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    @Dr D:

    But does that explain why WE have to be animals, live in huts and walk everywhere while the Very Important People fly private jets to private islands, with private yachts? Food imported from Japan while you scratch the earth with your fingernails for maggots, you filthy animal? Because THEY are the ones with the “Secret Knowledge.” They are the “Enlightened Ones” who “Know”.

    Heisenberg was quite the asshole, eh?

    The surveillance, analysis, actuation require greater energy and control. As this curve ramps up, what is being surveilled warps. “It’ll do whatever you want, and cost whatever you got!” To know everything when that knowledge matters most, you must expend all your energy. Where does that leave analysis, actuation?

    They are too chicken to turn off the Internet. That would ‘disempower’ many. But to them, it would be the equivalent of plunging an ice pick into one’s own ear.


    Yin-Yang view of anything on the long run (that can unexpectedly turn in another direction again).
    We spent quite bit of time arguing and defending what we think is “the best system” that we are born into by the lottery of life and hardly have any control over.
    Kunstler cited Orlov’s book in which the latter compared the collapse of the Soviet Union to approaching one in the US.
    In the comments I was expecting that at least one would contemplate a paradox, that harsh communist regime was much more gentler to the population in the time of it’s death and would have been even more softer if it wasn’t for the influx of the American “business consultants” swarming the drunken Yeltsin. On the contrary in the US, everyone should expect that he/she is really on their own. If not already hard, added part to the existence, as it appears and possibly expectancy of all the roadblocks will be put in place for self sufficiency, quite the opposite what happened in the Soviet Union..
    Seeing life as a journey through real experiences I find myself grateful to have lived in both, such a diametrically opposed systems.


    I don’t know if this will link, but a woman (Dolly Moore) in Montana took a picture of a smoke trail and an explosion from her yard. Most of the replies are news outlets asking for permission to use- all the big names. Feb 3 2023

    D Benton Smith

    We all speculate about how the current leadership could be so stupid in the face of the facts. Here’s a piece of the answer. Leadership operates on the basis of hierarchies of bosses commanding layers of minions. That’s a very simple and efficient arrangement, really, with many merits but at least one intrinsic mortal flaw.

    Sooner or later in every powerful hierarchy those who answer to superiors discover that it is not always wise or safe to tell straight truthful facts to the boss. They learn that it’s safer to tell the boss what the boss want to hear. In other words, don’t speak truth to power if you care about your job, your paycheck or your neck.

    From that boot licking minion’s moment of clarity onward , the upper echelons of that pyramid of power will become more and more stupid and ill informed. Eventually the leadership becomes nothing but a hubris filled balloon full of the flattering and reassuring flasified bullshit that is now fed to them as their exclusive diet.

    Only the info that makes them sure they’re still on top is allowed to filter upward. They think they know everything when in fact they know practically nothing.

    Don’t even think about getting the truth through to top leadership, because in addition to their own greed and pride driven ego centrism they are also insulated from reality (i.e. isolated from straight truthful facts) by layer upon layer of sycophantic gate-keepers whose lives and livelihoods depend upon keeping the boss happy.

    John Day

    The blocking of Substack uploads to these comments last week may have been due to phishing emails going out from Substack, activating spam-blocking filters across the world. I just learned about this today. To me it looks like a hack into Substack, aimed at discrediting Substack. Some subscribers just did not get the emails in their inboxes. Substack has fixed this.
    I personally think Substack is being protected from harm by some situationally-benevolent entity, maybe those “grey hats”.

    Now Playing! “Changing Subjects” With a picture of ice deposited by 3 days of freezing rain in Austin this week. We are in Yoakum, where we have electricity. Lines are down in Austin.
    Ice Days

    John Day

    Empires, in general rise, expand and then decline, with decline typically being the most rapid phase. Empires provide a framework for trade between regions, bringing in new regions through enticement or force, then supplying all regions through the centralized economy, extracting the expenses of maintaining the empire, and extracting profits for the “owner” class.​

    The expenses of maintenance grow as the complexity of the empire grows, not just its size. Complexity keeps growing within bureaucratic systems, so they keep getting more expensive. Sustaining the bureaucracy is always the first or second priority for any bureaucracy. Bureaucracies are how humans do big projects.
    As time progresses, the cut of resources to sustain an empire grows, even if the empire does not. Extraction of resources from the periphery uses up the cheapest resources. The profitability of an empire tends to decline as maintenance costs rise.

    Some “owners” expect their profits to keep rising, and that requires hollowing-out of the production capacity of the empire. If the empire is stagnant, extracting profits causes decline through self-consumption, analogous to cancer. In the current western empire, some owners seek long term gain, and some want more now.

    ​ ​Let’s consider the center of the western-empire to be the financial “center” of London-Wall-street-Associated-tax-havens. BIS is part of this, as is BlackRock.
    This western empire has trouble with the rapidity of the growth of money, which has outlandishly outdistanced the growth of real-economy in the world. It has been parasitizing real-economy to extract-value, to make those financial wealth-schemes “come-true” in at least some fraction.
    It’s a Ponzi scheme, as we know. It’s gonna’ collapse. It’s not going to get to eat Russia to make payouts​ to support the Ponzi scheme.​.

    ​ ​The inability of the current imperial courtiers to make major direction changes will cause the (real) owners to take losses soon. The owners will need more intelligent/competent courtiers, a management team change.​ This applies to short-sighted, as well as long-sighted owners. Interests converge.​
    The inertia ​of corrupt and cancerous management ​is ​fully as bad as it looks. The owners are not stupid, even if they are ​greedy and ​insulated from “reality”.

    ​ ​The collective west does not have any executive or management team which is competent and able to make quick decisions. Times of rapid economic restructuring call for that. There appears to be infighting between owners. The current courtiers have been in place a long time, but are “negatively efficacious” like those novel “vaccine” products.
    ​ ​The courtiers will ​inevitably ​be replaced. Sooner is better. ​Societal control-narratives are breaking. The COVID-pandemic narrative is now demanding ​expensive ​support, rather than creating support​ for the managers​. The Ukraine war control-narrative is very expensive, and will collapse badly when it stops being fed men, tanks, howitzers, ​ammunition and ​rockets. Th​e empire is literally running out of those things, forcing the moment of collapse to arrive..

    ​ ​Time is short to replace the control narratives before being completely discredited by reality.
    Either case is fine with me, but I think the owners ​will ​have a different team to put in place in the US, which will not have so much inertia in the wrong direction, and will be more nimble​, better at meeting the actual physical-economy needs of other team-participants.​ That is to say, actually manage the economy of the declining empire, which still has a good resource base, even if downsized, and could be more prosperous with less cancer, less stupidity​ and less overhead.

    ​ ​If the management team in DC can be swapped out before this fall, a lot of sensible ​arrangements may be negotiated with the rest of the world, and within the imperial core.​ This will be less damaging to all parties within the remaining empire, and in the areas which are already gaining autonomy. Trade does not require the expenses of an imperial bureaucracy and cancerous profiteering by the parasitic-class of elites. Somebody does have to police piracy for the common good. There are still shared expenses to have a productive economy. Parasitism remains alluring.

    This is really looking like it became the NATO plan after 1993:
    1993: The Barry R. Posen Plan for War on Russia via Zombie State Ukraine

    1993: The Barry R. Posen Plan for War on Russia via Zombie State Ukraine

    ​ Not much is being written about Twitter’s becoming a versatile payment platform under Musk’s ownership, but electronic-bank-transfers and PayPal are where Musk first got rich. The world is headed for financial regime restructuring. Musk’s “super app” would allow multiple currency options, and would presumably allow conversion of liquidity between currencies. This could prove very useful on a daily basis, and at multiple levels as the $US steps down from global reserve currency status, and other currencies, fiat, digital and gold, step into the multipolar financial regime. This would be synergistic with Musk’s Starlink.
    ​ ​Twitter is prepping for payments, and bitcoin might be in the mix.
    According to a Financial Times report, Elon is open to adding BTC and crypto to its Twitter payments vision.
    While the “super app” vision would prioritize fiat, its future will likely include the alternative payment method.
    Elon Musks’ Twitter has reportedly begun applying for regulatory licenses across the U.S. in apparent preparation to begin facilitating payments through the app.

    ​ Hey, lookee here at Australia! Sasha Latypova​
    ​ ​Do Governments Track the Injury and Kill Rates from Biowarfare Agents Deployed as mRNA/DNA “Vaccines”?

    ​Even after they rework years of data to “correct errors from previous years”.​
    Recent Data Shows ‘Stunning Increase’ In Serious Harm Reports In Young Healthy Pilots: Army Lt. Col. Theresa Long​
    ​ ​“What I found was a clear signal, that something in 2021 changed the health of service members,” Long told The Epoch Times. She said these signals were consistent with those in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports. But unlike VAERS reports, DMED data showed spikes in the number of diagnoses “made by a healthcare professional within the DOD on service members.”
    ​ ​According to the Military Health System, the DMED provides remote access to a subset of data contained in the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS). The DMSS contains up-to-date and historical data on diseases and medical events (including reportable events) and “is available to authorized users such as U.S. military medical providers, epidemiologists, medical researchers, safety officers or medical operations/ clinical support staff for surveying health conditions in the U.S. military.”
    ​ ​“After querying all pilots across the DOD, for all-cause morbidity and mortality, I found a stunning increase in the number of reportable events, spiking from an average of 226 reportable events a year (2016-2019) to 4,059 reports in 2022,” she explained.
    ​ ​A DOD reportable event is any patient safety event resulting in death, permanent harm, or severe temporary harm—and all require a comprehensive systematic analysis and a follow-on corrective action implementation plan report.
    ​ ​“The point is there is a statistically significant increase in death, permanent harm, or severe temporary harm in young healthy fit pilots​.​”

    ​ ​Why Did UK Wait 3 Months to Disclose Data Showing COVID Vaccine Risks Outweigh Benefits for Omicron Variant?​
    ​The U.K. government on Jan. 25 released a report showing the risks of serious adverse effects from mRNA COVID-19 vaccines largely outweigh the benefits. John Campbell, Ph.D., analyzed the data, which U.K. health officials knew about in October 2022.

    Why Did UK Wait 3 Months to Disclose Data Showing COVID Vaccine Risks Outweigh Benefits for Omicron Variant?

    John Day
    John Day

    The spike protein coded for in gene therapy “vaccine” products has Prion segments of protein, which fold abnormally, and cause chain reaction abnormal-protein-folding, progressively destroying central nervous system function. Some people make a whole lot of spike protein fast, and keep making it for months.
    Emergence of a New Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: 26 Cases of the Human Version of Mad-Cow Disease, Days After a COVID-19 Injection

    ​This is the position, W.H.O. Director, who the updated WHO treaty will empower to declare a global public health pandemic emergency, and to command national governments to spend money, curtail civil liberties, track people, interfere in transactions, and to enforce this with police and military, if so ordered.​
    ​ ​Investigative journalist Whitney Webb joined Kim Iversen on “The Kim Iversen Show” to discuss the appointment of Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, as the next chief scientist at the World Health Organization.

    ‘Beyond Dystopia’: Is a Mad Scientist Set to Become Chief Scientist at the WHO?

    ​ This is really interesting, particularly the map of global oceans. Phytoplankton are massively outgassing toluene and benzene into the southern ocean, and especially the air above the southern ocean, greatly influencing cloud formation.​ This is not subtle at all, but has been completely overlooked until now.
    ​ ​Ocean life is seeding the clouds above it, and the modelers didn’t know
    ​ The science is settled except we only just realized that the benzene and toluene gas over the vast Southern Ocean were not man-made pollutants after all, but were made by industrious phytoplankton. For the first time someone went and measured the benzene and toluene in the water and discovered that instead of being a sink for human pollutants in the air above, the ocean was the source.
    ​ ​This matters because these two gases increased the amount of organic aerosols by, wait for it, between 8% and up to 80% in bursts. And all that extra aerosol matters, of course, because aerosols seed clouds, which change the weather.

    Ocean life is seeding the clouds above it, and the modellers didn’t know


    Visitng friends yesterday who during conversation casually mentioned how Russia is destroying “all the hospitals and schools” and so on. I said nothing.

    Their only source of info is the MSM, so naturally they repeat what they’re told. I don’t blame them. Russia is the fons et origo of all kinds of evil, while Ukraine is the beleagured victim valiantly defending itself and assured of victory. We shall see.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the Empire to collapse. I am old enough to remember the British Empire minus India, lots of red on the map, still large and important in the world, telling itself and everyone else that it was and had been and would continue to be beneficial and constructive and just and fair and etc etc etc. It took decades of decline for it to ariive at its present sad, withered, etiolated state.

    All depends on one’s point of view, doesn’t it: centuries to build, yes, decades to decay, yes; but to me it felt like AGES.

    Just heard that they shot down this terrifying balloon. Clever chaps, these Chinese: they send off an unguided balloon subject to the vagaries of the winds and bear witness to international consternation. Maybe it had a cargo of Caesium-137 ?


    A couple of days ago I heard what sounded like a squadron of Spitfires moving up the state highway 9300 metres away). Pity those who live on the state highway.

    The noise was so loud it was audible for five minutes, which I estimate to correspond to a distance of at least 5 kilometres. Presumably, a gang of motorcycle enthusiasts riding bikes with all the exhaust baffles removed. Apparently legal, or not actionable by officialdom.

    Saturn was up before most humans on Airstrip Five today. I saw it this morning in the predawn sky, beating the Sun by about an hour.

    Thankfully cloud arrived a little later to protect us from the Sun. Yesterday was a real scorcher: 33oC in the shade and 40oC in the building I have been constructing; 52o+ in the attic despite ventilation. Surfaces too hot to walk on. People were ‘dropping like flies’ and those who could congregated in and around rivers.

    Water is life.

    Friends decided to raft down a local river; it didn’t work out too well; level too low. Also, severe sunburn.

    Today dozens of huge Planet-fuckers were towing other huge Planet-fuckers on trailers along the state highway; obviously headed toward a Planet-fuckers rally somewhere north of here.

    None of those hazards compare to having a totalitarian fascist government hell bent on propping up a loot-and-pollute economy, participating in Ukraine scams, promoting medical scams, promoting rapid depletion of resources and promoting Planetary Meltdown, all of it via an endless stream of lies.

    I don’t think there will be any U-turn on Ukraine for the controllers of Airstrip Five. It just won’t get mentioned anymore. Like it never existed.

    Orwell had a few things to say about rewriting history and obliterating history.

    Saturn will rise before the Sun tomorrow, on schedule, whatever maniacal humans say or do.

    My sunflowers are doing very well and appreciate plenty of water in these dreadfully hot days.

    Water is life.

    Stream still flowing but getting very low.

    The Dnieper River is a natural barrier for keeping out crazed Uko-Nazis. Smart move by the Russians to abandon Kerson and let the Uko-Nazis fester in it while they are gradually annihilated.

    Water is life.

    Oxygenated nitrogen compounds are death.


    missed that key-shift error.

    sounded like a squadron of Spitfires moving up the state highway (300 metres away)


    Homo Cyborgeius




    China on Ukraine:

    I think China is sending subtle messages to the US about the US escalating the war in the Ukraine.
    First they had their lacky in North Korea warn the US about the war in Ukraine.
    Now a less subtle message sent via a ballon.
    The bottom line is China supports Russia.
    If the US escalates the war in the Ukraine into àttacks on Russia, China will escalate it’s support for Russia.


    Good luck with your sunflowers!
    During the depression, in Saskatchewan, Ukrainian farm students in my Father’s class used to eat sunflower seeds all day long, spitting out the shells onto the classroom floor. When class was over for the day, the teacher had to sweep up all the sunflower shells. There was nothing the teacher could do about it as they were hungry, not to mention much bigger than the little teacher!

    But don’t do what my uncle did. He harvested the sunflowers in bushel baskets leaving them in his garage over winter. In the spring he discovered several dead chipmunks that had died trying to eat all of the sunflower seeds! Too bad your new chipmunk PM couldn’t be enticed to do the same!

    D B Smith:

    An excellent example of the filtering layers of bureaucrats is the staff of the King of Thialand, keeping him in the dark about the vaccine injury re his own daughter. Hopefully the King will make someone pay the price for this.



    Biden Announces U.S. Surrender To Chinese Balloon


    “Listen, folks, it’s over,” said Biden as a single tear ran down his face. “We’re outgunned here. There’s no hope that we can match the awesome power of this giant balloon.”

    Biden’s voice was drowned out by the dozens of weeping journalists gathered outside the room.

    “I urge you all to hug your loved ones and embrace your children, for the end is near. God help us all,” Biden finally said before signing off for the last time…….”

    I Can’t Understanding Why China Thought They Could Get Away with This





    From what I have been reading, the Ukraine is in the middle of raising/mobilizing it’s fourth army as Russia is currently destroying what is left of the Ukraine’s third army.

    Since there are no longer any willing volunteers left, the Ukrainian Nazis are now recruiting previously exempt government employees. They now go into government offices and round up everybody. Even SBU and border guards too.

    There are still many Ukrainian men in hiding, as everyone in the Ukraine now knows the war is lost and they don’t want to die for a lost cause. Naturally this has made the Ukrainian Nazis behave even more ruthlessly.

    Saw one comment saying there are no longer any young men to be seen on the streets of Karkow, Ukraine’s second biggest city. Another comment speculated if government employees in far western Ukraine were being replaced by the Polish, to free up more manpower for the war.

    If the Ukraine keeps feeding in more cannon fodder to the Russian meat grinder, then I see no reason for the Russians to advance quickly. By advancing slowly, Russia keeps it’s supply lines short while forcing the west to maintain their very long supply lines.

    I don’t think Russia will make any big moves until they have destroyed this fourth Ukrainian army.

    NATO has declared it aims to double the number of Ukrainians being trained but I don’t see how the Ukraine can even find enough willing volunteers to send for train outside of the Ukraine. They certainly can not send the unwilling out of the country for training.

    The Ukrainian Nazis are quite willing to trade more cannon fodder for more time. Once the fourth army is destroyed then what?

    I have also noticed that the Ukrainians are still heavily shelling civilians with many hundreds of rounds of artillery every day. Several dozen Russian controlled cities and towns are sheeled everyday. Any missiles the Ukrainians have seem to be only targeting Russian civilian targets. I suspect this is in line with US policy of killing as many Russians as possible rather than supporting the Ukrainian army. Getting as many Ukrainians killed as possible, seems also to be part of US policy too.

    The US is doing an excellent job of de-militerizing European armies of their hardware. The US is fully expecting the Europeans to buy newer replacement equipment. Maybe Europeans are going along with only the first and easy part of the US’s plan, gifting away their army’s current hardware. I think most Europeans know the US has lost in the Ukraine very badly and is now behaving like a dangerously wounded animal.

    I think if I was in European shoes, I would simply drag my feet about ordering and buying any new equipment at all. First, this reduces the neo-con’s future options for new wars. Second, without new equipment European armies are no longer combat capable, now being more poorly trained than ever before. European armies, in a virtuous circle, will continue to shrink even more, as who wants to join a losing outfit as future cannon fodder?

    I see Trudeau is currently doing this to the Canadian army. I see Britain is following suit. How are Australia and New Zealand armies doing these days? Shrinking I bet!


    Oxford England

    City Council divides city into 6 sections. You can’t leave your section without ‘permission’, you know, to Save the Planet by ‘reducing your carbon footprint’

    Sounds truly insane and deranged. Check out this woman’s rant

    England is an open air asylum with tea and biscuits.


    CHRYSTIA FREELAND is leading Trudeau by his desire to get all of the Ukrainian votes.


    By John Helmer
    Freeland aims to revive the takeover of Polish Galicia, with Canadian money and arms, which her grandfather tried with German money and arms.”


    Dr D said

    Btw Don’t read Nietzsche or you’ll end up dumber than you started.

    Well said. You risk ending up a nihilist, the most self-obsessed people on the planet, offering nothing other than their over-confident misery. A miserable, anti-nature movement, all part of the post-modernist tool kit, a widely adopted tool kit that simply does not help you to understand your place in the world or how nature has formed us to live together in this world: it is like a religion that worships ignorance. It makes you dumber and yet weirdly more sure of yourself, because you can never be wrong, so you are confident that your ignorance is the correct ignorance for you. It amazes me how over confident these nihilists are, so sure that there is no right or wrong, no meaning to anything, no value in anything etc, prancing around the intellectual realm naked, offering nothing, absolutely nothing, not even curiosity, completely vacant.


    DBS said:

    Don’t even think about getting the truth through to top leadership, because in addition to their own greed and pride driven ego centrism they are also insulated from reality (i.e. isolated from straight truthful facts) by layer upon layer of sycophantic gate-keepers whose lives and livelihoods depend upon keeping the boss happy.

    Until the daughter of the king goes into a coma, then reality may suddenly arrive and the doors to the truth suddenly flung open. No wonder the king was told it was a bacterial infection, he was told that by the same group of doctors who jabbed the king’s daughter. No need to tell him it was the vaccine, that will not bring back the princess and why sacrifice your position simply on the principle of telling the truth? They are doctors after all, they know about obeying the ruling establishment.


    @Oroboros Re: Oxford England. Wow, what a crazy scheme, why would the city council do this and why would the people vote for these idiots. I know Oxford University is full of corporate drones, is this one of their crazy schemes? Looks like the people of Oxford will be keeping extra cars outside the city in order to get around the marxist authoritarians … the ones telling you what to do for your own good.


    Perfect for the ‘medical deserts’ around the first world that don’t actually have real doctors

    D Benton Smith


    “Hopefully the King will make someone pay the price for this.”

    Elsewhere on the net is a rumor that a hiring call for assassins has gone out to the darker layers of the martial arts community in Thailand and is being taken seriously by serious people.


    Ai is going to change all these things very fast. The real future is here with AI tools like ChatGPt and others.


    When the circuit breaker blows, who will flip the switch?

    When the compressed air lines spring a leak, how will a chatbot repair the leak?

    When a large transformer burns down deep in the forest, how will the scripted conversational bot machine the steel pieces needed to house the coils within the replacement transformer?

    Every Master sooner finds their slaves have the power the Master believes is theirs, and the Slaves soon learn the Master is as much a slave to their own Slavery when they learn that mastery is a word to describe only a brief moment in a dynamic of cyclical revolutions.

    I often watch computer programmers dumbfounded why the machines do not follow their logical code, as oil overflows and spills, loctite decompresses and bubbles over, compressed air blows a gasket and jets outward, humans gasp and run in circles. I watch as machines report sensors operating in perfect condition just because a magnet fell into the right place, meanwhile a flywheel spins further and further out of control. And on, and on, and on, that dynamo called Earth spins and rolls along in a void of great abyssal darkness, bathed in the plasma ejections from a star calmly approaching the inevitability of middle age and crossing over a great galactic divide.

    The real future is always on the side of entropy, where the house always wins but no one collects.

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