… I really care about what the U.S. government does because they’re doing it in my name, and I care a lot because I’m American. We are the impediment to peace….
    ..This week there’s been a curious story to emerge in Russian state media sources involving a bizarre ‘assassination plot’ linked to Kiev, which allegedly was supposed to target Carlson while he was in Russia. Interestingly, the allegations have been picked up in major Indian media outlets, among some other international outlets, though it warrants a high degree of skepticism.

    Dutch Are Lone Supporters Of Macron’s ‘EU Boots On The Ground In Ukraine’ Plan

    ​ Charles Hugh Smith points out that chat-bots are to keep us at bay, so we don’t cost companies anything. Who Error-Corrects AI?
    Part of why AI chatbots are so dreadful is we know the corporation / agency doesn’t care whether our problem gets resolved or not.

    ​Meryl Nass MD, The ‘Negotiating Text’ of the new WHO Treaty on Pandemic Preparedness and Response: An Initial Analysis and Under-examined Points of Concern
    Amrei Müller is an Assistant Professor/Lecturer (Ad Astra Fellow) at University College Dublin, Sutherland School of Law. Dr. Silvia Behrendt is the founder and director of the Global Health Responsibility Agency

    ​ The ‘Negotiating Text’ of the new WHO Treaty on Pandemic Preparedness and Response: An Initial Analysis and Underexamined Points of Concern​
    Despite recent difficulties in the on-going negotiations, the drafting process of the WHO Pandemic Agreement and the process of amending the IHR are officially scheduled to continue in February 2024 and be brought to an end in May 2024.
    The Negotiating Text
    ​ Overall, the Negotiating Text follows a biomedical and securitised approach to pandemic preparedness and response. That is, it is led by the doctrine of Global Health Security (analysed by the authors, others and, more generally) and thus promotes constant global biomedical surveillance, preventive R&D on pathogens with pandemic potential, routine emergency authorisations of investigational vaccines or therapeutics for global administration and the transformation of the WHO towards a global procurement and distribution agency for pandemic products, in particular vaccines. The Negotiating Text thus appears to conclusively leave behind traditional, time-tested and more holistic approaches to the management of infectious disease outbreaks that have been relied on by the WHO before the Covid-19-PHEIC, e.g. in the 2019 WHO Non-pharmaceutical Public Health ​ Measures for Mitigating the Risk and Impact of Epidemic and Pandemic Influenza and in domestic public health guidelines (p.70) on the response to infectious disease outbreaks. The draft provisions of the Negotiating Treaty examined in the following reflect the main components of the biomedical approach and its envisaged domestic and international institutions.
    The Envisaged Global Bio-surveillance System
    ​ The Negotiating Text foresees the building of a global bio-surveillance system with international (WHO) and domestic components. In short, the draft treaty envisages that each state builds up laboratory capacities that then work together as a global network through which they can identify emerging and re-emerging pathogens, determine and share the genetic sequence data of these pathogens and inform the WHO and other member states about them.​..

    The ‘Negotiating Text’ of the new WHO Treaty on Pandemic Preparedness and Response: An Initial Analysis and Underexamined Points of Concern

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