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    John Day

    Resistance to the WHO pandemic treaty is growing stronger​ , Individual states are calling for a postponement, the Bundestag is postponing the decision.

    ​ A bombshell win: vaccine mandates for police and ambulance drivers ruled a breach of human rights
    Two years late: Two legal wins, and a Senate investigation
    ​ Two years after police and ambulance drivers were forced to get Covid injections, the Queensland Supreme Court has ruled that the vaccine mandates were unlawful. Because this decision is about human rights, it’s may also apply to other humans (we hope). So lawyers all over the country are sitting up and paying attention.
    ​ This follows on from a South Australian decision a few weeks ago where the Employment Tribunal found that an employer (the state government) was liable for any injuries caused to staff by mandatory injections required in the workplace.
    ​ And possibly related to all this, in 2022 10,000 Australians died above and beyond the normal rate and no one (officially) knows why.

    A bombshell win: vaccine mandates for police and ambulance drivers ruled a breach of human rights

    ​ S A H A R A S I A​ , Resource Page​ , The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World
    Evidence for a Worldwide, Climate-Linked Geographical Pattern​ in Human Behavior James DeMeo, PhD​ [Thanks Les]
    ​ James DeMeo’s Saharasia is the largest and most in-depth scholarly study on human behavior and social violence around the world which has ever been undertaken. The findings summarized in Prof. DeMeo’s book cover the entire globe, from early prehistory into modern times, integrating on world-maps a full sweep of standard research data from the fields of archaeology and history, plus an in-depth cross-cultural review and mapping of data from over 1000 distinctly different human societies, from standard anthropological data bases. It employed standard cross-cultural correlation tables on over 60 different variables, plus geographical mapping and quadruple blind research procedures to insure objectivity, and all the basic starting assumptions are clearly elucidated in advance. The work also incorporates his own personal field research in the deserts of the Middle East and Southwestern USA. No great knowledge of maths or scientific methods is required to follow the logic and research to their conclusions, though the book is clearly written for scholars. An early period of generally peaceful social conditions is documented in prehistory, but with a major shift towards patriarchal-authoritarian and decidedly violent social conditions across the Saharasian region after a major climate-shift from wet grassland-forest conditions towards harsh desert conditions at c.5000-4000 BC. Major epochs of cultural diffusion are also presented on maps, showing how violent patriarchal authoritarian, sex-repressive and child-abusive behaviors were carried outward from their Saharasian origins to nearly every corner of the globe. It presents previously-unknown geographical patterns in dozens of different human behaviors, beliefs and social institutions representative of human violence and warlike aggression, such as slavery, castes, genital mutilations and a low women’s status. The findings have been praised by many, published in scientific journals and magazines, cited repeatedly, but in largest measure have been willfully censored out of the discussion by most within the editorial power-circles of modern academics and mainstream journalism, which continues to embrace the flawed and disproven theories of “violent genes” or other “original sin” concepts. None of those theories, nor anything like them, can stand in the face of the new evidence presented in Prof. DeMeo’s Saharasia.

    D Benton Smith

    We are in the middle of a slave revolt. Not just a localized uprising, but an actual revolt.

    And what is a slave? A slave is someone who does something that they don’t want to do because they are afraid of being intolerably punished in some way if they don’t do as ordered. Those punishments can take a myriad of shapes, but all basically boil down to some form of FEAR of consequences that they think themselves incapable of handling.

    In other words, a slave is someone who believes whatever they’re told and does whatever they’re ordered to, regardless. They COMPLY even when the orders are bad (either for the receiver or some other poor sucker), and they do NOT question the validity of the information they are given, at least not for very long they don’t, because if they disagree with a falsehood or blow the whistle on bad deeds they are punished. The judgment of “guilt” and the dispensation of punishment is, in tragic irony, carried out by other slaves who qualify for their positions by agreeing with the falsehood and showing willingness to dispense the punishment. They do believe whatever they’re told and comply with the orders they are given to execute.

    Nice tight system, as long as no one throws a monkey wrench into the works by stating (revealing?) truths, rejecting a lies, or refusing to do EVIL DESTRUCTIVE THINGS just because some psychopath told them to, and in fear of punishment if they don’t.

    The things they are told to do are often bad, and thus the truth about those bad deeds is forbidden from being spoken of or even seen. Communications to others about these vitally important facts is absolutely forbidden, upon pain of sever punishment or even death. Oftentimes these draconia rules are not even written into law. They are tacitly understood. “If you say or do other than as your master instructs then you will punished. Punishment can range from a small demerit, demotion or dismissal, all the way up to death and genocide. The severity of the judgement and punishment is entirely at the discretion of persons higher on the hierarchical scale of slavery than you are.

    When slaves stop keeping secrets about the awful things that they and other forced (or otherwise tricked, bribed and coerced slaves) are doing and then keeping their mouth shut because they’re scared not to. . . . . well, at that point they won’t be slaves any more, and the lid get’s blown off of this shithole civilization so high that it may never be seen again.

    People who cannot successfully do and create the things needed for a good life resort to getting those possessions through criminal means such as LIES, DECEITS, THEFT, EXTORTION, EXPULSION, FORCE, VIOLENCE, FRAUD, IMPRISONMENT, KILLING, THREATS, and FEAR. You know what I mean. I mean C R I M E . They do crime because it “works for them” and they are pretty much incapable of making a living any other way, and also because they think that the evil things they do (that they see as serving them) are actually GOOD, in that inverted perverted mental twist that only a psychopath can manage.

    Also notable is that because slavers are as useless as teats on a boar hog, and as incompetent as Kamala Harris slavers need SLAVES to do all of the actual DOING kind of doing. Can’t really do much of anything without compliant slaves who know how to do things, so creating and managing slaves is pretty much the full job description of what slavers do for a living. Understanding human weaknesses (to manipulate and exploit them) is among their most perfected skill sets, and CONTROLLING INFORMATION is their hyper essential stock in trade for putting those skills to practical use. A very high degree of control is necessary for them to continue their operations at all. Without at least that degree of control their criminal activities would simply be and swiftly STOPPED whenever attempted or accomplished.

    For slavers to escape retribution and continue operations requires near total control of as much information as possible, down to an ASTONISHINGLY fine granularity. Failure to acquire and maintain this level of near total control of information results in the immediately (and from the criminal’s point of view, catastrophic) collapse of “their” system. The difference between dominance and annihilation comes down to the simple question of whether or not the slaves are doing as they’re told, keeping quiet and believing the horseshit that they’re being fed, OR the slaves are engaged a full scale Slave Revolt. There ain’t much real estate “in between” those two conditions.

    A point in fact: There are factual data known to many of your personal associates and superiors that you, personally, really and truly DO NEED to factually know about, but which those individual people are at this very moment KEEPING SECRET FROM YOU OR PROACTIVELY LYING TO YOU ABOUT because they believe that they will suffer severe punishments if they don’t just shut their yaps, perpetuate the lies and keep the secrets. And remember that the offer of money and/or the enforcement of (or protection from) penalties, job loss and poverty makes these financial carrots and sticks very very severe indeed. Losing a job can mean losing multiple lives.

    It works like this: The slavers order the wrong actions and the slaves shut up and execute the wrong actions, which FREQUENTLY include participation in the enforcement of punishments upon all those who would not shut up and follow instructions. Those punishments, of course, consist of all the bad stuff previously listed, such as paying for their share of the bombs to be dropped on children in Gaza because the people living there disagreed with their land being stolen and their people killed by an absolutely ruthless invader.

    All slaves are in this manner fully complicit in their own enslavement.

    They could end it in a split second by revealing the truths that they KNOW (either as direct observation or earnest belief from trustworthy evidence) but which they do NOT communicate because they have fact-based fears of what bad things will happen to them if they do. How do they know bad things will happen? Why because they themselves are the ones who have been participating in doing the bad things to others as part of their job or social position in the hierarchy they live in. They are the ones actually doing, their own small or large way, their part of the crime, by simply shutting their mouths and doing what they were told. They imprisoned Assange. They started a war against Russia. They stole an election in America. They poisoned the worlds population with disease and toxic injections and are currently engaged in murdering women and children in Gaza. Notice the circularity of the vicious circle that makes them SLAVES.

    Most of those who hit their personal red-line limit on the shit they’re willing to put up with, or commit against others or keep secret, simply keep their heads down and their mouths shut tight in hopes of being ignored. If they stay quiet and pay their dues and fees and other acts of submission then they are usually left mostly alone.

    But those who stop following orders or who blow the whistle on deliberate criminal conspiracy, are not treated so lightly. They are at the very least canceled and kicked out of society. At worst they are exterminated or crucified in full public view as an example intended to terrify others who might be entertaining rebellious ideas.

    Slavers WANT slaves to see this gross travesty of injustice. Sometimes the slavers order slaves to commit toweringly unjust and irrational atrocities for the very PURPOSE of instilling this particular fear. It’s called TERROR. They have to terrorize slaves because if they do NOT then the slaves will stop being terrified enough to follow the orders to do bad things, because they’re too terrified to refuse the orders.

    When slaves stop being terrified they stop being slaves, and the slavers have a Slave Revolt on their hands.

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